Trump holds press conference after Democrats gain control of House

  • Published on Nov 7, 2018
  • President Trump held a wide-ranging press conference at the White House the day after the midterm elections. Mr. Trump showered praise on the likely incoming speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and shamed Republicans who distanced themselves from him during their campaigns and then lost on Election Day. Jeff Glor anchors a CBS News Special Report with Nancy Cordes and Ed O'Keefe in New York and Major Garrett at the White House.

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  • John Zabik
    John Zabik Day ago

    #Trump2020 Build the Wall OR Shutdown the Government!!.. The Russian Investigation is FAKE.. Fight Against ANTIFA!!..CNN is Fake News...MSNBC is Fake News!!...CBS is Fake News!!

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith Day ago

    Oy Vey

  • Mike Perkins
    Mike Perkins 2 days ago

    Shameless, deplorable little needy man.

  • EdugeBDroN
    EdugeBDroN 2 days ago

    This amount of lying birders on insanity

  • Liquid bend
    Liquid bend 4 days ago

    The American system makes no sense what’s so ever. A two party system in which the American people have to sit and watch the two sides argue and disagree to me is embarrassing. This country looks like the Jerry Springer show. Nothing can get done with Democrats in the way !!

  • Blauer Agnostika
    Blauer Agnostika 4 days ago

    When we Germans got ourselves in trouble 1933, a decade later You, the american people, helped us to get rid of our desastrous leader (Führer...) councellor A. Hitler. It was our own responsebility, we brought the guy in power, causing the whole world nearly get destroyed. We created the problem, but weren't able to solve it. Then You helped to fix it. Thank You for that!
    Today I wonder who could help You dealing with this similar problem, this caricature of a president.

  • Melisa Edwards Yourmysunshine5


  • evaldas lajauskas
    evaldas lajauskas 5 days ago

  • Earth Has Curve
    Earth Has Curve 6 days ago +1

    why do we have such an idiot as a president? no wonder people think we live on a flat earth.

  • David Horne
    David Horne 7 days ago

    Go to jail crook you no nothing about politics and the people who voted for you (Dummies) are finding out the hard way

  • MzShaybutta
    MzShaybutta 7 days ago +1

    Why does his eyes look super white but the rest of his face is orange? Does he have jaundice or something? What's wrong with his face? I mean besides him being ugly..

  • David s
    David s 9 days ago

    Watching Abilio "Jim" Acosta get slapped around was glorious!

  • tamera church
    tamera church 9 days ago

    POTUS is having to teach the Media some manners.

  • tamera church
    tamera church 9 days ago

    What a bunch of low life reporters.

  • consuelo mariana
    consuelo mariana 9 days ago


  • consuelo mariana
    consuelo mariana 9 days ago

    Me,me,me, I am, I am, I am, Only you Mr Trump??????? enough with lying!!!!

  • consuelo mariana
    consuelo mariana 9 days ago


  • Jeff Samuels
    Jeff Samuels 9 days ago

    This c### just said he doesn't know who lil'John is 😂😂😂 why am I laughing this is scary

  • luana Da Costa
    luana Da Costa 9 days ago

    This is ridiculous how can you completely ignore somebody’s question and instead start talking about your achievements instead

  • Two Chance
    Two Chance 10 days ago

    He is adequately nice as the person speaking to him

  • Yu Susetyo
    Yu Susetyo 11 days ago

    I don't understand with most Americans, how they can't see that your current President repeatedly said and showed that he doesn't hate immigrants, he just wants them to come Legally. I think people are just brain washed by the media, so they pre-judged him. I am not an american and I live outside USA. I never thought that Americans were so foolish to believe whatever the media try to project him, without you re-check the news again & again, to know what is actually happening behind the scene and who is behind your primary media.
    If the President wants to built the wall, it is just to protect USA and the people, in spite of yes it is very expensive. If America in this decade doesnt tighten its illegal immigrants entrance policy, 911 will might happen again someday. What he wants to do is for USA and its people to live safer. Please see Europe (Germany, France, etc) now with their current criminal rate.
    Just open your mind & heart wider and search for more of truth and you will find you should be supporting your president. I am not saying he is perfect... however He is working for the country and the people. Do you know that USA is more respected TODAY by us from outside USA, rather than during Obama's time???

