AREA 51 About To Get FORCED Open?

  • Published on Jul 14, 2019
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Comments • 12 367

  • C Tito Young
    C Tito Young 11 hours ago

    Send in all Flat Earthers first, and if nobody shoot, discussions then follows.

    KEP GAMING 18 hours ago

    i can be the lockpicker ive got a lockpicking sett who's with me!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rich Hamilton
    Rich Hamilton 19 hours ago

    Not that I wouldn't love to know what is contained there. But as a military man. You would all be held at gun point and it wouldnt be a good seen

  • Climbatize
    Climbatize Day ago ufo's 🛸 in the UK.

  • Chase
    Chase 2 days ago

    First of all you have not seen over a million rainbows in your lifetime. That's simply a rainbow with some kind of haze or mist between the viewer and the rainbow. Looks like something you would see in china with all the smog.

  • Arizona Sunflowers
    Arizona Sunflowers 2 days ago

    And the answer is a resounding “NO!” Nothing new posted. I don’t believe these bs excuses any more.

  • extreme lifestyle
    extreme lifestyle 2 days ago

    The guards would be laughing there heads of. Deadly force means just that

  • 1HotSkiBunnie
    1HotSkiBunnie 3 days ago

    A hundred unemployed people will show up.

  • 1HotSkiBunnie
    1HotSkiBunnie 3 days ago

    Gas is real cheap between Reno and Vegas. It’s the middle of nowhere, but the gas is so cheap. It’s weird. Anyway, fill up before the raid.

  • devin nagle
    devin nagle 3 days ago upper right someone please tell me what this is! it looks like a red smoke around the craft and this was on the news

  • Greg Lord
    Greg Lord 3 days ago

    This video has a secureteam easter egg, see if you can find it! LOL

  • Nick Gray
    Nick Gray 3 days ago

    Dont let them know the truth

  • Jim McMahon
    Jim McMahon 3 days ago

    Blocks just some weirdo looking for attention and now he got , ñot you Tyler hehe ,

  • Michael Mclaren
    Michael Mclaren 4 days ago

    It's a military base designed for a full scale assault they can and WILL stop you all.

  • Ron Buckner
    Ron Buckner 4 days ago

    How 'bout some of those Sumerian space crafts from india

  • John Passerella
    John Passerella 4 days ago

    If this "storming" takes place and succeeds then we will all be at risk.These are secret Government facilities and should be treated with respect and could very well end up with people being shot and or killed. I'm sure our enemies and Leftists would love to bare out our secrets.

  • Ozzda Boss
    Ozzda Boss 4 days ago

    Don't worry about it Tyler u have to take care of all ur situations

  • Brandon Lepine
    Brandon Lepine 4 days ago

    Really Tyler? Couldn't come up with anything better then " some strange portal cloud" 😂

  • Frozenblitzalphagaming


  • Galaxysurfer 1
    Galaxysurfer 1 5 days ago

    It's a Fog Bow, seen one before. It's a real thing.

  • snooper91
    snooper91 5 days ago

    Wth us this meme shit?

  • justgetit
    justgetit 5 days ago

    Milton William Cooper told us that BOB LAZAR was a CIA agent, and here is the evidence.....

    Cooper was killed for telling us the true.

    Bob lazar is still alive and telling the same history for more than 25 years?

  • Airplane Mechanic
    Airplane Mechanic 6 days ago

    Yeah, lets see how this pans out. its funny though. LOL

  • Erich Von Molder
    Erich Von Molder 6 days ago

    Area 69 is Youngstown, OH.

  • Gary Cooper
    Gary Cooper 6 days ago

    white cloud bow

  • dead star
    dead star 7 days ago +1

    Lol Area 51 is a front it’s all in area 52 anyway and no one knows area 52’s real location lmfao

  • Unknown Gamer9000
    Unknown Gamer9000 8 days ago

    it's a meme now but wait and see it happens 😂

  • Tylor Durdin
    Tylor Durdin 8 days ago +1

    Word on street is tyler is in the process of selling his secure team and brand.

    RUBICON AIR TV 9 days ago this guy is not human!

  • Iceman FlatEarth
    Iceman FlatEarth 9 days ago

    Im with the movement if it really happens where going to have to sacrifice a few lives fr it's not go be a cakewalk guys

  • Cyrus-Girl-Gamer
    Cyrus-Girl-Gamer 9 days ago

    It's just a joke. It isn't real, though I wouldn't be surprised to finding a few dummies showing up and being arrested. People are having fun with this.

