Liza Morales & Destiny Odom Describe Relationship With Lamar Odom & Thoughts On His Book

  • Published on Jun 13, 2019
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Comments • 559

  • macdabluepanther
    macdabluepanther 9 days ago

    Destiny is amazing! WOW!!

  • Mia Rodriguez
    Mia Rodriguez 13 days ago

    Kloe doesn't know what to do to look like Kim, she has sooo much botox on her face she looks like another person. Omg!!! I feel sorry for that girl. Looks like her you youngest sister is going the same route. Lisa Morales is a real lady, she is a down earth person as well as her beautiful daughter...God bless them.

  • Queen Bee
    Queen Bee 14 days ago

    Lamar Loves Big Girls Beautiful Family and great book I totally look at him differently you gotta support a man who can admit his demons and seek help and this Woman is an Angel 😇 Lamar really let a real one go.

  • Marques Williams
    Marques Williams 25 days ago +1

    Damn Lamar you should've married Liza whyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • yawdiejin
    yawdiejin 25 days ago

    She had me until she invited the 'business partner' to intro the drug. Oh Lord. They are all druggies, soft and hard druggies

  • Cynthia Huante
    Cynthia Huante 25 days ago

    I thought Jamie Sangouthai was a fake cast friend per the book?

  • ᵀʰʳᵉᵉ ᵒᶠ ᵃ ᴷⁱⁿᵈ

    He was insane to ever let his family go for that ugly ass heffer and her fame whore family. Sad.
    Full of apologies for k-hoe, where are the apologies for the mother of his children, and his kids?!

  • AIS
    AIS 28 days ago

    Look just like khloe

  • A DOT Johnson
    A DOT Johnson 28 days ago

    Klhoe is a white devil. Black men stay away. Tristan will have his downfall hopefully they get back up. Dont be next to let klhoe break up your home brothers. Stay strong!!

    • A DOT Johnson
      A DOT Johnson 27 days ago

      I agree men should be accountable for their own actions. But the signs are there that certain men are full of shit. Tristan had a whole 1yr old when he met khloe. She thought her Kardashian name would make her exempt.

    • Hello
      Hello 27 days ago

      This man broke up his own home just like Tristan did but y’all hate them so much y’all believe anything

    • Hello
      Hello 27 days ago

      you know he lied to khloe and told her we was single he put it in his book so how is it her fault. If you say khloe gonna get karma you gotta say taraji p Henson has to get karma because he lied to her too and told he was single he also put that in his book. You can’t blame the women for this mans actions. A DOT Johnson

  • morenYAH delsur
    morenYAH delsur 29 days ago +5

    God bless these people.
    Kim is the real goat. Khloe, what goes around comes around babe.

    • morenYAH delsur
      morenYAH delsur 24 days ago

      Hello What Goes Around Comes Around as in, regardless of what he says it’s obvious he had a whole situation before her. Red flags! Just like with Tristan, he said he wasn’t with his bm but the lady was 6 months pregnant. Why would you want a man with a baby on the way? Another red flag.

    • Hello
      Hello 27 days ago

      morenYAH delsur you know he lied to khloe and told her we was single he put it in his book so how is it her fault. If you say khloe gonna get karma you gotta say taraji p Henson has to get karma because he lied to her too and told he was single he also put that in his book. You can’t blame the women for this mans actions.

  • Michelle Melendez
    Michelle Melendez Month ago

    So try am from island Caribbean families oldschool. Dont talk to shame us don't need therapist were tough. So on.

  • BEB1214
    BEB1214 Month ago +5

    Liza is the real. She is so articulate and insightful. Great woman!

  • Tanaa' Bell
    Tanaa' Bell Month ago

    Hard to hear every ten seconds

  • jae weaver
    jae weaver Month ago

    His daughter is beautiful...

  • Milah Milah
    Milah Milah Month ago +14

    Liza is a beautiful inside and out! Lamar is lucky the mother of his children is phenomenal.

  • Honey Pure-Pye
    Honey Pure-Pye Month ago

    That's a good woman

  • Keith Dollar
    Keith Dollar Month ago

    I think they was using DMT

  • Cece Scott
    Cece Scott Month ago +1

    Destiny is not with the BS, raised by a strong woman!!

  • Brian Castillo
    Brian Castillo Month ago +7

    Charlemagne would have made this interview much better

  • Kevin Skipper
    Kevin Skipper Month ago +1

    Ketamine (Special K) is a horse tranquilizer. If it's so promising and good for the brain, why can't dude talk about it coherently?

  • Joi Richardson
    Joi Richardson Month ago

    So, Khloe likes taking men already in relationships, huh?

