DJ Khaled Reflects on Collaborating with Nipsey Hussle for "Higher"

  • Published on May 18, 2019
  • DJ Khaled shares what it was like working with Nipsey Hussle on his album Father of Asahd and filming their music video for "Higher" a few days before Nipsey's death, and he breaks down "all of your favorites" on his album.
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    DJ Khaled Reflects on Collaborating with Nipsey Hussle for "Higher"
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Slim Brady
    Slim Brady 8 hours ago

    The most build ups king ever DJ KAHLED

  • Aishath Suha
    Aishath Suha 3 days ago


  • Aishath Suha
    Aishath Suha 3 days ago

    I am from Maldives Islamic coutry First language is Dhivehi
    Young age read Quran Arabic
    Secound language was English as a small indian ocean tropical island GREENBLUE OCEAN SEA BLESSED ON BAHAMASS

  • Aishath Suha
    Aishath Suha 3 days ago

    Half Cup I am
    Royal Family

  • Marcos Aguillon
    Marcos Aguillon 6 days ago

    I love how when DJ Khaled is on a talk show he also talks to the audience I would be Jake not a lot of celebrities do that

  • Lipptheripher904 mpj

    This fool trine a get more clout off nips death as if he ain’t already stiffed enough artists with his short Palestinian teletubby dk... his album ha. fake dj dreams !!!! Bahahahahahabah please ..... this fruit has some one pour water from a jug to a cup and swears he made it !!!! Get real !

  • Jazzlyn vlogs
    Jazzlyn vlogs 7 days ago


  • Jazzlyn vlogs
    Jazzlyn vlogs 7 days ago

    Let him keep talking the truth will spue out

  • Jazzlyn vlogs
    Jazzlyn vlogs 7 days ago +1

    Marketing a mans death......👇

  • Matthew Martinez
    Matthew Martinez 8 days ago

    Is it sad that I was just looking at his beard the whole time lol

  • George van asch
    George van asch 9 days ago

    Love this guy

  • Danielle Massis
    Danielle Massis 11 days ago

    Always proud to see a successful Palestinian-American representing ❤️

  • David Evans
    David Evans 20 days ago

    Fuck boy

  • David Evans
    David Evans 20 days ago

    If u so blessed how bout u bless some of these hoods

  • Toni Ivanov
    Toni Ivanov 21 day ago

    Dudes been in the business forever, has 11 albums and people still dont know his name... (its KhalEd, not Khalid!)

  • Jerrell Warren
    Jerrell Warren 21 day ago

    Beautiful song, beautiful sentiment. Khalid I misjudged you. You annoyed me at first but your humble and got a good spirit. Good job

  • J5 Record Label
    J5 Record Label 22 days ago

    Long live Nippy 😂😂

  • AWBurd
    AWBurd 22 days ago

    Thank you,jealous and higher are the best song of this summer

  • Solomon Kamara
    Solomon Kamara 24 days ago

    He's actually losing weight.

  • Dee
    Dee 25 days ago


  • Mn B
    Mn B 25 days ago

    he sounds like a kid at school trying to be cool

  • AndréA Brown
    AndréA Brown 25 days ago

    Preach hahaa

  • T Kj
    T Kj 25 days ago

    Khaled, got that South East Coast swag

  • Far Rock Qns
    Far Rock Qns 25 days ago

    Pass me my beard oil rich by Rick Ross he definitely used that

  • Waheedah's Recipes
    Waheedah's Recipes 26 days ago +1

    DJ Khaled, is a very intelligent man and very up lifting he is a wonderful man to donate all the money to song

  • iinvitedmyself 12
    iinvitedmyself 12 26 days ago

    Wait correct me if I’m wrong, Khalid makes the Beats right

  • Donny Punter
    Donny Punter 26 days ago

    Jimmy dont care

  • Craig Patterson
    Craig Patterson 26 days ago +3

    It really is a Beautiful Emotional CD.
    It makes you " THINK " about alot of things .

