How Tati made $19.6M dollars in 3 days

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • Tati made $19.6 MILLION DOLLARS in 3 days. with James Charles & Jeffree Star situation
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  • Moonisah Rawat
    Moonisah Rawat Month ago +13433

    Wow this really gives me a new perspective on this whole situation! Cheers Banks

    • Amy Harmon
      Amy Harmon 17 days ago

      He bashes Tati for addressing the James Charles drama online and then his next video is addressing his drama online lol.

    • Lindsey Elizabeth
      Lindsey Elizabeth 18 days ago

      I’m Tati didn’t make that much money in actuality lol

    • The Red Knight
      The Red Knight 23 days ago

      You should put out more pictures of yourself!

    • Sandy g.
      Sandy g. Month ago +1

      I been called it but folks called me crazy. What’s crazy is how many people got duped

    • Maria Andy
      Maria Andy Month ago +1

      @The Legend of Texas she didnt monetize the video

  • Luis Cruz
    Luis Cruz 8 hours ago +1

    Man, with things like this, rants, shared opinions, we really need to hear from the ONE AND ONLY Leafy. R.I.P

  • TheDiversion
    TheDiversion 14 hours ago


  • Gabbie Long
    Gabbie Long 20 hours ago

    No. N. K

  • dkievit002
    dkievit002 Day ago

    Can someone do like a count on how many times the word vitamines was said hahaha

  • Nicole DeBace
    Nicole DeBace Day ago +5

    You "really didn't want to talk about this", but it's trending and you're monetized, so....
    How is what you are doing any different?

  • it’s just Me
    it’s just Me 2 days ago +5

    It’s a tub of vitamins she’s gotta chill...

  • Yeet Army
    Yeet Army 2 days ago +5

    Banks man your cool

  • YBNyoungboyz 103
    YBNyoungboyz 103 4 days ago +6

    Tfue: hmmmmm

    I have a idea

  • ZEP H
    ZEP H 5 days ago +7

    Damn so Tati made 20 mill because like you said she made 19.6 mill and 40 mil views and in cash that is 400k cash plus the 9 mill she made made 20.9 million $$$$

  • Koley Mcnally
    Koley Mcnally 5 days ago +12

    It almost seems like all the drama between them is staged to further there careers

  • JJ Harrison
    JJ Harrison 5 days ago +14

    I knew since day one her bitch fit was over vitamins. She would have never said all the stuff about being a predator and etc etc etc of it wasn't. She can't come on here crying about vitamins the internet would have laughed at her. She had to juice up the video and basically as you said intentionally wanted to ruin James Charles. I loved your video and I think you basically summed it up to a T.

  • Hang Tran
    Hang Tran 5 days ago +1

    Your video is a horrible

  • Muzi Da Legend
    Muzi Da Legend 6 days ago +2

    Please post

  • Rade_Alex
    Rade_Alex 6 days ago +10

    I know we’re talking about people’s problems right now but that 3D poster in the background is so dope

  • Lovely_Jordan .7
    Lovely_Jordan .7 6 days ago +2


  • Lesiba Ludwick Kekana
    Lesiba Ludwick Kekana 7 days ago +10

    is he gay?

    • ok
      ok 4 days ago

      jame Charles ?

    • ok
      ok 6 days ago +3


    • Infernus
      Infernus 7 days ago


  • pitbull lover #kokomo
    pitbull lover #kokomo 7 days ago +4

    You gave me a new perspective thank you banks

  • Andre At elk
    Andre At elk 7 days ago +10


  • bobster Kieber
    bobster Kieber 8 days ago +5

    Lol only watched this because I wanted to know what everyone else was talking about

  • Lizzy Thompson
    Lizzy Thompson 8 days ago +4

    I think this video is what Tati is responding to in her latest video. But she didn’t say it directly

