Michon's Staff Clear The Air - Kitchen Nightmares


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  • zeaq 93
    zeaq 93 Month ago +1

    Im pretty sure Gordon Ramsay has met the requirements to attain a Phd in Psychology

  • theMCdigger
    theMCdigger 2 months ago

    This is ridiculous, the chefs are lazy as fuck. Who are they to complain about the owner? If they had any capability they would know better than to serve old shit.

    • Anna Driver
      Anna Driver 2 days ago

      The owners have to be good as well. The pattern with kitchen nightmare episodes, hotel hell, and other shows is the owner thinks the food and place is all good and great. There are some bad cooks in there as well as bad cooks. If the owner won't let them buy more produce and say a rotten tomato is fine(it happen in that episode) then the blame falls on the owner too.

  • Tiki Rob
    Tiki Rob 2 months ago +1

    Am i crazy that an all black kitchen can't make decent soul food? Wtf?

  • Lhae Greenleaf
    Lhae Greenleaf 2 months ago

    I'm prepared to fight the person that made my baby todesha cry

  • TheDeathwalker86
    TheDeathwalker86 3 months ago

    IQ about 80

  • TheDeathwalker86
    TheDeathwalker86 3 months ago

    Step one hire white people and Mexicans.. step 2 reap the rewards

  • The Prickly Prick
    The Prickly Prick 4 months ago

    Not one honkey in that joint, it’s lacking leadership

  • Cobb Knobbler
    Cobb Knobbler 4 months ago

    Bottom line. Natalie needed a shoe in her ass. Period.

  • Kaian凯安
    Kaian凯安 5 months ago

    Why is it dry?
    "Cos it bootlayged"

  • When you smile sun shines because I am dead

    Todesha crying and got me crying 😭

  • SandPaperToYourDickTip
    SandPaperToYourDickTip 7 months ago

    Where can I find the episode

  • Marvelle Banks
    Marvelle Banks 7 months ago

    The part that kills me EVERY time is when the guy says that the salad wasn't microwaved and Ramsay calls him a fucking doughnut LMAO

  • Marvelle Banks
    Marvelle Banks 7 months ago +2

    Todesha would get EVERYBODY in line! LMAO!

  • Chanceiscool44
    Chanceiscool44 7 months ago

    4:21 is there anything today that i ate that wasnt microwaved. The salad. You fucking DONUT!

  • mikelew415
    mikelew415 7 months ago

    "Bootleg?".....you know it's a hood joint lol

  • Sam Barnes
    Sam Barnes 7 months ago +3


  • Daniel Trinh
    Daniel Trinh 7 months ago

    Gordon just savagely doesn't cry or anything man. He's like a therapist

  • Emily King
    Emily King 7 months ago

    Gordon Ramsey shows are the most binged watched clips on TVclip 😂😂

  • Briana Garcia
    Briana Garcia 8 months ago

    Does anyone know which episode & season this is??

  • Twincredible 253
    Twincredible 253 8 months ago

    Pops going to whoop that ass.

  • Chrissy TW
    Chrissy TW 8 months ago

    Cause it's bootlegged mmmhmm lmaoo

  • Josh Grimm
    Josh Grimm 8 months ago

    its like hes preaching to an all black church lol

  • Depressed Grandpa
    Depressed Grandpa 8 months ago

    I need an update on Todesha shes the best

  • Alan Martinez
    Alan Martinez 8 months ago

    Y’all made Todesha cry...y’all sons of bitches

  • Little Dot
    Little Dot 9 months ago

    "I mean, come awn!"

  • Ja Re
    Ja Re 9 months ago

    There is always a cryer

  • C North
    C North 9 months ago +1

    Black people can't cook.

  • xbon1
    xbon1 9 months ago

    When'd Kanye West find time to become a line cook? He's gotta prep for being pres in 2024!

  • maya summers
    maya summers 10 months ago

    That "Who?" when Natalie was mentioned. Lmao

  • Matthew Lee
    Matthew Lee 10 months ago +1


  • monica jones
    monica jones 10 months ago

    I'd love to see this full episode. Anyone knows were I can find it?

  • Colonel Hugo
    Colonel Hugo 10 months ago

    1:02 the guy in the back 😂

  • The Unsalted
    The Unsalted 11 months ago +1

    These racist motherfuckers won’t hire a white guy.

