Best K-Pop Song From EVERY KPop Group #Challenge

  • Published on May 9, 2019
  • Hey friends! How many groups can do this for? This was a lot! lol. Hope you all enjoyed this! For this, I simply took into consideration every K-Pop group out there (for the most part) and gave my favorite song for each. Pretty much the ones I could at least name a favorite song for! And I did miss a few like SF9 and LEDApple through the errors of my deletion on my Excel sheet lol
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    KPop Stars Songs, Music Videos (MV) Discussed (Alphabetically)
    After School
    Akdong Musician / AKMU
    Berry Good
    Big Bang
    Block B
    Boys Republic
    Brave Girls
    Brown Eyed Girls
    Cosmic Girls
    Crayon Pop
    Cross Gene
    Dal Shabet
    EXID -
    F.T. Island
    Fly to the Sky
    Fromis 9
    Girl's Day
    Girls' Generation
    Golden Child
    Got7 - If You Do
    Hello Venus
    Highlight / BEAST
    Iz One
    Ladies' Code
    Miss A
    Monsta X
    Mr. Mr
    Neon Punch
    Nine Muses
    Oh My Girl
    Orange Caramel
    Red Velvet
    Royal Pirates
    Seven O'Clock
    SG Wannabe
    Stray Kids
    Sunny Hill
    Super Junior
    Teen Top
    The Boss
    The Boyz
    The Grace
    The Legend
    The Rose
    Wanna One
    Wonder Boyz
    Wonder Girls
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  • DareDB KPop
    DareDB KPop  8 months ago +145

    Oh no!! It seems I accidentally deleted a few on my spreadsheet! SF9!!! "Now or Never"!!! There you go! Phew lol
    Hey friends! Kind of a random video lol, but how many K-Pop groups can you name a favorite song for? Hope you all enjoyed this and maybe found a new song to download! Thanks for watching! Please be sure to like and subscribe for me!

    • Blackmail Potato
      Blackmail Potato 5 months ago

      Thank goodness 😂 I was like whattttttttt no SF9 *sadness*

    • Jessica
      Jessica 6 months ago +1

      @Moon Jiano IKR I was like "seriously no sf9!?"

    • Moon Jiano
      Moon Jiano 8 months ago +2

      DareDB KPop oh thank god i was just about to say the lack of sf9 is absolutely CRIMINAL!!!

    • Devoured by Hallyu
      Devoured by Hallyu 8 months ago

      1:42 I think AOA's song is titled "10 seconds", not "60 seconds".

    • Marie Pagan
      Marie Pagan 8 months ago

      I'll definitely be getting back to this later on, but I've gotta say that it's impressive how many groups you follow!

  • melina F
    melina F 2 months ago

    not ok with everything, you just put the most famous one of all these groups

    • aru
      aru 2 months ago

      popular songs are popular 90% because they sound good don't they

  • J. Fee
    J. Fee 2 months ago

    I don't understand how you can pick your fav song from 150 groups.
    From all the artists, music, bands, groups I have ever listened to I cannot pick a favorite song from ANY of them. I don't know how people do that.
    I can divide into sections like 'Songs I don't like at all' 'Songs I don't like so much' 'Songs I like a lot' and 'Songs I like a lot a lot'
    And that's as far I can go.
    How can you? XD

  • Kitkat Moon
    Kitkat Moon 3 months ago

    this makes me want to do something similar!

  • Shinee is 5
    Shinee is 5 3 months ago

    Reckless love is a wonderful song but I found out recently it was taken from a Christian song called reckless love. nothing is original ofc

  • Shinee is 5
    Shinee is 5 3 months ago

    A person who remembers do you feel me!!! One of the members had an awesome solo career as well.

  • Morgan Barbour
    Morgan Barbour 3 months ago

    (any that are not included I just don't have a favorite song yet)


    15& - I Dream and Sugar (I am torn between the 2)
    24k - super fly (plus prolly one of my favorite dances

    • Morgan Barbour
      Morgan Barbour 3 months ago

      I also forgot fiestar it would be mirror mirror and izone - airplane and lavien rose sorry i don't feel like editing I also forgot rainbow , A and Tell me and brown eyed girls sign and how come. and super junior swing. U-kiss - manmanhani , 0330 , doradora , UNB - feeling

    • Morgan Barbour
      Morgan Barbour 3 months ago

      their songs >_

    • Morgan Barbour
      Morgan Barbour 3 months ago

      Also I am a Libra which is why I could pick one for most

  • : v
    : v 4 months ago

    I am late, but here to say that you could have made a playlist with all the songs

    Just sayin

  • sebaeksthetic
    sebaeksthetic 4 months ago

    i'd do all of them but honestly i can't bc i don't feel like i am opinionated enough on all these groups lol

    ACE - 5TAR
    After School - Flashback (wbk daredb is an intellectual)
    AOA - Good Luck
    Apink - %%
    Astro - All Night
    Ateez - Treasure

    B.A.P. - One Shot
    BIGBANG - Sober
    Blackpink - Playing With Fire (honorable mention: Hope Not)
    BTS - Fake Love

    CLC - ME (honorable mention: Liar)
    Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar (ain't no other answer)
    Cross Gene - Black Or White

    Day6 - Congratulations
    DIA - Mr Potter
    Dreamcatcher - You and I

    EXID - I Love You (close runner up: How Why)
    EXO - Monster (honorable mention: Been Through)

    F(X) - Four Walls

    (G)-IDLE - Uh Oh
    GFRIEND - Fever
    Girl's Day - Something
    Girls' Generation - Catch Me If You Can (close runner up: Run Devil Run)
    Golden Child - Lady
    GOT7 - You Are (honorable mention: Face)
    Gugudan - Not That Type

    IOI - Whatta Man
    iKON - Killing Me
    In2It - Sorry For My English
    Infinite - The Eye or Back i honestly can't decide
    IZ*ONE - Violeta

    JBJ - Call Your Name

    Kara - Step
    KARD - You In Me

    Laboum - Turn It On
    Loona - Butterfly (for the masterpiece that it is)

    Mamamoo - Egotistic
    Miss A - Only You (honorable mention: Love Song)
    Momoland - Bboom Bboom
    Monsta X - Stuck

    NCT - Boss (close runner up: Without You)
    NU'EST - Face

    Oh My Girl - Secret Garden
    Oneus - Twilight
    Orange Caramel - Catallena (aka the best song of all the songs, THE MASTERPIECE of kpop)

    Pentagon - Runaway

    Red Velvet - I Just (close runner up: Bad Boy)

    Seventeen - Don't Wanna Cry (close runner up: Clap)
    SHINee - Lucifer
    Sistar - Touch My Body
    Stray Kids - Voices
    Super Junior - Mamacita

    The Rose - Sorry
    TVXQ - i mean it has to be Mirotic
    Twice - Like Ooh-Ah
    TXT - Crown

    UNB - Rebooting
    UNI.T - No More
    VIXX - Chained Up

    Wanna One - Spring Breeze
    Winner - Sentimental

  • Lil JamJar
    Lil JamJar 5 months ago +1

    Get straight to the point and stop fluffing around with that gay accent / voice, it’s so annoy!!!

