Meet The Controversial Winner of Miss Korea 2018 | ASIAN BOSS

  • Published on Mar 23, 2019
  • We talked to Miss Korea 2018, Soo Min Kim, to discuss the issue of Korean beauty standards and body-shaming.
    Special thanks to Soomin for sharing her story.
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  • vincent barraza
    vincent barraza 28 minutes ago

    This delegate deserves to compete in the recently held Miss Universe. She represented her REAL and SINCERE self without all pretentions which proves the slogan of the organization: CONFIDENTLY BEAUTIFUL. I'm personally not her fan especially having witnessed her preliminary performance back in the competition days but hey, she broke all the social stigma towards "korean beauty" by being true to herself. She is a woman of big heart and strong mind. Props to you, BEAUTIFUL lady! :)

  • Eva w
    Eva w 3 hours ago

    Shes like the ideal weight, im thst height and im not that weight now( just had baby) but i felt th heslthiest and looked the best when i was like 145 pounds. Shes only 130 wow and shes considered fat?

  • Elle가비
    Elle가비 5 hours ago

    She's on other Korea TV Show Happy Together, where she talked about the same issue~ the different was, in this video, how she got interviewed made her look depressed while in Happy Together she looked so funny talked about the same issue. I guess it is a matter how you put perspective on things.

  • still fucked
    still fucked 5 hours ago

    do you know all beauty pageant must be tranny to be accepted to miss world or miss universe?

  • Yu
    Yu 8 hours ago

    the IMC average is 58-61 kg for 170m

  • Yu
    Yu 8 hours ago

    overweight??? 173 m 48 kg standard is totally insane and unhealthy

  • Frank Geisenburg
    Frank Geisenburg 8 hours ago

    She is absolutely gorgeous. Her beauty is more than skin deep. And 5'8" 130 lbs is not even within hailing distance of fat. And I'm sure her father is as proud of her as he can be.

  • Abrilla 2 M
    Abrilla 2 M 10 hours ago

    Garbage culture south Korea

  • SuperCyboman
    SuperCyboman 13 hours ago

    Another beauty pagent winner thinking she can change people perception of beauty well good luck with that. Plenty of beauty pagent winners said the same thing and tried the same thing before. One voice isn't louder then the entire multi-billion dollar voice of the tv/magazine/newspaper/and social media voice put together.

  • Amrit K.
    Amrit K. 14 hours ago

    She is beautiful inside out and her parents are proud, lucky parents who raised a beautiful human... one has to keep their head high when others are just all about criticising and trying to bring you down... she really deserve the beauty pageant... she has written history and paved way for future generations... well done you...

  • Letizia Ciancarini
    Letizia Ciancarini 14 hours ago

    I love her, she is sooo nice

  • alpha wolf
    alpha wolf 14 hours ago

    She deserves the title. It’s usually the people who least except it that prove their worth. She is lovely and clearly cares about people and doing good in the world. I have respect for her! Much love from America! Xoxoxoxox

  • shauna prenga
    shauna prenga 14 hours ago

    She is 100% beautiful inside and outside. An elegant and intelligent lady 🙏The beauty standards are restrictive and destructive 😔

  • james grames
    james grames 14 hours ago

    Come to Poland I promise you noone will call you fat.

  • Flopy
    Flopy 16 hours ago +1

    Now y´all koreaboos still want to go live in South Korea?

  • Nhon Phan
    Nhon Phan 17 hours ago

    Honestly great!

  • Ianna Molijon
    Ianna Molijon 17 hours ago

    Is it just me but some Koreans cannot wait for the question to be given. They just interrupt without letting the interviewer finished his questions🙄

  • Spirit Loves Writing
    Spirit Loves Writing 18 hours ago

    She is really likable

  • Lonevee Foneey
    Lonevee Foneey 19 hours ago

    All these insane beauty standards, yet Korea is not even known for winning Ms. Universe.

  • Aronneteezy Gaming Channel

    She's a waifu material

  • Danielle Nunn-Weinberg
    Danielle Nunn-Weinberg 22 hours ago

    I wish you all the best of luck, I pray that you can affect some change. You are so far from fat it makes me ill hearing people say that about you. I take it Koreans aren't worried about eating disorders? Because that attitude is one fast track to eating disorder hell. I don't know about differing body types and structures between people of European descent and people of East Asian descent, but I was always taught that the average healthy weight was 100 lbs at 5 ft, and 5 lbs for every inch over 5 ft. So, at 5'8", 130 lbs is 10 lbs underweight.

