Kai’Sa Champion Spotlight | Gameplay - League of Legends

  • Published on Mar 5, 2018
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  • vkook fan
    vkook fan 7 days ago

    KS stands for kaisa
    Kaisa:you talk to much

  • GlowingIcefire
    GlowingIcefire 18 days ago

    3:15 Blink of an eye... Vel'Koz... some of these puns are fairly well hidden.

  • Blake Covgan
    Blake Covgan 24 days ago +2

    I'm glad this ended in my recommended list despite playing the game and knowing who Kaisa is.

  • sameer habib
    sameer habib Month ago +6

    "...Supercharger evlolves to grant invisibility during the charge up. Your enemies hunting you will be in Vayne." aaaaaaah i see what you did there... nice riot nice

  • Mahedi Hasan
    Mahedi Hasan Month ago

    feeding is the another name of kaisa

  • Ugandan Sans
    Ugandan Sans Month ago

    1 year ago wtf

  • waffle man
    waffle man Month ago

    Ica(e)thian rain
    Seems right

  • xSmiTTy
    xSmiTTy Month ago +17


  • jen jen the baby
    jen jen the baby Month ago

    oh come on i was looking for kai sa(takara)

  • MaximumFlyer
    MaximumFlyer 2 months ago +2

    I like how when they demonstrated her ultimate it just cuts off before she's likely killed due to being in a bad position
    (in the middle of rumble ult, 1v3 in the backline, etc)

  • cнαмρмl official
    cнαмρмl official 2 months ago +1

    *Like karrie in mobile legend*

  • GalloY
    GalloY 2 months ago

    Looks wise this is a very boring champion design, just another generic female in a skin tight body suit. Being from the void they could have gone anywhere with her look.

    • Connor Stickels
      Connor Stickels 2 months ago

      She could have looked like an infested terran, but it could also be they're saving that for a skin. Unlikely, but possible

  • Etseterrestrial
    Etseterrestrial 2 months ago

    1:24 UnaVOIDable damage

  • Paul Libres
    Paul Libres 3 months ago

    2:00 KS

  • SH00PS
    SH00PS 3 months ago

    dont say pop a squishy phreak please

  • Christian Jayr Andaling

    She atacc
    She blocc
    but most of all
    She's thicc(๏_๏)

  • Marwan Bayoumi
    Marwan Bayoumi 3 months ago

    The only reason I play her is the pew pew noise she makes

  • Vince Jascha Orcullo
    Vince Jascha Orcullo 3 months ago

    2:44 nothing personal kid

  • BlackCreater
    BlackCreater 4 months ago

    Why does she need 2 passives

  • Jôhn Leonard D. Bâlilo

    When Yasou Became ADR

  • Viraj koshimkar
    Viraj koshimkar 4 months ago

    Metroid prime theme

  • Brandon
    Brandon 4 months ago +1

    *your enemies hunting you will be in vayne*

  • Windy Wavez
    Windy Wavez 4 months ago

    "how to ks your teammates"

  • BurN JoE
    BurN JoE 5 months ago

    ks stands for kaisa hahahaha

    CHEWBACCA 5 months ago

    report kai sa scripts,she solo baron

  • innerFire
    innerFire 5 months ago

    Nice rip off from Karrigan from Starcraft...

  • Draptor LegacyGaming021

    This kinda reference from symbiot (I dunno spieling) and later attach a host called venom

  • Nibelung Valesti
    Nibelung Valesti 5 months ago

    "Chi-aampion hit"

  • Mister Dee
    Mister Dee 5 months ago

    these champions are really generic lol

    • Xialoh
      Xialoh 5 months ago +1

      ...how is this generic?

  • Jessica
    Jessica 5 months ago

    There's a lot of music and sound effects that are dead ringers for Metroid. Anyone else notice that or was it just me?

