Time-lapse Flight MUC-TXL by flywithcaptainjoe

  • Published on Apr 9, 2016
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    Dear friends and followers!
    This is another great time-lapse video of us flying from Munich (MUC/EDDM) to Berlin Tegel (TXL/EDDT). You see the entire sequence from pushback until reaching the gate position in Tegel. The cruise section I´ve cut out, cause that would have made the video to long :)
    I hope you enjoy this video and I´ll be happy to answer your comments.
    Greetings Joe
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Comments • 146

  • Saai Natha
    Saai Natha 6 months ago

    Can we see full flight from dark to light

  • Dan Trance
    Dan Trance 7 months ago

    Berlin, du bist so wunderbar ♥

  • Ralle Rallnix
    Ralle Rallnix 8 months ago

    that was awesome! please do another one!

  • inesef
    inesef 10 months ago

    How do you know where to “drive”?

  • Thomas G. Dorsch
    Thomas G. Dorsch 10 months ago

    Approaching AGP please!

  • Elly Kombe
    Elly Kombe 11 months ago +1

    Good job captain JOE ★★★★★★super congratulations

  • Mr MEMé
    Mr MEMé Year ago

    You should watch this with Sirius/Eye in the Sky" intro playjng, it gave me Goose-Bumps 😄😄

  • noobie noobie
    noobie noobie Year ago

    #flywithcaptainjoe awesome video

  • Sourish Saha
    Sourish Saha Year ago +1


  • Benny
    Benny Year ago

    Geil, direkt im final app an meinem Balkon vorbei geflogen. 😉

  • Sidian
    Sidian Year ago

    What's the usual cruising altitude at such "short" flights?

    • MAS_ pilot
      MAS_ pilot 11 months ago

      XxSidianxX flight level 270 for my experience in Malaysia airlines

  • Jamie Capdevilla Santiago

    Captain Joe thank you so much for your videos, especially these time lapse ones. I've always been an aviation enthusiast and I've been learning so much from this channel and just think how awesome it looks up in the sky from the cockpit (I only get to experience the view from the side as a passenger). I always look forward to new uploads!
    Puerto Rico

  • Mnolife
    Mnolife Year ago +2

    Stunning footage! It's truly breathtaking.

  • Yota Takeshima
    Yota Takeshima Year ago +1

    Could ou do a video on when you are allowed to visit the flight deck/cockpit?

  • Shaikh Mullah-ud-Din

    wow what a congested airport
    I saw the strip right at the end

  • Kathy volpe-schaffer

    Luv flying w You! What does "approaching minimums" signify?

  • RGB OK
    RGB OK 2 years ago

    so cool captain!

  • Trevor G.
    Trevor G. 2 years ago +3

    Was du bist ein AirBerlin Pilot? :D Ich hoffe ich kann mal mit dir irgendwann fliegen xD!

  • Luis P
    Luis P 2 years ago +1

    Is there any way to ship one of your hats to the U.S?

  • GhostHostMemories
    GhostHostMemories 2 years ago +1

    best office in the world

  • Chen An
    Chen An 2 years ago +1

    How often do you fly fully automated approach?

  • FinalLogicPro
    FinalLogicPro 2 years ago +15

    have you ever stumbled upon something and wondered, "where was this hiding from me all this time?". Exactly the same feeling with this channel. Subbed. 😍

  • Wastedon4loko
    Wastedon4loko 2 years ago

    More of these please !!!

  • yepitro alcosida
    yepitro alcosida 2 years ago +1

    Joe, is it possible taxi to gate with yoke or stick

  • K4thg4R
    K4thg4R 2 years ago

    Hi Joe and other followers, does anyone of you know the starting song? Thanks in advance!

    • K4thg4R
      K4thg4R 2 years ago

      Thank you so much!

    • Michael Culley
      Michael Culley 2 years ago

      the very beginning was Sirius instrumental by Alan Parsons Project. taken from the Eye in the Sky album.

  • Guessmyname
    Guessmyname 2 years ago

    Warum nur 10 000 ft?

    • Moussa Rharsalla
      Moussa Rharsalla Year ago

      um Geld zu sparen. In tieferen schichten kann man mit weniger Kerosin schneller fligen

  • Darth Vader
    Darth Vader 2 years ago

    Opening song?

  • Steveo 15
    Steveo 15 2 years ago

    Great video, can you tell me more about transition phase please?

  • KevinPDX1
    KevinPDX1 2 years ago

    You mentioned radar vectors? Is that part of the ILS?

