Who Are You Trying to Impress? - Lenovo X1 Carbon Review

  • Published on Apr 24, 2018
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    The Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th Gen is the suit of laptops, but is it still good when the tie comes off?
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Comments • 2 538

  • antihero3zx
    antihero3zx 3 days ago

    Trackpoint forever! shame shame shame!

  • Jay Chimo
    Jay Chimo 3 days ago


  • brickedmyphone yeet
    brickedmyphone yeet 3 days ago

    Poor upgradiblity broke the deal for me i need to be able to upgrade my computer

  • Wally Hamdan
    Wally Hamdan 6 days ago

    just do't buy the OLED Screen, mine last 13 months. And It will cost $600 to replace it. LENOVO didn't cove it with the warranty, because It is over 12 months. I paid almost US $2,500.00 for this Laptop.

  • Hiro
    Hiro 9 days ago

    Can I play Indies with it?

  • Glory Gaming
    Glory Gaming 11 days ago

    Do a Lenovo thinkpad e480 review @linustechtips

  • Dukez Venom
    Dukez Venom 15 days ago

    Am i the only person that really loves extremely low key travel? I dont like long key travel at all

  • Kimheng Srun
    Kimheng Srun 15 days ago

    a moouse nippleeeee WTF

  • KajiRider1997
    KajiRider1997 18 days ago

    I hate that Lenovo is trying to make ALL the thinkpads ultrabooks instead of making many series for many uses. they even cancelled the P series. which sucks because I was hoping of getting a newer model with a modular drive. ALSO that whole modular thing, Remember when IBM thinkpads where known for that stuff? Its like Lenovo forgot why they bought the brand. Like EA does with pretty much everything they can get their greedy little hands on.

    INΦNITI 20 days ago

    Is that JingYang in Silicon Valley??

  • Vladimir Ljubopytnov
    Vladimir Ljubopytnov 22 days ago

    best keyboard on the market... so sad :/... we had such great keyboards in past... it would have been such a differentiator for lenovo to have at least the option for the non-chiclet keyboard with layouts we loved... just buying a t25, but thats pre-owned.. thing of a past also..

  • Mohammad Saputra
    Mohammad Saputra Month ago

    Can you make a video review thinkpad x1 carbon vs eurocom shark 4

  • Adrienn Pinter
    Adrienn Pinter Month ago

    thinkpad owner

  • Yousitech
    Yousitech Month ago

    Lol I disabled my track pad and use only the trackpoint

  • Edwin Trejo
    Edwin Trejo Month ago

    Shitty porn music

  • Inter-dimensional Lizard

    What's bad about the webcam? It looked fine in this video.



  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter Month ago

    thinkpads are favorite among certain hackers. i think the thinkpad is prettier than surface & dell xps. and old time ibm thinkpad users are fans of the 7 row keyboard and hate the new chicklet lenovo keyboards.
    the camera is good enough for conference calls, why because bandwidth isn't quite there to support greater definitions, everyone i know that uses video conference calls ends up turning the video off and staying with only audio, because wifi just won't cut it, and nowadays using RJ45 cable feels just awkward for most people, feels ancient. And if the call has more than 2 oh boy it becomes harder even for audio only calls. so that argument goes out of the window.

  • Dave
    Dave Month ago

    Are you out of your mind?

  • Zhang Bao
    Zhang Bao Month ago

    I came here for the review, few seconds into the video, it came to a short gaming device review

    BHUSHA BHUSHA Month ago

    Lol I got mine at 33%off

  • Jensi Oquendo
    Jensi Oquendo Month ago

    "not a TrackPoint guy"

  • Sanakh
    Sanakh Month ago +1

    Can not understand why laptops webcam are always crap… Even on a 100$ smartphone, it is better … That's a shame.

  • Trash Bin
    Trash Bin Month ago

    Can this run warthunder

  • LegendaryVegeta
    LegendaryVegeta Month ago

    who the fuck even uses speakers?
    everyone should headphones lol
    and no peakers = larger battery

  • ini the man
    ini the man Month ago +3

    ThinkPads are supposed to be ThinkPads, not macbooks. I don't understand the obsession with bigger trackpads. If anything, it is easier to type if you have a smaller or nonexistent trackpad. That seemed like a pretty good webcam to me but, then again, it is hardly the thing that I value most in a laptop. Now when it comes to being able to replace RAM, the X1 Carbon is a FAIL. It seemed pretty great up until that point.

  • Arthur Marx
    Arthur Marx Month ago

    The thumbnail makes you look like the zucc with cheekbones

  • himynameistim
    himynameistim Month ago

    Linus is completely out of touch with business laptops and why people buy Lenovo. You should just stop reviewing them, it's embarrassing.

