The Truth About the Titanic Has Been Revealed

  • Published on Jan 13, 2018
  • Recent findings reveal the truth that has been buried for over one hundred years. Scientists have debunked the theory that the cause of the Titanic sinking was an iceberg. Why did Titanic sink? What's the real cause of the Titanic crash?
    On April 14th, 1912 at 11:40 p.m. RMS Titanic had a terrible accident that led to its ultimate demise 3 hours later. By 2:20 a.m. in the early morning of April 15th, the biggest ship of its time had completely disappeared under the ice-cold surface of the Atlantic Ocean. The Titanic took more than 1,500 lives with it as it sank to its watery grave.
    The cause of this horrible disaster leading to so many deaths was an iceberg the ship crashed into. Or so we’ve always been told... But scientists’ most recent findings have debunked this theory. In this video, we’ll tell you the whole truth that has been buried for over one hundred years.
    How Titanic sank 0:08
    How Titanic was made 1:00
    The real cause of the catastrophe 3:04
    The interior of the Titanic 5:10
    Another tragic coincidence 6:20
    Another criminal negligence: the lifeboats 7:23
    Some people also blame Captain Smith 8:25
    The Titanic had 4 massive smokestacks. Each of them weighed 60 tons, and they extended 81.5 feet above the deck. Such an impressive height was necessary to avoid covering the passengers in 100 tons of soot blown off daily. The smokestacks were placed at a 30° angle to look even more astonishing and imposing.
    No less awe-inspiring was the cost of the ship. Its construction demanded $7,500,000. If we take into account modern exchange rates and inflation, in 2016 they would be paying $166,000,000. Surprisingly, it would turn out cheaper than the production of the world-famous movie Titanic in 1997, which cost $200,000,000!
    Criminal negligence, tragic and unfortunate chain of coincidences, fire or ice: whatever it was, it took the lives of hundreds of people and still keeps the minds of scientists busy to this day. What theory about the catastrophe do you believe? Share your opinion in the comments below!
    Senan-Molony-Titanic-Hotel-Belfast-Opening-22. Titanic author and political journalist: By Titanic Belfast, CC BY 2.0,
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    BRIGHT SIDE  3 months ago +1816

    How Titanic sank 0:08
    How Titanic was made 1:00
    The real cause of the catastrophe 3:04
    The interior of the Titanic 5:10
    Another tragic coincidence 6:20
    Another criminal negligence: the lifeboats 7:23
    Some people also blame Captain Smith 8:25

    • CpdHunter
      CpdHunter 4 hours ago


    • Pasty Cookie
      Pasty Cookie 22 hours ago

      Wait it was fire???

    • FilipinoGaming 1234567890
      FilipinoGaming 1234567890 2 days ago


    • TesTy Monster
      TesTy Monster 2 days ago

      Aaliyah Walker what's happen back then

    • Jose Chavez
      Jose Chavez 2 days ago

      Everything is a inside job the ship was destroyed because they were a person who wanted to set the new world organization AKA as iluminati the ship was destroyed by a torpedo misslie . You may ask how I know this just check the list who was in the boat they were top man with a lot of power well my point is this is all a Lie you people need to do your own research to find the real truth do not believe what the media tells you 1984. The big brother is watching YOU.

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi 34 minutes ago

    It could crash into an ice burg then it started a fire

  • iguardian1
    iguardian1 2 hours ago +1

    You're missing the point! it wasn't the "Titanic" that sailed it was her sister ship the "Olympic" it was an insurance scam from the off!

  • Oliver Crutchley
    Oliver Crutchley 5 hours ago

    One of the funnels was fake

  • ottothemeerkat
    ottothemeerkat 6 hours ago

    Nonsense on stilts.

  • Aarav Pandey
    Aarav Pandey 7 hours ago

    There was another theory that ship captan had drak the vine and was driving the ship

  • Paulson Prasad
    Paulson Prasad 9 hours ago

    high level negligence in every aspect..

