The Predator #1 At The Box Despite Flopping


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  • ricosauve5
    ricosauve5 22 days ago

    It's a flop. Time to end the franchise

  • C. Smith
    C. Smith 23 days ago

    They didn’t advertise it enough.

  • Sarah lee
    Sarah lee 24 days ago +1

    Now we all no why Arnold Schwarzenegger said no to the predator movie

  • RubenG72
    RubenG72 26 days ago

    The only possible way to resurrect The Predator was to bring back Dutch!

  • wufolife
    wufolife 27 days ago +1

    There are a lot of ppl who loved the predator. I hope it gets stronger as the weeks go by. I’m def going to watch it.

  • Samson Lee Sang
    Samson Lee Sang 28 days ago

    Massive Disappointment

  • Manny Santiago
    Manny Santiago 28 days ago

    A worthy successor to the original this movie is not. It has none of the suspense, none of the tension... it takes the predator franchise in silly directions.
    A predator, which is supposed to be stronger, smarter than humans, has better tech, travels intergalacticly etc. can be taken out by a gang of wisecracking misfits almost at will now?
    Decent popcorn action movie. Not much of a worthy expansion of the predator universe. This franchise is pretty much dead.
    John Mctiernan caught lightning in the bottle with the first movie. I think we should resign ourselves to the fact that no other predator movie will ever be as good again.
    Either that, or we give James Cameron a swing at it.

  • PurelyAfrican
    PurelyAfrican 28 days ago

    Henry golding 2 films in top 5?! looks like he's on course to being given the next hollywood leading man.

  • Justin McGowan
    Justin McGowan 28 days ago

    I love the new pred movie .

  • gordon Freeman
    gordon Freeman 28 days ago +1

    i partially blame the trailers.
    it took what, 3 of them before they got a tone established for the film?

  • Marvel Man
    Marvel Man 28 days ago

    There alot of scenes that was cut from the movie if they would of kept them then yea it would of made more money for sure i mean i enjoy it but Fox is really messing up, maybe thats why Disney bought them

  • Amran Saddique
    Amran Saddique 28 days ago

    It was trash and deserves the hate !!

  • RottenAppleNY
    RottenAppleNY 29 days ago

    If the movie had Dutch, or if Kevin Feige took control, I’m telling you it would top everything

  • Marita Olsson
    Marita Olsson 29 days ago

    I`m not Predator fan, The Nun was bad reviews too but we don`t care as long as the moviegoers love it right?? The Fox was not happy because Predator was expensive movie.. The Nuns budget is 20 million.. Congrats to all the the cast of the movie and Warner brother!

  • Lenny McDaniel
    Lenny McDaniel 29 days ago

    It made over a year $50 million worldwide.

  • FahQ Hue
    FahQ Hue 29 days ago

    Who ever liked this film must’ve been dropped on the head as a baby..

  • al g
    al g 29 days ago

    Turning an amazing horror movie into a slapstick comedy.. F that.

  • Julien Latour
    Julien Latour 29 days ago

    How in hell can they f manage to fail all predator movie?? I mean, beside the first and second one you guys tell me...This last predator is so bad ..So baaad!! You f see him running over the street...WTF!!!

  • Arnold
    Arnold 29 days ago

    I loved it

  • MrPikehead
    MrPikehead 29 days ago

    the people want horror and Little action.

  • Mr Fight Guy
    Mr Fight Guy 29 days ago

    because we are in a state of idiocy , Alot of people fed off the hype , past fans expecting something but ultimately didn't get what they saw , Alot of people who enjoy stupid pointless humor in their films . Another film will get less attention because of theis new one just like star wars then media will just turn it into some kind of men hating thing

  • simon says
    simon says 29 days ago +1

    The movie was shit, the story had potential but was lame, the script was shit, the whole movie was shot in the dark, the CGI looked weak and when this movie cost 88 million dollars, they were badly ripped off. Looks like a cheap b movie adaptation! Don't waste your money!

