STOP DOING THIS! - Copyright Striking Criticism etc

  • Published on Jan 11, 2019
  • Correction: Copyright striking does not transfer the revenue of the video.
    copyright strikes are not epic sign this petition against article 13
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Comments • 54 927

  • Kermit
    Kermit 19 hours ago

    What if T-Series Copyright strikes Bitch Lasagna....

    The worst crime known to mankind

  • Tanner Bates
    Tanner Bates Day ago

    This video has been copyright striked

  • Fade
    Fade 5 days ago

    This video gets copyrighted by Pokimane

  • dosduros
    dosduros 5 days ago

    Im gonna make T-Series shirts with the phrase "can we copy strike pewdipie?"

  • Dr. Bejk Mat
    Dr. Bejk Mat 7 days ago


  • A Time!!!
    A Time!!! 8 days ago

    You need a 1080p60fps camera

  • Reja HTW
    Reja HTW 9 days ago

    Know kontol?

  • Alberto Moreno
    Alberto Moreno 9 days ago

    Stop bullying 🤣

  • Kim R.
    Kim R. 9 days ago

    Felix looks like someone’s father

  • D 8
    D 8 9 days ago

    Lol she tried to copy strike pewdiepie. How did she not no him

  • Cookie Sensei
    Cookie Sensei 11 days ago +1

    *So many twitch thots ...*

  • Tenshi1509
    Tenshi1509 11 days ago

    Anyone know the name of the song playing the background :c ?

  • Saurav Kumar
    Saurav Kumar 12 days ago

    I hope this is what you came for 4:33

  • GeoMatiur
    GeoMatiur 12 days ago

    Shroud to host meme review

  • Stay Down
    Stay Down 13 days ago

    Tell me how this man has the most subs on YT but still has like a 1970 20 inch tv in the background lmao

  • Jon Burrell
    Jon Burrell 14 days ago

    Did Shroud Subscribe yet?

  • Jorge Jacob Toledo
    Jorge Jacob Toledo 14 days ago

    You are the GOAT man.

  • TheSex Diaries
    TheSex Diaries 14 days ago


  • Cherry 2000
    Cherry 2000 15 days ago

    Please don't ever change. Stay being the voice of reason, Pewds!

  • Nyu Six
    Nyu Six 15 days ago

    Its not theft if someone uses your image you have the right to claim the revenue of whatever they did by using it, after all its your image, your voice it is your choice, to avoid this kind of stupid things the simplest and clearest way to avoid copy strikes is by notifying the other side HEY DUDE I MAKE A VIDEO ON U YE OK ? If the other side ignores you then thats your problem if you want to risk the revenue or not but if they agree to you posting something with their image and terms are agreed then the moment they dislike the content you can just show text proof of their previous agreement with you even under the claims of not knowing what kind of video or art youre creating they still gave u creative liberty over their image so yea. But whatever I guess its just me who thinks that if I need the money right and I give an example I'm a cam model, someone posts my image in porn videos over the internet, they make money, cool, now what I still work hard to pay my rent food personal expenses etc when in a hypothetical case some random ass dude makes money of my image posted god knows where for basically no effort. AMAZING. Before adressing this kind of complicated issue I personally would suggest you see as many of the sides posible of the story Felix, life isnt just as easy as good or bad guys, you should know this since you are the brand you made and it took you hard work to get there, how would it feel if I used your brand to make money changing the meaning associated to it meanwhile by just posting example missinterpreting videos of you.

  • Ian Skrivarnik
    Ian Skrivarnik 17 days ago

    ahaha but Ray did steal that video from Grade. pretty sure he, as a Striker of Doom and Justice he is, has to strike himself now too.

  • Satvik Singh
    Satvik Singh 17 days ago

    F U C K Y O U A L I N I T Y

  • Satvik Singh
    Satvik Singh 17 days ago

    F U C K Y O U P O K I M A N E

  • Satvik Singh
    Satvik Singh 17 days ago

    B E G O N E T H O T S

  • Nga Phan
    Nga Phan 17 days ago

    Pokimane talked it out. she no longer has beef and regreted the things she has done Im preaty sure. We all know what happend about the beef talk she had, but everyone else, IDK

  • Joseph Seka
    Joseph Seka 18 days ago

    I just signed the petition that was in the description.

  • JK_1O1
    JK_1O1 18 days ago

    This maybe why article 13 was a thing because people randomly abusing copystrike feature to take down video or because some bull shat reason

  • Eleanor Of Aquitaine
    Eleanor Of Aquitaine 20 days ago

    Do anyone here know the name of the intro song?

  • Dacus Decebalus
    Dacus Decebalus 21 day ago


  • 지러시드
    지러시드 21 day ago

    _Poki did an oopsie_

  • Your friendlyhobo
    Your friendlyhobo 22 days ago

    What’s the name of that song or beat you use in the background?? 4:07

  • Persy54
    Persy54 23 days ago

    Poki went from being an entertaining streamer who was actually good at games, to just using her "cuteness" to get people to watch her. It's a shame really, most streamers evolve and mature, she went the opposite direction with it all and just focuses on the viewers who rub one out to her.

