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  • Published on Sep 25, 2017
  • The government of Qatar has investments and properties all around the world. It is the birthplace of Al Jazeera, the most important Arabic media company and then there is Doha, the capital, which is a sea of skyscrapers, malls and luxurious cars.
    Today we'll be talking about Qatar!
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  • Andre XX
    Andre XX 16 hours ago

    In Australia we are a democracy and have lots of natural gas too which we export. But instead of saving and investing wisely we p.ssed is all against a wall.

  • CurbsideUnderwood

    Democracy does not mean you are automatically a "good" nation.

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  • epic racing
    epic racing 2 days ago

    In doha next may wheres the best place and reasonable priced bars to have a good time 🍺🍺🍺😀

  • Opiniones Actualidad

    Why don't we organize a protest in Brussels against the Article 13 of the EU? Mid January? TVcliprs and Users! Everyone together!

  • Ahmed
    Ahmed 2 days ago

    A country with slavery. #boycottqatar2022

  • Luxus Häuser
    Luxus Häuser 3 days ago

    Quote: "they have in their hands more than $330Billion," so the people of Qatar have very large hands. Wow!!!

  • Lino Andrade
    Lino Andrade 5 days ago +1

    Qatar is the NeW Kuwait Forget natural resources, tourism is the way to grow a country. It's a WIN WIN!

  • sadeq karamah
    sadeq karamah 5 days ago

    Saudi Arabia and Qatar are one people, religion and culture. Saudi Arabia is the big brother and none can divide them..... Iran and Hezbollah are terrorists, and people of the world now know better.

  • Arun 2000
    Arun 2000 5 days ago

    I'm an Indian, settled in Qatar. This place is amazing! Trust me. They spent BILLIONS of dollars in the new metro railway system BUT the tickets start from JUST 2 QR ($0.50).

  • Aamir jung shahi
    Aamir jung shahi 5 days ago

    Middle east countries all are Fucking because they dont have human right and They dont pay minimum wages to there worker . Soo They always stay down then Other developed nations

  • cnccarving
    cnccarving 6 days ago +1

    what a difference can make one leader
    Venezuela same rich but they have oil
    Venezuela could be same rich . but they aren't at this moment..

    PAVAN KUMAR GARIKAPATI 7 days ago +1

    I want to visit qatar..But I am a student..Is there any benevolent person who can book tickets for me...Njoy my dear qatar brothers and sisters

  • Game Boyie
    Game Boyie 7 days ago

    Iran has the world's largest reserve of natural gas.But why is it one of the poorest economy wise?

  • Soldier Quality
    Soldier Quality 7 days ago +1

    Qatar will win, not Saudi Arabia.


    5 δεκ 2018===ΦΑΝΤΑΣΤΙΚΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΑΥΤΑ...απο τα φλογητά χαλκιδικης ελλαδα

  • Ruth Garcia
    Ruth Garcia 9 days ago +2

    Actually, United States is the MOST richest country ever in this world. 🌏 It’s true. United States 🇺🇸 is more richer than $10 trillion. God bless United States!

  • Swapnil Ajgaonkar
    Swapnil Ajgaonkar 10 days ago

    Thanks for making this video... But is Qatar really the richest country on earth? What about Monaco, Kuwait etc.? About your question: Who will win the battle of the countries in the Persian Gulf: Saudi Arabia or Qatar? In what context?

  • Sumeera Hassan
    Sumeera Hassan 11 days ago


  • Vis Kag
    Vis Kag 11 days ago +1

    Its funny how this guys gives an impression that being ally to west is good. Notice how he said a negative thing (Qatar is an absolute monarchy) and then said "But.." (Which implies something positive will come) "..they are a good ally to the West"
    Typical Western mentality, doesnt matter what you do or your human rights abuses, as long as youre a friend to the West youre good.
    Just like with Saudi Arabia hhh.
    Or also funny how he connects poor women rights with a poor country, women rights are fine in Qatar, you guys better worry about your dumb masculine acting feminists and most rape cases per capita countries lie in Europe :) while women in Arab countries are being pampered by their hard working men.

  • Supreme Leader
    Supreme Leader 11 days ago

    Dude are you johnny sinns?

  • The Modish Guy -Tech and Gamming

    He is looking like Johnny sins

  • Amuom Kuol
    Amuom Kuol 12 days ago

    How to not allow yourselfe to be mislead by DAJJALLE(THE ANTI CHRIST).

