My Kitten Room Gets a MAKEOVER!

  • Published on Nov 3, 2018
  • My kitten nursery dreams have come true! Many thanks to Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther for her creativity and generosity in designing a Kitten Activity Center for my babies. Be sure to check out Kate's work at!
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  • Kitten Lady
    Kitten Lady  6 months ago +455

    If you love what Kate created, check out to get inspired, learn more about cats and design, and shop for cat furniture!

    • Amsiekins
      Amsiekins 12 days ago

      Kitten Lady Kitten Room for wee little fuzzballs to learn to play, interact with other litters AND give them this *AMAZING* beginning to vulnerable babies that probably would’ve been euthanized!! So thank Hannah!! I am so glad you are now on the west coast teaching this side of the USA on how to take care of wee baby kittens to helping TNR with feral cats! You’re a rockstar for all that you do! Thank you for sharing your suggestions, hints, tips & tricks to helping kittens have a great chance at a full healthy happy life!! Go Go Hannah!!! ✨💖✨🙌🏼🙌🏼

    • Brit
      Brit 15 days ago

      I love cats🌷🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈😍

    • Brit
      Brit 15 days ago

      I love cats

    • Jill Morgan
      Jill Morgan 21 day ago

      Kitten Lady 🐬🐬🐬🐬🐬

    • The Destroyer 123
      The Destroyer 123 29 days ago


  • Paige Holt
    Paige Holt 13 hours ago +1

    Please make your videos longer I can’t wait for another video


    You should actually get a count of your own so you can keep it forever

  • GamerMemeBoy
    GamerMemeBoy 5 days ago

    they live beter than me

  • XxFoxy_The_Fox_GirlxX

    I wanna be one of those kittens 🐱 😢

  • Trinity Roe
    Trinity Roe 8 days ago

    I'm so jealous

  • Aline AbuMakluf
    Aline AbuMakluf 8 days ago

    Contact Mr. Kate

  • HyperPotato
    HyperPotato 9 days ago +1

    I like watching this more than James Charles and Tati 😂

  • Ryleigh Bara
    Ryleigh Bara 9 days ago +1

    Did anyone else hear the amber alert at 3:25 ????

  • Ella Tharp
    Ella Tharp 9 days ago

    Ur thick

  • Olivia Pappas
    Olivia Pappas 9 days ago +1

    How can I get one???!!!!
    😂 4:46

  • Lanah's Life
    Lanah's Life 9 days ago

    Whoever disklikes this should get a slap because this is cool and the cats are cute

  • Zoe Clarke
    Zoe Clarke 11 days ago

    I think you have rag doll cats
    There big cats
    I have a rag doll cat and he looks like an adult but he’s still a kitten

  • Pink_Rose
    Pink_Rose 12 days ago

    My BFF has a cat just like the black one except it’s part calico

  • cuteberrypi cuteieie
    cuteberrypi cuteieie 12 days ago

    Your my new inspiration now I want to foster kittens when I grow up!!!
    Or maybe I will be a ALL animal rescue person..

  • Kathy C.
    Kathy C. 14 days ago

    But where do you get those pink box beds with the cat head cut out? :O I NEED them for our 3 cats, and we have kittens on the way. Please tell ❤

  • • 89 Years Ago •
    • 89 Years Ago • 15 days ago

    Idk why this came in my recommended but I'm happy it did tbh😌💚💫

  • Hazelle Chan
    Hazelle Chan 16 days ago

    I love kittens too!

  • Malaina Carver
    Malaina Carver 21 day ago

    I’m moving into an apartment and getting two new kittens and I’m going to cat deco the whole thing

  • Kate Morrisroe
    Kate Morrisroe 22 days ago

    My cat just had 3 kittens

  • *kawai unicorn*
    *kawai unicorn* 22 days ago +2

    *I mean just look*
    *At those happy faces of those little furball!*
    *I am 11 but seeing your vedio , I am thinking of starting a nursery on my own !*
    *Thanks for being such an inspirations!*

  • Dethglock
    Dethglock 23 days ago

    I think the only other thing I would do for the kitten nursery is to get (or make, as I did) a cat fountain bowl. I figured out that my kitten Ridley (now, almost an adult kitty, who is very small, which is good for me, I like small cats) likes running water as a source to drink from, and the filter to keep the water fresh, well, that is invaluable to me. I figured it out when she jumped in the shower with me a couple times, and I noticed she was licking at the water that was coming down, and wasn't afraid of the water itself (until it forms puddles under her feet >shrug

  • Ryan Procter
    Ryan Procter 24 days ago

    Hurry a kitten room makeover

    Xx BANANACAT xX 25 days ago +1

    I want dat

  • Afrah Junaid
    Afrah Junaid 29 days ago

    Amazing souls 😍

  • Rumaisa Imran
    Rumaisa Imran 29 days ago

    I really want to be an interior designer when I grow up...
    I also love cats so much 💜💜💜
    Is this a good job or what???

