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Andre The Giant Official Trailer #2 ft. Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, Arnold Schwarzenegger | HBO

  • Published on Mar 9, 2018
  • Comedians, actors and wrestlers alike remember Andre The Giant. HBO Sports, WWE, JMH Films and Ringer Films present Andre The Giant, a documentary examining the life and career of one of the most beloved figures in wrestling history. Stream now.
    The film, presented by HBO Sports and WWE, is produced by JMH Films in association with Ringer Films.
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    André René Roussimoff was born in 1946 in Grenoble, France. In his early teens, he exhibited signs of gigantism though he was not diagnosed with acromegaly until his twenties. He began his training in Paris at 17 and eventually became known in wrestling circuits around the world. In 1973, Andre joined the organization now known as World Wrestling Entertainment, where he became a superstar and rival of WWE legend Hulk Hogan.
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Comments • 477

  • Ravenfitch82
    Ravenfitch82 6 months ago

    Saw Andre wrestle when I was a kid, I remember it’s all we talked about on the way there was seeing The Giant. What I wouldn’t have given to meet him in person.

  • navynugget7
    navynugget7 7 months ago

    The GOAT without any doubt! He transcended the business, and was the toughest SOB in and out of the ring!

  • justin daval
    justin daval 8 months ago

    I love his voice

  • TChops 2019
    TChops 2019 8 months ago

    1:24 No man that big should be in a car that small. GET THIS MAN A TRUCK

  • j.d. Hogg
    j.d. Hogg 8 months ago

    The greatest big man in the business.

  • hunter Kayess
    hunter Kayess 9 months ago +1

    If only he were alive to see this

  • hunter Kayess
    hunter Kayess 9 months ago +1

    Wrestling would be where it is now if Andre wasn’t that tall and that big

  • Fernando David
    Fernando David 10 months ago +1

    This program was excellent and people needed to be reminded who really knew the business andre wasnt just a giant he was a genius he knew what the people liked and did not like he didnt just make hogan a big star he got alot of other wrestlers famous for getting them over he was an unselfish person rest in peace Andre

  • Cooper Dillhoff
    Cooper Dillhoff 10 months ago

    Why not have his daughter Robin Christensen to carry on her father’s legacy, like how Charlotte does for her father Ric Flair?

    • Hacim Segdoh
      Hacim Segdoh 9 months ago

      Cooper Dillhoff I guess if guys like the happy Humphrey can make it so could she

    • Cooper Dillhoff
      Cooper Dillhoff 9 months ago

      Hacim Segdoh So was Big Daddy V, and he completed anyway! What's the worst that can happen?

    • Hacim Segdoh
      Hacim Segdoh 9 months ago

      Cooper Dillhoff she take money from the wwe and has not taken care of herself or the things her father left her.shes also to out of shape to not trying to be cruel but all these things are true

    • Cooper Dillhoff
      Cooper Dillhoff 9 months ago

      Hacim Segdoh What does that mean?

    • Hacim Segdoh
      Hacim Segdoh 9 months ago

      Cooper Dillhoff because his dauters a good for nothing

  • star fire
    star fire 11 months ago

    He look like lonzo ball

  • DirtyMaster
    DirtyMaster 11 months ago

    I don’t think it was the brightest idea to put andre in a mini cooper looking car thats like putting 0.9 lead in a 0.5 pencil

  • nikon d3200
    nikon d3200 11 months ago

    Wwf in 90s best

  • nikon d3200
    nikon d3200 11 months ago

    Wwf in 90s best

  • 74 torino
    74 torino 11 months ago

    still never over 7ft

  • Gerardo Garcia
    Gerardo Garcia 11 months ago

    Dónde puedo verlo , tengo HBO Go y no esta

  • Jesus O.S.
    Jesus O.S. 11 months ago


  • TheXalos
    TheXalos 11 months ago

    I've never been so excited and anxious for a documentary..... but this, this has had me counting down the days for months!

  • Margaret Seddon
    Margaret Seddon 11 months ago

    For nearly three decades he entertained everybody and everyone loved him and he became an icon to all!!

  • Ispirata Da Dio
    Ispirata Da Dio 11 months ago

    One of the best legend in human history

  • Superbad11
    Superbad11 11 months ago

    He should have had the surgery to stop the acromegaly. He declined it , or else he might have lived much longer

  • 111highgh
    111highgh 11 months ago

    This is going to be better than Dorothy Dandridge.

  • househansa
    househansa 11 months ago +1

    There aren't any stats on how much he could lift - it's an unknown number. Like putting a price on the Mona Lisa.

  • Vince Marino
    Vince Marino Year ago

    The best!! Miss you Andre.

  • WPGinterceptor
    WPGinterceptor Year ago

    was lucky to meet him back in 1989.. and YES you never forget when you first meet him.. I'm 6'2 and remember looking up at him and remember his big gigantic head! never forget that

  • Uncle Tony
    Uncle Tony Year ago

    In 1976 I got to see a young Andre the Giant wrestle in a small 3,000 seat venue in San Diego.

