Interviewing the Head of YouTube Business

  • Published on Feb 12, 2018
  • thank you Robert and TVclip for making this happen. I hope this is the first of many.

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  • net Sihanoukville
    net Sihanoukville Month ago

    what is his jacket brand?

  • net Sihanoukville
    net Sihanoukville Month ago

    where can i buy his hoodie ?

  • Neal Feldpausch
    Neal Feldpausch 2 months ago

    Disabling comments sections on videos that help people. Kids exploitation I get. But channel a that help people use comments sections for support in so many ways. Booooooo👎

  • 0 0
    0 0 3 months ago

    TVclip is a lying piece of crap. ALL they care about is pushing a DEMOCRAT agenda based on lies and deception.

  • Lolo
    Lolo 3 months ago

    Not so much for that freedom speech and info.. 🤔

  • aljawisa
    aljawisa 3 months ago +1

    So this is one of the guys suppressing humanity?

  • Douglas Brown
    Douglas Brown 4 months ago

    Thank you. This is old now, but very interesting.

  • Emmanuel Monforte
    Emmanuel Monforte 5 months ago

    Guy sugar quotes everything. He knows what's up.

  • Jen Doe
    Jen Doe 5 months ago

    Word Salad! Good grief.

    GENESCOTT BENTZ 5 months ago

    Great job casey

  • pernada boriusz
    pernada boriusz 5 months ago

    Oooooh. So he is the asshole that fucks up youtube

  • Ripunjay Malla Buzar Baruah


  • FunForKidsTV - Nursery Rhymes & Baby Songs

    Awesome interview man 👍👍

  • Lukas Liß
    Lukas Liß 7 months ago

    Very nice

  • The Count
    The Count 7 months ago

    We want more female creators ?????
    Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?
    Stop the bs!
    If a female want to do something she can.
    This pro female in every instance of life is just a cheap PR trick...

  • Mind Muscle Fitness
    Mind Muscle Fitness 7 months ago

    That's a great treat for TVclip creators & to TVclip too!

  • G3M1N1J0K3R
    G3M1N1J0K3R 7 months ago

    You can always trust big companies to do the right thing,right...? Right? Like the government.

  • dark pendulum
    dark pendulum 8 months ago

    Was was Robert on? And what is he doing now?

  • Sir Wilson Madness
    Sir Wilson Madness 8 months ago

    Why do people in interviews start speaking like I should have a dictionary open. Its like trying to translate one Shakespeare plays. Try making it more like a friendly chat not a presidential speech. This is not a English lesson!

  • Detailed Kicks
    Detailed Kicks 8 months ago

    Super small creators like me really find the qualifications for monetization daunting

  • Reuven Redlich
    Reuven Redlich 8 months ago +1

    I got it now! When you said "thought police" (at 4:35) you were quoting the book "1984".
    BTW great book, if you haven't read it, go read it!

  • Curtis Bell
    Curtis Bell 8 months ago +1

    FUCK this guy, and FUCK any and all TVclip executives. Thanks for systematically FUCKING UP everything that made TVclip great. I hope they crash and burn and some other site comes and replaces TVclip that isn't destroyed by corporate profit motivated bullshit.

  • Grisha
    Grisha 9 months ago

    Well um bs
    And bs
    Might be a good guy but damn that spin.
    So weird with him.

  • John Capshaw
    John Capshaw 9 months ago

    i really really liked it felt genuine and sincere...

  • Trojanette83
    Trojanette83 9 months ago

    BRAVE !!! That's all I have to say is brave (on both your parts). Big hats off to, Robert Kyncl, for taking the 'risk' to do your interview.

  • Taanish Arora
    Taanish Arora 9 months ago +1

    Dude please interview the guy responsible for rewind. PLEASE

  • dark pendulum
    dark pendulum 9 months ago

    Robert kyncl is a relative of Ajit pai and doesn't know what he's doing and he's also autistic so thats why he's bullying everyone

  • Lothar Radscheid
    Lothar Radscheid 10 months ago

    Hi Casey, i am so many times impressed about your video, so that i forgot to put my thumbs up. Sorry sorry sorry, it will not happen again. Best Lothar

  • Sarah Harris
    Sarah Harris 10 months ago

    Anti climatic 😣

  • Carla Harder
    Carla Harder 11 months ago

    Lots of bob'n and weaving....not a straight answer to be heard just a LOT of corporate speak.

  • refa kashiki
    refa kashiki 11 months ago

    If you don`t success we don`t`s a deep rule in our Life.... this video will very usefull in our life.... it`s a strong conversation between a Man who know about Life

  • Karen A
    Karen A 11 months ago

    Thank you TVclip for helping so many people and giving us all this amazing content!

  • maitri amin
    maitri amin 11 months ago +1

    I wish he would've asked if you tubers get paid more when someone watches their whole ad.

  • zacharias abel
    zacharias abel Year ago

    Fucking losers!!!

