Korean Ramyun Is a Must for Noodle Obsessives | Food Skills

  • Published on Nov 27, 2017
  • Japanese ramen bars are all over NYC. But there's another noodle style that's poised to take the city by storm: Korean ramyun. Inspired by the cult status of Korean instant noodles, chef Douglas Kim set out to create a bowl of ramen that captures the culture of the country. At Jeju Noodle Bar in Manhattan, diners are greeted with chewy, slurp-able noodles; thick, pork-based soup; and an assortment of Korean-inspired toppings like kimchi and gochujang. Jeju's ramyun offers a chef-driven spin on your favorite freeze-dried noodle packs.
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  • Chestor Kirupairajah
    Chestor Kirupairajah Month ago +1

    Guys whats that intro beat called???

  • KiwiElfz
    KiwiElfz 6 months ago


  • Mary M
    Mary M 6 months ago

    Omg yes

  • supercoolben
    supercoolben 7 months ago

    This place just got a michelin star ! Congrats !

  • Han Park
    Han Park Year ago

    I always wanted to try a non instant version of ramyun lol

    RAGEINYOUTH ً Year ago

    That guys skin.... how much water does he drink, why is his skin so nice

  • Smexii Wade
    Smexii Wade Year ago

    Nothing better than some hot noods

  • teddy
    teddy Year ago

    korea > japan

    BROIL LA Year ago

    that "y" makes all the difference!

  • Cooking Bap
    Cooking Bap Year ago

    yes, these look just like fusion ramen. but it looks good. i mean ramen is good, but even as a korean, people aren't like wow, lets go to korea and get some ramyun. koreans have instant ramyun down. to an art even at times, but japan has ramen. ramen and ramyun, maybe similar, but so different.

  • Criied
    Criied Year ago

    Im going to be completely honest. I have never went to a resturant that isnt denny's. I also havent eaten any fast food that isnt burers, hot dogs, pizza, or sandwiches.


    Isn’t it insane how we made basic things like cow meat into insane flavor combos and we added to it over years and stuff, idk. How we evolved food from just cooked meat over a fire, to a steak that is so good that it only can be eaten in Japan. Crazy shit.

    oh yeah i am high as hell btw lol

  • Metal Slug
    Metal Slug Year ago

    I'm Mexican American and I've always wanted to try that type of Raman it looks so delicious I've only eaten instant Raman i need to try it😵

  • OG Gamers
    OG Gamers Year ago

    I'm a noodle addict and this is killing me

  • Xandy Programmer
    Xandy Programmer Year ago

    Yay. I want spicy chili Ramyun.

  • xI FreakzZ
    xI FreakzZ Year ago

    holy fuck that looks goood

  • Alexander Smets
    Alexander Smets Year ago

    I could listen to him talk for hours, no homo

  • nowgaku
    nowgaku Year ago +1

    Shameless liar S Koreans can do nothing without Japan.
    Shameless liar S Koreans try to steal Japanese business ideas desperately or impersonate Japanese due to their poor culture and miserable history.
    And shameless liar S Koreans say it's Korean style or Korean version without hesitation.

  • Amocoru
    Amocoru Year ago

    Poached egg should be everywhere in ramen. It just takes it to another level. When all you can get is 6 minute nitamago it just doesn't compare to a poached egg.

  • Steve Holmgren
    Steve Holmgren Year ago

    So wait... Ramen = Ramyun?


    1:58 *INNA GUD WEI*

  • Liamggbb123
    Liamggbb123 Year ago

    I have to stop watching these things at 12 in the morning. Makes me hungry.

  • wuziq
    wuziq Year ago

    1:57 gotta clarify with "in a good way", cuz, you know, hot ones.

  • Joseph Pembroke
    Joseph Pembroke Year ago


  • Gary WAn
    Gary WAn Year ago

    Hot ones with Casey Neistat Video?!!!! Gimme gimme pleaseeee...

  • JamesVsMobileGaming

    꼬추라면 goccu ramyun also meaning penis ramyun in korean :)

  • The Emo Emu
    The Emo Emu Year ago

    Looks absolutely fablous. My mouth waters at the sight of the eggs on top.

  • Stu R.
    Stu R. Year ago

    Super pleasant owner and the food looks delicious. Seem to be some ramen going down lately.

