America's Got Talent: Is Terry Crews The BEST AGT Host Ever?

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • America's Got Talent | Season 14 Episode 1 | Talent Recap Show
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    Jack & Mel discuss the Top 3 moments, Terry Crews shining through the episode and his Golden Buzzer pick + shouts out the comment of the week!
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    In season 14, NBC's America's Got Talent follows Simon Cowell, Julianne Hough, Gabrielle Union, Howie Mandel, and host Terry Crews in their talent search, showcasing unique performers from across the country.
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    Creator and Executive Producer Simon Cowell returns to the judges' panel along with Howie Mandel. Also joining the panel this year are two fresh faces - award-winning actress, author and producer Gabrielle Union and Emmy Award-winning choreographer, actress, singer and dancer Julianne Hough. Terry Crews, who made a big splash as the host of the inaugural series "America's Got Talent: The Champions" earlier this year, joins as host for "America's Got Talent." With the show open to acts of all ages, "America's Got Talent" continues to celebrate the variety format like no other show on television. Year after year, "America's Got Talent" features a colorful array of singers, dancers, comedians, contortionists, impressionists, magicians, ventriloquists and hopeful stars, all vying to win America's hearts and a $1 million prize.
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Comments • 495

  • Talent Recap
    Talent Recap  3 months ago +280

    Is Terry Crews now the best AGT host of all time? Let us know your thoughts below! Take our poll to vote for your favorite AGT host here:

    • József Stempel
      József Stempel 11 days ago

      Obviously yes!

    • Kailen Salud
      Kailen Salud 2 months ago

      Talent Recap FACTS

    • Tyron Guese
      Tyron Guese 3 months ago +1


    • Blacksmith8rock
      Blacksmith8rock 3 months ago +1

      I have always had a sweet spot in my heart for terry he’s such a genuine guy and we share common interests, he’s so humble. He’s honestly a great guy and my favorite movie actor

    • Sarah Anderson
      Sarah Anderson 3 months ago

      Yes zir

  • Cerßerux
    Cerßerux 6 days ago

    0:03 wtf dude?! XD

  • Mythical Yt
    Mythical Yt 8 days ago

    Yes yes he is

  • Manish Bhai for you 1
    Manish Bhai for you 1 10 days ago


  • Suchy2454
    Suchy2454 17 days ago

    why u even here?

  • Anders N
    Anders N 23 days ago

    This is the most boring man I ever heard speaking

  • kiana le
    kiana le 27 days ago

    Terry is the best.

  • Gordon Yell
    Gordon Yell 27 days ago

    I can't stand Terry Crews. ANYONE'S better than him!

  • Moriesto
    Moriesto 28 days ago

    stop talking... just put some videos

  • Sacred Sun
    Sacred Sun 28 days ago

    Not trying to be rude but this video was boring. Could they talk longer in monotones?

  • anand sarda
    anand sarda 29 days ago

    Nick. Hands down. The best.

  • ivan gudjelski
    ivan gudjelski Month ago


  • FireAssualt
    FireAssualt Month ago

    Terry and Nick are the best host imo

  • Chan T
    Chan T Month ago

    Nick Canon

  • Ronar Duque
    Ronar Duque Month ago +1

    the best AGT host everrr congrazt terry u are awesome

  • English Matters
    English Matters Month ago

    I love Terry Crews

  • Adria Sorensen
    Adria Sorensen Month ago

    yes, he does a fabulous job of highlighting all the talents rather than trying to bring all the attention to himself like the last self-absorbed host who really was awful (Tyra). I could care less about clothes (I'd be the one wearing a t-shirt all the time like Simon if I was on the show) but his style is genuine. He doesn't wear something ridiculous as a feeble attempt to be fashionable; it's his own style which I like. Terry is a very like-able person who encourages and comforts the participants, and the dude has many hidden talents himself. Flute, heavy weight lifting/ strength stunts that you see the performers doing, singing, of course dancing, his peck thing... I imagine he has more talents hidden up his sleeve , but he is an amazingly talented person himself. Keep him as the host please!

  • VS-CO Girl
    VS-CO Girl Month ago

    Tyra is the best in my opinion

  • Carroll Hughes
    Carroll Hughes Month ago

    Terry needs to find a new tailor, his suits look awful on him.

  • Erik Hayes
    Erik Hayes Month ago

    I don't even have to watch this to answer the question. NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Second best? Sure, all day long. But Tyra was the best hands down, and I am still not happy that Mel B and Heidi are gone. The one judge who should have been replaced is Howie. I will always be a fan, but he just doesn't belong anymore. They need a new male judge.