  • Sahra
    Sahra Year ago

    Wow he was born behind the iron curtain!!

  • net Sihanoukville

    anyone know what is his jacket brand ?

  • Danny Guaico
    Danny Guaico Year ago

    Freedom of speech he said... Alex Jones has been banned from TVclip...

  • dljblhaha
    dljblhaha Year ago

    Dislike the interview with this guy. Also dislike the policies of YouYube.

  • Emmanuel Bowman
    Emmanuel Bowman Year ago

    Robert kyncl clearly has autism

  • pentekimi
    pentekimi Year ago

    Have you since figured out if that glass is counterfeit or not?

  • Nolan Olson
    Nolan Olson Year ago +1

    Your hairs yellow af..... I like it.

  • Fergal Downes
    Fergal Downes Year ago

    Whats up buddy, nice stream that you have here. Thank you.

  • Tonya Plans
    Tonya Plans Year ago

    You asked him some tough questions. Good job on the interview.

  • Lori Foster
    Lori Foster Year ago

    Omg .... all I can focus on is all that mail. I want to be his mail person!

  • CampX4 & Outdoor
    CampX4 & Outdoor Year ago

    I think TVclip has switched on an incubator, and maintaining the climate to hatch a monster that will consume them at the end. I have been in business my entire life, and only lately started creating video's on youtube. From a business perspective you must never create the climate to incubate a monster. TVclip forgot that the viewer is the customer and the creator is the supplier and the advertiser just rides along for a small fee.If the advertiser wan'ts control over the content, go to a TV station or news paper. Every body knows that the ad and content are not related. TVclip has it the wrong way around. Spot the little monster that will consume them, all it takes is time. No one want's to work for free, remember that!
    In South Africa the radio's station states that "This is a paid for advertisement and the radio station does not necessarily endorse the content"

  • BTR
    BTR Year ago +1

    16:06 That didn't age so well Robert huh?
    As within 6 months, you showed what those points really ment.

  • Mark Rizkallah
    Mark Rizkallah Year ago

    Guy said advertisers first every time. It’s clear what they really care about

  • Woe is Me
    Woe is Me Year ago

    That's right Casey keep it nice, don't want to risk being put on the naughty list eh? Waste of an interview.

  • Eva Lane
    Eva Lane Year ago

    why does the “about logan paul” vid have more views than this ...

  • ShawN shawN
    ShawN shawN Year ago

    I think the challenge is they are between creators and advertisers. There is likely a lot of challenges we don't see as creators that advertisers bring up. Could be many are advertising wrong. I'm always surprised on some ads on particular videos or channels. Some ads just have no relevance to the audience, while other ads are spot on. I wish the advertisers would filter to the most relevant content, so the ads aren't so abrasive.

  • ShawN shawN
    ShawN shawN Year ago

    Very nice interview and great idea to land it.

  • Liberal Logic
    Liberal Logic Year ago

    What a phuucking liar Robert is! Phuuck you Robert! TVclip is definitely not a platform for everyone!

  • jmneal
    jmneal Year ago

    16:00 The four freedoms valued at TVclip. Among them "Freedom of speech, as important as ever"...spoken by a man who lived in Czechoslovakia behind the iron curtain. It's fucking scandalous the way they are censoring and banning content creators, and I wonder what his extended family thinks of his duplicitous behavior.
    Before someone feels compelled to point out that no one has a right to free speech on this platform, you're right. Just don't wave a flag saying "Oh yeah, we support free speech". Be honest and say "We support speech we approve of".

  • Skully ART
    Skully ART Year ago

    That Robert guy needs to sort out his platform
    His useless

  • C Clifton
    C Clifton Year ago

    I'm late to the party .. What did LP do ? He filmed a suicide? or filmed a deceased person? Sorry for being so ignorant on an issue that's obviously been talked about a lot.

  • Kyle Chau
    Kyle Chau Year ago

    Why doesn’t TVclip have a TVclip channel? Transparency seems like a strange issue given that they run one of the biggest social media platforms.

  • russianvoodoo
    russianvoodoo Year ago

    What a poor interview. He didn't answer any questions. Or you might say that he answered all of the questions with one reply.

  • redbeam_
    redbeam_ Year ago

    Wow, its so weird to hear Czech on this channel :D (im Slovak btw)

  • Fat Paramotor Guy

    I agree with community guidelines, but the line is creeping towards censorship. TVclip are now shaping a previously organically grown platform to their own ethic. What one person considers to be disrespectful another will deem informative. Until now TVclip allowed peers to review content, now they are actively shaping the medium which is a huge loss for free speech and free creativity.

  • Dirty Shed Creations

    Sorting out the rules of TVclip is still in its infancy as it is changing the media playing field. This generation are setting the rules with their success and sometimes this will cause a problem that needs to be overcome, but I think the attitude to solving these problems is perfectly encapsulated in Robert. If you are interested I'd highly recommend his book, it's brilliant, and that interview was boss. Nice one.