The Truth About the Titanic Has Been Revealed

  • Published on Jan 13, 2018
  • Recent findings reveal the truth that has been buried for over one hundred years. Scientists have debunked the theory that the cause of the Titanic sinking was an iceberg. Why did Titanic sink? What's the real cause of the Titanic crash?
    On April 14th, 1912 at 11:40 p.m. RMS Titanic had a terrible accident that led to its ultimate demise 3 hours later. By 2:20 a.m. in the early morning of April 15th, the biggest ship of its time had completely disappeared under the ice-cold surface of the Atlantic Ocean. The Titanic took more than 1,500 lives with it as it sank to its watery grave.
    The cause of this horrible disaster leading to so many deaths was an iceberg the ship crashed into. Or so we’ve always been told... But scientists’ most recent findings have debunked this theory. In this video, we’ll tell you the whole truth that has been buried for over one hundred years.
    How Titanic sank 0:08
    How Titanic was made 1:00
    The real cause of the catastrophe 3:04
    The interior of the Titanic 5:10
    Another tragic coincidence 6:20
    Another criminal negligence: the lifeboats 7:23
    Some people also blame Captain Smith 8:25
    The Titanic had 4 massive smokestacks. Each of them weighed 60 tons, and they extended 81.5 feet above the deck. Such an impressive height was necessary to avoid covering the passengers in 100 tons of soot blown off daily. The smokestacks were placed at a 30° angle to look even more astonishing and imposing.
    No less awe-inspiring was the cost of the ship. Its construction demanded $7,500,000. If we take into account modern exchange rates and inflation, in 2016 they would be paying $166,000,000. Surprisingly, it would turn out cheaper than the production of the world-famous movie Titanic in 1997, which cost $200,000,000!
    Criminal negligence, tragic and unfortunate chain of coincidences, fire or ice: whatever it was, it took the lives of hundreds of people and still keeps the minds of scientists busy to this day. What theory about the catastrophe do you believe? Share your opinion in the comments below!
    Senan-Molony-Titanic-Hotel-Belfast-Opening-22. Titanic author and political journalist: By Titanic Belfast, CC BY 2.0,
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    BRIGHT SIDE  Year ago +6286

    Which theory about the Titanic do you believe in?
    Btw, there are places that are strictly prohibited for swimming:

  • Clem Mahabir
    Clem Mahabir Hour ago

    It was made in China like everthing else just like this video.

  • J F
    J F Hour ago

    Fire cant be started in an engin room. Maybe sparks but not fire

  • Roy Bernard
    Roy Bernard 3 hours ago

    The fact that we are talking about this mysterious 'accident' so many years after leaves so my doubt about the real cause of that dreadful , unfortunate piece of historic enigmatic connundrum. Hmmmmmm

  • Sefer Doku
    Sefer Doku 4 hours ago

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  • Millie Young
    Millie Young 8 hours ago

    No this is all fake

  • Azazel
    Azazel 14 hours ago

    I don't like you .

  • michael Cropper
    michael Cropper 17 hours ago

    So in through words it was the friend

  • james kushman
    james kushman 18 hours ago

    Only took 5 years to build Hoover Dam..Not bad, gratz!!!

  • Blaze -_flame
    Blaze -_flame 19 hours ago

    Man I love learning

  • LL Lewis
    LL Lewis 20 hours ago

    Wow so much incompetence happened

  • Nathaniel Travis
    Nathaniel Travis 21 hour ago

    Titanic did not sink it was it's sister the Olympic and sank it on purpus cause the Olympic have many problems the boats were switch cause the identical boats.

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 12 hours ago

      It's a ridiculous, impossible, made up theory, which has been dis proved many times.

  • Zane Krumenaker
    Zane Krumenaker Day ago

    Ok so if the titanic left April 10th 1912 and the crash was the 14th of April then the next day the ship was gone, but the fire took 3 weeks and could of someone put a fire one purpose or on accident

  • tyler smith
    tyler smith Day ago

    Lol I love how in the beginning the guy says, “people could walk for miles on this ship.” If it’s 882 feet in length that’s not even a quarter of a mile or quite near possible.