  • Aniruddha Das
    Aniruddha Das 13 days ago

    What happen after extracting last gallon of LNG?

  • Waqas Ghazanfar
    Waqas Ghazanfar 13 days ago

    Video about finances of Norway vs Qatar, would be great

  • Tristan Yelin
    Tristan Yelin 14 days ago

    your music is shit, stop it

  • isaac nyaore
    isaac nyaore 14 days ago

    Long live Qatar

  • Mislav Pesut
    Mislav Pesut 14 days ago

    Does anybody know the name of the band features at 5.40?

    ANITA ISAAC ROSY 15 days ago

    Jobs. In qatar for mba

  • Betterworld ok
    Betterworld ok 15 days ago

    Is the American Military based there to protect the Quataris? Hmmm

  • Rania Yehia
    Rania Yehia 16 days ago

    Can I just said that’s n o t really how
    They found something underneath the sand ( not oil or gas I don’t remember) and then boom money
    I put it short

  • Rania Yehia
    Rania Yehia 16 days ago

    Finally someone knows about Qatar and Doha : D

  • Serial lova/MARCL
    Serial lova/MARCL 17 days ago

    I would say China the richest country in the world homie! 😝👆🥋✊

  • Vicky Manley
    Vicky Manley 17 days ago

    Great video

  • JG Outsourcing
    JG Outsourcing 18 days ago

    They also have a awesome airline

  • Hans Gunther
    Hans Gunther 18 days ago +2

    Very small population....high natural gas production, export and sales...using western and possible Asian population brains ....to build every think... not a success due to national or local brains.....wish your people more success...

    • Salman Fiqy
      Salman Fiqy 13 days ago

      because the brains want to work & earn. In US, there's something called H1B1 visa was designed to attract brains for the country to benefit from it. Qatar is a small nation who got it's Independence no more than 60 years ago and you wanna compare to likes of US or UK?

  • lorrane
    lorrane 19 days ago

    Whilst one can commend the strategies they have taken to bring wealth to their land, the measure of a country is the health, education and living standards of its people.

    ASHWIN K 19 days ago

    I am looking for a job please help me guys

  • Francis Godinho
    Francis Godinho 20 days ago

    Qatar is not the richest country on earth. This is total lies. Without America, Qatar is nothing.
    I say without the US protecting Qatar is nothing. Percapita, the 200 Qatari Royal family and the Prince may be the richest. But that does not make Qatar richest in the world.

  • Ilay ohana
    Ilay ohana 21 day ago

    So you always sugarcoat the arabia but wont hesitate to talk bad about france and its flaws?

  • Nooh Barrie
    Nooh Barrie 21 day ago

    It's R-I-Y-A-D-H Simon, not R-I-D-A-H

  • apolo kabali
    apolo kabali 21 day ago +2

    Lets see you people you build all these facilites, and some workers died, others were never paid. All kinds of human rights were violated and you are not like that. Arabs you are the most disgusting human beings on this planet.I will take Israel over any Arab country, they still employ Palestinian and they are not treating them as Arabs mistreat africans.

  • Sean Sean
    Sean Sean 21 day ago

    Corrupt country. Will never visit.

  • drew t
    drew t 22 days ago

    Pretty sure the largest gas field in the world is California. It's WAY bigger than Qatar and there are, at least, 30million people there that are completely full of shit.

  • Smith Lawrance
    Smith Lawrance 22 days ago

    I Love Qatar...... The World best place on Earth....Shukr Alhamdulillah. Ya Rablaalmin....I am From India

  • silvan martha
    silvan martha 23 days ago

    But the west media, IMF & the world bank still call Qatar a developing country. WTF !!!!

  • Chikitanmr
    Chikitanmr 24 days ago

    DUKHAN-QATAR❤️ long live the king.

  • Razan
    Razan 25 days ago

    i live in qatar

  • Fa390ol Q6r
    Fa390ol Q6r 25 days ago

    I live in Qatar

  • Jonah Viper Chieza
    Jonah Viper Chieza 28 days ago

    Do Zimbabwe after the 2017 coup including the economic chaos

  • Gastoni Mi
    Gastoni Mi 28 days ago

    Enestgram @uk_82

  • Manira Sara
    Manira Sara 28 days ago

    Cause it can be that’s why

  • Rosida Andriyana
    Rosida Andriyana 29 days ago +2

    if they are billionaire they would already have helped all the poor refugees. lol poor qatar

    • No
      No 16 days ago

      They do. Ignorant racist bigot

  • gireesh neroth
    gireesh neroth Month ago

    Because oil is the fuel of the world on which Qater is sitting.

