The Imagawayaki Cake from Japan. London Street Food of Brick Lane


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  • Василий Уткин

    Где рецепт? я вас спрашиваю - Где рецепт? что там? смысл какой выкладывать если даже понятия - нет, что это?

  • Silvia Gomes
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  • joazhari Malaysia tabrani

    Same like apam in malaysia

  • Salman Ishaq
    Salman Ishaq 4 days ago

    Wow................ It's so amazing

  • hoang phong
    hoang phong 5 days ago

    Does anyone know the recipe for this cake? Let people learn with! Thank you

  • مطبخ التوفير

    بعمل اكلات بسيطة وع اد ايدينا شجعونى يارب الا يشترك ف قناتى يفرح فرحة يتعجب لية اهل الارض وأهل السماء

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  • Wendy Zenil
    Wendy Zenil 8 days ago

    Who me sorprendió 👌💯✔

  • George Lopez
    George Lopez 8 days ago

    That young man is very Handsome 😉 I'm a chick by the way Lol

  • chen soora
    chen soora 9 days ago

    Japanese is really2 care abt they cleanliness#

  • Zana scarlet
    Zana scarlet 9 days ago

    Healthy, very clean, professional in your job!! Top class, thanks for sharing. Respect

  • Светлана Рудимова

    Тряссет подмышками . Ртом и волосами . Главное в перчатах. Фу ((((

  • Syamsul Anam
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  • Frost King
    Frost King 11 days ago +1

    A polite Taiwanese man making an old-fashioned Japanese pastries in London. Keep up the good work, young man!!

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  • paola huichiqueo
    paola huichiqueo 13 days ago

    Pero un pastelillo asi y esa persona con ese talento no puede estar en la calle ? Como nadie lo emplea en un restaurante o cafeteria con gran nivel que desperdicio

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  • bintang fitriawan
    bintang fitriawan 16 days ago

    i like eating this. delicious

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    Cathy Baldry 16 days ago

    I want so much

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  • Gaston Silva
    Gaston Silva 18 days ago

    it amazes me how ppl say that he looks cute and nerdy and all that stuff, but then they say "but he has tattoos on his arms, oof" like, wtf how closeminded do you have to be to think someone nerdy lookin cant have tattoos, do you think he cant be the nicest person in the world just bcs of the fact he has tattoos? what the actual fuck

  • jen saranghae
    jen saranghae 20 days ago

    it taste so good...its so delicious

  • Ruel Agnes
    Ruel Agnes 20 days ago

    your left hand gloves touches all,is there any other way

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  • Josh W
    Josh W 22 days ago

    I came for the cake, stayed for the guitarist playing Hendrix in the background.

  • Wheelcake Island
    Wheelcake Island 23 days ago

    Hi! We open 7 days a week at Old Spitalfields Market now! Just next Street to Brick Lane.

  • Steven Mackenzie
    Steven Mackenzie 23 days ago

    Somebody know the model of that cake machine?

  • Joseph Lennonova
    Joseph Lennonova 23 days ago +5

    The Japanese are such polite, lovely people, rude westerners make themselves look like tools.

  • Mohamed Waleed
    Mohamed Waleed 23 days ago

    Bread job bro, God bless you😆

  • Mohamed Waleed
    Mohamed Waleed 23 days ago

    Baking it in an electric oven would be way easier!!!!

  • Алексей Кузнецов

    Не буду брать с картошкой. Её не докладывают...

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  • Andra Nobi
    Andra Nobi 27 days ago

    moon cake

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  • 明美キャットフード


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  • ، Walid Bouhraoua
    ، Walid Bouhraoua 28 days ago

    Check out the door for

  • Ana Carolina Cadore
    Ana Carolina Cadore 29 days ago

    The boy is so cute....

  • 憂鬱
    憂鬱 Month ago

    さすが台湾人!素敵に仕上げてくれて嬉しい(* ´ ▽ ` *)

  • นยย รย
    นยย รย Month ago

    ไทยเเลนด์ ปู้นๆ

  • Kiwi Rose
    Kiwi Rose Month ago

    his tattoo is more attracting

  • Truth Unfolded
    Truth Unfolded Month ago

    Very nice. Japanese are the only Asian people I'd eat from

  • Jalil Jalil
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  • Maribelle
    Maribelle Month ago

    JC from Wei Wei’s Wheelcake FB is @wheelcakeUK , there’s another random foodie video on YT that has a lot better info!
    Edit: Located in Brick Lane - London

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    AZL ALV Month ago

    I love his tatts!

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  • Karen Williams
    Karen Williams Month ago

    This process is fascinating and the cakes look delicious!!! I love the way he pars them.