  • Xyrius D
    Xyrius D 10 days ago

    Cant believe you put a recording of club/ event lights from a projector in the sky and making it seem like its UFOs. that's silly.

  • dudleydoodles
    dudleydoodles 10 days ago

    Great covert mission, Petition? Like they wouldn't notice that online. Oh what a shitstorm this will be.

  • Regino Hernandez
    Regino Hernandez 11 days ago

    I wonder what an advanced particle beam weapon will do to a human being?

  • kstars
    kstars 11 days ago

    A few EMPs to render all electronics useless including vehicles and some serious blasts from sonic weapons to destroy some eardrums and a lot of people are going to have a looooong silent walk home.

  • tiny 1
    tiny 1 11 days ago

    That egg is very cool it's nice to see you got some true fans bro it awesome to see can't wait to see more and new vids love it

  • brad meek
    brad meek 11 days ago

    A10 brrrrrp
    Enough said

  • joe browne
    joe browne 12 days ago

    I think the lights look light they’re jut really far away, not following them , just by their perspective it looked like that.

    • joe browne
      joe browne 12 days ago

      Same as the other recent videos

  • Richard Ackland
    Richard Ackland 12 days ago

    It's ok to take vacation Tyler. It's summer after all.

  • Tyler Wickwire
    Tyler Wickwire 12 days ago

    The guy who started it literally started on the page that it IS for internet karma and has a disclaimer for all who go forth with it and he also directed to the feds by saying "Hello feds"

  • Tameree Davis
    Tameree Davis 12 days ago

    They should all do it for true it full time ppl take their own life in their hands and no government take a stand people

  • Lynn Ripley
    Lynn Ripley 12 days ago

    The spinning lights.....rotating event searchlights.

  • C S
    C S 13 days ago

    Def not a fidget spinner in the reflection
    Also rainbow is just color adjustment lmfao

  • Rus5el5
    Rus5el5 13 days ago

    ALL DEAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    MARK TURBEVILLE 13 days ago

    IMG: 10 dorks looking tough as they can roadside Area 51

  • Surge
    Surge 14 days ago +4

    Lmao mr.beast posted a video and they saw a huge ass turret gun and they said it was never there before the area 51 post.

  • Cobalt Witch
    Cobalt Witch 14 days ago

    Anyone else here know the first meme clip is from RT (specifically AH)? Wondering if any other fans are crossovers here.

  • tomenza
    tomenza 14 days ago

    That eggshell is stronger than you think it is.

  • ciesal smith
    ciesal smith 14 days ago

    White rainbow. It's rare, but foes happen. Also called a moonbow. Usually caused by the moon's light instead of the sun

  • Really Reals
    Really Reals 14 days ago

    and hey you know you're supposed to be critiquing these videos and telling people what you think and breaking them down and generally helping people figure out whether the UFOs are real or not correct? why is it that you don't even realize she obviously painted the egg before hollowing it out. This is slightly alarming

  • Really Reals
    Really Reals 14 days ago

    14 minutes the lights that were supposedly chasing the car on the freeway that's something that she's holding in the back seat filming thru glass. Ya it's a reflection on the window. you can totally tell when the light flashes onto the seat and shows that particular section look very carefully you can see that the lights just happen to not be on the clouds anymore. it's hard to decipher but you can definitely tell

  • Nunya Biznez
    Nunya Biznez 15 days ago

    They can and will stop you. Though I do not see my Military bretheren killing the very people we swore to protect. The Contractor security gaurding the base would probably enjoy it. They are generally the losers that can not hack it in the military. That is my opinion of the ones ive worked with in Iraq while was an active duty Marine.

  • Richard Campbell
    Richard Campbell 15 days ago

    Spoiler alert........they paint the egg before it's hollow.

  • kernalmusterd
    kernalmusterd 15 days ago

    they wont reach it on foot they need a convoy of cars

  • TheDodge1011
    TheDodge1011 15 days ago +2

    I don't like to poop on stuff but i really believe this is something local on the ground reflecting up in the cloud.
    i'd say there's some sort of show with revolving beams, a gig even.
    ive seen this before and identified it precisely to a local event.
    check out local events in the area where filmed.
    Its summertime. Events happen with skyward display beams.
    Only with cloud does this happen. Trust me.

