SYLAS MONTAGE - Ultimate is Broken | New Champion LOL 2019 (League of Legends)

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • SYLAS MONTAGE - Ultimate is Broken | New Champion LOL 2019 (League of Legends)
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    🔷League of Legends Video Clip Sources:
    1 - Redmercy
    2 - Professor Akali
    3 - The Glacierr
    4 - Pants are Dragon
    5 - Ian91
    6 - Trick2G
    【🎶】 Music Intro: Cash Cash - Overtime []
    【🎶】 Music Game: 3rd Prototype - I Know
    【🎶】 Music Game: Last Heroes x TwoWorldsApart - Eclipse (feat. AERYN)
    【🎶】 Music Game: Rogers & Dean - No Doubt (Rival x Cadmium Remix)
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Comments • 46

  • ak 47
    ak 47 5 months ago

    2 sylas in 1 game stupid kid play normals

  • Hactar
    Hactar 5 months ago

    new permaban...

  • Jayvee Aballe
    Jayvee Aballe 5 months ago

    5:00 title of the song please..thanks ^_^

  • Duc Duc
    Duc Duc 6 months ago

    xin link nhạc thứ 1 phút

  • NightShadow
    NightShadow 6 months ago

    what happens in one for all sylas' vs sylas' or blind pick.

  • Anthony BeLg
    Anthony BeLg 6 months ago +1

    That champ is the balancer ,

  • Franco Lmao
    Franco Lmao 6 months ago +1

    5:00 music?

  • Lunch Guy
    Lunch Guy 6 months ago

    9:19 the song is so perfectly timed with that Galio ult

  • Demacia 101
    Demacia 101 6 months ago

  • Dream Gaming
    Dream Gaming 6 months ago

    These are not so impressive clips on a fast phased music so retards will think its outplays

    VYKIN 6 months ago

    Neeko: steals shape
    Yasuo: steals lp
    Sylas: steals ult
    ??? (next champ): eats ass

  • K1llStealer
    K1llStealer 6 months ago

    Most of these plays are garbage

    • SoloMiD
      SoloMiD  6 months ago

      Pants are Dragon, Redmercy "garbage" 🙃

    KURO SERAF 6 months ago

    What skin n do you want

    KURO SERAF 6 months ago


  • Emm Băng
    Emm Băng 6 months ago +1

    Xin link nhạc giới thiệu

  • Call me Aj
    Call me Aj 6 months ago +4

    That redmercy play was so bad seriously

    • kirito santiago
      kirito santiago 6 months ago

      Call me Aj like always, mediocre player to the max

  • Kav 702
    Kav 702 6 months ago +9

    Next champ is going to break the enemy's Internet connection, still more counterplay than this

  • Tống Thị Giang
    Tống Thị Giang 6 months ago +1

    Xem phút thứ 7 có pax jax

  • Kariwan
    Kariwan 6 months ago

    Damn Redmercy literally misses everything

  • 구걸충극혐
    구걸충극혐 6 months ago +2

    Hi i'm korea human

  • No name
    No name 6 months ago +2

    riot already doesn't know what to invent, so they add more broken things -. -

  • FLIGmarkable
    FLIGmarkable 6 months ago

    This champ is going to be insane when he gets to the actual game

  • Gerson.D M*2
    Gerson.D M*2 6 months ago +1

    Epic video .... Nice gg
    New champ is wow

  • berkay topcu
    berkay topcu 6 months ago

    Do your videos longer please.

    • berkay topcu
      berkay topcu 6 months ago

      I don’t care what are you talking about bitch and Kidd’s just play Yasuo PEH!

    • İ R E L İ A 67
      İ R E L İ A 67 6 months ago

      Türkçe konuş gottt

    • berkay topcu
      berkay topcu 6 months ago

      Do it just for one time please.

    • SoloMiD
      SoloMiD  6 months ago

      will be boring

  • Johan Macias Sosa
    Johan Macias Sosa 6 months ago +1

    I love you :c

  • Marc Viterlla
    Marc Viterlla 6 months ago

    Ah so the new champ is ap? I thought it was an ad champ

  • LoL Esports GST
    LoL Esports GST 6 months ago +2

    Broken ult but fun to play

  • Herox Archive
    Herox Archive 6 months ago +1


  • rio alvero1
    rio alvero1 6 months ago +1

    i like u videos

  • John Barqueros
    John Barqueros 6 months ago +1

    Third good vidio

  • GhostKiler 007
    GhostKiler 007 6 months ago


  • Sisli Bir Gece
    Sisli Bir Gece 6 months ago +1