  • A Carbon-Based Lifeform

    Indentured servitude

  • Mohammad Ashraf Khan

    Qatar is the Great Country

  • Jimmy Lobaton Chua
    Jimmy Lobaton Chua Month ago

    Yeah ! Todate Qatar is # 1 Riches in the World .

  • Jose Lanister
    Jose Lanister Month ago

    Looks like fonseca😁😁😁😁😁

  • Anze Ulcar
    Anze Ulcar Month ago

    You say qatar wrong

  • Lady Oshy
    Lady Oshy Month ago

    Qatari and proud 💗

  • Dollarcross Luciano
    Dollarcross Luciano Month ago +1

    Keep your demo-crazy. It has never worked anywhere. Long live the Emir.

    • Quick Learn
      Quick Learn Month ago

      Dollarcross Luciano
      No to democracy+ Gas+slavery= Qatar.
      Qatar is shithole. South Korea, Japan are way better without much natural resources.

  • Hashim kraishan
    Hashim kraishan Month ago +2

    10:26 someone fell! HAHAHAHAHA

  • Ssenyange Martin
    Ssenyange Martin Month ago

    I loved it. Quite informative.

  • apolo kabali
    apolo kabali Month ago

    They treat people so bad i asked my mother who worked as a nurse in Saudi Arabia , how long these evil Arabs live. She said life expectation was only 45 years heart attacksfailed kidneys they sit on their asses all day. You can steal and kill someone else for kidneys but your ass is going to due too sooner or that karma is going to bite your kids. They probably dont even care about their own kids. They kill their own kids, justifying it as honorary killings.

  • Albertini Casanova
    Albertini Casanova Month ago

    qatar people are my amigos..not saudis and freaking egypt..

  • Thivian Padayachi
    Thivian Padayachi Month ago

    Qatar has invested wisely. Pity Trump and Kushner gave the go-ahead to the Saudi's to impose a blockade of Qatar. Their loss. TP; Durban, RSA.


    answer is Qatar.

  • Sarah paul
    Sarah paul Month ago

    The richest country on planet yet they pay housemaids peanut and 2yrs contract without even 1day off😒😒😒☹😭☹☹☹

  • Spanish Gamer101
    Spanish Gamer101 Month ago +1

    I thought US was Richest

    • Ke Mt
      Ke Mt Month ago +1

      +Quick Learn You need to go and study the effects of currency devaluation and inflation... having debt directly affects the value of a currency, imagine having infinite debt while being the source of the reserve currency... it's okay for the US because the Federal Reserve doesn't care for the fact that the US debt is increasing every second but the world's economy is the one to be suffering... so i stand by my point the sooner the world will turn its back to the dollar the sooner US economy will fall...

    • Quick Learn
      Quick Learn Month ago

      Ke Mt , Debt doesn't matter much becoz US economy is so huge. They can manage it.
      I don't get, how can someone compare US with Qatar? Qatar is not even in the level of Japan,south Korea, Germany, France when it comes to economy .

    • Ke Mt
      Ke Mt Month ago

      US has the greatest debt in the World... the only reason they are surviving is by having the dollar as a reserve currency

    • Quick Learn
      Quick Learn Month ago +2

      US is the richest. Qatar is so small with very very less population compare to US. So it's pretty obvious that it will have highest gdp per capita. And qatars economy is nowhere close to US.

  • Grief Wizard
    Grief Wizard Month ago

    You make qatar look so special not like all its neighbouring countries are exactly like qatar.

  • slh950
    slh950 Month ago

    the blaring bursts of music are so irritating and unnecessary

  • magellanmax
    magellanmax Month ago

    Saudi Arabia is a paper tiger in the Arab region, but wields immense influence in the West due to their deep pockets.

  • Clay Elliot
    Clay Elliot Month ago

    Brits...there's no R at the end of Doha.