  • Dr. No
    Dr. No 2 years ago

    waiting for more like this. amazing captain

  • Quiet Please
    Quiet Please 2 years ago +3

    Greetings Captain. Are there any circumstances under which a modern airliner may find itself operating under VFR conditions?
    I am a private pilot since 2006. I share your videos with my wife to teach her about aviation because she has asked me many of the same questions that you discuss in your videos. So, thank you for your work.

  • ChemieTV
    ChemieTV 2 years ago

    Welche Einstellungen wählst du für deine Timelapse? Schauen alle sehr sehr gut aus!!! :-)

  • Tim Goodall
    Tim Goodall 2 years ago

    Captain Joe, does humidity affect lift of a plane? Likewise does rain or a downpour on take off affect lift?

  • Erdmännelchen
    Erdmännelchen 2 years ago +2

    Why do you use feet to measure the height in aviation?
    If that's because its more accurate than meters, why don't using centimeters instead?

    • Scylla
      Scylla 2 years ago +3

      That's not true. All aircraft across the globe measure height in feet. Don't ask me why but at some point it just became a standard, just like air speed is measured in knots (nautical miles per hour).

    • mcdonaldc1989
      mcdonaldc1989 2 years ago

      Erdmännelchen it largely depends on the country... some countries use feet, others use metres.

  • Anant Mahajan
    Anant Mahajan 2 years ago +3

    what is a holding point sir?

    • MAS_ pilot
      MAS_ pilot 2 years ago +4

      Anant Mahajan that is a marking that separates the runway and the airport ramp that marking that has the 2 solid lines on one side and the 2 dotted lines on the other that separates the runway and airport ramp.(the 2 solid lines means that you have to receive permission from the tower before crossing and the 2 dotted lines means that you don't need permission from the tower to cross simple as that) ;)

  • Sir Warcraft
    Sir Warcraft 2 years ago

    My friend from band is a pilot for Ryanair

  • Rabby Calicdan
    Rabby Calicdan 2 years ago +14

    The taxi to 26R is enough to fly off hehe

  • Patrick HotelEchoRomeo

    Hi, bei welcher Flugschule hast du deine Ausbildung gemacht?

  • Yo Sup
    Yo Sup 2 years ago

    hey cap what airplane do u usually fly now? and what model u want to try next? great vid u have here,!

  • Sir Warcraft
    Sir Warcraft 2 years ago +6

    Oh cool! Man, I would love to be a pilot when I grow up.

  • Sir Warcraft
    Sir Warcraft 2 years ago +4

    That is cool. If you are a real Captain, what airline do you fly for?

    • JD
      JD 2 years ago +4

      He is First Officer, but soon to be a real Captain.

    • LazyGuy222
      LazyGuy222 2 years ago

      Captain Joe Hmm ever thought about Virgin or BA Or a Arab Airline

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  2 years ago +20

      I fly for a german airline named Airberlin :) Greetings Joe

  • Siddharth Gurjar
    Siddharth Gurjar 2 years ago +52

    any chance we could see a complete video, right from the flight crew preparing the aircraft to engine shutdown at the destination, complete with communication audios? I understand that much of the cruise flight is eventless. However, would love to to experience from a pilot's perspective.

  • Helicalin
    Helicalin 2 years ago +1

    Nice time-lapse! Looked with pleasure.
    By the way, what is the music did you use in it?

  • Flat Earther
    Flat Earther 2 years ago +3

    I think planes can take reverse right .then why are they taking the help of a truck to push the plane back ??

    • Daily dose of Airplanes
      Daily dose of Airplanes Year ago

      There was a plane that could legally dc8 or dc9

    • Rafale
      Rafale 2 years ago +1

      Aaron Hilsz-Lothian Add to this now there even is taxiBOT which allow to taxi without the use of engine !!

    • MAS_ pilot
      MAS_ pilot 2 years ago +1

      pro gamer and it can blow up lose gravel and the engine will suck the gravel damaging the turbines but the MD 80 doesn't need to worry about that

    • Flat Earther
      Flat Earther 2 years ago +5

      +Aaron Hilsz-Lothian thanks

    • Aaron Hilsz-Lothian
      Aaron Hilsz-Lothian 2 years ago +12

      It is not really permitted to use reverses to push back the aircraft because it uses fuel, creates noise and most importantly, increases the danger around the gate (ground crew, lose equipment etc). Why risk those factors when you can simply just use a small truck. :)
      Hope this explains your question!

  • todd
    todd 2 years ago

    Wie viel Erlaubnis brauchen Sie von Ihrer Fluggesellschaft , um einen Flug vom Flugdeck zu filmen ? Bitte auf Englisch beantworten, weil ich nicht Deutsch sprechen .

