Hard Candy Makeup HAUL + First Impressions

  • Published on Jun 18, 2019
  • Hey Beauty Babes, today Ive got a good old fashioned Makeup HAUL to share with you! Plus I've even got a few first impressions to share with you on some of these items! ♥ Ive been really curious about Hard Candy Makeup and wanted to give them a try. SO, all of these items were purchased with my own money (with the exception of 1 item that was gifted to me by a friend). AND in case you skip passed this part, I wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU, because this haul was made possible by YOU! Yes, you watching this video and reading this description box! If you have shown me support by watching my videos, and clicking any of my affiliate links - you had a part in this! I had a pay out from Ad-sense as well as my very first pay out from Magic Links! So I decided to put some of that money towards this haul so I can test out these products to share with you!
    If you are curious to try any of these items, you can find them exclusively at Walmart (where I purchased some of these items) as well as their website. I purchased most of these items via their website and used code COMEBACK15 for 15% off hardcandy.com/

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  • Dreaming music Gal
    Dreaming music Gal 3 months ago +1

    I think for the eyeshadow palettes you do like a palette bingo allowing yourself 6~8 shades instead of the 5 to play with between the two palettes.

    • agapelovegirl
      agapelovegirl  3 months ago

      Oh thats a really good idea! I may just do that!!

  • Dreaming music Gal
    Dreaming music Gal 3 months ago +1

    I bought 2 of the sprays and I hated them, the spray is very harsh and more spritzy and left spots everywhere. With the foundation did you use a brush which I know you use mostly or a sponge which I wonder if it would spread out faster and even as well. Much Love!

    • agapelovegirl
      agapelovegirl  3 months ago

      The sprays are decent. Im not having issues with the sprays... They arent the most gentle of mists, but not terribly harsh either. Maybe you got a dud before? As for the foundation, Ive tried a few different ways. Sponge, Brush separately and together. Since using the primer, it seems to be wearing much better, but its still so very thick and cakey. Unfortunately, as I continue trying it, its becoming clear that it will be a fail for me. :(

  • R.
    R. 3 months ago +1

    Great vid ! Eye look is fantastic ! Purple (and green) looks are my absolute fave !! Reallyyyy excited youre checking into Hard Candy ! Im curious about their skincare - and how well it performs !


    Yay im happy for you! U deserve more views. I always use your code for my MBA cosmetics orders, hope it helps too :) Im afraid that Hard Candy will be discontinued from walmart, like NYC, it is not advertised much anymore :( I loved their baked Just Glow highlighting trios last year. And i rly need to try these serums. I use firming serums and then some nyx born to glow with amazing cosmetics illuminator as my primer, and all my foundations stay in place without powder or setting spray. I love the purple and green palette u show towards the end, the one you like the most too with the yellow on top and the purple. I love purple and green shadow :D But i love the red too (on the right) with the mauvey tones, the one you tried on your eyes.

    • agapelovegirl
      agapelovegirl  3 months ago +1

      Thank you! I appreciate you using my code! that does help, its quite a small commission, but its still something and I appreciate it so much! ♥ And I can imagine Hard Candy being discontuned too, as Im using them more and more, Im finding myself more disappointed in them than not. Which is a HUGE bummer. I know they are very affordable, but there are many other affordable brands in the same price range that have amazing quality. So thats a bummer. I still plan to do a full face video using these products, but I fear it will be more negative than positives! :(

  • Gold Star Work
    Gold Star Work 3 months ago +1

    So cool that you could use your ad sense and magic links to buy these.

  • Gold Star Work
    Gold Star Work 3 months ago +1

    So cool that you could use your ad sense and magic links to buy these.

  • Steph _BlogsMakeup
    Steph _BlogsMakeup 3 months ago +1


  • vespergray
    vespergray 3 months ago +1

    your eyeshadow here is fire

    • agapelovegirl
      agapelovegirl  3 months ago

      Aww thanks so much! It's a bit out of my color box, but I've been trying to switch things up a bit here and there!

  • Kailee Wesley
    Kailee Wesley 3 months ago +2

    You look so nice!! I love your eye look!!!!! I cannot wait for the tutorial!!!

    • agapelovegirl
      agapelovegirl  3 months ago

      Thank You! Im excited to share the tutorial too! But I've been so busy with getting ready for a family vacation, I dont think I'll have time edit and upload the video before we leave. So it will unfortunately be a wait... 😣😣

  • Kailee Wesley
    Kailee Wesley 3 months ago +1

    Yayyy Maria!!!

  • Lauren DellaFera
    Lauren DellaFera 3 months ago +1

    What an awesome haul! It's always such an awesome feeling to get those Google paychecks! I haven't tried much from Hard Candy before so this was really fun to watch. Also your makeup is beautiful!

    • agapelovegirl
      agapelovegirl  3 months ago

      Thanks so much Lauren! It's usually a random surprise too, like I suddenly have more money than I did before!? 🤔 Then I realize why and do a little happy dance! Haha

  • Cherylife
    Cherylife 3 months ago +1

    beautiful 💜💜