  • Kellie Ford
    Kellie Ford 11 days ago

    The real "fake news" is every time Trump speaks, he cannot tell the truth, he cannot answer a question, he can't stop pitting us as Americans against each other, it's all a con, he should be ashamed of himself, embarrassed by his appearance and behavior, and reach out for serious mental health care. When a person's crazy gets spread around the world like this , it starts to make me wonder if the end is near.

  • Kellie Ford
    Kellie Ford 11 days ago

    No matter how many times i have seen this, I still remain baffled at the total and complete nonsense coming out of his mouth! He simply, no pun intended, just loves to hear the sound of his own voice. I never thought I would ever be embarrassed to be an American. I am ashamed of myself for even making the statement, but the complete insanity of this man being our president is overwhelmingly depressing. I really try to find the good in this man, because I believe that every human has some in them somewhere. I think I have to reevaluate that belief. Sometimes stupid and narcissistic will just suck the good right outta someone.

  • Nancy M
    Nancy M 11 days ago

    1:05:00 I loved his response to Japan. “Don’t feel lonely because you weren’t the only ones” 😂 I love his witty comebacks

  • Crisanto 86
    Crisanto 86 12 days ago

    Trump The Buffoon in Chief.

  • Babaykiller1984
    Babaykiller1984 12 days ago

    liberal comments fill the empty spaces.

  • Chase Fortineaux
    Chase Fortineaux 14 days ago

    President Trump handle it well 💯

  • Colleen McGrady
    Colleen McGrady 14 days ago +1

    Looks like the democrats rigged the elections again .. on further recount I bet you a million dollars they will have jack-knifed those votes .. here’s hoping the 27 seats are in recount .. vote fraud ..???? to get into the house .. poor widdle democrats just can’t stop cheating and being found out ..!

    • Kellie Ford
      Kellie Ford 11 days ago

      Really? what is wrong with you? "Raking the floors of the forests?" , "Who's boat is that boat?", "Fake news?", "Building the wall?" , or this one : ""Maybe he did, maybe he didn't"!" - a statement made about an American , AN AMERICAN!, tortured and murdered by someone who spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to stay in Trump's D.C. hotel, ...FACT, Saudi prince rented 500 rooms from him the day of his inauguration as President, do you think that's American in any way?

  • Steven Perry
    Steven Perry 16 days ago

    “Midtown and midturn year.”

  • OliviaNewtronBomb
    OliviaNewtronBomb 17 days ago

    I feel sorry for this President ..The world thinks that he can fix all things and bring peace .. but he can not . He is only a man. Only one that can do all that and real peace** not false peace ^^is Jesus .. He is the ^^KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS.^^

  • John Moseley
    John Moseley 17 days ago

    The edited it out, but Nelson from the Simpsons was in the audience going 'HA HA'.

  • K i r k H 4 2 0
    K i r k H 4 2 0 17 days ago

    These people are criminals and you need to see it. Ask yourself this question if the government decides that they're going to spend an extraordinary amount of our tax dollars on something that you don't agree with (doesn't have to be the border wall, it could be the 2.3 trillion dollars that they misappropriated as unknown military funds a few months before they did 911 and they never did get colon Powell to answer where that money went)...... if you personally completely disagree with what they're going to use your tax dollars for..... Can you choose not to pay taxes or do they force you to pay it and take it from you!?
    The United States is not a country it is a Corporation which is clearly a criminal Enterprise. I would never fight for this. it is so unfortunate but the people who give their lives overseas are not fighting for our freedom they're fighting for oil, opium, and a One World Government and a One World Currency. And if they accomplish that One World Currency they are going to reset all the dollars in your bank account to whatever they feel like they want to give you in this new currency.

  • K i r k H 4 2 0
    K i r k H 4 2 0 17 days ago

    You sir are a terrible reporter and I stinky human being and I don't like you! You heard my answer sit down! NEXT! Thank you for telling me about the migrants that are coming towards the Border you have a stupid opinion because it's different than mine! We're going to do things my way and I'm not going to answer your questions if you argue with me. What kind of question was that?! if you don't agree with me I'm going to consider that a warlike posture!
    I can't believe this man has figured out a way to convince the public that this is an edgy new technique and that this is considered shaking things up and this is how we're going to solve the problems in the United States. When a person of differing opinions stands up at a press conference and asks the president a question he denies them the answer or insult stems or shelter than the sit-down or a combination of all of it and then definitely has searched that we're going to do things his way!
    We do not consent!