  • Jflynn
    Jflynn 8 days ago +4

    0:31 pause 905 time lol

  • Zaydaan Tyer
    Zaydaan Tyer 8 days ago +2

    What happened to moms basement it is my favorite podcast

  • Billary Blinton
    Billary Blinton 8 days ago +4

    Should’ve shouted out adderrall instead

  • James Dodson
    James Dodson 8 days ago +7

    Pewdiepie usually hits the nail on the head

    • *k- 12*
      *k- 12* 8 days ago +1

      Which I didn't realize until now🤷🏿

  • Nathan Strickland
    Nathan Strickland 9 days ago +4

    What the hell happen to faze banks

    BETTER THAN YOU 9 days ago +2

    Those flint stone vitamins hit different now a days 😳

  • coltaken
    coltaken 9 days ago +8

    Dude he just said what he did in the tfue situation Lol

  • Adriiiaaa
    Adriiiaaa 10 days ago +14

    tati wanted to get her 401k early

  • Lizęttę Pęręz
    Lizęttę Pęręz 10 days ago +14

    honestly tati was wrong! She talked helllla shit that wasn’t even stirred correctly, she made him look like shit and when James talked about it, he said it right, she was just being petty period

    • PawsAndCurls182
      PawsAndCurls182 9 days ago +3

      Oh my God yes! Thank you! All the drama channels are so biased, but he's proven with screenshots what happened. She just released a video that her sales increased thanks to "Shane's before and after " using her vitamins 🙄

    • Lizęttę Pęręz
      Lizęttę Pęręz 9 days ago +1

      Ω periodtttt

    • Ω
      Ω 9 days ago +2


  • jaelene Evealeze
    jaelene Evealeze 11 days ago +18

    Love how he started by promoting opposing vitamins 🤣

  • Trvcy UwU
    Trvcy UwU 11 days ago +8

    Im on Tati's side💕💕

    • Dumb Rat
      Dumb Rat 10 days ago +3

      @Trvcy UwU the whole drama is annoying and you had your chance to say your opinion a while ago but you didn't. No more

    • Trvcy UwU
      Trvcy UwU 10 days ago +3

      @Gabriel Hendricks then? Im still on Tati's side forever and James Charles? Eww

    • Dumb Rat
      Dumb Rat 10 days ago +8

      Good now stay under that rock and starve

    • Gabriel Hendricks
      Gabriel Hendricks 11 days ago +9

      Trvcy UwU it’s already over🙄

  • Life with Gorgeous Gangsta

    I love you banks you really showed these slow ass people the real TEA. Tati was completely wrong for what she did.

  • Instagram: DriveForceBMW
    Instagram: DriveForceBMW 11 days ago +9

    Banks is a big champion in this TVclip game

  • alicatty
    alicatty 11 days ago +11

    Thanks for that 19 mil discount @ CVS! They don't call you "Banks" for nothing!! Lmao

  • alicatty
    alicatty 11 days ago +14

    I think she is a snake. The make up community on TVclip is the most manipulative, vicious, backstabbing and utterly brutal group of people. They are solely out for themselves and will ruin another TVcliprs career in the blink of an eye, without thinking twice about it. It's sad to know that this is what a lot of the younger generation looks up to and aspires to be like. Yikes!

    • alicatty
      alicatty 3 days ago +1

      @Parker Chenh regardless if she did this for her benefit or not, it was still a shitty thing to do to someone who she says is a best friend. I would never publicly call out a friend of mine for their poor behavior. She knows full and well how the internet can be and that her video would cause him to be attacked & receive brutal backlash. I know she was upset over vitamins, but that argument should have been between the two of them, not the entire online community. Nice person or not, she was wrong.

    • *k- 12*
      *k- 12* 8 days ago


    • Parker Chenh
      Parker Chenh 10 days ago

      alicatty u make an assumption base on 1 or max 2 videos from her and other creators video. If u actually watched her video for a very long time, u know shes never meant to use this for her benefits. I think this whole issue is just a big misunderstanding between friends that was effected by social media ( because it started from social media anyway). ORRR she faked a persona for 6-7 years straight.

