20 Times Teen Titans Go! Crossed The Line

  • Published on Aug 23, 2018
  • Is Teen Titans Go! just good silly fun for kids, or does the show step over the line? Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
    Check out "10 Teen Titans Go Moments That Were NOT Meant For Kids" from our friends at CBR: tvclip.biz/video/5ixak9jwqnq/video.html
    Teen Titans Go! Has always been known as the younger, sillier, way more childish offspring of the original Teen Titans show. But even though it’s meant for children, the show about a gang of young superheroes in the making has never been afraid to push boundaries and cross more than a few lines. It’s packed with innuendo, double entendre, crassness, and straight up adult humour. And what do we expect? It’s a show about teens and pre-teens, right as they are about to hit puberty, which everyone knows turns people into monsters. But sometimes you have to wonder, did that joke go a few steps too far? Like the time when Beast Boy is lying naked on the couch, or the extreme close up of Robin doing his crazy butt workout while mesmerizing Blackfire. There’s Raven’s amazing legs, Robin’s hair reacting to Starfire in a bikini, a not so subtle joke about a Pirate's booty, and a surprising body inside Cyborg’s closet. There’s also a very obvious moment with Beast Boy and a pie, some inappropriate hands in a photobooth, Raven getting dark with her toy horses, and a sisterly makeover that leaves Starfire naked in the middle of the living room! Not to mention when Cyborg spied on Robin in the shower, or when Beast Boy tried to seduce Raven in her bed, Robin’s female fans getting a really close look at him without his costume, his obsession with Starfire in her Batman cosplay, and the time he hid Starfire’s diary down the front of his pants!
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Comments • 6 195

  • Wooki Snitch
    Wooki Snitch Day ago

    yes give me more
    10 min
    5 times really

  • Idiot with a mask

    define where the line is, is it 1 step off the start?

  • Caleb Smith
    Caleb Smith Day ago

    those are just funny easter eggs. nothing in this show is to be taken serious..

  • The Alpha
    The Alpha 2 days ago

    No the show is gay

  • Zx here
    Zx here 2 days ago

    2019 ladies and gentlemen everyone is offended and everything is inappropriate welcome all !!!


    Blackfire's make over was in starfire's bedroom not the living room, and starfire was wearing batGIRL's costume NOT batMAN's, finally it was CYBORGE that thought Aqualad was a pirate not beastboy.

  • DollMaker Violet
    DollMaker Violet 2 days ago

    I disagree this is the greatest show ever created

  • Iamlegendary
    Iamlegendary 2 days ago

    4:52 I don’t know if you know this but that not the living room that actually star fires bedroom

  • Joe Netherland
    Joe Netherland 2 days ago

    Nerd Correction Alert!!!
    In Batman Beyond Mr. Freeze is just a head (in the beginning) and is shown in multiple different shows to be able to just pop his head off his body and robot spider walk away lol.

  • 100,000 subs no videos?


  • Mizu Manta
    Mizu Manta 3 days ago

    Oh no, Beast Boy put his hands on the shoulder of a girl who is pretending to date him.

  • The Knox Crew
    The Knox Crew 3 days ago

    Where teen titans went wrong: existing

  • Rodolfo Sandoval
    Rodolfo Sandoval 3 days ago

    Video hasn't even started and asks for subs

  • penguin lover
    penguin lover 3 days ago

    Why were all of these episodes aired when I used to watch teen titans go

  • EVOlution Production Studios

    There’s only one thing they did to cross the line and that’s exist.

  • Joseph W
    Joseph W 3 days ago

    Half of these are not bad

  • Christopher Prosser
    Christopher Prosser 4 days ago

    I never found anything wrong with teen titans

  • Zacch Attack
    Zacch Attack 4 days ago

    Number 15, Burger King foot lettuce.

  • John Morrison
    John Morrison 4 days ago

    Yeah an I grew up with animaniacs this is tame

  • Delusive Shotz
    Delusive Shotz 4 days ago

    This, is pathetic

  • mr. noodle
    mr. noodle 4 days ago

    i hate that show

  • Kelly Hall
    Kelly Hall 4 days ago

    Oh no... the poor kids
    the crossover ep they changed how they looked we all ded bois

  • Riboflavin Folate
    Riboflavin Folate 4 days ago

    They have the men crossdressing on that supposed "show for kids" a lot.
    Leftist ideologies pushing gender neutrality.