  • himynameistim
    himynameistim Month ago

    Those kids that are using the lenovo, look retarded. Can they not figure out how to use the trackpoint and the click? Or the trackpad and the click? Clicking on the trackpad is a nonsense apple gimmick. no improvement over what lenovo offers you.

  • Rehman Khan
    Rehman Khan Month ago

    lenovo needs to come up with a better touch pad and screen for thinkpads, there is so much competition in the market that thinkpads will not get away just because of good keyboards now days. Even their 1080p screen is too dull and pathetic.

  • Builder
    Builder 2 months ago

    You didn't say if you can use a pen on the touch screen like on the Yoga 920...

  • grady jr
    grady jr 2 months ago

    Sometimes there is a need to impress. Some of us can't do the young guy, no nothing thing, showing up in a t-shirt w/an apple product. If that's the case then Thinkpad is the choice.

  • Cees Timmerman
    Cees Timmerman 2 months ago

    Just hook up some proper speakers when you want to watch movies.

  • Martin Endres
    Martin Endres 2 months ago

    For Snapping Tool on the Print screen I use a tool called greenshot, it allows you to save your screenshot, forward it to Office applications or edit it and it launches with the print screen button

  • Hasibul Haque
    Hasibul Haque 2 months ago +4

    Linus don't encourage Lenovo X1 carbon series to have a bigger track pad. We use it for typing and non stop functionality. It's better and more ergonomic to have a middle sized track pad is better.

  • Andrei Agulescu
    Andrei Agulescu 2 months ago

    that camera looked pretty well imo. the sound not so much.

  • Shayn Hacker
    Shayn Hacker 2 months ago

    So I could use this with Android Studio and lots of coding and have fast build times even as the code gets bigger and bigger?

  • 6809Darton
    6809Darton 2 months ago

    can you tell me is that the non touch X1 , is that screen LCD shiny look like glass or not

  • Pandhêga Palibaya
    Pandhêga Palibaya 2 months ago

    Track Point just for retro aspect. It's more like branding

  • Bacon
    Bacon 2 months ago

    Trackpoint shits all over touchpad so no point even talking about the touchpad.

  • rufiao
    rufiao 2 months ago

    Stupid reviewer

  • stockjonebills
    stockjonebills 2 months ago

    Terrible docks that dont work well with their own laptops. Recall on the 5th gen.

  • S Tea
    S Tea 2 months ago

    Chinese spy laptop

  • Yuki Akahaka
    Yuki Akahaka 2 months ago

    i like thinkpad niple//////

  • Yxng Sapphire
    Yxng Sapphire 2 months ago

    Can this joint run Fortnite ?

  • Tanishq bhaiji
    Tanishq bhaiji 2 months ago +1

    It looks like a nice gaming laptop

  • D Roberts
    D Roberts 2 months ago

    I LOVE my ThinkPad, it's a 2015 model yoga 12 but it has a Wacom digitizer in the screen so I can draw on it. It does everything I need it to Including low end games like minecraft and Garry's mod

  • Dat Nguyen
    Dat Nguyen 2 months ago

    how long the battery is?

  • Apphi Bios
    Apphi Bios 3 months ago

    Please review P52.

  • t0nyc0nde
    t0nyc0nde 3 months ago

    I found this video to be a waste of my time. You say that the speakers are bad but don’t say how. Tinny sound? Volume too limited? Why bad? Then you say that the webcam is awful. Again, how is it awful to you? What makes it awful?

  • cwbh10
    cwbh10 3 months ago

    For 99

  • Matias Cufaro
    Matias Cufaro 3 months ago

    Every single review, every one, complains about the webcam. It's there a good one?

  • Ire Min Mon
    Ire Min Mon 3 months ago

    Also fingerprint sensor on the power button is gay, take into account people who don't want to put their fingers on random fingerprint sensors on computers that come preinstalled with a spy OS. Fingerprint sensor is a nice addition, but it shouldn't be imposed on the consumer.

  • QuidQuoPro
    QuidQuoPro 3 months ago

    Sorry Linus but I had to down vote because the complain about the touchpad. We who love the trackpoint almost only have Lenovo.

  • Yasmin Yacoub
    Yasmin Yacoub 3 months ago

    Can u do the Lenovo idea pad 8th generation

  • Rezan moh
    Rezan moh 3 months ago

    it wasn't enough for you to compare it with XP but also to a mac?!!

  • Traumglanz
    Traumglanz 3 months ago

    Fuck thin and light. P-Series and T-Series is where the fun starts.

  • Pasi Sallinen
    Pasi Sallinen 3 months ago

    You know if someone can buy a $1000+ machine i think they can afford a proper mouse and not torture their fingers by using a fucking trackpad

  • TotalSmashTV
    TotalSmashTV 3 months ago

    Speakers are straight horrible. Rest of the laptop is boss. And I mean... they are HORRIBLE.