  • Pierre Rene
    Pierre Rene 18 days ago

    When they start to build up the wall in the border of Mexico and the United States of America let me know I would like to have a job and would love to work there. Call me 203 360 3277

  • Shane Huver
    Shane Huver 18 days ago

    hes bad at giving presentations

  • kiltedjohn1000
    kiltedjohn1000 18 days ago

    sorry im not from the usa,,is this SNL?

  • King A_med
    King A_med 18 days ago

    I felt sorry for the Japanese guy

  • M.D. Rofarm
    M.D. Rofarm 19 days ago

    He is trying to protect the American people in our own country. The MAIN job the government is supposed to do.

  • Dave Heathen
    Dave Heathen 19 days ago

    Your Tax returns are corrupt not complex!!!

  • ShaMana999
    ShaMana999 19 days ago

    So nothing said for 30 minutes

  • Darren Watts
    Darren Watts 19 days ago

    Nice to see no yellow fringe around the American flag.

  • Jerom Lee
    Jerom Lee 19 days ago +1

    Why does he keep comparing to President Obama

  • Trevor Cox
    Trevor Cox 20 days ago

    Allot of dellusional comments here.

  • Trevor Cox
    Trevor Cox 20 days ago

    Jon Snow typical UK leftie reporter hated here in the UK

  • steven orr
    steven orr 20 days ago +2

    Americans. Embarrased? comments below please.

  • Jon Remy Music
    Jon Remy Music 20 days ago

    CBS News SUCKS just as much as CNN SUCKS!!!

  • se7ensnakes
    se7ensnakes 20 days ago

    Most of us believe that the seat of power is in the fancy government buildings. But the facts are quite different. It begins with the manufacture of money because Money affords you the ability to collapse the economy, and thereby take control of corporations on pennies on the dollar.
    Most of our money today consist of signed promissory notes that banks have acquire for free. During the 1800s the courts said that “AN UNCONDITIONAL PROMISE TO PAY IS CASH”. This was an effort to make gold certificates legally valid. But the banks took it a step further. The public go into a bank looking for credit to buy a house. What the bank does is to take their promissory note and converted into an expendable note in the form of a check.
    Imagine, if you will, that in every bank foreclosure the bank gets an absolutely free house, or that all our federal income tax revenues goes to this secret cabal by way of getting free treasury securities. Otherwise exactly how does the base money aggregate pays for 21 trillion dollar of suppose treasury securities? The cabal does not pay for anything but they have all the control. Subsequently this secret banking cabal who are behind the government control transportation, the gas you pay at the pump. They control the economy, education, the food supply, jobs, the judicial, the military, the entire voting process through television, the health industry. It appears that on March of 1915 they took over the news sources.
    Walk into any modern city and the financial district. You are looking at the seat of power. The fancy buildings and offices are what controls the city. These corporations are homologous and follow the dictate of shareholders from Super Entities. Look closely at these financial centers because it is they who make the important laws.
    The populace are like cattle arguing about capitalism vs socialism, gold vs fiat currency, and the sex and racial exploits of politicians. The populace have their shoe laces tied to each other stumbling every which way and are led to argue about nearly irrelevant events. You may believe that this post is an exaggeration but the truth is worse than what is said here. Education rarely touches on the person behind the curtain.

  • Dakota Tenhet
    Dakota Tenhet 21 day ago +1

    Trump: go ahead
    Reporter: thanks Mr. Preside--
    Trump: I cant believe how hostile this media is, rudely interrupting

  • Pat
    Pat 21 day ago

    I believe that in 2020 there will not be a Republican party. They have supported a pathological liar, thief, is in more lawsuits than anyone I have ever heard of. He supports murderers, and a man like Putin who "simply" takes over another country. We have square head (Kim-N.Korea who starves his people and murderers relatives and others and threatens America. Trump is only interested in himself. Call your reps and tell them to start impeachment proceeding.

