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  • Published on Sep 25, 2017
  • The government of Qatar has investments and properties all around the world. It is the birthplace of Al Jazeera, the most important Arabic media company and then there is Doha, the capital, which is a sea of skyscrapers, malls and luxurious cars.
    Today we'll be talking about Qatar!
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  • Bhangra Fan
    Bhangra Fan 7 hours ago

    Duhh... Because it owns 10% of the world's gas reserves but has a population of less than 1 million actual citizens. Next Question.

  • Yutlo 29
    Yutlo 29 9 hours ago


  • Nagendra Mishra
    Nagendra Mishra 16 hours ago

    Hmm can't imagine how rich thoes oil companies are

  • Brandon Yong
    Brandon Yong Day ago

    Arab funny bruh nigga compilation

  • SL Dude
    SL Dude Day ago


  • Mahomed Siddique Ismail

    Probably not in your or my life time it will be Saudi Arabia

  • Account New
    Account New 3 days ago

    Lol so funny how he can donate money and land for a Church but won't tolerate a little bit of short skirts... I don't get this?! Also French won't tolerate a little bit of cloth on the hair anf force women to take it off by law. What the hell is wrong with this world? America is really free and in America you can be whatever you want.

  • masum ahmed
    masum ahmed 3 days ago

    je sikairai re baba

  • Majdulin Aprem
    Majdulin Aprem 4 days ago

    بارك الله في شيخ يبني كنيسه وجامع معا .

  • otis
    otis 4 days ago

    democracy is obviously a lie

  • Tiago Barbara
    Tiago Barbara 5 days ago

    Not catar it’s qatar the q is fucking silent🇶🇦

  • Marouane Zoubir
    Marouane Zoubir 5 days ago

    My old post of 2017 on facebook it was about the Richest not about politics!! 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵😅

  • SAM46323
    SAM46323 6 days ago

    One more thing that you may not know. Saudi Arabia is burning its Natural Gas since years ( over 40 years or so KSA burning the gas ) just because KSA wants Qatar to be the only country in GCC who offers the Gas and make its profitable. Now KSA decided to make the gas in the production line and no more burning. and Saudi Arabia Aramco already mentioned than next year KSA will be the biggest natural gas provider in world. you can tell Qatar game will be fucked up. Its a matter of time now.

    • Chaza
      Chaza 2 days ago

      not really. Gas isnt the largest portion of their GDP

  • kharnak crux
    kharnak crux 7 days ago

    that's everyone's gas money. Right there!
    You're welcome!

  • Lee Steal
    Lee Steal 7 days ago

    That country should be anhilated. They are evil. They do not pay their workers.

    • Van Damned
      Van Damned 7 days ago +1

      That’s not true, they pay the going rate, which is more than India or other countries

  • Tespri
    Tespri 8 days ago


  • Mikael Stromberg
    Mikael Stromberg 8 days ago

    Why they don't help refugees from all islamiska country??? yeeh becouse islam is religion where people don't help another people

  • Alexej Reber
    Alexej Reber 8 days ago +1

    Switzerland is the worlds richest country. So is Monaco

    • Chaza
      Chaza 2 days ago

      nope. www.gfmag.com/global-data/economic-data/richest-countries-in-the-world

  • Alexej Reber
    Alexej Reber 8 days ago

    They aren’t

  • hamuzi santos
    hamuzi santos 9 days ago


  • kevin2742
    kevin2742 10 days ago +3

    The US should surpass Qatar soon in exportation of LNG with LNG production in states like Texas, Pennsylvania, and North Dakota.

  • Mcrae Mctaggart
    Mcrae Mctaggart 10 days ago +2

    Jealousy Saudi Arabia, Qatar is will be the stabilisation of the Middle East Yeeeeahhhhhhhhh

  • Mcrae Mctaggart
    Mcrae Mctaggart 10 days ago +1

    Goooooo Qatar!!!!!!!!

  • Fortnite Forever
    Fortnite Forever 11 days ago

    قطري و افتخر🇶🇦❤️🌹

  • S31F
    S31F 13 days ago +1

    I live in Qatar and it’s the best country

  • nothing kayo
    nothing kayo 13 days ago +1

    Oil .

