The $200,000 Mercedes-Maybach S600 Is an Insane Luxury Sedan

  • Published on Jun 28, 2018
    The Mercedes-Maybach S600 is one of the most expensive and luxurious cars of today. Today I'm reviewing a Maybach S600 to show you why it costs $200,000.
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  Year ago +3524


  • Alex Lopez
    Alex Lopez Hour ago

    I was about to call you out on how you pronounce Maybach 😂

  • Kef103
    Kef103 11 hours ago

    Alt least the wheels are easy to clean lol

  • Hanif Azhan
    Hanif Azhan 18 hours ago

    My bucks 💸

    RED BSTRD 23 hours ago

    5:55 that NEVER happens in a Rolls, you just push the backseat button... 🧐

    RED BSTRD 23 hours ago

    What the hell is a camry? You say it all the time, like the whole World would know...what is it?

  • Will Burkhart
    Will Burkhart Day ago

    Damn. No Roomba

  • lastcupofsorrow1

    If you really like this car just buy it six years from now, after it depreciates in value by 60% like every other Mercedes

  • Elroys view
    Elroys view Day ago

    How many times do you have to say Maybach lmao

  • Jeroen de Ree
    Jeroen de Ree Day ago

    Doug the type of guy to go on vacation with his car and never leave it

  • Anthony C
    Anthony C 2 days ago

    This car needs a screen divider between the Chauffeur and the passengers.

  • Robert McGuire
    Robert McGuire 3 days ago

    Maybach built the engines for 90% of the WW2 German tanks, Tiger, Panther, the whole panzer line. Only ones that weren't powered by Maybach engines were Ferdinand Porsches projects.

  • fensterlips
    fensterlips 3 days ago

    For $200,000 you shouldn’t have to tolerate a center digital display lifted from the W210 E Class of around 2000. I saw that and knew what I was looking at. If I was in a dealership contemplating this gem I would be immediately be turned off wondering at where else they slipped parts from a $50,000 car into this car supposedly worth 5 times as much.

  • Richard Elchoness
    Richard Elchoness 4 days ago

    hey Doug have you found out about the satellite number yet?

  • KennyG Hansen
    KennyG Hansen 4 days ago

    You Don't close your own door if you are a passenger in a MY Back.. No need for electric doors ;-)

  • Crap Cactus
    Crap Cactus 4 days ago


  • xyZeno
    xyZeno 5 days ago

    might as well have a microwave in that hoe

  • Shrishail Baligar
    Shrishail Baligar 5 days ago

    12 is the number of satellites used to locate the car using the GPS system. You need a minimum of 4 satellites to locate the GPS receiver accurately. You can think of it as a GPS "confidence number".

  • AJ Hunter
    AJ Hunter 5 days ago +4

    It's not Mayback. It's Mayba(German throat noise)

    LukaNoANIMATIONS 5 days ago +1

    Mercedes MAYBAKH

  • TheOriginalElektro
    TheOriginalElektro 5 days ago

    how can he stay there pronouncing it wrong, then say it was correct.. l m f a o

  • Petrus P.
    Petrus P. 5 days ago +2

    Dog, I love your videos, but say Maybak one more time. 😂😂😂😂 2 minutes into the video and it's almost unbearable.

  • Petrus P.
    Petrus P. 5 days ago

    0:55 No, it's not. It's Maybahh, not Maybak. If you're going to make a point of how you're pronouncing it correctly, go ahead and actually pronounce it correctly.

  • Aaron Whyte
    Aaron Whyte 5 days ago +7

    This is how much people want doug to own his own maybach


  • Den Förundrade
    Den Förundrade 5 days ago +1

    And if you get the ''Royalty Package'' you get your own death star which can also be navigated with the remote control...

  • a Singh
    a Singh 6 days ago

    Goodyear eagles on a car this luxurious 😤

  • Mark X
    Mark X 6 days ago

    Merc star in the steering wheel, fail...

  • Mark X
    Mark X 6 days ago

    This idea tanked first time around, can't see why that will change now.

  • Michael Scofield
    Michael Scofield 6 days ago

    And no that's not the correct pronounciation.

  • Go ran
    Go ran 7 days ago

    Passat has this light feature from almost 10 years ago, it even does it automatically via GPS is you enter/leave a left/right driving country.

  • DownLow0099
    DownLow0099 8 days ago

    That back seat is made for one thing... And it sure ain't taking a nap...

  • Millsygaming 1104
    Millsygaming 1104 8 days ago

    9:23 giant little

  • ckneasel
    ckneasel 8 days ago

    Looks like a PR got his hands on that thing... 🙄

  • Chris84Redfield
    Chris84Redfield 10 days ago

    The smiling steering wheel is the most ridiculous I ever seen lol. Rims are the ugliest I ever seen.

  • Pepperoni Unicorn
    Pepperoni Unicorn 11 days ago

    Love how in this ep he didnt put the foot down, probably was worded up on the horrors of Melbourne Nanny state roads!

  • Jabattack gaming
    Jabattack gaming 11 days ago

    Perfect for very long car rides!

