SPACE ODDITY - David Bowie cover - Puddles Pity Party

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  • Todd Costantino
    Todd Costantino 7 months ago +2805

    It's like... Andrew Lloyd Webber personally made you in a lab, with guidance by the ghost of Andy Kaufmann, and molded your vocal chords into the combined likeness of Elvis, Roy Orbison and Freddy Mercury, and magic'd you back to vaudevillian times. I. Am. Mesmerized.
    If could... please make a request... could you please cover "The Show Must Go On" by Queen?

  • Glitch
    Glitch 4 hours ago

    Nice one

  • Tillea Hurinenko
    Tillea Hurinenko 4 hours ago

    395 party poopers. Who down-votes a singing sad clown?
    But seriously, who would down-vote this?

  • kastras _22
    kastras _22 11 hours ago +1


  • wbhauck
    wbhauck 17 hours ago

    I love that there's actually coffee in the mugs! It's the little details that make Puddles so freaking awesome!

  • Timothy Riley
    Timothy Riley 18 hours ago

    Well done sir well done

  • Duck
    Duck 2 days ago

    Honestly, you've completely changed my perspective on clowns, normally when I see a clown I'd want it to leave, now I want it to give me a concert.

  • The Spiritual Path
    The Spiritual Path 2 days ago

    Oh man dat smoke.

    VERA BUNDY 3 days ago

    He sure has a MUCH better voice than Bowie !

  • kim thompson
    kim thompson 3 days ago

    I love your singing!!!!!!!!

  • nigel p
    nigel p 3 days ago

    One of the most original, well constructed and perfectly performed characters I have ever seen.

  • nyk31
    nyk31 4 days ago

    This song is about being high as fuck all the time

    • nyk31
      nyk31 Day ago

      "inspired by" or "about"?

    • Duck
      Duck 2 days ago

      No, it isn't, Bowie revealed in a 2003 interview with the magazine Performing Songwriter that it was actually inspired by the 1968 science-fiction film "2001: A Space Odyssey"

  • Edwin Mathes
    Edwin Mathes 4 days ago

    Beautiful brother

  • thehighlife forsure
    thehighlife forsure 5 days ago

    I think you would do a great job at I'd die without you by p.m. Dawn

  • RanDOMZ
    RanDOMZ 5 days ago

    You are so huge

  • Welton_BR
    Welton_BR 5 days ago

    Ele torna as músicas tão dele... o cara é fantástico.

  • Hammady Cobos
    Hammady Cobos 6 days ago

    Amazing cover, beautiful voice, i love you art, puddles, you're amazing!!!

  • Breno Santana
    Breno Santana 6 days ago

    I loved this music... So fantastic

  • Ashlynn Aragon
    Ashlynn Aragon 6 days ago +1

    i am, quite surprised at your voice........if i can say this, when i first saw you on America's Got Talent, I was TERRIFIED of you, I turned the T.V. off. I have been scared since I was a little girl of clowns. I will not get into why, lets just say one hurt me in ways that are not something you talk about in public. But my cousin turned the TV on and I heard your voice.......I was moved to tears......keep doing what you do. I see a bright and HOPEFULLY happy future for you. And thank you for, somewhat lifting what was otherwise a phobia of clowns.

  • The wee man from Glasgow

    I just came across this channel and fuck me your singing is amazing but why the clown stuff?

  • oldman kirrby
    oldman kirrby 7 days ago

    Hey do country roads by John Denver

  • John Hammons
    John Hammons 7 days ago

    Love the name tags!

  • Steve Stewart
    Steve Stewart 7 days ago

    I don't care what this guy wears he is absolutely amazing reminds of George Michael

  • Timber Wolf
    Timber Wolf 7 days ago

    Yooooooo saw u on AGT ur awesome! :3

  • Lori Girl
    Lori Girl 8 days ago

    I have major courlophobia. But this guy's voice is so beautiful I don't see the clown. I still hate clowns.

  • Fattylumpkin
    Fattylumpkin 8 days ago

    ok pitty the gigs up your Taco the guy who gave us puttin on the ritz? back in the day !!! oor maby a decindant

  • Jon Santiago
    Jon Santiago 8 days ago


  • having fun on the drums

    Ground Control to Major Tom
    Ground Control to Major Tom
    Take your protein pills and put your helmet on
    Ground Control to Major Tom (ten, nine, eight, seven, six)
    Commencing countdown, engines on (five, four, three)
    Check ignition and may God's love be with you (two, one, liftoff)
    This is Ground Control to Major Tom
    You've really made the grade
    And the papers want to know whose shirts you wear
    Now it's time to leave the capsule if you dare
    "This is Major Tom to Ground Control
    I'm stepping through the door
    And I'm floating in a most peculiar way
    And the stars look very different today
    For here
    Am I sitting in a tin can
    Far above the world
    Planet Earth is blue
    And there's nothing I can do
    Though I'm past one hundred thousand miles
    I'm feeling very still
    And I think my spaceship knows which way to go
    Tell my wife I love her very much she knows
    Ground Control to Major Tom
    Your circuit's dead, there's something wrong
    Can you hear me, Major Tom?
    Can you hear me, Major Tom?
    Can you hear me, Major Tom?
    Can you "Here am I floating 'round my tin can
    Far above the moon
    Planet Earth is blue
    And there's nothing I can do"

  • midnightkitsume
    midnightkitsume 9 days ago

    For a moment I was wondering if Puddles had swallowed David Bowes voice...
    ...don't watch this right after Bowes Lazarus video.

