• Published on Aug 13, 2017
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Comments • 3 311

  • erowal1
    erowal1 Day ago

    If you’re looking for The Beatles section go to 13:42

  • mudfly3
    mudfly3 2 days ago

    ok, im legally retarted after watching this

  • Mizera Mykle
    Mizera Mykle 2 days ago

    Removing the knob guarantees no paint which foil wrap can't do as it will not create a firm seal.

  • mosesmosestv
    mosesmosestv 3 days ago

    Nice video but the music is super annoying

  • Brian mcaleese
    Brian mcaleese 4 days ago


  • Art Axolotl
    Art Axolotl 4 days ago

    7:35 there's this thing called cleaning your tools...

  • MrHeepspo
    MrHeepspo 5 days ago

    SOOOOO dumb.... not impressed.

  • Ren Goto
    Ren Goto 6 days ago

    there was no power drill fir the noose hack

  • Gaspard Loock
    Gaspard Loock 6 days ago

    extraordinaire!! avec l'élastique, j'ai réussi à dévisser merci

  • Volkers Stephan
    Volkers Stephan 6 days ago

    nique ta grosse mere

  • Franz Riedl
    Franz Riedl 6 days ago

    Looks like some people (called clever clogs by "trueblue"; I call them degraders) are only watching such videos to find something they can criticize.

  • Alan Smith
    Alan Smith 7 days ago

    I find fitting a drill bit in my drill I candrill holes !!

  • xxl123de
    xxl123de 7 days ago

    Will use one of them thanks

  • Bulk Logan
    Bulk Logan 7 days ago

    Out of floss so I used my girls pubes. Works every time.

  • Rudoll
    Rudoll 8 days ago

    Watch this: Theo jansen walking machines

  • Rita Harsted
    Rita Harsted 8 days ago

    There are a lot of tricks I can use, and also husband and sons, so ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    NAME HERE 8 days ago

    Every hack the chick did was completely worthless.. Seriously.

  • Ronald Rondeau
    Ronald Rondeau 8 days ago

    Don't use soap to lub screws, it causes the wood to rot.

  • Auriam
    Auriam 8 days ago

    seriously though, some good basic DIY tips for people, some silly BS, and some bad ideas like putting scissors in your drill.

  • Auriam
    Auriam 8 days ago

    Wow, who could have imagined that masking tape could be used to mask off areas when painting?

  • Auriam
    Auriam 8 days ago

    Should be titled "how to mess up your cordless drill" :P

  • Justinas Kersevicius

    7:12 its too dumb, i quit

  • Justinas Kersevicius

    drilling concrete like substance with a drill bit for wood, good job lady.

  • dolut 123
    dolut 123 9 days ago


  • Andy Borg
    Andy Borg 9 days ago

    Some stuff is good. However the amount of plastic, aluminum and after use non-recycable rubbish that is created here is majorly uncool . I do not know why some people do not get it: We are at the brink of an environmental catastrophe. We face climate change and our oceans have more plastic than fish. By now we have micro plastic in mother milk. Should we not rather start separating and recycling and avoiding the use of plastic and foils? Or should we continue wasting resource for simple convenience?

  • i12nil8
    i12nil8 10 days ago

    The standard for "Totally Genius" has clearly dropped.

  • Csaba Uhercsák
    Csaba Uhercsák 10 days ago

    tanulságos nagyon....

  • Corrina Barber
    Corrina Barber 10 days ago

    Worthless video..

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 10 days ago

    Don't use your drill for side pressure such as for sand papering. You will destroy your bearings.

  • Sequoya Cheyenne
    Sequoya Cheyenne 10 days ago


  • pass iton
    pass iton 10 days ago

    Some amazing simple ideas....

  • neoflo22
    neoflo22 10 days ago

    I stopped watching 20 seconds in. Jesus, I'll get a vacuum no thanks.

  • Tony Brry
    Tony Brry 10 days ago

    Can you imagine what we will see 5 years from now, 10 years from now

  • fgh67fgh6713
    fgh67fgh6713 10 days ago

    Oh wow, using painters tape as it's intended to be used! Who would've thought of that! Thank god for this video...
    (Though some ideas on here are actually pretty neat)

  • Grant Whitford
    Grant Whitford 10 days ago

    How hard would i need to get kicked in the head by a horse to make my own video like this?