  • M. H.
    M. H. 15 days ago

    قطر اصبحت لغير القطريين ... مجنسين متمكنين من اماكن حساسه بالوزارات المختلفه ... وجهاز الجزيره ينبح ليلا نهارا بما يؤجج الفتنه فى البلدان العربيه ... سؤالى الآن لكل عربى ... اذا كانت قطر تدعم حرية وتقدم الشعوب العربيه ... ماذا قدمت للشعب السورى بعد الحرب؟؟ وماذا قدمت للشعب العراقى؟؟ وماذا قدمت لليبيا؟؟؟ للاسف لا تقدم غير صناديق ممتلئه بالاسلحه والذخيره للميليشيات هنا وهناك ... قطر سينزل الله ان شاء الله بها عذابه ... فنظامها العاق تسبب فى سفك دماء كثير من المسلمين وحسبى الله ونعم الوكيل

  • Dr. Gary J. Eberts
    Dr. Gary J. Eberts 15 days ago +1

    If Qatar Airlines is any indicter, then Qatar is going to blow all competitors out of the water. Having flown all over Europe, and Africa On all the major airlines Qatar Airlines outdoes them all.

  • MartinBalanag
    MartinBalanag 17 days ago

    My second home. Love from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Naseer Ahmad
    Naseer Ahmad 18 days ago +4

    Yes they enjoy higher living standards,higher standard of education...etc why they need corrupt democracy...

    JEFF JACK 19 days ago

    there only the richest because the real rich people want you to believe they are. The people who print the money out of thin air are the true richest and most wicked

  • yaakcon
    yaakcon 19 days ago

    What the fuck does luck of democracy mean? Is it an excuse to attack peaceful countries and render them NULL?

  • Danny Hanna
    Danny Hanna 19 days ago

    2:26 it’s not seek its sheik pronounced shay-kh

  • Hector  Bonilla
    Hector Bonilla 20 days ago

    I just became a citizen my wife is a qatari by the blessings of Allah

  • Hector  Bonilla
    Hector Bonilla 20 days ago +1

    I live in Qatar, I even bought her family ,I am Shia

    • Jay Contreras
      Jay Contreras 19 days ago

      You bought a family? What? Lol

    • nafize hyder mirza
      nafize hyder mirza 19 days ago

      Bhai salam wa alaikum
      Can you please give me your WhatsApp number
      Mine is +917901509565
      Ya ali madad

  • Mohamed Ệl Shefệxce

    Qater's support terrorists like isis al qeda unmuslim brotherhoods to destrowy tge arab league

  • Michelle Lopez
    Michelle Lopez 20 days ago

    Oil.. God -Gold & Gas, Oil,Drugs

  • SHESHTER _69
    SHESHTER _69 21 day ago +1

    Bro ur mistaken Qatar is not the richest country in the world,Kuwait is the richest country in the world

    • Hanif our savior
      Hanif our savior 17 days ago

      en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)_per_capita better luck next time guys

    • Ahmed Abdul
      Ahmed Abdul 20 days ago

      You're right bro

  • Dibyojyoti Roy
    Dibyojyoti Roy 23 days ago

    I thought richest country was USA

  • Mathew SEM
    Mathew SEM 27 days ago

    God bless Qatar more and more. I love Qatar

  • Manzambi Andrè
    Manzambi Andrè 27 days ago

    Slavery, this is why so rich

  • Jenna 29
    Jenna 29 28 days ago

    With that much oil the US will soon come to bomb the place and steal

  • chf gbp
    chf gbp 28 days ago

    Really? Why waste time on this? A better question surely should be why these countries are so rich for so long and yet habe no cultural, industrial, enterperneurial or scientific achievements remotely worthy of even the briefest remark.

  • All In One
    All In One Month ago

    I mean arent they wahabbis. How come they are building churches and magnificient buildings? This just doesnt add up. We are told that Wahabbis want to take us to dark ages.

