The ROG Phone 2 is OVERKILL 😳

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • The ROG Phone 2 brings so much power it hurts. This is our hands on.
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Comments • 1 514

  • David Imel
    David Imel 6 months ago +370

    Hello! Got to spend a few hours with this phone. Any questions please drop them here!

    • BumbleBee OP
      BumbleBee OP Month ago

      Why this laggs , on PUBG mobile??
      Render lag nd frame drops on hot drops

    • A K
      A K Month ago

      I like speed of this phone and big battery life, but I am not a gamer, i want it hut for work and making phone calls, worth it?

    • Ashish Kumar
      Ashish Kumar Month ago

      Is there any red tint issue in the display?

    • Sainadh Yadavalli
      Sainadh Yadavalli Month ago

      Is it useful for a non gamer ?

    • dy031101
      dy031101 Month ago

      How soon do you see a 5G-capable successor coming?

  • sylohYT
    sylohYT 7 days ago

    people:made fun of apple for having 3 cameras
    me: how much u wanna bet people are gonna make fun of the asus rog phone 3 if it gets three headphone jacks

  • William Goring
    William Goring 10 days ago

    But can you get Verizon on this phone if you load it manually

  • Anant Dhanuka
    Anant Dhanuka 16 days ago

    It doesn't have have a physical fan built in.

  • hudor tunnel
    hudor tunnel 25 days ago

    most efficient and effective gaming android phone of the year. the base variant is a lot cheaper than the mid and ultimate rog 2 variants.

    DEEPAK SHAH 29 days ago

    watching this in rog 2....i can just say wowwwwwwwwww.....every1 noticed

  • Tom Ph
    Tom Ph 29 days ago

    Me:Mom Chek out this new Gaming Phone
    Also Me:But mom

  • Xystem 4
    Xystem 4 Month ago

    God I hate snobs about stupid stuff like insanely high refresh rates. 60 Hz is plenty. I can almost understand someone wanting 90 Hz, if somehow your premier gaming platform is your phone and you REALLY care. But 120 Hz? There’s basically no distinguishable difference. Most normal people can barely tell when you go from 30 to 60 for god’s sake

  • stuart frohna
    stuart frohna Month ago

    people are just glossing over the cameras, the iphone 11 pro max has a maximum 12 MP camera. this has 48,13,and 24 wtf

  • Poor Bulldog
    Poor Bulldog 2 months ago

    Phone battery life is same compared to other phone

  • Kevin Bryant Sr.
    Kevin Bryant Sr. 2 months ago

    Not overkill for me I ❤ this phone! What's crazy is some phones Will Come Out 2 months from now more powerful than this one.

  • Tim Erwin
    Tim Erwin 2 months ago +1

    I get mine Friday :) can't wait yeah :)

  • graywolf13x
    graywolf13x 2 months ago

    I have to say it they best phone if ever had

  • Danish Ahmad
    Danish Ahmad 2 months ago +1

    Watching this on my Rog 2 😗

  • Gautam
    Gautam 2 months ago

    What about the Android version updates ? One, two or none ?

  • Rocky Edwards
    Rocky Edwards 2 months ago

    Best phone ever better than crApple and Scamscum waiting on the 1TB version

  • Jeffrey Clement
    Jeffrey Clement 2 months ago

    So you only got a few hours with the phone? So any comments on the negatives.

  • Xander Zaccone
    Xander Zaccone 3 months ago

    After throwing my ROG 2 against a brick wall because it's a POS! I can assure you that "vent" at the back does sweet FA... if your looking for a reliable phone ... DONT buy this one 👍... thank me later

  • Cons29
    Cons29 3 months ago

    Finally, a phone that doesnt compete with who the slimmest phone is. High refresh rate and big battery (I don’t mind it being thicker than usual).
    Almost perfect

  • Nemesis Prime
    Nemesis Prime 3 months ago

    The most powerful phone that ever made in phone history and everyone who like it and want one should do so....go ahead and buy the phone people.

  • stroker z28
    stroker z28 3 months ago

    overkill and no 5G🤣🤣🤣

  • Otto Radar
    Otto Radar 3 months ago

    Not big enough. Having a mate 20x it will be really hard for me to step down to 6.6"

  • 2roly2
    2roly2 3 months ago +1

    In technology there is no such thing as over kill

  • Tristan Lavictoire
    Tristan Lavictoire 3 months ago +1

    Where can I get the Kunai game pad?

  • Bubba Mac
    Bubba Mac 3 months ago

    Is the gpu better than Nintendo switch?

  • Alvin Official
    Alvin Official 3 months ago

    Sir i would love to know how streaming on youtube and twitch works on this phone android’s ecosystem doesn’t allow the mic in two different places

  • hisham babu
    hisham babu 3 months ago

    Still cheaper than the apple stand 😂

  • Ecchi Bot
    Ecchi Bot 3 months ago

    I can’t tell if the title is a good thing or a bad thing lmao
    the better ROG gets the more apple and samsung have to try so I’m for Asus going buck wild.