  • sathish kumar
    sathish kumar Year ago +1

    He look like coc gaint😬

  • Ashir
    Ashir Year ago +2

    If I was there seeing Andre I would respect him a lot. Unlike those assholes back then. He is the face of WWF and the influence of WWE

  • H.Dumpty/Humpty’s cousin.😁


  • H.Dumpty/Humpty’s cousin.😁

    0:40 makes me smile EVERYTIME Rest In Peace Big man!

  • MrZombiejoe
    MrZombiejoe Year ago


  • European American

    Should be awesome. They should do one of these on the Von Erichs.

  • Matthew Summers
    Matthew Summers Year ago

    This makes me feel how dead wrestling is now...

  • King
    King Year ago +1

    What's next? Rey Mysterio the leprechaun?

  • Chris
    Chris Year ago


  • Bryan McHugh
    Bryan McHugh Year ago

    Wow. Andre could down 100 beers in one sitting. Somebody that HUGE that is drunk?! I still feel very bad for the man. Rest in peace Andre.

  • Tim Viper
    Tim Viper Year ago

    This will be documentary of the year. cannot wait.

  • TankCop
    TankCop Year ago

    So eager to see this Docu.

  • Arjy Bajy
    Arjy Bajy Year ago

    Andre deserves this!

  • Rory Madden
    Rory Madden Year ago

    I really wish he'd retired after Wrestlemania 3 as he was in so much pain. He was still great after that and knew how to work even though his mobility was severely limited. He deserved to retire to the country and be surrounded by people that cared about him for the last years of his life. I can't believe he was still wrestling less than 2 years before his death.

  • Travis Walsh
    Travis Walsh Year ago

    So excited for this the only Andre doc ever released of him was bio on A&E back in the 90s

  • Akira Sendoh
    Akira Sendoh Year ago

    7'4" fake height exposed again...

  • Doomzdayxx
    Doomzdayxx Year ago

    DAMN I wish I had HBO. I really want to watch this

  • STSADaniel
    STSADaniel Year ago

    He was special, RIP Andre.

  • Norie The explorer

    1:23 nice peter griffin outfit

  • john corner
    john corner Year ago

    How th fuck could he fit in a car?

  • Luke M
    Luke M Year ago

    And yet, Arnold as the Terminator could still uppercut that fat head off his body....

  • wrestlingconnoisseur

    In the trailer, they left out the part of how he drank himself into a state of liver failure and was sociopathic and violently hostile to anyone he didn't like.

  • sean Hudson
    sean Hudson Year ago


  • The Big Red Machine

    Se eu pego esse cara eu do um coro nele

  • Dahveed Seise
    Dahveed Seise Year ago

    Nowhere near as big as they made him out to be... 7'5" yeah ok 😂😂😂 more like 6'10" tops.

  • The Real Frisco
    The Real Frisco Year ago

    Well I can't wait until somebody uploads this here on the tube. 👍

  • Fake Thumbnail
    Fake Thumbnail Year ago +1

    I died as a kid laughing when he choked Bob Uecker 😂😂😂

  • Jim Kirk
    Jim Kirk Year ago

    Andre was truly larger than life!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Lunchbucket
    Joe Lunchbucket Year ago

    thats probably the reaction everyone probably had when they first saw him

  • Tupac Shakur
    Tupac Shakur Year ago

    I'm impressed

  • Keith Waligura
    Keith Waligura Year ago

    My brother and I met him at an airport in Atlanta when we were about 10 years old. We dropped the bags we were carrying and took off running. My aunt was horrified that we took off. Still a fond memory 30+ years later.

  • - you got a fetish for my love

    OBEY ~ 🍒

  • Fingaz Mc
    Fingaz Mc Year ago

    Gotta find a way to see this (I live in the UK) can we get HBO in some way over here??

  • Fingaz Mc
    Fingaz Mc Year ago +1

    Is it me or does Hogans voice sound like it's in slow motion...?

  • Briktu Lucy
    Briktu Lucy Year ago +2

    💿💿💿💿 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 *Jesus Christ is the only true God!*
    *The one God who rose from the dead and lives forever.*
    *Jesus Christ is the only one qualified to give us eternal life.*
    *also heal their bodies.*

  • Matt Cyr
    Matt Cyr Year ago

    Are they going to be pointing out Andre's documented racism? 🤔

  • Let Go
    Let Go Year ago +2

    Andre was Wrestling! What an icon

  • Dicky Ball
    Dicky Ball Year ago +1

    Love Andre.

  • Monica R
    Monica R Year ago

    Can we say, "Nephilim"?

  • Akash Gupta
    Akash Gupta Year ago

    What about giant gonalaz

  • Synthscaper X
    Synthscaper X Year ago

    "anybody want a peanut?"

  • Ayush Kumar
    Ayush Kumar Year ago

    Thank you giant

  • NuvYou
    NuvYou Year ago

    You can have your Hulkamania, your Austin 3:16's, your Nature Boys, People's Champs... Andre is the man!

