Sidelined By Transgender Athlete | High School Track Star Speaks Out

  • Published on Jun 19, 2019
  • High school track star Selina Soule is speaking out after losing a spot in the girls track championship to two transgender females.
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Comments • 26 102

  • Daily Caller
    Daily Caller  24 days ago +558

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    • simon6071
      simon6071 9 days ago

      What kind of a nutjob would allow this perversion of a man with male genital on GENDER DOPING lying about being a girl or a woman to bully a real female student athlete in a competitive sport in which males hold all the top records. The principal of this high school should be ashamed of himself and should be with discrimination against females.

    • Patricia Samuels
      Patricia Samuels 16 days ago

      @HaddiNeedsHelp you definitely need help . . .

    • RickyBoy Kafoto
      RickyBoy Kafoto 20 days ago +1

      @dacountryone Homophobe is real.

    • RickyBoy Kafoto
      RickyBoy Kafoto 20 days ago +1

      @dacountryone You should watch "You need to calm down" from Taylor Swift, I think you will like it

    • RickyBoy Kafoto
      RickyBoy Kafoto 20 days ago +1

      @the troll master Spell better at least. Have some class transphobic.

  • Olivia Oprea
    Olivia Oprea 15 minutes ago

    There should be trans

  • Permian Based
    Permian Based 14 hours ago

    Liberal Utopia

  • Mike B
    Mike B 14 hours ago +1

    This is one reason why they should have Transgender Games

  • Umpa Lumpas
    Umpa Lumpas 16 hours ago

    Transgender is having Halloween 365 days a year

  • freesf ftrefv
    freesf ftrefv 23 hours ago

    Don't worry you're still better at being a woman!

  • Alexa Marie
    Alexa Marie Day ago

    They are girls racing on the girls team it’s hard but oh have to face it, also why’s there only male and female teams??? Non-binary individuals do exist 🤷‍♀️

  • Roselyn Enfinger

    This is bullshit they should not be able to be on the team

  • xebache777
    xebache777 Day ago

    Trans -- trans is such bull shit.
    I'm fat - i cant realistically be fit n trim because I'm Trans-slender.
    I like the woods - I'm not in them because while i'm on my street corner downtown I say I'm trans -forest dweller.
    I like twilight - I cant in the middle of the afternoon tell you it's dark because I'm Trans - evening.
    Get friggin real - if down there you got BALLS hanging your not a FEMALE. If you disagree I got a Bull cow you can try to get some cream from.
    Seriously whats wrong with you people. I'm not persecuting anybody because I tell you your belief if pure unadulterated bull shit.
    An the Democrats aren't your pal because they tell you what you want to hear.
    Endnote: People who are born in foreign countries are not TRANS-USA entitled citizens because they wanna be.

  • American Born #WalkAway

    Those DUDES Pretending to be Girls are Mental cases to say the LEAST!!! they are SICK in the Head and the Media and Left Fuel the fire

  • alterdestiny
    alterdestiny Day ago

    I hope the whole womens Olympic team goes transgender...

  • the bi guy
    the bi guy 2 days ago

    I agree with everything she said and she ia very braveand its really unfair how she lost a schokarshio and I don't think trans women should be able to compete with cis women but i do think she could've maybe not said "man" or "male"

  • ace7467
    ace7467 2 days ago +2

    Liberals have really lost their minds. They need help. This is sooo terrible to this girls life

  • Confessions of Walking Speech 1.0

    How did life get so fucking weird that a man competes with women in a women sport ! ??? Is this feminism??

  • Joboo Luvs u
    Joboo Luvs u 2 days ago

    What’s ironic is that woman are responsible for the sjw movement , it has come full circles now. It’s not fair for this young woman,It is insane to me that is even happening

  • Rachel Marie Cabera Pacheco

    Girl, you are brave, and is true... Is not fair...

  • Alexis Aquino
    Alexis Aquino 3 days ago +1

    We need to boycott sports with transgenders playing against cisgenders.