  • Raymond Alexander
    Raymond Alexander 9 days ago

    Puddles i love your proformenses in americas got talent and i love your voice it remainds me of opera singers like pavoraty and the 3 tenores love u and thanks for making tbe world beutifule

  • Randy Buker
    Randy Buker 9 days ago

    Hes a great singer!!! I like listening to this Clown.

  • Haasher Younis
    Haasher Younis 10 days ago

    Do writing on the wall by may Smith

  • Mencena Giri
    Mencena Giri 10 days ago


  • -Belue- -Myst-
    -Belue- -Myst- 10 days ago


  • -Belue- -Myst-
    -Belue- -Myst- 10 days ago

    What that person above me said!!! 😀👍👍👍 FOR REAL! 😃

  • uziel1979
    uziel1979 10 days ago

    Good god! I can't get enough of your bring an odd melancholy to every song you perform(likely my bias for the clown delivery)

  • realityrob
    realityrob 11 days ago

    How do i buy a Puddles Pity Party t shirt?

  • Jet Jones
    Jet Jones 11 days ago

    The best voice I've ever heard so far

  • gno nimo
    gno nimo 11 days ago

    Please bless us with a rendition of Boys next door ~ Shivers

  • MrRoadrunner1975
    MrRoadrunner1975 12 days ago


  • Raven Wiliama
    Raven Wiliama 12 days ago

    This guy is amazing

  • McCheesy Queefy
    McCheesy Queefy 12 days ago

    it'd be a dream to have you someday sing at our event. Talent like yours aint cheap. But definitely worth it

  • ivy Carrington
    ivy Carrington 12 days ago

    I wish he won AGT

  • Lembach
    Lembach 12 days ago

    I never understood the back and forth dialog of this song until I saw Puddles perform it. That was amazing.

  • ipkev
    ipkev 12 days ago

    I saw Puddles perform live recently when he opened for Howie Mandel and I have to admit that his act was kind of off-putting. Even the strange woman next to me turned to me and asked what the hell was up with this.
    But you know what wasn't off-putting? His INCREDIBLE, astounding voice. In person especially, it was probably one of the best singing voices that I've ever heard. The power, clarity, tone, etc. It blew me away and this is from someone that kinda wanted to hate him based on appearances. I don't think he won over that superficial bitch next to me, though.

  • nicole and johnna
    nicole and johnna 13 days ago

    I love your voice! Truly amazing

  • lazy RRR
    lazy RRR 13 days ago

    O ~ 2 C PPP & LSC Norman C Odam do a duet on this Tragic Tale of intrepid interplanetary travel 🚀

  • Cyrus Wraith Walker
    Cyrus Wraith Walker 14 days ago

    Fantastic! Puddles you are the best.

  • Mary Ann Christian
    Mary Ann Christian 14 days ago

    How do you make every song carry your own special magic with it ....and when the song begins, that magic explodes into the persona of YOU? You are the first clown that does not terrify me. I could listen to you sing all night.

  • Buck Johnson
    Buck Johnson 15 days ago

    He blinked in this video.

  • Jan Curvo
    Jan Curvo 15 days ago

    I am a man getting to the 60; i grew up listening Bowie and those fantastic songwriters from that time (50/60/70) most of them not with us anymore but i never felt so emotional with this song as i'm right now...your voice, your figure, your expressions (even through heavy make up) and the way you must be a privilege have a talent like yours...God bless you !!!

  • milton wallick
    milton wallick 15 days ago

    U sing it better they Dave Bowie , love u

  • NexGen Gaming Studio
    NexGen Gaming Studio 15 days ago

    No ones gonna say anything about the three cups? lol

  • rené Molon
    rené Molon 15 days ago

    HAPPY NEW YEAR PUDDLE!!!!!You know , when i ear your voice i feel tears rolling down on my face ,you turn me back to the past and i love that a lot .I'm 57 years old but you turn on the light of my child heart !MANY THANKS FOR THAT ;For me you are the best clown i've ever seen in my all life .A GREAT MERCI AND BRAVO FROM A FRENCH GUY

  • danmonsterhog
    danmonsterhog 15 days ago

    Hey bro I like what you're doing but don't just stand in one place and try to top David Bowie you ain't that good

  • Lindsay M.
    Lindsay M. 15 days ago

    puddles, honey, do lana del rey, "serial killer" please baby it would be so intense.

