• Published on Aug 13, 2017
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  • pluki1357
    pluki1357 11 hours ago

    9:37 useful. :)
    Should be taught at math classes ;)

  • StillMyaa
    StillMyaa 2 days ago


  • -_SubWolfZero_- BR
    -_SubWolfZero_- BR 2 days ago

    This Chanell is epic fail

  • johneygd
    johneygd 2 days ago

    Those smart little things can make a huge difference.

  • Richard Edwards
    Richard Edwards 2 days ago +1

    the tape on drill used as depth gauge for plastic anchor, pure genius

  • Marcus Sheather-Burton

    2:18 completely misses the crosshairs.

  • Amir Azary
    Amir Azary 4 days ago

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  • Sionnach1601
    Sionnach1601 6 days ago

    Possibly the BEST video I've ever seen!!!!! Most competent DIY / handymen would only have a fraction of these fantastic ideas, thank you!!!

  • Guitars And Marz
    Guitars And Marz 7 days ago

    Some good ones here, works for me!! 😄

  • Ryan Z
    Ryan Z 7 days ago

    Most of these is just common sense and what you're suppose to do.

  • 64bittz
    64bittz 8 days ago

    The only brilliant thing here are the colors

  • Este guey dijo....
    Este guey dijo.... 8 days ago

    You're cheating this was 15:09 minute crafts.

  • LimitzHd
    LimitzHd 10 days ago

    Great vid please check out my diy vid

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    TAN TUBE 13 days ago +1

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  • Edelqui Rodrigues
    Edelqui Rodrigues 14 days ago

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  • Sujeevan Srikanth
    Sujeevan Srikanth 14 days ago

    awesome . thank you.

  • Randall Kellogg
    Randall Kellogg 14 days ago

    This video lowered my IQ by at least 10 points.

  • Scarlet's Sanctuary
    Scarlet's Sanctuary 14 days ago

    @7:12 - “Staple gun not working for you?? Check out this NEW and INNOVATIVE hack!! I present to you: THE STAPLER!!!”

  • BrianBCG
    BrianBCG 15 days ago +7

    how is using masking tape a hack? that's what masking tape is for.. also the person painted the floor..

  • Jim Forgrave
    Jim Forgrave 15 days ago

    lol....is this a SNL skit?

  • Keithykins007
    Keithykins007 15 days ago

    I don’t think I have ever seen so many ridiculous clips edited together in 1 place. Plus don’t forget to add repetitive irritating music. Well done 5-Minute Crafts

  • Angela Read
    Angela Read 16 days ago

    What does a 'Paper Hat' got to do with Home Repairs??

  • guitarfpv
    guitarfpv 16 days ago

    There was one good one, the car jack.

  • Apex Racing
    Apex Racing 17 days ago

    3:55 rip floor

  • Overdone Studios
    Overdone Studios 17 days ago

    I'm going to say it. This channel is most definitely the stupidest channel on you tube. This is the one good "hack": 2:38.

  • Kenneth Sætrevik
    Kenneth Sætrevik 18 days ago

    😱😱😱 painting skills needs more levelling.

  • Paul Martus
    Paul Martus 18 days ago


  • Max Rockatansky LP
    Max Rockatansky LP 18 days ago

    Yuhuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! ;))

  • 潘正澤
    潘正澤 18 days ago

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  • J Battler
    J Battler 18 days ago

    These are perfect ways to waste plastic or aluminum just so you don't have to rinse an already plastic container...get responsible, not lazy!

  • Richard Kieffer
    Richard Kieffer 19 days ago

    Ha ha love it! That's the second use for scissors I learned this week. Other was shocking dead drill batteries to take a charge... Good stuff. I instantly subscribed...

  • Philip Croft
    Philip Croft 19 days ago


  • jatin sen
    jatin sen 19 days ago +1


  • lee alphey
    lee alphey 19 days ago

    All I see is bad accidents waiting to happen. Just buy the proper attachments and definitely wear safety glasses

  • jx592
    jx592 20 days ago

    I may not have an electric Sande or scrubber, I certainly don't own a dustbuster but...
    I certainly broke my drill

  • aweiserbud
    aweiserbud 20 days ago

    None of those are brilliant, just go buy and use the proper tools for the job.

