Max and Craig Make Hard Candy

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
  • This video was shot 11/27/18, but by the time I was going to post it we were all sold out so I had to wait until now to post it, although I'm sure you'll enjoy it nonetheless!
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    ***WARNING***This video is made for educational and entertainment purposes only, if you attempt to make this at home you do so at your own risk and we can not be held responsible for any injuries. Making hard candy is a dangerous process since such high temperature are used to make it. With that said, for those that are curious and want specifics this is how we make it.
    For one full size batch we combine into a copper kettle 7 pounds of corn syrup, 14 pounds of sugar, 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar and 2 quarts of water. We heat it up to 310°F, then we remove it from the stove and pour it onto the marble table and cool it down. Here we add in color and flavoring oil before stretching it on the hook. We stretch it to add in air bubbles which turns it white. We combine the stripes into the body and put it through our fancy candy cutter, then we just wait for it to cool down and bag it up for you to buy!
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Comments • 602

  • Laura Macdonald
    Laura Macdonald Day ago

    Best reality show out there! Love watching your business grow. I ordered before and was NOT disappointed. I wish you all continued success. If you haven’t tried their cashew brittle- don’t wait. Best I’ve ever had! So fresh! 💕 my favorite!

  • tromedloV
    tromedloV 19 days ago +1

    "I wanna be just like Craig when I grow up." Made my day 😂😂

  • Connie Ward
    Connie Ward 23 days ago

    Have you ever made a coffee candy? I love caramel macchiatos was thinking what an awesome candy that would be.

  • Carol Reyna
    Carol Reyna Month ago

    How long do you leave it on table to cool. Also do you put shortening so candy wont stick to table before hand, and what kind of gloves do you use when making hard candy

  • Christian Ramirez
    Christian Ramirez 2 months ago

    I cracked the hell up when he almost dropped the candy 😹

  • Regina Darlin
    Regina Darlin 2 months ago

    Max is really becoming a master candy maker. Steve and Terry are the best teachers, so patient and kind. I love you guys

  • Duane Miller
    Duane Miller 2 months ago

    That pun is on a slippery slope

  • MKim143
    MKim143 2 months ago

    Watch out. Max is a triple threat. Knows art history, how to make candy, and looks good haha

  • thars hope
    thars hope 3 months ago

    It's been great watching this candy crew work together.

  • Yareli Vargas
    Yareli Vargas 3 months ago

    I will legit have Max’s babies in a heart beat 💀

  • David Yarussi
    David Yarussi 3 months ago

    having fun making candy go figure love yo guys sugar rush!!!

  • April Varner
    April Varner 3 months ago

    if you wanted to make ribbon candy at home, what would be a good portion size to measure out when making it. I can't find any at home recipes to make hard candy like you guys do.

  • Lucas Litchfield
    Lucas Litchfield 3 months ago

    14:52 😂😂 love it

  • Lisa Wiesenhaan
    Lisa Wiesenhaan 3 months ago

    I feel like Dali is more surrealist than Dada.

  • Giada Bernabei
    Giada Bernabei 3 months ago +3


  • Shelia Ruth
    Shelia Ruth 3 months ago +1

    My dad was five when he was named. He named himself, from birth till 5 he was just called "boy"

  • basura
    basura 3 months ago

    so entertaining

  • maika
    maika 3 months ago

    Mình thích nhìn 2 bác với anh đó làm quá à, mọi người vui tính ghê...

  • Tiffany Hakunashi
    Tiffany Hakunashi 4 months ago

    Max is so gorgeous 😍

  • Jodi Maki
    Jodi Maki 4 months ago

    Love the comment on the Wildcats! U of A! Love from Tucson, AZ to Hercules!

  • David Imhoff
    David Imhoff 5 months ago

    Max is awesome. Such a unique guy. I just enjoy anything he talks about.

  • Maggie Starr
    Maggie Starr 5 months ago

    I love your tie dye apron mum 👍

  • J B
    J B 5 months ago

    Love all the vids... it would be great to get close ups of finished product... the lemon and lime candies...😊

  • Hippie Conception
    Hippie Conception 5 months ago

    I love candy, is great to see folks make their products, and show process without a fear of some one stealing ideas or competitors taking advantage. I feel it shows real character and transparency. I've not tried your candy but plan on doing so soon!!!

  • Bibb Kikk
    Bibb Kikk 5 months ago

    Everyone likes to look at Max, but can we all take a minute to appreciate what a hunk Steve is? He's a darn good looking man! Is he Greek?

  • Rosy Boa
    Rosy Boa 5 months ago

    Does the Main Blob ever fly off the table while it's being flipped, molded and getting its stripes attached?

  • Dan Reany
    Dan Reany 6 months ago +1

    Max seems so chill about everything. That comes from a clear conscience. 👍

  • The Hopeless Wanderers
    The Hopeless Wanderers 6 months ago

    Is it weird I watch all your videos as I’m falling sleep

  • Potato Otatop
    Potato Otatop 6 months ago

    Dayum Craige be getting em work done

  • Hailie Blair
    Hailie Blair 6 months ago

    Did i catch a Pauly Shore bit there at 14:15? Or is it just me!!!