  • Chaotic Gaming
    Chaotic Gaming 2 years ago +20

    What is the most scary incident you have had while flying

  • Danish
    Danish 2 years ago

    That has to be one of the longest taxis!!

  • David Klein
    David Klein 2 years ago

    Excellent video Captain!

  • planes_and_fsx
    planes_and_fsx 3 years ago

    Super Video!

  • Kevin Ebert
    Kevin Ebert 3 years ago +1

    Tolles video, schöne grüße aus EDDW :)

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  3 years ago +1

      +Kevin Ebert Danke Kevin! Grüsse aus EDDM :) Joe

  • FlightSimMovie
    FlightSimMovie 3 years ago +1

    +Captain Joe Why when line up runway pilot not follow yellow line and make turn farther than center line?

    • Jiovany Louis
      Jiovany Louis 2 years ago +2

      this prcedure vary,s from plane size. if the aircraft is a prop, then you could follow the yellow line. its all about how to get the aicraft to align. Its just like how trucks make wide turns

  • FlightSimMovie
    FlightSimMovie 3 years ago

    +Captain Joe Can you do cold and dark to ready to taxi procedure?

  • ricerdude
    ricerdude 3 years ago

    hey capt! just wondering if you could tell us how autopilot works in the next video? ty!

  • Maurice Henke
    Maurice Henke 3 years ago

    Tolle Videos !

  • Toxic Anomaly
    Toxic Anomaly 3 years ago

    love you're videos how many years did it take you to become a pilot

  • Aero A320
    Aero A320 3 years ago +1

    Love your timelapses!!!

  • Max 245
    Max 245 3 years ago

    ok danke

  • Max 245
    Max 245 3 years ago

    +Captain Joe bist du mehrmals nach berlin geflogen und wenn ja war es mit einer a321 wäre schön wenn du nochmal antworten könntest

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  3 years ago

      +Moritz Schreiber Nein war nur ein Flug hin und wieder zurück :)

  • Manni Manfredsen
    Manni Manfredsen 3 years ago +1

    thank you for the videos! please do more time laps vids.

    • Manni Manfredsen
      Manni Manfredsen 3 years ago

      +Captain Joe wäre echt klasse ;-) und Start und Landung in normaler Geschwindigkeit sofern es möglich ist :-)

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  3 years ago +1

      +Manni Manfredsen I will try :) Thanks for your comment!

  • otheman87
    otheman87 3 years ago +2

    Which aircraft?

  • M Theorie
    M Theorie 3 years ago

    Great Video, Great airplane, Great Airline,
    Great Pilot - Every thing was great

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  3 years ago +1

      +M Theorie Thanks Buddy, appreciate your kind words !

  • Emily Rusch
    Emily Rusch 3 years ago

    Ich hab da mal eine Frage an dich: ist die Sonne eigentlich nicht nervig, wenn man fliegt? Es muss doch sehr heiss im Cockpit sein und die Sonne blendet dann doch auch, oder? :)

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  3 years ago

      +Emily Rusch Hey Emily! Gute Frage, jein :) Auf manchen Flügen kann sie gelegentlich nervig sein, wenn man immer in Richtung der Sonne fliegt, dann ist man immer am schauen das die Sonnenblenden richtig eingestellt sind, und die Sonnebrille zieht man kaum noch ab :) Warm wird es nicht unbedingt, und wir haben ja eine Klimaanlage :) Es ist auf jeden Fall ein Job bei dem mann fast jeden Tag die Sonne sieht :) Grüsse Joe

  • Abdullah Alessa
    Abdullah Alessa 3 years ago

    Amazing as always !

  • Riccardo Martella
    Riccardo Martella 3 years ago

    Hello Joe!I think you should do a video that explain the comunication between a pilot and an atc controller.Thank you for your brilliant video so far!

    • Riccardo Martella
      Riccardo Martella 3 years ago

      +Captain Joe so proud for your answer!I hope to meet you,maybe on one of my next trip!Tschüss Kapitän!

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  3 years ago +1

      +Riccardo Martella Hey Riccardo! I will try to come up with an explanation video about that in the future :) Greetings Joe

  • Tyler Hurrell
    Tyler Hurrell 3 years ago


  • DrCuliflor
    DrCuliflor 3 years ago

    I was the like nº 100!! LOL

  • PilotJulian96
    PilotJulian96 3 years ago

    Cooles Video wie immer Joe! Ich hätte aber konstruktive Kritik, nämlich die Musik ...sie passt irgendwie nicht zu so einem coolen Video!

  • David Ibr
    David Ibr 3 years ago

    What is approach minimums ?

