Most Unbelievable BATHROOMS Ever !

  • Published on May 11, 2019
  • Most Unbelievable BATHROOMS Ever !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to the Most Unbelievable BATHROOMS Ever !

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  • Monique Ryan
    Monique Ryan 23 hours ago

    You don't deserve to be judged

  • Teresa Centenaro
    Teresa Centenaro Day ago +1

    Chris Redd Twitter is blue I love azzy and you're my friend

  • Kareena White
    Kareena White Day ago

    3:06 why is there a broom in the shower/bathtub

  • Glitch Freddy
    Glitch Freddy 2 days ago

    Facebook:BFF bff bff bff bff
    Twitter:tweet tweet tweet
    TVclip: cringe

  • ali legend legend
    ali legend legend 3 days ago

    Do you know I love azzyland

  • Emily Stuwe
    Emily Stuwe 4 days ago

    Me and my frend we're doing a three am chalenge and waching this vidio and the vidio was just skipping ahead and going home on it own and now its morning and its not skipping ahed but iflts knoking us off the vidio and it is real you sold try it to at night at three am

  • Makayla Campbell
    Makayla Campbell 4 days ago


  • andrew bunnell
    andrew bunnell 6 days ago

    This is how many people love u 1000000,

  • Garth Dawkins
    Garth Dawkins 9 days ago

    When I go in the sea bathroom
    Shark comes and eats meh

  • Kenia Salazar
    Kenia Salazar 9 days ago

    Azzy: this is why I should not be filming at 2 AM in the NIGHT🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • Emma Harriton
    Emma Harriton 10 days ago

    Azzy for president like for a vote

  • Andrew White
    Andrew White 15 days ago

    You are so sweet and beautiful 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you so much you are the best you tube see r

  • Nadia Sesay
    Nadia Sesay 17 days ago

    Who would do that even someone that I watch put catch up on the ice cream

  • Mika Yeung
    Mika Yeung 18 days ago

    i love turtles that i wanna use a bathroom that has turtles in it !

  • Maritza Lopez
    Maritza Lopez 18 days ago

    Azzy Ily but I do not like the fact that u put in a whole minute of ur altro for some extra bucks

  • Bella Paradise
    Bella Paradise 18 days ago +1

    2am in the night

  • Music with aisha
    Music with aisha 20 days ago

    2 am at the night 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😑🤣😂

  • Princess A
    Princess A 20 days ago

    TVclip is a pen and azzy is the highlighter TVclip draws the world and azzy makes it brighter

  • Sarah Kearsey
    Sarah Kearsey 21 day ago +2

    So cool azzy is subscribed you're amazing you make me so happy🙂🙂💩💩

  • Sabrina Planas
    Sabrina Planas 22 days ago

    No azzy It’s for little kids

  • M Ali
    M Ali 23 days ago

    Wait. What if the toilet with the wet toilet design was actually wet?! How would you know?!

  • Unicorn Girlctf
    Unicorn Girlctf 23 days ago +1

    You do realize that the chandelier is a shower 🚿 right...?

    EVIE KANE 24 days ago


  • روان ابوسمك
    روان ابوسمك 26 days ago

    In 2:45 actually in my school in the kindergarten part of my school they have those toilets for the kids and there's been two grades that they made me and my class have our class in the kindergarten part of the school and me and my class struggled with those toilets like we had to fricken skwat to use the toilets it was so bad it felt like as if everytime we use the toilets we do a little workout then we land in and do our toilet thing then a little get up and go to the classroom and the chairs and tables of the class were tiny too so it was pretty much a huge giant ultra mega ultimate big oOf

  • Tanya Mojica
    Tanya Mojica 28 days ago

    I pead in the ocean

  • Linda Robertson
    Linda Robertson 29 days ago

    This rabbit is a fail

  • Linda Robertson
    Linda Robertson 29 days ago

    | 0
    0 |

  • Linda Robertson
    Linda Robertson 29 days ago

    Why are toilets so weird, I never knew this

  • Duo lingo
    Duo lingo Month ago

    Russian Roulette
    Odd like:Death
    Even like:Live

  • Nick Schneider
    Nick Schneider Month ago

    No joke. In the middle of the video there was a toilet ad. I legit thought that it was apart of the vid 👈😑👉

  • Trish Streight
    Trish Streight Month ago

    Azzy you are my best friend and I love how nice to other people thanks for the update on the videos 😎😍😀😆😙😚☺️😛😌

  • Tamara Raponi
    Tamara Raponi Month ago

    Azzy, you inspire me and make me feel confident and happy! You are sooooo funny and pretty! Your such a lucky girl to have jordy to! im only 10 and i want to be you when i grow up! I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! Keep your awsome vids and your awsome self up! LOVE U!