    NIGHTHAWKS Month ago

    I wanna buy those now craving so much

  • Son Shine
    Son Shine Month ago

    Thanks for wearing gloves!!🌞

  • Sonia Fire
    Sonia Fire Month ago

    Viva o Japao

  • Otella Hobson
    Otella Hobson Month ago

    It nice to see someone enjoying what they sell and patientate with customers who purchase .I love your video .Big up all the way to your street food 👏

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  • Yorleny Camacho
    Yorleny Camacho Month ago

    Todo se ve rico pero no da lareseta lo felicidades

  • cuma warga
    cuma warga Month ago

    10minuts for 1 cake

  • Thomas Shue's World

    Using an icepick to scrape around the cakes is stupid. It will wear the baking cups down and destroy the cooktop eventually. A wooden Stick or silicone coated steel rods, bit not steel on bronze or brass like he's doing. So dumb, it's obvious he's working on someone else's cart, because not he had to buy that cart he's be way way more careful.

  • Thaksaporn Liamsakul

    กูไม่หิวขนมอะ...กูหิวพ่อค้า 😋🍴

  • Mari B
    Mari B Month ago

    What a beautiful cake... this man is talented.. but the man who's taking a video is very rude.. you maybe knew what's the meaning or whatever!!!!!! but how about the people who's watching it... you dumb asshole..

  • Tyler can fix it
    Tyler can fix it Month ago

    They're like sandwiches of goodness! I want this in my state...

  • Danielle
    Danielle Month ago

    That car alarm omfg 🤯😤 lol

  • Trent Timoy
    Trent Timoy Month ago

    Nice guy. Very customer service orientated. I love them all especially the sweet bean. Time consuming but worth it.

  • Guangzhou Snack machinery

    We manufacture the type equipments. Nice to see your this video. thank you .

  • R M
    R M Month ago

    That's a clean ass sleeve tatt though!

  • Adi Shtainshneed
    Adi Shtainshneed Month ago

    I'm flying to LON just for that cake, yummy!

  • oreocatmeow
    oreocatmeow Month ago

    He is a Taiwanese, not a Japanese😄

  • Iyahnah j
    Iyahnah j Month ago

    He's a cutie

  • DAMA Siempre
    DAMA Siempre Month ago

    Estaban crudos d en medio...😱

  • SoyEvelyn OtraVez
    SoyEvelyn OtraVez Month ago

    He is really CUTE! 😱😍😭👍

  • CHOI ASMR [초이 チョイ]


  • Tamra Armstrong
    Tamra Armstrong Month ago +20

    Wow that looks like a really long process but really looks worth the wait too...did anyone else feel like the guy taping this was being rude by interrupting the guy mid sentence a couple of times to say "yeah, yeah I know." That annoyed me but otherwise was really cool.

  • K H
    K H Month ago

    Wow this guy is from Taiwan. Good job.

  • I Love Cr7
    I Love Cr7 Month ago

    I never saw a tattooed man as tender as him...😍😍😍

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  • Magdalena Luscombe
    Magdalena Luscombe Month ago

    Yum yum yum yum yum !!!

  • Alejandra Sosa
    Alejandra Sosa Month ago

    Buenooo amigo q ricoooo👍👌

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  • Rune Tensai
    Rune Tensai Month ago

    in the Philippines we called it a Dirty cake.. Pinoy streetfood of this cake are not clean.

  • Beecozz7
    Beecozz7 Month ago

    That deliciousness takes a long time to make! I'm sure they're worth the wait! Hendrix in the background was nice!

  • DP Entertainment Ltd

    time loss

  • bid yo
    bid yo Month ago

    marry me please! 😍♥️♥️

  • Ariunaa D
    Ariunaa D Month ago

    Not baked yet. The liquid mixer is melting man!!

  • Juliana
    Juliana Month ago

    Praise this Japanese boi he's speaking English and so nice to others I wish he will have a lots of money and a good life ☺

  • Alvin Kurniawan W
    Alvin Kurniawan W Month ago gently and precisily cooked...its an art not just a street food cake....really love to see how he handle it

  • yuli yanti
    yuli yanti Month ago

    in Indonesia that cake called SORABI..
    anykind of topping.. Dage Lada, Egg, chocolate.. etc..

  • Riza Mae Espinosa
    Riza Mae Espinosa Month ago

    Who's that stupid dude that interrupting talkin' that brave man. Who are you bitch? Pls let us know. You're so stupid just the way you said "I KNOW" OH BRO THEN WHY ARE YOU ASKING IF YOU KNOW. BITCH DOUCHEBAG 🖕🏼

  • Tuyet Vo
    Tuyet Vo Month ago

    Anh chàng này chắc mới ra nghề... không chuyên nghiệp chút nào.

  • Kenia Hernández
    Kenia Hernández Month ago

    Nop, didn't like it, don't look tasty at all.

  • สวัสดี ความเหงา


  • syed Nafis ahamed
    syed Nafis ahamed Month ago

    Nce making bro.

  • Phyoss Fb
    Phyoss Fb Month ago

    Yo quiero 😍😍😍😍

  • Taciana Mato
    Taciana Mato Month ago

    Show de bola mas dá muito trabalho

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    あいうえお Month ago