Wendy Williams CRYING about R.KELLY! He told her EVERYTHING and says he CAN'T READ, WRITE, or ADD!

  • Published on May 7, 2018
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  • Arimas Memphis
    Arimas Memphis 13 hours ago

    She's sitting there crying for this fool. Gtfoh with tjat b.s. That nigga done had enough time and money to learn how to read write and add in english, spanish and chinese. Instead of chasing little girls around, his ass should have been hiring a damn tutor. Shit, with the money that fool had, his ass could have hired Marva Collins to teach him. Hell, she lived right down the street.

  • Queen Toshe
    Queen Toshe 23 hours ago

    Exactly!! Wendy will get summoned by the courts to testify on what R Kelly told her during that sit down little do she know!! She may take it to her grave but she MAY have to TESTIFY for sure!! She crying because it's too much for her to handle & know!! Sad...

  • Niomi Niomi
    Niomi Niomi Day ago

    So call 911 and tell them what you know.

  • betsy toro
    betsy toro Day ago

    He's a blood sacrifice

  • Syncere Dufont
    Syncere Dufont 2 days ago

    Damn shame he can't read, write or add..
    But believe he can fly..
    He definitely retarded

  • Joyce Wilson
    Joyce Wilson 2 days ago

    Bitch lot of people can't read or write maybe he got dylexia bitch

  • Joyce Wilson
    Joyce Wilson 2 days ago

    Bitch who made video you shut the fuck up bitch he not guilty

  • icee ch
    icee ch 3 days ago

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  • Yaw Safo
    Yaw Safo 3 days ago

    Plss stop this shit

  • T D
    T D 4 days ago +2

    HE CAN READ and write ..having dyslexic you see things different..Now people kno that R.kelly has a problem with reading .People trying to clown R.Kelly now....My daughter has dyslexia..But she can read and write But she do see letters/ numbers / in a different way...Nothing too make fun of....

  • Christina Ploche
    Christina Ploche 4 days ago

    this is dumb drink rings

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 5 days ago

    Ummm he was found not guilty in the sex tape so let's not spread that rumor that a court of law said he wasn't guilty

  • Deborah Elliott
    Deborah Elliott 5 days ago

    Don’t feel sorry for stupid. There is no way I’d be caught with young women after the fact. I’d surround myself around some mature adult females, attend adult activities and show up in church since proclaim to be spiritual. Send them girls to their families and if they want him, they can choose. At this time he needs some new friends. Not to mention he is wrong for the past. He refuses to face his ills. STUPID stop it.

  • Antonio Williams
    Antonio Williams 6 days ago +1

    If he can't read or write how is he able to write on these hit songs for these other artists that trusted him that doesn't make sense

  • Rodd Huge
    Rodd Huge 6 days ago

    Smart move spilling to a woman who gossips for a living. Dumb ass

  • Stan Hill
    Stan Hill 6 days ago


  • Laura Sala
    Laura Sala 7 days ago

    he shouldn’t have accepted the girls that we’re brought to him from their parents simple has that.for Wendy to tell a whole nation she knows everything wasn’t really a smart move cause she’s now implicated.

  • rico200168
    rico200168 7 days ago

    Lol she is a joke she Literally told us that he is sick in the head or pointing us in that Direction she cannot keep a Secret even if you put a gun to her head lol 😂

  • B Barnes
    B Barnes 7 days ago

    No, I just think Wendy is a crier and she be hormonal, and she going thru things with her nigga, and she was dumb and bought into whatever Rape Kelly said to her. Goddamn PEDOFILE, lock him up and throw away the key

  • Khrista-gae Gill
    Khrista-gae Gill 7 days ago +1

    its nothing new for grown artistes, regular people, people in high position to not be able to read write or add. do some research. what is important right now in my mind is if these girls that may need help as well as him.

  • Marilyn Williams
    Marilyn Williams 7 days ago


  • Tony Thomas
    Tony Thomas 7 days ago

    Who your face u must be ugly as hell

  • Tony Thomas
    Tony Thomas 7 days ago

    That's bullshit

  • Melanin Goddess
    Melanin Goddess 8 days ago

    She lying about something

  • Robert Pellew
    Robert Pellew 8 days ago

    I would like to say, Never forget that these people give themselves away for money.. they are puppets to men in high places.. And these men have things that can put him away for good!! So yall stop acting like its all his fault when you very Well know the illuminati has something to do with this!! Yall be honest!! He will pay for what he's done, nothing more nothing less!! But yall will pay for knowing what these men can do and how they manipulate people, and yall still choose to be ignorant!! What a man sow he'll reap!! Look at Michael, Bill Cosby, now R Kelly.. stop acting like something isn't wrong.. they wanted fame but it came with a price!!