  • sam bate
    sam bate Day ago

    how do you know did you ask mr google 🤓

  • John Ycogo
    John Ycogo Day ago

    The truth

  • ATHI &Neeru Super show

    Your channel is interesting, incredible and super

    ACTION DAN 2 days ago

    what do you mean 30*, more like 10-15*

  • O-Dub07 Ps
    O-Dub07 Ps 2 days ago

    it wasnt exactly fire it was a burn from a furnace

  • David Sinclair
    David Sinclair 2 days ago

    Should have covered the weak metal with flex tape!

  • Okoye Nneoma
    Okoye Nneoma 2 days ago

    wow, i can't just believe it.

  • Maria Isabel Medina
    Maria Isabel Medina 2 days ago

    fire and ice? ther going to new york? what happins if SOMEONE CUSED THE FIRE?!

  • crazy gerbil freak 101
    crazy gerbil freak 101 2 days ago +3

    There was a ship called the Olympic and it was going to sink so they switched the names so the titanic was actually the Olympic not the titanic.the Olympic sank not the titanic.

  • tamer gross
    tamer gross 2 days ago

    It was the Olympic that sank not titanic. It cost to much to repair the already damaged Olympic so they changed the names...explorers found when the letters fell of the wreck there was an o & an m underneath...a massive insurance job with a sick loss of lives...they should be ashamed 😑 you tube it and find out

  • Hunter Allen
    Hunter Allen 2 days ago

    What started the fire?

  • Raphael Ngowa
    Raphael Ngowa 2 days ago

    The reason behind the Titanic drastic sinking can be proved in many ways but the major one is this. The maker of the titanic insulted God by Saying that That ship couldn't be sunk even by God. You don't believe it, joke around with God... You'll regret. "Don't be deceived, God is not mocked, what a man sows, so shall he reap. He reaped what he sow. Thank you. If you believe it,,, type Amen.

    MIDO _GHOST 2 days ago


  • Michael Neel
    Michael Neel 2 days ago

    OK !

  • Shadow gamer
    Shadow gamer 2 days ago

    Welp I'm not going to sleep due to nightmares now ;^;

  • Hagar De Viking
    Hagar De Viking 2 days ago

    This is anti BRITISCH propaganda, they will never like that in the open.

  • VerilyVerbatim
    VerilyVerbatim 2 days ago

    You haven't explained how a fire could burn for so long without someone noticing. The ship used coal furnaces, but due to its size, needed a lot of them. It also needed a small army of workers to keep putting coal into those furnaces, and to regularly inspect them to ensure that they were operating normally. It's unreasonable to consider that no-one noticed anything amiss for 3 weeks.

    Also, there is an account from one of the survivors, which seems to be repeatedly 'downplayed', or disregarded. The person states that not long before the ship began to slow down and the evacuation order given, they felt a vibration through the room for a few seconds. Chandeliers and other loose items moved in a fashion to indicate an unusual movement, as if the ship had 'shivered', but it was only for a few seconds.
    Also, whilst it's plausible to accept that an iceberg did the damage, those records also state that the iceberg tore a gash along the hull, exposing so many of the bulkheads that flooding could not be contained. In that case though, the ship would not simply have 'shivered' for a few seconds - it would have been shaking, violently. The vibrations would not only have been felt thoughout the entire ship, but they would have been severe enough that people would have had difficulty standing. The noise would have also been heard throughout - tearing apart the double hull that the Titanic had would have made a terrible rending sound, a banshee scream of tortured metal. However, none recall even anything similar.

  • Kimmi Kimmi Cocoa Pop

    I can believe there was a fire but I do not believe it burned for three weeks. Is it possible the fire burned 3 weeks before the ship set sail? I have heard this theory before. While it was horrible what happened to all those people, including survivors, I feel there were too many errors to blame one incident. Didn't Titantics sister ship also sink?

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 2 days ago

      Britannic hit a mine in the Aegean sea during WW1.

  • Ronnocko Productions
    Ronnocko Productions 2 days ago +1

    none from your video LAIR!

  • Mikko Carlos
    Mikko Carlos 3 days ago

    Hmmm, makes sense , but who knows though..

  • Dinosaur Cookies
    Dinosaur Cookies 3 days ago

    I'd show my daughter, but i'n 19, so I showed my dog

  • jacob fehr
    jacob fehr 3 days ago

    They obviously didn’t use carbon Steel . So if the metal heated up then it wouldn’t have made a difference in the metals strength . There was no fire

  • American Blue
    American Blue 3 days ago

    Proof your lying you said the fire was 3 weeks well titanic sank 5 days after it left Southampton and 3 weeks is clearly longer then 5 days soo your obviously lying

  • Cilantro
    Cilantro 3 days ago

    jews sank the titanic.

