$19 Brunch Vs. $113 Brunch


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  • ver
    ver 3 hours ago

    *and if you don't like your family, just drink a little more*

  • Malcolm Smith aka Average Joe

    Did that last guy just insinuate they were on a date

  • ThatSpicyMeatballTho
    ThatSpicyMeatballTho 19 hours ago

    adams rlly cute

  • Raif Juneal Bantugon

    omg big eyes but still beautiful

  • Dicha Pravista
    Dicha Pravista Day ago

    3:53 lol I thought I heard "she is on top, maybe"

  • Saurabh Mithe
    Saurabh Mithe 2 days ago

    I live to see Adam eat.

  • Having Tea With the Devil

    I like seafood but, those pancakes looked🤤👌🏽

  • Nickolas H
    Nickolas H 2 days ago

    I ship Steven and Andrew so much. Especially when Steven called Andrew charming I was like.. uhhh they are so cute together eating out in so many different places...😍💞

  • Bethany Wright
    Bethany Wright 2 days ago +1

    I have watched the "baby's thigh" comment so much because it's so adorable the way he says "soft and squishy" lol

  • Diva Rusmadani
    Diva Rusmadani 3 days ago

    Actually the vegan taco is not that vegan cause the tortillas has lard in it and lard is a pig fat and I'm not sure that it's a vegan food

  • Amiah Ames
    Amiah Ames 5 days ago

    Lol y’all must also work out together.

  • XxGhostexX
    XxGhostexX 5 days ago

    Breakfast tacos cannot be considered brunch. At all. End of story

  • Neeta Gandharkar
    Neeta Gandharkar 6 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who has watched every episode for like a 1000s of times?

  • Shabbir Beig
    Shabbir Beig 6 days ago

    Man this is what I have eaten every day but you express I looks very especial

  • saltyyxsweet
    saltyyxsweet 6 days ago +1

    okay at first i was like wtf $19 is the cheapest? then i was like oh its a homestyle place and those places are expensive so like 6 dollars a "taco" (it looks like a burrito ma'am) but adding the "vEgeTariAN" couldve made it somehow cost more in those homestyle places eyes

  • Sumedha Mishra
    Sumedha Mishra 7 days ago

    They both remind me of Charlie Harper and Alan Harper

  • Baia forev
    Baia forev 7 days ago

    I love Brunch!!!

  • luigui ramirez
    luigui ramirez 7 days ago

    Michelada and pancakes? This dude gonna get chorro

  • du1roger
    du1roger 7 days ago

    In the thumbnail, it looks like Steven painted his nose pink. Yes, I know its frosting, but I’m just gonna point it out.

  • du1roger
    du1roger 7 days ago +1

    I honestly like waffles more than pancakes. Hate if you must, haters. Here’s my reasoning:
    Waffles are crispy, and have syrup traps, SYRUP TRAPS PEOPLE

  • The Howarths
    The Howarths 7 days ago


  • Ja Wa
    Ja Wa 7 days ago

    Adam is so quiet
    I luv him .3.

  • Nadia Kusiima
    Nadia Kusiima 8 days ago

    I think we just need a worth it episode with just Adam .....just him. Doing whatever

  • Hakim  Tanjung
    Hakim Tanjung 8 days ago +1

    10:23 WOW

  • Melody Tan
    Melody Tan 8 days ago +1

    $15 for all you can eat pancakes?????

  • Mayela Hache
    Mayela Hache 8 days ago

    The first one is just breakfast in Mexico

  • Ramberta
    Ramberta 9 days ago

    13:40 oh Steven I love you

  • Ashley A
    Ashley A 9 days ago

    Last restaurant is masterchef season 8😂🤘🏼

  • morgunvocals
    morgunvocals 9 days ago

    Adam is soooo cute :)!