  • Robson Parma
    Robson Parma 3 months ago

    Because Lenovo does not implement graphics and preformance cards in a 4k-screen notebook, offering high connectivity, processing power and speed, and a truly attractive design in carbon-fiber taking the x1 really to the top of the technology and at attractive prices because the ThinkPad X1 6th generation still looks like a middleman close to what many companies are proposing in notebooks with similar configurations. There's still something left for the public to love Lenovo just like IBM and it happens some time ago with Apple and Alieware.

  • Robson Parma
    Robson Parma 3 months ago

    Please, make a comparative video between ZBOOK STUDIO x360 and MACBOOK PRO taking into account videomakers and designers and professional musicians. Which platform offers better performance and responsiveness without bugs and processing bottlenecks on these respective machines. MAC OS or Windows. Which one is the champion.

  • gtrmusic69
    gtrmusic69 3 months ago

    18 mm keyboard travel......yeah.....ok

  • SimSimHH
    SimSimHH 3 months ago

    Hi, can someone please explain to me whether the Intel processor number (i5 vs. i7) or the generation of the processor (6th, 7th, 8th) makes a bigger difference in processing power/speed/stability? For example, if I have the choice between an i5-8th gen or an i7-6th/7th gen, which should I go with? I use the laptop for business purposes, so a lot of MS Excel, web-browsing, many windows open at the same time. Looking to start learning coding (probably Python) soon as well.
    Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thank you

    • Daniel Večeřa
      Daniel Večeřa 18 days ago

      Hey. If you are going with the processors ending with u letter (8550u and so on), you definitely need to go for the 8th gen. It got around 35% upgrade in multicore processing! :)

  • Peelin it Back
    Peelin it Back 3 months ago

    I actually love my X1 Carbon. Love it more then my surface book 2.

  • Muzikman127
    Muzikman127 3 months ago

    How on earth is 720p video not good enough for conference calls...? The picture is clear and literally far higher resolution than the box your face will be occupying on the screen of whoever's calling you... Even if you're fullscreen, why on earth is like 4K ultra HD video necessary for... for conference calls?
    I'm literally watching this video fullscreen on a work's laptop with a 1080p resolution, fullscreen and like... the video at 5:48 is crystal fucking clear... 1366x768 isn't even an uncommon resolution on in service laptops to this day, and, again, you're rarely going to be full screen anyway....
    As for the audio quality, you clearly have noise reduction enabled which is what gives it the "in a box" audio effect, and this effect is usually enabled by default on work machines to block out the sound of background chatter. If you turned it off you'd probably have pretty good audio quality too.

  • Muzikman127
    Muzikman127 3 months ago

    I get this is maybe not the habit of most consumers, but for from my point of view:laptop speakers are always going to be shitty. The nature of what a laptop is and how it's built means that, at best, you're going to have some speakers that are completely shitty for music and just about passable for movies/TV.
    For that reason, I pretty much always use a laptop either with headphones, or, more likely, a bluetooth speaker like a JBL flip 3 (or even a clip 2 which is tiny and mono and cheap but still miles better than literally any laptop speaker on the market)
    I'd say, if you're going to watch movies (or especially if you're going to listen to music), spend 40-100$ on a small bluetooth speaker, and don't let the quality of the inbuilt speaker be a factor in your laptop choice...

  • ArmedPenguins
    ArmedPenguins 3 months ago

    Which should I buy? - Dell XPS 15 9565 or Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (both 2018 models)

  • McRibs
    McRibs 3 months ago


  • zeroinone inzero
    zeroinone inzero 3 months ago

    is this fake dolby vision/hdr display panel?

  • Kyle
    Kyle 3 months ago

    This is the same guy who skips his IQ tests and makes bad life decissions.

    JIONGSEN LAI 3 months ago

    The feel of the touchpad is really good. So I would like to suggest them building a larger touchpad into a non-trackpoint version. Let the market determine which is the best.

  • creates_things
    creates_things 3 months ago

    "sorry, i'm not a trackpoint guy." *TRIGGERED*

  • Thomas Bekkenes
    Thomas Bekkenes 3 months ago

    For companies: Problems with Lenovo is getting the drivers into SCCM . Its not on par with Dell in regards to simplicity.
    Secondly, i have always struggled with getting the 4G working without downloading the update app after the laptop has been reimaged, even if all drivers are in SCCM.
    Secondly, they use Microsim, and for Norway and Telenor at least, its a #"%"¤T#QT&#, simply because the SIM cards are no "3 in 1", meaning you break out the part you need, from full size to nano. And they specifically tell you not to use "adapters".
    Most times its ok, sometimes very fidgety .
    And in regards to the laptops design, its a bit dated, and aimed and people in their late 40s who wear a striped suite.
    The keyboard is not very nice to use unless you are used to them over a longer timeperiod.