  • Kidus
    Kidus 3 days ago

    How the du fuck they let men race with girls😂🤣😂🤣

  • Bri s
    Bri s 3 days ago

    She’s not wrong at all

  • The Rise Of Rookee
    The Rise Of Rookee 3 days ago

    Just watched your video 👌 Please have a look at our videos. We have a free app featuring over 250+ athlete workout and nutrition programs. Cheers!

  • Beach Wavy
    Beach Wavy 3 days ago

    They should be put on a Co-Ed team. So the girls and boys both have a team then if you want more competition join the Co-Ed. No hate

  • A C
    A C 3 days ago

    I like gay people, I respect their choice. But a man is a man and a woman is a woman. You can’t change biology. You either believe in science or you don’t.

  • John Dougherty
    John Dougherty 3 days ago +7

    So sorry for this lovely young women.
    The left destroys everything . Mainstreaming and rewarding sickness

  • jasmine Wren
    jasmine Wren 4 days ago

    Is she fucking serious?!?!?! There are tons of strong women who could beat men easily! Period! Serena Williams could easily beat out tons of men in Tennis, this is ridiculous if you fail you get up and try again and if you didn’t make it, then you try harder and sometimes other people are always gonna win because the trained harder, fought harder and went for it ten-times stronger! I’m sorry this girl to me is just making up excuses I’ve seen women beat out males too many times to believe is impossible for anyone to be these two transgender women! So to be frank stop complaining and either work harder or maybe look at a different sport cause it’s not like you got 3rd place, you got 8th!

  • Rubén Guirado
    Rubén Guirado 4 days ago

    What's even the point of competing as a biological man in female competitions? I wouldn't even think of it I would feel terrible, but she looks so proud.

    • YuhoKami
      YuhoKami 3 days ago

      She is simply, What is called *retarted* .....

  • iTryAnyTime
    iTryAnyTime 4 days ago

    Yesss we know men are superior

  • Faith Justus
    Faith Justus 4 days ago

    I completely disagree, if someone who is transgender identifies as a woman and feels comfortable competing against other women that should be her choice. Would she be so mad that she came in 8th if that girl was born biologically as a female and was just much stronger and faster than she was. I have trans friends and I know that they personally would not feel comfortable competing against the gender that they don’t identify as. I think that it is completely fair, any female can train hard enough to be as fit as the trans women who were competing.

      DRAFTER16 4FREEDOM 4 days ago

      You must not know much about human anatomy.

    • smol bean
      smol bean 4 days ago

      Men have biological advantages. Im sure that this girl was training harder than people in 1st and 2nd place.

  • SamSamSam
    SamSamSam 4 days ago +1

    Very brave of her for speaking out

  • Silas Griffin
    Silas Griffin 4 days ago +1

    Fuck all that faggot shit

  • G TM
    G TM 4 days ago

    Trans people should have their own competitions

  • your worst nightmare
    your worst nightmare 4 days ago +3

    Let the Trans have their own events! Imagine if it was opposite that a ex-female wanting to be a male that raced against other males that were actually men. The MSM would be moaning and groaning about how unfair it is.

  • average life
    average life 4 days ago +2

    It's interesting how many dislikes there are on this post and yet you can't fing a comment explaining why they disagree. No one wants to have a conversation, people will just tell "transphobic", without listening to her argument. It really pisses me off how this girl might not attend the college that she could attend because of this.

  • MaxG Hernandez
    MaxG Hernandez 4 days ago


  • A. Scott H.
    A. Scott H. 5 days ago

    Wouldn't it be great to see real male athletes take these fake sissy boys to the woodshed? They need to stand up for the real female athletes in solidarity for sports for real people! Come on yoh real men, stand up for the real girls!!

  • Brynn Gulbranson
    Brynn Gulbranson 5 days ago

    ya that’s bullshit she deserves a scholarship..

  • Raymundo11
    Raymundo11 5 days ago

    Transgender is a mental illness

  • LiveRendering
    LiveRendering 5 days ago

    Fuck transgender athletes!!