  • Samantha Phillips
    Samantha Phillips 9 days ago

    The laugher after they eat the 🍩 🤣

  • yungphysicsFoRtNiTe
    yungphysicsFoRtNiTe 9 days ago +2

    I know that’s motor oil on the pancakes your not fooling me

  • I Have No Name
    I Have No Name 10 days ago

    lol Steven is gay for Andrew!😍😂

  • Ahri Chen
    Ahri Chen 10 days ago

    Lol. Andrew "Baby's thigh." PEDOPHILE ALERT

  • i s a 🌹 지민아
    i s a 🌹 지민아 11 days ago

    We love a quiet and uncomplicated king: adam

  • Victoria Mendez
    Victoria Mendez 11 days ago

    I'm happy that y'all called it a breakfast taco instead of burrito lol

  • African Jew
    African Jew 11 days ago +4

    I’ve always wondered if they were gay

  • Azai
    Azai 12 days ago

    Breezy... girl u white not a gangsta :c !

  • Karen Li
    Karen Li 12 days ago

    Can you do a maple syrup episode?

  • Joy Kim
    Joy Kim 13 days ago

    i feel like steven is trying so hard to make keith, adam, and andrew his friends

  • varshit ratna
    varshit ratna 14 days ago

    I would just pay for the voice of the last guy 😂

  • Kaneki Ken
    Kaneki Ken 14 days ago

    I’m triggered how the first person didn’t even know pronunciation in Spanish

  • Noelle Jaromsky
    Noelle Jaromsky 14 days ago

    I think it would be cool if they did a dinner theater worth it experience.

  • Trans PixL
    Trans PixL 15 days ago

    Lmao that big ass pancake and Adam's smile

  • Elvis Pereira
    Elvis Pereira 15 days ago

    Thats how you fuckin eat chocolate cake

  • Angga Narendraputra
    Angga Narendraputra 15 days ago

    Seafood champagne cocaine

  • RussellCK88
    RussellCK88 16 days ago

    I think you know when they had a good brunch when the belt comes off..

  • LittleQueen_ 43526
    LittleQueen_ 43526 16 days ago

    Adam is the best part of this whole series 😇😂♥️

  • Pranit Mahadik
    Pranit Mahadik 17 days ago +1

    i mostly wait for that 3 guy

  • MrsBungle78
    MrsBungle78 17 days ago

    You haven’t had a ‘shrimp’ (or prawn) that fat & juicy? You need to come to Australia!

  • cj
    cj 17 days ago

    2:22 Steven wanted to say something about the ice coffee LOL

  • riiCkY_bObBy _90
    riiCkY_bObBy _90 17 days ago

    @3:56 the laugh i do when people talk to me.

    Im not a people person

  • Лика Чилтон
    Лика Чилтон 18 days ago

    Adam looks like cute puppy, you know

  • shashank bijarapu
    shashank bijarapu 18 days ago

    Adam deep throated that cake!!!

  • Jamie Fitz
    Jamie Fitz 18 days ago

    Adam is so quiet

  • Gabe
    Gabe 18 days ago

    for $114 that is not bad at all

  • May Jav
    May Jav 19 days ago

    We have something here in the Philippines called ALTANGHAP:
    ALmusal = breakfast
    TANGhalian = lunch
    HAPunan = dinner
    just sharing :D

  • Jaedyn Eruera
    Jaedyn Eruera 19 days ago

    Whats adam always holding in the back of the car? Is it the sound thingymajiggy!

  • angelic
    angelic 19 days ago

    Is steven’s nose pink in the thumbnail

  • Alexander Croy
    Alexander Croy 20 days ago

    The way that girl says queso annoys me
    She says kayyyso

  • Flakey
    Flakey 20 days ago

    Trying not to drool...

  • Suga Kookies with Tae

    "I'd be walking with the cheese that's the queso"
    Nctzens will know

  • boncoon
    boncoon 21 day ago

    How 'bout just pancakes?

