Giant Gummy Human Heart

  • Published on Nov 24, 2017
  • Welcome to Gummy World America, where everything (including the employees) are made from gummy.
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    If you’ve got sugar running through your veins, don’t miss a chance to take a bite out of the World’s Largest Gummy Heart.
    This cardiac candy boasts 1.5 pounds of delicious cherry-flavored gummy with impressively realistic details. The textured gummy surface has bulging veins and arteries to make a replica so life-like that you’ll think it was pulled right from a sugary surgery.
    The heftiness of this heart makes it easy to be an organ donor; share the treat with a friend who appreciates the weird and the tasty.
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  • Vat19
    Vat19  Year ago +728

    What is your favorite Vat19 gummy video?

  • SniperSnowman
    SniperSnowman 3 hours ago


  • Gacha Milla
    Gacha Milla 8 hours ago

    Can you make a gummy body?

  • Ali Ali
    Ali Ali 11 hours ago

    2:30 lmao he is eating the gummy poop

  • Gabby Thomas
    Gabby Thomas 19 hours ago

    He ate poop

  • Chozai Soliman
    Chozai Soliman Day ago

    make a gummmy bones

  • Juan Munoz
    Juan Munoz 3 days ago


  • kitteh likes to play
    kitteh likes to play 4 days ago +1

    this is like the best youtube storyline ever

  • Eta9
    Eta9 4 days ago

    From what country in america are u,_vat19?/*__*""

  • Amileilyz Rodriguez
    Amileilyz Rodriguez 5 days ago

    Who thinks they should do a full body gummy

  • Anya Evans
    Anya Evans 5 days ago

    Hahahahhaa! ¨See you in hell, candy boy!¨

  • Jenny chica yandere Chan! gacha!

    2019..and only I got Detroit : Become Human vibes?? Lol

  • Joaqui and Matt Reyes

    Gummy leg

  • Thanos
    Thanos 7 days ago

    When will you make gummy lungs

  • The 3 Brats
    The 3 Brats 7 days ago

    Make gummy stomachs

  • Super girly sparklers pink

    Make gummy lungs

  • Carson Lane
    Carson Lane 9 days ago

    It's like Jurassic world

  • derek sieracki
    derek sieracki 9 days ago

    Why don't you make a gummy Dick or tites

  • Jacques Dobrota
    Jacques Dobrota 10 days ago

    2:31 Did he eat (bad word)

  • fluffy unicorn
    fluffy unicorn 10 days ago


  • Rayo Gaming
    Rayo Gaming 12 days ago

    Well, gummy

  • Ez D
    Ez D 12 days ago +1

    3:11 “SEE YOU IN HELL, CANDY BOY!!!!” **tries to attack him but jumps into fire**

  • Sydney Clement
    Sydney Clement 12 days ago +1

    They predicted Detroit: Become Human

  • Sendy Pamungkas
    Sendy Pamungkas 16 days ago

    Eric and the Gummy Factory trailer looks good

  • Rusty Orange
    Rusty Orange 18 days ago

    where they get the molds?

  • Xgamer10
    Xgamer10 19 days ago

    Jed huskins: so gentle
    Milosh: *plants nuke*

  • Timmy Zhao
    Timmy Zhao 19 days ago


  • Stephanie Hack
    Stephanie Hack 20 days ago

    Eww the pee and poo part

  • Pyromania
    Pyromania 21 day ago

    GWA Get Way Away

  • christina keller
    christina keller 22 days ago

    Why is vat19 got so vilint

    EXOVOXY 22 days ago

    IDEA full gummy body bones liver lungs brain etc etc ect

  • that one bloke
    that one bloke 22 days ago


  • InjurtYum
    InjurtYum 22 days ago


  • School Sucks
    School Sucks 24 days ago

    I guess the intestines are the gummy worms?

  • DankOrangeLover 09912
    DankOrangeLover 09912 24 days ago

    My favorite gummy video is gummy vs real. Can you make or of them

  • DaLeafeonGamingZ
    DaLeafeonGamingZ 25 days ago

    Now if I ever see coffee flavored soft serve or mountain dew on the floor I’ll be like

  • Layla Mills
    Layla Mills 26 days ago

    How was Eric able to put his hand threw his shirt

  • Super Red Boi
    Super Red Boi 26 days ago

    *Now, where’s the park?*

  • laurrest887 SCS
    laurrest887 SCS 27 days ago

    0:54 Safiya? Is that you?

  • Wyatt Greaves
    Wyatt Greaves 27 days ago

    3:04 aahhhhhhh

  • Mohammad Radhi
    Mohammad Radhi 29 days ago

    But what about the Gummy BEAR America?

  • Dominus
    Dominus 29 days ago

    3:34 Adam the Wendigo

  • GA!J!N
    GA!J!N Month ago

    **cries silently**

  • Itz dev
    Itz dev Month ago

    I just bought it

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson Month ago

    Candy guy: NO...MORE
    *shoots guy with flamethrower*

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson Month ago


  • anna a
    anna a Month ago


  • 910ks Plays
    910ks Plays Month ago

    what about gummy dieabetes??