  • Jeff Hurley
    Jeff Hurley Month ago

    I love your work with kittens and cats I’m planing on doing this in my adult life

  • Alex Méndez
    Alex Méndez Month ago

    OMG. I’m subscribing so I can help you carry on with your cat work somehow (and because I love you content)... the world thanks you, I know I do.

  • Gitte Lundestad Olsen

    It’s soooo nice 🤗 where did you get the chairs? They look completely and easy to clean 😍

  • ILikeHyphens -Please

    Congrats mama kitt

    COOKIE CHAN🍪 Month ago

    Omg it is so unique,

  • wanna one's shit
    wanna one's shit Month ago

    i dont even have my own room

  • Gigabite87
    Gigabite87 Month ago

    I adore the little black kitten! :3 By the way, where are your two your babies and how are they?

  • Eva Hubbell
    Eva Hubbell Month ago

    Girl you got to many tattoos

  • Glyn Parker
    Glyn Parker Month ago

    Awsum!! 😍💖

  • Marie Sollman Skaare

    this is hopefully my future

  • Tammera Greenlee
    Tammera Greenlee Month ago

    I have a cat to she love kids but does not really like adults and she is tan like chloe the paralyzed cat

  • M.A. R
    M.A. R Month ago +1

    Omg you should hang pictures of all the kittens you’ve rescued in your kitten room!

  • James ODonnell
    James ODonnell Month ago


  • Vanesha Jagroo
    Vanesha Jagroo Month ago

    That looks like a Ouija Board planchette

  • Lynice Desjarlais
    Lynice Desjarlais Month ago

    So cute 😄😄

  • Khalid Channel
    Khalid Channel Month ago


  • Acidic
    Acidic Month ago +1

    I want to be a cat now

  • BettaHani
    BettaHani Month ago


  • Brenda Maldonado
    Brenda Maldonado 2 months ago

    I adore you😽😻😸😺

  • Moon Moon
    Moon Moon 2 months ago

    Hello, I like your videos and your passion for helping kittenscand cats. Super job, ma'am.
    Please let me know how you earn your living with all this going on? Thanks in advance

  • TSB
    TSB 2 months ago

    Love it!

  • Reagan Richardson
    Reagan Richardson 2 months ago

    mew :)

  • Kitten2007 Cruse
    Kitten2007 Cruse 2 months ago

    When your done with it, just give me a call.

    Just kitt-in ❤️

  • Reesicup 0815
    Reesicup 0815 2 months ago

    Last year I made kitten blankets for each of my foster kittens that they got to take with them to their forever homes (to help ease give transition. So they have something familiar with them. Ive done it with every litter since. The forever families all reported that it helped the babies adjust early well). The blankets were made out of the same exact fabrics that are on that activity center. The pink kitten print fleece on the bottom bunk @ 4:45 was for the girls. Seeing those fabrics reminded me of it and thought I'd share. Lol. I really want to make a play center like this!

  • Emily Markley
    Emily Markley 2 months ago

    How much was it

  • Alyssa 15
    Alyssa 15 2 months ago

    Why do you have so many tattoos judged a question

  • Alyssa 15
    Alyssa 15 2 months ago

    I adore the pastel coloring, this is so cute! Your kittens are so cute and they really love their house! Liked and subscribed, have an amazing day! 💕💕😄

  • Charlene  White
    Charlene White 2 months ago

    Super cute

  • x o x G E N x o x
    x o x G E N x o x 2 months ago

    For me, instead of a cat nursey... It'd be a ferret nursey!

  • _itsizzythepug_ X
    _itsizzythepug_ X 2 months ago +1

    At 1:44

    Doesn't that look like the ouji board thing 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  • Lexie Reicherts
    Lexie Reicherts 2 months ago

    My cat just had 4 kittens and they are 3 days old and I wish I had this for them when they get older they would love it. I think I am starting to be a kitten lady too because I have 7 cats now and I'm not getting rid of any of them !! Period lol

  • OliviaArt
    OliviaArt 2 months ago

    Mr. Kate who?!?!?

  • Daniel Cho
    Daniel Cho 2 months ago

    Congratulations for 700,000subscribers!!

  • Sophia Weis
    Sophia Weis 2 months ago

    You guys are so creative! Those kitties are so lucky!!! ❤️❤️

  • Pet Production
    Pet Production 2 months ago

    Oh my gosh that is an amazing kitten room!🐱❤ I need to clean my cat room 😂 Edit: Those kittens are so cute❤

  • my amazing cat Tarzan
    my amazing cat Tarzan 2 months ago

    You've inspired me now I wan't to be a kitten rescuer when i'm older :)

  • Nadia’s Studios
    Nadia’s Studios 2 months ago

    I love your kitten room that’s so creative 🙂

  • Rick Cruz
    Rick Cruz 2 months ago

    All my cats are thanking me evey time they catch me sitting down or laying down in my bed quite often i have to cover my head to sleep because they're looking for crumbs in my goatee ,around my ear , or anywhere on my head & face but they sometimes won't let me hide for long until they start up with the "accupunctur neck &back massage" that's their way of telling me it's time to trim their claws again , I can't even text without Nims trying to knock my smart phone out of my hands
    It was sweet when your two test kittens came up to your face for an Eskimo kiss !