  • feel the vibes
    feel the vibes 3 days ago +6

    If only rose would have shared her door she was floating on jack would have lived.
    How selfish.
    Oh well just play the movie again and dear jacky ol buddy ol boy ol friend will live again.

    • feel the vibes
      feel the vibes 19 hours ago

      +Isabella Bedford yes i know i was just being sarcastic.
      Did you know that the actress of rose didnt agree with the script either of jack dieing in the end....

    • Isabella Bedford
      Isabella Bedford 19 hours ago +2

      feel the vibes
      Jack and rose were fictional characters, they weren't real. they were following the script. the script would have said that jack doesn't get on the door.

  • Barberous721
    Barberous721 3 days ago

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  • VoteableCash 954
    VoteableCash 954 3 days ago

    I think it was the Olympic the sunk and it was plan so the white star line could claim insurance

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 3 days ago +1

      Check the differences between the two ships carefully and think again.

  • Efya Khykhy
    Efya Khykhy 3 days ago

    Scientists scientists scientists, always finding things to confuse others... Were they they when it happened? Your owner said not even God can sink the ship. No one challenges God, simple as that

  • ᗩᑎᑎᗩᗷEᒪ :D


    There once was a woman and a man. They were a married couple and bought tickets to go on the Titanic. A few days before they set sail, they decided to go visit the Titanic, to see what it looked like, to get an overall first impression. As soon as the woman saw the ship though, she claimed for it to be evil. She said it looked evil and felt sinister and she refused to go on it. The husband pleaded with her but soon became impatient and decided to still go anyways. (I don't know if he died or not)
    This is a true story and the woman was my Grandma's friend. She told her everything. FYI :)

  • lowx ben kia seng
    lowx ben kia seng 3 days ago

    Though every single life is precious, lives lost in this wreck was 1500. There were many catastrophes that took many more lives yet not as infamous as titanic .
    It's the movie that make it infamous not the number of casualties.

  • Quadri Ojelade
    Quadri Ojelade 4 days ago +2

    And I watched the 1997 Titanic movie and I thought the ice Burg was more powerful than the ship wow I was fooled a ship that took 3 long years to make woooooooopow

  • Christy Ripley
    Christy Ripley 4 days ago

    I had to no that thx you a lot.: )

  • Zoe Botha
    Zoe Botha 4 days ago

    This is so cool love this vids

  • Christopher Leone
    Christopher Leone 4 days ago

    The actual reason why the Titanic's hull was ripped open by the iceburg was because Titanic's Hull, and all the ships at the time, were not welded together. They were riveted together. This was the same for Titanic. Riveting ships together causes them to be weaker than welded ships like we have today. The first ships to be welded together were the Bremen and Europa, two German Liners that were launched between 1928-1930.
    Riveting ships together ended sometime during World War 2. The last major liner to be riveted together was the RMS Queen Elizabeth

  • ZUZIA Rak
    ZUZIA Rak 4 days ago +1


  • Josh Gould
    Josh Gould 4 days ago

    the guy who designed the Titanic is responsible. he wanted to get to their destination earlier than scheduled so he told the guys to increase the speed. the Titanic,and that's what lead to his demise

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 4 days ago +1

      The guy who designed Titanic and her sister ships was Thomas Andrews and he had no input into the running of the ship.

  • Scott Stevenz
    Scott Stevenz 4 days ago +1


  • Attila Halmágyi
    Attila Halmágyi 4 days ago

    How can you tell people how Titanic sank is only a theory, when the surviving people told what happened?

  • Rebecca Sanders
    Rebecca Sanders 4 days ago


  • Cindy Baker
    Cindy Baker 4 days ago +1

    This video is false

  • Daily Gamer RPG
    Daily Gamer RPG 4 days ago

    All theorys

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  • Vedant Pandey 63
    Vedant Pandey 63 4 days ago

    Carelessness of responsible department

  • Chris Tian
    Chris Tian 4 days ago +1

    Childhood ruined

  • Stacy Jankowski
    Stacy Jankowski 4 days ago

    There are so many stories of the TITANIC that no one really knows the real truth but the survivors who lived the horrible wreck....