  • Ediranii
    Ediranii 15 days ago

    I've seen this type of rainbow before. It's just due to the haze, nothing really ominous about it. It's rare because it requires certain conditions to appear in that manner.

  • pkbattosai
    pkbattosai 15 days ago

    Hey youtubeing can be a fucking work out it's cool lol

  • Lo0NeY De3
    Lo0NeY De3 15 days ago

    Anyone who gets a hotel there , that’s a small town and work with the military there... remember this when using ya name .. good lucc I will be watching on cnn bwahaa

  • critterman
    critterman 15 days ago

    spinning lights are search light advertising

  • get off my lawn
    get off my lawn 16 days ago

    The 3 glowing objects are searchlights on cloud cover. They're used to attract attention to different events all the time.

  • Adio Aurel
    Adio Aurel 16 days ago

    Tyler, are you trolling us with the 3 lights clip?
    Every noob can tell those are no ufos. They're either lights projected from the ground or something in the car reflecting on its window.

  • Callsign IronMan
    Callsign IronMan 16 days ago +1

    I usually love your videos... but seriously??? The 3 lights? Those are search lights in a parking lot for some type of marketing of a grand opening or sale... see this all the time. And before anyone says anything about the searchlights not getting any further away, The video is literally a couple seconds long and the car traveled less than a mile so you're not going to see those lights shrink in size in that short distance.

    • Adio Aurel
      Adio Aurel 16 days ago

      When I saw the 3 lights clip and what he said about it... facepalm*
      I thought after all these years he can seperate good from bad videos, but well clearly not, must be trolling.

  • Jim Brewer
    Jim Brewer 16 days ago

    BTW, most of the day to day operations are now carried out at Dugway Proving Ground in Utah and the Forign Technology Division (FTD) at Wright - Patterson AFB in Ohio, Area - 51 has served its purpose. Mainly to make people like us ask questions. And if that's making people think "aliens" they couldn't be happier! Some of the intelligence collection systems that I flew in the air force were developed there and during the Vietnam war the air force sent there to learn how to "dogfight" the MiG-21's because the losses of F-4's was unacceptable partly because the air to air missiles were unreliable and partly because the F-4 was produced WITHOUT A GUN!

  • Jim Brewer
    Jim Brewer 16 days ago

    OMG PEOPLE! What do you not get about keeping things from our opponents? The U-2, the A-12, the SR-71, the F-117, the B-2 and dozens of other projects that never went into production. If the public knew about these things they would too!

  • Janee Winland
    Janee Winland 16 days ago

    Why would anyone give a heads up like this? Because that's what they did! Gives them time to be heavily prepared.
    Those lights and sporadic white things... Looks like a battle of some sort.

  • gianni arnoldons
    gianni arnoldons 16 days ago

    And the otherone is obviously vr.. i mean cant y see that?

  • gianni arnoldons
    gianni arnoldons 16 days ago

    The light could have been a discotaque flash lights. They look very similar

  • Rey Gomez
    Rey Gomez 16 days ago

    that was no rainbow alright but i bet it was an alien fart....

  • Rey Gomez
    Rey Gomez 16 days ago

    lol those signatures are most of my foes....

  • Rey Gomez
    Rey Gomez 16 days ago

    coffee ,oatmeal and secureteam10 @6:30am is just peachy .....ohhh yeah and only true idiots will attempt such a stunt ...they have no problem with using there gunz on civilians ...besides ppl dont ppl use there heads now a days theres probably an area 52 by now ;heck with all these sick taxes on our asses they got the means

  • Brenna Grala
    Brenna Grala 16 days ago

    The area 51 memes are the only thing keeping me going to be honest

  • Cynthia Ruffino
    Cynthia Ruffino 16 days ago

    There needs to be a movie done about this Storm Area 51 phenomenon. It would be awesome 👽

  • Hikaroto
    Hikaroto 16 days ago

    9:02 so this is how the boomerang ship look in a close up?

  • Tronoxis Gaming
    Tronoxis Gaming 16 days ago

    Spinning lights? Comon Tyler common sense on that one..............

  • Mary Nickel
    Mary Nickel 17 days ago

    wonder if anyone has seen Dulce base in New Mexico ? or if there's a satellite view