  • Bubbly Wubbly
    Bubbly Wubbly 2 months ago

    Who still remembers hank?

  • Bubbly Wubbly
    Bubbly Wubbly 2 months ago

    You are covered in the most BEAUTIFUL tattoos EVER!

  • Rab Wright
    Rab Wright 2 months ago

    Awesome Hannah good job❤️

  • Unknown 0w0
    Unknown 0w0 2 months ago

    My moms bf hates animals I said to him would u save a kitten or a phone and he said phone it made me mad and sad

  • 13Wayz
    13Wayz 2 months ago


  • Carolyn Hendrix
    Carolyn Hendrix 2 months ago

    I foster kittens and I wish I had that

  • Nocturnal MeatPie
    Nocturnal MeatPie 2 months ago

    Mewllo MTV, and welcome to my crib

  • itz_FireFlare *
    itz_FireFlare * 2 months ago

    *The moment you realize, kittens are taking over the world with their cuteness*

  • Aiman Hadi
    Aiman Hadi 3 months ago

    I need the human size of that for myself

  • Judith Hill
    Judith Hill 3 months ago

    Everyone is having fun. What a lovely idea to encourage growth for your furry guests ❤❤❤

  • Jackie Hall
    Jackie Hall 3 months ago

    Your kitten room is adorable. It is so creative. The kittens are obviously in heaven.

  • JCrack DaCrackSpitta
    JCrack DaCrackSpitta 3 months ago

    Kitten lady is so fine! 😘

  • Tolga Zengin
    Tolga Zengin 3 months ago

    You are soooooooo beautiful

  • lola r
    lola r 3 months ago

    i can’t have a whole room dedicated to my soon to be kitten (i’m getting one next week ahhh) but i’ve made a lil corner in my room dedicated to my kitty out of cardboard since i just moved house and some old blankets that’s blocked off so my dogs can’t get to him/her. it’s super cute and the cat i want loves cardboard so let’s hope i can adopt him on monday

  • Annila LI
    Annila LI 3 months ago

    I bet those dislikes r just jealous of everything she has

  • Rosa Brand
    Rosa Brand 3 months ago

    Wow! Kate and her husband could start a whole line of cat furnishings and decor and do well. It's one of things I've been praying for!

  • Cupcake s
    Cupcake s 3 months ago

    I know you showed us what you made but can you do a full on tour showing us everything

  • Yana Dayana
    Yana Dayana 3 months ago

    Wowee... I want to be a kitten. 😚

  • Zoe Karr
    Zoe Karr 3 months ago

    Plz, make me you Kitten Lady 🐱

  • Going Slap Happy
    Going Slap Happy 3 months ago

    Saw thiccccness in thumbnail

  • William Stevenson
    William Stevenson 3 months ago

    Is it just me or can you hear the old dilal up internet sound at 3:22

  • OpenSesameStreet
    OpenSesameStreet 3 months ago

    I love it

  • Galaxy girl
    Galaxy girl 3 months ago

    OMG I'm dying of cuteness 😍❤️😍❤️

  • Galaxy girl
    Galaxy girl 3 months ago

    Did anyone die when you see the two cats in the frame playing together 😍😍

  • Hashtag Addictt
    Hashtag Addictt 3 months ago

    I want one!!!!

  • snapple147
    snapple147 3 months ago

    I love the kitten nursery!!

  • lol today
    lol today 3 months ago

    ...... soooooooooooooo where can i buy one?

  • Emilia Rzadkiewicz
    Emilia Rzadkiewicz 3 months ago

    Awww there so cute I LOVEEE CATS ❤❤🌷🌷❤❤🌷🌷

  • jaguar's soul
    jaguar's soul 3 months ago

    i want tooo :'((

  • royalcuteness
    royalcuteness 3 months ago

    So jealous I need this

  • Mikado And Ze Lexico
    Mikado And Ze Lexico 3 months ago

    Jackson Galaxy is from Animal Planet, *My Cat from Hell* or *My Cat from Heaven*

  • Zeoxy
    Zeoxy 3 months ago

    You mum looks exactly like you! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jamie k
    Jamie k 3 months ago

    This is totally amazing! ♥️♥️

  • Willie Poe
    Willie Poe 3 months ago

    I wish I was a cat with this lady

  • Rock Chan
    Rock Chan 3 months ago

    I have the same stawberry bed for my cat at 2:47 in the right corner x

  • Neonennui
    Neonennui 3 months ago

    This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen. I wanna hug these people, they're good people.