  • joel rivero
    joel rivero 11 days ago


  • Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean 12 days ago +1

    My Chrysler 300 has heated and cooled cup holders for $150,000 less

    • Rick2010100
      Rick2010100 10 days ago

      Your C300 is just a cheap copy of the Merc 2006-2009 E-Class. Mercedes sold Chrysler, as they recognised, that the never would be able to hold the MB Quality level, no matter how much they invest.
      MB is today at a totally different planet...

  • Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean 12 days ago the guy in the seat behind the driver can recline so far that the driver in front of him can’t drive the car anymore....nice feature

  • Jimmy Dean
    Jimmy Dean 12 days ago

    Super ugly car not worth anywhere near the asking price.
    It does take a 12 cylinder to move a boat like that....
    Ugly as sin and nothing more than a way for celebrities to show off..
    Oh and by the way, what does a family cost these days if the owners of these cars can buy mine Doug....
    Just want to know what to charge

  • Hagen Bischoff
    Hagen Bischoff 12 days ago

    Please make some breaks ... 27 minutes of non stop talking ... wtf

  • micha McV.
    micha McV. 12 days ago

    omg this hero cqant differntiate between sedan and maybach ... gj

  • 부릉부릉
    부릉부릉 12 days ago +1

    my dad’s car is s600 too.....
    I think perfect car

    • asr 01
      asr 01 8 days ago

      no one cares what your pop drives.

  • Danii Farrukiito
    Danii Farrukiito 13 days ago

    Now i can just see a smiling clown on the steering wheel... noooo !!

  • CrimsonStang
    CrimsonStang 13 days ago +1

    Those wheels look like absolute garbage.

  • Andi Kravljaca
    Andi Kravljaca 13 days ago

    Apparently, Doug has never seen a movie where they hide the keys in the sun visor.

  • Ganjina Group
    Ganjina Group 13 days ago

    19:00 min - Dynamic drive means that it shows the most optimized route - considering the traffic reported on the route. So it not necessarily the shortest but the fastest way. Has nothing to do with "fun driving" as you mentioned :-))

  • Paul Squires
    Paul Squires 14 days ago

    In 3 years it will be worth 20000

  • E M
    E M 14 days ago

    Only 200k?

  • Lamboguy633
    Lamboguy633 14 days ago


  • Paul.
    Paul. 14 days ago +1

    "And yes this is the correct pronunciation"
    No, no it isn't.
    Its maybaCH
    Not mayback

  • matthew and jonathan tube

    unlike Toyota's or Honda's this car won't hurt Mayback (that's a pun)

  • matthew and jonathan tube

    like: Maybach
    comment : rolls royce

  • Vojska Jugoslavije
    Vojska Jugoslavije 15 days ago

    he acts like me,when I was 6,when i first sat in the Golf 1

  • wesmatron
    wesmatron 15 days ago +1

    An electronic latch. Just what you wanted on your fuel filler door

    • wesmatron
      wesmatron 13 days ago

      @L J Until something goes wrong with the wiring on one of them and BOOM

    • L J
      L J 13 days ago

      wesmatron My 2004 Mercedes has this, still works just fine.

  • Brix X
    Brix X 16 days ago

    Man, why you said that with the clown face?? Now I see it always XD

  • Zero Shining
    Zero Shining 16 days ago

    I just want to live in that car

  • adam young X
    adam young X 16 days ago

    Please change your vid's aspect ratio

  • ClosetCannibal
    ClosetCannibal 17 days ago

    The finest silver trees lol!

    SKY LINER 17 days ago

    You are ill if you think a bmw series 7 is better than a maybach cant be i have experience both and it just cant be

  • Muazzam Ali Arbab
    Muazzam Ali Arbab 17 days ago

    Is that the correct pronunciation..

  • Naughty internet person

    Vastly inferior to the Maybach 57 and 62. Shit quality interior, gotta be honest. Everything is plastic and bendy and will break. Most of the Maybach magic is gone too. "Luxury" really is just goofy China special gizmos.

  • AstroMagic
    AstroMagic 17 days ago

    lol this car is insane i got to valet one so absurd but fucking amazing to drive and the seats are just got tier tbh compared to my recaro s4 seats lol

  • Alan Zhen
    Alan Zhen 17 days ago +3

    Doug to the Camera: FBI OPEN UP

  • youssef abdellatif
    youssef abdellatif 18 days ago

    for some of us who do know😂😂

  • Linus Kernen
    Linus Kernen 18 days ago

    0:55 nope it's Not. I am from Stuttgart the hometown of Mercedes and my Uncle is working in the devellopement of Mercedes.

  • Mr. Baghdad
    Mr. Baghdad 18 days ago

    The ultra-luxury Chrysler 300C.

  • Cheesy Butz
    Cheesy Butz 19 days ago

    I cannot express my infinite disappointment in this vehicle. Its like the engineers got their inspiration from a disposable gillette fucking face razor. The fact people might have bought this is an example of how stupid rich people are.

