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First Time In Full Drag Transformation

  • Published on Oct 5, 2018
  • HI SISTERS! Drag queens have always been a major source of inspiration to me in both my makeup and every day life. I've done drag a few times, but I've never actually FULLY transformed and learned what it takes to be performance ready. In today's video, I decided to educate myself on the art of drag and do my first ever full body drag transformation... in front of my favorite queens in the world. Enjoy!!
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    EDITOR: Louis & Anthony Gargiula
    WRITER: Eros Gomez
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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  • Patrick Stuart
    Patrick Stuart 7 hours ago

    #"brother James"...

  • Emilie Feivelson
    Emilie Feivelson 13 hours ago

    I love how james in drag is Littraly just laddy Gaga

  • Fun with Phebe
    Fun with Phebe 22 hours ago

    I think stella

  • Puppy,Unicorn Lover forever

    U and Tyler brown?

  • My penis is incredibly Small but,

    Yo so dreamy 🍆🍑🍆🍆🍑🍑

  • Cathryn Batista
    Cathryn Batista 2 days ago

    James looks a lot like Lady Gaga! He looks AMAZEBALLS!!

  • Olive Issler
    Olive Issler 2 days ago

    Omg I’m sooo happpy I’m SUSTER SHOOK! Beacause im only 11 years old but I got ur pallet

  • WhatsPoppin
    WhatsPoppin 2 days ago


  • Cassidy Lea
    Cassidy Lea 2 days ago +1

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The video starts
    At 2:42

  • Alexis Bennett
    Alexis Bennett 3 days ago


  • Alexis Bennett
    Alexis Bennett 3 days ago

    His screm

  • Alexis Bennett
    Alexis Bennett 3 days ago

    His snatch name should be morphydela or nisha

  • Alexis Bennett
    Alexis Bennett 3 days ago


  • Alexis Bennett
    Alexis Bennett 3 days ago

    I was wharing a pin in my ear as my earing and this girl talking about you cant even affored earings a got iss i went off on her and explaned inspired by sister james she sadi jay people are gross sooo i went off in her and got iss

  • Bill
    Bill 3 days ago

    How the hell did I get here TVclip

  • william mcintosh
    william mcintosh 3 days ago

    wooow you’re gorgeous

  • Ashley faye Rycroft
    Ashley faye Rycroft 3 days ago

    Is this something you want to continue?

  • Marcus Thorne
    Marcus Thorne 4 days ago

    37:34 Ursula!

  • Norma Castro
    Norma Castro 5 days ago

    wow james u rock

  • Chris Guinta
    Chris Guinta 5 days ago

    She looks like if Miz Cracker and Alaska had a baby.
    Miz Thunderfuck

  • Explicit Content
    Explicit Content 5 days ago

    I’d love to see you try to recreate a violet chachki look

  • Tanawan Spence
    Tanawan Spence 5 days ago

    Look for the stars 🌟
    Every like I get I will add a star 🌟

  • Oona Hiltunen
    Oona Hiltunen 5 days ago

    You should audition on drag race

  • Bacon Bits
    Bacon Bits 5 days ago

    The eye lashes

  • Dalia Parenti
    Dalia Parenti 5 days ago +3

    You look like drag queen version of lady Gaga

  • Haley Allen
    Haley Allen 5 days ago

    I fell in love with you today 💛✨

  • T Series
    T Series 5 days ago

    Why does he look good

  • Sky Sytherin
    Sky Sytherin 5 days ago

    U should be on rupauls drag race u would win James

  • Shannon Gale
    Shannon Gale 6 days ago

    But was he tucked?

  • Roshni Ohri
    Roshni Ohri 6 days ago

    Omggg Ajaaaaaa

  • -xXxGacha_GirlxXx- im weird

    Eeeek I luv u

  • abdi osmam
    abdi osmam 6 days ago

    omg sooooo pretty i am cryinng i love james charles

  • FunTimes
    FunTimes 6 days ago +4

    “251.86”. “”Perfeecctt!”

