I React To Cruel Comments About My Fingernails

  • Published on May 29, 2018
  • I react to the abundance of comments regarding my long fingernails and attempt to reveal the answer as to why I keep them long. Top secret and classified information will be uncovered today! It is time.
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Comments • 7 109

  • TheReportOfTheWeek
    TheReportOfTheWeek  10 months ago +612

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    • Reggie Rightwing
      Reggie Rightwing 2 months ago +1

      You have a wonderful personality review brah. Sometimes I don't cut my toes nails for weeks . Literally until they hurt in my steel toes at work lol. I wish all the best for you my friend.

    • Tuggle Miles
      Tuggle Miles 2 months ago

      Howard Hughes had longer nails but worth billions. You are a poker compared to his nails.

    • Blake Gonzales
      Blake Gonzales 3 months ago

      I usaully keep my nails a bit long myself. I agree my fingers feel funny with short nails

    • Th3R3al0ne
      Th3R3al0ne 3 months ago

      I have a good idea I might me late but u could make a second channel and do asmr

    • ball is life Palmdale California
      ball is life Palmdale California 3 months ago

      Well if your viewers are watching u review food with your hands. Mmm yeah cut your fingernails come on legend

  • Morning Tae
    Morning Tae 11 hours ago

    0:56 lmao the way he said that

  • Just Some Guy Ok
    Just Some Guy Ok 14 hours ago

    I know you don't like cutting them. But part of being an adult is realizing we have to sometimes do things we don't like for hygiene sake.

  • TheHorseLady1212
    TheHorseLady1212 18 hours ago

    i think it would be cool if you painted them lol

  • Crystal OO
    Crystal OO 19 hours ago

    You're like a sarcastic Mr. Rogers. Never change.

  • levi margera
    levi margera 2 days ago

    Hahahahahhaha 4:55 had my crying

  • Logan Allen
    Logan Allen 2 days ago

    Fingernails make me wanna puke 🤮

    ZER0 PLAYZ 2 days ago

    Please just cut them

  • louis
    louis 2 days ago

    I volunteer to protect review brah! I urge you all to join my cause , let us raise our swords in a just cause !

  • I'm Justin
    I'm Justin 2 days ago

    He's a vampire. The fingernails are part of the ensemble.

  • J.A. M.F
    J.A. M.F 2 days ago

    Welcome to adulthood bruh, grow a fucking spine

    • TheReportOfTheWeek
      TheReportOfTheWeek  2 days ago

      No worries. I was born with one like everyone else, but thanks for caring.

  • djkneecaps91
    djkneecaps91 2 days ago

    You ever paint dem junks ?

  • Ana
    Ana 3 days ago

    I like your tie.

  • Ortugg Q
    Ortugg Q 3 days ago

    0:09 thank you

  • Brandon Reid
    Brandon Reid 3 days ago

    Dont watch this guy if youre poor, it makes you hungry

  • Wilmer Gimenez
    Wilmer Gimenez 4 days ago

    ¿what kind of entity is this one? obviusly in the 30's they already have HD cameras

  • Name Less
    Name Less 4 days ago

    I play ukulele at music and I have to cut my nails back but I’m a boy so it isn’t that bad.

  • Minivan Recon
    Minivan Recon 4 days ago

    Fast food Nasforato. LMAO.

  • Leilas TV shows 122
    Leilas TV shows 122 4 days ago

    Whoa slow down there buddy 😎 4:27

  • Super.Steel. Ak
    Super.Steel. Ak 4 days ago

    Boogers man. He is smart. We’ve all picked for gold. Sometimes we just can’t reach
    The end of the rainbow. He can. Brilliant. You must be a prepper.

  • Mrfailstandstil
    Mrfailstandstil 4 days ago

    Kira from jjba anyone?

  • Tommy Boy Vercetti
    Tommy Boy Vercetti 5 days ago

    The intermission was orgasmic. I have a deceased hand fetish. You, you are a special specimen. Having the amazing qualities of a morbid body and the high-end style of Al Capone. That is all, for now.

  • LMV
    LMV 5 days ago


  • SavageCabbage
    SavageCabbage 5 days ago

    This guy would make a great interrogator. But instead of asking questions, he will simply stare the truth out of you.