  • IIIlIllIlI
    IIIlIllIlI Month ago

    Some really horrendous music in these videos

  • The Crypto Guy
    The Crypto Guy Month ago

    Thanks Johnny sins

  • rio putra
    rio putra Month ago +8

    10:24 OOF ,someone has fell in the background🤣🤣🤣🤣🤐 sorry

    • OWE
      OWE 23 days ago +1

      they attacked him i think

  • maaheer ameer
    maaheer ameer Month ago

    I watch your videos on pretty regular basis. I found out you lacked in a broader view. You are more interested in economics and international relationship. It will be better if you focus on the newer prospects of your subjects as well. The education systems they introduced, their research & development initiatives are note worthy. Most importantly they are thinking of their future when all the natural resources will run short. The cultivation process in desert is something like a big fantasy. We live in a world where democracy,socialism,... these are mere words. England&Japan are democratic countries having Queen and Emperor respectively,what a contradiction!!! But its always easy to tag the middle eastern countries with monarch and countries unbowed to west with autocrats. We live in a world where resources decide who will rise high and who will fall not laws or principles.

    PRINCESS PRINCESS Month ago +1

    Plz plaint trees

  • Fentube
    Fentube Month ago +19

    I found your videos really informative and a good source for learning
    But, can you guys just cut out the music? Or lower it down please

  • Swalih Subul
    Swalih Subul Month ago

    Even Qatar is an Emirate that is the meaning of the nine pointed heads of national flag

  • HDsharp
    HDsharp Month ago

    don't u just hate countries that have contributed nothing to the planet except earth's minerals.

    • Chaza
      Chaza 2 days ago

      they contribute alot more

  • QuarioQuario54321
    QuarioQuario54321 Month ago +2

    I wish to make Qatar the poorest country on earth, with a GDP per capital of $2.

  • Deng Atoj
    Deng Atoj Month ago +1

    Great country

  • Priyantha Kumara
    Priyantha Kumara Month ago

    I'm stand with Qatar.

  • D7om Hero
    D7om Hero Month ago

    Welcome to Qatar. Qatar is the best

  • 8tr GT
    8tr GT Month ago +1

    I’m from Qatar 🇶🇦❤️

  • Mark S
    Mark S Month ago +1

    Have you been to Qatar? Hardly seems like a rich country. Some rich people and a lot of poor immigrants doing the hard grind. I wasn't impressed with the city etc. The reality is the majority of the population are actually poor with some actually be almost classed as slaves. Do some research or actually visit the country next time.

  • Daniel Luster
    Daniel Luster Month ago

    I'm quite surprised that Qatar's the richest country on earth. :-)

  • Dipali Kalita
    Dipali Kalita Month ago +1

    The answer is simple: Oil

  • Andrew Slatsky
    Andrew Slatsky Month ago

    50°C is 122°F

  • Sagar Dimdung
    Sagar Dimdung Month ago

    Energy is currency.

  • Faisal Hussain
    Faisal Hussain Month ago +1

    Still they dont pay salaries for most.

  • Febriansyah
    Febriansyah Month ago

    Indonesia will be like Qatar if the problem of corruption in government politics can be overcome

  • Simon Bam
    Simon Bam Month ago

    Democracy is a Western concept and does not necessarily work in States without a Western culture. There should be a respect for human rights in all States but an insistence on democratic systems is foolish.

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    Business Month ago

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  • Cubes Anthony
    Cubes Anthony Month ago


  • Cubes Anthony
    Cubes Anthony Month ago +1

    Qatar he we come ,, Godbless us expats .....

  • Rizki Ferdian
    Rizki Ferdian Month ago +1

    They cannot, they have no true skill and no understanding and knowledge of world.
    Their collapse has been started not long ago.
    Yet, they are never welcome here in truly Paradise on center of Earth, World's Richest Paradise on center of of Equator Line: Us "The Emerald of Equator".
    UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, etc will be empty concrete jungles and poor desert.
    Same with Saudi Arabia, Mecca will be empty as many blinded muslims around the world including majority from Indonesia will realise, will be enlightened that they were cheated by them already for centuries.

  • yassin cagayare
    yassin cagayare Month ago

    fuck democracy. always pretending whites are perfect and the remiaining world is not safe. well qatar has shown this myth wrong. #longliveqatar

  • Larry Buzbee
    Larry Buzbee Month ago +2

    Love your channel, but as a pronunciation martinet I must point out the frequent errors such as "Rid-ah" vs. the more correct "Ree-yahd". Not the only example I've noticed both here and on other 'casts'. An unfortunate distraction for myself and other nit pickers in an otherwise excellent landscape of enlightening, cogent and highly informative content.

