Principles of Macroeconomics: Lecture 1 - Course Policies and Assignments

  • Published on Feb 5, 2013
  • This course prepares the student to understand the economic structure of the United States and its place in the world economy, to interpret common economic measures, to understand the processes of governmental fiscal and monetary policies, and to evaluate individual decision-making from an economic perspective.
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  • Michael Decaire
    Michael Decaire 23 days ago +1

    We use this lecture when our 5 year old won’t eat his dinner. It’s proven very effective and he’s finally gaining some weight.
    It’s also a pretty good macroeconomics lecture.

  • Mezzoo Piko
    Mezzoo Piko 4 months ago +3

    I am Egyptian. Thank you for such great contribution to the entire world.

  • Abe D.
    Abe D. 9 months ago

    I plan on studying economics independently in the future and these lectures are in my top spot to use as a resource but I wonder if:
    Are the (main) ideas here outdated?
    Anyone with an economics knowledge care to comment on this question.

    • Online Mall
      Online Mall 9 months ago

      Adam Smith's " Wealth of Nations" was written in's still read today so knowledge is not outdated.

  • Arya Pourtabatabaie
    Arya Pourtabatabaie Year ago +1

    Are the ideas outdated?

    • Zack Cash
      Zack Cash 9 months ago

      No. The fundamentals stay the same.

  • Crazy Girl
    Crazy Girl Year ago

    thanks for this course it is really great

  • Hamza Taoufiki
    Hamza Taoufiki Year ago

    where can i found to textbook?

  • Ecolanguage
    Ecolanguage 2 years ago

    I am animating a flowchart language to illustrate macroeconomics. Here is a playlist:

  • David Juarez
    David Juarez 2 years ago

    old school. cool.

  • Moh-Samim Halimyar
    Moh-Samim Halimyar 2 years ago

    May i have your Email sir please

  • Peter Mueller
    Peter Mueller 2 years ago +20

    When was this recorded? Funny to hear a teacher trying hard to convince students to use email.

  • Beatrice Niona
    Beatrice Niona 2 years ago +1

    awesome. perfect teaching

  • Anish Manchanda
    Anish Manchanda 2 years ago

    is there any video related to Classical theory of Inflation?

  • psycho psychic
    psycho psychic 3 years ago

    wow.. Sir you are Great
    I was not that lucky to have guide like you

  • Rorie Puccio
    Rorie Puccio 3 years ago +10

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    • John Landon Miller
      John Landon Miller 11 months ago

      @Hans Mortensen nobody could be moronic enough not to know what google docs is

    • John Landon Miller
      John Landon Miller 11 months ago

      @Hans Mortensen its a scam website

    • Hans Mortensen
      Hans Mortensen Year ago

      but why? did you procrastinate that hard

    • Ardisj Loflen
      Ardisj Loflen 3 years ago +12

      ** made outstanding Job! I always recommend this to my friends.

  • Insatiable Lechery
    Insatiable Lechery 3 years ago

    Damn this teacher is awesome! mine teachers kind of suck to be honest...

  • Saebyeol Han
    Saebyeol Han 3 years ago

    who is the teacher?

  • Zita Lu
    Zita Lu 3 years ago

    This is a great course!

  • Kasam Kharel
    Kasam Kharel 3 years ago +3

    it would be better if each lectures could be named by the topics being covered in that particular lecture. it would be great.

  • NHLAmil
    NHLAmil 4 years ago

    Absolutely Brillient

  • KM L
    KM L 4 years ago

    What's teacher's name, please?

  • Joseph Wilcox
    Joseph Wilcox 4 years ago +5

    Too many uhms and uhs for me to pay attention. I start counting them once I start to hear them so frequently. He may be an awesome professor but I would not gain from his uhm and uh lectures.

    • Zack Cash
      Zack Cash 9 months ago

      @samuel Melgar because the demand is so low😝

    • Devin Smith
      Devin Smith Year ago +1

      you might have a psychological disorder. see doctor

    • Juan Lopez
      Juan Lopez Year ago


    • Davi Antonio Brandao
      Davi Antonio Brandao Year ago

      Acelerate the video 2x, you wont mind the uhm and uhs

    • samuel Melgar
      samuel Melgar Year ago +5

      It's a free lecture quit your bitching.

  • Not your business
    Not your business 4 years ago +2

    is this about neo economic or classic one ?

  • aditya singh
    aditya singh 5 years ago +3

    thank you so much for teaching

  • EEStopXplore
    EEStopXplore 5 years ago +42

    This lecture was in 1998, when the Internet was a novelty. He keep emphasizing that the Internet is a great tool and the future of communication. However, it is interesting how current the information sounds and that policies with deadlines and other things never change in seventeen years. Thank you for the upload.

  • Ahmed Saleh
    Ahmed Saleh 6 years ago

    The teacher is brilliant . thank you

  • Américo Jurca
    Américo Jurca 6 years ago

    Very good one.Congratulations.The teacher's very good, the explanations so clear!!

  • Ravi Rawat
    Ravi Rawat 6 years ago

    it looks like we are attending the real class really helps to understand economics

  • Tamiya1
    Tamiya1 6 years ago

    thanks, i like it!

  • Liaomiao
    Liaomiao 6 years ago +8

    Very glad to find a course on macroeconomics. Thanks for the upload, very clear and well taught.