  • Prem Eswar
    Prem Eswar 10 hours ago

    I alws like the background music of bright side 🙄

  • pecker556
    pecker556 10 hours ago

    the 2 week fire is bunk! there were 3 gentlemen of some prominence that were opposed to the US having a central bank, all aboard the Titanic, the ship was sabotaged, to assassinate these 3 men.

  • Sosambath Mean
    Sosambath Mean 12 hours ago

    if like that, it's called "unclear" but not "lie"

  • emily broomhead
    emily broomhead 13 hours ago

    Excuse my language but I just have to say this is complete and utter bulls**t
    Thought you should know

  • jerry pfaff
    jerry pfaff 17 hours ago

    no coincidence here. they bragged that God couldnt even sink the ship. God (Jesus ) is not mocked

  • geust toown
    geust toown 17 hours ago

    the iluminate did it

  • Diclay Yamat
    Diclay Yamat 19 hours ago

    What happen if the Titanic doesn't sink?? Would trump not be the president of US??

  • Super Gamer888
    Super Gamer888 22 hours ago

    The titanic had a big dump and sank

  • Reaction Realm
    Reaction Realm 23 hours ago

    scientists found that black holes are real

  • Amelie Walsh
    Amelie Walsh Day ago

    BRIGHT side?

  • Elijah Lujan
    Elijah Lujan Day ago

    Ain't it obvious god just wanted these people dead

  • Barez_b
    Barez_b Day ago

    Titanic never sunk. It took
    off to the moon with 1500 undercover astronauts. A replica was set on the bottom of that sea weeks earlier, that was also build on sea. They faked that fire mark on the wrong side of the replica wreck and that's why they think it was docked the other way as other ships or they obv would have spotted it. Everthing is a lie! Trust me.

  • Michael Witting
    Michael Witting Day ago

    A Titanic 2?

  • MM- playz
    MM- playz Day ago

    Why does it say tracey viewers watch this

  • Alpy Wendwesan
    Alpy Wendwesan Day ago

    it wasn't the titanic it was the Olympia that sinks.

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy Day ago

      Been thoroughly dis proved. By the way it's Olympic with a 'C'

  • Shadowkey392
    Shadowkey392 Day ago

    Oh, for God's sake...

  • Entertainment Today

    The video is about SPECIFICATIONS of TITANIC

  • Adam Brumfield
    Adam Brumfield Day ago

    Any body Else watching in 2013

  • Thot u were over 18

    Did the dogs survived the sink

  • Cristian Quintana

    I believe the theory that jack died and rose survives

  • Chuck Schell
    Chuck Schell Day ago

    This video is a crock

  • JJ Brubaker
    JJ Brubaker Day ago

    Truthi is it was the Olympic that sank that day.

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 19 hours ago

      For starters there were many differences between the two ships and the wreck shows all those specific to Titanic. But more importantly the whole 'switch' theory was invented by a guy called Robin Gardiner to sell books. He took a few facts, invented several more and made up the whole thing.

    • JJ Brubaker
      JJ Brubaker 23 hours ago

      +Dizzy Like to know how.

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy Day ago

      Nope, been proved untrue.

  • Svein Are Karlsen

    How is this supposed to explain anything? Clickbait 😂😂

  • Lurgs
    Lurgs Day ago

    Yeh I'd heard about this. Quite unbelievable they knew about the fire but chose to sail. I'd heard some workers given free tickets but didn't go as they knew. Red hot fire in the coal bunkers. Jeeze. Very sad.

  • Martin Battilana
    Martin Battilana Day ago +1

    lame video.

  • Raul Cazares
    Raul Cazares Day ago

    All i know is thats what happens when you challenge God .... Remember when the engeneer said it was unsinkable that not even God's Thumb could sink it ... well there ya go!!!

  • John King
    John King Day ago

    Lifeboats left half full because the crew did not realise how dangerous the whole sinking was. They thought she would stay afloat in time for a rescue ship to arrive. They also were worried that these new boats would buckle in the water and sink if they were loaded to full, however Thomas Andrews, the ship's designer was ordering the officers later on in the sinking to fill them to capacity, as they were designed for 65 people capacity.