  • Iknowhewill
    Iknowhewill 26 days ago


  • Lisa desire
    Lisa desire 26 days ago

    DJ KHALED 🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊

  • Eduardo Gonzalez
    Eduardo Gonzalez 27 days ago

    Dj Khaled speaks with so much passion about his work. That’s probably why he is so successful

  • Raymond Puerto
    Raymond Puerto 27 days ago

    I got all your favorites 😁

  • Riiica z
    Riiica z 28 days ago

    You where just with him filming a video for this Song???🤔

  • Znas ti kaj Kaje
    Znas ti kaj Kaje 28 days ago +1

    Rip nipsey❤️

  • LiLDeMoN8I8
    LiLDeMoN8I8 29 days ago +1

    How this guy have an Album and dont rap on any track 🤔.....

    • Black Beauty
      Black Beauty 25 days ago

      Good question? The mans a freaking genius

  • Abigail Brown
    Abigail Brown Month ago

    Bless up
    The greatest of all time
    The king
    Dj khaled

  • Nifty .Tech
    Nifty .Tech Month ago

    This man sounds slow, is he a simpleton

  • Rais Najarali
    Rais Najarali Month ago

    RIp nipsey

  • Antonio Iannacci
    Antonio Iannacci Month ago

    DJ Khaled is positive vibes , cant wait on someone who wants best for everyone

  • MaryKaye Peachey
    MaryKaye Peachey Month ago

    The words exchanged here today were "beautiful"
    Like Cheif Khalid , Sir James,

    *Side note on Khalid's response tho hahaa🍒
    "All of em🤨💪"

  • - prolific -
    - prolific - Month ago

    He looks like he out here doing too much or hes on dope aha

  • Carolina Gurl
    Carolina Gurl Month ago +1


  • Jose Andrade
    Jose Andrade Month ago


  • DJSOCOOL 011
    DJSOCOOL 011 Month ago

    West African #NAY60RS WS RSC NHIP

  • Keithtric Cottrell
    Keithtric Cottrell Month ago

    This man is amazing. He so motivating

  • Meka Johnson
    Meka Johnson Month ago

    TMC beautiful video and beautiful words Khali

  • Chucklez881
    Chucklez881 Month ago

    He's inspired by love. I love that!

  • Mubarak Moallin
    Mubarak Moallin Month ago

    Thank good Nipsey he stop dj Khalid staying another one every time 😂😂😂

  • Vision Krew
    Vision Krew Month ago


  • The Race Analyst, PHD
    The Race Analyst, PHD Month ago +1

    African...swim 50 feet...Arabian...One ❤

  • Russo Simon
    Russo Simon Month ago

    “It’s beautiful”

  • Djoseph11230
    Djoseph11230 Month ago

    Homboi gotta nigga pass and its cosign by all black folks cause khalid a real nigga 💯

  • Jason Cafeo
    Jason Cafeo Month ago

    He called him nippy😂😂 everybidy love dude now hes dead. Band wagon faggots

  • Jason Cafeo
    Jason Cafeo Month ago

    Its special. Yo its special. Get the fuck outta here

  • Valerie DT
    Valerie DT Month ago

    It's on Replay all Day!! Love DJ Khaled Album...Higher with Nipsey 💙🔥🙏

  • Smoove Gaming
    Smoove Gaming Month ago

    Haha Khaled is a BOSS! hes positive and just free spirited!

  • Chris Tina
    Chris Tina Month ago

    Did Fallon shed a tear talking about Nipsey?

  • trigger tha gambler SMG

  • HecLoCo87GC m8v7n
    HecLoCo87GC m8v7n Month ago


  • MILLIONAIRE millionaire

    Long live dj Khalid

  • CJ Fuentes
    CJ Fuentes Month ago

    Issa vibe! You either with it or not. If your reading this you are amazing and have a purpose 💯

  • Jason Johnson
    Jason Johnson Month ago

    Did he say lil wayne

  • katie webb
    katie webb Month ago

    That’s what’s up it’s 🔥🔥🧢with king.

