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  • Published on Sep 25, 2017
  • The government of Qatar has investments and properties all around the world. It is the birthplace of Al Jazeera, the most important Arabic media company and then there is Doha, the capital, which is a sea of skyscrapers, malls and luxurious cars.
    Today we'll be talking about Qatar!
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  • Suav Zuwa
    Suav Zuwa Hour ago

    so qatar is rich because of dinosaurs fart

  • Varun Sharma
    Varun Sharma 2 hours ago

    Who was that person who fell at 10:24?

  • katarockretrosundays
    katarockretrosundays 19 hours ago

    Huge or "HUGH"?....

  • zayed al7amadi
    zayed al7amadi Day ago

    Dubai is more richer 🤤🤪🤪🤪🤯

  • zayed al7amadi
    zayed al7amadi Day ago

    They took everything from UAE! U mean ( STEALER) COUNTRY AND QATAR IS FOR INDIA FROM YEARS 😂😂

  • Mr Nobody's Nightcore

    Im so lucky i was born in Qatar, Qatar is the best

  • Aitkul Temirovna
    Aitkul Temirovna 2 days ago

    My siblings live there...and yeah it is really nice country..👍🏼❤

  • I.A
    I.A 2 days ago

    I mean with a country this small and with this much natural resources it's not that hard to succeed, it's fairly easy.

  • VeeLader 1632
    VeeLader 1632 4 days ago

    Philippines is the wealthiest nation in the world, it holds about 650,000,000 metric tons of gold.....

    Via. PH president 1880

  • Nopal 6996
    Nopal 6996 4 days ago

    Fact : Every person in Qatar is a suicide bomber and every person there has a ban of flying planes because of 9/11 facts are facts be mad ISIS people

  • Abdulla Alhay
    Abdulla Alhay 5 days ago

    Qatar always the winner

  • Trenice
    Trenice 5 days ago

    Qatar's rulers are genius! I support any country seeking independence.

  • ibrahim awad
    ibrahim awad 6 days ago

    It's riyad, not ridah!

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent 6 days ago

    Why don't African Nations do this?

  • Naved Shah
    Naved Shah 7 days ago

    We love Qatar

  • Devilion901
    Devilion901 8 days ago

    Qatar is a slavestate shithole, except poverty everything is wrong in that country.

    • Mustafa Austin Powers
      Mustafa Austin Powers 4 days ago

      Other than cheap labour,it's a country which had a good leader with pretty liberal views on economics.This is what separates the bulk of middle eastern countries then that of sub saharan Africa which of whom have even much more abundance of resources which includes gold,diamonds etc.

  • al_mansori a.b.
    al_mansori a.b. 10 days ago +5

    Hello world I’m Qatari and I proud. Best kingdom in the world. I would die for my country and for my king ❤️

  • King Bibi
    King Bibi 10 days ago +5

    Simple: Too much natural gas and slave labour. The money is based on pure geographic luck and the oppression of millions of poor Indians, and not on the inherent skills or virtues of Qataris. Their economy will crash in a couple decades when the gas dries up, to which the world will say "good riddance".

    • Devilion901
      Devilion901 8 days ago +1

      Finally, someone said it. about time filthy arab countries held accountable for their rot.

  • Ben Med
    Ben Med 10 days ago

    What about Qatars funding, in the billions, terrorists organizations like hamas? Not mentioned.

    DUNIDA 12 days ago +1

    Qatar = likes 🇶🇦

  • Sulesh Mwakz
    Sulesh Mwakz 13 days ago

    Am here in Qatar....Am a witness

  • Greiguci Wootchie
    Greiguci Wootchie 13 days ago +1

    Richest place On earth? You sure? WRONG.

    • Hanif barrar
      Hanif barrar 6 days ago

      Yes it is man, they have highest gdp per capita

  • foyshal gazi
    foyshal gazi 15 days ago

    brother of johnny sins

  • Rj Marshall2018
    Rj Marshall2018 15 days ago

    I am learning 100 Scriptures, hopefully this helps you out. Scripture #one, John 14:6, "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth and life: no man" cometh unto the father but by me.". Scripture # two, James 2:20, "But wilt thou know O vain man, faith without works is dead." Scripture # three, Luke 6:46, "And why call ye me, Lord, Lord, and do not the things which I say?". Scripture # four, Matthew 19:24. And again I say unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye if a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God." Scripture # five, Galatians 6:7. "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." Scripture #six, Psalm 8:4, "What is man, that thou art mindful of him? And the son of man, that thou visitest him.". Scripture #7, Isaiah 53:1. " Who hath believed our report? And to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed. ". Scripture # eight, Proverbs 22:1. A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favour rather than riches and gold."