  • Matt D
    Matt D 29 days ago +5

    So unless it kills in foreign markets, safe to say this might be the last Predator film we see for a very long while

  • Tropi Cano
    Tropi Cano 29 days ago

    Glad disney bought fox my favourite character won’t be botched ever again in 7 years I will make the predator film niggas want

  • Creamith Manning
    Creamith Manning Month ago

    It has a C+ Cinemascore Rating. lol This film definitely isn't being saved by word-of-mouth.

  • patrice marcaggi
    patrice marcaggi Month ago

    Agree!'s time to stop FOX bad management ; and in few years wait a big" ALIEN //PREDATOR VS X-MEN " by Disney !

  • H1vey
    H1vey Month ago +1

    We won't see another Predator movie for many years because of this. If ever. The franchise is now dead.

    • H1vey
      H1vey 29 days ago

      +Ghost Of War because this film will lose money, obviously.

    • Ghost Of War
      Ghost Of War 29 days ago

      Becouse of what exactly ?

  • Mario Faker
    Mario Faker Month ago

    Uhh, maybe because it was only available to watch on Friday if you have MoviePass? I wanted to watch Sunday, but it was a “premium” screening according to MoviePass.

  • DrewEl2
    DrewEl2 Month ago

    It was a good flick after a joint. Wasn't that bad

  • John Howard
    John Howard Month ago +1

    Dammit, now we won’t get a Predator 5, but we’ll get The Conjuring part XXXV...

  • Christopher Snyder
    Christopher Snyder Month ago

    John Campea, I don't think Fox cares... they are making how much selling to Disney??

    • Jx Styx
      Jx Styx 28 days ago

      Losing money is losing money. They care, they're just not panicking.

  • Allan Alberts
    Allan Alberts Month ago

    Has not opened in China yet. In saying that no predator movie has ever opened in China. Rumor is there is a date set for release. Aliens has opened in china however.

  • The BlackBox Pocast show

    Time to retire the Franchise , #endthehunt LOL

  • ToroidalVortexLove
    ToroidalVortexLove Month ago +2

    The studio shouldn't have changed the ending then. Cos that ending was wack.

  • JonnySuite13
    JonnySuite13 Month ago +2

    They should've brought in Arnold and made it a proper sequel.

    • Mr. Manager
      Mr. Manager 28 days ago

      Because it worked so well for the Terminator franchise.

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance Month ago +1

    The trailers look terrible. I'm not surprised by this.

  • monotoneguy
    monotoneguy Month ago

    Also depends how well it did in China and since both alien and predator hasn't been well received by fans, I wonder what the future holds for these two franchises considering Disney bought Fox

  • Andrew Costello
    Andrew Costello Month ago +4

    This Predator film was terrible. I'm amazed it made that much. A simple favor was WAY BETTER.

  • Alastair
    Alastair Month ago

    Now we wait almost 10 more years for a Predator movie which will maybe be good. Fuck.

  • Anthony Hernandez
    Anthony Hernandez Month ago

    I liked it

  • Cody Jordan
    Cody Jordan Month ago

    Didn't you say it would be around 25 MIL John.

  • cas grafx
    cas grafx Month ago +1

    This movie was terrible

  • Just Ricky!
    Just Ricky! Month ago +2

    Wow, if you doing worst than 'The Mummy' Black & Fox Studio are doing things wrong. Well, at least there were no 'Dark Universe' type logo in the beginning lol. I didn't like this movie because of its plot and bad editing. People like Sterling K. would disappear without explanation(including the pit bull) for example. People cringed(including myself) when Nebraska killed himself after we learned about his backstory. I like the actors including Sterling K, Nebraska, Munn and lessers like Key. Ironically, I thought I was going hate Key's character from the trailers, but ending up disliking Quinn's character. Nebraska had the better backstory than the lead, which is strange. I HATED the end of this movie! So, I guess the studio going for an Iron Man Predator. Everything about the ending was stupid, and no one in my audience clapped like we usually do at the end...

    • Just Ricky!
      Just Ricky! Month ago +1

      This is the dumbest reply I ever got. I didn't mention race, but it sounds like you are looking for it esp. if you think it puts down white male actors. I said Munn was good and lessor actors. If you watched the movie you would know Quinn was just a generic character, yet Nebraska had a better storyline. And I said in my original post that it was strange for a costar to have better backstory than the star. Now keep your white supremacy to yourself and your kind.