  • Nicat Məmmədli
    Nicat Məmmədli 20 days ago


  • Jason Corlis
    Jason Corlis 21 day ago

    around the 4 minute mark , the trick with the paintbrush and the plastic bottle with cut out, is a neat trick..but really bad for your brushes. Paintbrushes should be always be laid flat to dry

    • KNIFE PLISKIN - So. Cal Bigfoot
      KNIFE PLISKIN - So. Cal Bigfoot 21 day ago

      I didn't see a single brush on here worthy of a cleaning. If you do buy a decent brush, it should always be stored in it's "Keeper", especially while drying. This will continually retrain your bristles, and avoid frizzing. if you ever forget to clean a brush, don't throw it away. Toss it in a small amt. of lacquer thinner & you can generally save it from becoming a loss of $$. Even if it doesn't clean up perfect, it can be used as a duster...

  • Jose Kanavil
    Jose Kanavil 23 days ago


  • Maniac BehindYou
    Maniac BehindYou 23 days ago

    Why ?

  • gottalikeit2010
    gottalikeit2010 23 days ago

    Now I know how to turn my scissor handles yellow!

  • Cynthia Shelton
    Cynthia Shelton 23 days ago

    The trick is remembering them when you need them!!

  • Graff Meone
    Graff Meone 23 days ago

    So simple but hey you know what, a lot of them I wouldn't of thought off. Cheers for sharing I think my IQ has gone up! :)

  • Marjorie L
    Marjorie L 25 days ago

    Now the scissors are ruined!

  • william kearse
    william kearse 25 days ago

    I did that with the tire already

  • Abraham Mpereh
    Abraham Mpereh 26 days ago


  • steve b
    steve b 26 days ago

    An obsession with drills! Interesting!

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs 27 days ago

    Umm...you just showed the purpose for masking tape. Wouldnt call that a trick. Or brilliant.

  • king of clubs
    king of clubs 27 days ago

    Using tape to mark a drill bit is useful, but is unnecessary for drywall anchors.

  • paulparoma
    paulparoma 27 days ago

    I don't like metric-only tape measures and rulers. Gotta have both mm and inches.

  • Mian Anwar
    Mian Anwar 28 days ago

    Awesome. Brilliant ideas

  • Nurse Dan
    Nurse Dan 29 days ago

    You have a new subscriber your tips it seems you can actually use thank you!

  • Swampmonster
    Swampmonster 29 days ago

    Using a stapler as a stapler I never thought of that

  • YouzTube99
    YouzTube99 29 days ago

    And I thought you were making your own electric toothbrush . . .

  • Tony Starks
    Tony Starks 29 days ago

    If this dumb blonde doing it I know 98% of it dont work

  • Eddy Hernandez
    Eddy Hernandez Month ago

    I actually lost intelligence by watching this.

  • edepillim
    edepillim Month ago

    Some brilliant ideas here.

  • Catherine Shaw
    Catherine Shaw Month ago

    I just wonder how much more PLASTIC we have to use to make our life EASY. Shocking really.

  • BR Arts
    BR Arts Month ago

    1:50 How to ruin a perfectly good drill

  • Rafał Mularski
    Rafał Mularski Month ago

  • Claudia D.
    Claudia D. Month ago

    I personally would never do what's starting at 3:31. Paint isn't real environment friendly to start with, and just to avoid washing the thing, to put aluminum paper in the environment? Nah... Same with plastic at 4:41, or 4:58. Will be using a lot of those tips in a very near future. Thanks! :-)

  • TeeTees Mansion
    TeeTees Mansion Month ago

    Wow some of these are brilliant

    ARUN BIJJAL Month ago

    Just fine
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  • Souvik Murmu
    Souvik Murmu Month ago


  • Salim Ansari
    Salim Ansari Month ago


  • I Don't Know you
    I Don't Know you Month ago


    WALTER FAMILY TV Month ago

    Please subscribe to my channel

  • Moon Flower
    Moon Flower Month ago

    This video is just ridiculous.