  • Mamboihi Jahau Ralte
    Mamboihi Jahau Ralte 22 hours ago

    maybe because she's the only famous person not plastic 😁

  • Swateja Adawadkar

    There's something seriously wrong with the Korean mentality of 'beauty'.
    If you want your women to live longer, healthier lives, stop putting them under the knife and stop body shaming them because your rotten minds cannot digest how beautiful they are.

  • Matthew Senavitis

    I did not get to see the other girls but Soo Min Kim looks perfect to me ...😊👍
    Soo Min Kim is beautiful in every way....🤗

  • ricky v
    ricky v Day ago +2

    This was an amazing story. That woman is gorgeous and yes, her looks are part of it.
    What made her super attractive though was her character. She’s a lovely and loving person. Plus, her willingness to try things is an inspiration for us to admire.
    Good on her for trying to make an impact while she has the title of Miss Korea. Very beautiful story. (:

  • G A I A
    G A I A Day ago

    Guys, be careful. This highlights the ugly, ugly superficial side of Korean entertainment and doesn't highlight any of the wonderful things about it and it's culture.

  • MrMeoow91
    MrMeoow91 Day ago +2

    Stupid social expectation. It's 2019 and society is getting dumber.

  • Natia Leigh-Summer
    Natia Leigh-Summer Day ago +1

    When i see her i see someone charming, eloquent and very real. Natural beauty.

  • Dee decipra
    Dee decipra Day ago

    You are beautiful what you are. I think beauty inside more important than beauty outside.

  • bby m
    bby m Day ago +1

    She is controversial because she’s 5’8” and weighs a normal weight of 130 pounds lol that’s considered skinny by American standards. It’s so crazy to see the culture differences lol in America she would be totally normal and non controversial at all. In America our standard of controversial would be something super crazy lol like she went to prison or something

  • Angelie Roa
    Angelie Roa Day ago

    Is Miss Korea represent for Miss Universe? If yes, she and Catriona Gray were batchmates. I wish they were friends because I see that they have a lot of similarities regarding social issues and advocacies.

  • Natasha Sadewa
    Natasha Sadewa Day ago

    Miss Korea or other country is not only about beauty, you know. It's not only about physical. It's 3B's: beauty, brain, behavior. And the judges were right to choose her

  • Can’tStopProcrastinatingMate

    What a sweet young woman. Pure, authentic and her eyes are so lively. You can tell she is very intelligent. I can see why the judges picked her. Unlike the other girls she wasn’t necessarily there to win which gave her a huge advantage. She definitely deserves the name „miss Korea“. I love Korea and their culture but they need to calm tf down with them beauty standards
    Btw she is absolutely gorgeous and not fat. She kind of reminds me of Chungha

  • Sahara AP
    Sahara AP Day ago +2

    I’m 5’8 and I reach my goal of 130lb. If your 5’8 and under 130lb or 125lb you start to look stick skinny not a good look! Been there never wanna go back😒

  • Tenny Fam
    Tenny Fam Day ago

    umm I didn't thought she was ugly. She's really pretty but from the beginning of the video when the interviewer said basically you're the most beautiful women in Korea I was like no cuz i have seen more beautiful than her but after listening to all of her journey I still wouldn't say she's the most beautiful women in korea. I would say she's really unique and she has a great sense of humor. She definitely deserve the title " Miss Korea" you're really pretty and you seems kind. You worked so hard on it keep it up and I wish you all the best. You're skinny too XD

  • Weto Low
    Weto Low Day ago

    Asians are totally weird...these pageant are worthless now!!

  • Ray
    Ray Day ago

    She's not really Korean. Her English is perfect with no foreign accent means she's born or from America. Not really korean.

  • heyFirst Lastcoco

    You are a Beauty and half also God gifted you with intelligence so take no notice of any negative comments You would not be where you are unless you deserve it and You do Big time Bless You ...

  • Kacey Dillin
    Kacey Dillin Day ago +2

    Thick and curvy ABG’s need love too❤️❤️❤️

  • Tamantha McKinley

    She's so beautiful

  • Milli Mey
    Milli Mey Day ago

    I'm actually feeling quite good right now. I'm a bit smaller and heavier than her but both not much and she is really pretty and has a great body, which means that I can't be that bad
    She's a cool person. I like her

  • Unlucky Clover
    Unlucky Clover Day ago +1

    It’s kind of heart breaking to see someone accomplish something positive, that’s life defining, and then have others push it into a dark moment. She’s beautiful and it’s a big moment in her life, wish her the best.