  • kevin bryant
    kevin bryant 5 days ago

    I live in Connecticut and know these people! I’ve been saying this ITS NOT FAIR!

  • lanagirl101 Pie
    lanagirl101 Pie 5 days ago

    She is SO CORRECT I feel terrible for people that go through things like this.

    • YuhoKami
      YuhoKami 3 days ago

      She is so *WRONG* ..

      But you do you dumb bitch

  • P Gray
    P Gray 5 days ago

    Cmon selina, You better GET WOKE GIRL. Soon all tannys will be displacing biological woman in sports and kicking your asses too. You wanted this, so dont complain
    Oh, when was the last time a biological female who has transitioned to male played male sports???? Hmmm??

    POZAGG MITH 5 days ago

    The mask in which people hid behind can not change the fact, there is a truth that wins in the end.

  • lilly grace
    lilly grace 5 days ago

    yeah sure it’s unfair blah blah blah but some things this girl says are transphobic and some people in this comment section are transphobic and it’s disgusting. like seriously wtf

  • Nathalya De Freitas
    Nathalya De Freitas 5 days ago

    Here's a link to her petition in case anyone wants to sign it ↝

  • Michael C
    Michael C 7 days ago

    This is unjust. Please remember this is a liberal manifestation. The future of this country is in your hands. Some traditions are good and many should be preserved (conserved) for the good of the society. Please consider this when yo vote.

  • Peggy M
    Peggy M 7 days ago +1

    Thank you for your courage. It’s time we all find courage and stand with you and the other young women affected by these insane new policies.

  • Martha Smith
    Martha Smith 7 days ago

    she's absofuckinlutely right!

  • LaTosha Stanfield
    LaTosha Stanfield 7 days ago +1

    that trans guy looks like a WHOLE man with a wig---this is why I AM HOMOPHOBIC. PERIOD.

  • LaTosha Stanfield
    LaTosha Stanfield 7 days ago +1

    I am homophobic for this reason

  • Creat Ion
    Creat Ion 7 days ago

    The trans men that compete against women are cowards and sore losers. They might think they are all that but they are just yellow belly lowlifes taking advantage of a fkd up situation. I suppose that's what attention seekers do, is take all the limelight no matter the consequences.

  • Valentina Z
    Valentina Z 7 days ago +1

    It's a competition not a safe space

  • Makeup With Smidge
    Makeup With Smidge 8 days ago

    Not her again 🙄
    Yes she is right in her saying but all she’s gunna be known for is this.
    Also. Girl you would’ve only JUST got in. You haven’t won first so I doubt you would’ve got scouted anyway. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Med Student
      Med Student 5 days ago +1

      She would've at-least had a fair chance. She is still just a kid so with proper coaching at an institution the sky would've been the limit. Most Olympic athletes were not number 1 in their respective divisions. They developed to that point. You're just ignorant.

  • Capable Andriod
    Capable Andriod 8 days ago +1

    Which prison would these "athletes" be sent to if they committed a crime? I don't see how someone with a dick could go to a woman's prison. Why are they allowed to compete against girls?

  • Davis
    Davis 8 days ago

    or she couldve beaten the other five girls who arent transgender

    • Med Student
      Med Student 5 days ago +1

      You don't need to be number 1 to get a scholarship. You're simply an idiot for not understanding that basic concept. These girls want the scholarships so they can get better! She deserved a fair chance.`

  • Lemon Chaos
    Lemon Chaos 9 days ago

    She is 100% correct, females shouldn't have to race against biological males because those males still have more testosterone for their muscles, larger muscles and larger organs. They're more physically inclined for running than the females are and it always keeps them on top which isn't fair to the females who have to work aginst people who are physically superior.

  • Pdub3590
    Pdub3590 9 days ago

    Sometimes I think they become trans because they want to win in something lmao. Lol just kidding y’all Ik being trans is their choice and it’s a mental thing .

