Most Unbelievable BATHROOMS Ever !

  • Published on May 11, 2019
  • Most Unbelievable BATHROOMS Ever !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to the Most Unbelievable BATHROOMS Ever !
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  • Helen Cee
    Helen Cee 7 hours ago

    Mmmm okay

  • rffm18
    rffm18 Day ago

    I am literally watching this while sitting in a toilet 😂😂😂

  • O D E
    O D E Day ago

    Wow! I cant beleven you put NRK into you video! :D im norwegian! Love you channel!!, uwu

  • Crazy Town
    Crazy Town 3 days ago

    Save the turtles!!!

  • unicorns for life 77

    "This is why I shouldn't be filming at 2 AM in the NIGHT" yea you really shouldn't

  • edgar cortez
    edgar cortez 6 days ago


  • Alyssa Craig
    Alyssa Craig 7 days ago +2

    Azzy do you believe in ghosts

  • Traityn Gallo
    Traityn Gallo 7 days ago


  • CrazyFoxLover
    CrazyFoxLover 8 days ago

    1 like = 1 cheese burger

  • •B u n n y A n i m a t e s•

    In a bathroom in a restaurant I went in one stall there was one small toilet for a kid and a normal sized toilet for an adult and I thought it was cool

  • Ashely Piseth
    Ashely Piseth 10 days ago

    Bathrooms are a poo poo and urinals arePP wait what wait this is the weirdest video Why are you doing this as he lands like I want to use the restroom now bye what’s the notification bell

  • andy huu
    andy huu 11 days ago


  • CookiCrumbKitty
    CookiCrumbKitty 12 days ago

    The turtles are gonna *sea* you pooping Lol

  • Lillie Savhanna
    Lillie Savhanna 12 days ago

    I know this is silly but I am on a toilet right now😂💦

  • Alolan Riolu
    Alolan Riolu 13 days ago

    3:37 sideways.

  • Annie King
    Annie King 13 days ago

    Azzyland is the best on TVclip 😍😍😍⬇⬇⬇

  • Daniel Ellis
    Daniel Ellis 15 days ago

    why why why me

  • Elio Moda
    Elio Moda 16 days ago +3

    Your the best TVclipr ever. I love you so much ❤️💛💚💙💜💝

  • Ev Sasin
    Ev Sasin 16 days ago +2

    Roses are red violets are blue I subscribed to azzy you should to

  • Emily Kolb
    Emily Kolb 17 days ago


  • Emma Lopez
    Emma Lopez 17 days ago

    My puppru did the same sky

  • Lillian Bauer
    Lillian Bauer 18 days ago


  • Lillian Bauer
    Lillian Bauer 18 days ago

    I’m on the toilet

  • Melita Hrnčić
    Melita Hrnčić 18 days ago +1


  • keep undertale alive
    keep undertale alive 18 days ago +2

    And I shouldn't be up at 3:23 watching kassie laurenzside and azzyland yet here I am azzy

  • lorenzo Gallone
    lorenzo Gallone 19 days ago

    Azzy can you do clips of squish make over

  • Michelle Cherepak
    Michelle Cherepak 19 days ago

    You did post it

  • Kixty Caxt
    Kixty Caxt 20 days ago

    Talk about 'public'

  • Kelly Schondelmayer
    Kelly Schondelmayer 20 days ago

    Today is my birthday on may 11

  • Anthony Springer
    Anthony Springer 20 days ago

    2am is not the night it is morning

  • Allyssa W
    Allyssa W 20 days ago +1

    Did anyone realize she said it’s 2am at night? Like is it said different in other parts of the world or did she say it wrong bc here it’s 2 am in the morning....

  • Madelyn Mohesky
    Madelyn Mohesky 20 days ago

    youtube is red twitter is blue now i want a cool bathroom do you want one too

  • Danial Cantin
    Danial Cantin 20 days ago +1

    OMG lol I'm watching in the night at 2:19

  • Young Animations
    Young Animations 20 days ago

    2 a.m. in the night...

  • Jill Lumley
    Jill Lumley 21 day ago

    I have a shandaler over my bath tub

  • Alicia Holloway
    Alicia Holloway 21 day ago +2

    apples are red blueberries are blue azzy land do you like cake cuz i do

  • Evelin M
    Evelin M 21 day ago


  • Evelin M
    Evelin M 21 day ago


  • Intergalactic Unicorn
    Intergalactic Unicorn 23 days ago

    5:34 We CAlL ThOSe PoO PoD’S

  • Silvia Tato
    Silvia Tato 26 days ago +1

    Rosses are red
    Ketchup is too
    I hate this meme
    And you hate it too

  • Blaze Vlogs
    Blaze Vlogs 28 days ago

    Turtles 🐢 are soooooo cute

  • Blaze Vlogs
    Blaze Vlogs 28 days ago


  • I can And I will
    I can And I will Month ago


  • laquan thorne
    laquan thorne Month ago

    Love your Videos

  • Sebel Kaban
    Sebel Kaban Month ago +2

    This is how many people love azzy

  • Ashley Decker
    Ashley Decker Month ago

    how can people not put a like on this video its hilarious this just goes to show that people dont know what humoris

  • Erin Enns
    Erin Enns Month ago

    This is weird

  • Riya Menon
    Riya Menon Month ago

    My OCD is bugging me. ONE OF AZZY'S NAILS ISN'T DONE!

  • Ruahn Jagger
    Ruahn Jagger Month ago

    yo azzy u no 2am is not in the night its in the morning.

  • Violet King
    Violet King Month ago

    Again on the first one she didn't say if you eat to much tocos🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮🌮

  • Lori Vander Woude
    Lori Vander Woude Month ago

    WOW! OMG!

  • Chloe McGlasson
    Chloe McGlasson 2 months ago

    You Pokemon fan

  • Courtney Rowsell
    Courtney Rowsell 2 months ago

    I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!!!!!😀😀

  • B and S kids
    B and S kids 2 months ago

    you just said 2am in the night

  • Natalia Grima
    Natalia Grima 2 months ago

    Your the best

  • Brooke Manley
    Brooke Manley 2 months ago

    Now That Was Funny!! Am I Right!!

  • Jacqueline Brown
    Jacqueline Brown 2 months ago +1


  • SoldStudios
    SoldStudios 2 months ago

    the sofa king cool game

  • Joelle Vargas-Azucar
    Joelle Vargas-Azucar 2 months ago

    Houses in San Francisco cost WAY more that that azzy

    Like if u live in sf

  • MixUp
    MixUp 2 months ago