  • Kapital Boy 916
    Kapital Boy 916 Year ago

    This is long over due! Can't wait for it

  • Robert M. Trolinder

    Mid 60's on tv,Dick the Bruiser,Cowboy Bob Ellis,Wilbur Snyder,Yukon Eric,Moose Cholak?,The Sheik,Baron Von Raski,BoBo Brazil,Pepper Gomez,Mr.Moto?&the list goes on,great memories!!!!

  • ScentlessApprentice7

    0:35 The cliche of lunatic libtard is Rob Reiner; That is what he is. I hope that pig has less than 60 seconds of screen time for this Andre special.

  • Tasmanian Devil
    Tasmanian Devil Year ago

    Love you Andre 🙏🏻

  • Kid Goku
    Kid Goku Year ago +2

    Long live the GIANT

  • MrRednexus
    MrRednexus Year ago

    Women called my penis Andre the giant too

  • ESSJ333
    ESSJ333 Year ago +2

    Even though I know his story I still cant wait to watch this.

    LENUR ALIEV Year ago


  • M Borges
    M Borges Year ago


    • M Borges
      M Borges Year ago

      In Final Fight is Andore, Andre in japanese.

    • Samar Iqbal
      Samar Iqbal Year ago

      It's Andre and NOT Andore!

  • Wezilla
    Wezilla Year ago

    Will this come to Netflix ?

    • Samar Iqbal
      Samar Iqbal Year ago

      Maybe! Where there is money involved, anything is possible.

  • shane williams
    shane williams Year ago

    Andre was uncoordinated and sloppy compared with the rest of the characters in WWF

  • Patrick O'Donnell

    "I'm on the brute squad." "You are the brute squad!"

  • smit4459
    smit4459 Year ago

    Because of my interest in endocrinology and films, I am really looking forward to seeing this documentary in April!

  • its jrs041
    its jrs041 Year ago +3

    In truth Andre was a really great guy. He had a good heart and loved being around friends. First-class guy. I had heard one of his hobbies was gardening. He loved watching something he planted grow into something beautiful. Amazing man who is missed.

  • Mas D'Cypha
    Mas D'Cypha Year ago +3

    Announcing "Andre... the GIANT!" is probably the best thing to hear from Howard Finkel

  • Gail Adie
    Gail Adie Year ago

    When I was a kid I saw him wrestle and I was in awww. I was in the bleachers next to the Isle where the wrestlers entered and exited the arena. As he exited he gave me a high five....... my hand was like a little dolls compared to his. He was amazing. To bad he was so sad deep down. Drinking never cures anything, but so many use it to fill a void.

  • Galian
    Galian Year ago

    About time he gets a movie this has been long over due but I'm glad he's getting one he deserves it!

  • BenzoDJ
    BenzoDJ Year ago +5

    I remember the storyline where he was suspended from wresting in the WWF. This allowed him to film the Princess Bride. He then came back as a masked Japanese tag team partner. Obviously he wasnt fooling anybody. Brilliant!! or should I say, "Inconceivable!"

  • comcfi
    comcfi Year ago

    I can't watch anything with Rob Reiner in it. The putrid liberal.

  • childofthesuburbs112

    Ive been waiting for the day andre got his respect in this day and age. The 8th wonder of the world. Thank you hbo you never let me down.

  • Johnnie Campbell
    Johnnie Campbell Year ago +3

    just for those who don't know, he was the sasquatch that lee majors had to fight in two episodes of the six million dollar man back in '76....i didn't know that myself until recently, those two episodes were my favorites.

    • Kenny Huskisson
      Kenny Huskisson Year ago

      Johnnie Campbell Andre played the first Bigfoot, Ted Cassidy played Bigfoot in The Return of Bigfoot

  • Samar Iqbal
    Samar Iqbal Year ago

  • Geo Boy
    Geo Boy Year ago

    Omg he even met arnold and that dude from rocky

  • Geo Boy
    Geo Boy Year ago

    Wtf is he man whoa was he .

    • Robert M. Trolinder
      Robert M. Trolinder Year ago

      Bad Boy feel so sorry for u little kids today!!!

    • Samar Iqbal
      Samar Iqbal Year ago

      Seriously dude u need glasses!
      Here's the Phenom's official website where you will find everything about him.

  • Shane VanOrder
    Shane VanOrder Year ago

    In a time when wrestling was cool

  • Missmissimo Chingon

    el es familiar de debora harry (blondy)...
    mucho estuvo en la lucha libre mexicana..

  • Please enter a name

    Man, Arnold accent is so amazing

  • Jojo Mahama
    Jojo Mahama Year ago

    Nice one calling him special right at the end🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Wish I was sleeping

    Imagine a guy Andre's size back in medieval times. 7'4 600lbs+ in full battle armor with a 12 foot broadsword.

  • Studa Baker
    Studa Baker Year ago +3

    Once upon a time, Andre was quite nimble. I remember him throwing drop kicks like a cruiserweight.

  • Vasily Basyuk
    Vasily Basyuk Year ago


  • Andrew M
    Andrew M Year ago +1