  • Blackmail Potato
    Blackmail Potato 5 months ago

    Here are my faves from Kpop (I know like tons more groups but I haven't really listened to their songs soooo yeah) (some soloists and sub-units are included)
    2NE1: I am the Best
    3racha: Domestic Banana (literally my fave song lyrically it talks about climate change and that's a super important topic I really applaud them for writing this song)
    4Minute: Hate
    Agust D: Agust D
    ASTRO: Cat's Eye (such an underrated song)
    ATEEZ: Wave or Pirate King or Say My Name
    APINK: I'm So Sick
    AOA: Heart Attack or Like a Cat
    AB6IX: Hollywood
    BTS: Anpanman or Idol
    BIGBANG: Bang Bang Bang
    Blackpink: See U Later
    CLC: Black Dress or No
    Cherry Bullet: Really Really (but this was such a hard choice htvybubybubububub)
    Chungha: Chica or Love U
    Day6: Shoot Me
    Dreamcatcher: Piri
    Everglow: Bon Bon Chocolat
    EXO: Tempo
    Fromis_9: FUN!
    Favorite: Loca
    Gugudan: Not That Type or A Girl Like That or Chococo
    GFRIEND: Fever or Sunrise or Me Gustas Tu
    (G)-idle: Dollar
    Got7: Just Right
    Girls Generation: Into The New World
    I.O.I: Very Very Very
    Ikon: Dumb & Dumber (I also absolutely love the cover that happened on YG treasure box)
    ITZY: Icy
    IZ: Eden
    IZ*ONE: Buenos Aires
    IU: Twenty-three
    J-hope: Daydream
    KARD: Bomb Bomb
    Loona: Butterfly
    Lovelyz: Ah-Choo
    Mamamoo: Starry Night
    Momoland: I'm so Hot
    Monsta X: Jealousy
    NCT U: Baby Don't Stop
    NCT 127: Fire Truck
    NCT Dream: Boom or We Young
    Oh My Girl: Liar Liar
    Oh!GG: Lil touch
    Pentagon: Shine
    Pristin: We Like
    Red Velvet: Dumb Dumb
    RM: Do You
    Seventeen: Clap
    Sunmi: Gashina
    SF9: Now or Never (it was so hard jbhvhgugug they have so many good songs (especially from their last three mini albums) like Play Hard, Shadow, Life is so Beautiful, RPM, Round and Round, ECT but Now or Never is just iconic and special and a masterpiece so yeah)
    Stray Kids: Hellavator or Awkward Silence or Victory Song (again super hard htvybubybubububub)
    Super Junior: Otra Vez
    SHINee: View
    Somi: Birthday
    Taemin: Move or Want
    TxT: Cat & Dog
    Twice: Stuck In My Head
    Wanna One: Energetic

  • Denn
    Denn 5 months ago

    My OG, SS501 (and Wasteland, what an interesting choice) and my current, GOT7! Yaaay~

  • kami
    kami 5 months ago

    7:00 any shawols here?

  • Thatannoyingkpopstan
    Thatannoyingkpopstan 5 months ago

    Why is no one commenting on the fact Pentagon is the only P group in Kpop

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  5 months ago +1

      I meant to talk about P.O.P. I forgot them. And I didn’t have a favorite PRISTIN song to pick

  • Alaina Ruby
    Alaina Ruby 5 months ago

    I only did ones for groups that I actually know more than one song and some of these groups I've never heard of or don't listen to.
    Ateez: Wave
    Bigbang: I had a hard time picking but I went with Sober
    Blackpink: Boombayah
    BTS: Not Today
    CLC: Black Dress
    EXO: Monster
    (G)I-dle: Latata
    Girl's Generation: Oh!
    Got7: Lullaby
    iKon: Killing Me
    KARD: Bomb Bomb
    Mamamoo: Starry Night
    Momoland: Baam
    Nu'est: Face
    Oneus: Valkyrie
    Pentagon: Sha La La
    Red Velvet: Peek-a-Boo
    Seventeen: Very Nice
    Shinee: Lucifer
    Stray Kids: Side Effects
    Super Junior: Mr. Simple
    Twice: Dance the Night Away but I also really like Breakthrough
    Winner: Everyday

  • Hanabee
    Hanabee 6 months ago

    I wanna do one too !
    2AM - Can’t Let You Go
    2NE1 - Ugly
    2PM - Again and Again
    4Minute - Hot Issue
    After School - Love Love Love
    Akmu - Re-Bye
    AOA - Short Hair
    Apink - No No No
    B.A.P - Where Are You?
    B1A4 - Lonely
    Beast - Fiction / Shock
    Big Bang - Tell Me Goodbye
    Blackpink - AIIYL
    Boyfriend - Janus
    B.E.G - Abracadbra
    BtoB - Beep Beep
    BTS - Fire
    CLC - Pepe
    CNBlue - I’m A Loner
    Crayon Pop - Uh-ee
    Exo - Monster / Lotto
    F(x) - Nu ABO / La Cha Ta
    G idle - Hann
    Girls’ Day - Twinkle Twinkle
    Girls Generation - I Got A Boy / CMIYC
    Got7 - Just Right
    iKon - Love Scenario
    Infinite - Before the Dawn
    Izone - La Vie en Rose
    Kara - Lupin / Step
    Lovelyz - Achoo
    Mamamoo - You’re The Best
    MBLAQ - Mona Lisa
    Miss A - One Step / Touch
    Nu’Est - Face / Hello
    Orange Caramel - Catallena
    Red Velvet - Happiness
    Secret - Shy Boy / Madonna
    Shinee - Ring Ding Dong / Married to the Music
    Sistar - Shake It
    Super Junior - Bonamana / No Others
    T-ara - Roly Poly / I Go Crazy Because of You
    Teen Top - Supa Luv / No More Perfume On You
    TVXQ - Mirotic
    Twice - Cheer Up / TT
    U-Kiss - Doradora / Round and Round
    Vixx - Voodoo Doll / Error
    Winner - Empty
    Wonder Girls - Be My Baby

  • Hanabee
    Hanabee 6 months ago

    Omgggg there’s so many groups you listen to 😱

  • Kristi
    Kristi 6 months ago

    I 1,000% agree with you on Genie by Girls’ Generation. Everyone loved Gee, but I will never enjoy that song more than Genie. NEVER!
    Also, Red Velvet has too many fucking great songs to pick just one. Red Flavor, You Oughta Know, Bad Boy, Alright, Kingdom Come, Automatic, So Good, Zimzalabim...fuck my life. I could never pick just one😍🔥🤩😱