  • Ryan McDonald
    Ryan McDonald Month ago

    6:52 azzy if your filming at 2 AM then it is not night

  • Ryan McDonald
    Ryan McDonald Month ago

    4:29 why just why

  • Linomi White
    Linomi White Month ago

    Wow 😳 sis you are funny 😂,cute and creative

  • potato chip
    potato chip Month ago

    and i love from overwatch ;)

  • BT 7274
    BT 7274 Month ago

    Lets play a game girls make the like button odd and boys make the like button even

  • Shadow Playz
    Shadow Playz Month ago


  • Miriam Miriam
    Miriam Miriam Month ago

    azzy you should have an tik tok account
    Like if you want azzy to get a tik tok account⬇️⬇️⬇️

  • stacey Marnock
    stacey Marnock Month ago

    In prep because in Australia we call before daycare & kindergarten prep are the bathrooms to go toilet will like maybe even the size of that tiny toilet that you saw in the video it is so hard to use lol😭😭😂😂😂

  • Enya
    Enya Month ago +1

    The coolest bathroom design I have seen in person was in a hotel villa because right across the bathtub there is a smart TV where you could watch TVclip on and watch your favorite channels like Cartoon Network

  • Awesome Izzy
    Awesome Izzy Month ago

    The skiing one doesn’t scare me because I have been skiing since I was 3 years old and I can do double black runs

  • Chulu Manana
    Chulu Manana Month ago


  • Lilian Biram
    Lilian Biram Month ago +1

    Poor fish... 𝒲𝒽𝓎 *W H Y?*

  • Aleeya Sellwood Sellwood

    Who else scroll though the Messages while watching the video

  • Mitch Allenson
    Mitch Allenson Month ago

    You did the first one in a mazing house designs

  • afa Olivia Sian
    afa Olivia Sian Month ago +1

    *this is why I shouldn’t be filming at 2 am in the night - azzy 2019* 6:45, 2 am is in the morning azzy

  • Jor S
    Jor S Month ago

    Lol at 2:49 it reminds me of Zoolander movie “ is this a school for ants? It needs to be at least 3 times bigger!”

  • Unicorn nyaan Xx chan !!


  • sprinkles345
    sprinkles345 Month ago

    When you decide to watch this while eating...

  • Cody Zhang
    Cody Zhang Month ago

    You should make more videos about weird things

  • Layan Alassaf Alhelal

    Hey azzy if i trick you you pin me

    Read more

  • Mia Polidano
    Mia Polidano Month ago

    Let them stay

  • Jacqueline Stampa
    Jacqueline Stampa Month ago

    Let’s play


  • XoxoKayla-Jenkinxoxox It

    Girls go to college to get more knowledge
    Boys go to Jupiter to het more stupitor
    Mums go to mars to a bigger bra
    Dads go to Venus toooooo

    It is to inappropriate o say

  • Rak and Rebecca Naidoo

    Crazy man

  • Lana Baker
    Lana Baker Month ago +2

    Azzy: this is why I shouldn't record at 2am at *night*
    Me: that explains itself

  • Julia Donovan
    Julia Donovan Month ago

    Azzy I love your vids

  • Boku No Hero Academia Cosplay

    Who’s not feeling comfortable with the end of the video being 10:0(1)

  • Marlen De Jesus
    Marlen De Jesus Month ago


  • janelle rodriguez
    janelle rodriguez Month ago


  • Rachel Leahy
    Rachel Leahy Month ago +1

    Love you AZZY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • chanty the pranker
    chanty the pranker Month ago

    Love ur channel so munch ur the best ever

  • kiiwr
    kiiwr Month ago

    Lol posted this in my bday may 11!