  • Amos Uwimana
    Amos Uwimana Month ago

    Yes, let's just believe quarter is Rich but amongst the richest people in the world there is no one from quarter only Westerns own every shit of dollars..

  • Ed M
    Ed M Month ago +1

    I went to school in the early 80's with the Crown Prince, top bloke.

  • nico byrne
    nico byrne Month ago

    a lot of horseracing cash went to Qatar last few years buying top horses and best jockeys and breeding is huge money.

  • Diane Caristo
    Diane Caristo Month ago +43

    You didn’t even talk about education city and how they push women to get educated

    • Diane Caristo
      Diane Caristo Month ago +7

      In terms of educating your population, YES that is an accomplishment. Look at how the US is getting away from educating their population. Sad sad sad

    • Hamad Almehrizi
      Hamad Almehrizi Month ago

      Diane Caristo Is that an accomplishment ?

  • anil gurung
    anil gurung Month ago +1

    You have the best presentation skill and I love your videos keep it up love from nepal

  • cookieG
    cookieG Month ago +1

    Maybe I can go there and get wealthy

  • Gijoe215062056 Ham
    Gijoe215062056 Ham Month ago +1

    You have a beautiful place.

  • Merouan Kabiri
    Merouan Kabiri Month ago +1

    ♡♡♡♡I love you qatar♡♡♡♡

  • rob Dubz
    rob Dubz Month ago +1

    its still a shelter for some extreme preachers

  • Yılmaz Çoban
    Yılmaz Çoban Month ago

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  • Andy Mougerousolopolous

    People are going wonder why such a small part of world allowed to have so much billions

  • Sasha K
    Sasha K Month ago

    What a terrible and wrong pronunciation of RIYADH. Also not SIKH, but SHEIKH ( pronounced ShEih) - pronunciation!

  • wan 72
    wan 72 Month ago +1

    USA:Islamic countries is the most poorest country
    Qatar: *HOLD MY OIL*

  • Andreas Solheim
    Andreas Solheim Month ago

    Qatar is not the richest

  • Kimonas Theodoropoulos

    i hate qatar

  • james richardson
    james richardson Month ago

    Average income only includes Qataris. It does not include the 1.5 million foreign workers that reside there.

    • Denise G- Hill
      Denise G- Hill Month ago

      And how are they treated (the maids and the labourers)?

  • Gemma Villapaz
    Gemma Villapaz Month ago +2

    I love qatar

  • Saef Al-hajri
    Saef Al-hajri Month ago

    People that are talking nonsense about “slave” labor should first understand that their countries do the same to the migrants that come to their countries for example illegal immigrants in the USA but the difference is when a worker leaves Qatar he has enough money to start a good life in his country. And second of all no one is forced to work they can leave saying any different is complete nonsense the workers that are stuck here are workers that come here with a visa and a workplace that sponsor him and plan before hand on running away from their work to work illegally in hope of making more money from another job.

  • Y**** M
    Y**** M Month ago

    Yeah well, guess what, ... it supports wahabist terrorism around the world. Documented - Fact.

  • Thorsten Petri
    Thorsten Petri Month ago

    slavery is still thriving in rich families. The working conditions for east asian workers are plain disgusting. Fix that and that brutal jutstice system :you 'll get the top position in moraly acceptable gulf countries.Oh and leave Libya alone.

  • Manas মানস
    Manas মানস Month ago


  • Maximum Mack
    Maximum Mack Month ago

    I might be moving there

  • Fred C. Wilson III
    Fred C. Wilson III Month ago

    Why is the US always trying to convert other countries into 'democracies?' Not all countries need democracies when democracy isn't the best form of government; enlighten dictatorships are the best countries besides democracy has failed in the United States.

  • Fred C. Wilson III
    Fred C. Wilson III Month ago

    Oil and gas gave Qatar its material riches as Simon mentioned however the REAL reason that country is rich is the positive mentality of their rulers and people.

  • QLZ_ Saoudba
    QLZ_ Saoudba Month ago


  • Rowan Torr
    Rowan Torr Month ago


  • CaNaB MaHeD
    CaNaB MaHeD Month ago +4

    My dads name is Qadar.
    Love qatar from soamlia💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾qatarpower

  • alain norte
    alain norte 2 months ago

    we love Qatar❤️❤️

  • Thanos
    Thanos 2 months ago

    edit: Not oil. Gas.