  • yEoNjUn Biased
    yEoNjUn Biased 7 months ago

    My favorite groups from each letter and my favorite songs from each:
    2ne1 - I am the Best
    After School - Bang
    Bigbang - Bang Bang Bang
    CNBlue - Loner
    Dia - Woowa
    Exo - Love Shot
    F(x) - Nu Abo
    Girl's Generation - Gee
    Highlight - Plz Don't Be Sad
    iKon - Rhythm Ta / IZ - Eden
    Jus2 - Focus on Me
    Kara - Mister
    Loona - Hi High
    Monsta X - Rush
    NCT - Black on Black
    Orange Caramel - Catallena
    Pentagon - Shine
    Q - //
    Red Velvet - Bad Boy
    SS501 - Dejavu / U R Man
    TVXQ - Mirotic / TXT - Cat and Dog / Toppdogg - Arario
    Up10tion - So Dangerous
    Verivery - From Now
    Winner - Millions
    Xeno-T - Forever
    Y - //
    Z - //

  • Kunn0ichiL3g3nd
    Kunn0ichiL3g3nd 7 months ago

    Wow! This is a great list. I saw a few songs that I definitely agree with you on. I would love to make my own list, but all the groups I listen to, I haven't yet gone through everything they have. I'm slow. Lol But this was awesome to watch!

  • Kerry
    Kerry 7 months ago

    I can’t get over how great “Electric Shock”, “Voodoo Doll”, and “E.R.” are. So I’m right with you there!

  • Vanessa Leimbach
    Vanessa Leimbach 7 months ago

    décalcomanie is a huge bop, finally someone appreciating it

  • Bubbles Pop
    Bubbles Pop 7 months ago

    LaTAta, I just, I just can't dude why did you say it like that, lol.


    Hakuna LaTAta, what a wonderful phrase...

    • Bubbles Pop
      Bubbles Pop 7 months ago

      DareDB KPop fair enough. But from now on every time I see or hear the song I’ll be stuck singing Hakuna LaTAta.

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  7 months ago

      (shrugs) Because it's more fun that way.

  • IcyBlack Lan
    IcyBlack Lan 8 months ago +1

    My list is based on what songs I have from them, so here we go:
    100% - Better Day
    2PM - I'm Your Man
    A.C.E. - Callin'
    BIGBANG - Fantastic Baby (Haru Haru and Tonight as well)
    BTOB - I'll Be Your Man
    DAY6 - If I See You Again (I Wait and Breaking Down as well)
    EXO - Love Me Right (This is my exception because I don't have this song yet, and I also love Hey Mama! by EXO-CBX)
    Fly to the Sky - Sea of Love
    FTISLAND - No Better Days
    f(x) - Electric Shock
    Girl's Generation - Gee
    INFINITE - The Chaser
    JYJ - Wake Me Tonight
    KARA - Step
    ROMEO - Miro
    SEVENTEEN - Call Call Call!
    SF9 - Mamma Mia and Now or Never
    SHINee - Lucifer (and a toss up between Tell Me What To Do and Sherlock)
    Shinhwa - Perfect Man
    Super Junior - It's You (Also love Devil and Bonamana)
    TEEN TOP - Seoul Night
    The Grace - One More Time, Ok?
    TraxX - Oh! My Goddess
    TVXQ - Catch Me DBSK - Break Out
    U-KISS - Alone
    VIXX - Voodoo Doll and Eternity
    I also agree with you on Without U by NCT U is their best one to date. I also love It's You by Super Junior the most by them.

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  8 months ago

      You're back! You must've been busy with school or were on vacation lol.

  • Marie de France
    Marie de France 8 months ago

    9:41 Wait, do you have a DigiCrest?? (The one of Hope maybe?)

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  8 months ago +1

      Yep. It's the crest of Reliability. The black one from Joe.

  • Krystallily
    Krystallily 8 months ago

    yes! In my opinion genie is gg's best song :D

  • donewithyouall
    donewithyouall 8 months ago

    Offf I was sure kiss&cry would be here and the ark (but also Pristin)

  • K T.
    K T. 8 months ago

    0:47 what song is this?

    • K T.
      K T. 8 months ago

      @DareDB KPop thank you, I love and respect your contents 😍

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  8 months ago +1

      DGNA - Rilla Go

  • Hayat Hayet
    Hayat Hayet 8 months ago

    oh my god how many kpop its 💔💔💔💔 i think i don't know that many kpop 😂😂😂😂

  • TengwarSoup
    TengwarSoup 8 months ago

    "Share your favorite songs! Maybe not all 100 of them, but, you know, share as many as you want..."

    OKAY, DUDE, I'LL BITE: (despite my remarkably pedestrian taste and laziness when it comes to b-sides)

    24K - Bingo
    2PM - Go Crazy
    4minute - Crazy
    ACE - Callin
    AA - So Crazy
    AKMU - How People Move
    AOA - Like A Cat
    Apink - Mr Chu
    BAP - No Mercy
    BIG - Hello Hello (Arabic version, because of happy memories of my Middle Eastern Studies professor squealing when I mentioned its existence)
    B1A4 - Solo Day
    BESTie - Excuse Me
    Bigbang - Sober
    Blackpink - As If It's Your Last
    Block B - Nilili Mambo
    Boyfriend - Witch
    Brave Girls - Rollin, New Version
    Brown Eyed Girls - Sixth Sense
    BTOB - I'll Be Your Man
    BTS - War of Hormones
    CLC - Black Dress (best girl group song of 2018, fite me)
    Day6 - Congratulations
    EXID - call me old-school, but Up and Down
    EXO - (CBX) Hey Mama
    FT.Island - Take Me Now
    GFriend - Navillera
    Girl's Day - I'll Be Yours
    Girl's Generation - Genie (and you introduced me to it, my dude)
    Got7 - Just Right (mostly for how much my mom loved it when I showed it to her)
    Gugudan - The Boots
    Highlight / Beast - Good Luck
    History - Queen
    iKon - Killing Me
    Imfact - Nanana
    in2it - Sorry For My English
    Infinite - The Chaser
    JJCC - Fire
    JYJ - Back Seat
    Kara - Step (best girl group song of all time, fite me)
    KARD - Push and Pull
    KNK - Knock
    MBLAQ - This is War
    Miss A - I Don't Need a Man (no opinion, personally, but my mom teaches finance classes and loves it)
    Momoland - BAAM
    Monsta X - All In or Dramarama
    Myname - Talk to Me
    N.Flying - The Real
    NCT - Simon Says (beats me why so many people hate it)
    Noir - Airplane Mode (wtf how did I have a song from a group you didn't)
    Nu'est - Face
    Orange Caramel - Catallena (again, no strong opinions personally, more for how much my mom loved it when she saw it)
    Pentagon - Can You Feel It or Naughty Boy
    Red Velvet - Red Flavor
    Seventeen - Swimming Fool
    SHINee - they made my all-time favorite song, which I explicitly avoid telling anybody out of recognition that I can't think up a strong defense for why I like it. So I'll go with either Lucifer (best song of all time to demonstrate what's so amazing about kpop) or Love Like Oxygen, the two runners-up.
    Shinhwa - Venus
    Sistar - I Swear
    Spectrum - Light It Up (same, surprised you didn't have one)
    Speed - Don't Tease Me
    Super Junior - Mamacita
    Teen Top - tie between Seoul Night (best song ever when I need some energy) and No More Perfume On You (one of the first songs I was really able to understand lyrics to, and I find those lyrics hilarious)
    TVXQ - Wrong Number / Spellbound
    Twice - Like OOH-AH
    U-Kiss - Quit Playing (of course if would be a song from your "kpop songs to make you thirsty" series...)
    VIXX - Fantasy
    Winner - Love Me Love Me
    ZE:A - Mazeltov (proof that you don't need to have superb English lyrics to still be a fun song)