  • Roman
    Roman 21 day ago

    Як можу, щиро клянусь мою клятву вірності оборонити нашого лідера від сміття яке називає - Дєрмократами ! If can, sincerely swear allegiance to defend my leader from trash that is called - SHITOKRATS ! EVen we in Ukraine support Trump !

  • Mighty Quinn
    Mighty Quinn 22 days ago

    Is he not the most complete idiot to ever hold a position in Public office? OMG! My pet Monkey is far more intelligent than this idiot! Like My great Uncle Hawk "God rest his soul" use to say "Don't have sense God give a Goat" Well, that's who some of you elected as the Your President!

  • ali hamud
    ali hamud 22 days ago


  • Alec Baldwin
    Alec Baldwin 23 days ago

    Never before in the history of ever has anyone so orange lied so much...

  • Thomas Allen
    Thomas Allen 23 days ago


  • Omar Rochet
    Omar Rochet 23 days ago

    All the roast aside Trump has done a good job so far.

  • Andrea Burke
    Andrea Burke 23 days ago

    .................well now we know he can pronounce some of the state names. Good boy!

  • Thomas
    Thomas 23 days ago

    Lock her up

  • The Fibler
    The Fibler 23 days ago

    What a sad, delicate snowflake. Melt Donnie.

  • Jack Price
    Jack Price 25 days ago

    Gay , played out

  • John Mc
    John Mc 25 days ago


  • Alex Sperring
    Alex Sperring 25 days ago

    What a baby

  • Curious Voter
    Curious Voter 25 days ago

    The most awsome and forthcoming white house press conference! I wish Trump would do this more. As a new citizen, I'm very impressed even though I never paid attention to him or his show when he was a beloved TV celebrity. I will vote for Trump in 2020. I consider myself a nationalist but I'm not white, I'm just an immigrant who loves America and I think the media has been trying to race bait and divide this country by race so desperately, that they just want to twist the meaning of words even the English dictionary or any "English" to any "Langugage" dictionary doesn't say that word is racist. Not when I was taught English in my home country. America has an education problem that generates very unprofessonal journalists and many Americans who lack logic and who can't even speak English properly. What is next? The adjective "patriotic" will be the next word that will be labeled as a racist word by the leftists in media? I'm glad I was educated by my home country to speak multiple languges and to be mathematically and academically strong. The leftist politicians have to be banned from controlling the schools if we want America's kids to be competitive globally.

  • Owens Rayfeilds
    Owens Rayfeilds 25 days ago

    mr: president ,i love you,,,,take away welfare checks,, seccion 8 ,food stamps ,,,,to stupid americans,,stop the democrat way of life,,,,,,make them work......make id ,,check points on
    the all roads of america.......deport people from where they came from.......send them to islam..etc....close the government turn off all power in america,,change people stupid minds,,
    close stores,,,no power any where,,,in the old days if you cant help yourself lions eat you..not welfare....aleluya,,,goodday...

  • Helen O'Connor
    Helen O'Connor 25 days ago

    his lawyers are going to be busy? so admittedly the democrats just want to get trump for anything!

  • Katie R
    Katie R 26 days ago

    Omg I'm so tired of this 4th grader.. blah blah blah blah, can't wait untill he gets kicked our of the white house ughhh

  • Ava Driscoll
    Ava Driscoll 27 days ago

    Government needs to understand how insurance works.

  • son nguyen
    son nguyen 27 days ago

    Honestly, I don't see how Trump is hated. The were some rude reporters. Their questions weren't hard but very politically twisted and dishonest. Rather than talking about his future policies for the country, they try to bring the attention back to the unimportant things in the past. But if you listen to Trump's message before the questions it shows he cares for our country. Shouldn't that be more important? That we have a leader that ACTUALLY CARES FOR OUR COUNTRY. Be happy we don't have Macron or Justin Trudeau. And be glad he won instead of Hillary.

  • Theron Hunt
    Theron Hunt 27 days ago

    CBS SUCKS!!!