  • Keith Pynn
    Keith Pynn 5 days ago

    I love your show! You need to go on Letterman!

  • Laguera Itiswhatitis

    Who cares about your nails being long....that's just weird to focus on someones nails. Their brain capacity must be limited. There is so much beauty in just being yourself. Your beautiful just how you are. 💕

  • bowl4two
    bowl4two 5 days ago

    *_cutest rat boi in the biz_*

  • bowl4two
    bowl4two 5 days ago

    *_miniature christmas tree_*

  • Bisontyson
    Bisontyson 6 days ago

    I know that feeling you’re talking about, my reasoning is for scratching 😂 I don’t keep them long, but I don’t clip them to the nub either cause I’m an itchy person and I need to scratch.

  • joe.h
    joe.h 6 days ago


  • Rolf Gunnar Ragnarsson

    I too detest the feeling of exposed skin from having really short finger nails. I still cut them rather short though, then simply endure the early phase of them growing back out again until they hit that sweet spot right in between too short and too long.

  • 45asunder1
    45asunder1 6 days ago

    You bring sadness into my life.

  • join the fist
    join the fist 7 days ago

    crying every night, thats just funny

  • speed racer
    speed racer 7 days ago

    After spending time watching this I have been inspired to get off my computer and do something useful with my time instead.

  • CF G
    CF G 7 days ago

    His hands are like large talons. But that is a good thing.

  • CF G
    CF G 7 days ago

    Long nails good for scratching or adding extra ingredients to your most recent meals!

  • DrLeatherface
    DrLeatherface 7 days ago

    As shitty as these comments are.. I'm sorry to say that Fast Food Nosferatu got me laughing. I'm making a note of that for a future b-movie or band name.

  • J K
    J K 7 days ago

    I agree with every single one of the comments he showed. Creepy factor x1000.

  • SirParcifal
    SirParcifal 8 days ago

    FYI- at least your finger nails are clean. Furthermore, you have piano fingers - do you play piano or any other instruments for that matter???

  • jesus gonzalez
    jesus gonzalez 8 days ago

    Do you grow out your toenails too

  • DespairFollows
    DespairFollows 8 days ago

    Filing my nails while i watch

  • MothmanGhost
    MothmanGhost 8 days ago

    Reviewbrah is Yoshikage Kira confirmed.

  • Harvey Wallbanger
    Harvey Wallbanger 8 days ago

    John, how come your not wearing watches? I once heard you mention you wore a pocket watch. Nice London clock in the background.

  • sarahp123
    sarahp123 8 days ago

    Well kept hands and nails, don't worry, keep it real!! :D

  • Lan Phung
    Lan Phung 9 days ago

    Brah, the reason some people take issues with your damn (sorry) fingernails has nothing to do with it being unsightly or disgusting, but that they think you represent the kind of people (or class of people) they are not on the same page with. See, I don't know the statistics (which you may be aware of) but I reckon your viewers range about 18-40. Coupled with you making content about FAST FOOD your audience are mostly of working class (again with the speculation) who were growing up being told to be excessively groomed... you get the idea. Anyways i might sound condesending but i'm really not and its just something I observed

  • Tim O'donnell
    Tim O'donnell 9 days ago

    There are a lot of sad fuckers out there. You really didn't need to make such a huge justification over the most trivial and fickle matter. It's the most shallow thing

  • Will Bigelow
    Will Bigelow 10 days ago

    You're a pretty good actor sir!!

  • Lisette Chevalier
    Lisette Chevalier 11 days ago

    Paint your nails pls

  • justme yo
    justme yo 11 days ago

    You do you, Reviewbrah. I hate socks. I can't stop thinking about my socks all day if I wear them with shoes. People tease me all the time because they think my feet stink because of my choice not to wear socks. Its not true it all. My feet are normal I just find socks to be an uncomfortable extra step I don't need and they make me feel weird and trapped all day. Just because every person seems to do something doesn't mean its inherently the right thing for every person. You seem like a really cool person who chooses to be themselves in spite of all the random disapproving people and its inspiring. We need more people like that.