  • Tracey Waller
    Tracey Waller 8 days ago

    OK crying about that

  • Toxin Gamer
    Toxin Gamer 8 days ago

    She know about what the Illuninati is fucking him up and both of them barley can say shit about nothing or they will kill them off...the only way you can survive the illuninati is by living on a island and change his looks

  • Val Cradle
    Val Cradle 9 days ago

    I think she wants them to call her speak up Wendy

  • Lethonia Gray
    Lethonia Gray 9 days ago

    R Kelly should have been with a grown woman who is at least 52 years old his age our little older was her own career and her own mind who's thoroughly mature. so is he even thought about going out doing some stuff he's accused of he would have got his neck snapped piri he too old to be doing that kind of stuff and I hold the parents responsible to. another thing he need to send them to immature young girls home so he can get his mind right they acting dedicated now but I think if he were to come home and say y'all got to leave I got to get myself together they won't be dedicated then they'll be trying to put his butt in jail

  • Kwesi Andoh Abban
    Kwesi Andoh Abban 9 days ago


  • Tonya Rogers
    Tonya Rogers 9 days ago

    #R.Kelly's daughter is missing.

  • Tonya Rogers
    Tonya Rogers 9 days ago

    Lucifer the Chief Musician & Father of Lies.

  • Mobile gaming
    Mobile gaming 9 days ago

    Wendy, you pretty much saying he is guilty... just throw the whole kettle out or shut up. 😒

  • Shanda Lowery
    Shanda Lowery 9 days ago +7

    Do she know everything about her husband 🤔🙄

  • christina alonzo
    christina alonzo 9 days ago


  • As4me -
    As4me - 9 days ago

    What’s the point of telling us he can’t add, read, or write? He can’t add, read, or write but he can sex underage girls. Did he tell you anything he did illegal?

  • Nathalie Duverna
    Nathalie Duverna 9 days ago


  • Star Wonder
    Star Wonder 9 days ago +3

    In the United State you are innocent until proven guilty. . Now sip that TEA

  • Soniae Chobanian
    Soniae Chobanian 9 days ago

    Wait r Kelly ex wife said on the lifetime documentary that she taught r Kelly how to read n write .Wow lies .lies

  • brooklyn reese
    brooklyn reese 9 days ago

    😢 so sad im so sorry and feel bad for the reading and writen so who write hes lyrics i want to know

  • Yvette Archer
    Yvette Archer 9 days ago

    He can't read and write but he wrote produce and starred in trapped in the closet yawl better stop yawl shit...........btw I am an r Kelly fan but right is right wrong is wrong

  • Theresa Gomez
    Theresa Gomez 9 days ago

    How is she having morals and keeping a pedophiles secrets?

  • Sherwayne Lewis
    Sherwayne Lewis 9 days ago

    If he can't read write or add then how the fuck he sang those damn songs and how come he isn't broke plus he is in his 50ties. I can't fathom that shit plus he is rich or is he?

  • Ellis Spates
    Ellis Spates 9 days ago +1

    I believe Wendy

  • Dee P
    Dee P 9 days ago


  • Rosie W
    Rosie W 9 days ago

    Dyslexia is nothing to joke about.

  • Jennae Jones
    Jennae Jones 9 days ago

    He's dyslexic. Its difficult I believe.

  • Black Is Popular
    Black Is Popular 9 days ago

    If he can’t read or write how he wrote them songs??

  • Lashonda Buchanan
    Lashonda Buchanan 9 days ago

    Wendy Williams he sold you a dream. Girl wake up. You have a daughter and I sure you are very protective.

  • Brian Roby
    Brian Roby 9 days ago

    Older man love young women that is not a fucking big deal to me the girl just have to be over age shit I love younger women !!!!! Facts!!!!

  • Peep-N-Boom
    Peep-N-Boom 9 days ago

    U not funny fuck u im unsubscribing from your channel u black folks think its a joke bashing all black i bet u wont make as many videos of Weinstein coz whites wont click to watch. Let the courts and law do their work u just a slave for the white man. I hope more bleck poeple realize this and unsubscribe coz ya'll doing all this shit for views playing with somebody's life. 🖕🏾

  • I Am
    I Am 9 days ago

    How much more could he have said That be much worst then. We know now your so right

  • Kay Slatton
    Kay Slatton 9 days ago

    Girl I no a lot of people .Can not read or write that is not in common. For some people.

  • Don Rob
    Don Rob 9 days ago +1

    I Kno Everything too..But I'm not telling nobody... It's Confidential...😂😂😂😂😂

  • Dawn Carrasco
    Dawn Carrasco 10 days ago

    Oh please . Put that pedophile in jail and lock up the key 🔐. He can read and write. That’s all a false .

  • joey and mone!
    joey and mone! 10 days ago

    He can’t read or write but sure the fuck can lie through his teeth!