  • Aubrey Kimber
    Aubrey Kimber 11 months ago

    Everyone in this restaurant needs there hand held and someone with a brain to guide them....they need a white master.

  • You're right, I'm wrong
    You're right, I'm wrong 11 months ago

    Thought that was Dave Chappell in the thumbnail. 😂

  • Josh Vanasse
    Josh Vanasse 11 months ago

    What season and episode is this ?

  • Terrell Gibbs
    Terrell Gibbs 11 months ago

    Natalie needs to step up...but she is cute 😍

  • comment God
    comment God 11 months ago +1


  • taz biscuit
    taz biscuit 11 months ago

    How many "Hmmm"s are in this video?

  • joyce b
    joyce b 11 months ago

    i got my tea mug, staffs just spilling the tea

  • Aerodil
    Aerodil 11 months ago +2

    Anyone know if the business failed or not? No way in hell is one little talk going to set the record straight.

    • Kayli boo
      Kayli boo 11 months ago

      Aerodil I think they said the business closed after and those workers were out of a job.

  • Liana Bent Monegro
    Liana Bent Monegro 11 months ago


  • I'm Rick Harrison & this is my pawn shop fgt

    The emotion in this episode...

    .....*IT'S FUCKING RAW*

  • shellybomb6 nkiwane
    shellybomb6 nkiwane 11 months ago

    Gordon’s waiter sounded like a minecraft villager “huh”

  • M M
    M M 11 months ago

    So sad this place closed down

  • VkookQT
    VkookQT 11 months ago

    The music smh💀

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 11 months ago

    Gordon could be a therapist if he wanted to

  • FredNET
    FredNET 11 months ago

    1:41 His finger is bent to shit, wtf

  • Neaveh Rivera
    Neaveh Rivera 11 months ago

    lowkey wish Gordon was my dad

  • Tactical Boy
    Tactical Boy 11 months ago

    Adult crying like a little baby

  • Tactical Boy
    Tactical Boy 11 months ago

    I’m on his side they are disgusting

  • Derpy Pug :P
    Derpy Pug :P 11 months ago +1

    What’s the name of this episode?

  • Paula Johnson
    Paula Johnson Year ago

    Too many people and none of them can cook. That's why the restaurant closed.

  • Mel B
    Mel B Year ago

    Gordon looks so confused

  • Tanner Andersen
    Tanner Andersen Year ago +1

    Stick to the position you're good at. It gets shit done faster

  • Walter Levesque
    Walter Levesque Year ago +3

    I totally thought this was a dave chapelle skit.

  • dalia edits
    dalia edits Year ago

    I love poop lol 💩

  • Diana Schock
    Diana Schock Year ago +5

    I felt so bad for Todesha. She seems like such a good and hard worker, a good person with that classic GA sass. You can see she cares.

  • Trey Thornton-Griggs

    This is one of the few episodes where the staff had no problems voicing their problems or concerns. Other episodes Gordon has to comfort them to slowly share their opinions. But this staff starts shooting straight out of the gate.

  • puffs koko
    puffs koko Year ago +4

    Week aftr he leaves she fires em all XD

  • Guitarist's Dreams

    Look At How Todesha Is Looking At Ramsay- 0:09

  • you fucking momo
    you fucking momo Year ago +13

    Natalie looks like a bootleg gina from martin

  • Mr Wednesday
    Mr Wednesday Year ago

    Todesha crying broke my heart

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku Year ago +205

    when that corny music started playing I thought I was watching an episode of Family Matters

  • xVicious Knightx
    xVicious Knightx Year ago

    I'm from Georgia & if I know anything about restaurants from watching Gordon's kitchen nightmares it's that you need a strong leading example in the fucking kitchen.
    Fuck me that shit was dry.

  • Wise Arbiter
    Wise Arbiter Year ago +8

    The father looks like such a good man

  • RaceWar Official
    RaceWar Official Year ago

    Too many blacks for my taste but good episode

  • Roses Faith
    Roses Faith Year ago

    Where’s the full episode.

  • Marcus Dobson
    Marcus Dobson Year ago

    i watched this the first time and laughed my ass off....
    i watch it a second time, and for some strange reason, the use of the word "leader" was rubbing mw the wrong way for some odd reason....then it hit me. - this segment in particular, has subliminals leaning toward the black community lacking leadership as a whole.
    "if there was some leadership it would be night and day" - something said about the black community
    there are more but its not that serious and i don't feel like doing all that. just something to think about...