  • Donovaan
    Donovaan 10 days ago

    0:00 In the time of assembling it, one could have already gotten a real vacuum cleaner.
    0:22 What's a compass for?
    2:02 Sharpening your knife in that direction will ruin it.
    3:11 There is still gonna be a little part that is unpainted. One could just paint it the normal way.
    3:33 This part is only used for painting, so why would one not want paint on it?
    4:18 Same with the paint can.
    Don't get me wrong, I liked some of the tips, but a few are pretty pointless.

  • champagne ginette
    champagne ginette 11 days ago

    J'ai descendu la rivière Picanoc avec mon compagnon à la fin des années 70...son débit me semble différent.Merveilleux souvenirs...

  • Blackie Nuff
    Blackie Nuff 11 days ago

    Next time I am feeling a bit heated in the summer and there's no breeze and I have no fans/AC happening, I'll attach a computer cooling fan' s blades to my power drill.

  • Blackie Nuff
    Blackie Nuff 11 days ago

    The last one with the rod hanging paintbrushes and scrapers is a fail : it's cumbersome and a time-waster. To get at the items in the middle you have to remove the rod from its place, and then slide off all the other items from one side of the desired tool (and then do it all again to replace the desired tool after use, if you wish to keep the items in a particular order/sequence).
    Perhaps attaching hooks through the hole on the handle of each item would allow hanging on the same rod without having to dismantle the configuration and/or remove half the hanging items.

  • Blackie Nuff
    Blackie Nuff 11 days ago

    I am looking at my power drill like it's a brand new toy... oh, the possibilities to make countless jobs easier...!

  • Dian Pink
    Dian Pink 11 days ago +1

    Great ideas. I make lamps from natures treasures, glass and string lights small to micro dot. ..my craft/shop area is not that organized. It looks like a archeology plan

  • Stefano Giuliani
    Stefano Giuliani 12 days ago


  • Faiz Bakhtbolland
    Faiz Bakhtbolland 12 days ago

    who needs an electric toothbrush loll

  • Mathias Watzek
    Mathias Watzek 12 days ago

    A lot of plastic garbage...

  • Slim Estrada
    Slim Estrada 13 days ago

    Waiting for something to go horribly wrong......the bland Library Music should really get more intense, as the tricks get more dangerous

  • Nuvia Baker
    Nuvia Baker 13 days ago

    I’m am got to act like I did not know Half of these oh look i Learned something new today 🤪🤪🤣

  • DGM Damn Good Music
    DGM Damn Good Music 13 days ago

    3:57 great paint on the FLOOR !!

  • JP Colin Design
    JP Colin Design 14 days ago

    Putting glue and sandpaper on your drill? That is idiotic. Most of these "hacks" are less than "useful." Sorry. Peace out.

  • Planefan 08
    Planefan 08 14 days ago

    Drill Abuse for Dummies

  • Patrickvegas
    Patrickvegas 14 days ago

    Drills lives matter...

  • logiclrd
    logiclrd 15 days ago

    Some of these are a bit clever, but for goodness sake, hot gluing sandpaper to your power tool? Do they not know that sandpaper wears out??

  • Barb Willicome
    Barb Willicome 15 days ago

    I think these are fabulous. Forget all the rude comments. And I love that each segment is quick, so I don’t feel I’m wasting my time over the ones I’m not interested in. :)

  • Grace Smith
    Grace Smith 15 days ago

    Where be the sicors in the drill

  • andrej almasi
    andrej almasi 15 days ago

    sry but there is so much wastefull manuals. Lot of things are smart, but avoid of plastic one-use material would be option.. )

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 15 days ago

    0:55 Automatic tooth brush.

  • Martin Füssl
    Martin Füssl 15 days ago


  • John Gammuto
    John Gammuto 15 days ago


  • Bos La Moss
    Bos La Moss 15 days ago

    Yeah, I think the whole "amazing hack" video craze has run it's course. Some of these are not better than the normal way to do them. I'd be much more likely to just use a free paint stick to stir paint than attaching scissors or zip ties to a drill, but thanks anyway.

  • sara desanto
    sara desanto 16 days ago

    nice !

  • Tim Quinn
    Tim Quinn 16 days ago

    37 ways to lose an eye

  • Austin Butler
    Austin Butler 16 days ago

    come for the tricks, stay for the tunes...

  • FaensVeganer
    FaensVeganer 16 days ago

    Look at all this stuff you can shove into a drill!

  • Jay Sean
    Jay Sean 16 days ago

    I hate this channel

  • Ronald A. Moss
    Ronald A. Moss 16 days ago

    Graat experience to the simple answers is being organized! Thanks for sharing ! Ron

  • Szűcs György
    Szűcs György 17 days ago

    Nagyon ügyes!

