9 ‘Fear Factor’ Challenges That’ll Keep You Up At Night | MTV Ranked

  • Published on Oct 31, 2019
  • Scared of being buried alive? How about drowning? Clowns? This video has all that and more. Promise. Relive 9 terrifying ‘Fear Factor’ challenges in honor of Halloween right now. Oh, and don’t plan on sleeping soundly tonight. Sorry!
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  • MTV
    MTV  26 days ago +198

    😨This Drowning Challenge Makes The Dolans ‘Nervous’ tvclip.biz/video/Dv6Qzrs09KA/video.html

  • แมวน้อยแสนรู้ แมว


  • Gavin wishall
    Gavin wishall Hour ago

    iM riGht hErE GirL
    GiRL HurRy Up

  • Gavin wishall
    Gavin wishall Hour ago

    Billie eilish: hmmm where have I heard that before

  • Gavin wishall
    Gavin wishall Hour ago

    I don’t care how long it takes but I would just get air drink the water get air drink the water and so on

  • fannypack
    fannypack Hour ago

    This has got to be the dumbest and most dangerous show I’ve ever seen. How stupid can people be?

  • La loca de Dani
    La loca de Dani 2 hours ago

    idk how do people do this for money, it can be rlly dangerous

  • spoodermeng
    spoodermeng 3 hours ago

    Whoever created this show is crazy and is a dumb shitbag

  • web2yt
    web2yt 3 hours ago

    Whinging person complains about having to dig up her friend...wow, shitty person.

  • Colin Reynolds
    Colin Reynolds 3 hours ago +1

    “Think about the money!”
    “No don’t think about the money think about your life”

  • SI M4R71N
    SI M4R71N 4 hours ago

    Estos pibes estar re locos chabón

  • Mia Reda
    Mia Reda 4 hours ago

    Who would do this 🙄 like if yo agree

  • Life Of J
    Life Of J 5 hours ago

    Lmao no point in money because your gonna have to use it on hospital bills after xD

  • Tara Amos
    Tara Amos 6 hours ago

    Not even scary

  • Carleigh Jo Mills
    Carleigh Jo Mills 6 hours ago

    I hate how people enjoy this😡

  • Maureen Cappleman
    Maureen Cappleman 6 hours ago

    I was sooo scared thought they were gonna die

  • David Nowlin Jr
    David Nowlin Jr 8 hours ago

    This is basically Saw in real life

  • Maribel Rubi
    Maribel Rubi 8 hours ago


  • WhiteBlock CC
    WhiteBlock CC 8 hours ago

    Christina: I CAN'T BREATHE

  • Mr Slovak
    Mr Slovak 9 hours ago

    The moderator has some balls just looking at them completly chill

  • 🔥🍉Wachaczi🍉🔥

    Drowning in cement 😨

  • Gaa meti
    Gaa meti 10 hours ago

    Ooooo myy godddd 🤮🤮🤮

  • Daily Berries
    Daily Berries 10 hours ago

    That Blood One Is So Disgusting 😷

  • jenherwin uson
    jenherwin uson 11 hours ago

    Ang galing

  • shizikawa 2
    shizikawa 2 11 hours ago


  • Ghettoluemmel
    Ghettoluemmel 12 hours ago

    Good luck to clean this

  • Shauni-Gay Blake
    Shauni-Gay Blake 13 hours ago


  • unicorn coad
    unicorn coad 13 hours ago

    blood is too dangerous

  • unicorn coad
    unicorn coad 13 hours ago


  • Zenzaniera YT
    Zenzaniera YT 15 hours ago

    The dude in the thumbnail looks like lazarbeam

  • Cotton Bubble Candy
    Cotton Bubble Candy 20 hours ago

    This is really dengerous challenge😱😱😱

  • Dinosaur Puppet
    Dinosaur Puppet 20 hours ago

    Whoever did this shall die

  • Katie Jamison
    Katie Jamison 20 hours ago

    This is suppose to get people to face their fears but I think it's to make them suffer.

  • Analeah Legans
    Analeah Legans 21 hour ago +1

    They're really risking their lives for a dumb show.

    PIMCHANOK73 G7 21 hour ago


  • Thiên Hoàng
    Thiên Hoàng 23 hours ago +1

    Có ai fan việt nam ko

  • ArMani Estep
    ArMani Estep 23 hours ago

    You should go to jail

  • Summer Schmitz
    Summer Schmitz 23 hours ago

    F this this is basically gonna kill someone some day this is horrible this show could be a reason for deaths all of them are just horrible I'm scared of being in tight spaces I'm fine with it for a little but when it gets hot or there people I would die
    Edit: I'm also sad that people just watch thease just for fun I'm not trying to be mean because I'm also watching dis I wish could do something but I'm a kid soooo can someone help

  • Ming แตงโม


  • Dudu tt8
    Dudu tt8 Day ago +1

    Oh my God

  • Maria Guillen
    Maria Guillen Day ago

    they could die

  • Plank
    Plank Day ago

    This is like SAW, but less dangerous

  • • ツ Darlin_ginger • ツ

    This need to stop people can died slowly.

  • Amanda McClure
    Amanda McClure Day ago

    Is this legal?

  • 11 Anos atrás
    11 Anos atrás Day ago

    Mtv 80s

  • BAŁWANEK 123
    BAŁWANEK 123 Day ago

    Ona się boi betonu

  • Kaylee Lopez
    Kaylee Lopez Day ago +1

    Was that real blood 🩸

  • Infinity Sorry
    Infinity Sorry Day ago

    Any of my vegetarian friends disgusted by this?

  • Gabe
    Gabe Day ago

    They get the biggest pussies on this show lmao

  • Briyanna Pritchett

    Cow thoug🐮👅

  • Ekzomity
    Ekzomity Day ago

    This is like some Jigsaw shit. Who would wanna make this.

  • Oscar_iza_god YT

    this is literal torture

  • Matzko
    Matzko Day ago


  • Викусик К



    Damn... The coffin one is fucking dangerous because you only have like a little tiny oxygen... When someone died on that game... The owner of that fame shoul need to go to jail... And can't get out of it

  • h o n e y
    h o n e y Day ago

    how is still not banned like ??

  • Yudhaaditya Erlangga

    Black girl

  • Exodus Savqge
    Exodus Savqge Day ago

    Plot twist: *the water is drowning*

  • I cant think of a new name But hey im a bts army

    Mr. Razzie binx once said:
    "DoNT pAnIc,ITs oRgaNiC"

  • Drita Ismaili
    Drita Ismaili Day ago