The Imagawayaki Cake from Japan. London Street Food of Brick Lane


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  • あや吉にゃんこ

    wow this man showing his tattoos
    he doesn’t hide it
    no good to do street shop in japan
    i know almost street shop owner have tattoos but they hide them
    really is he japanese??
    and isn’t he actor ??

  • Milah Miah
    Milah Miah Day ago

    I wish we had stuff like this in the US if anyone know please tell me

  • shelbi long
    shelbi long 2 days ago

    He is seriously under selling himself!! 3 for 5£!! Boy I'd buy one for that price!!

  • shelbi long
    shelbi long 2 days ago

    Its interesting how he really only uses one hand for most of this.

  • Carmela  Surban
    Carmela Surban 2 days ago

    Love the custard flavor!

  • Nikky Yo
    Nikky Yo 3 days ago

    Very clean.

    JAYSON 4 days ago

    You couldn't smash loads of these out per hour, that's why they're so expensive in Japan, about 10quid each

  • Azeoo Mohd
    Azeoo Mohd 4 days ago

    How does it taste ?

  • 김또깡
    김또깡 4 days ago

    씨발럼 도화지 살돈이없나 팔뚝에다 그림 그린거봐라 양아찌새끼 ~ㅋㅋ

  • Mercedes AvaCen
    Mercedes AvaCen 4 days ago

    la sonrisa del chico que creo que es japones es muy tierna porque se le nota como le gusta lo que hace ❤❤ hasta me dieron ganas de estar ahí para comprarle :"v pero ni se donde estará 😯🙁

  • KiwiGurl NZ
    KiwiGurl NZ 5 days ago

    I cook pancakes one at a time and Not evan my pancakes come out this perfect and hes cooking multiple!...and on top of each other!.....I think I'm in the wrong line of cooking lol

  • Nancy Kez
    Nancy Kez 6 days ago

    When i heard south Korea i was like...'BTS"!!!

  • Nancy Kez
    Nancy Kez 6 days ago

    When i heard south Korea i was like...'BTS"!!!

  • Tine Joaquin
    Tine Joaquin 6 days ago

    This is my childhood favorite ❤️ i wish i can still find someone selling this 😍

  • Василий Одноглазое

    1:00 бензинчика туда

  • Burcu Nur
    Burcu Nur 7 days ago

    How much money i wonder ? They look so delicious😋

  • Bouchra Ben
    Bouchra Ben 7 days ago

    Juste fait avec amour ces beaux gâteaux Passionnant...

  • Elizabeth Ramos
    Elizabeth Ramos 7 days ago

    No hermano has de vender unos diez al día, que estrés.

  • Rozellvia Sulapas
    Rozellvia Sulapas 7 days ago

    the chocolate one is yummy😋😋😋😋😋😍

  • Emma Skylet
    Emma Skylet 7 days ago

    His tattoos

  • Fantaa Narak
    Fantaa Narak 8 days ago

    เป็นขนมที่ใช้เวลาทำนานหน่อย แต่น่ากินมากค่ะ^^

  • リヴァイ・アッカーマン  調査兵団

    おいしそう( *´꒳`*)

  • Mel Flo
    Mel Flo 9 days ago

    What a joy to watch this man making his cakes.

  • Baby En
    Baby En 10 days ago +1

    Martabak mini ini mah haha saudaranya

  • Oma Yayah
    Oma Yayah 10 days ago


  • fredy gustavo parion aigaje

    me pregunto q sabor tendrann

  • Sailaja Reddy
    Sailaja Reddy 11 days ago

    but good cake

  • Sailaja Reddy
    Sailaja Reddy 11 days ago

    I hate tattoo

  • Danelia Valle
    Danelia Valle 12 days ago

    Cual es la receta

  • таня с
    таня с 13 days ago

    Мне кажется,они сыроваты немного...

  • وردة الجوري
    وردة الجوري 13 days ago

    اللهم صل على حبيينا محمد وعلى آله وصحبه وسلم

  • mama peku peku
    mama peku peku 14 days ago

    Very nice ceki 🎂🍰⚘👌

  • マイン舞
    マイン舞 14 days ago


  • お吸い物Iove
    お吸い物Iove 15 days ago


  • Brenda Aracely Vasquez Layza

    Deliciosos pasteles buen trabajo me gustaría aprender a ser pasteles 🤔😋😯😯😯😮😮

  • anne lyn
    anne lyn 17 days ago

    Idk but watching him making the cakes delicately made me feel he's really gentle and a prove that he's love his job. Cool.

  • ぴーなっ
    ぴーなっ 18 days ago


  • Wow Dude
    Wow Dude 19 days ago

    Dude behind the camera needs to shut the fuck up.

  • dorcas terrado
    dorcas terrado 20 days ago

    whoever talked to the guy- I found him so rude. NOT LIKED at all.

  • 薮宏太大好き
    薮宏太大好き 20 days ago


  • 村田譲
    村田譲 20 days ago


  • As I Lay Dying
    As I Lay Dying 21 day ago

    0:30 OMF he is YAKUZA!!!

