The Truth About the Titanic Has Been Revealed

  • Published on Jan 13, 2018
  • Recent findings reveal the truth that has been buried for over one hundred years. Scientists have debunked the theory that the cause of the Titanic sinking was an iceberg.
    On April 14th, 1912 at 11:40 p.m. RMS Titanic had a terrible accident that led to its ultimate demise 3 hours later. By 2:20 a.m. in the early morning of April 15th, the biggest ship of its time had completely disappeared under the ice-cold surface of the Atlantic Ocean. The Titanic took more than 1,500 lives with it as it sank to its watery grave. That’s more than two-thirds of all the people on board.
    The cause of this horrible disaster leading to so many deaths was an iceberg the ship crashed into. Or so we’ve always been told... But scientists’ most recent findings have debunked this theory. In this video, we’ll tell you the whole truth that has been buried for over one hundred years.
    Senan-Molony-Titanic-Hotel-Belfast-Opening-22. Titanic author and political journalist: By Titanic Belfast, CC BY 2.0,

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Comments • 28 857

    BRIGHT SIDE  4 months ago +5314

    Hey guys! Which theory about the Titanic do you believe in?

  • Byron Quinonez
    Byron Quinonez 8 seconds ago

    I might sound crazy but I think the Germans sunk the titanic and that's another reason for World War 1 and that's also why America got into World War 1

  • Floris van der linde
    Floris van der linde 10 minutes ago

    It sank because of the iceberg not fire, and I mean that if it didn't hit the iceberg it wouldn't just arrive.....

  • RockyTop RiderVFL
    RockyTop RiderVFL 46 minutes ago

    Just like the towers one group of people were responsible and got paid for this.

  • RockyTop RiderVFL
    RockyTop RiderVFL 47 minutes ago

    Saying coal burnt the steel is like saying the twin towers structure was damaged and collapsed by fire. This was a inside job .

  • mrmackdaddy2008
    mrmackdaddy2008 49 minutes ago

    All of this is a fake ppl like to make things up

  • Joseph Gacek
    Joseph Gacek 3 hours ago


  • Debbie Laing
    Debbie Laing 3 hours ago

    I am related to the captain o r the titanic

  • Vagabond Vans
    Vagabond Vans 4 hours ago +1

    What a load of junk. Why make a video about one of the world's most famous ships if you clearly know nothing about ships!? I did a school project on the titanic when I was about 10 and it was better than this.

  • MyKoL LoKyM
    MyKoL LoKyM 5 hours ago

    I dunno...I've often wondered if maybe a submarine took it out. May sound foolish but ww1 was only around 2yrs later.

  • MyKoL LoKyM
    MyKoL LoKyM 5 hours ago

    I dunno...I've often wondered if maybe a submarine took it out. May sound foolish but ww1 was only around 2yrs later.

  • MyKoL LoKyM
    MyKoL LoKyM 5 hours ago

    I dunno...I've often wondered if maybe a submarine took it out. May sound foolish but ww1 was only around 2yrs later.

  • MsJinkerson
    MsJinkerson 6 hours ago

    that's one thing the British built that failed

  • Amy Hobbs
    Amy Hobbs 7 hours ago

    So they had a fire for 3 week's and NO ONE SEEN IT, SMELLED IT OR NOTICED IT.... lol okay....

  • Try This!
    Try This! 12 hours ago

    why is the titanic flood they are ice in the land and the fire whole thidint die

  • Daily Cog
    Daily Cog 13 hours ago

    had only 3 smoke stacks one of them where fake

  • Gargi Chaudhari
    Gargi Chaudhari 13 hours ago

    But you don't tell about marina drench

  • chinabuzz
    chinabuzz 14 hours ago

    Utter nonsense.

  • Marcus Walker
    Marcus Walker 15 hours ago

    What about the Mary celecte

  • Samantha Schenk
    Samantha Schenk 16 hours ago

    have a question what happened to the pets where they left behind?

  • Balaram S
    Balaram S 17 hours ago

    30years in 11min nice

  • San Miguel
    San Miguel 18 hours ago

    Still the ice..

