Meg Whitman, Jeffrey Katzenberg on the Future of Digital Content

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
  • The two discuss their new streaming startup, Quibi.
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Comments • 4

  • kaboodlefish
    kaboodlefish 8 days ago

    I'm amused that he mocks 'water in a can instead of a square bottle'. He's putting movies in 7 minute chunks instead of in their full form. He's putting water in a can.. and laughing at the guy putting water in a can.

  • sbtopjosh
    sbtopjosh 4 months ago +2

    The host got them riled up. That was a stupid comment by him when he only surveyed 1 person and used that as grounds for saying Quibi will be a failure.

    • kaboodlefish
      kaboodlefish 8 days ago

      Stupid? Not really. It made for a more interesting interview. They came out and tried to defend and justify their product in the marketplace, instead of everyone just sitting around smiling and saying how wonderful it will be just because.

  • Tim Wallace
    Tim Wallace 6 months ago

    exactly wrong. you arent trying to create content you are trying to steal people personal information. Sell your information
    to advertisers and others and cash in on everyones personal data. This is like microsoft going to the cloud and again taking your information and selling it. We have to start charging companies for using our data.