5 Things I HATE About My 2017 Yamaha R6

  • Published on May 18, 2018
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    There's a lot to love about my 2017 Yamaha R6. It's an awesome sport bike. But here are some things I hate about this motorcycle....
    ...okay maybe not hate. Dislike. Kind of. idk watch da wideo
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Comments • 756

  • DistilledPuss Water
    DistilledPuss Water 2 days ago

    I have a 2001 custom r6 as my first bike it's a work in progress though

  • Ryan Santos
    Ryan Santos 4 days ago

    The only thing I hate about the R6? Is not able to get one coz its very expensive, but atleast I got the Alternative R15, Im not really a good rider Im even having trouble handling my R15 even dropped it once and pretty sure Im gonna drop it again heh heh. At Least I get to see The R6 And the Features through your channel. Awesome Videos Sir. You're R6 is my Dream Bike. ^_^

  • right lefthook
    right lefthook 9 days ago

    Not enough power really, Im surprised you're still buying R6's

  • N.J. State øf Mind
    N.J. State øf Mind 12 days ago

    i think a daytona 675 or 675r will solve all your dislikes of the r6

  • bhart bhardwaj
    bhart bhardwaj 21 day ago +1

    Missing mirrors 😲

  • StoryoftheYear16
    StoryoftheYear16 Month ago

    Gonna make a real nice squid crayon one day.

  • XFuzioni
    XFuzioni Month ago

    how much was for wrapping it?

  • Brandon Wright
    Brandon Wright Month ago

    I hate how jealous I am of how sexy your bike is👍🏻

  • Connor Clark
    Connor Clark Month ago

    please keep your hands on the handlebar

  • Abbie Whitehead
    Abbie Whitehead 2 months ago

    Well done

  • Luis A Salazar
    Luis A Salazar 2 months ago

    Dude i love you bike

  • Blitz Rico
    Blitz Rico 3 months ago

    I like how the tail looks.

  • Meh Christofer
    Meh Christofer 3 months ago

    When you are tall..
    Everything is short and small..
    When you are short
    Everything is gigantic !!

  • karlfritz47
    karlfritz47 3 months ago

    Great looking R6 ..i only love the yammie 600s ..its a clean look without mirrors ..but imo definitely a must for me. . i also tottaly get what you mean by the underside being rather plain ..unlike the raven..wich by the way do they still have that colour ?

  • sevenfourtyseven
    sevenfourtyseven 3 months ago

    R6 looks better than r1

  • oo jj
    oo jj 3 months ago


  • B Lado
    B Lado 3 months ago

    One thing I hate about my R6 is that I haven't bought it yet.

  • Frankie g
    Frankie g 4 months ago +1

    speak for your self the tail is awesome to me and makes me want it over my long loved gsxr

  • ILikeZulrah
    ILikeZulrah 5 months ago

    ''it does feel pretty cool'' lmao

  • Patricia Richardson
    Patricia Richardson 5 months ago

    The cold start issue is Exup manifold. It's closed off the throttle so cracking the throttle a touch opens the butterfly and bang it starts.
    Exup works like having two exhaust lengths on the bike the Exup opens for high rpm r and closes for low rpm.
    If you push the clip ons forward and bring them up on the fork legs or put a 1inch riser on it makes the bike feel longer.

  • Andrew M
    Andrew M 5 months ago

    My question is if he’s complaining about the power band why doesn’t he downshift into a lower gear to raise the Rpm’s to then lay into the throttle of course anything is going to have no power if your in to high of a gear with low Rpm’s

  • Gaming Tech
    Gaming Tech 5 months ago

    1 subscribe=3 subscribe r

  • Essmat Nehad
    Essmat Nehad 5 months ago

    how you hate this white pirle ?

  • Jase Bamber
    Jase Bamber 6 months ago +2

    Maybe ur r6 doesn’t like u either

  • Derek Johansen or something

    Que the Vehicle Virgins title...

  • vincent meredith
    vincent meredith 6 months ago

    The r6 at least since like 05 has always had all its power at the top the rpm range. Shit most 600cc sport bikes are like that but the r6 has always been the ones with the power at thw higher ends its like a spike lot of my friends dont get why i like liter bikes so much but that right there is why. I just really like the streetability of having torque down low, currently have a gsxr750 and even that thing feels like it needs more torque down in the lower rpms but oh boy when it hits that 6k rmp point and up it just hauls ass

  • lifeisgood070
    lifeisgood070 6 months ago +2

    I'm doing something wrong to not be able to afford all these motorcycles
    What's the secret?

