I React To Cruel Comments About My Fingernails

  • Published on May 29, 2018
  • I react to the abundance of comments regarding my long fingernails and attempt to reveal the answer as to why I keep them long. Top secret and classified information will be uncovered today! It is time.
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Comments • 6 852

  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  7 months ago +583

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    • Blake Gonzales
      Blake Gonzales 6 days ago

      I usaully keep my nails a bit long myself. I agree my fingers feel funny with short nails

    • Th3R3al0ne
      Th3R3al0ne 15 days ago

      I have a good idea I might me late but u could make a second channel and do asmr

    • ball is life Palmdale California
      ball is life Palmdale California Month ago

      Well if your viewers are watching u review food with your hands. Mmm yeah cut your fingernails come on legend

    • Springwood Slasher
      Springwood Slasher Month ago

      Having long nails is unsanitary especially with all the garbage you eat.

    • Fortnite Flix
      Fortnite Flix 2 months ago

      TheReportOfTheWeek your finger nAils are rank

  • BlurBerry Creative
    BlurBerry Creative 14 hours ago

    His hands would go with a very nice antique watch.

  • TwistYourWrist
    TwistYourWrist Day ago

    He can keep em long if he wants to. But if Reviewbrah decides to give an attractive woman some sexual favours with this set of hands, he should be very careful....

  • Kewonerdk
    Kewonerdk Day ago

    Dude wear you fingernails as you want, people should see my fingernails, they are always dirty covered in tar, paint, oil or glue. I can’t really avoid it, I have to make a living and I love my job, and that’s the only down side. But if you came at my work I would say cut down those fingernails, because you will get hurt, tho I can clearly see you don’t make that kind of work.
    But do what you do and don’t give a rats ass, about other people.
    As a side note, in a lot of cultures having long fingernails as a man, is a sign of stature. Because you can’t do hard labor with long fingernails. So long fingernails shows that you are in the upper class!

  • The Jason Knight Fiasco Band

    Haha i never even noticed your nails until I saw this video. I think it's absolutely hilarious that people take a timeout to worry about the length of your nails. JHC🙄

  • lorelei
    lorelei 2 days ago

    You have very feminine hands. Not gross at all.

  • Shanye
    Shanye 2 days ago

    I think the nail length is possibly in direct correlation to his autism levels.

    BIG JOE 3 days ago

    I like to watch ur videos while im eating exactly what u are reviewing....it makes my food taste better... and its cool knowing that we are eating the exact same thing

  • ThatGirl Monica
    ThatGirl Monica 3 days ago

    These are all just jelly people... Especially girls who can't grow beautiful nails like yours!!!
    Seriously tho... Fingernails... Only on the internet can you find people literally freakin out over damn fingernails...
    Frankly without people pointing them out, I'd never have noticed... Probably!!!🤓😂😅🙃
    ✋ 👋 👏 lol

  • Maek
    Maek 3 days ago

    Please paint your nails and/or do a nails tapping asmr video

  • Heisenberg
    Heisenberg 4 days ago

    its your life bro

  • z dub
    z dub 4 days ago

    Holy caption options. That's like all the languages.

  • T Monet
    T Monet 4 days ago

    Your sense of humor has me shakin

  • AnthonyJames MasonEicher

    when you slammed your hands on the table i lost it

  • General grevious
    General grevious 4 days ago

    You should asmr with those nails

  • Reese Gunderson
    Reese Gunderson 4 days ago

    you cannot fool everyone

  • Enrique Peña Nieto
    Enrique Peña Nieto 4 days ago

    Fight Joeys World Tour.

  • Jacobz dungeon
    Jacobz dungeon 4 days ago

    I respect this dude he takes these comments in stride.

  • life as lauren
    life as lauren 5 days ago

    Why u gotta bang ya head

  • spearminthappenings
    spearminthappenings 5 days ago

    I get the touch thing. I wore acrylic nails for years, through jr high high school college years. Because I loved the long look but also I liked the thickness if them. Growing my nails long is not the same. I work in dental now and cannot have acrylic nails. I have always hated the feeling of touching with the finger tip! Was very hard to get used to texting. My nails always covered that and I don’t know it is so cringey.

    xTHEx xUNTITLEDx 5 days ago

    Don’t listen to them , you like The Black Panther

  • LmpdN
    LmpdN 6 days ago

    I like you how you are.

  • Jacob Andracki
    Jacob Andracki 6 days ago

    Love your videos keep up the good work☝🏻

  • Michael The Namesake

    You can make a video about reacting to good comments that you get. You can put an emphasis on those who like you instead. I bet that there are more of those.

  • Mada Mada
    Mada Mada 7 days ago


  • james doe
    james doe 7 days ago

    Arrrgghh... so much finger

    KIMBERLY RIQUELME 7 days ago +1

    Whenever i see your nails it reminds me of spalding's in AHS

  • finn wolfhard is god

    4:25 :( no

  • Dennis F
    Dennis F 8 days ago

    Entertaining video with a strong message!