  • John King
    John King Day ago

    8:23 - Captain Smith felt the ship was unsinkable, and in a way was a life boat herself, and so there was no need for a lifeboat drill. It was also due to the fact that Morning Service in the first class dining room would clash with any lifeboat drill, so Smith chose the service over the lifeboat drill that fateful Sunday morning.

  • John King
    John King Day ago

    7:06 - Titanic was not breaking the speed limit. It was going fast, but no where near faster than her rival ships at the time. The thinking that Bruce Ismay was trying to get Titanic to break the record speed limits is nonsense, there was no way that could be achieved. Titanic and Olympic were built for luxury and comfort, and not speed.

  • John King
    John King Day ago

    4:08 - I am sorry, but no, the ice berg did not hit anywhere near the "compromised metal".

  • George Kline
    George Kline Day ago

    Stopped watching at 1:04 because the background music is too LOUD.

  • Morning Star
    Morning Star Day ago

    It was the Olympic that sank.

  • Trickster310
    Trickster310 Day ago

    I believe the James Cameron theory

  • Anna Pappas
    Anna Pappas Day ago

    Oml it’s April 15 I have a 2 books about the titanic



  • Glenn Roberts
    Glenn Roberts Day ago

    Radar, radar, not “ no sonar”

  • harampug
    harampug 2 days ago

    We can tell that its not the ice berg’s fault

  • Jeevan Gudla
    Jeevan Gudla 2 days ago

    The true cause is water. New finding...

  • Sachin George Thomas

    Isn't this the DARK SIDE?

  • James Heart
    James Heart 2 days ago

    My birthday is in April 14

  • Ziyanda Thwala
    Ziyanda Thwala 2 days ago

    This all started because the creator and owner of the ship said not even God can sink it. Do not be deceived God can't be mocked for whatsoever you sow you will reap. He sowed his pride and reaped the fall

  • StGammon77
    StGammon77 2 days ago

    There's another documentary telling Titanic had a sister ship exactly the same called Olympia and it was Olympia that sunk, not sure but at the end of the day all these mysterious unanswered tragedies can easily be blamed on the elite filthy Masons!

  • •ŁPS Ocean•
    •ŁPS Ocean• 2 days ago

    Actually the movie was made in 1992 -.-

  • LJ Awkward
    LJ Awkward 2 days ago

    How many animals were on the titanic?

  • El Capitan Obvious
    El Capitan Obvious 2 days ago +1

    The Titanic sank!!

  • Yuno Quiambao
    Yuno Quiambao 2 days ago +1

    Who watch titanic movie

  • Mark Balli
    Mark Balli 2 days ago

    We will never know.

  • SpadeGhostVampire7777

    One question that always baffled me is about my personal life. If the Titanic never sank, would I still be single considering there would be more people in the United States if it didn't? The possibilities are endless and you never know if the revolution of invention that could of impacted our country because there were a lot of smart innovated people who died on that ship. I wish I had a time machine and a dozen fire extinguishers, then when I got back after port on dock 42, I would see if it changed anything in my life which leaves more questions unless of course people I care about are all okay, then I would forget about it and see if I have anyone in my life my alternative self took for granted.

  • Gia Nguyen
    Gia Nguyen 2 days ago +1

    Titanic two made one please

  • The Great maple leaf of Canada

    Bright side, best side, best TVclip channel ever

  • MylifeasArwen
    MylifeasArwen 2 days ago

    11:03 you’ll thank me later :)

  • Mystic Mac
    Mystic Mac 2 days ago

    It’ll end up being trumps fault. I just hope the msm doesn’t link him to this tragic event until after 11/20.

    ROD FOULDS 2 days ago

    I belive they got paid a lot of money from the insurance of the ship

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy Day ago

      Depends what you mean by a lot.. Both ships were only insured for 2/3rds of their build cost, so money was actually lost.