  • Sharkan Sharkon
    Sharkan Sharkon Month ago

    I love you

  • Kayla Roberts
    Kayla Roberts Month ago +1

    Azzy:This is why I should not be filming a video at 3am in the night.

  • xXAstro AnnaXx
    xXAstro AnnaXx Month ago +2

    This was mad in May 11, I got the notification on May 16 LOL

  • Carolyn Ecklord
    Carolyn Ecklord Month ago

    This is molly 👩🏽
    She is 👕
    Homeless 👖
    She always dreamed
    Of having a house and
    A phone and clothes
    And a job if we get 1 like=5 dollars being donated to molly let’s make her dreams come true!

  • Bree Landry
    Bree Landry Month ago

    You are weered 💩💩

  • Lilah Reyes
    Lilah Reyes Month ago

    coool i wart on

  • Jaylyn Pleune
    Jaylyn Pleune Month ago

    3:22 and it’s CLEAR

  • Annarita Trott
    Annarita Trott Month ago

    Rosses are red violets are blue i like chocolate do you do to

  • Blackwidowcat Kittylover16

    I’m not hating but I feel like you posting like twenty videos in one week I don’t mind but I constantly have to go on yt to click on activities bc I hate when apps have notifications. Love you tho ❤️
    Edit: so I’m looking at comments and there are comments from 3-4 days before my comment when I made my comment 4 minutes ago well for you it’s probably not four minutes but Rn *it’s 3:21 pm Thursday May 16*

  • José Sassen
    José Sassen Month ago

    I need to go to the toilet now😂😂 am i crazy

  • Kay's world rules yass

    Azys is even

  • fire raider
    fire raider Month ago

    I'll say these are the weirdest bathrooms I've seen :O :O and I love you azzy💖👍

  • Mr Pepperoni Pizza
    Mr Pepperoni Pizza Month ago

    Hahahahaha game of thrones!😂😂😂

  • Vineet Gupta
    Vineet Gupta Month ago

    Azzy why do you kip your camra on mirror

  • Julie Sisemore
    Julie Sisemore Month ago

    Am I the only one who LOVES Azzy's eyes? Like, they are so pretty girl!

  • Adam Errahaoui
    Adam Errahaoui Month ago


  • Addison Gibson
    Addison Gibson Month ago

    A bathroom with a one way mirror that says feel free to take a mirror pic

  • Watch Me Play Roblox

    😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Kevin Bryant
    Kevin Bryant Month ago +1

    mmmmm azzy

    QUEEN L1NDA Month ago


  • it. rene
    it. rene Month ago

    Dunno if anyone realised thats it was a chandelier shower

  • Iiris Sonkki
    Iiris Sonkki Month ago

    3:41 I was wondering that too like why?

  • Nina Groenewoud
    Nina Groenewoud Month ago +3

    Roses are red ❤️
    Voilets are blue 💙
    These are BIG FAILS❌
    and azzy loves them too ❤️💛💚💙💜💗

  • Gabriel Parker
    Gabriel Parker Month ago +1

    Yes I just watched your video about toilets because it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

  • Gaming Wolf
    Gaming Wolf Month ago

    Just sit sideways

  • - LuckyAce -
    - LuckyAce - Month ago

    Azzy’s thumbnails are boring

  • Andrea Lima
    Andrea Lima Month ago

    Hi Azzy I just wanted to let you know that you are super inspiring

  • Comfy Pineapple
    Comfy Pineapple Month ago

    It’s a little kids toilet

  • Chasity Whittington
    Chasity Whittington Month ago +1


  • Sky Harper
    Sky Harper Month ago

    Did azzy really just say 2am in the night??? That's ok though we all make mistakes

  • Umme Habiba Shabnam

    Sub to Mr Worm

  • Sophie Tsuga Schreiner

    Lol sry 2 say this but I was on the toilet while watching this😋😋😋

  • Sophie Krebs
    Sophie Krebs Month ago

    What happens when someone is in the bath and someone else is going a the toilet ??!!😱😱🤔

  • Marcie DIodoro
    Marcie DIodoro Month ago

    I had to go to the bathroom 🚽 after this video

  • Nicholas Scholes
    Nicholas Scholes Month ago

    So gross 😨😨 I am going to have night mars 😥😥😥