  • Nikki Vance
    Nikki Vance 18 hours ago

    Because stuff on titanic is very good :3

  • Nikki Vance
    Nikki Vance 18 hours ago

    Also if u find titanic and got 10 stuff u be pretty rich

  • Nikki Vance
    Nikki Vance 18 hours ago

    What really happens is titanic hit the ice berg also use bergs are very strong also fire? No wow just lies

  • Mario Mosqueda
    Mario Mosqueda 18 hours ago

    The Illuminati did it

  • Daniel Cat
    Daniel Cat 19 hours ago

    What is wrong with people today. They believe everything they hear online. Very sad

  • Kyle Tissnolthtos
    Kyle Tissnolthtos 19 hours ago

    Rest in peace to all the men women and children who lost their lives on faithful all day

    ASHRAFUL KHAN 19 hours ago


  • Michael Vedal
    Michael Vedal 20 hours ago

    So much disinformation that it's sheer entertainment. The fate of the Titanic we all know, and has been proven time and time again. A fire? How come nobody noticed it for THREE WEEKS? Really? Strange that many of the survivors, and also crew that survived, has corroborated the iceberg collision. And when they went down to see the ship on the ocean floor, the hole is STILL there.
    Please do get your facts straight. This is one video that needs to be deleted by TVclip for spreading false information.
    And for the sheer fun of it all. Hitting an iceberg (which at that speed is like concrete) on the side of the ship WILL tear it up. The steel has no chance at all. It doesn't need to be "weakened" first. The collision and the kinetic forces involved were enormous.
    Again, please get your facts straight. Lying doesn't help your cred.

  • New World Rising
    New World Rising 20 hours ago

    I have a feeling that the sinking of the Titanic was not an accident. I don't have any theories, but I've heard that powerful people warned their loved ones and associates to not be on the ship, or who got out of the trip because they knew something big was going to happen. Its just a feeling, but it seems most likely to me that it wasn't an accident, for whatever unknown reason.

  • Dani’s Random Time
    Dani’s Random Time 20 hours ago

    I had no idea

  • BTS Army
    BTS Army 21 hour ago

    Maybe if they build the Titanic better than none of the would happen and Jack would still be alive with rose

  • Adam Barraclough
    Adam Barraclough 21 hour ago

    i might have taken this seriously if the narrator's voice didn't make my ears seep

  • mustapha musa
    mustapha musa 22 hours ago

    This is getting weird wow surprise so that is cause the sinking of the Titanic wow,good to know that.

  • The0to1smell
    The0to1smell 22 hours ago

    Double and iceberg

  • ✧AshGaming✧
    ✧AshGaming✧ 23 hours ago

    this is sad D;

  • Fra Kye
    Fra Kye 23 hours ago

    They lied to us

  • Afeia James
    Afeia James 23 hours ago

    rose u could have scooted over ah bit the man could have lived he had good eyes it was blue👀💙👴😫😖😫

  • Christopher Collins
    Christopher Collins 23 hours ago

    That is not true

  • danny boyyy
    danny boyyy Day ago

    My great grandfather told me he saw the Titanic and just knew it was going to sink so he tried to warn everybody but nobody would listen. He told a few more people but ended up getting kicked out of the theater 💩

  • Jake Brewer
    Jake Brewer Day ago

    I thought this channel is the BRIGHT SIDE

  • Art Lady
    Art Lady Day ago

    It was the Rothchilds ! The Illuminati and The masons! Am I right? Just joking

  • Jordan Otto
    Jordan Otto Day ago

    I think that they planed for it to sink

  • liam sheridan056

    Who else got lost nah I'm joking that was really interesting but how did the fire stay lit with all the water ice and cold air

  • The Memom Channel

    Well idk

  • Talia Kazoglu
    Talia Kazoglu Day ago

    Did the music only creep me out?

  • omegalpha67 Vela


  • Nada Essam
    Nada Essam Day ago

    A tragedy

  • mariah Blow
    mariah Blow Day ago


  • Tai J
    Tai J Day ago

    Big business owners putting thier agendas before the safety of others just to protect an investment & "Look Good"... Sigh Societal Tragedy!