  • Patrick Noll
    Patrick Noll 2 days ago

    Dumbest logic ever

  • Game freaks 10000
    Game freaks 10000 2 days ago

    RIP titanic passenger 😇

  • Robert Collier
    Robert Collier 2 days ago

    The reason the iceberg was able to cut through the Side of the ship was because the sections were riveted instead of being welded.

  • Tanya McCleary
    Tanya McCleary 2 days ago

    That's not what happened the Titanic didn't sink the Atlantic did after the Atlantic sunk they painted Atlantic on the Titanic to make it seem like the Titanic sunk at least that's what I found out and heard but I think it's true after all they could lie about it but now I am confused 🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😉😉😉😄😄😁😁

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy Day ago

      Well you really know your stuff don't you!! For an 8 year old! The Atlantic is the ocean in which the Titanic sank!

  • Sylvester Castillo
    Sylvester Castillo 2 days ago

    So the government's been killing people even back in the day

  • Lar Williams
    Lar Williams 2 days ago

    The almighty yaweh knows the truth the greed and corrupted people on that boat

  • HH Helper
    HH Helper 2 days ago +1

    Did they just say squash court??

  • studlygrish
    studlygrish 2 days ago

    It was a number of things put together that caused it to sink ! People not doing their jobs ! The crows nest was suppose to have binoculars but the guy who owned them wouldn't give them up! The rope was too short to measure the water temperature so the guy ran the thermometer under water to show the captain . Flares were suppose to be red for danger but they were white so other boats thought they were celebrating and didn't come . The Captain ran the boat as fast as possible trying to make port a day before they were expected ! Not enough life boats so the boat would look bigger and have more room for passengers to walk !

  • Madisynn Stickler
    Madisynn Stickler 2 days ago +3

    Only 30 seconds in and it’s already wrong. I’ve studied the titanic for years and what they’re saying is wrong please don’t listen to the TVclip video if you’re reading this. Do your research

    • CaptRex YT
      CaptRex YT Day ago

      Madisynn Stickler I’ve done research on my own. In eight months of straight research, I’ve found a mountain of proof against this video.

  • Tyesha Mckoy
    Tyesha Mckoy 2 days ago

    The truth still not is told

  • Wassim Nashashibi
    Wassim Nashashibi 2 days ago


  • Wesley
    Wesley 3 days ago

    If this is true why isn't this in the news then ?

  • Tanzeel Qazi
    Tanzeel Qazi 3 days ago


  • Vandana Pathak
    Vandana Pathak 3 days ago


  • Atllep
    Atllep 3 days ago +2

    The fire had literally NOTHING to do with the sinking, of course it may have weakened the steel. The hull was made from steel plates, all nailed together which were put in by man power. An iceberg will easily bend the steel ripping out the nails, so fire or not, it would still have sunk.
    And what speed limit? It's in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, it's not like there are signs saying how fast you can sail, and Titanic was designed to go at a max speed of 21knots, which she was that night. Now some of the reasons that MAY have led to it hitting the iceberg was the lookouts didn't have the binoculars that night, and the rudder was not designed for that ship. Basicly the rudder was taken from a previous, much smaller white star line ship. All they did was increase the size, but that didn't increase its efficiency enough. So the Titanic had a much wider turning radius than necessary. Now with a properly designed rudder, maybe they could have avoided the iceberg just.
    (also, the amount of wrong facts in the video is just insane... Next time, do some research, or talk to someone who knows the subject.

  • Arijit Swainodro
    Arijit Swainodro 3 days ago

    What ever happened ...leave it that way ....but we have to learn from that ...and make better in our cruise safety angel ....some of company just looking only profit ...,not our passenger/guest safety ...# USA cost guard take serious about that..@carniva and her co-operation company are worst about this matter..

  • ExPresident
    ExPresident 3 days ago

    there real cause was ice, not fire. it was running until the ice struck the ship. there was 0 binocular, but the binocular was stored with a key. why are you saying that there was 0 binocular? this video is contradicting itself.

