$19 Brunch Vs. $113 Brunch


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  • Tytansize
    Tytansize 2 hours ago +1


  • Fabiana Suruceanu
    Fabiana Suruceanu 6 hours ago

    Omg Adam is soooo lovely ahahaha

  • Marie
    Marie 7 hours ago

    Adam is my hero

  • Emmanuel Rego
    Emmanuel Rego 8 hours ago

    What if they made breakfast tacos, but replaced the tortilla with a pancake?

  • Ray Ohan
    Ray Ohan 11 hours ago

    Steven: Let's crush this brunch!
    *gets crushed by brunch*

  • Leslie E'Dalgo
    Leslie E'Dalgo 13 hours ago

    ok who's here for adam?? me.....

  • Mama G
    Mama G 15 hours ago

    I started drooling with the pancakes and I don’t normally like pancakes 🥞 🤤

  • iamPanimations
    iamPanimations 15 hours ago

    Why do white people love brunch so much?

  • floral ghost
    floral ghost 21 hour ago

    "if i tickle you will you pee?"

  • William Lee
    William Lee 22 hours ago


  • junoiko .
    junoiko . Day ago

    Adam is best boy

  • AlmightyAphrodite

    Love ur soundguy lol 😁😁😁

  • Frogbjb
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  • Silber Wölfin
    Silber Wölfin Day ago


  • Courtney Sumner
    Courtney Sumner Day ago

    Sad they didn't do drag brunch

  • emiliano loo2312 123213

    thats not a taco

  • Jaime Yabut
    Jaime Yabut Day ago

    Watched this video after seeing the different editing style in the curry video

  • Jonathan Meak
    Jonathan Meak 2 days ago

    Can i feed you a bite?

  • Meagan Ferguson-Dodge
    Meagan Ferguson-Dodge 2 days ago +1

    They should do an episode on dim sum

  • stephy rodas
    stephy rodas 2 days ago

    Pronounce Queso correctly please

  • Sueños Del Paraíso

    The way they pronounce "tortilla" kinda makes me cringe

  • Jazmin Flores
    Jazmin Flores 2 days ago

    Adam is my favorite person

  • can can
    can can 2 days ago

    Its like a babys thigh... Okay jeffery dahmer

  • Amir Bechor
    Amir Bechor 2 days ago +1

    14:00 Damn Adam just deep-throated that cake

  • Shane Gillooly
    Shane Gillooly 2 days ago

    10:32 wow

  • Suprim Dallakoti
    Suprim Dallakoti 2 days ago +1

    Is that camera guy autistic?

  • Emma Do
    Emma Do 2 days ago

    You guys have to make an episode on sandwiches!! Mendicino Farms in LA (or anywhere California) is so so good!! Check it out :)

    • Emma Do
      Emma Do 2 days ago

      like a sandwich place, mendocino farms, and then the amazing sandwiches in japan

  • Ivy
    Ivy 3 days ago

    i love adam

  • Damilola Lawal
    Damilola Lawal 3 days ago

    shout out to Drake & Josh @ 12:09

  • CrowTech09
    CrowTech09 3 days ago

    And i’m over here eating hamburger helper like a king

  • will_draw4java
    will_draw4java 3 days ago

    I ship it

  • Diana Budijono
    Diana Budijono 3 days ago

    Dang,Andrew! 😂😂😂

  • Griselda Rodriguez
    Griselda Rodriguez 3 days ago

    Should’ve gone to sagebrush cantina

  • mstrKracked
    mstrKracked 4 days ago

    this series is the only worthwhile thing on buzzfeed

    ITZMUSTKILL 2004 4 days ago

    I’m new to the channel,who’s the guy in the back??