  • It’s Angie
    It’s Angie 12 days ago +9

    She's not going to share that Info publicly she got what she wanted and now she's running with it . Criminals come in all fashions .

  • Eduardo Diaz
    Eduardo Diaz 12 days ago +3

    Everyone in the comments is so dense... he’s trolling in the intro lmfao

  • Atharv
    Atharv 12 days ago +7

    All the Indian viewers haha TATI 😂💩

    • Atharv
      Atharv 12 days ago +1

      Hehe 😂

    • ban toshy
      ban toshy 12 days ago +1

      Omg stop! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Raleigh Denton
    Raleigh Denton 12 days ago +4

    Hi I’m Tati I went to bed the other day with an extra 19.6 million dollars

  • Dr. Monkey 2.0
    Dr. Monkey 2.0 12 days ago +3

    Yummy flintstones vitamins

  • ZuccStain
    ZuccStain 12 days ago +3

    the drama makes me tired and ill

    • George Gray
      George Gray 11 days ago +1

      Remember when TVclip was a community of people bringing quality content to the platform? Now it's scandals and clout chasing. Sad times.

  • Nathan
    Nathan 12 days ago +2

    Banks’ vlogs are turning into Jake Paul’s vlogs

  • noir
    noir 12 days ago +1

    Making somthing about relationship when its about money. hmmmm sounds like something u did oh wait "Dear Tfue" ur a snake banks

    • Muggle bud
      Muggle bud 12 days ago +2

      noir u mad he didn’t do the same he was getting hate for it had to clear his name idiot

  • Rya Joy
    Rya Joy 13 days ago +4

    Your videos aren't being promoted by youtube! Can't c them being notified... 😢

  • zakeeb
    zakeeb 13 days ago +6


    FĄŹĘ ĻØÇÖ 13 days ago +3

    Yo banks spits mad fax bro

  • Jason JJ Cruz
    Jason JJ Cruz 14 days ago +3

    Banks OG know you from FaZe House New I'm on Board oh yea😎✌😀✊

  • Neon Panda
    Neon Panda 14 days ago

    Fazebanks 😋🤗🍬

  • David Neujahr
    David Neujahr 14 days ago +1

    It makes complete since you are using her clout to promote a affiliate program you ran with flint stones vitamins. If you didn’t state this has nothing to do with the video your creditability would still be valid as of now you look struggling. It’s been three weeks since you made content. You need to get your mind right bro. You falling off

    • flawed perfection
      flawed perfection 2 days ago

      @Aditi it's funny how people didn't get the joke.

    • Peter Mifflin
      Peter Mifflin 6 days ago

      You a clown 🤡🤡

    • TouchMyPpDOTcom
      TouchMyPpDOTcom 8 days ago

      David Neujahr this video is monetized in which he is making money. If he was really speaking his mind why monetized the video? This video has nothing with speaking his mind, but to use the clout to make a revenue for his own purposes

    • Website Email
      Website Email 10 days ago +1

      Looks like the joke went over your head

    • alicatty
      alicatty 11 days ago +1

      Dude, your comment makes absolutely no sense. Your grammar is horrific! For the record, the Flintstone vitamin bit was a joke. How did you not get that? How would it be possible for there to be a $19 million dollar discount @ CVS?!! I think you should go back and edit the comment so people can understand what the heck you're trying to say.

  • Phat Hoe
    Phat Hoe 15 days ago +2

    Flint stone 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Rose Vee
    Rose Vee 15 days ago +2

    Great video ♡

  • Juss Kdn
    Juss Kdn 15 days ago +1

    How none of u made a response on highsky being 12

  • Maker Moon
    Maker Moon 15 days ago +5

    Ohh. Now it makes sense

  • Audrey
    Audrey 15 days ago +3

    You’re dope!

  • Hypebeastberry I do voices

    I’m hungry

  • william lapointe
    william lapointe 16 days ago +8

    sooooo is it true for the $ off the flintstones vitamins ?

