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  • Published on Sep 25, 2017
  • The government of Qatar has investments and properties all around the world. It is the birthplace of Al Jazeera, the most important Arabic media company and then there is Doha, the capital, which is a sea of skyscrapers, malls and luxurious cars.
    Today we'll be talking about Qatar!
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  • Nelson Sequeira
    Nelson Sequeira Hour ago

    Qatar will anytime be more wealthier than any other Arab country bcoz they have natural gas reserves. LNG is a clean fuel and is still under penetrated in many countries . But Saudi Arabia is also trying to reduce it's dependence on oil by allowing FDI in many sectors
    Secondly I doubt that with democracy such a large investment would be possible.

  • Sophia N
    Sophia N 2 days ago

    Wow so they got their Independence after Nigeria and look where they are and where are we? Shameful

  • Shiven Soobramoney
    Shiven Soobramoney 2 days ago

    Do a video on Kuwait please

  • Hamza Karim
    Hamza Karim 3 days ago

    Dubai and Saudi Arabia are so jealous of Qatar...

  • Sensitive Gamers
    Sensitive Gamers 4 days ago

    Why This Guys Look Like Jonny Sins

  • Sana Munshey
    Sana Munshey 5 days ago

    i live in qatar

  • MTfax HD
    MTfax HD 5 days ago

    I live in qatar

  • smile444
    smile444 6 days ago

    What do you mean by saying qatar became more open ? Is it toward religion ? Do you think respect for human rights improved here ?

    • smile444
      smile444 6 days ago

      i mean, i'm a positive guy, i prefer to think "Wow, Quatar made a huge progress toward respecting human rights ! There is a real freedom of religion here wich is a really difficult thing to accomplish in their geopolitical position ; good work guys ! Continue your efforts !"

  • vesogry
    vesogry 6 days ago

    Liechtenstein and Monaco are the richest countries on the Earth. Qatar is sixth.

  • Sandeep Deshpande
    Sandeep Deshpande 6 days ago

    At 0:32 you say that Qatar was one of the poorest countries of the "UNITED KINGDOM" ??? It should be one of the poorest countries UNDER UK ....

  • Cute Cupcake
    Cute Cupcake 7 days ago

    I am from Qatar 🇶🇦 and Qatar is the best, I am proud I am Qatari ❤️

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  • TheRubberStudiosASMR

    Money means nothing. It's a fucking shithole.

  • paulo alexandre
    paulo alexandre 9 days ago

    I wonder if a politician in Europe would be allowed to have all the money that is generated by an economy, then they could make shows how much money they spend in Europe, instead of making shit programs of people that do not share the money spending by themselves.

  • Jas Ram
    Jas Ram 9 days ago +1

    I think Qatar is the best Arab country now

    • Mohd Izwan
      Mohd Izwan 4 days ago

      No exactly , islam is the best , islam lead us to this like golden age of islam , what you see now this is the second golden age of islam , after fall long time ago .

  • هادي الهاجري

    You have some mistakes

  • brian894
    brian894 12 days ago

    10:26 man falling in the background lol

  • Sajida Syed
    Sajida Syed 12 days ago

    Why not? who getting bothered

  • Rosida Andriyana
    Rosida Andriyana 12 days ago

    lol. if they are billionaire they would already have helped all the poor refugees.

  • impuredeath2
    impuredeath2 17 days ago

    Jewish will win

    • Mohd Izwan
      Mohd Izwan 4 days ago

      Fuck jewish , we will take palestine back , you wait , age of chliphte will come , nd that will be your doom.

  • It’s your gal Hacking 212

    I would also like to point out that Qatar is probably the shitest nation in mine and over 1 billion others because of its homophobic people in it and it’s one of the few countries that has the death penalty for being gay which is completely FUCKED UP!!!! If you don’t believe me WATCH RUSSELL HOWARD

  • nesta maldini
    nesta maldini 17 days ago

    All these Arab countries think they are just blessed with WEALTH , but they don't know that God is using it to TEST them on how they will treat other people regardless of their money. We will all give an account to God one day.

  • GrayJediJ
    GrayJediJ 18 days ago

    The lack of democracy isn’t a “gray” area. It’s simply a different way of life. It’s clearly working for them. No country is without it’s clearly undesirable issues (the impoverished portion of the nation). Having been there, many of those parts are the transient workers. Sadly, they are paid pennies on the dollar- which is still far more than they’d make back home in Bangladesh, India, etc.