  • Marshall Wagner
    Marshall Wagner 3 months ago

    I swear Android Authority wants people to call them out for bad practices. Any smartphone is never overkill because a certain community never gets good performance with even the highest end phones. This community is the emulation community. Emulation is basically where you play another game system's games (i.e. from the gamecube, wii, ds, 3ds) on your phone. Certain emulators that have just been released for Android (i.e. wii emulator, ps2 emulators, and 3ds emulators) use every ounce of power that gaming phones provide and still underperform in terms of speed and framerate when compared to their respective irl systems. These types of emulators are more demanding than pubg mobile, cod mobile, fortnite, etc. Maybe Android Authority needs to re-evaluate how they test a phone's performance (especially if it is a gaming phone) if they call it overkill.

  • Daniel Koster
    Daniel Koster 3 months ago

    Will the tencent version work in the US o México with all the Google play services and stuff?
    What about the chinese bloatwear. Can that all be eliminated ?

  • drish malhotra
    drish malhotra 3 months ago

    What about water resistant.....? Means in rain

  • Erry Mison
    Erry Mison 3 months ago

    Maybe its overkill but it's not over price...

  • Trindade CR7
    Trindade CR7 3 months ago

    The Best 455.00 antutu 😲

  • Alex Holguin
    Alex Holguin 3 months ago

    just bought it

  • Mr__ __PraKhaR
    Mr__ __PraKhaR 3 months ago +3

    Imagine holding this phone in public with glowing logo would be lit

  • Mindofagogetter
    Mindofagogetter 3 months ago

    Can it work well in the USA on TMobile or AT &T?

  • All Safed
    All Safed 3 months ago

    Want this phonw but can't afford it😂

  • Crusty channel
    Crusty channel 3 months ago

    Where can i buy this? The rog phone 2, global version 120hrtz and 512 gb

  • adhisara kridowasono
    adhisara kridowasono 4 months ago

    Should I change my s10e to this gaming phone?

  • Marcel DeSouza
    Marcel DeSouza 4 months ago

    Take my money🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑💸💸💶💶💶💳💳

    ASIF VIRK 4 months ago


  • corey williams
    corey williams 4 months ago

    How does this compare to the tencent version? The 8GB vs 12GB of ram?

  • trinh nguyen
    trinh nguyen 4 months ago

    very nice phone but it inside is not ,the battery like low quality

    QWIET MONEY NETWORK 4 months ago

    Y'all be sleeping on that track. Name of the beat please. 🙏

  • Ayhan Ibrahim
    Ayhan Ibrahim 4 months ago

    The ROG Phone 2 is literally the best PHONE money can buy. I mean there is Samsung Fold but there is no single phone that has this much of specs. Literally everything a tech enthusiast wants in his phone.

  • Jonas Johnson
    Jonas Johnson 4 months ago

    To me it's not overkill. Every year smartphones are getting more and more powerful. With all this CPU and GPU power phones need efficient cooling systems. Apple should of been implemented a cooling system in their phones.
    For example, I am a fan of emulation. On my Galaxy Note 9 I use the emulator Dolphin to run Gamecube and Wii games. I play them on 720p or 1080p resolution. That right there will cause heat. The cooling system that Samsung put in the Note 9 is the Carbon cooling system. It's pretty good.
    Even the PSP emulator on Android can cause heat. For example the Nubia Red Magic 3 phone has a built in fan. Plus, a vent for heat to dissipate. This is what we need.

  • Noediting
    Noediting 4 months ago

    This phone captured my preference for a phone: stereo speakers, jack, big battery, reasonable price, unique design unlike apple's boring design, customizable, etc. this will be my 1st ever asus phone!

  • Anton Torstensson
    Anton Torstensson 4 months ago

    Just ordered this bad boy, looks sick 👏

  • Jerry Jordan
    Jerry Jordan 4 months ago

    Whoever edit THIS video please tell me how can I get my hands on the track in the video? I'm really hoping someone can help me out with this!! I'm a very talented artist and I will absolutely murder this track!!💪

  • Val Halla
    Val Halla 4 months ago +1

    This phone is not overkill, this phone is IDEAL🤩

  • Gary Gregorio
    Gary Gregorio 4 months ago +2

    Its future proof. I am loving the specs. And there's a jack!!!!

    • Jeffrey Tai
      Jeffrey Tai 4 months ago

      But yes it is just about perfect 😢

    • Jeffrey Tai
      Jeffrey Tai 4 months ago

      Until next year lol

  • Averoid Jay
    Averoid Jay 4 months ago

    So this is basically a gaming pc but smaller

  • Jean-Pierre Richardson
    Jean-Pierre Richardson 4 months ago +1

    AA: "They've updated the accessories for the new ROG phone"
    ME: " Which body part would I have to sell now??"

  • Dimitris Nisos
    Dimitris Nisos 4 months ago

    hello does the phone has always on display like Samsung or Pixel?Thank you

  • Kars Van der heijden
    Kars Van der heijden 4 months ago

    Overkill? There is an ultimate edition with double the storage the normal version has! Even thats not overkill

  • Mihai Petre
    Mihai Petre 4 months ago

    No compromise, that's what we want and that's what Asus did

  • Hmongler
    Hmongler 4 months ago

    7 inch screen would be nice

  • s8252148
    s8252148 4 months ago

    ROG is king of the world

  • Nyuha
    Nyuha 4 months ago

    Disable animations in dev options and this thing will be snappy!

  • dragon ball z fan
    dragon ball z fan 4 months ago

    This is the phone I want this year