    As an aside, since this comment is already my second-longest ever: I was looking through this list, and I was actually surprised the way so many of these became favorites, those specifically being Like a Cat, Nilili Mambo, Good Luck, Talk To Me, Naughty Boy, No More Perfume On You, Wrong Number, and Spellbound. In my Korean class, because of my stuttering, my pronunciation plateaued HARD, so after 3 semesters of pain I got a tutor. Because it was really just pronunciation he was correcting, he suggested printing out lyrics of songs as a source of not-entirely-miserable reading material. Those were some of the ones I casually picked. For those, apparently after spending 20 minutes stumbling through each I realized what good songs they were.

    So yeah, sixty-eight groups from me, so not as well-versed as you, for sure. But fourteen shared favorites, some of which you introduced me to! I have to say, excellent taste, Derek my good sir! :D

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  8 months ago

      Glad you had fun! Thank you for watching and for playing!

  • Vera Strobel
    Vera Strobel 8 months ago

    Yesss without you is the best nct song, period

  • cs sue
    cs sue 8 months ago


  • Jaz T
    Jaz T 8 months ago +1

    Thanks for mentioning IN2IT!♥

  • murraymanitos
    murraymanitos 8 months ago

    It would be awesome if you made a TVclip or Apple Music playlist of these songs! I want to check them all out :)

  • Fatyyy Yall
    Fatyyy Yall 8 months ago

    SHINee's birthday is coming , can you a video for them ?

  • ytyos
    ytyos 8 months ago

    This isn’t really related to anything in particular, but you’ve been part of the KPOP community for quite some time, so I wanted to make use of your Kpop expertise if I could. A friend of mine is searching for a kpop video/song she watched in around 2014, 2015, maybe even 2016, but all she can remember is a scene from the music video. She remembers it was a cute song with a girl singing while sitting on a yellow box and holding an umbrella. She remembers there was a boy in the music video but doesn’t remember if he was also singing or not. The song may be from a female solo artist or a male and female duet. Anyways, I wanted to leave a comment in case this seemed familiar. Thank you~

    • ytyos
      ytyos 8 months ago

      DareDB KPop Nope. It’s not Carnival. Thanks anyway!

    • ytyos
      ytyos 8 months ago

      DareDB KPop Thanks! I’ll ask her and let you know!

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  8 months ago

      GAIN's "Carnival"?