  • Sharudin Yahaya
    Sharudin Yahaya Month ago +1

    yes..terry is th best..the best choice for this kind of intertainment..and u should bring him more on stage..

  • florence jamir
    florence jamir Month ago


  • Simply Simpsons
    Simply Simpsons Month ago

    Nick Cannon >>>>> Terry Crews

  • Guba
    Guba Month ago


  • Storyteller Imphal
    Storyteller Imphal Month ago

    Do u want us to sleep????

  • Brown Bear
    Brown Bear Month ago

    I vote for Nick Cannon... Terry needs to keep that shirt on its disgusting to look at that dancing chest.

  • Riceplate Reddy
    Riceplate Reddy Month ago

    boring to death

  • Aliche Henry
    Aliche Henry Month ago +1

    Terry, his act just comes naturally. I love him

  • grapestew
    grapestew Month ago +1

    The fact you had to ask it says it all. Terry is the man, as Frank Lucas would say, "My man!"

  • Jamil Salim
    Jamil Salim Month ago

    Too much talk

    SHENRON GAMING Month ago

    Terry crews of sure

  • Jejaka Rebutan
    Jejaka Rebutan Month ago

    bcz terry im wait wait n wait to watching AGT..good luck frm Malaysia

  • Spidey Batsy
    Spidey Batsy Month ago

    I'm disliking this video cuz I just wanted to see a Terry package not your pretty faces

  • Prince Mahmud
    Prince Mahmud Month ago

    Terry is best

  • Chase Germann
    Chase Germann Month ago +1

    Terry like if agree

  • umgozi and fashion
    umgozi and fashion 2 months ago +1

    used to think nick is irreplaceable, but Terry got sugar, spice and everything nice❤️❤️❤️😭

  • 1989 ฟ้าTV
    1989 ฟ้าTV 2 months ago


  • Sefanaia Vosabalavu
    Sefanaia Vosabalavu 2 months ago

    What ya'll think about key and peele as AGT hosts..

  • Destiny Romero
    Destiny Romero 2 months ago


  • S B
    S B 2 months ago

    Host Terry is the best Terry

  • Sofia Singhal
    Sofia Singhal 2 months ago

    I like Terry

    Like if u agree
    Comment ur fave if it's not Terry

  • Ernesto Mendoza
    Ernesto Mendoza 2 months ago +1

    Terry Crews is so funny, and a very good man.

  • Ziad Mourad
    Ziad Mourad 2 months ago +2

    Best agt host , funniest talented profesional actor , best personality ..... one of a kind

  • David Seal
    David Seal 2 months ago +2

    you lost me when jack shouted down the mic at the start.

  • Bannaboy 507
    Bannaboy 507 2 months ago

    Ant and Dec bgt

  • Matt Calloway
    Matt Calloway 2 months ago +1

    1) Terry Crews
    2) Nick Canon
    3) Tyra Banks

  • Doggo
    Doggo 2 months ago

    Man terry crews is son insanely buffed it's ridiculous lol Also he's like 50 something isn't him? My man hits the gym like crazy.

  • Bairon Mendez
    Bairon Mendez 2 months ago

    Terry 👍🤟💪

  • Ann
    Ann 2 months ago

    Terry is the best host not Nick very aggressive i stop watch AGT but this year 2019 love the show keep up the good job AGT

  • Alexander Smith
    Alexander Smith 2 months ago


  • supersevenn
    supersevenn 2 months ago

    you all do this show drunk right? i gotta be!

  • Brian Gutierrez
    Brian Gutierrez 3 months ago

    Lol as soon as I saw the puppet and the purple guy talking. I left.

  • Ethan Lockhart
    Ethan Lockhart 3 months ago

    americas got talent is scripted

  • klarakeuroeaton
    klarakeuroeaton 3 months ago

    Its Terry

  • Bilal 360
    Bilal 360 3 months ago

    Terry is the best!!! 😍

  • Telma Britanny
    Telma Britanny 3 months ago

    Terry is the best man.

  • dieulivol
    dieulivol 3 months ago

    all the host were excellent including Terry Crew ....

  • Mitin Ratan
    Mitin Ratan 3 months ago

    Terry is not just a man with huge muscles

  • ThePotatoGiant
    ThePotatoGiant 3 months ago

    I'd hit the golden buzzer for Terry Crews as the best host of all time

  • Sandip Pandey
    Sandip Pandey 3 months ago

    0.03 when im having fun and teachers sees.......