  • Pip R
    Pip R 7 months ago

    Do you guys export to Australia at all?

  • blake webber
    blake webber 7 months ago

    I can't remember how I found this channel but I'm glad I did. I'm always fascinated by how things are made. Especially sweets. Warm welcoming family to the art of their craft..... I've thoroughly enjoyed the conversations and warmth during the candy making proces.. and also theres a Max!!!!! Like oh em gee ... I'm a fan.

  • Tabitha Riggins
    Tabitha Riggins 7 months ago

    I started watching and my first thought 30 seconds in was "oh no, Steves in a bad mood" 😂

  • K Jackson
    K Jackson 7 months ago

    Steve is teaching Max so well. Can we please have a video of all the wrapping and preparing for selling? I love watching Karen pick ribbon & bows for Easter; Christmas must be wonderful🎀

  • Rita Benavidez
    Rita Benavidez 7 months ago

    Max and Craig did an awesome job

  • Rita Benavidez
    Rita Benavidez 7 months ago

    Just to let you know that a group of awesome people.... I have really enjoyed your mom and dad are strong people.

  • Peggy Nance
    Peggy Nance 7 months ago

    I watch all your TVclip candy making and I love the whole family in it and you all work so nice together like a family should.
    Having fun lol.
    Hard work goes faster if you laugh and have fun.
    Please keeping making more and I would love to know if you make licorice all sorts.
    I would order if you did.

  • Paul Richardson
    Paul Richardson 7 months ago

    do you's send to Australia if we buy some

    SAMANTHA D 7 months ago

    Is it just me or u have never shown the table being greased?

  • Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants 7 months ago

    I miss the old place!!😫😭 still such a great channel. 👍 been watching since 53k

  • Mme Mumu
    Mme Mumu 7 months ago

    DAd... your going to fast on the camera .......LOL...LOL...LOL...

  • Gordon Bowman
    Gordon Bowman 8 months ago

    My favourite family on TVclip😃 so glad one random video I randomly came across, turned into a 3 day binge lol

  • Steve Godwin
    Steve Godwin 8 months ago

    Doesn't max need a snood for his beard?

  • Linda Callipari
    Linda Callipari 8 months ago

    I have a question...I’ve noticed that you all wear hats and gloves, but Max doesn’t wear any kind of covering to prevent his facial hair from falling in the candy. Ever have a problem, or has anyone else ever made this observation.

    • Emmagination
      Emmagination 4 months ago

      It would be a blessing to have Max's facial hair fall in a piece of your candy 😍😂

  • Fernando Souza
    Fernando Souza 8 months ago

    Brasil seu doces da água na boca

  • Adie Ortiz
    Adie Ortiz 8 months ago +1

    Go Max, gooooooo! You can do it!!!!

  • Claudia Vélez
    Claudia Vélez 8 months ago

    At 16:19 am I the only one who thought it looked like a snake eating an elephant?? Lol

  • StevenZakir
    StevenZakir 8 months ago

    Max is a noob at the hook... give up son

  • SuperEmski123
    SuperEmski123 8 months ago

    I love how much max has grown in the gap where there was no videos, like he was somewhat confident before, but now- wow almost as confident as terry! Love you guys!

  • Bonne Noseworthy
    Bonne Noseworthy 8 months ago

    Why do you never use licorce flavouring in any of your candies?

  • Toby Abbott
    Toby Abbott 8 months ago

    My Grandfathers name was Opp Allen, because my Grandparents couldn't settle on a name for 6 weeks. How horrible! lol But very true.

  • Karla Ramirez
    Karla Ramirez 8 months ago

    Max is so handsome OMG 💕

  • lisamcollins21
    lisamcollins21 8 months ago

    Your channel is great. Steve is a great teacher. And I love Max teaching Craig. I haven’t ordered anything yet but I definitely will be soon! Keep up the great videos and I’m sure awesome candy!

  • Anne-Audrey Lariviere
    Anne-Audrey Lariviere 8 months ago

    I love how this family work together! They are so adorable and funny! I wish to have a family like them one day!! :)

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    Carrol Anne Thompson 8 months ago

    use a hanger! or a heavy guage wire! omgoodness .. seriously? old school ways make everything better. A creative gift should never be wasted.. nup. we ALL would enjoy watching the temps, Evolve! 🐒

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    Felicia Chandler 8 months ago

    Heyyy MAX! You’re getting so much better at the hook! Good job 👍🏻

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    Katie Sharp 8 months ago

    Sure wish there was a ASMR of your hard candy making. I’d watch it every single night for bedtime 😂
    I mean.... I guess I watch every night anyway, but that would be awesome!

  • Cliff Meadows
    Cliff Meadows 8 months ago

    Max, you are getting better at scraping out the kettle. The first time I saw you do it I wanted to snatch the knife out of your hand and do it myself!!!!!

  • Paula kreinberg
    Paula kreinberg 8 months ago

    I think it's too warm at first for Max. once it cools down a bit he's fine

  • Barbara Richmond
    Barbara Richmond 8 months ago

    I was trying to help you Max, but it didn't help. Go faster at the beginning and keep it closer to the hook. I don't know?