  • Baiev
    Baiev 15 days ago

    10:25 Somebody fell down on the floor... :-)

  • Musab Salih
    Musab Salih 16 days ago +1

    مزيد من التقدم لقطر

  • pdhouse
    pdhouse 16 days ago

    "richest" lol The US would wipe that sand hole off the face of the earth if it wanted

    • Hanif barrar
      Hanif barrar 6 days ago

      It’s the richest country no matter if USA exists or not, pointless comment

  • Zizozr Zr
    Zizozr Zr 16 days ago

    No country or city can be like Dubai not in 100 years.
    Dubai is Dubai !
    Dubai is managing US ports.

  • Adelio Kilcullen
    Adelio Kilcullen 17 days ago

    LOL the man tripping at 10:24

  • kopi bin
    kopi bin 17 days ago

    Fastfoward to 10:26
    Someone got assassinated

  • alex jervis
    alex jervis 18 days ago

    Rich, my guess?
    No Democrats!
    Didn't notice a lot of Minarets?
    Democracy? Something they would do well to avoid!

  • tradjazzer
    tradjazzer 18 days ago

    Qatar seems to be best of the nearby Arab countries

  • mg ushin
    mg ushin 19 days ago

    10:25 watch your steps 😂

  • ibrahim assaf
    ibrahim assaf 19 days ago

    I’ve been living in Qatar for 17 years, thankfully this place gave my family great wealth and opportunity. All I wanna say is Qatar is portrayed so badly in the media, we more open than the Emaraties trust me. This is by far one of the best if not the best places on earth. Oh and lol we still exposing their asses in the blockade, call this shit a blockade we doing better now. #تميم المجد

  • Larz Gustafsson
    Larz Gustafsson 20 days ago

    There is no way the totalitarian regime of Saudi Arabia would allow churches on their land.

  • Larz Gustafsson
    Larz Gustafsson 20 days ago

    Qatar is COOL!

  • vous voulez
    vous voulez 20 days ago

    gas...i mean fart....

  • Nawaf Khalil
    Nawaf Khalil 21 day ago

    1 thing is I’m from Qatar and live in Qatar🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦

  • Dániel Szakács
    Dániel Szakács 22 days ago

    You should make a video of Hungary, it would be interesting. :)

  • Jena S.
    Jena S. 22 days ago


  • Abdürreşit Can
    Abdürreşit Can 23 days ago

    Why Qatar Rich hmmmm ?
    1-Natural Gas
    2-Natural Gas
    3-Natural Gas
    4-Natural Gas
    6-Some Population

  • Найла Богданова

    Lol. Qatar is not THE RICHEST. they been call the richest by per capita because they are small country and have small population. When it comes to money Saudi is waaaaay richer then Qatar. UAE is also have wayyyyy more money then Qatar. So do not mislead.

    • Hanif barrar
      Hanif barrar 6 days ago

      Okay lol you clearly don’t get it

    • Найла Богданова
      Найла Богданова 23 days ago

      Check the WorldBank report . Qatar for 2018 $168 trillion, UAE $388 trillion, Saudi $684 trillion... who’s the richest ? Lol

  • Leah Ashe fun
    Leah Ashe fun 24 days ago +4

    I Live in this country and I'm super Duper Duper rich

    • imtechguy
      imtechguy 19 days ago +1

      Leah Ashe fun no you are not dumb ass

    • Gene Pitts
      Gene Pitts 21 day ago +1

      Maybe supe richr, but not super duper duper.

  • Paula Wells
    Paula Wells 24 days ago

    Looks like a nice spot to visit. They certainly have their act together.

  • Gerardo V.
    Gerardo V. 25 days ago +1

    You forgot to mention that Qatar was poor because it was under the boot of British imperialism.

  • Homemade Technology
    Homemade Technology 25 days ago

    Philippines :P

  • sittn86
    sittn86 26 days ago

    Dude. Simon... How freaking many channels are you on?

  • Anonymous622 TheUnknown

    Define "rich". Because to my knowledge the economy of the USA is the best at this moment in time. Even though it's about to lose its power to China and other countries. And what happened at 10:26? Did the guy have a heart attack or was he shot or maybe just tripped? That looked weird.

  • iAmRomeo love
    iAmRomeo love 27 days ago

    I live here💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

  • Abdullah K
    Abdullah K 27 days ago

    Saudi calling Qatar terrorism funder? This Zionist didn't mention Trump selling billions worth of arms to Qatar just before (1 week) he decided they were supporting terror. Now ask this Zionist who the biggest terrorist of them all is?