  • Zasyx _dat
    Zasyx _dat 4 days ago

    Oh no..Beast Boy stuck his finger in pie...the horror..

  • Jeffthekiller6601 Lucas

    9:14 look at raven 😂

  • Spanky The Pubstar
    Spanky The Pubstar 4 days ago

    sounds to me like you are just a bit of a pussy making this video

  • J Speed
    J Speed 5 days ago

    Black fire changing Starfire that was in her bedroom

  • GamingGod45935
    GamingGod45935 5 days ago

    Batman wouldn't kill Freeze

  • David Pantsaver
    David Pantsaver 5 days ago

    You ever watch an old cartoon bud?

  • Ur Mum Gay
    Ur Mum Gay 5 days ago

    Teen titans go is garbage
    I like the original more

  • Elite: Ghost
    Elite: Ghost 5 days ago

    They never took it to fare kids love it you are lying and salty

  • Johanna Johnson
    Johanna Johnson 5 days ago


  • Rowan Oofer
    Rowan Oofer 5 days ago

    Pause at 6:14 for a suprise

  • Lily Miller
    Lily Miller 5 days ago

    This video is not correct details are wrong.

  • Some Eggs Or Something

    Are you sure there were only twenty times?

  • Alfredo _Rebirthed
    Alfredo _Rebirthed 6 days ago

    *_r u in a bubble_*

  • YUGI_ Ketchum
    YUGI_ Ketchum 6 days ago

    The reason starfire doesn't like robin is in laundry day when he asked raven i f there suits were ready you can see him completely exposed with no dic k at all

  • Alexia Primo
    Alexia Primo 6 days ago

    You forgot that one ep where ya know how do I say this....beasty and raven *GET IT ON*

  • SPOR the zombie
    SPOR the zombie 6 days ago

    Yeah I always and never forgot that his only a sidekick

  • costa rican guy
    costa rican guy 6 days ago

    Milk in yo face!!!

  • Zunaira Ahmer
    Zunaira Ahmer 6 days ago

    I used to *LOVE* teen titans but haha now not

  • Alien Artist
    Alien Artist 7 days ago

    'Preteens and teenagers'. Thanks for giving me ten minutes of 'yeah, right.

  • boo
    boo 7 days ago

    god i hate this show

  • HyroTechnica
    HyroTechnica 7 days ago

    I hate when they do this

  • the furious flaming arrow of destruction

    Robin two was Jason Todd who got beaten by a crowbar and he was blown up and batman could not save him in time

  • AIDEN McCall
    AIDEN McCall 8 days ago

    Jason todd

  • Kfc The Destroyer
    Kfc The Destroyer 8 days ago +1

    10 was really wrong they did it in star fire's room

  • Tatsei
    Tatsei 8 days ago +2

    I remember watching American Dad and Family Guy with my Mom, this is NOTHING

    [Edit] that’s when I was 6 years old...

  • nightmare Freddy 2019

    when black fire and star fire are together they were in star fires room not the living room

  • Excleasy
    Excleasy 8 days ago

    the jacked versions thoo

  • owen Ansari
    owen Ansari 8 days ago

    Raven has T H I C C legs

  • i miss you
    i miss you 8 days ago

    How is this at all made for teens?

  • Gage Kegley
    Gage Kegley 9 days ago +1

    Beast Boy touched pie
    *Times Teen Titans Go! Crossed The Line*

  • OzzyHDPlays
    OzzyHDPlays 10 days ago

    "Hunts men" I don't get it

  • superherogirl42
    superherogirl42 10 days ago

    Cyborg thought Aqualad was a pirate, not Beast Boy.

  • Angore_
    Angore_ 10 days ago

    Everythings seems innocent enough, only by trying to force to yourself the dirty side, you can easily claim its all filth.

  • Beowulf Ghost
    Beowulf Ghost 10 days ago

    #20 its existence

  • Dead Roses
    Dead Roses 10 days ago +2

    Half of the comment section is angry 3 year olds

  • What is this
    What is this 10 days ago

    The problem here it that some people think this is worthy of a like.

  • What is this
    What is this 10 days ago +2

    That's Starfire's room…

  • cold
    cold 10 days ago

    Barely any of these crossed the line 😞 let down 😞

  • Inday Garutay
    Inday Garutay 11 days ago

    Robin had a hair boner

  • Isabella Sahota
    Isabella Sahota 11 days ago

    I still like teen titans go!!!