    • Kennedy Greer
      Kennedy Greer Year ago

      I thought he pretty much said that to every one on this show, regardless of color or creed. I need to watch this whole episode.

  • Husspower enthusiast
    Husspower enthusiast Year ago +30

    "ship ain't gonna move without a captain"
    well said sir.

    MS. SMITH Year ago +1

    And ladies and gents is why blacl business suffers not saying all business does not watching his show
    ..but come on we barely get anything and we get something owned by us in our mames amd still cant come togethet

    K SWISS Year ago +5

    This is what happens what you make your children live YOUR dreams. Of course they will fail. Obligatory guilt is prison.

  • Paige Wilson
    Paige Wilson Year ago +1

    That V ad from Australia with those wannabe warrior slut fucken skanks is the most depressing stupid ad ive ever seen lol

  • Caitlin Moore
    Caitlin Moore Year ago +1

    why don't these people go find another job? I know this is old but restaurants hire servers and cooks etc all day everyday. If I'm crying behind waiting tables..uh.. it's time to go!

  • Pryor B
    Pryor B Year ago +175

    todesha is crying?! i’m about to throw hands

  • Amaury De Jesus
    Amaury De Jesus Year ago +1395

    I can't tell if Chef Ramsey is a better chef or a better therapist.

    • Horacio
      Horacio 2 months ago

      He's god

    • Cobb Knobbler
      Cobb Knobbler 4 months ago

      Amaury. Ramsay is a great man.

    • cannabis maryjane
      cannabis maryjane 7 months ago

      Amaury De Jesus BOTH

    • Chris Hanson
      Chris Hanson 7 months ago

      You're? as in you are? You're one to talk lol.

    • Daegu•Noona
      Daegu•Noona 11 months ago

      I know right?! I got teary eyed and junk! Don't be having feel things Chef!!! lol

  • Mr. VendettAssassin

    Gay come here

  • Grantofglyn
    Grantofglyn Year ago

    **emotional moment happens**
    Gordon : " Those tears are *DRY* "

  • Architectural Works
    Architectural Works Year ago +1

    They need some obama sheet leadershipz

    • bbbuster
      bbbuster 10 months ago

      Luqmanul Hakim obama is a prat

  • James Rodriguez
    James Rodriguez Year ago

    Need to find this episode ASAP!

  • Hello!!Goodbye!!!

    The problem is they have no white people there to show them how to work correctly

  • Whimsical Mage3
    Whimsical Mage3 Year ago

    You Have Bug Eyess!

  • Harley Love
    Harley Love Year ago

    do they only hire black people?

  • We come from the mayors

    These tears are FUCKIN' RAW!

  • TheMoonchinKing
    TheMoonchinKing Year ago +1

    White people?

  • Mexican Bleach
    Mexican Bleach Year ago +1

    Gordon looking like a raw steak

  • Daniel dore
    Daniel dore Year ago

    Turn that fucking music off 😂

  • MediumWriter
    MediumWriter Year ago

    Jesus Christ, it's like a fucking Disney film!

  • HeroInReaper
    HeroInReaper Year ago

    I wonder what happened to Todesha after cuz she keeping it 💯%

  • GEzeTv
    GEzeTv Year ago

    Binge-watching Kitchen Nightmares is a disorder haha. Gordon is too funny.

  • Durran Waays
    Durran Waays Year ago

    This is emotional

  • Tambourine Man
    Tambourine Man Year ago +11

    That staff is actually amazing. She doesnt deserve people like that working for her

    JMC JOSE Year ago

    Idk why I watch this shit. All of these are so scripted

  • Hey there Buddy
    Hey there Buddy Year ago

    GRs waitress is the shit

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business Year ago +1

    I just got finished watching this episode and if I'm not mistaken I think Gordon was kinda flirting with Todesha. He even said where is my lovely waitress.

  • king james488
    king james488 Year ago

    "the salad" lol.

  • Pauletta Harrison

    I loved it when the girl said to Natalie, your name is on the building, get it right.

  • Kimberly Campbell
    Kimberly Campbell Year ago +7

    When todesha cried 😢😢

  • ssyynntax
    ssyynntax Year ago

    Why are all the workers black? That's some racist shit right there homie.

  • lil crespo
    lil crespo Year ago

    can al read me a story at night?