  • Aldo Raine
    Aldo Raine Year ago

    Call it Korean Fusion but not Ramyun u fucking poser

  • seandabomb
    seandabomb Year ago

    If you want to differentiate Korean ramyun from Japanese ramen you should probably do it differently. Nothing about the broth, noodles, pork, or overall presentation look any different from Japanese ramen. If I were served a bowl of this at a restaurant, I would just think, "Oh cool they put some gochujang in my Japanese ramen." I'm supposed to recognize this as Korean because the noodles have less "texture" and "a little more bite"?
    Korean cuisine, beyond bbq, is built on its variety of soups and broths. I would instantly recognize it as ramyun if they had just used a spicy red broth like yookgejang or even soondubu. You can make all the garnishes available as banchan so people can customize the broth themselves, like they do at sullungtang places. There are so many ways they could have made this distinctly Korean but they decided to just go the fusion route and call it Korean ramyun.
    Not that I wouldn't enjoy eating it, but please don't use being distinctly Korean as your selling point when you're just making your own version of Japanese ramen.

  • amanda easley
    amanda easley Year ago +1

    Very interesting!

  • WolfyMcMarmalade
    WolfyMcMarmalade Year ago +1

    Could you guys make some sort of map with all the restaurants you have covered?

  • Heeman Park
    Heeman Park Year ago

    It looks like Koreanized Japanese Ramen.

  • yusefdoodie
    yusefdoodie Year ago

    Heading to NYC in a few months. Definitely going here - thanks!

    BLAZIN AZN Year ago

    yo NYC ktown just got this y'all sleep. and the fact that they scrub the pork half way thru is dirty AF and lazy. and the bowls are so small wtf. I see that fat at the top if u don't skim u will get sick. if ur going to cook Korean food do it right don't half ass.

  • Jason K
    Jason K Year ago

    This isn't korean ramen. It's Korean - Japanese fusion with it leaning on the Japanese side much more than the Korean side. Still looks amazing.

  • unfriendly peter-man

    *picking up ramen in slow motion*

  • kayumust
    kayumust Year ago

    Wish i could make this myself ... Wtb tutorial ;)

  • Steven Steven
    Steven Steven Year ago

    Douglas is cute!

  • sauved0
    sauved0 Year ago

    Glad people are finally catching onto nice and fresh ramyun.

  • xpert player21
    xpert player21 Year ago

    Can some one tell me where this is❤😭

  • bttypst
    bttypst Year ago

    "gochu" also means "penis" in Korean if you fuckers are immature like me

  • R L
    R L Year ago +1

    I always end up SO HUNGRY when I watch these videos.

  • Bad Santa
    Bad Santa Year ago

    Looks fucking tasty.

  • David Sun
    David Sun Year ago

    manny pacquiao has a korean restaurant? :D

    HOWARD CHANG Year ago

    Damn this is some fucking gooooood shit

  • Tony Toronto
    Tony Toronto Year ago

    healthy shin ramyun...dope"!!!!!

  • TheRealAjit Pai
    TheRealAjit Pai Year ago

    Why do I watch this when I’m hungry

  • Josiah Contreras-morales

    on the hot ones

  • Josiah Contreras-morales

    of spicy

  • Josiah Contreras-morales

    u should put jackseptikeye on the show

  • p13ls
    p13ls Year ago

    Nice to see how they can alevate a "simple dish" like ramen noodles, into this work of art. Looks amazing!

  • dave viss
    dave viss Year ago

    you ruined it at the egg and hot sauce sorry :\

  • rfogo14
    rfogo14 Year ago

    gods work i tells ya

  • Dan H
    Dan H Year ago

    IF ONLY US WHITES HAD THIS SAME STATE OF MIND! We are being wiped off the face of the Earth and replaced in our own homelands.. It is a serious problem.. Can you imagine a world without whites? I shudder at the thought. Well anyway, I have taken enough of your time. Great noodles, buddy-friend. Keep up the good werk. :D

      BLAZIN AZN Year ago

      Dan H these were shit noodles. he skimped on the labor and flavor. if u think this is good Korean food ur sleep AF. keep eating ur kimchi from trader joes.

  • ramiro marquez
    ramiro marquez Year ago

    Watch the eater episode it’s much better

  • Samual Iam
    Samual Iam Year ago +1

    *31* people don't like Ramen (Ramyun)

  • G G
    G G Year ago +1

    I'm going there! I LOVE NOODLE SOUP. NYC food scene is where its @

  • ChokeAnd Poke
    ChokeAnd Poke Year ago

    1:27 did someone say... THE BONE BROTH?

  • 임성찬
    임성찬 Year ago +15

    Dafaq???... I've been living in Korea all of my adult life and have been in 20 different cities staying at least two to three months at a time due to my job, AND NOT EVEN A SINGLE PLACE serves 'em type of dishes like this. First of all Koreans are JUST getting used to parsley!! And don't get me started in those toppings u use cuz' all those dishes u make are technically Japanese style ramen. Not, NOT ramyun!! Fake ass bitch.
    PS: The dishes do seem to be tasty af... But they ain't no ramyun.