  • Anna Firnen
    Anna Firnen 8 months ago

    CHALLENGE ACCEPTED (It probably won't be as much as you and sometimes I won't pic just one song because I just CAN'T but HERE I GO):
    100% -> U Beauty
    14U -> N.E.W.S
    15& -> Not Today Not Tomorrow
    2AM -> I did wrong/ I was wrong (however you translate it)
    2NE1 -> I Love You
    2PM - > Game Over
    4Minute -> Volume Up & Canvas & Love Tension
    After School -> Love Beat
    A6P -> Face Off
    AKMU -> Melted & Dinosaur
    AOA -> 10 seconds & Ai wo Choudai
    Apink -> %%
    April -> Mayday
    Astro -> Confession & Crazy Sexy Cool
    ATEEZ -> Treasure & Promise
    B.A.P -> Honeymoon
    B.I.G -> 1,2,3
    B1A4 -> Good Timing & Tried to walk & What's Happening
    Berry Good -> Don't Believe
    BIGBANG -> Fantastic Baby & Tell Me Goodbye & Koe wo Kikasete
    BEAST -> When I & Good Luck & Adrenaline & Midnight & Oh Honey & Freeze & Encore & Fiction & On Rainy Day (basically entire discography)
    BIGFLO -> Delilah
    BlackPink -> Playing with Fire
    Block B -> NILLILI MAMBO & HER & When where what how? (it's a solo from Park Kyung with Jo Hyunah and oh boy everyone should listen to this)
    BLACK6IX -> Please
    Boyfriend -> Janus & I Yah
    Brave Girls -> High Heels & Rollin'
    Brown Eyed Girls -> Sixth Sense
    BTOB -> Blue Moon & Friend & Missing You & Nanana & Finale: Our Concert & Hello & I'll Be Your Man & Complete & Regrets of Love & L.U.V (also entire discography)
    BTS -> I'm Fine & Epiphany & Lie & Save Me & Idol & Not Today & War of Hormone (don't judge me pls)
    CLC -> Liar & Meow Meow & Call My Name & Hide & Seek & Please give me Cafe Mocha & To The Sky & Black Dress & No Oh Oh & I Like It & Entire album No. 1
    CNBLUE -> I'm Sorry & Radio
    Cosmic Girls -> Save You, Save Me
    Crayon Pop -> FM
    Cross Gene -> Ladi dadi & Play with me
    Dalshabet -> B.B.B & Someone like you
    Davichi -> Beside Me
    DAY6 -> Days gone by & Shoot Me & I Need Somebody
    DIA - Woowa
    DreamCatcher -> Good Night & Wake Up & You and I
    Dynamic Duo -> Friday Night
    Evol -> We are a bit different
    Everglow -> Bon Bon Chocolat
    EXID -> I Feel Good & I Love You
    EXO -> Black Pearl & El Dorado & Love Shot & Overdose & Gravity & Power & Lightsaber
    f(x) -> Dracula & Beautiful Stranger
    Favorite - Loca
    FIESTAR -> Mirror
    fromis_9 -> Love Bomb
    FTISLAND -> Wind & Fade Out & The Night & Shadows & Take Me Now & BPM69 & Black Chocolate & Crying in the rain & Puppy & Be Free & Memory & Severely & Bad Woman & Hello Hello (again entire discography)
    (G)I-DLE -> Hann & &&&
    GFRIEND -> Fingertip
    Girl's Day -> Love Again & Thirsty & Expectations & Female President
    SNSD -> I Got a Boy
    gugudan -> Not That Type
    Golden Child - Genie
    GOT7 -> Just Right & Good Tonight & Like Oh & You are
    GWSN -> Miss Ping Pong
    H.O.T -> Candy & We are the future
    HALO -> OMG
    Hello Venus -> Wiggle Wiggle (I'm a hoe)
    Highlight -> Dangerous & Can you feel it? & Celebrate & Who am I & Sleep Tight & Loved (entire discography as I mentioned)
    History -> Dreamer & Psycho
    HOTSHOT -> Midnight Sun
    I.O.I -> Whatta Man
    iKON -> B-Day
    IMFACT -> Lollipop
    IN2IT -> Sorry for my English
    INFINITE -> The Chaser & Be Mine & Prayer & Man in Love & Paradise & Dilemma & 60 Seconds (group version)
    IZ*ONE -> La Vie En Rose
    ITZY -> Dalla Dalla
    JBJ -> My Flower
    Jackie Jackie Chan Chan -> Fire
    KARA -> Step
    K.A.R.D -> Rumor & Bomb Bomb & Into You
    KNK -> U
    Laboum -> Hwi Hwi
    Ladies' Code - the Rain
    LOONA - Butterfly & Where You At & New (that song is PERFECTION)
    LEDApple -> Time's Up & Let The Wind Blow
    Lovelyz -> That Day
    M.I.B -> Chisa Bounce
    Mamamoo -> Decalcomanie & Ahh Oop
    MBLAQ -> Mona Lisa & Be a Man & Oh Yeah & Smoky Girl
    Miss A -> Love Song & Lips
    Melody Day -> #LoveMe
    MFBTY -> Blazing
    MINX -> Love Shake
    Momoland -> Bboom Bboom
    Monsta X -> Jealousy & Hero & Lost in the Dream & Underwater & Rodeo
    MYNAME -> Message
    N.Flying -> Hot Potato
    NCT U - Baby don't stop
    NCT 127 -> Wake Up
    N-SONIC -> Excalibur
    NU'EST -> Face & Dejavu
    9Muses -> Wild & Hurt Locker
    Oh My Girl -> Closer & Windy Day & Remember Me
    ONF -> Complete (STAN ONF PEOPLE)
    ONEUS -> Valkyrie
    Orange Caramel -> Bangok City
    Pentagon -> Shalala & Cosmo & Can you feel it? & Beautiful & Violet & Spring Time & Just Do It yo! & Off-Road & Engine & Lukewarm & You Are (entire discography)
    Pristin -> We Like
    Purfles -> 123
    RANIA -> Dr Feel Good
    Romeo -> Target
    Red Velvet -> Red Flavour & Body Talk & Peek-A-boo & Russian Roulette & Some Love & You Better Know
    The Rose -> Sorry
    Secret -> Poison & Talk That
    Sechskies -> Sad Song
    SISTAR -> Touch My Body & Lonely
    SNUPER -> Back:Hug
    SPEED -> It's Over
    SPICA -> Tonight
    SS501 -> Love Ya
    Stellar -> Archangels of the Sephiroth
    Seventeen -> Very Nice & Healing & Pretty U & Highlight & Don't Wanna Cry & My I
    SF9 -> Shut up n' lemme go & Jungle Game & Midnight Road & Now or Never & Shadow & whole Narcissus album
    SG Wannabe -> Timeless
    SHINee - Dazzling Girl & Picasso & Feel Good & Lucifer & Tell me What To Do & 1 of 1 & Why so serious? & Evil & Breaking news & Jojo & Hyeya
    SHINHWA -> Venus & This Love
    Sonamoo -> Cushion
    Super Junior -> Devil & Mamacita & A-cha & Evanesce & Superman & Shirt & Too Many Beautiful Girls & Blue World
    Stray Kids -> Miroh
    T-ARA -> Roly Poly & Sugar Free
    Topp Dogg -> Amadeus
    Teen Top -> Rockin' & Crazy & Love is & I wanna Love
    The Boys -> Giddy Up
    DGNA -> Rilla go! & Why Goodbye
    TVXQ -> Something
    DB5K -> Rising sun & Mirotic & Love in the ice & Bolero
    TheEastLight -> Real Man & Never Thought
    Twice -> Likey & Yes or Yes & Knock Knock & Deja vu & Touchdown & Fancy
    TXT -> Crown
    U-KISS -> Neverland
    Ulala Session -> Best Girl
    UNB -> Black Heart & Feeling
    UNI.T -> No More
    UP10TION -> So, Dangerous & White Night & Attention & Burning
    VAV -> Thrilla Killa & Senorita
    VIXX -> Fantasy & On and On & Error & Eternity & Rock Your Body & Love me Do & Light Up the Darkness & What U Wainting For & What to do?
    Wonder Girls -> Be My Baby
    VICTON -> Remember me
    Vromance -> The Jobless
    Wanna One -> I.P.U & Gold
    WINNER -> Really Really
    ZE:A -> Breathe & Heart for 2

    If you're reading this, congrats! You managed to read all of this, here's a cookie for you --> 🍪

  • hi
    hi 8 months ago

    2NE1: Crush
    4MINUTE: Hate
    AOA: Like a cat
    APINK: %%, I'm so Sick (agree w both)
    ATEEZ: Say my name
    BIG BANG: Fxxk it
    BLACKPINK: Whistle
    BRAVE GIRLS: Rollin' (agree)
    BTS: BS&T
    CLC: Hogoblin
    COSMIC GIRLS: Lala Love (agree)
    DIA: Woowa (agree)
    DREAMCATCHER: And there was no one left
    EXO: Monster
    FX: 4 walls
    FAVORITE: Loca (agree)
    (G)I-DLE: Hann
    GFRIEND: Sunrise
    GOT7: A
    GUGUDAN: Not that type
    IOI: Very Very Very
    IKON: Bling Bling
    IZ*ONE: Violeta (agree)
    KARD: Bomb Bomb
    • favOrite (As a whole)
    • Love Cherry Motion (solo)
    • Sweet Crazy Love (sub unit)
    MAMAMOO: No more drama
    MISS A: Hush
    MOMOLAND: Bboom bboom
    MONSTA X: Shoot out
    NCT: Baby don't stop
    NEON PUNCH: Moonlight
    NU'EST: Bet Bet
    OH MY GIRL: Closer
    ONEUS: Valkyrie (agree)
    ORANGE CARAMEL: Catallena
    PENTAGON: Shine
    RED VELVET: Bad boy
    SHINEE: Sherlock
    SISTAR: Touch my body
    SONAMOO: I knew it (agree)
    STRAY KIDS: Helevator
    SUJU: Lo siento
    TWICE: Hot
    TXT: Cat & Dog
    WANNA ONE: Energetic
    WINNER: Really Really
    WONDER GIRLS: Why so lonley?