  • Angel Gonzalez
    Angel Gonzalez Month ago

    I actually enjoyed it

    NOD_MAKO Month ago

    The movie was absolutely horrible but I do want it to make enough profit so they will consider future movies...I just can’t believe they keep fuckn up

  • Mutton Man
    Mutton Man Month ago +1

    It's crazy that they spent 88mill on this when the previous predator only made 55mill. How did they think they were ever going to make money with this film?

  • jo 88
    jo 88 Month ago +5

    The worst film of the year for me. Truly awful.

  • Tony Woods
    Tony Woods Month ago

    To be totally fair to the movie, Hurricane Florence did hurt the box office.

    • Tony Woods
      Tony Woods 29 days ago

      Shaquille Shaw I wasn’t trying to say the movie didn’t suck. All I was saying is that people like me were dealing with the hurricane. I wasn’t able to get to the theater if I wanted to or not. Now that the worst seems to be over, hurricane victims might go see it. It looks like it might be disappointing though.

    • Shaquille Shaw
      Shaquille Shaw 29 days ago

      Except 1 problem
      IT came out around the same time and grossed over 700 million while having a smaller budget than the predator. This was during the time hurricane irma happened

      The reviews hurted the predator

  • Buddy Bigs
    Buddy Bigs Month ago

    I actually really enjoyed the movie. I have my gripes with it, like the way they handled the predator we're familiar with, and the ending.
    Aside from that I actually really enjoyed the movie

  • jayakrishnan r
    jayakrishnan r Month ago +3

    Think of all the excuses that shills made for Solo when it debuted calling it anything but a flop. The Predator (2018) has made 54 million $ worldwide in its opening weekend and it still has chances to recoup it's budget.

  • Hitmonkey
    Hitmonkey Month ago +4

    Fox have destroyed the Predator, Alien, Terminator, and X-Men franchises. The sooner they hand it all over to Disney the better.

    • RenegadeRaida
      RenegadeRaida 28 days ago

      +Mr. Manager and I like the mcu. Just not the guardians or Tom Holland or ragnarok

    • RenegadeRaida
      RenegadeRaida 28 days ago

      +Mr. Manager Highest grossing spiderman film : *Spider-Man 3.*

    • Mr. Manager
      Mr. Manager 28 days ago

      +RenegadeRaida You can hate it all you want, edgelord, but it takes one look at the box office to see this is the most successful version of Spiderman. And audiences clearly love the MCU.

    • Joes Reviews
      Joes Reviews Month ago

      +RenegadeRaida Resorting to name calling? Seems this discussion is at an end.

    • RenegadeRaida
      RenegadeRaida Month ago

      +Joes Reviews I've never disliked the prequels you moron, ask John though, he hates them.

  • Ben Williams
    Ben Williams Month ago +2

    There was a shot in the final trailer of the mercs in a tank... not in the movie... there were set photos of the predator teaming up with the team... spoiler alert it didn’t happen.

  • invisibleaznDJ
    invisibleaznDJ Month ago +2

    Well, i guess this means the end of the franchise......

  • Danny Rowan
    Danny Rowan Month ago

    First and second parts of the movie was good but 3rd act so bad :(

  • Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson Month ago +1

    This movie will flop.

  • Bigbad Crawford
    Bigbad Crawford Month ago +1

    It is sad that they can't make another great Predator movie. I liked the one with Royce and would have loved a sequel.

  • DJSiQRiQ
    DJSiQRiQ Month ago

    Predator blood tears?

    TOTAL OS TODAY Month ago +1

    In real estate, "location, location, location" In Hollywood, "story, story, story." But they keep messing it up, messing it up, messing it up. Makes me very angry my father is still searching for a distribution deal on a true story movie. What's next, Godzilla VS Wonder Woman?

  • Anthony Piseno
    Anthony Piseno Month ago +1

    I went in expecting a bad movie and it exceeded those expectations by being worst. It was an editing mess and none of the trailers were good. No one has been asking for predator and if you can't regain what the original had, dont bother.