  • Jarod Strain
    Jarod Strain Day ago

    It is interesting how many myths and misconceptions this video propagates.
    Beginning with the assertion that the iceberg could not have some ship if not for the fire, simple physics would beg to differ.
    The notion that it was traveling faster than it was designed to is preposterous. Ships are limited by design hull speed as well as power. Titanic was designed to break 26 knots and was traveling at 22 when it struck the iceberg. 4 days into a week-long trip it was more than halfway through the voyage and without the incident would likely have arrived early, not late.
    The point made about Captain Smith failing a navigation class is genuinely absurd. It has never been suggested that Titanic was off course, and you're talking about a failed test when he was learning as a student. The Titanic disaster happened a lifetime and a career later and was meant to be his retirement voyage.
    Official reports show the chips nearby saw the signal flares but miss took them for fireworks, not ignored them.
    I am somewhat surprised that you didn't point out the issue with the Marconi system where other operators heard the ship's signal and actually did ignore requests for help because they were sending messages for wealthy passengers.
    Many factors played into the Titanic disaster, but your video is meant to propagate mythology by promoting the idea that people have somehow been deliberately misled.

  • Aesthetic Girl YT

    I have been looking at your videos so much and all you do is scare people! STOP or I WILL MESSAGE TVclip!! JUST STOP!!!!

  • Mary Mckenzie
    Mary Mckenzie Day ago

    Well I mean, it was DARK out. Binoculars can only see things far away, they can't illuminate them. And also, there's no speed limit on the sea. Technically you can go as fast as you want

  • Paulie Duguay
    Paulie Duguay Day ago

    The #1 theory that I found VERY disturbing was that the ownership of Titanic, Olympic and (Britannic that wasn't built at the time) was the accident that the Olympic had in 1911 with the HMS Hawke and punctured a HUGE hole in her starboard aft side. The owners Harland & Wolff filed an insurance claim and decided to switch the two ships bc the owners said they we're practically "IDENTICAL" and they'd have only two days to switch out items from Titanic bc the shipyard workers had the weekend off so they had a selection of people that carried out this secret task and some we're asking questions about this, they we're told to keep quiet about this secret or they we're going to face deadly consequences and or threats,they thought that by switching the two oceanliners and staging an accident (such as a sinking) they could have rescue ships standby and nearby to rescue ALL passengers on the "OLYMPIC" the owners could get the insurance claim successfully !! However the secret mission to carry this out didn't go exactly to plan and the ACTUAL ship that struck the iceberg WASN'T "TITANIC" it was # 401"OLYMPIC" bc she was severely damaged by the HMS HAWKE in 1911 that caused a severe amount of damage to the spine of the vessel and it's keel! The owners couldn't afford the labor and replacement steel plus the manpower to get NEW steelplating to replace the damaged steel caused by the HMS HAWKE. Mind you the Olympic was under the direction of Captain Smith who faced some serious consequences when the British board of trade and International Marine courts but the trial hearings we're put aside and Captain Smith was transferred to the Maiden Voyage of Titanic! To the BEST of my knowledge and FINAL CONCLUSION .. Captain Edward J. Smith should've NEVER been put in charge of Titanic bc he was used as a mole to carryout a murderous disaster and or he should've just done what was RIGHT and loaded the lifeboats to complete capacity, he should've had the lifeboat drills and he should've slowed down when the first ice warnings we're brought to him !!! Now I'm NOT 100% correct on all these FACTS but even if some things we're done differently probably NOBODY would've perished that fateful night

  • Sammy Martinez
    Sammy Martinez Day ago

    Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  • Arathor82
    Arathor82 Day ago

    Uh oh !! Coal melts metal !?

  • Kieran May
    Kieran May Day ago

    The captain turned on to the iceberg route because they were running out of coal and they knew it was shorter

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy Day ago

      Rubbish. They were sailing further south than usual because of iceberg warnings.

  • thethunderbird87

    I believe the Olympic conspiracy theory

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy Day ago

      You've read Robin Gardiner's book then?

  • Redjacc
    Redjacc Day ago

    you haven't produced any "new" evidence or theory not already in circulation. Complete waste of time.