    So out of the groups mentioned i know: 51/150
    And stan: 30/150

    I hope to get on your level one day

  • just some potato
    just some potato 8 months ago

    2NE1 Go Away
    4MINUTE Crazy
    A.C.E. Take Me Higher
    AFTER SCHOOL Because Of You (Japanese ver.)
    AOA Excuse Me or Short Hair
    APINK NoNoNo or Always
    APRIL Oh! My Mistake
    ASTRO All Night
    B.A.P Wake Me Up
    B.I.G. Hello Hello
    B1A4 Rollin'
    BERRY GOOD Don't Believe
    BesTie Excuse Me
    BIG BANG Fxxk It or Sober (or Loser?)
    BLACKPINK Boombayah
    BLOCK B Don't Leave
    BROWN EYED GIRLS Abracadabra
    BTOB Irresistible Lips
    BTS Boy In Luv or I Need U
    CLC Pepe (Japanese ver.) or No
    CRAYON POP Bar Bar Bar
    CROSS GENE Play With Me
    DAVICHI Nostalgia
    DAY6 I Wait
    DIA Will You Go Out With Me or Good Night
    EXID Phone Call, Pat Pat or DDD
    EXO Monster or Kokobop
    f(x) All Mine
    FIESTAR Mirror
    fromis_9 To Heart
    G (IDLE) Señorita
    GFRIEND One, Under the Sun or Navillera
    GIRLS' GENERATION Gee (Japanese ver.) or Lion Heart
    GOT7 If You Do
    gugudan A Girl Like Me or Chococo
    HELLO VENUS Mysterious or Wiggle Wiggle
    I.O.I Very Very Very
    iKon Love Scenario
    IZ*ONE La Vie en Rose or O' My! (or Suki to Iwasetai?)
    KARD Rumor
    KNK Sun, Moon, Star
    LABOUM Shooting Love
    LOVELYZ That Day
    MAMAMOO You're The Best or Décalcomanie
    miss A I Don't Need A Man
    Monsta X Hero
    NCT (U) The 7th Sense
    Nine Muses Remember
    NU'EST Where U At or Dejavu
    OH MY GIRL Closer
    ORANGE CARAMEL Catallena
    PENTAGON Shine
    RED VELVET Bad Boy
    SECHSKIES Something Special
    SEVENTEEN Oh My! or Thanks
    SISTAR Touch My Body
    STRAY KIDS Hellavator
    SUPER JUNIOR Sorry Sorry or Mr. Mr.
    TARGET Awake
    The Rose Sorry
    TWICE Next Page or TT
    TXT Crown
    UNI.T No More
    UNIQ Falling In Love (English ver.)
    VIXX Error
    WONDER GIRLS Nobody (English ver.)
    DONE! I skipped the ones I can't pick a favourite of or I'm not a fan of lol. I think I did pretty well than I expected to though. 😂😂

  • broccoli bang Christopher
    broccoli bang Christopher 8 months ago +1

    Wait I just realized there's no itzy 😂😂

  • Graysse GV
    Graysse GV 8 months ago

    Yes, an intellectual indeed~ 💕

  • aru
    aru 8 months ago

    Will only list the groups I actually have listened to their songs.

    15&: Sugar
    2PM: A.D.T.O.Y
    4MINUTE: Mirror Mirror
    4TEN: Severely

    After School: Because of You or Bang!
    AOA: Miniskirt
    Apink: Eung Eung
    ATEEZ: Say My Name

    BESTie: Pit-a-pat
    BIGBANG: Haru Haru
    BLACKPINK: Kill This Love
    Brown Eyed Girls: Abracadabra
    BTS: Save Me

    Crayon Pop: Bar Bar Bar

    DalShabet: Joker
    Dreamcatcher: You and I

    EXID: Every Night
    EXO: Growl

    f(x): 4 Walls
    FIESTAR: One More
    fromis_9: Love Bomb

    (G)I-DLE: HANN (Alone)
    Gfriend: Rough
    Girl's Day: Tilt My Head or Something
    Girls' Generation: Oh! or Into the New World
    GOT7: Focus on Me (by JUS2)

    Hello Venus: Mysterious or Wiggle Wiggle
    HISTORY: Might Just Die

    I.O.I: Very Very Very
    iKON: I'm OK
    IZ*ONE: Violeta

    JYJ: Backseat

    Ladies' Code: The Rain
    LOONA: Girl Front (by Odd Eye Circle) or Hi High

    MAMAMOO: Taller than You
    miss A: Hush
    MOMOLAND: I'm So Hot
    MONSTA X: Shoot Out

    NCT: Chewing Gum (by DREAM) or Simon Says (by 127)
    Nine Muses: No Playboy

    ONEUS: Valkyrie
    Orange Caramel: My Copycat or Shanghai Romance

    PENTAGON: Shine

    Rainbow: A
    Red Velvet: Rookie or Really Bad Boy

    S.E.S.: Love [story]
    SECRET: Poison
    SISTAR: Touch my body
    SONAMOO: I knew it
    SPICA: Secret Time
    Stellar: Crying or Sting or Vibrato
    Stray Kids: Awkward Silence or Get Cool

    The Boyz: No Air
    The Grace: One More Time, OK?
    TVXQ: Love Line (duo) or Mirotic (OT5)
    TWICE: Signal
    TXT: Cat and Dog

    UNI.T: I Mean

    VIXX: Voodoo Doll

    Wonder Girls: Irony

    Groups that aren't included in the video:

    Girls Girls: Girls Girls or Juicy Secret
    GWSN: Puzzle Moon or Pinky Star
    MATILDA: You Bad! Don't Make Me Cry
    PRISTIN: Wee Woo
    Rania: Dr. Feel Good
    Wa$$up: Color TV

  • missyjanelle7
    missyjanelle7 8 months ago

    Oooh, I always love doing this kind of stuff because I never sit down and think "which one is actually my favorite?" lol. I am SO tempted to add solo artists to my list becuase I stan and love so many lol. ANYWAYS, only the list:
    2PM: ADTOY
    4minute - Hate
    AKMU - Dinosaur
    BAP - Feel So Good
    B1A4 - A Lie
    Big Bang - Zutter (technically just a GDxTOP song but damn, this song makes me feel like a BAMF as I walk listening to it lol)
    BlackPink - Whistle
    Block B - Toy
    BTS - Pied Piper (I say that without confidence because it changes every day lol)
    CLC - I Like It
    Cross Gene - White Mind (the whole Black or White concept was so cool)
    Day6 - Blood (possibly my favorite Kpop song ever)
    EXID - Boy
    EXO - Sweet Lies (Again, I say with hesitation because I love nearly all of their discography.)
    F(x) - Red Light
    Girl's Generation - Lil Touch (yeah yeah, sub-unit, but this is a bop)
    Got7 - If You Do
    History - Queen
    K.Will - Lay Back (yeah yeah, solo artist, but he is MY FAVORITE OLD MAN BALLAD SINGER, forgive me this one discretion lol. I love him more than 99% of the groups I stan.)
    KARD - Because
    Loona - Eclipse (yeah, a solo song, but A BOP)
    Monsta X - Destroyer
    N.Flying - The Real
    NCT - 7th Sense (I mean, they're all sub units so...)
    Oh My Girl - Closer
    Pentagon - Shine
    Red Velvet - Peek-a-Boo
    Seventeen - Change Up
    SF9 - KO
    SHINee - Don't Stop (again, hard af to pick. PLS let me go off about my fav solo songs for the members BECAUSE I WILL...AT LENGTH lol)
    Stellar - Archangels of the Sephiroth
    Super Junior - Magic
    The Rose - Baby
    VIXX - Scentist
    Vromance - I'm Fine