  • Jani hussain
    Jani hussain 18 days ago

    Jhonny sin's brother😂,,,like if you all agree

  • Dario Mario
    Dario Mario 18 days ago

    Jews rule Qatar, it is the best kept secret of modern world.

  • Crazy Memes
    Crazy Memes 18 days ago +1

    I love Qatar and UAE.

  • god al hakanson
    god al hakanson 18 days ago

    beautiful gospel music tvclip.biz/video/WcZqMeQmOZ8/video.html

  • Cute beauty 99
    Cute beauty 99 18 days ago

    Qatar for sure ❤️❤️

  • lina Nicolia
    lina Nicolia 19 days ago

    Saudi will crash and Qatar will thrive.....just a feeling.....

  • Robert Lastimado
    Robert Lastimado 20 days ago


  • Violet Ho
    Violet Ho 20 days ago

    It is good to know that there are Christian churches in Qatar

  • Mark Pine
    Mark Pine 21 day ago +1


  • Fifa Gaming Mobile
    Fifa Gaming Mobile 21 day ago

    I go to that church

  • budi soleh
    budi soleh 22 days ago

    do you have OILS? USA 🇺🇸 WOULD LOVELY INVADE you.

  • Arti Dharmu Solanki
    Arti Dharmu Solanki 22 days ago


  • Karim Zidan
    Karim Zidan 23 days ago

    Dude you say Riyadh incorrectly en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Riyadh

  • John Ozz
    John Ozz 24 days ago

    Is it true every Qatari get USD1000 allowance every month? or QAR1000?

  • Engineer Ahmed
    Engineer Ahmed 27 days ago +1

    Why public initiative or women repression bad......?
    1. Y shouldn't I work for a public sector with no belly hence has no option but to spend back on me as opposed to a private (mini king- each of whom have an unlimited belly) who just wanna put fuel in me so that I keep serving him well till I die.
    2. The producers or resources r men so they rightfully get the share of resources. Women (parasites) love to produce babies (more parasites) so they might as well keep them only

  • P 666 RAX
    P 666 RAX 27 days ago

    I am man that values my freedom more than anything else and Qatar is probably not so famous for the freedom its citizens (let alone others) enjoy. It’s a far cry from the likes of Norway, New Zealand or even Luxembourg for that matter, yet when it comes to flaunting wealth Qatar is way up there. So if you value wealth over freedom then Qatar is probably for you. I have been to over 130 countries and nowhere did I find an open-air ice-rink bang in the middle of a desert. If that’s not enough why not go to a buffet and pay $95 to be able to sample over 300 dishes (bad example I know - you can do that in Vegas too for just $40), probably why Qatar is also the land of the obese in my opinion. Final word the per capita income of $130k is split somewhere in the region of $18k per annum for the 2.3 mill migrant workers, $640k for the average 300k Qatari citizens (getting Qatari citizenship takes over 25 years if you are very very very lucky) and a few millions a day for the other 850 or so elites. Not teverything is as rosy as it seems.

    AMAN DIMISSE 27 days ago


  • Arthur Giles
    Arthur Giles 27 days ago +2

    Simon Whistler, you must stop rating a country by it's similarity to western Democratic nations, the Arabs are happiest in a strong dictatorship - they don't want democracy (and therefore - to take one example - Iraq will never be at peace until a new dictator emerges). Dictators, unfortunately, are not always of the best quality but compare that to the European nations (thinking they are democracies) being controlled by the supposedly democratic but really dictatorial EU.

  • Moun Bakko
    Moun Bakko 28 days ago

    ... you either love the way DEMOCRACY sounds, or you most believe it is the greatest algorithm... it is questionable what your definition of it, is... you were snoozing when it was proven that it is not that great of an idea, yet you, along with the media of the ALMIGHTY west, continue to jingle that dead bell... when there is money and commerce to generate wealth and provide jobs, who cares about democracy... even in the bastion of democracy, United States, what matters most to the people there is money... without it, they are fairly successful with their business endeavours... they are not complaining or begging for aid... wake up, democracy is a concept, an idea... let it die, and stop mentioning it in every sentence.