  • Amal0122
    Amal0122 27 days ago

    1:07:29 doesn't answer the question. Talks rubbish. Deflects the questions. This is your President. UK may vote our of Europe. But the Americans have this man for another 2 years. How devastating for everyone. Absolutely ludicrous. Pathetic. Those journalists are wasting their time asking him questions he has no clue in answering. Lol

  • Az Haz
    Az Haz 28 days ago

    49:14 - What am I gonna do? I can't explain it, but I have the solution and nobody else does. LOL

  • o_INFINITY _o
    o_INFINITY _o 28 days ago

    So this is where all the liberals are on TVclip

  • Rjay
    Rjay 28 days ago

    I think it's interesting how every single comment on this video that have any amount of popularity or likes is anti-Trump. If you see the likes on this video, most likes are from pro-Trumpers. If you sort comments by date, you get a mix of support and negative as expected. Sort by top comments and it's all negative. I think big money media has something to do with that. That's unrealistic compared with the number of conservative viewers (that hit like on the video so we know we're here).

  • JSBassMasters
    JSBassMasters 28 days ago +1

    Trump 2020!!

  • Nathan Powers
    Nathan Powers 28 days ago

    And listen to the nation not what they want

  • Nathan Powers
    Nathan Powers 28 days ago

    I swear them demo better act right

  • Dave Heathen
    Dave Heathen 29 days ago

    Everyone in this room should of just got up half way through and walked out!

  • Dave Heathen
    Dave Heathen 29 days ago

    My dog makes more sense! The world is laughing America! It's beyond belief grown adults voted for this rambling trust funded dunce!

  • Dave Heathen
    Dave Heathen 29 days ago

    This is beyond laughable! He breaths lies!!!

  • Manueleq Edwinson
    Manueleq Edwinson 29 days ago

    They want politically correct

  • Manueleq Edwinson
    Manueleq Edwinson 29 days ago +1

    Why thus some comments here been deleted?

    • Rjay
      Rjay 28 days ago

      Manueleq Edwinson Big money media. Sort by date added and read my comment.

  • Manueleq Edwinson
    Manueleq Edwinson 29 days ago

    He answered questions precisely......

  • Manueleq Edwinson
    Manueleq Edwinson 29 days ago

    Why thus media in US was bias en they allowing it....

  • Crystal Fair
    Crystal Fair Month ago

    This man is a joke. IDK how anyone can support this clown.

  • jack benson
    jack benson Month ago

    one bullet and the whole mess goes away.

  • Great Cornholio
    Great Cornholio Month ago

    drain the Trump!

  • Roland Clark
    Roland Clark Month ago

    this is sad

  • - Marshall
    - Marshall Month ago

    He sounds like he’s in a bad space, mentally.

  • mbuso sikhakhana
    mbuso sikhakhana Month ago

    @34:19 that journalist wanted to ask a follow up question and then saw that Jim Acosta was the next one to get the mic. . . "Ohh since it's Jim I'll let it go" he said. Like he knew Jim was about to drop bombs😂😂😂
    I'm from South Africa, but Trevor Noah (on the daily show) has drew my attention into international politics

  • curt lyons
    curt lyons Month ago +2

    MAGA!!!!!!! I LOVE U PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Willetts
    Robert Willetts Month ago +1

    TRUMP 2020

  • TemujinKhan8
    TemujinKhan8 Month ago


  • indianrunner70
    indianrunner70 Month ago

    omfg, dotard's complete unfit..worse and worse day by day.

  • Roger Bertram
    Roger Bertram Month ago

    President Trump is Boss. MAGA KAG

  • Saurabh Satralkar
    Saurabh Satralkar Month ago

    Amazing. Trump is the guy for US. I live in New Zealand and watch US politics. Uggghh.
    He is shaping the country you idiots. Do your study before posting comments. Perhaps, I've learnt more about US politics than most of the brainless idiots here.
    Trump is shape your country.
    Everyone will realize when he steps down from his job.

  • Norma
    Norma Month ago

    It starts with the media??? Attitude reflects leadership...Mr. President.

  • Jesus Perez
    Jesus Perez Month ago

    Impeach the pink pig

    • Rjay
      Rjay 28 days ago

      Jesus Perez for what? You gotta have a crime he's guys are idiots and he will be re-elected in 2020 and it'll be the liberals' faults.

  • Jesus Perez
    Jesus Perez Month ago

    Democrats are alive

  • Luke Reeves
    Luke Reeves Month ago

    Not one answer typical.