  • Nathaniel Kitcher
    Nathaniel Kitcher 9 days ago

    Finally sense

  • Karolina S
    Karolina S 9 days ago

    wtf that is not fair tbh. I know it sucks that the trans people can't compete with the people they want to be, that isn't right.

  • AlexPopE
    AlexPopE 9 days ago

    Fuck the lgbt

  • kayla monique
    kayla monique 9 days ago

    Or we could could just try. Men’s races, girls races, and trans races. If we split it up wouldn’t it be fair.

    • smol bean
      smol bean 5 days ago

      Im pretty sure that'll be impossible since transgender people are only 0.5% of population

  • ska¡¡a ¡¡a
    ska¡¡a ¡¡a 9 days ago

    same, am absolutely not transphobic, but unless these t-girls have been on blockers since they were pre-pubescent, and even then, they'll have an edge, but as it is now, then no way should they be competing on the same level.
    they are physiologically different, and no amount of bickering or sulking and commenting will change that.

  • MooshyPlays
    MooshyPlays 9 days ago

    They should just make 3 male female and trans

  • Dare Toran
    Dare Toran 9 days ago

    Honestly from a confidence perspective they need to get that losing shit out of there and strive to win. I understand there's a disadvantage and she right by all means but don't defeat yourself work hard and reach new heights despite the disadvantage.

  • Kayla Bryant
    Kayla Bryant 9 days ago +2

    run with the girls, get placements with the boys.

  • eRmaC
    eRmaC 9 days ago

    It would be funny if your kids in the future are pissed off that a fully robotic humanoid is allowed to compete in the Olympics.

  • Co raē
    Co raē 9 days ago +1

    You trying to bring back fairness , when you should be on the field trying to get faster .. this won’t help you win the rest hunny🤪

    • smol bean
      smol bean 5 days ago

      @Co raē Oh my God, are u 5? she'd have got a scholarship if it werent for men, who are pretending to be women

    • Co raē
      Co raē 9 days ago

      AllDaysPlays you wouldn’t know cause your too busy making shitty thumbnails and playing games though 🤣

    • Co raē
      Co raē 9 days ago

      AllDaysPlays it’s definitely called a track field ..

    • Jackson Fountain
      Jackson Fountain 9 days ago

      Yes because the field is where track happens

  • cp3o
    cp3o 9 days ago

    Let the white trump supporters rise! Honestly, can’t u guys state ur opinions without being rude or disrespecting people?
    They are women, no matter what u guys say. No one is afraid to speak out. Bring fairness to your sport by training harder. It’s not their fault they want to live their lives. Why don’t you aim for 3rd place, huh? Would’ve sympathized had u not said the “male” in them will always come out or something like that. It’s absolutely absurd and rude.
    More of you guys should read on the difference between gender and sex before making a comment and sounding extremely ludicrous. Think about what they had to endure their entire lives. Good for them for winning. Learn to phrase your words kinder. You aren’t brave. They are.

    • cp3o
      cp3o 4 days ago

      mdmejia67 they identify as women. That is their gender. Science defines your sex, not your gender. After you understand the difference, we’ll talk.

    • mdmejia67
      mdmejia67 9 days ago +1

      "They are Women. No matter what you guys say." What does science say?

  • Mariana V
    Mariana V 9 days ago +1

    She’s so brave. Hope something can be achieved

  • Jimmy Duplessis
    Jimmy Duplessis 9 days ago

    I don’t understand.... these people are literally born male and allowed to play with born females.... the race is way unfair

  • cp3o
    cp3o 9 days ago

    Calling her a man doesn’t help her case..

  • Sir Cesaro
    Sir Cesaro 9 days ago +1

    Gender equality

  • St00pid
    St00pid 9 days ago

    uh oh i smell a bigot!

  • Was Poppin mates
    Was Poppin mates 9 days ago

    facts. i feel bad that people are calling her transphobic.
    she isn’t. gender and sex are different things. take a science class.