  • emilio ombiga
    emilio ombiga 5 months ago

    anime hunter

  • Aaron Davidson
    Aaron Davidson 5 months ago

    Female Kha’Zix

    Everyone : *Does not agree*

    Me : *TRIGGERED*

  • young n wild
    young n wild 5 months ago

    Broken fvcking champm

  • Noxxarian - Lore Spotlight

    If Malzahar taught us anything it's that E-KATH-IYA beckons.

  • Joshua Mendoza
    Joshua Mendoza 5 months ago

    pop-a-squishy sounds so wrong

  • Cnuggat
    Cnuggat 5 months ago

    This one's pretty funny though

  • Kevika Wee
    Kevika Wee 5 months ago

    she is chinese

  • LoLAudrik
    LoLAudrik 5 months ago

    0:08 "Symbiotic"


  • Blaster
    Blaster 6 months ago +46

    So Vayne is now completely useless.
    This is literally Vayne 2.0

  • •Umai Chu•
    •Umai Chu• 6 months ago

    I always pronounced it kah sai

  • The Dovakhiin
    The Dovakhiin 6 months ago +1

    Should I spend RP to get her??

  • Ryan Marcoux
    Ryan Marcoux 6 months ago

    1080p and no 60fps. What gives Riot? Get with the times. Should be able to capture at 2k on 60fps at this point!

  • PocketVoid
    PocketVoid 7 months ago

    Lol she can 5v1 me

  • Hậu Gamer Maze
    Hậu Gamer Maze 7 months ago

    kai'sa god darkness

    MATT IBEW 7 months ago

    You can donate plasma ffs

  • Krzysztof Kasperski
    Krzysztof Kasperski 7 months ago +2

    You arę the prey no we are the Hunters atack on titan

  • Ikue Light
    Ikue Light 7 months ago

    not any better than vayne :V

  • Ken Finger
    Ken Finger 8 months ago +3

    This is the most basic champion design riots ever put out

    • Connor Stickels
      Connor Stickels 2 months ago +1

      Um Garen exists...
      But it is nice to see a champion who isn't super crazy and just plays somewhat simply. There has been a lack of those.

    • Jaden Quest
      Jaden Quest 4 months ago


  • magicorp pkmn
    magicorp pkmn 8 months ago

    I'm really hating the puns

  • Ch4rl13 Moore
    Ch4rl13 Moore 8 months ago

    Hunter or the Prey? Great now all we need is a Crossbow and we have ourselves a Shadow Stalker...(WORM)

  • Jayson Walls
    Jayson Walls 8 months ago

    'Sa dude.

  • Protecrion, Tundra Strategist

    I hate her.

  • MW SN
    MW SN 8 months ago

    3:27 that's what she said

  • Two Punch Man
    Two Punch Man 9 months ago

    Okay, guys, do you know what was an amazing thing? We were doing One For All. Our team was Kassadin. The enemy team was Kai'sa.

  • Lorenzo Meglio
    Lorenzo Meglio 9 months ago

    Templar assassin confirmed

  • leandro dutra
    leandro dutra 9 months ago

    milking it

  • leandro dutra
    leandro dutra 9 months ago

    dead game, trash game.

  • jaskicd
    jaskicd 9 months ago

    Whats this, Khaziks 2.0?

  • Milos Radenkovic
    Milos Radenkovic 9 months ago

    KS-Kaisa xD

  • Crispy Chicken
    Crispy Chicken 9 months ago

    Nice video

  • James Marcus
    James Marcus 9 months ago

    no innovation whatsoever

  • Orange Slice
    Orange Slice 10 months ago

    Better nerf Irelia

  • Fl3xo2d
    Fl3xo2d 10 months ago

    the last metroid is in captivity

  • Jacob Clark
    Jacob Clark 10 months ago

    after all KS stands for Kanser

    (I saw this comment down in the comments section on this video but I don't know where it went so I made it again I did not make this joke someone before me did I do not own this)

  • Jeanette Vasko
    Jeanette Vasko 10 months ago +1

    She’s hot now

  • SonicPrototype
    SonicPrototype 10 months ago

    Anyone hear Metroid in that theme? That has to be deliberate.