    • i2h
      i2h Year ago +1

      Who shit in your ramyun?

    • YUNSUP
      YUNSUP Year ago

      그냥 좀더 한국스럽다 정도로 이해하면 될거같은데 왜 열을 내는지...

    • 임성찬
      임성찬 Year ago

      supykun "Visiting other cities doesn't verify you to represent on behalf of Korean culinary culture"... You got to be trolling me right now lol. So, if real life experiences from a very recent time do not provide to make a critique, what the hell does? Why do employers ask for past working experiences when hiring some1? I never said a thing regarding innovation, why r u putting words in my mouth? The dude should've stated that, in the first place. And from what I can discern, me calling him a fake ass bitch, is what got you triggered I've just got one thing to say. Get out of your bubble dude, critiques are needed for progress. This guy is misleading people by not saying that is either, a fusion or an up-grade to what is serve throughout the country becoming an envoy to people new to the cuisine. Just imagine someone that goes there and then comes to Korea expecting that type of dish and never finding it? You don't see a problem there?... Smh

    • Aldo Raine
      Aldo Raine Year ago +1

      He called it ramen but his shops name is "Ramyun" but he's serving Japanese ramen... lmao

    • joelabo
      joelabo Year ago

      I think your English is lacking. He said ramen the whole time. This is just fusion. Not Korean.

  • anokajdm
    anokajdm Year ago +2

    Eater beat you by a couple hours.

  • hatshepsutxlll
    hatshepsutxlll Year ago

    aight dude, but you from jeju though? :P

  • ro pro
    ro pro Year ago

    Ummm.... +First We Feast, which came first, your video, or +Eater's: tvclip.biz/video/qIJToyyGV0s/video.html&feature=em-uploademail

  • Phil Zero
    Phil Zero Year ago +1

    God damn I’m hungry. This man’s passion for his work is infectious.

  • Jason Messamore
    Jason Messamore Year ago

    Makin ma mouf wata!

  • RNLH
    RNLH Year ago

    korean version of ramen IS instant ramyun. nongshim, samyang etc

  • SeriousFox
    SeriousFox Year ago

    한국에도 저런 라면 팔았음 좋것네여

  • high horse
    high horse Year ago +1

    Why does this channel ONLY show white people eating the food?

    • high horse
      high horse Year ago

      Is it not true though? Where do you think the recipes came from? White people have meatloaf and hotdogs, while ethnic people have everything else

  • T 25
    T 25 Year ago +1

    Yes please

  • storgriniggubbe
    storgriniggubbe Year ago

    I hade a coked allnighter with an old friend not along ago. On culture, my point were, we've reached it. Paintings, writings, musical, cinema. This now, is the end.

  • aR0ttenBANANA96
    aR0ttenBANANA96 Year ago +42

    The story of the whole China/Japan/Korea region is so interesting. If they weren't so racist towards each other i'm sure they would see how much they have in common but that is the human way of things.

    • never mind
      never mind Year ago

      Andrew they consider themselves the same race but definitely not the same ethnicity... and considering how big that whole region is and how varyingly different they can look (especially in china), it’s rare they would think that way. racist was the wrong word choice but in reality the behavior i’ve seen among the people of the 3 countries does remind me of racism. Especially stereotypes and all that.

    • Andrew
      Andrew Year ago +1

      how can they be racist towards each other when they're all the same race

    • Rufei
      Rufei Year ago +1

      Ekle 27260 You have a very skewed understanding of China's relation with North Korea. They are on very bad terms right now. The only reason why China cared in the first place was because of American presence.

    • cheftonyx1
      cheftonyx1 Year ago +1

      it's wasn't due to world war 2. it was much much before world war 2.

    • Ekle 27260
      Ekle 27260 Year ago +18

      China backs up North Korea so its dangerous for both Japan and Korea. Korea is democratic so China is scared that the communist regime will be eradicated. And both China and Korea hate Japan due to World World II when they raped, killed, and enslaved people. So it’s understandable that they hate each other.

  • Tigerjk
    Tigerjk Year ago +13

    Im korean and this is more like a korean twist on japanese ramen. Only authentic ramen koreans know is the instant kind. So unless you re-create the instant ramen with more gourmet ingredient, it ain’t legit. Still looks good though

  • Caolan Lennon
    Caolan Lennon Year ago

    Lol this was just on Eater.