    *Can’t relate*

  • Sarah Miller
    Sarah Miller 6 days ago

    Omg!!! You look gorgeous!!! You look a little like Lady Gaga!!!! Sister shook!!!

  • Rachel Ace
    Rachel Ace 6 days ago

    This look reminds me of Valentina's Goddess Look for All Stars 4 , maybe Valentina took inspiration from this.

  • Jess Kenny
    Jess Kenny 7 days ago

    24:10 is when the acc makeup starts

  • Squishyunicorn Lol
    Squishyunicorn Lol 7 days ago

    You have been full drag before but not in public and you look even more glamorous than you usually do but this is the real deal xx

  • Eleyana Risch
    Eleyana Risch 7 days ago

    You looked like Lady Gaga

    PUNCH R M S 7 days ago

    Lady GaGay 😍

  • Hola
    Hola 7 days ago

    Watching this is March and James hair has honestly changed so much tf lol

  • Gracie Gofourth
    Gracie Gofourth 7 days ago

    Your amazing!!!!

  • Alice Mazzucco
    Alice Mazzucco 7 days ago

    You look amazing but I can see your panties lol so beautiful

  • Jemima Fox
    Jemima Fox 7 days ago

    14:28 megalovania?😂

  • Panic at my chemical romance

    I love the lewk! Slay biaaatch!!

  • Mar Sea
    Mar Sea 7 days ago

    She’s so beautiful 😭

  • Vanessa Bermudez Hernandez

    27:19 “Flashback Mary has entered the chat”

  • Comedy Central cc
    Comedy Central cc 8 days ago

    So cute

  • Miguel Abrahams
    Miguel Abrahams 8 days ago +2

    At the beginning, he said “Welcome back to my TVclip Tannel”.... I swear

  • Taylor DeGroot
    Taylor DeGroot 8 days ago

    36:07 R.I.P Headphone users!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lyndsey N
    Lyndsey N 8 days ago

    That should be Charles wedding dress 11:05

  • Emma Vega
    Emma Vega 8 days ago


  • Isabella Gonzalez
    Isabella Gonzalez 8 days ago +1

    When he open the fan I jumped it scared me😂😂

  • breezy
    breezy 8 days ago +1

    Oh SHIT the fan flip at 36:47 is the most iconic thing I have ever seen

  • Alegria
    Alegria 8 days ago

    His that Lady Gaga ?

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 8 days ago

    2019 ?

  • TrippieLa
    TrippieLa 8 days ago

    i know im not the only one who thought that was cardi b on the thumbnail

  • Fanta-STICK ._.
    Fanta-STICK ._. 8 days ago +4

    Right hand:Why are you slapping me?!
    Left hand: *NO!* Why are YOU punching me?!
    Right hand:...

  • RoyalSnowbird
    RoyalSnowbird 8 days ago

    A tip Charles: classy ladies do NOT speak fast ! Slow down your speech when in drag! For your first time, you rocked it!

  • Krissy Villa
    Krissy Villa 8 days ago

    36:06 😂😂

  • emily white
    emily white 9 days ago

    Love ya James

  • Ri Grijalva
    Ri Grijalva 9 days ago

    James and aquaria I diedddddd

  • James Casper
    James Casper 9 days ago

    Lady Gaga !

  • Yaraedith Ramos
    Yaraedith Ramos 9 days ago

    Yasssss queen 👑

  • VeNkAtEsH
    VeNkAtEsH 9 days ago


  • Kimistry Collier
    Kimistry Collier 9 days ago

    My favorite drag queen is Miz Cracker 🥰

    • Suzie The Cat
      Suzie The Cat 8 days ago

      Kimistry Collier mines raven and bianca del rio

  • BunnyPlayzX
    BunnyPlayzX 9 days ago

    Did James give himself a drag name? If not, I would just call it White Lily.

  • Noah Hays
    Noah Hays 9 days ago

    You should've done a classic red lip sister!!!!!