  • Jennifer Gholap
    Jennifer Gholap 5 days ago

    My own

  • Emma Chen
    Emma Chen 5 days ago

    Wow Ella

  • Yasira Osiris
    Yasira Osiris 5 days ago

    How much insurance did the company collected????

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 5 days ago

      1 million pounds, 500,000 less than the ship cost to build. White Star also paid out huge amounts in compensation.

  • guy tremblay
    guy tremblay 5 days ago

    the fire theory has been dumbunked by scientists many times over . First off its because the damages are way longer than the lenght of the fire damages like many many many yards longer .The second is that the fire was way way above the floating line so even if the fire would have chewed thru the seel and make steel plates fall and drop on the floor the only thing that would come in would be fresh air and maybe sunlight if it would have been during the day .

  • Minecraft Champ
    Minecraft Champ 5 days ago

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  • Chesco
    Chesco 5 days ago

    Binoculars at 2am in the pitch black night in the middle of ocean???

  • Abigail Scranage
    Abigail Scranage 5 days ago

    This is crazy!! My topic in school is titanic so this is so good for me!

  • Lisa Rulien
    Lisa Rulien 5 days ago

    "Thanks Obama!"

  • Colin Cameron
    Colin Cameron 5 days ago

    J.P Morgan was funding the titanic or his company was....never the less i doubt he was going to go bankrupt....and considering the J.P Morgan's name still makes a lot of money to this day and the titanic only made one voyage then he should have been bankrupt shouldn't he have? or at least thats what you claimed in the this doesn't make sense on that note....but that J.P Morgan was a crook so it wouldn't surprise me if there was foul play and if im correct wasn't the titanic the biggest insurance claim at the time and held that record for a long time after that

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 5 days ago

      The insurance pay out may have been large (1 million pounds) but it didn't cover to cost of the ship, which was under insured. White Star lost a shed load when Titanic sank.

  • Alanda Stevens
    Alanda Stevens 5 days ago

    Some one step something on the ship

  • Travis James
    Travis James 6 days ago

    There were only three working smokestacks. The fourth was fake.

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 5 days ago +1

      The 4th funnel vented the galley.

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  • Harry jack
    Harry jack 6 days ago

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  • Nita Wealand
    Nita Wealand 6 days ago

    Anybody knows the real tragedy was the lifeboats look tacky so there wasn't enough for the passengers

  • Montreal canadiens
    Montreal canadiens 6 days ago

    Wow that makes sense to the theory that sunk the Titanic very impressed with it 😉😉thanks

  • albert Zhang
    albert Zhang 6 days ago

    that why i dont trust human or such.but God only.

    • Final Destination
      Final Destination 6 days ago

      And TVclip videos aren't worth to be trusted either. It's legal to tell tales and people fabricate "theories" for money. This nonsense has been debunked.

  • Thabani Vincent Madonsela

    Truth about Titanic has never recovered yet..., Titanic sank because of the submarine that was underwater during the first world war because America never wantent to involve itself in the European affairs one of the allied thought they were sending weapons to one of the allied . the ship sailed to America was not to be trusted because might happened that it was to get the weapons for other allied.

    • Final Destination
      Final Destination 6 days ago

      You know that Titanic sank in 1912 and the WW1 started in 1914?

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 6 days ago +1

      Titanic hit an iceberg. The ship taken down by a sub during WW1 was Lusitania.

  • vette646974
    vette646974 6 days ago +11

    Most of these comments are as hilarious as the conspiracy theories. Titanic sank in 1912, they were not switched. You cannot just change the nameplates and a porthole. Ships are identified by hull numbers, not by names. Every part of a ship has the hull number stamped on it. Olympic = 400, Titanic = 401. Ever see 60 people keep a secret? How about 60,000? Plus their families? And every passenger in 1911-1912? How did most of Olympic's interior end up in pubs, bars, and hotels in 1935 when the ship was scrapped and auctioned off? Every piece of wood was handmade by craftsman and stamped. One ship takes nearly a year to do the fitting out process. Two ships in a matter of weeks? Impossible. Olympic and Titanic shared the same hull design but vastly different superstructures and interiors.

  • OG7E _
    OG7E _ 7 days ago +1

    Nah, I’m calling bs on this whole fire thing. I mean really, it was burning for three weeks? I’m gonna stick to the iceberg way of how the Titanic was sunk.

