Jamie's Quick and Easy Food | Eggs, Meatballs and Mousse

  • Published on Sep 4, 2017
  • Three cracking recipes from Jamie’s new Channel 4 show Quick and Easy Food. Make the quickest and easiest flat bread ever, topped with Eggs & Mango Chutney. Jamie whips up his Messy Meatball buns which will leave a saucy smile on everyone's face, and no better way to finish than this decadent Cherry Chocolate Mousse.
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Comments • 181

  • mia wink
    mia wink 7 months ago

    I have the book , its great but feel instructions were a bit too short for me, so came on TVclip to watch the video for a bit more of a visual insight (thought this trailer would do it) . made the messy meatball it was good but one thing i would say is to not put too much pesto in the meatball mix and then frying it because the oil from the meat and then the pesto seeps out and your left with a lot of oil to drain off before adding the tomatoes. overall yummy though ( also i used an in date jar pesto , id recommend using fresh pesto - don't know why but the one i had, had a sour taste (must be to preserve? )

  • Kwitelle
    Kwitelle 7 months ago

    He did it again! Brilliant combo's. Thank you Jamie.

  • ptys
    ptys 8 months ago

    Excellent choice of track and footage, kept me watching. Soul 2 Soul 😊

  • Linda Hannan
    Linda Hannan 9 months ago

    I love this type of filming 💞

  • Silva
    Silva 11 months ago

    playing this at 0.75 speed is perfect....and is the speed normal "quick and dirty" recipe videos are typically played at. I know it's a teaser for his show, but not everyone on youtube have access to brit channels and if you're gonna make the video guy put the ingredients in the video, might as well allow the viewers time to read them...just saying.

  • Jules R
    Jules R Year ago

    The flat bread for the eggs & chutney recipe is really tasty and versatile... Jamie is brilliant!

  • gayla gavin
    gayla gavin Year ago

    Sonething seems to be wrong. This doesnt have anything hut the advertisement?

  • Tom
    Tom Year ago

    Made the flatbread, was great!



  • veronica cuello
    veronica cuello Year ago

    Jaime, you are a genius in the kitchen!!!

  • noujaadw
    noujaadw Year ago

    don't forget to bind those meatballs otherwise they will fall apart in pan i experienced this

  • marymonk
    marymonk Year ago

    It is way TOO FAST. :( 1 minute and 42 seconds for three recipies is too much. I love your recipies though.

  • monica vesabellinggam

    Jamie, in your quick and easy episode 8, while making sticky pudding, you are whisking the cream and olive oil in bowl which is sitting on top of another? bowl . I am wondering why you are using it cause you never mentioned it in the show. Thank you. Love your show by the way.

  • Sinking Feeling
    Sinking Feeling Year ago

    I'm 11 and I love cooking. I got your book for Christmas and I'm already making a recipe.

  • xpert aab
    xpert aab 2 years ago

    This man is the OGGGG

  • Janice Huang
    Janice Huang 2 years ago

    Love the food, love the music, love the host, what a show!

  • Haidy Jeffrey
    Haidy Jeffrey 2 years ago

    Jamie you put a smile one my face,thank you. Very good show.

  • Helyne Walker
    Helyne Walker 2 years ago

    Love it!!!!

  • Pastelle Dreams
    Pastelle Dreams 2 years ago

    Omg pointless blog made that cherry mouse ❣️

  • 王晴
    王晴 2 years ago

    Don't like this quick editing, would still prefer Jamie to guide us through the steps, his narration is important don't replace it with stupid background music.

  • Archittack
    Archittack 2 years ago

    The dessert that Alfie made :P

  • Sarah Lee-Jones
    Sarah Lee-Jones 2 years ago

    It feels really weird not hearing Jamie's voice. His insights are really helpful. I know cooking videos without narration is a thing now but it does not work with Jamie.

  • Dominic Leung
    Dominic Leung 2 years ago

    It's not new show it's just new editing.. still it's great

  • Dominic Leung
    Dominic Leung 2 years ago

    It's not new show it's just new editing.. still it's great

  • Lena Chi
    Lena Chi 2 years ago

    I have this book! It's great! Thank you!!

    BBQ DUDES 2 years ago

    Great 👍

  • Vegan Instinct
    Vegan Instinct 2 years ago


  • Rhi
    Rhi 2 years ago

    Better tip for the mousse: don't break all your eggs into one bowl and then take the yolks out like jamie did, if you accidentally pop your last yolk that's 4 egg whites wasted. Break them one at a time into a smaller bowl then put the yolk and whites into separate bowls. Yeah it's an extra bowl to wash up but better than kicking yourself because you wasted all your egg whites.