  • Uthopia Renesame
    Uthopia Renesame 15 days ago

    Hi puddles! Just another fellow fan here. Um you think you can do a song request for "All I want" by kodaline? If you can that would be really awesome❤🤘

  • Anderson Dutra
    Anderson Dutra 16 days ago

    I am very drunk can't see much but I kind like it

    PLEASE PLEASE 16 days ago


  • A Rockstar
    A Rockstar 17 days ago

    You and David Bowie are both legends

  • Momo Hunkerton
    Momo Hunkerton 17 days ago +1

    Gotta give you props, you're different and oddly watchable

  • Debbie Ryan
    Debbie Ryan 17 days ago


  • ed brakus
    ed brakus 17 days ago

    We all love Puddles because we all are Puddles.

  • SidRandom
    SidRandom 17 days ago

    I thought I was already subscribed to you ><

  • milton wallick
    milton wallick 18 days ago

    I love u puddles ,u r amazing

  • johnw ruddick
    johnw ruddick 18 days ago

    you should have done this song as your 3rd song on AGT it would have got you into the top 4 and probably won for you too

  • wooyyeah
    wooyyeah 19 days ago

    Fuckin hell, I never thought the best cover of this song which I'd been searching for for so long eventually comes from a clown. Blady awesome cover Puddles.

    MrJAMAICANSMILE 20 days ago

    The more I listen the better your voice keeps getting. I must hear every song you cover.

  • Marko BlackBaron German


  • Adam Pettus
    Adam Pettus 22 days ago

    How diiid I get here?

  • homsa18
    homsa18 22 days ago

    Thank you for this cover. It’s beautiful.

  • Rsol Abd
    Rsol Abd 23 days ago

    Good voice and style

  • RageofRequiem
    RageofRequiem 23 days ago

    The name tags... i died lol

  • Allysson Rodrigues
    Allysson Rodrigues 25 days ago

    This version is... Wonderful

  • Mara & Kyne Reviews
    Mara & Kyne Reviews 26 days ago +1

    Puddle yay my favorite clown

  • WRWidg2003
    WRWidg2003 26 days ago

    Pretty damn good

  • Cláudio ney silva
    Cláudio ney silva 27 days ago

    Puddle vc foi o interprete mais magnifico que encontrei nas últimas décadas. fantástico.

  • code things
    code things 27 days ago +4

    You got some deep shit in your heart bro 😭
    I have this feeling that u r an amazing person just like the amazing singer u r😘

  • hellkeeperXYZ
    hellkeeperXYZ 27 days ago

    I'd love to see you cover Neil Young's - Old Man or Heart of Gold

  • Javi Fuentes
    Javi Fuentes 27 days ago

    I really want to hear "Strange kind of love" by Peter Murphy with your incredible voice...

  • Anne Williamson-Momtaz


  • Constance Kreese
    Constance Kreese 28 days ago

    Please do the cures "pictures of you"

  • SergeantSpoon
    SergeantSpoon 29 days ago

    was not expecting that voice

  • mert gorates
    mert gorates 29 days ago

    Its really epic. Great voice.

  • Have a wonderful day
    Have a wonderful day 29 days ago

    Thank you, Puddles. Thank you very much.

  • kevin murphy
    kevin murphy 29 days ago

    Exactly what I pictured a child serial killer would look like. Creepy.

  • damej elyas
    damej elyas Month ago

    i belive he can sing queen songs ! i would like to hear him singing mama!!

  • Christobanistan
    Christobanistan Month ago

    Do Under Pressure. If you dare. :)

  • Dustin Wilhelm
    Dustin Wilhelm Month ago

    I started this journey by watching chris cornell videos, how the hell did i get here...

  • Jedediah Kerman
    Jedediah Kerman Month ago

    Your voice is like an angel

  • QuentinLars
    QuentinLars Month ago

    wow... loved the multiple coffee mugs! lmao... brilliant

  • jellyfishj1
    jellyfishj1 Month ago

    great voice and interpretation

  • Vincent Jackowski
    Vincent Jackowski Month ago

    Triple P loves Uranus!!!!

  • philip mountfield
    philip mountfield Month ago

    wot a voice this guy has....

  • Esaim Nájera
    Esaim Nájera Month ago

    Bowie must be proud...

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams Month ago

    Houston to Ground Control, we have no problems at all. You are singing just wonderful.

  • Si Bake
    Si Bake Month ago

    Quite possibly my favorite song, and done beautifully by an amazing individual. Thank you!

  • Corrupted Studios
    Corrupted Studios Month ago

    I just can't get over how amazing your voice is. Listening to you sing makes me cry. T^T

  • Peter Brony
    Peter Brony Month ago

    this is so amazing :)

  • Jack Hall
    Jack Hall Month ago

    Never seen your channel, didn’t know what to expect. Subbed.