  • Rainbow Ice
    Rainbow Ice 9 days ago

    Her numbers should speak for themselves.

  • Dose of Destiny
    Dose of Destiny 10 days ago

    THEY NEED A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN ! I am all for transgender I’ll support them in anything and everything except this as an ex Track runner I agree this is unfair they can think bigger and be the first transgender girl to beat a guy it’s just more impressive beating someone in your own “category” than one that is an automatic win

  • Gloria ANO
    Gloria ANO 10 days ago

    I do not understand how transgender women are aloud to compete with other women when they are biologically men, but women like Semenya who are born intersex are told that they can't compete.

  • XterNalMotiiV
    XterNalMotiiV 10 days ago

    Fucking sickening

  • Aneta Rosa
    Aneta Rosa 10 days ago

    Nigga it’s literally a dumb sport just let people have fun Jesus fuck why is everybody so uptight

    • mdmejia67
      mdmejia67 9 days ago +2

      Because college scholarships are on the line.

  • A.Norwood
    A.Norwood 10 days ago

    I didn't understand the title so I assumed she was trans at first

  • Barrett Reese
    Barrett Reese 10 days ago

    This is horrible. I feel so bad for her

  • annakinnss
    annakinnss 10 days ago

    lmao “bigger and stronger than women” i am 4’11 and 107 pounds and managed to make the boys all star lacrosse team

    • charis
      charis 9 days ago +1

      lmao it’s a biological fact men are bigger and stronger than women. not a big deal, just science

  • Elisafigueora
    Elisafigueora 10 days ago

    There should be a separate category for transgender athletes. Biological females with biological females and trans females with trans females. It’s FAIR and they still get the chance to be what they want to be. It’s not fair to have a female who should be in first place be in second Bc a transgender female with more muscle beat her.

  • Where’s Wolf
    Where’s Wolf 10 days ago +1

    Anyone who is Transgender understands fully that there IS a HUGE difference between men and women, the two trans women who smugly accepted their spots in the qualifiers really should be ashamed.

  • The Hippo God
    The Hippo God 10 days ago +1

    That’s what happens when you give the liberals what they want

  • Ryan Oud
    Ryan Oud 10 days ago

    Wow, this is really unfair to her. Transgender athletes do you have an upper advantage especially if they've gone through puberty and they have the muscle composition of a male. Yes when on hormones they will lose a certain amount of muscle but they still have an advantage. She is not transphobic, it really is not fair to her or biology females.

  • Kim H
    Kim H 10 days ago

    I’m sorry but if these transgender women had any respect for women in general then they would understand how unfair this is.

  • ben finlay
    ben finlay 10 days ago

    why is this girl getting attacked on social media because she doesnt want men in her race, also just because you call yourself something it doesnt mean you are that something, if you disagree then why should biology exist

  • red deader
    red deader 10 days ago

    Poor biological girl......this is just grossly unfair....the trans freaks are literally making a mockery of all women......and most of you are like awwwwww ain't they brave and strong......freaks!!! This needs to stop now!

  • Ani Bollok
    Ani Bollok 10 days ago +1

    I was at this track meet and saw them run!!

  • GrizzlyDog
    GrizzlyDog 10 days ago

    Got a weaner your a boy, got a clam your a girl...end of discussion

  • Sliwa
    Sliwa 11 days ago +1

    It sounds like she’s reading a script..she is a sore loser!!!! She was 8th place they were 1st and 2nd. I’ve seen HUGE biological females so she can shut up and be the loser she is. Those trans girls want to go to college too. Life is unfair sweetie. She would have lost either way.

    • charis
      charis 9 days ago +1

      legit your argument was opinion based. you can’t argue science and biology with feelings

  • Kaitlyn Vervier
    Kaitlyn Vervier 11 days ago

    I feel so bad for her :(❤️

  • Xeno7771
    Xeno7771 11 days ago

    serena and venus mirror.