    • lifeisgood070
      lifeisgood070 5 months ago

      @Morne my insurance is $200/year. But that's like medical, theft, and liability. I don't think it includes collision.

    • Morne
      Morne 5 months ago

      Your age has a big impact, if you're under 25 have fun with sky high insurance payments

  • Prakhar Bhatnagar
    Prakhar Bhatnagar 7 months ago

    Try Kawasaki ZX10r love from India ❤️🤗✨

  • MacLomax
    MacLomax 7 months ago

    I like the tail.

  • dale 8754
    dale 8754 7 months ago

    Love that r6 in white

  • cam warren
    cam warren 7 months ago +1

    I could tell you haven't had a r6 before when you spoke about the power band.. most r6s if not all r6s have had this kick from 8000revs

  • andrioda
    andrioda 7 months ago

    I am happy with my 125 cc bike with top speed of 120km/h only 😂😂

  • Lancelot The Knight
    Lancelot The Knight 7 months ago

    One thing I hate about my new yamaha R6, its not a 2008 model

  • chris musonda
    chris musonda 7 months ago

    Is this auto motorbike

  • Hello Me
    Hello Me 7 months ago

    Mirrors dude! not cool

  • James Sykes
    James Sykes 8 months ago

    R6 is a track beast

  • Siddhesh Bagade
    Siddhesh Bagade 8 months ago +1

    Rich people flex😒

  • H Virdi
    H Virdi 8 months ago +1

    Is this bike automatic? Cant see him pressing the clutch while bikes shifting through gears?

    • apekimuu
      apekimuu 3 months ago

      H Virdi it's called quick shifter.

  • E S
    E S 8 months ago

    Tesla lights?

  • chutta woolco
    chutta woolco 8 months ago +1

    Filling gas while on the bike and the fuel's low flash point.
    People never spill do they

  • Eric Thorgalsen
    Eric Thorgalsen 8 months ago

    What seat is that?

  • Douglas Sharp
    Douglas Sharp 8 months ago

    Down voted for unsafe riding. Better to look cool than be safe right?

  • David Calo
    David Calo 8 months ago

    Where have you bought the wind shield?

  • Electric HarmonyAc7
    Electric HarmonyAc7 8 months ago

    1:25 squid sickle

  • PeelAHotBox
    PeelAHotBox 8 months ago

    The reason the r3 feels longer is cause you sit up right compared to your bike your in almost full on race position you would think you would know that by now since you ride lots of bikes

  • John Valencia
    John Valencia 8 months ago

    Question are you pulling the clutch ? when switching gears?

  • mark B.
    mark B. 8 months ago

    where are the mirrors

  • Benjamin Russell
    Benjamin Russell 9 months ago +1

    R6 are amazing bikes I wouldn't have any other 600.
    Leathers mirrors are needed dude!!!

  • Austin Wagler
    Austin Wagler 9 months ago

    Did u ride h2?

  • The Tatted Dad
    The Tatted Dad 9 months ago

    5:07 you're welcome

  • Serv Serv
    Serv Serv 9 months ago

    No Mirrors ?

  • Beatle Juice
    Beatle Juice 9 months ago +2

    Can you put e85 on your bike?

  • Damjan Oslaj
    Damjan Oslaj 9 months ago

    2016 r6 looks so much better

  • CWX
    CWX 9 months ago

    1431 to Marble Falls

  • KaDu films
    KaDu films 9 months ago +1

    Wow I would have R6 to have things that I hate about it...

  • Chunman Li
    Chunman Li 9 months ago

    QUICk shifter?

  • Dark Code
    Dark Code 9 months ago

    what do you think is better to start on a cbr 600 or r6? and what one you think would be good for passangers

  • Léo St Pierre
    Léo St Pierre 9 months ago


  • Charles צ'ארלס
    Charles צ'ארלס 9 months ago +3

    11:33 That THICCC BOOTY 0_o

  • sean watts
    sean watts 9 months ago

    R6 tech just kicked in yo 😂😂