  • Jay Ryan
    Jay Ryan 19 days ago

    What is with the chrome panels, and those hideous wheels? Makes the car look cheap

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 19 days ago

    GTA V anyone

  • JamesV23
    JamesV23 19 days ago +14

    Maybach S600 steering wheel: 🤡🤡🤡

  • Brian Ashe
    Brian Ashe 19 days ago

    9:22 - "giant little leg support"

  • Adito Prasetya Akun18
    Adito Prasetya Akun18 19 days ago

    You can choose the beam light depends on the country regulation.
    But the steer is on the right 🤔

  • gocrazygostupid
    gocrazygostupid 19 days ago

    0:56 no it is german you dont say may back..

  • Urban Fox
    Urban Fox 19 days ago

    200K and nowhere to piss? ...I'll pass

  • stevie tv
    stevie tv 19 days ago

    Wie er maybach nicht aussprechen kann

  • alvin chan
    alvin chan 19 days ago +2

    $200000 is relatively cheap for this kind of Mercedes. In Indonesia the price of this car is at least $650000

    • Master X
      Master X 18 days ago

      Adito Prasetya Akun18 ok

    • Adito Prasetya Akun18
      Adito Prasetya Akun18 19 days ago

      Master X bcs there are only a few people who wants to buy this kind of car. it makes the cars dealer only import this car when there is an order. so it will affects the car’s tax. plus in here there is a tax for luxury items. and sometimes the dealer takes too much profit from selling this kind of car.

    • Master X
      Master X 19 days ago

      alvin chan why it cost there more

  • Tom Crosby
    Tom Crosby 19 days ago

    My moms 2020 gle does the camera thing too

  • Khari Jones
    Khari Jones 20 days ago

    Is he saying My back

  • Shane Bivens
    Shane Bivens 20 days ago

    i feel like he secretly tryna tell me his back hurt

  • Daniel Sasu
    Daniel Sasu 20 days ago +1

    The Logan is better :))

  • Timo Bonin
    Timo Bonin 20 days ago

    The giant little 9:22

  • peter akbari
    peter akbari 20 days ago

    Waste of material, waste of fuel, %90 show off, %10 performance. Most of these cars will not be driven, rather stationary beside 4 other useless cars inside a garage....

  • Jay Mac
    Jay Mac 21 day ago

    I’ve actually seen 2 of these fooling around New Orleans

    • Urban Fox
      Urban Fox 19 days ago

      I bet they were both rented by two broke rappers.

  • Cool Kid
    Cool Kid 21 day ago +1

    Ugly and overpriced, that’s the best Mercedes has for 200k? 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • googlewolly
    googlewolly 21 day ago

    Average body; ugly rims. 200,000 can do you a lot better.

  • Chris Mequet
    Chris Mequet 22 days ago

    I always enjoy the comments referencing doing blow in luxury cars

    • Chris Mequet
      Chris Mequet 17 days ago

      @Niko Bellico Keep watchin dougs videos, youll see the comments. And yeah im right there with ya 😆

    • Niko Bellico
      Niko Bellico 17 days ago

      I haven't seen any. I promise wouldn't do coke in a car considering I always end up spilling it unless I use a plate

  • BONES187
    BONES187 22 days ago

    I gotta say this dude reviews vehicles better than anyone I've seen, he notices all the little things that most miss

  • Henry Pacheco
    Henry Pacheco 22 days ago +7

    No, that is NOT the correct pronounciation. The "ch" in "Bach" is harsh like in House. It has an H sound, but harsh.
    It is Maybach, not Mayback, as if you were gathering saliva from inside your throat to spit at someone.

    • Brix X
      Brix X 16 days ago

      Well, in german the "ch" in Maybach is pronounced like the "J" in "Julio" (spanish). Or also like the "ch" at the end of "Rorschach".

  • Adam Stokes
    Adam Stokes 23 days ago

    So cool seeing a review in a right-hand drive car. Go Doug!

  • thatonephannie whoexists
    thatonephannie whoexists 23 days ago +2

    Don't buy this car. I bought it and it was just a pain in maybach side.

    ....and now I shall vacate the premises swiftly.

    • David Hampton
      David Hampton 22 days ago

      thatonephannie whoexists ba dum 😂😂

  • Raw Dog
    Raw Dog 24 days ago

    there is nothing s class about this may-back other then the styling even their chassis are different but you would call it that just cause they look similar

  • Leon Fury
    Leon Fury 24 days ago


  • cookiehead2
    cookiehead2 24 days ago

    Need to add a “Doug Fuel Door Score”

  • Baxter Stockman
    Baxter Stockman 24 days ago

    Welcome to Australia Douglas

  • STAIND12300
    STAIND12300 25 days ago

    That much money and you get wheels that ugly????

  • Sandeep Unni
    Sandeep Unni 25 days ago

    Ur in my city

  • MoNeu
    MoNeu 25 days ago

    NOT Maybag MAYBACHHHHHHH fuuuuu

  • Sanjay Pillai
    Sanjay Pillai 25 days ago

    @16:15 Shit, Now I can't unsee that!