  • Taylor Pope
    Taylor Pope 11 days ago

    all the comments about how it's not transphobic must not hear her misgendering trans women as men over...and over...and over...... opinions aside that is FACTUALLY phobic. trans women barely get to compete....i don't feel bad for a couple white girls who no longer have a track star spot. you still have tons of talent and clearly opportunity and to use it to actively try to decrease the opportunities for trans people/women to compete is again- phobic.

    • Iovanna
      Iovanna 11 days ago

      By supporting the right of one we shouldn't take away the right of many. What you're saying is extremely rude and ignorant and racist. "A couple of white girls"? Seriously? This is their life

  • Zaragova A
    Zaragova A 11 days ago

    I'm so proud of Selina. It's so difficult to be honest and speak out against certain issues these days without being labeled as transphobic/racist etc. A role model for everyone.

  • Gabriel Quesada
    Gabriel Quesada 11 days ago

    It definitely isnt fair, they can identify as whatever they want but a biological man should not be allowed in a woman’s race or any woman’s sport, it’s unfair and not safe, they can compete with the men

  • James Bell
    James Bell 11 days ago +1

    So what do people in the comments think about female to male people competing against males ?

    • AnastasiaLUVSU
      AnastasiaLUVSU 11 days ago +1

      They'll get their asses whooped by men just the same. They're not real men.

    • Piers Joe
      Piers Joe 11 days ago

      may the best win, same for in this video lol

  • Peoplejarn
    Peoplejarn 11 days ago +1

    Those 2 guys are everything that’s wrong with society today

    • Peoplejarn
      Peoplejarn 11 days ago +2

      The Raven’s Ashes nah they gave that up when they decided to compete like this

    • Piers Joe
      Piers Joe 11 days ago

      society itself is wrong, these men/women are one tiny specs of the effect

    • The Raven’s Ashes
      The Raven’s Ashes 11 days ago


  • Cillian Ryan
    Cillian Ryan 11 days ago

    Okay so basically they’re are 2 girls that are just faster than u and ur gonna try fucking disqualify their wins because they’re trans !?????? FUCKED - WTF is the difference like some girls just have more muscle mass than others ? And that has nothing to do with being trans !!! Being trans doesn’t give them stronger muscles - this is correlation not causation so LITERALLY CHECK YOURSELF and stop trying to tear down these girls who had to fight SO MUCH HARDER than you to be where they are than you - u gonna start trying to ban everyone who’s faster than u because it’s unfair ?? Or just ban people who are faster than u and are also minorities ? Gotcha u privileged fuckin dumbass

    • Iovanna
      Iovanna 5 days ago +2

      @Cillian Ryan ...misgendering hasn't CAUSED murders you ignorant fuck. And ur such a fucking hypocrite. You're ASSUMING im cis. Pyscho transphobic freaks kill people. Misgendering someone hasn't caused a murder idiot

    • charis
      charis 7 days ago +1

      Cillian Ryan Cillian Ryan no one wants to REMOVE trans people from the sport we’re saying a league especially for trans people. and i cant think of a single reported case where someone getting misgendered is the only cause of someone getting murdered.

    • Cillian Ryan
      Cillian Ryan 7 days ago

      charis I never said they weren’t. my point is that literally every woman ever is biologically different , some are faster than others -trans or not , the idea of removing all trans people from a sport purely based on the fav that they’re trans IS in fact discrimination - and regarding misgendering leading to deaths are you seriously gonna try argue that misgendering someone publicly has never caused someone to be murdered ? It has.. many times

    • charis
      charis 8 days ago +1

      Cillian Ryan misgendering someone is not direct cause for someone to get murdered that’s legit false

  • bleebloo
    bleebloo 11 days ago

    So what is it? Do females wanna be seen as physically equal or don’t they? Can’t decide anything.

  • Zoë X
    Zoë X 11 days ago

    I feel like maybe they should seperate it by thirds then? like they're still women, but physically if they have male benefits still, maybe they should give them their own I guess. and what are you gonna do? kick trans people from a sport that they have a right to play?