  • Robert Merasty-McGaughey

    I think this is a crock.. nice guessing

  • Angelo Victorio
    Angelo Victorio 3 days ago

    Jack and rose is the one to blame, because if they didn’t make out the look out will focus on their job

  • Angelo Victorio
    Angelo Victorio 3 days ago

    Jack and rose is the one to blame, because if they didn’t make out the look out will focus on their job

  • PAC mAN rap game ain't tha same

    I still think we are being told lies and the real truth is way mor scarey than ull could possibly imagine this was sad I am from Belfast the place it was build. also I not trust boats

  • fanghicheck
    fanghicheck 3 days ago

    more B S ? fire for 3 weeks

  • Nitin Kataria
    Nitin Kataria 3 days ago

    I think that the fire was not already lit (steam engine). But it went out of control due to a below average quality boiler. Then it exploded. Only a boiler explosion can cause such high temperatures. But it was not that nobody noticed it for 3 weeks. Only the explosion is enough to make people aware. I guess the ship was never ready for the voyage at the first place and someone must have definitely pointed that out but due to commercial reasons they went off. The captain was responsible for most of it but not all of it. The people who boarded it were also either too rich or too ignorant to doubt their government. It was really a catastrophe.

  • Nitin Kataria
    Nitin Kataria 3 days ago

    The Chinese would have done it way better.

  • Nitin Kataria
    Nitin Kataria 3 days ago

    The Brits never tell you the truth.

  • phuntsho wangdi
    phuntsho wangdi 3 days ago

    Fook ur science ... cars gets fire after hitting on object hardly ... it’s lik police arriving alys after crime ...

  • DarkHorseI
    DarkHorseI 3 days ago

    Blatant lies! Cover up for the official story which was a lie in itself!

  • Bijesh Ph
    Bijesh Ph 3 days ago

    Finally I find the reason why is Titanic emerged😁😁😁

  • Yun Heineken
    Yun Heineken 3 days ago

    It took over 100 years and we still has no legit answer for Titanic.
    I hope we can solve the mystery of MH370 as soon as possible.

  • mig-l 59
    mig-l 59 3 days ago

    *Did you know that after 101 years the Titanic still has the pools filled with water?*

  • Jordan Olson
    Jordan Olson 3 days ago

    Guys I'll tell ya the real truth, the kraken bit a giant hole in it

  • David Knowles
    David Knowles 3 days ago

    JP Morgan who was supposed to be on the maiden voyage but was "too sick" is the biggest clue to that the tragedy of the Titanic is no natural coincidence.

    • David Knowles
      David Knowles 2 days ago

      +Dizzy ahh cheers 👍🏻

    • Dizzy
      Dizzy 2 days ago

      Morgan cancelled his trip on Olympic's maiden voyage as well, so I don't think you should read anything into it.

    BLVCK NIGGA 3 days ago

    titanic sink because *not* *enough* *charcoal* i know because im a titanic passenger..

  • Marco Sierra
    Marco Sierra 3 days ago


  • Khadija Chowdhury
    Khadija Chowdhury 3 days ago

    Guys you are scrolling down to see comments but i like this video it answers my questions but if we ever have time travel we should gather this information and if u want to join me belive it or not we will go back and fix all of this thank you ,sincerely Aniqa Usha Rabbi

  • Payton Geraldon
    Payton Geraldon 3 days ago

    Watch Titanic 2

  • AndyManGamer 101
    AndyManGamer 101 3 days ago

    #Click bate

  • Mike Petett
    Mike Petett 3 days ago +1

    Another pathetic attempt at creating a conspiracy theory. A large majority of things you said in this video are completely false. Get a life

  • Nicole Kuo
    Nicole Kuo 3 days ago

    This is how the titanic sank: they over weighted the boat and inside the boat got on fire then later on the boat hit another
    Boat then the boat hit the ice berg and sank

  • Rifat-ul Islam
    Rifat-ul Islam 3 days ago

    supposedly informations.