  • king Do
    king Do Month ago

    Dj Khaled Bless King

  • Usher chinhengo
    Usher chinhengo Month ago

    Don’t you just love Dj Khaled ❤️

  • Manny Torres
    Manny Torres Month ago

    Another one

  • 309shiNe
    309shiNe Month ago

    Need a Khaled + Logic track someday!

  • Gaelle Cyr
    Gaelle Cyr Month ago

    nobody :

  • Andre Long
    Andre Long Month ago

    No vybz kartel

  • Mario Hernandez
    Mario Hernandez Month ago

    He just got money because he can’t sing shit someone correct me if I’m wrong hahahahaha

  • Dwain Johnson
    Dwain Johnson Month ago

    Wow #blessings

  • Vouch life T.V Vouch

  • Brianna D
    Brianna D Month ago


  • Uriel Alva
    Uriel Alva Month ago

    “All your favorites “ fucking goat 😂💪🏽

  • got2kissme
    got2kissme Month ago

    It is the whole album

  • Naidia Cooke
    Naidia Cooke Month ago

    Jimmy would have loved Nipsey!!! TMC💙🏁

  • Dee Jackson
    Dee Jackson Month ago

    It’s a decent album but be warned it’s gotta grow on you

  • said aden
    said aden Month ago

    Hit the like button if you think that DJ Khaled should be a Motivational Speaker ??
    Hes Energy on some next level lol

  • Stephen Curry30
    Stephen Curry30 Month ago

    Rip NIPSEY we miss you bro

  • Ryan Heney
    Ryan Heney Month ago


  • wiezewee
    wiezewee Month ago

    I just want Khaled to be my life coach, he could motivate a piece of gravel.
    "You're a Rock! You're not a pebble, you're a Boulder! One day you're going to be a mountain!"

  • Lucky not
    Lucky not Month ago

    The Marathon Ending just saying He's Dead

  • Abbas Khedmati
    Abbas Khedmati Month ago +1

    He ain’t got thugger tho

  • Calorie Blasters
    Calorie Blasters Month ago

    Nipsey’s dad is from Eritrea and the ancestors of the Eritreans have genetic links with the Eurasians of Arabia.

  • Iman Khamis
    Iman Khamis Month ago

    You go boyyyy.
    Long live Palestin

  • Daniel Sandin Ledang

    He is so lost this dude! Everyone is Great, i do know you think YOU are special and some other few. BUT!
    Everyone is special to. Equality. Not being a fool with possibilities like you are even though you might do some good things.

  • Duan Davis
    Duan Davis Month ago

    No hate... Whenever I hear him speak, he sounds like he's full of it.

  • heather davis
    heather davis Month ago

    He keeping it real I been checking all the videos, all summer jams

  • Kimberly Blunt
    Kimberly Blunt Month ago

    This is so awesome!

  • Ralphie Gonzalez
    Ralphie Gonzalez Month ago

    Fake ass beard

  • San Padre
    San Padre Month ago

    Khaled's cut is always freshhhhhhhhhh damnnn make him look attractive

  • Shazaad Games
    Shazaad Games Month ago

    This dude Khaled be tryin way too hard when the cameras on. Ugh

  • Omar Aden
    Omar Aden Month ago

    I thought he was a

  • Bliblou Bloubli
    Bliblou Bloubli Month ago +1

    What dj khaled do for Palestine ? ?????

  • HoneyPharoah TT
    HoneyPharoah TT Month ago +1

    He is a genius 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kalyl Silva
    Kalyl Silva Month ago

    Dude, Khaled is the funniest dude ever and he don't even know it lowkey. I love his passion for his music man

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk Month ago

    This guy is so funny, makes know sense, who cares about nipsy hussle. One less gangbanger

  • Iko Mike
    Iko Mike Month ago

    Jimmy look in every talk so unreal and fake .....

  • Maestro Team
    Maestro Team Month ago +1

    I fw Dj khaled man, he’s definitely the best the bar as been set high 🔥🇯🇲

  • Dajudge
    Dajudge Month ago

    As me as me as me