  • EmilyW
    EmilyW Day ago

    Is Asian Boss becoming the new prowestern antiAsian propaganda machine? just because you title your brand as "asian" boss doesn't mean you represent asians if all you do is cater your titles and your subjects to a white/nonasian audience. Calling asian culture inherently misogynistic, patriarchal, irrational, or backwards without equally criticizing western problems is the same one way street that western media has always had towards asians en masse.
    Do better or gtfo.

  • kayeeeya
    kayeeeya Day ago +1


  • Ambet Mallari
    Ambet Mallari Day ago +2

    You’re such a beautiful person inside and out. Korea picked the right One to represent their country.
    I wish and pray that beauty standards in your country has been more diversed now. Love from the Philippines. 💛💛💛

  • Master Flute
    Master Flute 2 days ago +2

    I think i love her to the molecular level

  • Kathlinia
    Kathlinia 2 days ago +2

    wow the interviewer is really professionell.
    She is beautiful inside AND out!
    I like her thoughts on the things and she always stayed true to herself even though it seemed to be hard.
    She deserved the position she had as Miss Korea!

  • Aayush Samant
    Aayush Samant 2 days ago +5

    If the father of this girl reading comments here I must say you are a proud father..Miss Korea 2018 have a great sense of humor. I think that matters most..
    Koreans have to add BMI in their "social" subject books..😁😁

  • Lenie Lathrop
    Lenie Lathrop 2 days ago +1

    She deserves to win. She is genuine and pretty smart..

  • Adam Hamimie
    Adam Hamimie 2 days ago +2

    I think she is the best english speaker of Miss Korea. Most Korean don't

  • LBlush
    LBlush 2 days ago

    WOW. She is so well spoken.

  • Clover Lane
    Clover Lane 2 days ago

    She should be the ideal standard for the others : healthy inside out, smart, humble, and naturally beautiful

  • poppy89
    poppy89 2 days ago +1

    all of the contestants look the same. same hair length, same hair style, similar height

  • Nick Musetti
    Nick Musetti 2 days ago +1

    No junk in the trunk ANYWHERE! Brazil is LAUGHING THEIR ASSES OFF (pun intended). lol but seriously, I'm thinking a big reason she won is because she can speak impeccable English, is cultured, and actually has a real personality. It must be very refreshing considering how Korea is with stereotypes.

  • lin90210
    lin90210 2 days ago

    South Korea has image issues anyway... So much plastic surgery... Girls fainting probably from eating disorders to not be "overweight" when they actually are normal weight or even underweight

  • Mitha K
    Mitha K 2 days ago

    Seriously guys... She's legit with her manner and brain. Her english is fuckin good.

  • Koba Sauce
    Koba Sauce 2 days ago

    That's crazy how anyone can consider her fat or ugly.

  • Goddess Romsae/Love Bomb

    Wow she is so beautiful

  • A M
    A M 2 days ago +1

    You're so pretty both inside and out. : )

  • Fhay Marzo
    Fhay Marzo 2 days ago

    Don't please them. You go girl. you are beautiful and not fat.. Love you from Philippines

  • melissa yang
    melissa yang 2 days ago

    I looovvveee Ms. Korea right now! I support your ideas! I support your mission, I support you, you beautiful human❤

  • Mahdy baladewa
    Mahdy baladewa 2 days ago

    How dare you to say that she is the miss Korea when she is just a 2018 miss capitalistic Korea!
    The ever glorious and prosperous Best Korea despise you knave!

  • Ekin Zhou
    Ekin Zhou 2 days ago

    Her English is so good

  • Kiku Dvoracek
    Kiku Dvoracek 2 days ago

    I love the Korean culture, history and so much more but their society is rotten. Their instant judgment and hate towards someone who's not anorectic and white as walls make me sick to my stomach. She shows both, inner and outer beauty. Those helpless idiots can be happy someone like her is representing their country because she has brain and manners and isn't another fool with shallow standards.

  • dragon in winter
    dragon in winter 2 days ago +1

    She'd be a goddess where I'm from.

  • Issay Dalawatatlo
    Issay Dalawatatlo 2 days ago

    I’m not surprised because of KPOP

  • dani dondong
    dani dondong 2 days ago +1

    natural thing is unreal for korean

  •  2 days ago

    It's a plus since she speaks good English. In the Miss Universe pageant, judges would judge her based on international beauty standards not Korean standards so she has a chance.

  • Carly Yang
    Carly Yang 2 days ago

    Not expecting, but I balled... powerful conversation.

  • Marwa Fedda
    Marwa Fedda 2 days ago

    So sad she’s absolutely stunning inside and out it’s a shame people can break someone else so much. Keep your head up beautiful ❤️