  • Paul Leon
    Paul Leon Month ago +1

    Words of mouths said The Predator movie was so comedic and not taken seriously. Therefore compare to Prometheus: ALIENS > predator! That was major point I didn't support the movie.

  • Jordan Smit
    Jordan Smit Month ago

    #orginalPredatorfilm at come help support

  • stawg007
    stawg007 Month ago +3

    Should have went horror with much lower budget

  • Neophenom
    Neophenom Month ago +9

    This movie broke me. If this is the best Hollywood can do with this character, then I hope this is the last one for good.
    The first one did such a brilliant job at establishing the Predator, that it baffles me how inconsistent and superfluous it's been since. The second one did a good job at trying to change things while keeping some of the original charm, despite it's flaws. Even AvP tried to add to the lore in a meaningful way, meager execution notwithstanding.
    This however...was garbage. From the inconsistent Alien tech (biometric systems seem forgein to the space traveling race), bad VFXs, cringe characters, and over abundance of plot devices that includes the kid (a recurring thing for Shane Black).
    This had no redeeming qualities as a movie in general.

  • FaB92 N
    FaB92 N Month ago +14

    Bad news for Fox and Predator.

  • 1Maenad
    1Maenad Month ago +12

    Should we be looking for a "Shane Black cut?"

    • Shaquille Shaw
      Shaquille Shaw 29 days ago

      +KevinAmbrose he did until the first test screening
      That's why the entire 3rd act was shit cause he had to reshoot it

    • MλFDOMiNUS
    • 1Maenad
      1Maenad Month ago

      I was joking. I seriously doubt that there would be one.

    • Platinum Poop
      Platinum Poop Month ago

      I know Shane was asked if there would be a director's cut and he pretty made it seem there won''t be because it's going to cost even more money to edit those scenes and put the effects in.

    • ToroidalVortexLove
      ToroidalVortexLove Month ago +1

      The ending completely changed from the original script. Not just the Arnie cameo leaving, but the motivation of the original Predator and the contents of that pod all changed. Could have been Shane Black's decision but I suspect it was the studio that wanted to tease a sequel. 100 percent want a Shane Black cut.

  • ClayDog Madman
    ClayDog Madman Month ago +9

    There's so much potential in the Predator franchise that these genius won't even tap into...
    How about they explore into another time frame era, like a Western era type, like cow boys and Aliens of some sort, but only on a much better scale...
    As I mentioned before, they could even have the Predator movie in the Egyptian era in reference to the flashback scenes that we saw in the Alien vs. Predator movie...
    So much untapped potential in this franchise and these clowns won't even explore, they still insist on fucking around with the same bunk ass tiering concept...

    LOVE AND ZOMBIES Month ago +14

    Predator was fun. It was campy, violent, over the top and totally not PC at all. Pretty clear why critics and audiences alike in 2018 are hating on it. If it was made 10 years ago it would've done much better.

    • titanpaladin
      titanpaladin Month ago +1

      LOVE AND ZOMBIES u are totally right. I not seen a good review of predator. I saw it I loved it. Pretty good movie

    • Adriel Omar Díaz
      Adriel Omar Díaz Month ago

      Redscape predators wasnt that violent so just stfu really this one had more gore and violence and is way better than predators the only thing why predators was well received was because of the hype they made out of lying people into seeing it in the trailer when they show like 20 predators laser dots on royce so everyone got hyped like oh shit 20 predators and when u see the actual movie it was so garbage that they kill off the best characters and the classic predator and on top of that beserker looked like straight to DVD trash fuck u nigga 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼

    • RenegadeRaida
      RenegadeRaida Month ago +1

      +LOVE AND ZOMBIES Oh nice, all it needed was a bit of racism then it seems. And no I was never planning on seeing it, i might watch on Netflix down the line though.

      LOVE AND ZOMBIES Month ago +2

      RenegadeRaida - did you see it? *spoilers* the autism and Tourette’s syndrome portrayal, commentary and jokes as well as sexist jokes and comments throughout. It would have been right at home in the 90’s and early 00’s but it’s a tough sell in 2018 where everyone is triggered by everything.