  • Pramit Silwal
    Pramit Silwal 27 days ago

    its funny how you relate the richest nation now to United Kingdom. the tie of UK is gone now, get over it please!

  • AJohari AJAJ
    AJohari AJAJ 28 days ago

    Qatar is paying you a lot man

  • Waqar Ghulam
    Waqar Ghulam 28 days ago +13

    A sincere leadership is the most important gift that god can give to a people

  • Abdullah Ibn Mahmud
    Abdullah Ibn Mahmud 28 days ago

    The most popular video of this channel has no subtitle?

  • adib mouhanna
    adib mouhanna 28 days ago

    Qatar is a terrorist country responsible for many wars like in afghan Algerian libyan somali and syrian war death to donkeytar
    Much hate from syria!!!🇶🇦🇺🇸🔫🇸🇾🇻🇪🇿🇦🇷🇸🇷🇺🇧🇾🇦🇲🇦🇫🇱🇾🇩🇿🇸🇴🇮🇷🇰🇵🇮🇶

  • joe brewer
    joe brewer 29 days ago

    This guy is suuuch a puppet. Let's impose America's government system, culture, and moral values upon the world! Noam Chomsky FTW!!

  • bigmeanben YT
    bigmeanben YT 29 days ago


  • Arnold Lasrado
    Arnold Lasrado 29 days ago

    Really? They are self serving, insincere and immature. Don't be fooled by the PR.

  • Ramesh Reddy
    Ramesh Reddy Month ago

    Because Qatar don't have reservation for people,only the best minds will be the best

  • A B
    A B Month ago

    And still they don't pay wages to the labours.

  • Kerolles Hany
    Kerolles Hany Month ago

    Because it has no population , and have a basement for US military and swimming pools of oil and gas

  • C
    C Month ago

    Because it’s the size of Rhode Island

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf Month ago

    Qatar is a nationalists' wet dream

  • Arpan Bartaula
    Arpan Bartaula Month ago +1

    Slave labour helps

  • Agent0range67
    Agent0range67 Month ago

    7:45 billions, billions, billions, billions, billions!!!

  • jasem almannaee
    jasem almannaee Month ago

    This is stupid, do you know that the State of Qatar is indebted, and inflation has hurt its people very, very much

  • Nollie Mccain
    Nollie Mccain Month ago

    I love this! Good for Quetar, it’s good to know there’s a country on the planet that’s not broke nor has a huge deficit. I wish them even more wealth, prosperity, & success 👍🏾

  • salman muhammad
    salman muhammad Month ago

    This whole democracy nonsense is what annoys me about the majority of western journalists/media.I don't see people from Singapore, Qatar, China, UAE and other non democratic countries saying we want to be like the U.S. Nobody wants to end up with a Donald trump cos that's what democracy gives these days.

  • Salman Farissi
    Salman Farissi Month ago

    About the war well.. you know to whose advantage it's turning.. Qatar of course and about these sort of stuff in the comment section about 'qatar taking slaves and promoting terrorism' well guys it's not the first that Qatar had been threatened by false allegations and I wish that it won't be the last because 'the assessment of one's enemy shows one's character'. Qatar has proven it's mettle against haughty Kings (KSA, UAE), intelligently understands world economy. while democracy continues to be the best form of government in books sometimes monarchism can have the upper ground in practical situations if you have a great ruler.
    # a fan of Qatar

  • Sereta
    Sereta Month ago

    He mentioned something about the situation for women not being great - does anyone have more info/specifics on that?

  • Kartik Joriya
    Kartik Joriya Month ago

    Is he Johny sin?

  • Manan Sethi
    Manan Sethi Month ago +1

    what Qatar should do in future is to immigrate a limited amount of highly intellectual Asians and for some part americans and Europeans. only a little each year to create an intellectual manpower to assist the rich country in the future.

    • goodfella21f
      goodfella21f Month ago

      Manan Sethi orientals steal tech from whites.

  • Fayyaz Ahmad
    Fayyaz Ahmad Month ago

    Qatar is far more better and intelligent than KSA.

  • Fatima Mansour
    Fatima Mansour Month ago

    I'm just soo happy because we're not that famous at all but hamdulla we are rich

  • p simon
    p simon Month ago

    What Is Qatar Without IT'S OIL And GAS??
    Qatar and all it's oil-rich GCC neighbouring Kingdoms like United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman Saudi Arabia get 100% Revenue from Oil and Gas.
    Qatar will become one of the poorest countries in the world without oil and gas

    • imtechguy
      imtechguy 19 days ago

      We have many other sources of income so we still will be rich without it so don’t speak about stuff you don’t understand.