  • Rose Anthony
    Rose Anthony 21 day ago

    If you pronounce queso like kayso don't talk to me

  • Tea
    Tea 21 day ago

    Steven is handsome
    Steven is funny
    Steven is awkward
    Steven is Asian
    Be like Steven 👏👌👍

  • Its lit 36 Lexi
    Its lit 36 Lexi 21 day ago +2

    Who tf eats a breakfast taco with queso smh

  • marcelery
    marcelery 21 day ago

    adams face when they put the giant pancake in front of him >>

  • Paweł Pawlicki
    Paweł Pawlicki 22 days ago

    Is Briana on meth? Look at her eyes :D

    JERLY HERNANDEZ 22 days ago

    This is a burrito not taco

  • Highkey_BTS_trashcan
    Highkey_BTS_trashcan 23 days ago

    Can we have the unedited version of Adam eating that huge pancake please thank you

  • Khalil Pineda
    Khalil Pineda 23 days ago

    these lames like everything

  • Teddy Troyer
    Teddy Troyer 23 days ago

    Adam finally gets plenty of food!!!!!!!

  • Chloral Chloe
    Chloral Chloe 23 days ago

    8:57 Adam smiled 😋😀

  • Fatima Serrano
    Fatima Serrano 23 days ago +1

    Make a papusa video (Mexicans will know what that is)

  • Fatima Serrano
    Fatima Serrano 23 days ago +1

    In my head I was thinking for the first one is why didn't they just went to Denny's or Ihop like what?!?!?!?!

  • Manny Alfaro
    Manny Alfaro 24 days ago

    i love this series but these are the most boring ordinary guys i’ve ever seen. zero personality or pizazz

  • Cindy Victoria
    Cindy Victoria 24 days ago

    il steve 😂😍

  • Ayesha Sohail
    Ayesha Sohail 24 days ago

    Why is seafood so expensive?

  • Zachary King
    Zachary King 25 days ago

    That boozey Asian glow :)

  • Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos ?

    Breezy was scary

  • Anvinh Hoang
    Anvinh Hoang 26 days ago

    There lies too much Holy Beep on the ground

  • Lexi Huynh
    Lexi Huynh 26 days ago

    does anyone else recognise Roy Choi from Gilmore Girls?

  • turdle lol
    turdle lol 26 days ago

    6:03 ...so you can get full faster.

  • BADASS Gemini
    BADASS Gemini 27 days ago

    I just want this job tbh.

  • Colburn Manai
    Colburn Manai 27 days ago

    I love what they do for smaller good quality restaurants

  • mariah9759
    mariah9759 28 days ago

    adam is so quiet and cute lmao

  • 91rummy
    91rummy 28 days ago

    Egg white is not vegetarian 😟

  • Exia Ptolemy
    Exia Ptolemy 28 days ago

    I still dont understand the popularity of brunch... why not just have a big lunch with an adult drink?

  • chinmay nikam
    chinmay nikam 28 days ago

    Maple Syrup on Fried Chicken. Oh god

  • Fransisca Perez
    Fransisca Perez 28 days ago

    We torture our selfs wile we see these people eat expensive food

  • Mattis Oliver-Stokke
    Mattis Oliver-Stokke 29 days ago

    2:25 like a baby thigh so soft and squishy

  • Azei Alaiiya
    Azei Alaiiya Month ago

    Adam is a BEAS

  • Cyz Roblox Gaming And More!

    i like the last chef. He fits me "If you leave fatt and happy i'm happy"

  • ツSwIrly
    ツSwIrly Month ago

    This made me hungry

  • Volcanic Obsidian
    Volcanic Obsidian Month ago

    Lucky Adam, getting a HUGE pancake.

  • Krysley Jaine
    Krysley Jaine Month ago

    I'll never get tired watching these 3 cute boys xD.

  • Haryuv Bhatia
    Haryuv Bhatia Month ago +2

    The fried chicken pancake was looking awesome

  • Sexyboi_keith
    Sexyboi_keith Month ago

    Kay so 😂😂😂

  • Aidan Yun
    Aidan Yun Month ago

    If u don’t get the all u can drink from the pancake place, it’s actually the cheapest

  • Phileene Peagch
    Phileene Peagch Month ago +73

    *Steven’s falling inlove with Andrew* 😂😂

  • Jojodojo
    Jojodojo Month ago

    “Kayso” 💀💀💀 you mean “queso”