    • RenegadeRaida
      RenegadeRaida Month ago +1

      In what aspects was it not pc?

  • RoCk'In RoLl AlIeN from Japan

    The Predator is triple better than AVP-R, PROMETHEUS, and ALIEN COVENANT.

    • RoCk'In RoLl AlIeN from Japan
      RoCk'In RoLl AlIeN from Japan Month ago

      Who say it was bad, no one, The Predator is just more popcorn fun than Prometheus, Alien Covenant and AVP-R, that's all.

    • Sergio Silva
      Sergio Silva Month ago +1

      No, Prometheus is Good.

  • Moff Tarkin
    Moff Tarkin Month ago +5

    I knew this movie would be terrible cause of whose the director.

    • Patrick Yip
      Patrick Yip Month ago +1

      Well, Shane Black is not good at handling franchises, that's for sure. He almost destroyed Iron man 3, it was only watchable due to the excellent performance by RDJ and Guy Pearce.

    • Moff Tarkin
      Moff Tarkin Month ago +2

      +Luka Lame ok I was wrong. I didnt know he had something to do with the Lethal Weapon movies and Monster Squad.

    • Luka Lame
      Luka Lame Month ago +1

      Moff Tarkin yeah sure thing let's forget movies like Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and The Nice Guys. Or all the scripts he has written for movies that people like a lot.

  • Jeb Kush
    Jeb Kush Month ago +30

    I expected it to be way worse because of the reviews. It was cool.

    • Rogue Reaper
      Rogue Reaper 28 days ago

      @Allan Alberts
      doesn't surprise me, there is alot of pathetic people out there who will jump on any bandwagon just to feel relevant.
      That's why memes are a thing.

    • mmm6325
      mmm6325 29 days ago

      I watched it twice and i wouldnt mind paying for the 3rd time. I wasnt bored for a minute both times.

    • predalien1413
      predalien1413 29 days ago

      Fun in what way? Offended eh maybe more like disgust, would you like me to make it your problem by way of annoyance. Just kidding, well I'm glad you enjoyed the movie I guess.

      JEFFREY 29 days ago

      Jeb Kush
      I agree. It wasn’t a great movie but it wasn’t horrible either. It was an average action film that I’ll forget in a week. No big deal

    • Allan Alberts
      Allan Alberts Month ago +3

      nah, i disagree. This movie was just pure fun. If the movie offended you in anyway, thats not my problem. ;)

  • Quipt Training
    Quipt Training Month ago +3

    The numbers will go up this week, the guys who plan on watching this movie including me were busy this last weekend watching the boxing fight. I plan to see the movie this week

    • Quipt Training
      Quipt Training 27 days ago

      yes actually I do. I watched the movie this last Monday tho, movie is trash I actually hope they dnt go waste thier time on a movie that the director himself didn't give a crap about

    • Jx Styx
      Jx Styx 28 days ago

      Maybe not that big of a drop because the competition this week is non-existent.

    • DrinkwithaMexican
      DrinkwithaMexican Month ago +3

      Really. You think all boxing fans stayed home to watch that fight and not see the Predator. I bet it takes a 50% drop next week.

  • CB 1014
    CB 1014 Month ago +11

    The original looking predator in this movie is the best we’ve ever seen him

    • frog zilla987
      frog zilla987 29 days ago

      I dont like the way adi does the suits. Stan winstons and the classic pred from predators all look better imo

    • HBTB 2750
      HBTB 2750 29 days ago +1

      Hated the armor and mask but it wasn't bad. I actually prefer the suits over the CGI

    • Fishels
      Fishels Month ago +2

      CB 1014 that’s why the movie is such a shame

  • CB 1014
    CB 1014 Month ago +1

    Imo... the only thing that stunk in The Predator was the final scene. In all honesty, the stupid sex offender bullshit story hurt it. It prob wouldve had a $35 mil opening if not for Olivia Munn non stop interviewing about that non-story

  • Soji SideQuest
    Soji SideQuest Month ago +1

    Film looks like a cheesy 80s action fest.
    It’s going to kill in Blu-ray sales.