  • Donna Howell
    Donna Howell 8 days ago +1

    You could legit do asmr

  • Yaron Russo
    Yaron Russo 9 days ago

    🤣 dude you’re hilarious,

  • Shady Maybe
    Shady Maybe 9 days ago +1

    Imagine him scratching your back...... ☺️🤗😌😏🤯

  • Anthony Urbanski
    Anthony Urbanski 11 days ago

    Your a good,kind young man. Don't let people bring you down you have a lot of followers.
    Keep being who you are. I enjoy your style,its refreshing.

  • stuffandotherstuff
    stuffandotherstuff 11 days ago

    "Based on a case study of a dozen people give or take a few" this mans level of genius is his humor is unprecedented

  • Jordon Rozell
    Jordon Rozell 12 days ago

    Nerd ass bitch !!!!!!!!!!

  • Karie Martensen
    Karie Martensen 12 days ago

    paint em

  • Lucas Najamu
    Lucas Najamu 12 days ago

    My favorite was "Cut your nails brother"

  • Kevin Orozco
    Kevin Orozco 12 days ago

    You're the best!

  • quiet you
    quiet you 13 days ago

    A claw of an opossum. My finger nails grow fast too. Good for digging roots

  • Benjamin Stalin
    Benjamin Stalin 13 days ago

    The real Yoshikage Kira

  • Faeryka
    Faeryka 14 days ago

    Guy it makes sense now he’s Yoshikage Kira. No but seriously love you man!

  • Dani Rey
    Dani Rey 14 days ago

    asmr king 🤠 0:13 6:42

  • Nagyon Okos Minde Tudó Béla Úr

    I RESPECT you Sir as you are.

  • happy as larry
    happy as larry 14 days ago

    Brilliant comeback about yr fingernails 😀

  • Lil' Buddy
    Lil' Buddy 14 days ago

    Why would you use finger nails as an insult? You shouldn't ever insult anyone on their looks it depend's on their personality. He doesn't deserve this. He could probably destroy these guys with insults, but he doesn't, because he has such a great personality.
    Plus also why did they spend time looking at someone's finger nails? Doesn't really matter lol, like ya got some finger nail fetish?

  • Gen Vincent
    Gen Vincent 14 days ago +1

    im crying at him calling his nail clipper cute

  • get In It for Truth
    get In It for Truth 15 days ago

    Disgust has become a huge topic in psychology research over the last decade. Many Disgust Researchers - yep, they're an actual thing - many of them believe people are disgusted by fingernails such as those, because it reminds people of their animal nature. They say it is also closely related to our thoughts about moral violations and moral concepts like purity. They think we have evolved to be disgusted by any reminder that we are animals, disgusted by any reminders of our mortality, and that's why we seem to instinctively dehumanize criminals, pariahs and outsiders. Though i feel that these researchers haven't quite hit the mark, and that they have far to go in this field, I think they're pretty close. Though, against them, I'd ask, "how cute is it to be reminded of our animal nature when tickling a baby's tummy, and then they do the same things our dogs do when tickling theirs?"
    In stark contrast to your clean cut appearance, I can understand the disgusted reaction. You look like a civilized, well dressed, clean cut male human being...but with claws! Get what I'm saying? Acrylic nails and typical effiminate nails, they have lots of pretty-colored and shiny distractions upon them - which perhaps help to alleviate said instinctual disgust. Have you ever seen fingernails so long that they curl in on themselves? Most have, and this is surely, partly why the immediate disgust. I'm sure, that even others, they see nails like that, and no matter how clean, they fear for your health, and then they are immediately repulsed. Hands are some of the dirtiest parts of the human body, all throughout any given day, and many organisms can live under fingernails. You say you'd like us to evolve beyond that, beyond some superficial degradation of aesthetics, but I don't think it's all as trivial as you think it is, and we've seemed to already evolved to this point! You'd want us to de-evolve?
    Disgusting, unpleasant reminders like these, they tend to immediately make us think more about threats to health, and it's all instictually downhill from there.
    I think the word you were looking for is "practical"...because yes, I agree that nails are handy tools for many different things in our daily lives, one of which is to use them to claw eyes out, and for defense if need be. Lol. Nails aren't "just nails"...is all I'm really trying to say. Also, I'm trying to say, that it may be YOU, and not US, like this whole video claims. It indeed may not be us who are responsible for these kinds of reactions, et al. (responsible for the actual rude responses however, but not the initial, instinctual disgust).
    No diagnosis here, but indeed it may be a part of something obsessive compulsive in your mental makeup, and of course it can all snowball, instictually, downhill, from there too, especially in broadcast. Either way, you're certainly an interesting human, so keep your chin up, no matter what

  • Fabian Adalrun
    Fabian Adalrun 15 days ago

    Well I see those are some long ass fingernails but who the fuck complains about this? I couldn't care less about them nails. Reviewbrah still legit

  • ZombiePanda88
    ZombiePanda88 15 days ago

    I never noticed your fingernails Lol
    But I’m glad you can laugh these comments off, keep up the great reviews!

  • Rebecca Prince
    Rebecca Prince 15 days ago

    Grab a chalkboard and make those rude bastards pay!!