  • telstar vision
    telstar vision 17 days ago

    some of the tips are quite good & others are not .

  • Jay Moh
    Jay Moh 17 days ago

    Despite the negative comments, brilliant ideas. Thanks for posting.

  • Martha Green
    Martha Green 17 days ago

    Wow excellent ideas

  • KBB
    KBB 17 days ago

    This is fun and creative!!!

  • GrtSatan
    GrtSatan 17 days ago

    Clearly the bar to qualify as "brilliant" has been significantly lowered.

  • Hell Equin
    Hell Equin 18 days ago

    I came for the music.

  • velozoom
    velozoom 18 days ago

    @ 2:05...how to completely destroy your knives, at which point I quit. These are pretty dumb. Most of these are more effort than the 'problem' they are trying to solve. Useless.

  • Bal Cora
    Bal Cora 18 days ago

    Whoa! Thanks for this video. It's really helpful.

  • Très Facile !
    Très Facile ! 18 days ago


  • Richard Head
    Richard Head 18 days ago

    how come i started jamming at 2:36?

  • Kevin Lemmerman
    Kevin Lemmerman 18 days ago

    some of the dumbest stuff i ever seen

  • Roger Studer
    Roger Studer 18 days ago


  • veli kaskinen
    veli kaskinen 18 days ago

    Hieno loma teillä. Et kuvannu Teemun laskua. Terveisiä

  • Kevin Williams
    Kevin Williams 18 days ago

    I like the mustard between the phony baloney tiles

  • paulevans1954
    paulevans1954 18 days ago

    Some good ideas - but your drilling at 2:18 is a bit off!

  • paolo erla
    paolo erla 18 days ago

    Veramente geniale!!

  • Leo giles
    Leo giles 18 days ago

    no mamen

  • jordy tr
    jordy tr 18 days ago

    03:52 i think you did forgot the ground ;)

  • Virginia Goss
    Virginia Goss 18 days ago

    Is the one with the jack bad for the motor in the drill?
    I feel like it would wear it down?
    I have very limited knowledge when it comes to mechanics and tools. But I always heard growing up that you shouldn’t try to stop a fan or anything like it with a motor in it because it will wear it down from stress on it, so I figure this is basically doing the same thing.
    I know that using the drill for normal stuff stresses the motor, but I feel like it wouldn’t put as much wear on it as trying to lift a car.

  • stephen o'sullivan
    stephen o'sullivan 19 days ago

    after watching this for a while, I want to beat to death that red cross

  • annoyanceking
    annoyanceking 19 days ago

    3:50 so they tape the wall to guard it from being painted, but then don't put any newspaper down on the floor and actually end up getting paint on it in the corner

  • jack lock
    jack lock 19 days ago

    So many bad ideas in just one video.

  • Владимир Божко

    You*re crazy!!!!!??????

  • Lou Pistorius
    Lou Pistorius 19 days ago

    Just love it that they attach the crank to a DeWalt (1:16) and then uses a Makita for the hard work (1:24)

  • Parsound
    Parsound 19 days ago

    13.46 Always cut away from your hand, never towards!

  • KP Crisostomo
    KP Crisostomo 19 days ago


  • JimmyTulip1
    JimmyTulip1 19 days ago

    You should have made a "5 Home Repair Tricks" and stayed with the few nice ideas. I mean how often do you want to sell "put plastic bag inside container"? And using masking tape? Wow, never heard of that!

  • kerplunk001
    kerplunk001 19 days ago

    Literally in tears, because of some of the 'Hacks' but mostly the comments! Best laugh I have had in ages. Some proper comedians on here!

    THEPINKFLOYDIANS 19 days ago

    So satisfying

  • ARBerlin Kanal
    ARBerlin Kanal 19 days ago

    Super, BIG 👍👍👍
    ARBerlin Kanal

  • Chris Alister
    Chris Alister 19 days ago

    @1:05 easy to clean out a fresh magic marker on grout. :p

  • Mike Collins
    Mike Collins 19 days ago

    I have an even better tip for saving time - don't look at videos like this.

  • No One Of Consequence
    No One Of Consequence 20 days ago

    So wait, you mean we should use masking tape to mask things off?
    I want TVclip to give us a punishment button so we can do something to beat on content makers who make click bait. Downvoting isn't enough.

  • Benne Lenne
    Benne Lenne 20 days ago

    Woow, thanks!

  • Felix Pontzen
    Felix Pontzen 20 days ago

    Na...ob das immer so klappt...oder wirklich Sinn macht !?