  • FireForks Kitchen مطبخ فايرفوركس

    It's tooo nice
    I am one of your audience and I try your recipes and like to make it in videos
    Just I do the Arabian food
    I will glade if checking mine and send to me your evaluation for that
    Will happy if that happened from you chef Jamie Oliver

  • Running with Scissors
    Running with Scissors 2 years ago

    Great track Play!

  • Winkie Lee
    Winkie Lee 2 years ago

    Absolutely love this video!!!! I like the idea that Jamie always incorporate health into his food. Adding a touch of oil in Jamie video doesn't mean a stick of butter (thank god!!!!). Sometimes, we just totally forgot how food naturally tastes due to all those chemicals that were added to it. Quick can be good and simple can also make us jizzzzzzzzzzzz.
    All we can do now is to cross our finger and hoping Jamie can upload videos like this!!!

  • Svetlana T
    Svetlana T 2 years ago

    Are these recipes quick? Seems like they take usual amount of time for me 😁 but for sure, i will try

  • giulligi
    giulligi 2 years ago

    Oh, it looks delicious!! Can't wait to make and try all of them!

  • Teresa Abbott
    Teresa Abbott 2 years ago

    Hi Jamie!!!!! i'm loving the soul to soul music . Great job looks wonderful

  • Hanna Long
    Hanna Long 2 years ago

    could i substitute the white flour in flat breads ?? for smth healthy ..

  • L G
    L G 2 years ago

    Eres Fantástico!!!

  • Tubsy McGhee
    Tubsy McGhee 2 years ago

    Jamie always looks like he is constantly struggling to keep his tongue in his mouth.

    WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW 2 years ago

    They way the mozzarella wraps around the meatball is excellent.

  • Crystal Lo
    Crystal Lo 2 years ago

    definitely want to try the meatballs!

  • Itsmeee Vanilla
    Itsmeee Vanilla 2 years ago

    I already watched the episode!! Great show i love it!

  • J H
    J H 2 years ago

    Absolute tune.

  • Viintage T
    Viintage T 2 years ago

    Love the new style even if it's a trailer.

  • Patrice Police
    Patrice Police 2 years ago

    I really like this style. Just looks gorgeous and its fun to watch. But this has very low value for people who want to recook this. I'm absolutely happy to see these Videos every now and then but please don't let these kind of Videos overtake the channel. ^^/

  • Elina Umalenova
    Elina Umalenova 2 years ago

    Flavor God ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • S S
    S S 2 years ago

    Yum yum!! I love the video style!! Fantastic!!

  • Karel Kroupa
    Karel Kroupa 2 years ago

    Is Jamie challenging Mc'donalds, by using real food?

  • Jihane Medkouri
    Jihane Medkouri 2 years ago

    so good!!

  • Sarah D
    Sarah D 2 years ago

    Jamie is brilliant! Love the video.

  • Auralan
    Auralan 2 years ago +3

    Quick food > first recipy has you making your own bread. Are you serious? I mean I'd love to do this, but this isn't what people would expect with such a title. :p

    • Ignas Maslinskas
      Ignas Maslinskas 2 years ago +3

      I mean, it's flat bread which is pretty simple and is almost like cooking a pancake as it is very fast and does not require to wait for the dough to raise.

  • DJ Ranoia
    DJ Ranoia 2 years ago

    I made mine with blueberry yogurt n added kale today it was really good

  • Balmung
    Balmung 2 years ago


  • Sweet Potato Chronicles

    Oh, hello meatballs sammie! You are definitely on my list! Would be good in a school, too.

  • April
    April 2 years ago

    The thumbnail does not do justice to the deliciousness contained in this video

  • SportsFan 27
    SportsFan 27 2 years ago +2

    Tried the flatbreads a few days ago. Absolutely amazed by the results. Keep it up Jamie. Heavenly recipes with so little ingredients

  • Raging Lion
    Raging Lion 2 years ago


  • Людмила Лесечко

    Amazing! Good ))))

  • LILY kitchen مطبخ لي لي

    its so fast

  • Masuda Yuldasheva
    Masuda Yuldasheva 2 years ago


  • MrsPark
    MrsPark 2 years ago

    Those meatballs burgers look great! will definitely be giving them a go!

  • Hubert Shitmeyer
    Hubert Shitmeyer 2 years ago

    man, that mousse in the end was just utter utter utter hardcore porn.