  • 歌叶
    歌叶 28 days ago

    Does this need to be discussed? petroleum

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    Benedict consulting 29 days ago

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  • adekunledisu
    adekunledisu 29 days ago

    I think Qatar would win, because they are more liberal

  • saif esmal
    saif esmal Month ago +2

    Most shitttest country ever

  • Illidan Stormrage
    Illidan Stormrage Month ago

    Because they believe in Allah.
    //Just kidding.

  • Wikileakss Wikileakss

    Qatar is best!

  • stan dangew
    stan dangew Month ago

    Qatar is better than saudi in everything

  • Bridgit Ahmed
    Bridgit Ahmed Month ago +3

    قطريين ..؟؟
    اكتر دوله بحبها ف الخليج ❤

  • Jahmalon Bethel
    Jahmalon Bethel Month ago

    What with the church music

  • agytjax
    agytjax Month ago +1

    +VisualPolitik, @VisualPolitik The audio at tvclip.biz/video/yFpHUzNomlc/video.html&t=670s has fast-forwarded, but the sub titles reveal it. It is regading Qatar defying Saudi to restore ties with Iran. Was this deliberate ?

  • Abin J
    Abin J Month ago +5

    Im from QATAR

  • xXxCYRUS
    xXxCYRUS Month ago


  • zoom boom
    zoom boom Month ago

    the big spider art work ....at 1:03 to 1:05...........I have seen that in Canada..............wonder if that's the same one they brought from there.

  • Alan Hill
    Alan Hill Month ago

    Venezuela could have been almost as wealthy but went for socialism instead.

  • monollo gonzalez
    monollo gonzalez Month ago

    hopefully somepowerhouse will dedicate themaelves into bringing peace to the islam land

  • ahmad iqbal
    ahmad iqbal Month ago

    In fact its a media propaganda about Qatar Saudi fight ...............you the Jews .........in fact are the culprits ....!!

  • Lenin Vladimir
    Lenin Vladimir Month ago

    GDP per capita isn't income, the fuck is this

  • bibi bibi
    bibi bibi Month ago +1

    THANK YOU, I love your style of presentation-WELL DONE! as for who will win the future?-well Saudi have more people, more military, more access to the middle east, and is in a progressive mode to include women's freedom, which can after all, fail them altoghether as Saudi women have long lived a very lazy life! as for Qatar, the most productive aspect of their investments are the 660 global medical labs which create viruses/anti-viruses, which literally renders qataris as the 'god of who lives, who dies! in the case of a global deadly contagious virus!

  • mazhar moideen
    mazhar moideen Month ago

    Shout out to one of the best country in the world and a king who actually cares for his people 👍🏼

  • anil yadav
    anil yadav Month ago

    is he jonny sins🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • Mo Muscab
    Mo Muscab Month ago

    There's no deferent btw Qatar and Saudi it's just that Saudi has Kaaba

  • Kristoffer Daugherty

    You're great at sounding super confident while spitting out all these facts and figures but where are you getting all this information? Just curious

  • Red Red
    Red Red Month ago

    Beware of the US.. they're the true enemy

  • Brook Harpham
    Brook Harpham Month ago

    so Qatar is a company

  • Steph J
    Steph J Month ago

    Very interesting and enlightening.

  • Iskandar Alex
    Iskandar Alex Month ago

    qatar is not.
    qatari citizen is

  • Alan G
    Alan G Month ago

    I believe the reason for Saudis calling Qatar terrorists and blockading them, is the arms deal signed by America giving Saudis $110 billion in arms, munitions, and logistics, to continue their genocide against Yemen. What better way to thank Trump than to give his son-in-law a $4.5 billion loan/investment in his properties.

  • Edgar Kaufmann
    Edgar Kaufmann Month ago

    Is this a CIA or so Channel?