  • Beth Miller
    Beth Miller 4 days ago

    When Adam says it is good you know it is

  • Airina Grudzinskaitė

    I like Adam :)

  • scrub
    scrub 4 days ago

    ahhhh dont listen to these comments just continue making these videos. once you believe these comments you'll start feeling insincere too, so just ignore them.
    i feel like the pressure is getting to them cause people started having higher expectations.
    you guys dont need to change anything though, i feel like you still enjoy doing these so just ignore those comments.

  • bilBo
    bilBo 4 days ago

    Breezey is a YES from me

  • Asylum Zi
    Asylum Zi 4 days ago

    Okay, every time I see Adam eating by himself, a little piece of my heart breaks. SOMEONE EAT WITH THAT PRECIOUS.

  • kuryuz1
    kuryuz1 4 days ago

    Make sure you kids put your seat belt on, in the back

  • self disgusted
    self disgusted 4 days ago

    ok but i want to be their friend too .

  • Hari Srinivasan
    Hari Srinivasan 4 days ago +1

    4:57 us history in a nutshell

  • A Douchebag
    A Douchebag 4 days ago

    8:58 best “awwwww” moment in Worth It

  • TheCookingNerd
    TheCookingNerd 4 days ago

    I love how no one is commenting on the food but rather Adam. XD

  • Bryan Alfaro
    Bryan Alfaro 4 days ago

    When it comes to the food, this is my favorite worth it episode. I'd eat at all 3 places 😭👌

  • tankslayer gaming
    tankslayer gaming 4 days ago +1

    I'm hungry now

  • jaypaw52 aj :P
    jaypaw52 aj :P 4 days ago

    what happened to Keith??

  • Aniya Serrant
    Aniya Serrant 5 days ago

    I want to eat at all of these worth it places but I live in Britain

  • Ashley Park
    Ashley Park 5 days ago

    6:54 unfortunate phrasing

    MEME ULOUS 5 days ago

    $ = “welcome to the greatest motherfucking cooking show on earth “

  • Kassie Morgan
    Kassie Morgan 5 days ago

    And if you don’t like your family then 😂

  • Chloe Gordon
    Chloe Gordon 5 days ago

    "It's like a baby's thigh; so soft and squishy!" I don't know what made me laugh more. Andrew's comment there or Steven's face when he said that!

  • Yookine
    Yookine 5 days ago

    5:08 future voice actor

  • David Mansour
    David Mansour 6 days ago

    Anyone not actually care about the prices? I only like watching them eat😂😂😂😂(I’m weird like that)

  • Lord Sakan
    Lord Sakan 6 days ago

    5:06 I literraly screamed

  • aniz_ baekyeonlover
    aniz_ baekyeonlover 6 days ago

    Andrew is handsome n I can literally imagine him being a really hot n cool CEO.

  • Aravind Krishnan
    Aravind Krishnan 6 days ago

    Adam is An Angel.He Is ❤️

  • Meghan Nation
    Meghan Nation 6 days ago

    I lobe these guys but Adam is my favorite.

  • Gazer Beam
    Gazer Beam 6 days ago

    Stop staring at me lady

  • Michelle Helton
    Michelle Helton 6 days ago

    I love Adam. He's lowkey me. He's my favorite buzzfeed person.

  • Healthier and Happier with Cay

    OMG! I'm so hungry for brunch now!

  • May Sweetz
    May Sweetz 8 days ago

    adam is so innocent

  • Ruth Noel
    Ruth Noel 8 days ago

    Adam is so adorable!

  • pit bull
    pit bull 8 days ago

    Love their friendship a lot, would love to see them more often

  • Aatu Aho
    Aatu Aho 8 days ago

    I love these guys

  • Roland Micheal
    Roland Micheal 9 days ago

    breakfast​ tacos belong only in texas BYE

  • Shelby Barrett
    Shelby Barrett 9 days ago

    Who eats breakfast tacos with no salsa or salsa verde? Especially in Texas

  • Gabriyelito Sarmiento

    I see that jacket steven!!