    • Hello
      Hello 27 days ago

      I also read that they were apart for many years and during those u he dated several Other woman so pls don’t throw dirt on a situation u don’t know about

    • Hello
      Hello 27 days ago

      Joi Richardson you know he lied to khloe and told her we was single he put it in his book so how is it her fault. If you say khloe gonna get karma you gotta say taraji p Henson has to get karma because he lied to her too and told he was single he also put that in his book. You can’t blame the women for this mans actions.

  • Kevin Skipper
    Kevin Skipper Month ago

    This interview sounds like a prepared Ted Talk on how to cope with today's celebrity athlete. Hooked on Ballers.

  • Racine Whitley
    Racine Whitley Month ago +6

    Angela, how you ask this girl if she read her mom book?? 😬 Her mama ain’t wrote nothing 🤣🤣 #stillmyfav

  • thē native
    thē native Month ago

    so ketamine is a controlled medication mainly used for starting and maintaining anesthesia. it induces a trans-like state.
    ibogaine is a psychedelic chemical found in a west african shrub, and which has dissociative properties. it has proved to be highly successful (but highly potent therefore strongly recommended, medical administration) in addiction between people and script narcs, heroin, and opioid. it is not available in the US. the closest regions where it is are mexico- where it is unregulated, and canada.

  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen Month ago +1


  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen Month ago

    Did I hear that right?

  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen Month ago

    Oh ok..CBD.. okay okay okay.. Kool

  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen Month ago +2

    Yeah we are leaning on drugs for relief..(society).. Pressure you

  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen Month ago

    What is this drug test.. again?

  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen Month ago

    Confession good for the soul... well get to know the guy before you give him your ❤️ and pray to God almighty God bless good people to be in your life. Men/women only discrimination is he treats you well and better than that she has been doing a lot better today from hence forth future reference..Out!

  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen Month ago

    I heard that part of his memory has left..

  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen Month ago

    I'am looking at Snoop dog right now and I want to say..Agree to disagree...😎 God bless..he only knows what you been through..

  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen Month ago

    You may look at it as omission..(book) protecting the innocent people... It's God's blessings to you and your family.

  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen Month ago

    Misplaced affection..spoon Fed..what other reason for this..

  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen Month ago

    Her family.. yeah not good to hold on..let it go.. really this is the first time am hearing this... Yes.. you had to cut the ties.. even unfortunate as is...heal too heal others.. tragic definitely!

  • Janelle Allen
    Janelle Allen Month ago +1

    You can tell his daughter loves her dad..😥

  • Yetunde Oshati
    Yetunde Oshati Month ago +2

    When I read about Lamar and his book, I felt bad that he didn’t pay any sort of respect to his ex wife and children. I’m glad that she is speaking out and telling her side and things from her perspective.

  • Cali gurl
    Cali gurl Month ago

    Liza tlkd too much but not alotta tea I feel like her daughter had way more tea to spill than her n she tried to catch it n turn it into a lighter direction or more neutral kinda boring

  • LaCresha Margerum
    LaCresha Margerum Month ago +3

    This makes me so sad. Feels like he definitely took her for granted. I like Khole but damn give it up for your children’s mother! The one who made sure your children can survive the world and the damage you’ve done to them as a father! She’s so humble and still playing the supportive role...Thank you! Thank you for being a great mother providing your children the tools to be successful throughout trauma and after.

  • Higher Learning
    Higher Learning Month ago

    Wish LO could have been there.... I don’t believe in talking about someone that is not present. “Living with an Addict” smh, I think I know why CthaGOD wasn’t there... too much feminine energy in this interview.

  • A* •
    A* • Month ago +3

    Great interview! Lovely family. I really wish Lamar wasn’t on this Kardashian press run. He should be publicly apologizing to his kids mother and children smh. God bless this family.

  • AlyssaFargo
    AlyssaFargo Month ago

    I honestly can’t even watch the whole thing.

  • Garrett Reaves
    Garrett Reaves Month ago +1

    didn't even know about these two ! thanks for the awareness ! this make me not want to read his book

  • Jamie Edwards
    Jamie Edwards Month ago +4

    If any apologies are required, it should be to these two and not that devilish Kardashian family!

  • Sierra Steward
    Sierra Steward Month ago +2

    First of all shout out to Destiny and Liza 😍😍😍 absolutely stunning and poised women . I loved everything about this interview ! And the CBD line I will have to check out ❤️❤️

  • Michael Surrett
    Michael Surrett Month ago +1

    i would absolutely love to slab my cock on destinys cheek

  • misslouise472003
    misslouise472003 Month ago +2

    Destiny is very gorgeous and nice interview 😘

  • starfira1026
    starfira1026 Month ago +3

    Thank you Breakfast Club, that was a good interview

  • Tanisha Rogers
    Tanisha Rogers Month ago +1

    People who are saying that Khloe didn’t have a relationship with Lamar children in the beginning are wrong! Destiny and their son use to hang out with Khloe there is picture proof.. stop the lies.