    Welp...this was hard. It was hard to pick, hard to stick to just groups, hard to not go on a rant about every song I love from each group and why, hard to not go on a rant about why y'all should be stanning K.Will and how Taemin is the actual devil come to earth to seduce us all. I just...have a lot of feelings lol ok bye

  • Humanoidfrenzzy
    Humanoidfrenzzy 8 months ago

    I will never ever do this challenge ever, though I do appreciate the effort you put into this great video. It is basically impossible for me to choose 1 favourite song from any group, it cannot be done, I am utterly hopeless here. All the respect to you Derek, great job! *ConfettiRain*

  • Katrien Verachtert
    Katrien Verachtert 8 months ago

    Only my faves:
    Apink: I'm So Sick and Hush
    Bigflo: Obliviate (Upside Down is a close second)
    Blackpink: As If It Is Your Last
    LU:KUS/L.A.U: So Into You
    Speed: Don't Tease Me
    X-5: Get Off Me (Going Crazy is a close second)

  • Green Malja
    Green Malja 8 months ago

    I would like to recommend to you to have a listen to the whole Pentagon's 8th Mini Album, Genie:Us esp Spring Snow 🤗

    • Green Malja
      Green Malja 8 months ago

      @DareDB KPop not gonna be bias but the whole album is a bop but i kinda knew(i guess) your taste in kpop, so i pointed out Spring Snow 🤗

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  8 months ago +1

      I haven’t listened to the whole album but I already have “Spring Snow” downloaded because it was recommended to me already. And I love it!

  • Miomena.Edits
    Miomena.Edits 8 months ago

    Here is my list with 220 groups feat. some Subunits and Solo artists
    You introduced me to many new songs but the most of the time I would
    pick an other song xD. I saw some new groups, I
    will check them out. But I'm so happy to see Bigflo, B.I.G, Hello Venus
    and MyName here :)
    Disclaimer: It does nothing say about how much I like a group. I like songs that are not in this list more than other songs which are on this list, this is only my favorite song for the group.
    (G)I-dle - Hann (Alone)
    100% - Want U Back
    14U - N.E.W.S
    15& - Sugar
    24K - Super Fly or Bingo
    2AM - Never Let You Go (but I am more the 2pm type xD)
    2NE1 - I am the Best (Can’t Nobody and the Hook from Come back Home are cool, too..)
    2PM - Hands Up
    4Minute - Crazy
    4Ten - 지독하게
    A-Jax - Insane, second One For You
    A.C.E - Cactus or Callin
    A.Kor - But Go
    AA - So Crazy
    Ab6ix - Hollywood
    (Chinese) ACrush - Action
    After School - Flashback
    Agust D - Agust D
    AlphaBat - TanTara
    Akdong Musician / AKMU - Re-Bye
    Amber - Breathe Again
    AOA - Excuse Me
    Apink - I’m So Sick
    April - Oh My Mistake
    Astro - Like A King if that count, otherwise Always You
    Ateez - Hala Hala
    B.A.P - Hands Up, Skydrive or Warrior (Ribbon in the Sky is great, too … aaahh)
    B.I.G - Hello
    B1A4 - baby Good Night
    (Japanese) Band-Maid - Don’t Let Me Down
    Basterd - All
    Be.A - Magical
    Berry Good - BibbidiBobbidiBoo
    Bestie - Excuse Me
    Big Bang -Bang Bang Bang or Fantastic Baby
    Bigflo - Obliviate
    Blackpink - Boombayah
    Block B - Very Good
    Block B Bastarz - Zero For Conduct or Make It Rain
    BoA - Energetic
    Bobby - Hollup
    Boys24 - E
    Boyfriend - Bounce, Witch or Obsession
    Boys Republic - Get Down
    Brave Girls - 하이힐
    Brown Eyed Girls - 6th Sense
    BtoB - Thriller or Movie
    BTS - Fire, Not Today or Idol
    Bulldokk - Why Not
    C-Clown - Let’s Love
    Camila - Red Lips
    (Japanese) Chanmina - I’m A Pop
    CL - Hello Bitches
    CLC - Hobgoblin, Black Dress or NO
    CNBLUE - Loner
    Cosmic Girls - Catch Me
    Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar
    Cross Gene - La Di Da Di
    D-Crunsh - Palace
    D-Unit - Missing You
    Dal Shabet - B.B.B.
    Davichi - Sorry, I’m Happy
    Day6 - I Wait or Shoot Me
    Delight - Mega Yak
    Destiny - Like A Bomb
    DGNA - Rilla Go
    DIA - Woowa
    DMTN - E.R.
    Dreamcatcher - Piri
    Dynamic Duo - Busted if it’s really from them .. some people say it’s Zelo, Sehun and Chanyeol, too
    Everglow - Bon Bon Chocolate
    EvoL - We are a bit different or Get Up
    EXID - Up & Down
    EXO - Overdose and Monster since I have an emotional connection to them, but soooo many
    EXO-CBX - Horololo, Ka-Ching or Ringa-Ringa-Ring
    F.Cuz - No One
    F.T. Island - Want
    F(x) - Electric Shock or Hot Summer
    Favorite - Loca
    Fiestar - We Don’t Stop
    Fly to the Sky - A Time Limit
    Fromis 9 - Love Bomb
    G-Dragon - Coup D’Etat
    Gain - Paradise Lost
    GFriend - Glass Bead
    GI - Beatles
    Girl's Day - Tilt My Head or Something
    Girls' Generation - Catch Me If You Can or XYZ
    Girls Girls - Girls Girls
    Golden Child - DamDaDi
    Got7 - Hard Carry or Girls Girls Girls but I love the new album
    Grace - Zombie High
    Gugudan - Not That Type
    H.O.T. - I Yah
    HALO - O.M.G
    Hello Venus - Wiggle Wiggle or I’m Ill
    Highlight / BEAST - Plz Don’t Be Sad / Mystery
    History - Queen
    Hotshot - Jelly
    Hyoyeon - Punk Right Now
    HyunA - Very Hot
    I.O.I - Whatta Man
    Ikon - B-Day or Dumb and Dumber
    Imfact - Feel So Good
    In2It - Sorry for my English
    Infinite - Bad or BTD
    Itzy - Dalla Dalla
    Iz One - La Vie en Rose
    Jay Park - Mommae
    JBJ - Fantasy
    Jimin - Puss
    JJCC- Fire
    JYJ - Get Out
    Kara - Lupin
    Kard - Bomb Bomg
    Kim Hyun Joong - Break Down or Unbreakable
    KNK - Knock
    Laboum - Shooting Love
    Ladies' Code - Bad Girl
    (Chinese) Lay - Sheep (Alan Walker Relift)
    Loona - count the dance cover from Fire? xD
    Lovelyz - Beat It Acapella Cover
    Lucente - Your Difference
    Lu:kus - So Into You
    Madtown - Yolo
    Mamamoo - Egoistic
    Masc - Strange
    MBLAQ - Y
    (Japanese) Meng Jia - Drip
    M.I.B - G.D.M
    Minzy - Ninano
    Miss A - Bad Girl, Good Girl
    Momoland - Baam
    Monsta X - Shoot Out, Dramarama or All In
    Mr. Mr - Mr. Mr
    Mpire - Can’t Be Friends With You
    MYP - Take It
    MyName - Too Very So Much
    N-Train - Come Back To Me
    N.Flying - Awesome
    Narsha - 삐리빠빠 (Bbi ri bba bba?)
    NCT - very hard .. Regular (English Version) if I had to decide, but also Mad City, Wake Up, Black on Black, Cherry Bomb and Fire Truck)
    Neon Punch - TicToc
    Nine Muses - Drama
    N.O.M - A Guys
    Noir - Gangsta
    NU'EST - Face
    Oh My Girl - Remember Me
    Oneus - Valkyrie
    Orange Caramel - My Copycat
    Pentagon - Gorilla
    Pristin - Black Widow
    Queen B’Z - Bad
    Rain - Rainism or Gang
    Rainz - Turn It Up
    Rainbow - Black Swan
    Rania - Dr. Feelgood (English Version)
    Ravi - Bomb
    Red Velvet - Really Bad Boy
    Romeo - Target
    Royal Pirates - Love Toxic
    Se7en - Digital Bounce or Better Together
    Sechskies - Party Time
    Secret - Poison
    Seotaiji - Christmalo Win. Band Version
    Seven O'Clock - Echo
    Seventeen - Clap
    SF9 - Fanfare
    Shinee - Ring Ding Dong
    Shinhwa - Yo!
    Simon Dominic - Who You?
    Sistar - I Like That
    Snuper - Tulips
    Sonamoo - Déjà Vu
    Sol T - 돌직구 (Talk To Me Babe?)
    Speed - Zombie Party but What U and Don’t tease me, too (the dance ..)
    Spica - You Don’t Love Me
    SS501 - Love Ya
    Stellar - Vibrato
    Stray Kids - District 9
    Sunmi - Gashina or Noir
    Sunny Hill - Midnight Circus
    Super Junior - Bonamana or Sorry Sorry
    Supernova - She Is Gone
    T-ara - YaYaYa or Jeon Won Diary if collaborations count
    Taemin - Move or Danger
    Target - is It True
    Teen Top - Supa Lov or Rocking
    The Boyz - No Air or Right Here
    The Legend - Shadow
    ToppDogg - Topdog
    TRCNG - Wolf Baby or Spectrum
    Tropical - Mwah
    Troublemaker - Troublemaker
    TVXQ / DBSK - Why (Keep Your Head Down)
    Twice - Ooh-Ahh
    TXT - Cat & Dog
    U-KISS - Man Man Ha Ni
    UNB - Black Heart
    Uni.T - I Mean
    Uniq - Eoeo
    UP10TION - Blue Rose or So Dangerous
    VAV - Spotlight
    Verivery - Super Special
    VIXX - Voodoo Doll
    Vromance - I’m Fine
    Wanna. B. - Leggo
    Wanna One - Burn It Up
    Winner - I’m Him or Island
    Wonder Boyz - 문을 여시오
    Wonder Girls - So Hot
    WJSN - Catch Me
    X-5 - Dangerous
    Xia Junsu - Tarantallegra or Rock The World
    Yezi - Cider
    Yoon Mirae - Get It In
    ZE:A - Mazeltown
    Z-Boys - No Limit
    Z-Girls - What You Waiting For
    Zico - Tough Cookie or Veni Vedi Vici