  • Imperiom
    Imperiom 3 months ago

    1TB and so thin

  • TheArrogantOne
    TheArrogantOne 4 months ago

    because of stupid wankers like you we got the T540 stupid shit. you want bigger pad, buy a macbook and stop giving stupid ideas to lenovo.

  • Damidu Sandaruwan
    Damidu Sandaruwan 4 months ago

    Dude....I'm not particularly sure if you get paid from some other brand to work on this thing. But I reckon you have some serious comparison problem. You make one video about apples and keep talking about oranges most of the time. You remind me of a taller version of Howard Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory.....! :D

  • Evlo
    Evlo 4 months ago

    they should not have, now that i know (semi)matte and touch is possible, i will just want it everywhere :(

  • Jacob David Cunningham
    Jacob David Cunningham 4 months ago

    I was so obsessed with this laptop briefly but not a fan of those red dots and also it's 14" ahh
    "mouse nipple" haha

  • Rejor111
    Rejor111 4 months ago

    So many people getting butt-hurt about the track-point. I've tried the track-point several times and I can't justify its existence when there are more versatile trackpads. This is one thing I think Lenovo could improve on the Thinkpad. Make a trackpad that is as good as Apple's or Dell's, and it'll be much better.

  • ryan2390
    ryan2390 4 months ago

    I would like to see more reviews of these business laptops. I use a T470 for work and it's a fantastic machine. It's got a decent selection of I/O ports and whilst the screen resolution and brightness on the model I have leaves room for improvement it's a solid notebook and would consider buying one for personal use if I was after a new laptop.

  • atsporty
    atsporty 4 months ago

    Almost an honest review +++

  • ahmnad hasan
    ahmnad hasan 4 months ago

    Hey linus can you do the asus vivobook f510ua ?

  • Eduardo Avila
    Eduardo Avila 4 months ago +3

    Everything soldered? NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!!!

  • Ryoku Hasu
    Ryoku Hasu 4 months ago

    Lenovo sucks, they claim "water damage" on anything RMA'd

  • Jimmy James
    Jimmy James 4 months ago

    What's the coil whine like?

  • AthruZGaming
    AthruZGaming 4 months ago

    $2k... nah

    THERAZORKILLE 4 months ago

    I just wish they'd bring back the 7-row keyboard at least as an option for ALL models, not just the anniversary edition (which was a big middle finger to the enthusiasts in my view).

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith 4 months ago


  • Jaroslav Reznik
    Jaroslav Reznik 4 months ago

    I had Carbon X1 2nd gen before, it was a great device but as I have T470s now, I really don't see many reasons why should I grab another X1. Yes, it's a bit heavier, slightly thicker but much more powerful, does not overheat that much and feels more solid. And then price...

  • Royce Barber
    Royce Barber 4 months ago

    I miss the asian lady. The hand model. She was my fav of all your employees by a long shot.

  • EnusHouston
    EnusHouston 4 months ago

    I prefer the acer nigr\
    o 5 gay

  • Robert Hill
    Robert Hill 4 months ago

    a sponsored video with a sponsor in it and another sponsor in the link

  • Ross Zhu
    Ross Zhu 4 months ago

    You should see how much they sell this in China. They charge way more in China than in US. A Chinese company? LOL

  • Konata Izumi
    Konata Izumi 4 months ago

    What’s keeping me buying the ThinkPad is the TrackPoint.
    Little red dot are awesome, I never tried Carbon. But I love my T470. They aren’t on the top of the line but heck they are reliable.

  • Handsome_Hero
    Handsome_Hero 4 months ago

    Linus the MacFag

  • PlatinumEagleStudio's
    PlatinumEagleStudio's 4 months ago

    Linus stop talking shit about the track pad. It doesn't matter if its slow or small because Lenovo isn't trying to make this laptop the best. Plus, the track point is better then a track pad cause its way more accurate. So please stop talking shit and cut Lenovo some slack ok? You don't need to bash them that hard all because of a stupid track pad. Sorry but I'm disliking this cause you hate the track point. Why you can't see that the track point is awesome is beyond me.

  • Akash Tarafder
    Akash Tarafder 4 months ago

    Who watches movie on Thinkpad ? Those who buy thinkpad got their very own personal room, and they don't waste their time when they are outside or on the go.

  • Ninety
    Ninety 4 months ago

    I never understood how every reviewer seems to hate the front facing webcam. I don't think there is a single front facing webcam on the planet that is good. They just don't make it.


    *PLEASE DO A rEVIEw ON THE LENOVO ideapad 720s*