    • Tanisha Rogers
      Tanisha Rogers Month ago

      A* • oh wow very ignorant! People hate the truth

    • A* •
      A* • Month ago

      Tanisha Rogers shut up

  • Paul Wayne
    Paul Wayne Month ago

    Her mother needs to stop speaking for her.

  • mcio22
    mcio22 Month ago

    They should try ayahuasca.

  • Paul Wayne
    Paul Wayne Month ago +5

    This is the first interview where I didn't immediately notice Charlemagne wasn't there 🤷

  • Rodney Neal
    Rodney Neal Month ago +3


  • monblanc noland
    monblanc noland Month ago

    I'm suprised the big three took off like it did cube came up

  • Anne Yolande
    Anne Yolande Month ago +1

    I swear black folks are such flip floppers. Stop comparing this women to Khloe. Don’t forget he was Teraji too before Khloe

    KCK ROX Month ago

    If he can’t apologize to her, he isn’t clean. He keeps mentioning Khloe, but fails to give the woman who raises his kids the respect she deserves. He’s more interested in using the Kardashian’s to sell his book and not uplifting the real people in his life.

  • Butterfly 05
    Butterfly 05 Month ago

    Katimine is like iboga.
    Iboga is mainly found in Gabon.

  • Amon Noble
    Amon Noble Month ago

    Notice Liza didn't mention that her Puerto Rican father didn't want her to be with a black man. Breakfast Club stay protecting Hispanic racism. 👹

  • Channy P
    Channy P Month ago

    Ketamine? In the U.K. people take this at raves and festivals parties ect to get fucked up 😭😭this woman is nuts

  • Sherese James-Grow
    Sherese James-Grow Month ago

    It's obvious that this woman was in a real relationship with Lamar from her side of it. And it seems the daughter is greatly effected from the drama of a dad who was an NBA druggie whore. She knows she's pretty and uses that to cover the brokenness of insecurity which is why she's doing that awkward head angle. Worked with enough teenage girls to see this common look in the cuter ones who been through some stuff. Their need for attention will come through using their looks and sexuality. Lamar, you caused a lot of this.

  • S O
    S O Month ago +1

    I remember her when they did that reality show! DMX ex-wife was on it as well.. but I’ve always loved her! She’s super positive and REAL! So happy they’ve come to a happy place! 🙏🏾🙏🏾❤️❤️❤️

  • guess who
    guess who Month ago +1

    Men have decent women like this one, but always fall in love, and can be stupid for whores like the Kartrashian women.

    • Hello
      Hello 27 days ago

      guess who really? Ya mother a whore how u like it now?

  • Lele Geo
    Lele Geo Month ago +8

    Khloe loves broken men.

  • rae bay
    rae bay Month ago

    very well spoken women , its a breath of fresh air . not a "babymomma " in sight

  • 1985 02
    1985 02 Month ago

    Yee cockblicking Steve 🙄😒

  • 1985 02
    1985 02 Month ago

    DAmn Odom daughter is😘

  • Jay Davis
    Jay Davis Month ago +4

    Dj Envy: Absolutely

  • drive ent
    drive ent Month ago +1

    Ketamine was used and sold as a street drug did something change

  • KoKo FitFaded
    KoKo FitFaded Month ago

    What an angel his daughter is 😭🙏🏻 hope the OG gets his shit together

  • Unitedqueendom1 Aden
    Unitedqueendom1 Aden Month ago +4

    His ex looks so much like chloe

  • Mr. Black Culture
    Mr. Black Culture Month ago

    We need to develop a society were we view at least everyone as family or least a partner (non sexual) of society. Change the context, you change the culture.

  • Earth2water 2air
    Earth2water 2air Month ago +1

    This is not at all related to the content, however, I notice that Lamar's daughter's neck and head are twisted and they severely lean sideways. Is this a disorder? I hope she is ok.

  • charlita25
    charlita25 Month ago

    I’m not trying to be mean but wasn’t there someone else they could interview.

    • A* •
      A* • Month ago

      charlita25 smh

  • Wilkins Petitfrere
    Wilkins Petitfrere Month ago +2

    Lamar definitely has a type

  • The Controversy
    The Controversy Month ago

    his daughter fine as hell

  • nofalsegod4
    nofalsegod4 Month ago

    This is real talk!