  • Shekinah Vidal
    Shekinah Vidal 21 day ago

    I would be ashamed if I will eat it fast and without grace, because his effort and gentle care for that cakes should be highly appreciated. 💕

  • Shekinah Vidal
    Shekinah Vidal 21 day ago

    I want to havs this kind of business.. Seems easy to do and relaxing.. You dont havs to rush things.. 😊😉👌

  • Nonye Ike
    Nonye Ike 22 days ago

    Brush went from grace to grass in seconds in scooping those yummies

  • Manoli Carrra
    Manoli Carrra 22 days ago

    Por favor introducir en Español pero todo y las ma nulidades

  • מיה עם ישראל חי

    So boring 😴😴😴😴😴

  • graça peruna
    graça peruna 24 days ago

    que maquina super KING maravilhosa eu amei ...qual o nome dessa beleza de maquina ... quero obte-la ...obrigada

  • アップルパイ大好きだもん

    たべたくなる けど売ってるみせがないからたい焼きで我慢するか

  • Malti Patel
    Malti Patel 24 days ago

    Looking toooo testy...😍😍🤗❤

  • Kohila Priya
    Kohila Priya 24 days ago

    Oh nice cakes but you guys know something its origin is from india kuzhipaniyaram really believe me usually we make it from remaining idly batter

  • Paula Tristan
    Paula Tristan 24 days ago

    Is this the smaller version of jiggly cake ?

  • 黃大叔
    黃大叔 25 days ago


  • Kaiya 。。
    Kaiya 。。 25 days ago

    Side note
    I love his tattoos

  • Olenka Flowers
    Olenka Flowers 26 days ago

    Which london street food))

  • Bochra Radi
    Bochra Radi 26 days ago

    waw amzing

  • けちゃまよ
    けちゃまよ 26 days ago


  • Leandro Moreno
    Leandro Moreno 26 days ago

    Que chef tan lindo 😍😍😍

  • Maria Wyatt
    Maria Wyatt 27 days ago

    I want that pan

  • Mrs Naseem Vlogger
    Mrs Naseem Vlogger 28 days ago

    Wow so devoted . Doing his job so well

  • Angga Aditama
    Angga Aditama 29 days ago

    Then fuck with the car alarm

  • مهدي محمد
    مهدي محمد Month ago



    Que top esses bolinhos 👏

  • Barbara Kempf
    Barbara Kempf Month ago

    So clean compared to Indian and Mexican Street food

  • Mel Hawk
    Mel Hawk Month ago

    Watching this and my sweet tooth won't STFU...

  • Nitro Zeus
    Nitro Zeus Month ago

    Ñam ñam ñam

  • 보름달
    보름달 Month ago

    이거 인천 차이나타운가면 달인분 계시는뎁ㅋㅋㅋ 갓나온 따끈한거 먹으면 존맛탱구릐 근데 왜 이영상이 내피드에 떳지

  • 流浪七也
    流浪七也 Month ago


  • Tri Rahayu
    Tri Rahayu Month ago

    Kangen ama kue ini.. Favoritku isi kacang merah...

  • TheSun26872
    TheSun26872 Month ago

    My God these Japanese are crazy... If their street food so elaborate...I can't imagine how much time consuming a formal dinner will be .....God help these maniacs

  • Somporn Jung
    Somporn Jung Month ago

    อาหารบนถนนของญี่ปุ่นดูสะอาด มีมาตรฐาน น่าดู น่ากิน น่าอร่อย จังเลย

  • Hardip Patel
    Hardip Patel Month ago +1

    Address please

  • がんちゃん
    がんちゃん Month ago


  • ウウウウウウ
    ウウウウウウ Month ago


  • Ромашка Белая

    Вот что он делает? Где перевод?

  • PoongiMin
    PoongiMin Month ago

    I wonder if hes still here!

  • anne nielsen
    anne nielsen Month ago

    These look so yummy thank you for sharing

  • Дежурный по Китаю


  • Irish Punzalan
    Irish Punzalan Month ago +3

    Japanese favorite......

  • natalia vazquez
    natalia vazquez Month ago

    En Argentina se venden en la calle las tortillas y Rosquitas con dulce de leche :)

  • 正直可靠的美国代表


  • Marta Ulina Telaumbanua

    i love

  • JAKE제이크
    JAKE제이크 Month ago

    내용물 얼마 안넣어서 별로일듯..

  • Tangiatu Vaitohi
    Tangiatu Vaitohi Month ago

    You art Redbook fower day money mum and the rest of the first time I am going through my email is the most part of 04

  • Sa Gi
    Sa Gi Month ago

    Got it, that dildo is the key to success

  • High On Fire 88
    High On Fire 88 Month ago

    Waist of time for both of these idiots

  • Mustofa Kamal
    Mustofa Kamal Month ago

    It is like pokis in my country

  • Evievi
    Evievi Month ago +2


  • Bluebär
    Bluebär Month ago

    What a horrible enviroment to work in. So fricking noisy! Big props to this man for enduring this to make some money and these beautiful pieces of cake.

  • Messicana* e Italiana*

    Creo que están crudos de adentro😒

  • vanusa gonçalves pereira

    Quero aprender pra faser aqui na minha cidade de Goiás

  • Wifak Hyunjoong
    Wifak Hyunjoong Month ago


  • Thakur Yashi Singh
    Thakur Yashi Singh Month ago

    Can you send a parcel 😆
    Love from India

  • Hamba Allah Lin
    Hamba Allah Lin Month ago

    I just love the way he tapping the cakes just like his kids

  • GiBBOR-911 XP
    GiBBOR-911 XP Month ago +15

    You buy just 1 ? Come on man

  • Maria Pujonggo
    Maria Pujonggo Month ago

    Thats alot in Taiwan street food too they call it "Hong Do Ping"
    1 for $NT.10 so cheap 😄
    soft and nice taste

    JDBR VLOG Month ago

    kue lumpur in indonesia

  • Error 0124
    Error 0124 Month ago

    Sebd super 😋

  • Mary Christo
    Mary Christo Month ago

    Does anybody know where he stands? So I can buy it from hjm when I go to London this year.