  • CB 1014
    CB 1014 Month ago +24

    The Predator was good... was it great??? No. Was it as bad as rotten tomatoes critics are making it out to be? Absolutely not.

    • a grown man got beef with a fictional character
      a grown man got beef with a fictional character 25 days ago

      Quipt Training the second predator movie was ass bro

    • Quipt Training
      Quipt Training 27 days ago +3

      no way, this movie was trash. I am a fan of the first 2 predator films but I am also a fan of films that you can tell the director did everything they can to make a good film and this one is main stream Jurassic world 2 bullshit. I left 20 minutes before the movie ended because I couldn't deal with all the bad story decisions

    • Mr. Manager
      Mr. Manager 28 days ago +1

      +mkleejr34 How is it anything like a Marvel movie?

    • Papa Pred
      Papa Pred 29 days ago +3

      This movie was a abomination to the franchise. We went from badass trophy hunters to a bunch of inbred aliens trying to become autistic

    • Lyndsey Murray
      Lyndsey Murray Month ago

      Imperial stats I love jokes! The more, the better!

  • Alex Maverick
    Alex Maverick Month ago +7

    No one really gives a shit about Predator movies anymore, so they should've amped the marketing way more than they did. Or just not made it at all, that would've been better.

    • Luka Lame
      Luka Lame Month ago +1

      Alex Maverick even Predators that has a 65% on RT barely made any money. So even if the movies in this franchise get good reviews. It still wont be able to make a lot of money. Maybe the franchise is better as a tv show.

    • GIOVANNI Martin
      GIOVANNI Martin Month ago +1

      i agree

  • Avengers Assemble
    Avengers Assemble Month ago +19

    I don’t care what people say I LOVED this movie!!

  • George Thimakis
    George Thimakis Month ago +19

    It was a good movie i hope ppl go and see it

    • George Thimakis
      George Thimakis Month ago

      +NOD_MAKO i liked it not my favorite and with the ending i really wanna see a sequel but its not looking good for me lol

    • George Thimakis
      George Thimakis Month ago +1

      +Patrick Yip yes it was

    • Adriel Omar Díaz
      Adriel Omar Díaz Month ago +2

      Patrick Yip man shut yo goofy ass up

    • NOD_MAKO
      NOD_MAKO Month ago +1

      George Thimakis it ducks but I hope this doesn’t kill the franchise

    • Patrick Yip
      Patrick Yip Month ago +4

      No, it wasn't.

  • Harry
    Harry Month ago

    first :)

  • Magnus Leo
    Magnus Leo Month ago +19

    After watching Predator I noticed it’s nothing like what we saw in the first production photos just like how justice league movie was different from the trailer. At least this predator was more entertaining that the new alien movies Ridley Scott is putting out.

    • GIOVANNI Martin
      GIOVANNI Martin 29 days ago

      +LegendofHalo he doesn't have one

    • LegendofHalo
      LegendofHalo 29 days ago

      Mytrell Hughes
      Aliens never won either. Your point?

    • GIOVANNI Martin
      GIOVANNI Martin Month ago

      +Jens Aversjö lol

    • Jens Aversjö
      Jens Aversjö Month ago

      Mytrell Hughes: Considering Twilight is a better movie than Covenant, I doubt it.

    • GIOVANNI Martin
      GIOVANNI Martin Month ago

      ok enough you two. Mytrell, just watch alien covenet. snd Dan, you can watch all of the good old movies and not the crap ones and we can call it a day.

  • Cross
    Cross Month ago

    Dude I saw the movie and it was wasn't funny, the group of "heros" was a lackluster bunch and the whole premise was really stupid. It reminded me of the mummy returns but nowhere near as good. Like u got a father who is a badass, finds "tech" that somehow the son gets a hold of, u got a small time bad guy and a larger big time bad guy....ehhlike I rather have a whole movie following the smaller predator and his fucking storyline...having humans in predator movies is stupid. It's like having AVP but u got mainly humans in the movie...I want to see mainly Aliens versus's the whole transformers argument. I want to see transformers not fucking humans