• Published on Aug 13, 2017
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  • Alan Comfer
    Alan Comfer 19 days ago


  • Vladimira Burianova

    Funguje :-D

  • Yinon Douchan
    Yinon Douchan Month ago

    They should rename it to "Drilliant home repair tricks"

  • Gwen Williams
    Gwen Williams Month ago

    Some are dangerous because the objects can fly off and cause permanent eye injuries or blindness.

  • markoa ortega
    markoa ortega Month ago

    Gracias Caritas de Portugalete por tus tiempos gratis a esta Cumunidad

  • Perception Management Inc.

    Almost every one of these 'solutions' just create more work. I feel stupider for having watched this.

  • Michael Linner
    Michael Linner Month ago

    Great tips on how to spend 50¢ on plastic to save another 50¢ piece of plastic.

  • doka stefanos
    doka stefanos Month ago

    its my friend and he starts now if you wont help him thanks

    INUWA SALISU Month ago


  • MaelstromTranquil
    MaelstromTranquil Month ago

    Half of the painting ones are repeated.

  • Obrian Thinline
    Obrian Thinline Month ago

    I can’t see how a cordless drill have enough power/torque to lift a car via scissor lift.

  • nasir ali
    nasir ali Month ago +1

    strongly appreciate the work

  • Wendy Gardner
    Wendy Gardner Month ago

    5:08 oh I'm sorry did I barely get the cup dirty them: oh no let me go get plastic wrap

  • Steve Simone
    Steve Simone Month ago +3

    37 TOTALLY Ridiculous wastes of time. The author must be Russian. Ruin a perfectly good fan to make a contraption that you must use two hands to hold so the fan blade won't hit the inside of the soda bottle, and the shavings that you pick up fly out the back of the soda bottle. Brilliant! (For a Russian) Don't waste your time watching any more.

  • whatsaguytodo
    whatsaguytodo Month ago +3

    This 37 dumb ways to use a cordless drill

  • dngp games
    dngp games Month ago +3

    doesnt matter protecting the wall if you paint the floor

  • AnCap Roboticist
    AnCap Roboticist Month ago

    kewl drill

  • WhatIThinkNation
    WhatIThinkNation Month ago

    Keep this guy away from a 3D printer

  • John de Crom
    John de Crom Month ago

    Mooie Tips

  • Chris
    Chris Month ago

    Don't ever paint my door.

  • Know The World
    Know The World Month ago

    _so nice_

  • Yee Kin Cheong
    Yee Kin Cheong Month ago

    A great video showing innovative repair tricks in the home,

  • Milan Mitic
    Milan Mitic Month ago


  • Tobo-Potato
    Tobo-Potato Month ago +1

    Thanks for some brilliant ways to make more waste.

    • Walter-KEMBLE WellBredNfed
      Walter-KEMBLE WellBredNfed Month ago

      I noticed the amount of plastic too. For some of these I will repurpose that awful stuff imposed on me LoL xoxo

  • Mouhammad Nimbi Doukene ERA Ng


  • Citizen T
    Citizen T Month ago

    3:55 And the floor too ??

  • Che Grant
    Che Grant Month ago +1

    at 3:50 using masking tape as ...... masking tape is not a 'BRILLIANT HOME REPAIR TRICK' it's just common sense.

  • Emi HdzRz
    Emi HdzRz Month ago

    Anthony and emilie

  • MStyleOne
    MStyleOne Month ago

    imagine falling down the stairs or a ladder while having a hand full of nails on a magnet directly on your chest

  • Mike Nelson Pedde
    Mike Nelson Pedde Month ago

    Most of these are good, but two comments regarding painting. One, don't ever drag the brush against the side of the can - or anything else. Dip the bristles in the paint, tap lightly on the side of the can, and go. Scraping the bristles will wear the ones on the outside. Second, to keep paint from running down the side of the can, use a nail or an awl to punch a series of holes in the bottom of the channel. Any paint there will pour down inside the can, and replacing the lid will seal the holes.

  • sherrill davis
    sherrill davis Month ago

    get rid of that idiot that is whacking on the drums all it does is distract from the video

  • Marie Alm
    Marie Alm Month ago

    most of these are super clever!!! thanks!

  • Lorenzo Sanmiguel
    Lorenzo Sanmiguel Month ago

    Omg, he goes from a cheap $20.00 drill to a real expensive one to Lift car with Jack...I guess the chepee one burned out..

  • Charles Gibson
    Charles Gibson Month ago

    Better have a few of these drills, a supply of band aids, and ER insurance before you attempt any of these.

  • Common Sense Tips And Tricks

    I'm a professional house painter of over 35 years. I like the lining idea with Saran wrap. The rest? Well those are debatable.