  • Colin King
    Colin King 24 days ago

    Had to pause the video to take in everything on his shirt.

  • Jacquelinewithac
    Jacquelinewithac 24 days ago

    It’s kind of funny because I had become a fan of Hoover a few weeks before this story and idk it was just trippy to just discover a small channel I rlly liked then having my favorite TVclipr talk about him a week later

  • minᅧᅣmin
    minᅧᅣmin 24 days ago

    Rather than copystriking, they could report for harassment instead??? Since it's defamation and making fun of other people???

  • pvg 1127
    pvg 1127 25 days ago

    Idk why but I kinda like his shirt

  • DeDA
    DeDA 26 days ago

    Pewdiepie: Talks about TVclip
    TVclip: Copystrike

  • Hưng Duy
    Hưng Duy 26 days ago +1


  • Amiel Shadow
    Amiel Shadow 26 days ago

    Did you see?

    On the right shoulder of Pewds is green screened*

  • Kuro Ken
    Kuro Ken 27 days ago

    So PewDiePie is an Internet policeman?
    We need more, chief.

  • bubble butt
    bubble butt 27 days ago

    *This was uploaded on my birthday*

  • Alejandro Carvajal
    Alejandro Carvajal 27 days ago

    21M subs in a month? damn!

  • Lermant Frisbey
    Lermant Frisbey 28 days ago

    I'm need that shirt! Anyone know where to buy her?

  • abdullah rahim
    abdullah rahim 28 days ago

    @PewDiePie you got a serious rendering issue in that video, not sure everyone noticed but for me it freaks out

  • khyiieChannel
    khyiieChannel 28 days ago

    suport my channel 🙏

  • loikden rein
    loikden rein 28 days ago

    3:16 nasty human being

  • Kiro Legend
    Kiro Legend 29 days ago

    Im copy striking this

  • Deborah Allison
    Deborah Allison 29 days ago

    That's the right background music for that shirt. Good job.

  • Prinempal
    Prinempal Month ago +1

    Everyone! we have an announcement to make:
    stop abusing the system!

  • EUTO 041
    EUTO 041 Month ago

    Veronica wang exposed!

  • dllancers anbrec
    dllancers anbrec Month ago

    Fucks you

  • Infinitenik
    Infinitenik Month ago

    Nice Japanese shirt.

  • Tuan HungdangG2A
    Tuan HungdangG2A Month ago


  • RD Angie aka angelang83

    Hey Pewds. The motel down the street called. They want their curtains back. #thatshirttho #joking #noonegetoffendedortriggered #;)

  • Jenna Wallgren
    Jenna Wallgren Month ago

    I had to skip through the alinity parts because I can’t stand the sound of her voice in those clips anymore

  • Alysson Mejia
    Alysson Mejia Month ago

    Pewds I love your style here

  • epique wenqa aka epik

    Get a better camera for recording, Jesus Christ.

  • Yancarlo Casanova
    Yancarlo Casanova Month ago

    So THOT is an actual word that people can claim on. Wtf

  • Davy Ker
    Davy Ker Month ago

    Repercussions not reprecautions 😂😂

  • Sing Karaoke
    Sing Karaoke Month ago


    FREE CAS Month ago

    Poki has porn IV seen it

    MAHROVIY Month ago +1


  • twink but sinning
    twink but sinning Month ago

    Sadly people still use copyright for something they don’t like.

  • Jared Ruiz
    Jared Ruiz Month ago


  • Alpha Flame
    Alpha Flame Month ago

    pokimanie kinda lost my respect for what she did and the reason was kinda of dumb, she was really hypocritical and gave weak points. i was disappointed. like that really matters to her though lol

  • Juicelad
    Juicelad Month ago

    Cam girls are the lowest form of human life. Why people give these thots money hand over fist when there are websites like Pornhub and Redtube is beyond me. Incels end up giving more money to Twitch thots than they would have had to pay for a grade A prostitute.

  • tom bob
    tom bob Month ago

    I keep hearing abt this chanl my jaw droped when i saw 85m subs but i watched a cpl videos they r all boring n suck wtf am i missing something is this for children maybe im 28

  • Sophia Yang
    Sophia Yang Month ago +1

    Smh we need the copyright strikes to go to T Gay not other people

  • 丂丂乃ㄖ
    丂丂乃ㄖ Month ago

    Why not turkish

  • Axel Pettersson
    Axel Pettersson Month ago

    2 sentences was all I needed to hear in order to know that Alinity is a total jerk, her voice and tone just oozes with narcissism and lack of respect.

  • Gio Productions
    Gio Productions Month ago

    Copyright stricken ⚡️, good job Felix.