    • Noah Hays
      Noah Hays 9 days ago

      It also needed glitter, but still gorgeous

  • coraline
    coraline 9 days ago

    Rue Paul who?
    Marilyn Monroe who?
    James Charles OMG queeeennn

  • Leslie Kombet
    Leslie Kombet 9 days ago

    Yeah his drag queen name should be Princess Leia I love that name

  • daniel that obvious litt person

    I love that James unlike Patrick Starr recognized that he was in drag and isn’t a drag queen but James was serving PURE fish

  • xXxOliviaxXx
    xXxOliviaxXx 9 days ago

    I love u james

  • Miranda Kohuch
    Miranda Kohuch 10 days ago +1

    I’m totally seeing a Lady GaGa Oscars moment and I’m in love

  • NoAnimalLeftBehind
    NoAnimalLeftBehind 10 days ago

    ThE sIsTeRs FaN tHo

  • Awkward AvAcADo
    Awkward AvAcADo 10 days ago


  • Diana Galbin-Pristavu
    Diana Galbin-Pristavu 11 days ago

    You should do a full on Barbie transformation

  • Sara Callarotti
    Sara Callarotti 11 days ago +17

    I know im late but I just noticed that his hair looks like Brendon Urie’s anyone else?

  • Yee Haw
    Yee Haw 11 days ago

    Lowkey think James is the only person that can rock a drag outfit

  • What Ever
    What Ever 11 days ago +6

    James’ drag looks like what I imagine Lady Gaga would look like at her wedding

  • destiny09dylan
    destiny09dylan 11 days ago +2

    James Charles should go on Ru pals drag race

  • Yasha A
    Yasha A 11 days ago

    omg why do i love this so much

    AERINIE 12 days ago +1

    “mY tOeS hURt sO mUcH~!” -James Charles, 2K18

  • Kayla_coolcatt Games
    Kayla_coolcatt Games 12 days ago

    I hope no one sister snatchers your weave 😬😂

  • Ani Butler
    Ani Butler 12 days ago +1

    25:42 i had a heart attck because of that sound

  • Ethan M
    Ethan M 12 days ago

    Aja is a sweetheart, love her

  • Sunny
    Sunny 12 days ago

    ru paul found dead

  • Unicorn Evie
    Unicorn Evie 12 days ago


  • Joe Cronin
    Joe Cronin 12 days ago

    ha do you have the shirt that ian brought you in that video

  • CharlotteLovegood
    CharlotteLovegood 12 days ago

    he's friends with aja lol

  • I lily
    I lily 12 days ago

    Bro it takes me 6 hours to get the New York from England...

  • Farelle
    Farelle 12 days ago

    you look fantastic :D like a movie star ^^

  • Unicorn Evie
    Unicorn Evie 13 days ago


  • AvaJedidiah
    AvaJedidiah 13 days ago


  • Sherio88
    Sherio88 13 days ago

    I'm seein' Lady GaGa

  • M Flor
    M Flor 13 days ago

    Sort of resemble Farrah Abraham

  • The Sims Creator
    The Sims Creator 13 days ago +1

    I did not see you at drag con New York 😭😭😭

  • Meritxell Crichton-Feddo
    Meritxell Crichton-Feddo 14 days ago +10

    Omg omg omg!!! James Charles pease please pleas audition for Ru Paul’s drag race season 12 or 13! You are sooo cut out for it and it wold be amazing to see you on the show! You would totally kill it!!! 👍😻🤪🤩

  • Amy Bruton
    Amy Bruton 14 days ago

    So inspirational

  • The Glory Of YAH
    The Glory Of YAH 14 days ago

    Deuteronomy 22:5
    “The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so areabomination unto the LORD thy God.”
    King James Version (KJV)

    • don smith
      don smith 13 days ago

      The Glory Of YAH yeah but he’s hot in it. I’m a boy but i think he’s sexy

  • Shanice Jefferson
    Shanice Jefferson 14 days ago

    OMG. Everything is so beautiful! Especially that wig. Like wahhhhh!! Slay baby, Slay!!

  • SG M
    SG M 14 days ago

    You have to suffer for ur art , beautiful girl