  • Karl Bruhner
    Karl Bruhner Month ago

    Cool Ideas thanks

  • Lee Wildman
    Lee Wildman Month ago

    She wears that paper hat even when she's not painting

  • Fakiradam Hep Fakir

    bilgi sahibi oldum.teşekkür ederim

  • Susan Hall
    Susan Hall 2 months ago

    Some really cool ideas!

  • Marco Toni
    Marco Toni 2 months ago

    a sì propria di paiaz.

  • John Hoffman
    John Hoffman 2 months ago

    Paint brushes should be slapped against the inner side of a paint pail to keep and seal the paint in the brush. The paint is removed from the brush by wiping the brush on a wire or the top of a paint can. The idea is to transfer the paint to the object being painted with as little dipping as possible.

    • Bro. Matthew - PvtMadnage
      Bro. Matthew - PvtMadnage Month ago


  • MrJOHNNI74
    MrJOHNNI74 2 months ago

    Ohho...very smart video about all things to do....i liked...go same videos...

  • Maxine Berry
    Maxine Berry 2 months ago

    Thanks for the great tips !

  • gaetano dolcemascolo
    gaetano dolcemascolo 2 months ago

    fantastico! Tutto quello che ti serve quando ti serve

  • Austin D
    Austin D 2 months ago

    I hope you all realize how idiotic these “life hacks” are, they are also good ways to ruin your drill and other tools, and if you hurt yourself while doing this, that’s just natural selection at that point

  • Esther Marosan
    Esther Marosan 2 months ago

    Absolutely useless! Get a job!

  • philsil1304
    philsil1304 2 months ago

    Stimulates my conceptual imagination - thanks

  • Simm Channel
    Simm Channel 2 months ago

    THats meee :D

  • Juan Guillermo
    Juan Guillermo 2 months ago

    Many useful ideas when you don't have all the necessary tools in the moment!

  • Janet8925
    Janet8925 2 months ago

    Theres a lot of nasty comments on here about what they show! Oh how essy is that! 🤔 it kind of makes me mad. Some people really don't know all these ideas. If you don't do a lot of things around the house yourself they will come in handy then some people. A few I did think was a little strange (stapler and putting newspaper down) but I do have to give it to them. There was a few good ideas. Some I'm sure I'll use. There simple and some people have never done anything to repair or paint or anything. These are good for them. Can't cut someone down for Sharing good tips! Great video Dude! Thanks to You for making SO SIMPLE EASY! Give credit where credit is due! If we would all stop being so nasty and mean to our fellow people We might just have a little better world! God Bless You All! Have A Beautiful Day! 😎😁

  • Nick nickelson
    Nick nickelson 2 months ago


  • Diemannschaft
    Diemannschaft 2 months ago


    XXTOMXdewXX 2 months ago

    3:54 so you don't get paint on your wall but you get paint on the floor and its OK.

  • Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster 2 months ago

    Cookie monster

  • Liwkit MC
    Liwkit MC 2 months ago

    They glued the bolt on top of the fan... how did the bold go to the back...

    REAL HEROBRINE 2 months ago

    great vdeo!

  • Mari Ann Shake
    Mari Ann Shake 2 months ago

    At 3:50 on the video -- Now that's a trim job!!

  • Alfred Laugesen
    Alfred Laugesen 2 months ago

    det er for dårligt at man ikke kan vise hvordan man hæver penge men vi ser en masse reklamer føj

  • Swerdingo
    Swerdingo 2 months ago

    Yeah let's just go brush my teeth with my drill

    • Swerdingo
      Swerdingo 2 months ago

      Oops I meant to clean my wall it's fine

  • mega meow
    mega meow 2 months ago

    sub to my canel MEGA MEOW

  • erowal1
    erowal1 2 months ago

    If you’re looking for The Beatles section go to 13:42

  • mudfly3
    mudfly3 2 months ago

    ok, im legally retarted after watching this

  • Mizera Mykle
    Mizera Mykle 2 months ago

    Removing the knob guarantees no paint which foil wrap can't do as it will not create a firm seal.

  • mosesmosestv
    mosesmosestv 2 months ago

    Nice video but the music is super annoying

  • Brian mcaleese
    Brian mcaleese 2 months ago


  • Art Axolotl
    Art Axolotl 3 months ago

    7:35 there's this thing called cleaning your tools...

  • MrHeepspo
    MrHeepspo 3 months ago

    SOOOOO dumb.... not impressed.

  • Ren Goto
    Ren Goto 3 months ago

    there was no power drill fir the noose hack

  • Marie-France Foulon
    Marie-France Foulon 3 months ago

    extraordinaire!! avec l'élastique, j'ai réussi à dévisser merci

  • Volkers Stephan
    Volkers Stephan 3 months ago

    nique ta grosse mere

  • Franz Riedl
    Franz Riedl 3 months ago

    Looks like some people (called clever clogs by "trueblue"; I call them degraders) are only watching such videos to find something they can criticize.