  • The Doppelgangaz
    The Doppelgangaz Year ago


  • wefazuw
    wefazuw Year ago +2

    but Koreans dont eat their ramyeon like that... u can't find restaurants with similar noodles here. They are good tho

  • Green T
    Green T Year ago

    I shouldn't have watched this while hungry at 2 am

  • PBRStreetGang
    PBRStreetGang Year ago +4

    I love Korean Ramyun! Around the US military posts in Korea you could find "Cheesy Ramyun" Ramen with a slice of cheddar cheese on top. Try it, sounds gross but it's pretty damn good.

  • PBRStreetGang
    PBRStreetGang Year ago +2

    Around the US military posts in Korea you could find "Cheesy Ramyun" Ramen with a slice of cheddar cheese on top. Try it, it's pretty damn good.

  • Daniel  Guru
    Daniel Guru Year ago

    I love this channel!!!!

  • Dude Guy
    Dude Guy Year ago

    :pokes mole with stick:

  • MusingsofaJay♡
    MusingsofaJay♡ Year ago

    no one gonna mention hi flawless complexion? lol

  • eknib
    eknib Year ago +8

    Lived in Korea for 4 years, nothing Korean about this dish, this is a Japanese style ramen with perhaps some Korean vegetables and chili-paste. The only ramyun you will find in Korea is instant ramyun. There are other noodle soups in Korea like variants of guksu and nengmyon, but it's nothing like this. This feels like they are too afraid of doing something too Korean and just goes with what people are familiar with.

    • Aldo Raine
      Aldo Raine Year ago +2

      Yep, this is Japanese

      BLAZIN AZN Year ago +1

      eknib Korean in NYC are just capitalizing on being Korean. they have no han at all.

  • Anti Mage
    Anti Mage Year ago

    Eater already uploaded a video about this same restaurant, nice try Sean Evans but the alpha channel posted FIRST!!!

  • Lester Green
    Lester Green Year ago +1

    I love you Vince Staples!

  • nightjwalk
    nightjwalk Year ago +2

    This guy is full of shit. He named his restaurant "Jeju", which is an island in Korea that is known for their pork. He doesn't even use pork from Jeju Island to make his broth and instead uses Berkshire pork (nothing wrong with Berkshire). The only kind of Korean "Ramyun" there is, is fucking instant ramen with a cracked egg and a side of kimchi. If you wanna get fancy you put some sliced hot dogs in it and some green onions.

  • Squidman
    Squidman Year ago +5

    I love how there branching out from just the hot wings, although wish Sean Evans was included in these interviews and would eat the food as well, kind of like "Worth It" except Sean Evans soo way better.

  • Sean McDonagh
    Sean McDonagh Year ago +1

    this was literally just on eater

  • Fast Furious
    Fast Furious Year ago

    All Asian people are descendants of Chinese.

  • Oli Spill
    Oli Spill Year ago +1

    Never had ramen before, looks good though.

  • TadRaunch
    TadRaunch Year ago +2

    Can you make this with 짜장면용 국수

    • Jason Kim
      Jason Kim Year ago

      Are you talking about the fish? If you are, that's pretty wrong. He's talking about Jijangmyeon noodles which is a Korean-Chinese dish.

    • deykuzor
      deykuzor Year ago +2

      네. 것이 가능해요.
      If anyone is curious, he was asking about putting in mackeral.

  • TCD4321
    TCD4321 Year ago

    Paid ad much?

  • Mike Orr
    Mike Orr Year ago +1

    I know what I'm making tonight!
    Attempting to make* :P

  • cassbvtt
    cassbvtt Year ago +1

    heck yea

  • browngom
    browngom Year ago +1

    gochu ramen
    gochu = dick in korean
    dick ramen

  • Evelyn McCarthy-Haven

    Oh man I'm so hungry now

  • Brian Hope
    Brian Hope Year ago +1

    Food Wars has taught me so much. When he said Depth of Flavor I lost it.

  • Kyundere
    Kyundere Year ago +2

    I smell collusion with Eater

  • Mycel
    Mycel Year ago +1

    every time I watch one of these videos I know exactly what I want - and I can't have it! fuck you guys, you're so mean! D':

  • Haluk
    Haluk Year ago

    Bunlar yemek mi amk çocukları gelinde türk yemekleri yeyin.

  • TheCulinarian
    TheCulinarian Year ago +17

    The growth of Ramen in the US is awesome to see. I think most Americans probably still think of noodle soups as the cheap stuff you get for 29 cents a pack in the Asian section of the grocery store, but it is comfort food in America. Just as much as macaroni and cheese. It’s so easy to do well, for relatively little money. Great broth makes all the difference.