    • alicatty
      alicatty 11 days ago +1

      Yes! And if you use the atm there, you get an extra $10,000 per each withdrawal!! They don't call him "Banks" for nothing!

  • Cloudszz Aj
    Cloudszz Aj 16 days ago +3

    Ayee Astros

  • King_Venom_YT -_-
    King_Venom_YT -_- 17 days ago +7

    It doesn’t even concern u , niggas would do anything for views like use peoples names who bigger then them 😂💯

    • Billy
      Billy 15 days ago +1

      Well I'm pretty sure he'a friends with James Charles soooo

  • Aaron Gaming/vlogs
    Aaron Gaming/vlogs 17 days ago +4

    Faze banks changed... smh

  • 809 GaMePlay
    809 GaMePlay 17 days ago +4

    Show the contact

      AYOO PEANUT 15 days ago

      Damn somebody gotta spell it right contract

    • GameZone
      GameZone 15 days ago +1

      contact with ur mama

    • Score Moore
      Score Moore 16 days ago +1

      This kid is bugging, first off, there is no reason for him to show his contact with us, we might call his friends, Secondly the correct word is contract, he already released those.

    • MrSneaky
      MrSneaky 17 days ago +6

      you serious? It got leaked ages ago😂

  • Jes Mayor
    Jes Mayor 17 days ago +14

    How tf is TVclip just handing out money to untalented people like this?

  • Amy Harmon
    Amy Harmon 17 days ago +21

    He bashes Tati for addressing the James Charles drama online and then his next video is addressing his drama online lol.

    • Ya Boi Jesus
      Ya Boi Jesus 17 days ago +1

      its the profiting part hes gettin at

  • Simplify Prodigy
    Simplify Prodigy 17 days ago +4

    what’s that songs name at the end

  • Tia Michael
    Tia Michael 17 days ago +8

    When I watched the bye sister video, I kept wondering why the vitamins were all over the damn place. So it doesn’t surprise me she made money. Cause I imagined she did.

  • TechReview
    TechReview 18 days ago +8

    This dude just smashed a tea cup on hardwood lmfao

  • Alex De Goat
    Alex De Goat 18 days ago +10

    That background is fire on god

      ALTERFIDE 17 days ago

      Alex De Goat lmao that’s all I could look at

  • Lamo Content Gay
    Lamo Content Gay 18 days ago +2

    (((Tati Westbrook)))

  • Gunner Guidroz
    Gunner Guidroz 18 days ago +7

    Shots fired at my manz Bobby shmurda 😂💀 jk banks love ya bro,

  • Ayushman Thapa
    Ayushman Thapa 18 days ago +41

    Mah boy andrei sent me here

  • touchy2017
    touchy2017 18 days ago +18

    Tati is an evil, jealous, lowlife

  • Enzhy 2K Z7
    Enzhy 2K Z7 19 days ago +6

    Spill some tea got me

  • Mark Bocanegra
    Mark Bocanegra 19 days ago +5


  • lil pop tart
    lil pop tart 19 days ago +15

    This man has nothing to do with this stuff😂😂

  • Seeze
    Seeze 19 days ago +45

    Why is this in my recommendation after 2 weeks

    • Fury
      Fury 19 days ago

      Seeze same bruh

  • Kaitlyn Eccleston
    Kaitlyn Eccleston 20 days ago +14

    Wow banks. Great perspective

  • Kludgy Platupus
    Kludgy Platupus 20 days ago +5

    Gooooi ‘stros (Astros)

  • Ethan Curzi
    Ethan Curzi 20 days ago +27

    Don’t ever start your video like that again 😂

  • MrSloth
    MrSloth 20 days ago +6

    Holy shit

  • xX1000FeetXx
    xX1000FeetXx 21 day ago +5

    i like the bye sister tag lmao rofl

  • Andres Motivates
    Andres Motivates 21 day ago +16

    Hello is there anyone that lives in Austin Texas that can help me and my family we are a family of nine and we got kicked out of our home for no reason and we’ve been working really hard to fix up a A home that we had bought for the meantime I have a son and a niece that are five years old and I don’t want them to have to go through that is there anyway that anyone has a home we can stay in for a week and I will pay you back in anyway I am one of the hardest workers out there I work for everything that I have at this point I have no whirls to go and no one to go to please help my Family and I

    • Andres Motivates
      Andres Motivates 18 days ago

      Ricardo Eric Devito thank you I’ll go ahead and look it up. I appreciate it guys!!