  • Edgar Kaufmann
    Edgar Kaufmann Month ago

    10:22 Really? Not only Qatar did organize terrorism in Libya and Syria etc. also the Saudis did support terrorism for the money they got from USA:
    Former U.S. General and U.S. Presidency candidate in 2004, Wesley Clark: "Because Saud-Arabia likes the U.S. a lot. We (USA) have given them trillions of dollars, they have recycled billions to promote fundamentalists, sharia law and Islam, the fertile breeding ground for all these Jihadi terrorists, that are out there. That's our money." tvclip.biz/video/xKOJhRKqAtI/video.html&t=2660s

  • Sardar Saqib Khan
    Sardar Saqib Khan Month ago

    I love Qatar from pakistan

  • Panda Plays nigh
    Panda Plays nigh Month ago

    iam from Qatar

  • bader alqahtani
    bader alqahtani Month ago

    All Im going to say is Qatar is too ambitious and they are not afraid to use anything even terrorists...

  • Everybody's Pink Idiot

    These countries are part of the african shitholes Trump was talking about.

  • Mindfook Films
    Mindfook Films Month ago

    Went to Qatar twice. Dont know what are the dark truths about it, but on the surface it's amazing. Loved the time I spent there.

  • Neil
    Neil Month ago

    these country are controlled by the crown so no they are not rich because the weath is from the vatican and the crown

  • klippiesss
    klippiesss Month ago

    Jumping jack flash

  • iiWaLeed2009
    iiWaLeed2009 Month ago +1

    dude saudi is more rich dummy

  • jcast1224
    jcast1224 Month ago

    One thing is being the most richest and one this is being the most POWERFUL thats why i like differences the U.S the most POWERFUL role player in the world and believe me i rather be more powerful than rich.

  • madara uchiha
    madara uchiha Month ago

    Lmao how much did they pay you to make this video Qatar is a country that supports terrorism and both Saudi Arabia and the United States have the evidence of that and Also Qatar have a government debt equivalent to 54.40 percent of the country's Gross Domestic Product in 2017. Government Debt to GDP in Qatar averaged 37.37 percent from 1990 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 74.40 percent in 1999 and a record low of 8.90 percent in 2007. Stop watching Aljzera which is a Quatrain News channel and start reading a bit

  • fiaadmin92
    fiaadmin92 Month ago

    because they fuck you hard selling 70 USD and more a product that cost them 2 USD...

  • Richard Morgan
    Richard Morgan Month ago

    Good video. Interesting to know that the UK has both SA and Qatar and have them both away

  • Rishabh Sharma
    Rishabh Sharma Month ago

    Dude you're Johnny Sins

  • quamrul siddiqui
    quamrul siddiqui Month ago

    Qatari leadership is quite ahead than the other Arab nations. Fore slightness is an essential element for any leadership. Idea of converting gas into liquid form so early stage is not that simple. Hoe ever everything is fine. But please do not export bomb or LMG-Islam with LNG. Thank u all.

  • Shahrukh khan Khan
    Shahrukh khan Khan Month ago +1

    Sale sare hindo ki kitni jal rahi hai Christian hote agar hindo tho bhenchod kya karte najane

  • GreyboSneed
    GreyboSneed Month ago

    Hmm. Seems pretty sweet

    QUEEN_S A Month ago

    Because they steel their money from terriost

  • xaman29
    xaman29 Month ago

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  • Freddy
    Freddy Month ago

    Because they have lots of oil and are still doing SLAVERY. Filth

  • multisphere1
    multisphere1 Month ago

    The content and in general the high level of Aljazeera programs, tells a lot about their advanced outlook.

  • Boogiepimpington
    Boogiepimpington Month ago

    1:28 thiccccc

  • Bigupkyreace :/
    Bigupkyreace :/ Month ago

    America is the richest country actually. they are worth 20 trillion.

  • AK Tron
    AK Tron Month ago

    Plz made some video on india

  • mst
    mst Month ago

    tl;dw gas

    MPK STUDIO Month ago

    Who cares if Qatar is a democracy or not as long as the monarch is doing better as compared to other democratic countries in the world.
    Dont forget that democracy too has its flaws.
    If Qatar was a democracy, it would still be a desert.

  • Amparo Alvarez
    Amparo Alvarez Month ago

    Now I can understand why Saudi Arabia is striving (only on the surface) to "give" more freedom to women...Yet, they are doing it too little and too slowly...Qatar is definitely more open and smarter...

  • Mashoor Media
    Mashoor Media Month ago

    Nice video. 😊
    #Tahera. #MashoorMedia. Dubai

  • Alfa Painting
    Alfa Painting Month ago +1

    I,m happy as I'm. Not black,not choclet,and not Muslim.