  • Hunter Pugh
    Hunter Pugh 12 days ago

    I love this dude and he’s not fake like most people. And has a lot of balls

  • Matt
    Matt 12 days ago

    I think alot of people might be thinking you're just too lazy to cut your nails and might just be judging based on laziness. But what people don't realize is if you were lazy to cut your nails, then either your nails would keep getting longer and longer and be super long at some point, or you would be waiting a very long time before you cut your nails, and then your nails would be very short, for some time. But if that was the case, well your nails would be short or really long in some of your videos. But your nails are more or less, around the same length. You are just comfortable with your nail length. I can see your point of view. It just takes alittle more time and precision to trim nails, than it would just to cut nails down all the way short. So, my point is, because your willing to take alittle more time and precision to trim your nails, rather than just cutting your nails all the way down short. The length you keep your nails at, you are just really comfortable with.re mostly

  • satinblackcat666
    satinblackcat666 12 days ago

    I subscribed BECAUSE of your fingernails!

  • Freerange Butters
    Freerange Butters 13 days ago

    What planet are you from?

  • Y P
    Y P 13 days ago +1


  • Tanya Hartley
    Tanya Hartley 13 days ago

    Who cares about fingernails?!!! Crazy people....

  • George Stoica
    George Stoica 16 days ago

    I have never identified with you more than now. Everything you said is exactly how I feel about fingernails. Thank you for saying what I never have the courage to.

  • cassnick
    cassnick 17 days ago

    This is the video of yours that made me sub. Good for you. I had the same question about your nails honestly. I would never say it to you but I'm admitting that I did have those questions. And this video is funny and clever and I love how you handled this. Good for you! Bravo brah!

  • warren weisfus
    warren weisfus 20 days ago +1

    don’t you dare diminish them beautiful back scratchers...dude

  • NY Nurse
    NY Nurse 21 day ago

    F$&k reading hate comments in ASMR, I need ReviewBrah reading his fingernail hate in full audio glory.

  • Lewis Martin
    Lewis Martin 22 days ago

    You are a splendid human being, beautiful inside and out.

  • Riasat Salmin  Sami
    Riasat Salmin Sami 22 days ago

    Your hands look dead because of all those crappy foods you eat which ruins your day everyday.

  • Dexterror
    Dexterror 22 days ago

    Never known a guy to take so much time over his nails or even talk about them for so long?

  • Vengeance of Cthulhu
    Vengeance of Cthulhu 23 days ago

    people hate you because you're not a sheep like they are you're not a trendy zombie like they are.see if it doesn't come straight out of a rap video they think something is odd.they talk like illiterate rap stars and get tattoos all over their body and where man buns anything that's not in their narrow style choices is foreign to them their opinion is not to be valued or trusted they are trendy zombies and brain dead.f these people had a independent thought their head would explode.they worship pop stars and they love their sin.anyone that's a good person and normal like you is some sort of alien to them and must be brought down to their gutter level. how these people continue to breathe everyday is a miracle considering they have the intelligence level of a cardboard box.

  • Haywood Jablomee
    Haywood Jablomee 23 days ago

    In all fairness, you really should cut your nails.

  • Felix Henry
    Felix Henry 24 days ago

    You are my brother.

  • Sara A
    Sara A 24 days ago

    You should play classical guitar - I play it but can't grow my fingernails because i'm always biting them and I'm jealous of your nails!

  • _OriGinAL 702_
    _OriGinAL 702_ 25 days ago


  • thedemonnemo
    thedemonnemo 26 days ago

    Probably a minor sensory integration issue.

  • YoungNIB 420
    YoungNIB 420 27 days ago

    Haha it was a handful of kush 5:00

  • Gosha
    Gosha 29 days ago

    You should go get manicures and pimp out those finger nails.

  • xlLordRaxnllx XBL
    xlLordRaxnllx XBL Month ago +1

    U look like a Albino john wick

  • Sy Ali
    Sy Ali Month ago

    I was watching this from my HDTV that is connected to a Mi Box but I open this very same video in my phone now to leave this comment, giving you an "engagement". Also, I want to tell you that I appreciate you keeping your fingernails clean. Most of the time around my region, the phone vendors especially keep their nails long for ease of access working with the mobile phones. Unfortunately, their fingernails are mostly dirty with finger jam. Again, I appreciate your transparency and care for hygiene. I also emphatize in regards to the skin contact uncomfortable cringeyness (I made that word up).