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  3 years ago

      +David Ibr Hey David! I will explain that in upcoming videos :)

  • Philipp Robertz
    Philipp Robertz 3 years ago

    Super video Joe!

  • patrik streng
    patrik streng 3 years ago +4

    That was a long taxi

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  3 years ago +4

      +patrik streng Yeah, that´s true :)

  • Alive
    Alive 3 years ago

    Für welche Airline fliegst du? Lufthansa?

  • Lapsus 62
    Lapsus 62 3 years ago

    Super Video Joe! Wieder mal sehr unterhaltsam!:)

  • Max 245
    Max 245 3 years ago

    Wirklich tolles Video.
    Würde mich freuen wenn du in die Kommentare schreiben könntest wohin du gestern 08.04.2016 geflogen bist.

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  3 years ago

      +Leo Müller Hey Leo! Da war ich in Berlin :)

  • Tobias Wortmann
    Tobias Wortmann 3 years ago

    Echt super Video Material, und was du da an Arbeit reinsteckst👍sehr schön, weiter so.

  • Pilot738
    Pilot738 3 years ago

    Klasse Video! Hat mir sehr gefallen! :)

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  3 years ago

      +Pilot738 Danke, und auch danke für Deine Kommentar/Antwort zuvor :)

  • Ben Ockendon
    Ben Ockendon 3 years ago +2

    Nice video joe. In future timelapses, could you not speed up the footage from t/o and landing please? I think it'd be cool to see full speed at theses times. Thanks :)

    • Ben Ockendon
      Ben Ockendon 3 years ago +2

      +Captain Joe thanks :)

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  3 years ago +2

      +Ben Ockendon Hey Ben, Okay, will do :) Appreciate your comment/request :) Greetings Joe

  • Leon Palle
    Leon Palle 3 years ago

    Cool captain Joe!!!

  • Peter Kent
    Peter Kent 3 years ago +2

    That's a long taxi! Why do some aircraft / pilots not stop on the runway before take off and others do?

    • Peter Kent
      Peter Kent 3 years ago +1

      Ah, I thought it was just pilots in a rush or not being thorough... I prefer being lined up and sat still for a moment :-)

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  3 years ago +2

      +Peter Kent It depends mostly on ATC as Ben already answered :)

    • Ben Ockendon
      Ben Ockendon 3 years ago +2

      It is all instructed by ATC so i would think that it isn't their choice

  • PlanePicturesGER
    PlanePicturesGER 3 years ago +3

    Hey Joe, erst mal super video wie immer :) ich hab aber eine frage. was macht man wenn man lange zeit im Cockpit nichts zu tun hat? liest man dann ein buch oder unterhält man sich mit dem captain? Danke :)

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  3 years ago +3

      +PlanePicturesGER Was Pilot738 geschrieben hat, trifft es sehr gut :)

    • Pilot738
      Pilot738 3 years ago

      Checklisten, Anflug briefing, Wetter prüfen, Alternative Airport suchen, essen, nickerchen und soweit ich weiß darf man nichts lesen im Cockpit

  • DUSspotting
    DUSspotting 3 years ago +3

    Wie immer wunderbar. Freue mich schon wieder auf das nächste Video :)

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  3 years ago +2

      +DUSspotting Danke, freut mich zu lesen. Das nächste wird wieder ein Erklärungsvideo :)

  • Paul
    Paul 3 years ago

    Cooles Video!
    Wie kann eigentlich der pusher das Flugzeug so genau auf die Linie fahren?

    • Lapsus 62
      Lapsus 62 3 years ago

      +ChilledKroete Das kann sein^^ habe das von einem Freund erfahren, wie er 2 mal gepusht wurde als er von LAX nach FRA fliegen wollte^^

    • airflo
      airflo 3 years ago

      +Vincent Mattheij beim ersten Teil stimm ich dir zu, beim zweiten nicht. Habe ich in drei Jahren noch nie erlebt. Vielleicht haben wir aber auch einfach nur gute Pusher 😜

    • Lapsus 62
      Lapsus 62 3 years ago

      Ich denke mal die Erfahrung machts. Oft passiert es auch, das ein Pushback wiederholt werden muss^^

  • David Strauss
    David Strauss 3 years ago

    schönes video wie immer☺

  • mdk h
    mdk h 3 years ago +1

    Love it too!

  • Peter Ellison
    Peter Ellison 3 years ago +1

    Love it!

  • Django Movies
    Django Movies 3 years ago +17

    Nicee i will more timelaps 😍

    • Captain Joe
      Captain Joe  3 years ago +12

      +Django Movies I´ll do my best :)

  • AgentAndroid
    AgentAndroid 3 years ago

    First! :D