  • fashion designing
    fashion designing Month ago

    Nice video

  • A Seilor98
    A Seilor98 Month ago

    He really got a big back tv rn???

  • john boone
    john boone Month ago

    to this day I still haven't subscribed to you , not cause I don't think you aren't a very smart man and make Hella good logic and content , just cause your not the kind of stuff I watch , the way I think of it is , why bother getting notifications from stuff I don't watch ;p; when I put up my first 46 sec guitar playing video someone tried to copyright strike me cause they didn't like me , had nothing to do with the video , I know for a fact I've never seen 46 sec of guitar playing like I did notes and all , so your right jackasses will copy strike not cause of content , cause of own motives

  • Juna Vo
    Juna Vo Month ago +1

    Me: Swears at my sister.
    Sister: I’m gonna cOpYstrIkE yoU
    Me: I’m not even famous...ok....

  • ultra gamer20
    ultra gamer20 Month ago

    Ray William Johnson >>>>>>>> T-Series

  • PisaCake9
    PisaCake9 Month ago

    PewDiePie should be the CEOof TVclip!

  • Lucas MD
    Lucas MD Month ago

    pq não tem legenda pro Brasil?

  • fried rice
    fried rice Month ago

    So make a claim on the video the other guy claimed.

  • Harry Tattersall
    Harry Tattersall Month ago

    I love PewDiePie, been a while since I've watched his content. I have been missing out big time.

  • natha gamer
    natha gamer Month ago

    aqui alguien habla español y veo este video porque se ingles

  • Nuoc Mami
    Nuoc Mami Month ago

    Ray William Johnson is such a petty dude. I remember I used to love watching him and even followed him on his FB page. Someone was talking smack about him and made memes of him so I sent him screen shots to warn him. He somehow took offense and thought I was trying to talk smack too and blocked me from his FB page lol

  • laven Yoon
    laven Yoon Month ago

    I literally used 3 of my accounts to sign the petition 3 times

  • Dude Stoned at gaming

    Came for shroud and pew

  • 4130Filmzz
    4130Filmzz Month ago

    *PEWDS GET SOME CRAZY ART PAINTED ON THE ENTIRE WALL BEHIND YOU. I promise you that shit will look amazinggggg* love that shirt btw ;D

  • Clovis Kai
    Clovis Kai Month ago


  • TheJoshGable
    TheJoshGable Month ago

    dafq when you called out old man for not subbing I laughed then saw I was unsubbed, which is not normal since I am pretty sure i subbed when you hit 80mil.

  • Bassem Sadfi
    Bassem Sadfi Month ago

    You know the problem with this video is you talk about stuff that other people did and then you add pokimane to talk about one little thing she did wrong ( instead of talking it out, she claimed the video) BUT people watching think since youve put her with all the others that strike youtubers and do all the bad shit that she does these things as well which made everyone against her even more..... but if they do their own research they will find that she is flawed thats true but she is not horrible and definately not a twictch thot.

  • Feeqah Freaq
    Feeqah Freaq Month ago

    Your shirt is amazing! I know this comment is lame😑.. but i really like the shirt!

  • John Paul Calacday
    John Paul Calacday Month ago

    Felix should get more credit for this video. He's an epitome of a TVclipr and TVclip itself. He knows what he is saying. These self proclaimed TVclipr these days, doesn't know what they're doing. Sickening.

  • hiems
    hiems Month ago


  • Taylor Pettinato
    Taylor Pettinato Month ago

    Veronica Wang publicly claimed that she copystirked you on her instgram.... is that true... sorry if thats already been answered

    FORTHURICK P Month ago

    Wait... doesn't this mean that youtube is the biggest copyright snake?

  • Dil3MM4
    Dil3MM4 Month ago

    Thinks he can sing? That's Bionic Pig's thing.

  • Mateus Barbosa
    Mateus Barbosa Month ago

    pewds do you like the state

  • Brazzer Boy
    Brazzer Boy Month ago


  • Quince Rwö
    Quince Rwö Month ago

    all hail the king

  • Moris Hamit
    Moris Hamit Month ago

    Stop T-Series

  • Lilsuper Fangirl 2
    Lilsuper Fangirl 2 Month ago

    Me: girls are human, boys are human, a human can be a gamer, a human of any gender can be a gamer even a animal or just some random anime fan, a gamer is a gamer, of any time, everyone can be a gamer, if u read da bible ur a good gamer, if u are evil ur a mean gamer, but ur still a gamer if ur a spoiled gamer, ur a cringy gamer, if ur good at gaming ur a good gamer, if you like undertale, Baldi’s basics, hello neighbor, I guess Doki Doki, DELTARUNE, roblox, Minecraft, fortnight, memes, ghlibi studio, Disney, five nights at Freddy’s, Steven universe, we bear bears **a few weeks later** I think I proved too much now I need to go home, I haven’t eaten in days

  • John Doe
    John Doe Month ago

    Veronica wears goggles