  • Alan Smith
    Alan Smith 3 months ago

    I find fitting a drill bit in my drill I candrill holes !!

  • xxl123de
    xxl123de 3 months ago

    Will use one of them thanks

  • Bulk Logan
    Bulk Logan 3 months ago

    Out of floss so I used my girls pubes. Works every time.

  • Rudoll
    Rudoll 3 months ago

    Watch this: Theo jansen walking machines

  • Rita Harsted
    Rita Harsted 3 months ago

    There are a lot of tricks I can use, and also husband and sons, so ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    NAME HERE 3 months ago

    Every hack the chick did was completely worthless.. Seriously.

  • Ronald Rondeau
    Ronald Rondeau 3 months ago

    Don't use soap to lub screws, it causes the wood to rot.

  • Auriam
    Auriam 3 months ago

    seriously though, some good basic DIY tips for people, some silly BS, and some bad ideas like putting scissors in your drill.

  • Auriam
    Auriam 3 months ago

    Wow, who could have imagined that masking tape could be used to mask off areas when painting?

  • Auriam
    Auriam 3 months ago

    Should be titled "how to mess up your cordless drill" :P

  • Justinas Kersevicius
    Justinas Kersevicius 3 months ago

    7:12 its too dumb, i quit

  • Justinas Kersevicius
    Justinas Kersevicius 3 months ago +3

    drilling concrete like substance with a drill bit for wood, good job lady.

  • dolut 123
    dolut 123 3 months ago


  • Andy Borg
    Andy Borg 3 months ago

    Some stuff is good. However the amount of plastic, aluminum and after use non-recycable rubbish that is created here is majorly uncool . I do not know why some people do not get it: We are at the brink of an environmental catastrophe. We face climate change and our oceans have more plastic than fish. By now we have micro plastic in mother milk. Should we not rather start separating and recycling and avoiding the use of plastic and foils? Or should we continue wasting resource for simple convenience?

  • i12nil8
    i12nil8 3 months ago +4

    The standard for "Totally Genius" has clearly dropped.

  • Csaba Uhercsák
    Csaba Uhercsák 3 months ago

    tanulságos nagyon....

  • Corrina Barber
    Corrina Barber 3 months ago

    Worthless video..

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 3 months ago

    Don't use your drill for side pressure such as for sand papering. You will destroy your bearings.

  • Sequoya Cheyenne
    Sequoya Cheyenne 3 months ago


  • pass iton
    pass iton 3 months ago

    Some amazing simple ideas....

  • neoflo22
    neoflo22 3 months ago

    I stopped watching 20 seconds in. Jesus, I'll get a vacuum no thanks.

  • Tony Brry
    Tony Brry 3 months ago

    Can you imagine what we will see 5 years from now, 10 years from now

  • fgh67fgh6713
    fgh67fgh6713 3 months ago

    Oh wow, using painters tape as it's intended to be used! Who would've thought of that! Thank god for this video...
    (Though some ideas on here are actually pretty neat)

  • Grant Whitford
    Grant Whitford 3 months ago

    How hard would i need to get kicked in the head by a horse to make my own video like this?

  • Donovaan
    Donovaan 3 months ago

    0:00 In the time of assembling it, one could have already gotten a real vacuum cleaner.
    0:22 What's a compass for?
    2:02 Sharpening your knife in that direction will ruin it.
    3:11 There is still gonna be a little part that is unpainted. One could just paint it the normal way.
    3:33 This part is only used for painting, so why would one not want paint on it?
    4:18 Same with the paint can.
    Don't get me wrong, I liked some of the tips, but a few are pretty pointless.

  • champagne ginette
    champagne ginette 3 months ago

    J'ai descendu la rivière Picanoc avec mon compagnon à la fin des années 70...son débit me semble différent.Merveilleux souvenirs...

  • Blackie Nuff
    Blackie Nuff 3 months ago

    Next time I am feeling a bit heated in the summer and there's no breeze and I have no fans/AC happening, I'll attach a computer cooling fan' s blades to my power drill.

  • Blackie Nuff
    Blackie Nuff 3 months ago

    The last one with the rod hanging paintbrushes and scrapers is a fail : it's cumbersome and a time-waster. To get at the items in the middle you have to remove the rod from its place, and then slide off all the other items from one side of the desired tool (and then do it all again to replace the desired tool after use, if you wish to keep the items in a particular order/sequence).
    Perhaps attaching hooks through the hole on the handle of each item would allow hanging on the same rod without having to dismantle the configuration and/or remove half the hanging items.