  • Joy Wickliff
    Joy Wickliff Day ago

    Ice buge

    XDLETTUCE Day ago

    I wish that titanic never sank 😭

  • The Cowboy
    The Cowboy Day ago

    The domino effect

  • mlgbobby06 Gamer


  • IPokeEyesOut
    IPokeEyesOut Day ago

    Hilary did it

  • Abbie Vlogs
    Abbie Vlogs Day ago

    one of the resond this is fake just take a look at the part of the video at 11:02 the titanc split in half it didn't just sink

  • Abbie Vlogs
    Abbie Vlogs Day ago

    it could be right but if it was a fire then wouldn't the water from the sea put it out

  • Theo Forsgren
    Theo Forsgren Day ago


  • Chance
    Chance Day ago

    Here’s another reason why the other boat didn’t respond to the shots they forgot to pack the flair guns so they used fireworks and they probably just thought it was some sort of celebration! This is true and they forgot to add this to there video

  • JackieFunGames
    JackieFunGames Day ago +2

    The truth of the Titanic is basically a whole lot of bad luck ‘-‘

  • Harley Moseley IV

    Thanks alot David Blair.

  • Patrick Havens
    Patrick Havens Day ago

    We’re reaching levels of autism that shouldn’t be possible.

  • Lyly Gil
    Lyly Gil Day ago

    mark hughes soo true

  • coral cothary
    coral cothary Day ago

    now i believe you

  • coral cothary
    coral cothary Day ago

    i think its fake

  • Rigo Castro
    Rigo Castro Day ago

    bruh I hate it when people in these comments try to sound smart but are giving wrong answers

  • Jennelyn Cabahug

    Guys!!! OMG!!😢😢😢😢I AM CRYING😇😇OMG JACK IS BACK!!!!! BUT COMING SOON IN 2019 CATCH UP GUYS!!!😢😢😢😢😆😆😇😇😱😱

  • Jason & Jennifer Shaw


  • Ayeesha Chedgey
    Ayeesha Chedgey Day ago

    What about the sister ship the olipic

  • English learning platform

    Please use subtitles

  • Snow Dela cruz
    Snow Dela cruz Day ago


  • Adrian Jenkins
    Adrian Jenkins Day ago

    Ur just going in more details that caused this terrible disaster

  • Joshua Bacon
    Joshua Bacon Day ago

    Aliens sunk the Titanic it wrecked ship lays next to a alien base

  • paul sliwinski
    paul sliwinski Day ago

    FAKE it hit the iceberg , everybody knows that duh

  • PinkyPie Twins
    PinkyPie Twins Day ago

    Technically over 200 years

  • Shierly Maneze
    Shierly Maneze Day ago

    fire or iceberg whatever Titanic is one of best movie for me and its great love story " u jump i will jump " the cast rose and jack great artist wonderful

  • OmqItsPenny
    OmqItsPenny Day ago +1

    1500 people drowned and freezed to death cause of 1 mistake, Dang.

  • Aaron Kempster
    Aaron Kempster Day ago

    Jet fuel can’t melt steel beams

  • Zuleyma Mayorga Castillo

    They already knew it was going to happen hours before.. There were spies on board... Two of them didn't board.... And no it was not fire that started it..

  • Lizzy the kitty
    Lizzy the kitty Day ago

    This is the biggest coincidence in U.S. history. Is this a sign from God?

  • Delta3 Actual
    Delta3 Actual Day ago

    So Sam Harris has switched careers and now makes videos about historical events that are full of lies.

  • Delta3 Actual
    Delta3 Actual Day ago

    When he said, "These people needed money to support their families" instead of "These MEN needed money to support their families" I knew this video was full of lies.

  • Taj Cormick
    Taj Cormick Day ago

    This is awesome!

  • Carly Rose
    Carly Rose Day ago

    Coincidence? I think NOT

  • Buttato Productions

    I’ve never smoked cigars before since it leads to lung cancer.

    I wish I did smoke because this video gave me cancer.

  • Joshua Quinn
    Joshua Quinn Day ago

    Mi great uncle was on the titanic

  • Sierra St-hubert

    the only reason that much people died is because the captain or watcher didnt have these special glasses and they didnt see the ice berg ahead

  • Roy the Legendary

    Director: noooooo its reaveled
    Video: problem?

  • Eva Hernandez
    Eva Hernandez Day ago

    The titanic is actually the Olympic