    • Magic Johnson
      Magic Johnson 18 days ago

      Yeah TVclip isn’t a
      Good site to ask for help. Reddit or Facebook would be a lot of help

    • Ricardo Eric Devito
      Ricardo Eric Devito 18 days ago +2

      @Andres Motivates reddit is a platform where people can go post things. Make an account there and verify it and seek out other subreddits

    • Andres Motivates
      Andres Motivates 19 days ago +2

      Oh no Don’t do that I appreciate that but that’s your hard work money! I can’t take nothing that I didn’t work for! But thank you that means a lot considering you don’t know me. Things will figure itself out we’re In gods hands

    • LITCHI
      LITCHI 19 days ago +3

      @Andres Motivates I can't help you I'm in France but I can send you some money through PayPal if you are really in need. Keep me update

  • Orvar games
    Orvar games 21 day ago +7

    Where is faze banks Sunday's?

  • King Jupiter
    King Jupiter 21 day ago +6

    Step 1: she didn’t

    • Shelly S.
      Shelly S. 14 days ago +1

      You obviously didn't watch the video 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Kevin C
      Kevin C 20 days ago +1

      1/100 conversion rate is ridiculous as most people who watched that videos aren't there for the products....

  • Faizal Ali
    Faizal Ali 21 day ago +8

    this video made me interested in maths

  • Emaan
    Emaan 21 day ago +9

    and now dis nikka tryna make money off of her.....smhhh

    • Exverzy
      Exverzy 21 day ago +1

      Emaan lol true asf

  • Ashley Lobie
    Ashley Lobie 21 day ago +5

    100% agree.

  • Nuggets are Everything
    Nuggets are Everything 21 day ago +3


  • Landshark Entertainment

    So is he an Astros fan and Red Sox? I am confusion

  • Jesse Wanderss
    Jesse Wanderss 22 days ago +11

    bro best intro I've seen in ages. like two ages.

  • DrSourPurp
    DrSourPurp 22 days ago +4

    Shit I need to get involved in some TVclip drama... shit.

  • Jeff C
    Jeff C 22 days ago +8

    What a woman manipulating people to make her look good and to benefit herself.. shocking.

  • Jess Ess
    Jess Ess 22 days ago +4

    What the Heck?! 😲

    • D payne
      D payne 22 days ago +1

      These YT mfs makin kane money 🤔😨

  • Frostilear
    Frostilear 22 days ago +12

    She made more by claiming vids lol.

  • FTR Seb
    FTR Seb 22 days ago +4

    Lol the vitamins

  • FTR Seb
    FTR Seb 22 days ago +7

    That intro wanted me,to shoot my self

  • Jack Sock
    Jack Sock 22 days ago +8

    If you buy non-FDA approved vitamins from a TVclipr...
    I have a Tfue lawsuit I can interest you in

  • sluttyboy Sinatra fsn
    sluttyboy Sinatra fsn 22 days ago +6

    He hasnt uploaded since..

  • khouse
    khouse 22 days ago +4

    James and Tati have mental illness

  • khouse
    khouse 23 days ago +21

    People need to focus on the fact that they are promoting useless vitamins that aren’t approved by FDA, and making claims they can never make about them

    MATT MN 23 days ago +7

    Tati made that money how u lost that money...
    Thx it’s most likes i’ve ever got!!!!

    • Domzr
      Domzr 22 days ago

      you wish he did dont hate on his success broke boy