  • myearshurt Noone
    myearshurt Noone Month ago

    i think your fingernails are beautiful honestly keep being you don't listen to the haters

  • Gold & Silver Wealth Preservation

    "fingernail improvement devices"...….oh sweetie

  • Figment HF
    Figment HF Month ago


  • rollinggoronable
    rollinggoronable Month ago

    Dude i understand that feeling of touching things when you cut them short, grabbing a towel is toture. The only time lomg nails suck is if u do rock climbing because then they get peeled back easily

  • ヅAdmireDrippy
    ヅAdmireDrippy Month ago +3

    My nails would never get long
    I bite them every 30 seconds

  • Steezy nick
    Steezy nick Month ago

    this man is roasting THE FUCK out these people with intelligents😂😭

  • n2cable
    n2cable Month ago

    Diogenes would Agree with accepting your finger nails as they are

  • Chelle W.
    Chelle W. Month ago +4

    With all the protests and outrage and hoopla from different parties over their damn rights in this world, I think it’s totally fine for you to do what is most comfortable for you with regard to the upkeep of your fingernails. Lol
    People need to get lives and quit worrying about others.

  • Dylan Anderson
    Dylan Anderson Month ago

    I'm sorry but no matter how "clean" you keep them there is a large amount of bacteria and dirt and grime that collects under long nails. That's why people find them disgusting.

  • Andy Cates
    Andy Cates Month ago

    as long as they're clean, and they are, who cares?

  • Blue
    Blue Month ago +1

    reviewbrah reading the comments in slang instead of his proper speech is gold

  • Zee Kay
    Zee Kay Month ago

    This guy is gold

  • Devin Mullen
    Devin Mullen Month ago

    Review brah i think i have the same feeling you have after i cut my nails with clippers. Thats why i bite them since i was young. It makes all clothes and textured surface feel creepy basically.

  • Kartina Storm
    Kartina Storm Month ago

    6:40 thanks for the asmr Dad

  • tee bizz
    tee bizz Month ago

    I have to trim my nails .Can't put out a video with grungy nails .

  • nameless
    nameless Month ago

    this is my favourite start to a video, especially the finger nail tapping I was dead 😂😂

  • just the tip? band
    just the tip? band Month ago

    they hate til they need a good back scratchin🍻

  • versesca
    versesca Month ago

    I guess I'm an outlier in saying they look well managed to me! With fingernails that large you have a big canvas to work upon, it'd be interesting what kind of nail designs you could have done.

  • A. Romania
    A. Romania Month ago

    I don't see it as abrasive - it's advise, with a few comments sprinkled with some extra internet bravado/spice. I think many would agree that, for men, trimming your fingernails is good hygiene.

  • Kenny Botelho
    Kenny Botelho Month ago

    This dude looks like he's stuck in the 80s

  • Tammie
    Tammie Month ago

    When you were eleven they asked if you had fake nails lol that's kinda cute and yet I'd be upset but I could understand why they'd ask that. I agree with some of the comments, but I wouldn't have said in a cruel way. It's interesting to see your point of view. I can understand what you mean when you say you need a boundary and also it's good not to change for anyone else, always be yourself.

  • bsiccs
    bsiccs Month ago

    Why on earth would anyone care about your fingernails... I'm more concerned with why/ why not I should try some new and exciting fast food item. Weird people on the internet... :)

  • Jeff Blackwell
    Jeff Blackwell Month ago

    You keep being you brother.

  • James Vandercock
    James Vandercock Month ago

    Ohhhhhhh he’s gay?!

  • The_K1ng_42zero
    The_K1ng_42zero Month ago

    Oah the fingernails oah *dies* you have killed a person oah

  • Jeanette Schlimgen
    Jeanette Schlimgen Month ago

    I think its funny that so many people are worried about your fingernails. I think many people are trolls.

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy Month ago +1

    _You’re too pure for this earth_

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy Month ago +1

    You’re too pure for this earth child.