  • Ilikehowducksfly
    Ilikehowducksfly Month ago

    You murderer... *SHAME!!*

  • Aimee Fille
    Aimee Fille Month ago +2

    3:33 *AHHHHHHHOOO*

  • Christian Derro
    Christian Derro Month ago

    we’ve made a gummy skull,
    we’ve made a gummy brain,
    it only makes sense to play God.

  • Xx Wolfy xX
    Xx Wolfy xX Month ago

    Did Eric just say gum on in here? 😔😔😔

  • Jenna The killer
    Jenna The killer Month ago

    "CYA IN HELL CANDY BOII 🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬🍬

  • Rukytsunamy
    Rukytsunamy Month ago

    In gummy world humans are cannible

  • Manny Esquivel
    Manny Esquivel Month ago

    4 liters of haiwion punch? Doesn't the body have 4.5 liters of blood?

  • Elexiel
    Elexiel Month ago

    Westworld basically

  • LoganPlays
    LoganPlays Month ago


  • AnimaToon!
    AnimaToon! Month ago

    St. Louis become Gummy

  • Boston Boston
    Boston Boston Month ago

    We poop

  • KenMakesVideos ZL
    KenMakesVideos ZL Month ago

    human made out of something unusual = Detroit become human

  • Luis Eduardo Ramírez Peralta

    **Angry scream**
    "Another one become self-aware"

  • GingerBoy Roblox
    GingerBoy Roblox Month ago

    Flamethrowers everywhere but our resort is covered in trees. ''meh seems legit''

  • Surfy Player
    Surfy Player Month ago +1

    Gummy it lives next

  • Wølfîē21piløts
    Wølfîē21piløts Month ago +1

    3:10 family friendly content!

    Kill me please...

  • Arctic Bus
    Arctic Bus Month ago

    i am scarde for life

  • Delta The Raptor
    Delta The Raptor Month ago

    Why does the beginning music sound like the Jurassic park

  • Ana-Marija Karakaš


  • Hereforedgycomments

    gummy skull, gummy brain, gummy tongue, gummy heart, and half a giant gummy worm for a penis

  • Holden Wilson
    Holden Wilson Month ago +2

    2:29 1 Guy 1 Cup

  • Sam Byrne
    Sam Byrne Month ago

    Anyone else notice that flamethrower was based on a stormtrooper blaster

  • Lincoln Cornils
    Lincoln Cornils Month ago

    *meanwhile at the gates* FBI OPEN UP *BANG* *helicopter and running noises* OH GOD THeRE SELF AW- *gun shots* *screaming* *some officer yelling commands*

  • Randy Morehouse
    Randy Morehouse Month ago

    It would be so awesome if gummy world America was real but the workers aren't gummy 🤔🤔😄😄

  • Devyn Slayter
    Devyn Slayter Month ago

    Hi Bernie!

  • Little Miss Cakey
    Little Miss Cakey 2 months ago

    I wish that place existed!

  • Vegethia Goddess
    Vegethia Goddess 2 months ago

    I am going to assume that this is what you see when you go to Hell

  • My I
    My I 2 months ago

    What just happened?

  • Melinda Luna
    Melinda Luna 2 months ago


  • Callan
    Callan 2 months ago

    Dat scream doe

  • Ayden Roberts
    Ayden Roberts 2 months ago

    Could you sell the gummy turkey from the gummy thanksgiving video

  • Suha Moatar
    Suha Moatar 2 months ago

    He's eating shit

  • DOMINICK Wilson
    DOMINICK Wilson 2 months ago

    What about a gummy penis

  • French fry
    French fry 2 months ago

    Why don't you make the world's largest gummy penis

  • Glitched Cloud
    Glitched Cloud 2 months ago

    gummy skin

  • Drunk Chara/Bottles
    Drunk Chara/Bottles 2 months ago

    Are you going to make gummy intestines?

  • Owen Cheung
    Owen Cheung 2 months ago

    Chocolate bones?

  • FallShip0
    FallShip0 2 months ago

    If this was a real thing this would indeed be closed before it opens

  • Mason Nord
    Mason Nord 2 months ago

    make one withe brain in the skull

  • andrewmenzies61
    andrewmenzies61 2 months ago

    Make this a sour gummy pleeeeeeese (it's ok if you don't want to)😁

  • Holly_ Muir
    Holly_ Muir 2 months ago

    That scream though 😂😭😂

  • High Hopes
    High Hopes 2 months ago

    *iT oNlY mAdE sEnsE tO pLaY gOd*

  • Rapunzel Princess of Corona

    You never realize how messed up these videos can get

  • DK
    DK 2 months ago


  • Dell Conaghor
    Dell Conaghor 2 months ago

    GWA:become human

  • Thegamingguy1101
    Thegamingguy1101 2 months ago

    This foreshadowed Detroit become human

  • Bolt Lightning
    Bolt Lightning 2 months ago +1

    Detroit: Become Gummy

  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller 2 months ago

    Make gummy skin

  • Ayesha S
    Ayesha S 2 months ago

    Make a gummy hand!

  • Duocpham Hoanglong
    Duocpham Hoanglong 2 months ago

    It that poop and pee

  • Animation Nick
    Animation Nick 2 months ago