  • Damion Peterkin
    Damion Peterkin 7 days ago

    the titanic is dangerous

  • Damion Peterkin
    Damion Peterkin 7 days ago

    but they are careless

  • Damion Peterkin
    Damion Peterkin 7 days ago

    that a sad story

  • Some dude 42 14
    Some dude 42 14 7 days ago

    5:12 what is the song?

  • Skull Squad
    Skull Squad 7 days ago

    It needed 64 boats

  • Mike sixhunna
    Mike sixhunna 7 days ago

    What a coincidence the iceberg hit exactly where the fire was burning days before...just doesn't feel right.

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 7 days ago

      It didn't. The fire was not near the outer hull.

  • Marcie Thibodaux
    Marcie Thibodaux 7 days ago

    The ship that sank wasn't even the Titanic, that's the ironic part! It was the Olympic, a damaged ship that was not covered by insurance. Many wealthy people knew of the impending disaster, and canceled their tickets at the last moments, and JP Morgan removed some of his priceless at from the shop before it set sail. Pictures of the Titanic during its construction did not match the pictures of the ship, including the number of portholes and the distance between them. It's a catastrophe from beginning to end, and a conspiracy that cost hundreds of people their lives!

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 7 days ago +2

      Oh good grief, someone else taken in by that made up rubbish. The whole switch theory was invented by Robin Gardiner to sell books, there is no truth to any of it. Of course the ship under construction doesn't look like the one that sailed, the clue is right there in that sentence, "under construction", many changes were made to the ship after launch. Those changes included bridge wings, port holes, windows and enclosed deck, you will find all those changes on the wreck.

  • Super Really
    Super Really 7 days ago

    All of this is wrong ! The titanic was drowned cuz all the people on it unsubscribed to pewdiepie and subscribed to t series and who made it drown is mr beast .

  • James Semana
    James Semana 7 days ago +1

    You don’t have to add a creepy song

  • iiWuzy Roblox
    iiWuzy Roblox 8 days ago

    👇 :D

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    Alex Anagnostos 8 days ago

    Carpithia:Titanic I will finish what you started.*goes too america*

  • fizthing
    fizthing 8 days ago

    What is that tune called that goes on for the first half of the video?
    I remember it from the ROBLOX 2016 Egg Hunt xd

  • Jerome Larracochea
    Jerome Larracochea 8 days ago +1

    Thats not real . The titinic hit the iceberg are you crazy

  • Julie ayres
    Julie ayres 8 days ago

    I belive in were you said the fire is the dasaster

  • Berta Andrade
    Berta Andrade 8 days ago

    Omg wow
    It’s was beautiful ship 🙏

  • Dragoni Maddie
    Dragoni Maddie 9 days ago

    This is my birthday April 15th is my Birthday the day this Happened

  • Adi Hussain
    Adi Hussain 9 days ago

    Sooo i suggest a remake of the titanic????

  • Danny Wanny
    Danny Wanny 9 days ago

    Apparently that ship really wasn’t the titanic but the Lusitania ship. To me it made sense since the Lusitania ship was hit multiple times on one side which as we know it makes the ship or area weaker. So what they did was switched it and they of course had to have the free masons and the elites in there and thought they can survive but of course they died

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 9 days ago

      You corrected yourself and still got it wrong! OLYMPIC. Britannic was a hospital ship and she hit a mine in the Aegean Sea.

    • Danny Wanny
      Danny Wanny 9 days ago

      No only that the other ship was was called Britannic I believe had weapons and the people never knew and next thing you know the Germans took down the ship. Sounds fishy doesn’t it?

    • Danny Wanny
      Danny Wanny 9 days ago

      Correction the Olympia ship

  • Karim Elmansouri
    Karim Elmansouri 9 days ago

    Dude this fake

  • tikitiki39
    tikitiki39 9 days ago

    Sorry but the ship that actually sunk was the Titanic's Sister ship , the
    Olympic !!

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 9 days ago

      Sorry, but you are wrong.

  • james Lake
    james Lake 9 days ago

    I saw a still picture from the actual film of the Titanic leaving port and I noticed the name of the tugboat assisting it was scratched out and I thought the photo may have been damaged then I saw the whole film and there was three tugboats assisting and all of the names were blotted out on the film . My question is why was it necessary ? Did they know something about a switch in ships

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 9 days ago +1

      The film of 'Titanic' leaving port is actually Olympic leaving New York. Labelled as Titanic because there was so little film/photos of her. The names of the tugs are scratched out because they are New York tugs, a bit of a give away!