  • Glup
    Glup 10 months ago

    "Un-a-VOIDable damage"

  • Abigail Jackson
    Abigail Jackson 10 months ago

    No one can 1v1 Baron let's be real here xD

  • The God Emperor of Mankind

    Balanced champion *OMEGALUL*

  • dannydajak
    dannydajak 10 months ago

    Sólo quiero mandar a la chibgada a todos los que trabajan en este kuego. Son unas pinches mierdad culeras. .

  • Louie Victor
    Louie Victor 11 months ago

    reminds me of the old quinn

  • Facade
    Facade 11 months ago

    Kaisa Suomesta.

  • Fred Jiang
    Fred Jiang 11 months ago

    Riot should use Uzi's play to introduce Kai'sa

  • New Spider
    New Spider 11 months ago +1

    It's funny because kai'sa can/could actually legitimately solo Baron.
    Maybe not in just 5 his, but she really could/can do it.
    I don't know for sure anymore, because the one time I did it was before she was nerfed.

  • dtyoumail
    dtyoumail 11 months ago +1


  • JacksDunkleMärchen
    JacksDunkleMärchen 11 months ago

    i dont know i think she is ugly :/

  • Solo Sabbath
    Solo Sabbath 11 months ago

    Papa Squishie is best champ.

  • Stella Kovac
    Stella Kovac 11 months ago

    I see you RIOT

  • SummonerBraddy SG
    SummonerBraddy SG 11 months ago

    unaVOIDable, how original.

  • Sassy Saddles
    Sassy Saddles 11 months ago +4

    What an underwhelming champ pretty meh, im not saying she is weak but boring

  • Wulfrick Ross
    Wulfrick Ross 11 months ago

    A versatile champion. I like her gameplay more than Vayne's. She doesn't need walls to be effective.

  • Pseudo Aphrodite
    Pseudo Aphrodite 11 months ago

    "UnaVOIDable" I see what you did there

  • Tristan Paguio
    Tristan Paguio Year ago

    League Of Legends
    Please do a Kassadin spotlight

  • Josiah Rivera
    Josiah Rivera Year ago

    She pretty thicc

  • • Xehemplo
    • Xehemplo Year ago

    Rek'sai but hypersexualized...

  • Hafiy Sufri
    Hafiy Sufri Year ago

    2018; this game is still garbage with garbage 9 YO community hahaha..

  • Kuresu
    Kuresu Year ago

    So, Kha'Zix's Girlfriend?

  • Madison Montgomery

    I don’t even play this game why am I here?

  • Kiel Matthew Earlyubs Mendoza

    ks stands for Kai sa

  • The Manger
    The Manger Year ago

    best runes and build everyone?

  • DooKiz
    DooKiz Year ago

    ''But if... it will then... and then ...'' '' now that can also... if ..'' Jeez... They're making new heroes sooo complicated now...

  • Thescott16
    Thescott16 Year ago

    Kassadin's daughter?

  • Ron Yuma
    Ron Yuma Year ago

    This is what people were complaining about? How is this even over sexualization

  • The Sovereign
    The Sovereign Year ago

    The Kerrigan of League :O

  • Jules Advin
    Jules Advin Year ago


  • Nathan Nguyen
    Nathan Nguyen Year ago +1

    Now I get why she's a late game champ cause it portrays her story how she was sacrificed to the void she was weak but during late game it resembles her used to the void and getting stronger stronger idk theory

    • Yandere Vlogs
      Yandere Vlogs 11 months ago

      Even if thats true some butthurt team mates will complain

  • Never Behind
    Never Behind Year ago

    Vel koz adc season 8

  • اعشق الخيل
    اعشق الخيل Year ago +1

    Riot game please back old runes new runes its very stupid who want old runes click like because riot game see my comment thanks 4 all 🌸

  • T_Skillz_C
    T_Skillz_C Year ago

    this game is too troll all feeders in low elo impossible to get out all they want is money

  • Silbeon
    Silbeon Year ago

    Where did the item recommendation go to all these spotlights?