  • Celina Astbury
    Celina Astbury 8 months ago

    "percent percent" plz i wheezed

  • Caythie O
    Caythie O 8 months ago

    Lady by EXID suprised me... I thought you didn't like the song?

    • Caythie O
      Caythie O 8 months ago

      @DareDB KPop strooooong 90s vibe 😄
      I guess I remembered it wrong then
      Btw your BtoB choice is 100% me! I'll be your man vocal are just too good to be true, but WOW though...

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  8 months ago

      No, I liked that one because of it’s 90’s sound. :)

  • Funky Benzoyl
    Funky Benzoyl 8 months ago

    Baby Vox?

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  8 months ago

      I don’t have an opinion on their music because I haven’t had a chance to listen to it so I couldn’t make a selection for them here

  • vedved82491
    vedved82491 8 months ago

    I started using Spotify as of late last year which has greatly helped me grow my kpop collection. As of the last few weeks, I’ve been obsessed with Stellar. Marionette, Vibrato, and Sting are standouts, but even several of their b-sides are gems.

  • Devoured by Hallyu
    Devoured by Hallyu 8 months ago

    I'm literally searching all of the songs mentioned here one by one

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  8 months ago

      This video reminded me how much I really like MR.MR’s “Do You Feel Me?” Just wanted to say that.

  • Reisa Tee
    Reisa Tee 8 months ago

    I honestly can't name most of my favorite songs, since it changes so much depending on my mood... But summer rain has always been my favorite by Gfriend (though that might change when I listen to more of their side tracks).

  • Natalie Reed
    Natalie Reed 8 months ago

    Your favorite Fx songs are mine too although I would also add Step.

  • 안나
    안나 8 months ago

    Yes, PLEASE make a video dedicated to SHINee!! Its almost their 11th anniversary :D

  • Mys
    Mys 8 months ago

    I was going through my list of songs in alphabetical order while watching this and found that most of your favorite songs are my favorite as well :)
    You even mentioned groups I had never seen other people talking about
    Edit: the one I did the most double take for was Sunny Hill

  • alex taokaenoi
    alex taokaenoi 8 months ago

    S: where is SF9?
    W: where is Weki Meki?

    • DareDB KPop
      DareDB KPop  8 months ago

      Forgot SF9 for sure. I must’ve deleted them accidentally. Weki Meki And Pristin, I honestly don’t have anything to say about their music in terms of favorite

  • min_ min
    min_ min 8 months ago

    in2it ~Snapshot....
    chalka chalka snapshot boom~💞💞💞💞💞

  • Shayri
    Shayri 8 months ago

    I didn't know half the groups 😂

  • Dusti Witmore
    Dusti Witmore 8 months ago

    Should I be concerned I have at least one song from all of these groups, if not those exact songs and then some? I don't think I could honestly pick a favorite for some groups. Some ours would be the same, but there are some differences. Some of the differences would be GOT7 - I am me or Miracle, Oh my Girl - Liar Liar, RedVelvet - Peek a boo, Shinwah - Sniper, SHINee - Down, Monsta X - Trespass or maybe Dramamamamamama (I know that isn't the spelling, but it is funny) MissA - Don't need a man