  • Matilda Martin
    Matilda Martin Month ago +3

    Lamar has a Beautiful Family God Bless!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Matilda Martin
    Matilda Martin Month ago +3

    WOW hope that everything turns out positive but, more Drugs to solve the problem not good just saying!!!!***❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Kamarah Francis
    Kamarah Francis Month ago +19

    Angela asked if Destiny read her Mom's book....but her mother doesnt even have a book 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Angela brookes
    Angela brookes Month ago +2

    Lamar owe all of them A big Apology

  • Kristen Lewek
    Kristen Lewek Month ago +27

    I think we all need so stop and give respect to Lizzie and daughter bc mother did a great job as a parent and with all the bs here came along here props

  • T.E. V.
    T.E. V. Month ago

    You get interviews for being related to a famous crackhead?

  • KY S.
    KY S. Month ago +15

    This was really refreshing to watch. They are both beautiful

  • Joanne Vorpagel
    Joanne Vorpagel Month ago +7

    Liza is such a beautiful woman and who would have ever known a female Lamar would be so beautiful lol Destiny looks just like Lamar

  • brwntra 1
    brwntra 1 Month ago

    Lamar odom, French Montana & Tristan Thompson 3 Black men who spat on their black women for a pass around chick. Straighten your head Destiny.

  • Sharon
    Sharon Month ago +61

    "I had to forgive him to go on with my life". Powerful statement.

  • kabootlee
    kabootlee Month ago +1

    "Did you read your mother's book?".....Seriously? So tired of them not doing their research whenever they have guests. Like how unprofessional can you be. "Where can you find the skincare line?"....Did you not hear them say they were working on it? Listennnnnn. None of them listen. Annoying.

  • Villy V
    Villy V Month ago

    Destiny looks annoyed with her mother. Especially when she referenced APPs for therapy

  • libra lady
    libra lady Month ago +8

    Smh and khloe is out here playing victim when she has been breaking up families.

    • Hello
      Hello 27 days ago

      The home wasn’t even together no more Lamar wrote in his book between khloe and his ex wife he slept with an enormous amount of woman and had several relationships between

    • Hello
      Hello 27 days ago

      you know he lied to khloe and told her we was single he put it in his book so how is it her fault. If you say khloe gonna get karma you gotta say taraji p Henson has to get karma because he lied to her too and told he was single he also put that in his book. You can’t blame the women for this mans actions. libra lady

  • Phillip Washington
    Phillip Washington Month ago +1


  • LaLa Knight
    LaLa Knight Month ago +3

    Man I used to take Special K all the time who would've thought it was actually good for me!

  • ImaniNile
    ImaniNile Month ago +1

    Thought Ketamine was an animal tranquilizer. I remember back in the 80's and 90's street drugs (marijuana, coke, heroin, etc.) were sometimes cut with Ketamine or PCP for a 'super high' affect.

  • Jake spaceman
    Jake spaceman Month ago +1

    She look better than Khloe....

  • Jerome Brooks
    Jerome Brooks Month ago

    What’s up with the jackets ,hoodies and long sleeves?Does the A/C work to good in the building? Or is it fashionable to wear winter clothes in the summer now?

    • Patty’s Daughter
      Patty’s Daughter Month ago

      Jerome Brooks when there’s a lot of equipment, the room has to be really cool.

  • penny marmar
    penny marmar Month ago +3

    This was a great interview on Lamar family. And you can see how much Liza supports her kids

  • 11thWoods
    11thWoods Month ago

    When therapy is on your "bucket list", you really went through some SHIT!!

  • Allegra Logan
    Allegra Logan Month ago

    Why does this woman not just move on with her life rather than worry or care what Lamar does except she loves the clout. The kid can deal with it privately without her having to show herself as the hard done by baby mama as that is what she is not an ex-wife. Stop giving everyone attention Breakfast Club.

  • Sinderella23
    Sinderella23 Month ago +1

    Khloe's existence was dedicated to Lamar and I believe that is what he misses. Remember Kris Humphries told Kim she should be more like how Khloe treats Lamar. She is caring and nurturing aside from her activities after Lamar. If he lost his mom, his dad was not present due to drugs, lost his grandma, he has a void he is filling with drugs and numbing himself. Khloe didn't need anything from him in the way of the emotions he didn't have to give because he needed the love and attention and didn't have it to give his ex or kids until he heals.

  • Sinderella23
    Sinderella23 Month ago +3

    I believe Liza represents a huge source of pain for him cuz she said he checked out once their son passed and wasn't there for her. He never really brings up his son unless he's asked. I think he cant deal with the hurt when it comes to her and the child they lost. It's still too much for him.

  • Akeem
    Akeem Month ago

    Ketamine is the date rape drug 🤣I’m shocked yee etc didn’t know that