  • Jeval Jane Tamidles
    Jeval Jane Tamidles 9 days ago

    11:46 ahahaahahahha I love you steven hahahahahhaah

  • thankfulamy
    thankfulamy 9 days ago +1

    Brunch is when on Saturday, u wake up at 12 in the morning, and think it is 8, and eat cereal.

  • Crystal Arevalo
    Crystal Arevalo 10 days ago

    I feel a sense of flirtyness. More than just friends. It's cool tho:) love is love :)

  • Leo Liao
    Leo Liao 10 days ago

    Where's the Maple Syrup

  • notSlob
    notSlob 10 days ago

    breezy frightens me

  • Charlotte Bach
    Charlotte Bach 10 days ago

    Why is Adam so cute?!

  • Saw PappaRazr
    Saw PappaRazr 10 days ago

    How come at 5:34 every plate has a napkin on it except for the one on the left? 🧐🧐

  • John
    John 10 days ago

    This is officially the gayest episode of Worth It ever. Two men going on about fluffer nutters, tickling till one pees, Andrew feeding Steven like a dedicated boyfriend. Just get a room already, guys.

  • Christiana Dillow
    Christiana Dillow 11 days ago

    Adams face/smile when that giant pancake was placed in front of him was quite possibly the most amazing thing I’ve seen. 😊😂☺️

  • Giselle Lim
    Giselle Lim 11 days ago

    1:30 does no one else think she looks weird as f***

  • Charli Turner
    Charli Turner 11 days ago

    Why is Adam too good for this world?

  • Janessa JZ
    Janessa JZ 11 days ago

    do brownies

  • BabyDoll NightmareLL
    BabyDoll NightmareLL 12 days ago

    Honestly I act like Adam

  • Robert Verdad
    Robert Verdad 12 days ago

    The drinks kicked in after 7 minute mark

    KENDRA MOON 12 days ago

    This is so pure

  • BoomBoomarm
    BoomBoomarm 13 days ago

    this makes me want to work at buzz feed... specifically worth it

  • SuperAceofSpades12
    SuperAceofSpades12 13 days ago

    I love it when they feed Adam. I always feel bad for him when he doesn’t eat.

  • SpiceMix
    SpiceMix 13 days ago

    "I love this taco as much as i love you"
    "I hope i can say the same"

    I just had an awkward gay moment... Is this something beyond friendship 🤔

  • BDT- BranonDoesThings
    BDT- BranonDoesThings 13 days ago

    Why would Andrew say no to a food adventure

  • Isha Banerji
    Isha Banerji 13 days ago

    Has anyone else noticed that in the final brunch, Steven is wearing the suit he got from the e-retailers in the Worth it Lifestyle episode on suits, with Evan? 😍

  • happy vegan
    happy vegan 14 days ago


  • John John
    John John 14 days ago

    Last one was brunchinner

  • Nate hundred
    Nate hundred 15 days ago

    The Adam goes nom

  • Aidan Soper
    Aidan Soper 15 days ago

    Some jellies (jello) are already made out out of pigs.

  • Mewmie
    Mewmie 15 days ago

    Aw Adam looks so uncomfortable

  • lablatte masquee
    lablatte masquee 16 days ago

    That awkward moment when you know that Nicolas Feuillate is actually among the shittiest champagnes X)

  • Ronit Joshi
    Ronit Joshi 16 days ago

    Look at steven's hairline, have fun trying to unsee that.

  • Arundoy Lenka
    Arundoy Lenka 16 days ago

    Hey guys you rock Mahn.. keep up the spirit👍👍✌😙😎

  • Stephanie Gomez
    Stephanie Gomez 17 days ago

    That ain’t to taco that’s a burrito 😂

  • A Knight in the Dark
    A Knight in the Dark 17 days ago

    This looks like it would have my favourite episode ever

  • Alex Palma
    Alex Palma 17 days ago

    I just notice “breezy” looks like a sexual psychopath lol hahahaha