  • p simon
    p simon Month ago

    *{Qatar exports Oil for Revenue}*
    *{Qatar Imports Every Item from Europe, USA , Japan, UK, France, Germany, Canada, South Korea etc }*
    *{Qatar = 100 % Import Economy}*
    *{Total Revenue from Oil ÷ Total Population = Per Capita Income}*
    *{QATAR's Total Area = One District of USA}*
    *{QATAR's Population = 1/10th of NEW YORK City}*

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind Month ago +1

    any tiny little country like Qatar can become the richest country on earth if they have the same amount of oil and natural gas.....Qatar have a very small population of about 2 million people and just about as small as Puerto Rico, Now try that shit for comparison : Richest Country on Earth my ass !!!!!

    • Never Mind
      Never Mind 4 days ago

      +Hanif barrar hey dummy you haven't proved shit....there are plenty of sources out there to know about anything on this planet you idiot...stop with all your bullshit already you brainwashed moron....

    • Hanif barrar
      Hanif barrar 5 days ago

      Never Mind I prove my arguments with sources, you don’t even prove it at all in any way. Unfortunately this won’t get you very far in life, my suggestion for you is comedian

    • Never Mind
      Never Mind 5 days ago

      @ Hanif barrar : wake up, you have way too much wet dreams ....

    • Hanif barrar
      Hanif barrar 6 days ago

      Never Mind
      Unfortunately your modest thoughts won’t get you very far

    • Never Mind
      Never Mind 6 days ago

      +Hanif barrar Nope they are "NOT" but they are the richest tiny little Muslim Province on earth...now you know :

  • Safdar Akbari
    Safdar Akbari Month ago +2

    I think Qatar’s leadership though an absolute monarchy is more pragmatic and modern in their approach - something Saudi and Emirati leadership lack. Sheikh Tamim senses the wind of change well and which is why ever since he has come into power he has changed Qatar’s foreign policy almost on its head, especially in the region. Now being aligned with Russia, Turkey, Iran and even US, Qatar’s posture is much more balanced than any Muslim country in that region..

  • Manzambi Andrè
    Manzambi Andrè Month ago

    Because of slavery

  • navylaks2
    navylaks2 Month ago

    Because Qatar is protected by the United States Army and doesn't pay it's forreign workers anything
    There is no reason to look up to this slavery practising state

    • imtechguy
      imtechguy 19 days ago +1

      You do know these foreign workers get paid a fuck ton of more money in Qatar then they would in there own countries. But let’s be realistic they probably would not be paid nothing in there own country because they won’t have a job there is a reason they come to Qatar.

  • Sultan Almahmoud
    Sultan Almahmoud Month ago

    Qatar 💪🏼

  • Rich F. [Trump Is Your President]

    I skipped all of the ads, you greedy 🖕fuck.

  • SuperLampoon
    SuperLampoon Month ago


  • bil express
    bil express Month ago


  • Dori Kerosi
    Dori Kerosi Month ago

    Where did you get Iron?

  • hussain olatokunbo
    hussain olatokunbo Month ago

    I like the visionary leader the emirate is blessed with and I wish to support the leadership team in Safely Constructing their new projects (eg. the 2022 world cup stadia etc..) being a Construction Safety Professional.
    I am available if a construction company requires my services..
    hussainolatokunbo@gmail.com .That my mail for serious contact

  • Yousef Alsaad
    Yousef Alsaad Month ago

    I am from Qatar🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦🇶🇦

  • Achung Achung
    Achung Achung Month ago

    very helpfull

  • Yusuf Onder
    Yusuf Onder Month ago +1


  • Eric George
    Eric George Month ago

    OIL, OIL AND MORE OIL. Rocket science it isn't.

  • Dean Chen
    Dean Chen Month ago

    SOMEONE FELL 10:26!!......pls do tell what just happened!?😂

  • 4one14
    4one14 Month ago

    Please stop assaulting my ears with those terrible guitar tracks

  • Ben Coleman
    Ben Coleman Month ago

    per capita*

  • Raju Guchhait
    Raju Guchhait Month ago

    Go rise Qatar ..love from India ❤

  • ashif shaikh
    ashif shaikh Month ago

    Who else spotted the man falling at 10:26.😅


    Qatar is best country

  • خليجي 73
    خليجي 73 Month ago


  • Fredrik
    Fredrik Month ago

    How can I support on Patreon?

  • LordMalice6d9
    LordMalice6d9 Month ago

    No mention at all that Qatar is a slave country that is helped propped up by slave laborers. Most of their infrastructure and engineering also comes from European and Asian foreign workers.
    The best engineers are always "whites" and Asians.

  • Patrick Sivertsen
    Patrick Sivertsen Month ago

    Interesting video