  • fingerhorn4
    fingerhorn4 Month ago

    You do not need to add "it has" to a subject you've already stated. Example, you keep saying "Qatar - it has" so and so. You only need to say "Qatar has" so and so. You say "natural gas - it wasn't that profitable". You do not need to add "it has". Just say "Natural Gas wasn't that profitable". For a seemingly intelligent guy you've become a victim of this basic and really annoying habit. More importantly, the notional figures you present about wealth are smoke and mirrors. A tiny proportion of this (and other) country's wealth reaches the people who actually work to improve Qatar's infrastructure. The vast majority of people who actually do meaningful work are abjectly poor and have virtually zero basic rights, no influence, no ability to challenge, and have no say in their living standards or any social or political influence.
    As to culture, there is none. None. Almost all the ridiculous wealth the LNG has afforded has been spent individually on pointless fast cars, jewels, dystopian high rise vanity buildings, shopping malls and other soulless and culture-less pursuits. A huge proportion of Qatar's foreign investments is in speculative gambling on European property prices. It is this "investment" which is pushing the prices of European property up and up. Yet, inexplicably, some people actually believe that these shallow, utterly soulless places are somehow "desirable". When you take away the huge amounts of cash flowing into the hands of a tiny minority of people who live there, you end up with a place that has nothing to show but what was there in the first place - millions of acres of sand and dust.

  • Chris Resendes
    Chris Resendes Month ago

    I though Brits pronounced Qatar- cutter?

    • Ke Mt
      Ke Mt Month ago

      Both the way he spells it and the way the Brits spell are wrong

  • Makeupforever Immortal

    Nothing wrong with the women in Qatar.. they were allowed to vote same time as men and Qatari women are the most successful business women of the GCC.

  • george waite
    george waite Month ago

    Qatar was never a British Colony, it was a protectorate.

  • moist faucet
    moist faucet Month ago

    Because US stupid enough to figure it out how to use oil.

  • MrGoldenLlama - Fortnite Game Play -

    All what Saudi’s saying are lies about us we are kind and lovely I am from Qatar and I happy what we are know

  • Zack Jalamani
    Zack Jalamani Month ago

    The music is loud, trashy and annoying

  • MNRH investigator MNRH investigator

    I bet Middle East is the best continent on 🌎.

  • Peter Pinto
    Peter Pinto Month ago

    You are Pronouncing Qatar wrong. You say it like "cutter" i

  • MakeMoneyHobby.com
    MakeMoneyHobby.com Month ago


  • Ayo Adeplenty
    Ayo Adeplenty Month ago

    I would love to invest and live in qutar people with my mindset are threr

  • Francelee Paris
    Francelee Paris Month ago

    Qatar is so small that as soon as a jet takes off .. it’s already on the edge of the airspace and has to turn back... that’s why they have propellor planes for air shows ... lets the public see a few plane flying before they have to land again ...😂😂😂

  • Johnny Aguilar
    Johnny Aguilar Month ago

    Rich (may be) ... still primitive and backward

  • Miles Wilkinson
    Miles Wilkinson Month ago

    What the fuck is with music choice in the background. Made the video pretty much unwatchable

  • K Erdo
    K Erdo Month ago

    I think the politics behind Saudi-Qatari relation is now clear after the killing of Jamal Khashoggi..

  • ahmed ragab
    ahmed ragab Month ago

    Qatar is the best ..most of arabian society.. love qatar

  • JOTA
    JOTA Month ago

    damn i feel like I'm watching an whatcultre UPS AND DOWN WITH SIMON!!!

  • Junikat In Dubai
    Junikat In Dubai Month ago

    I love d people,,,,many times i vistd qatar ❤️❤️❤️❤️nice people my c bf from 🇶🇦😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Jimmy The Greek
    Jimmy The Greek Month ago

    You forgot to mention that the Northern half of the the "North Field" is actually situated in the maritime zone of Iran in the Persian Gulf, where it is called "South Field"
    So North is South and South is North in the Middle East.
    Also you forgot to mention that ExxonMobil of the USA is the major company making the LNG.
    Therefore, QATAR is a colony of the USA !
    Needless to say that QATAR "purchased" the FIFA World Cap with only a few millions dollars... pocket change for Qatar.

  • MissIrishdoll
    MissIrishdoll Month ago

    The comparison to California was silly.

  • James Thomson
    James Thomson Month ago

    Excellent presentation.

  • Nader Mohamed
    Nader Mohamed Month ago

    Thank you so much.

  • 123 production
    123 production Month ago

    Like jony sins 😂
    If he removed beard....

  • mimie ko
    mimie ko Month ago

    hey vsauce michael here