  • Ramdev Paswan
    Ramdev Paswan Month ago


  • Heather Savard
    Heather Savard Month ago

    Thanks for some simple “why didn’t I think of that” demonstrations!!

  • tony king
    tony king Month ago

    Until 4:00 the 2 drill leftover catchers and the foil paint trey seem alright but the rest are either useless to much waste for to little benifit or just narmol not hacks

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  • Grey Bogle
    Grey Bogle Month ago

    Oh hey! I’m going to go to the hardware store to get stuff to make stuff that I could have gotten at the hardware store!

  • Jayne parker
    Jayne parker Month ago

    Because we all know that sticking sizzors in a drill is claimed "brilliant home trick"........

  • John Mccarthy
    John Mccarthy Month ago

    if u actually learned anything from this video you should not repair anything this is all common sence

  • Sheri Presloid
    Sheri Presloid Month ago

    Love the fork on the nail to slide the wire/yarn over to hang the picture on the wall!

  • rené descartes
    rené descartes Month ago

    super bricolo sympa

    JANXDPDX Month ago

    they obviously don't rinse their brushes

  • electronics help care

    soo nice video. thanks.

  • Harald H. Richter
    Harald H. Richter Month ago

    So ein Unfug, den Knauf extra mit Aluminiumfolie zu umwickeln! Wie wär es denn, den Knauf einfach abzuschrauben, die Fläche zu streichen und ihn dann wieder zu befestigen? Auf diese Weise wird wenigstens keine Metallfolie unnötig verplempert.

    RAJNEESH KUMAR Month ago


  • Rachel Skoglund
    Rachel Skoglund Month ago


  • john iorio
    john iorio Month ago

    been painting for 30 years commercially...the paint tips were fun,...i have a few i use: wrap the brushes or roller in a plastic grocery bag(even better than your saran- wrap)...they will keep for days with- out cleaning....Another GREAT trick to save big $$$....don't spend $20 for painter' s whites, go to the good- will for white pants- only a buck or two there....one last tip: If you have a big paintjob, buy a whole bunch of mis-tint gallons close to your final color and use them for priming- you'll save mega- bucks on that expensive final coat paint....save that Ben. Moore advance paint ($45 gallon) for your final coat.

    • Shuggaloaf
      Shuggaloaf 17 days ago

      Do the plastic bag trick myself. Works well. You can also use one between coats over the whole roller/tray. A standard kitchen trashbag works better for this since it's a little bigger and is less likely to have holes than a grocery bag. Also do the cheap primer trick you mentioned.
      Maybe you should make a video? Just please, no newspaper hats.

  • Paulo Mota
    Paulo Mota Month ago

    Besides, great music

  • Trayton Northway
    Trayton Northway Month ago

    what is this

  • Vlad Amarandi
    Vlad Amarandi Month ago

    wasting plastic bags just so one doesnt have to wash a container is a real trigger for me. it jusyt doesnt seem right

  • Explorer
    Explorer Month ago

    3:56 and leave a mess on the floor xD

  • 20alphabet
    20alphabet Month ago

    Okay, @1:17 just try that and see how well it works.

  • Tygrey Ana
    Tygrey Ana Month ago


  • Átheos The mentalizer

    do not take silver paper, because that breaks, better take a carrying bag or plastic

  • person8203
    person8203 Month ago

    2:25 - no, that doesn't get a tick when it misses the centre by so much

  • gdcat777
    gdcat777 Month ago

    Some of these are good ideas, but with the mute button engaged.

  • Én Én
    Én Én Month ago

    vicc a legtöbb

  • E S
    E S Month ago

    at 2:17 ... what is the hack? i mean other than completely missing the mark? yes, that is you commonly determine how deep to drill a hole for a plug.. as for missing the mark, use a plaster or painters tape to stop the drill moving ;)

  • 6:66
    6:66 Month ago

    2:08 No... There is a tool for this task, a sander, it is cheap and way more effective...

  • Karen Lancaster
    Karen Lancaster Month ago

    5 cute is idse ever

  • Fabruce William
    Fabruce William Month ago


  • jasem mhrara
    jasem mhrara Month ago