  • Rot Z
    Rot Z 11 days ago

    Heh, pirate booty...

    AMELIA WHITE 11 days ago

    I’m glad I grew up with good cartoons and not this crap

  • very healthy sponge
    very healthy sponge 11 days ago +1

    Teen Titans Go is trash which is why CN is trash

  • Denzelle Rosa
    Denzelle Rosa 12 days ago

    He wasn't killed by a crowbar he was killed by a bomb in a warehouse

  • unidentified person
    unidentified person 12 days ago

    Blackfire didn't strip her naked in the living room it was in starfires room

  • Dthan O
    Dthan O 12 days ago

    "Teen titans GO"
    More like
    "Teen titans GO" to hell

    Plz bring back the original teen titans

  • Mac Frost
    Mac Frost 12 days ago

    Ok.. Ren and Stimpy?

  • Shawna Mateo
    Shawna Mateo 12 days ago

    Cyborg is a drag queen

  • Clair Franks
    Clair Franks 12 days ago

    Number 10 wasn’t in the living room it was in star fires room😐

  • Devin Williams
    Devin Williams 13 days ago


  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 13 days ago

    3:44 How is this wrong??

  • Brandon Treadwell
    Brandon Treadwell 13 days ago

    Okay to crowbar is most likely the exact one used to kill the second Robin. Also in the future version of batman where Bruce Wayne isn't batman Mr freeze is only a head because his body died so they saved what they could with his head he had a robotic body and his head was detachable so really it's a hint to the future batman.

  • Young Master
    Young Master 14 days ago


  • João Seromenho
    João Seromenho 14 days ago

    My boy you are easily offended. Please go back to Disney Chanel

    HOFIUS_ 14 days ago

    This is not written for pre teens or teens

  • GanG bitchesaye
    GanG bitchesaye 14 days ago

    the show's existance crosses the line

  • GrandMasterLynx
    GrandMasterLynx 14 days ago

    5 ads in a 10 min video wow you guys are scumbags

  • Cool Beans
    Cool Beans 14 days ago

    Isn't Cyborg the one who thought Aqua Lad was a pirate?

  • Christoper Kelly
    Christoper Kelly 15 days ago

    Teen titans are going to far

  • Jones Kleid
    Jones Kleid 15 days ago

    Mr freeze is already just a head

  • Gregory Posley
    Gregory Posley 15 days ago

    Um u said beast boy it’s Cyborg

  • Chews_The_Stews Games
    Chews_The_Stews Games 15 days ago

    This show was made for teens??

  • Young Marsh ƹ̴ӂ̴ʒ

    26ked like

  • Kevin Cahill
    Kevin Cahill 15 days ago


  • Lucca's Animation Studios

    Teen tightens go?(I know i misspelled it) FOR TEENAGERS?!?!?

  • Sr Pelo
    Sr Pelo 16 days ago

    U just think dirty

  • MaesterTasl
    MaesterTasl 16 days ago

    OK so the Martian Manhunter one... Beast Boys origin is he got blood from Martian Manhunters niece and now he can shape shift like the martians... just with limitations. Honestly it is the most appropriate character for him to be playing as and a nod to fans of the comics or other series. Without seeing the episode I can't say if they threw in gay jokes to make it an innuendo on top of everything else but purely character selection wise it fit well.

  • Konnor The Wordsmith
    Konnor The Wordsmith 16 days ago

    Anyone agreeing with this list, this is a PSA: STAY AWAY FROM 90'S CARTOONS!
    That is all.

  • Princess Brown
    Princess Brown 16 days ago

    Am I the only one who tried spitting up pearls🤣🤣

  • Max / Sakurek
    Max / Sakurek 16 days ago

    *They already did by creating the show...*

  • Kiran Tichota
    Kiran Tichota 16 days ago

    Silky is the only good part of that show

  • joker Plays games
    joker Plays games 16 days ago

    Damn she THICC

  • Mafu Mini
    Mafu Mini 16 days ago

    Tween titans go is garbage

  • bunnycraft 974
    bunnycraft 974 16 days ago

    6:52 r.i.p james howlet

  • Emerald Jonny
    Emerald Jonny 17 days ago

    8 beast boy has his hands in some inappropriate place
    Me: The shoulders?

  • the one 666
    the one 666 17 days ago

    i wonder if you where loved as a kid

  • SIR KO
    SIR KO 17 days ago