  • Aisha Johnson
    Aisha Johnson 10 days ago +1

    Wendy have a seat.......wait she can’t due to no Ass at all

  • Q. Monia
    Q. Monia 10 days ago

    You know what ¿!! , it's deeper than u think ....mmhu

  • Maria Benjamin
    Maria Benjamin 10 days ago

    Wendy emotional? What else is new

  • JoAnn Muhammad
    JoAnn Muhammad 10 days ago +3

    Candice, I'm not sure what you missed. However, Wendy didn't start crying because of her emotional feelings for the young girls who R. Kelly allegedly took advantage of. She started crying at the thought of those young girl's parents giving their daughters up to a grown ass man!!
    As for her not telling it all, regarding her conversation with R. Kelly, I'm proud of her for that. She's keeping her word true to R. Kelly. He simply did what he had to do, reach out to Wendy. The other prominent black women so far has assassinated him without a due process trial. I hope Wendy does not do an interview, instead, let this matter be conducted in a court and not television, where one can tell a lie visually, and usher out what they want you to see hear snd feel! And if she's subpeona, so be it. She knows his story. Who are we to judge when there's
    No one in this world that is without sin. We all are going to have to stand trial and face judgment one day! Peace

  • Anthony Duck
    Anthony Duck 10 days ago

    I've never met a woman that didn't have something negative to say about thier ex😒

  • Anthony Duck
    Anthony Duck 10 days ago

    He's said multiple times he has dyslexia👎

  • Trahann Smith
    Trahann Smith 10 days ago

    Bitch u late r Kelly never could read or write or add ....he been like that since day 1,.....facts

  • Ekon Kndle
    Ekon Kndle 10 days ago

    Hello people there priests molesting young boys every fuckin day.. my Question 🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️ when are they getting charged and investigated🤷🏽‍♂️ or it’s just for certain people uhmm🤔🤔

  • Diamond Dia
    Diamond Dia 10 days ago


  • Reginal Mack
    Reginal Mack 10 days ago

    i really cant believe yall cant see whats really happening people get caught up in gossip but they are slowly destroying black culture now my reason for saying is because Elvis Presley dated a 14 year old girl thats not talked about Hervey Weinstein rape lots of people thats not talk about and we as blacks or ready to jail and destroy or own kind but say nothing when it comes to white people come on man ever since the Hervey Weinstein thing came about they use our black famous people to distract us from it to were they just washed it under the table open you eye and stop being trick be wise people

  • Tyrone Muhammad
    Tyrone Muhammad 10 days ago +9

    Them Dam Parents Is as Guilty As R.Kelly By Letting Their Dam Daughters Run Out Their Being Fast And Not Watching Their Dam Daughters Yo. Holla.

  • Tyrone Muhammad
    Tyrone Muhammad 10 days ago +8

    Stop Bashing R.Kelly. Them Dam Parents Is Just As Dam Guilty As R.Kelly. Holla

  • Priest by day Pimp by night

    Wendy Williams is annoying.

  • iris wood
    iris wood 10 days ago

    Those tears that she shed is for herself she knows what she's goin through at home

  • Kamau Umaka
    Kamau Umaka 10 days ago

    Talent and skills aren't exclusively based on reading and writing. In fact those elements are basic education. The know-how tool exceeds basic education threefold. Our ancestors for example didn't have any books in early Africa. They possessed knowledge of what the village taught them. In the Bible, it is said knowledge is one of the gifts from God. R Kelly has many gifts.

  • G Johnson
    G Johnson 10 days ago

    I was gonna say she will be on the stand, and of course she's crying to build up anticipation for the interview, but if the prosecutor DNT put Wendy on the stand they will be dumb not to cuz she just told them she know.

  • Attafire Fire
    Attafire Fire 10 days ago +1

    Wendy is so full of shit..wat u mean the man can't read and write...he's a songwriter...plus I'm dam sure he have to read the lyrics of whatever is written...RKELLY played your ass..he no u have a dam big mouth and not to be trusted...stop the fake crying

  • Phillip Alvarado
    Phillip Alvarado 10 days ago

    This doesn't make any sense because he's been a musician for 30 years so I don't get what they're mentioning you can't do it he can't read cuz this is an example as he's a musician and he seems any song writes his own song so it makes no sense

  • Paris Esco
    Paris Esco 11 days ago +1

    The hoes was going to be fucking Regardless if that was R. Kelly or not

  • Paris Esco
    Paris Esco 11 days ago +1

    That’s what’s wrong with us black people we Against one another what about preachers raping little boy what about the polices killings why the fuck you guys on RKelly

  • Holley Charity
    Holley Charity 11 days ago

    She crying cause she getting abuse!

  • Paris Esco
    Paris Esco 11 days ago +1

    All men love young girls RKelly didn’t force them hoes they was willingly so Bitch please don’t get mad at RKelly

  • Paris Esco
    Paris Esco 11 days ago +1

    Bitch what about Hugh Hefner and tall is Shane giving women aids what about the parents who wanted money from RKelly hell didn’t no body tell them hoes to open there legs to that man

  • Phil Ad
    Phil Ad 11 days ago

    Daytime Tea Time, this video is stupid. R. Kelly beat the kiddie porn case. We both think it was him, however, the video was not clear and he was acquired in a court of law. Give it a rest. He married a 15 year-old. That was wrong and hit him hard for it. Elvis may have done some things with a 14 year-old and one rockstar that sung "Great ball of fire" married a 14 year-old cousin of his. Wait. They are cool but we have to keep bring this up on R. Kelly... We have to be fair here. You are calling him nasty. I am sure in bed that is not a hotdog you put in your mouth. I can beat Chicago Fire department pension that you have had a golden shower... Yet... R. Kelly is the only one that is nasty. I am beginning to think you are another Eunice Rivers Laurie- Like Oprah and Gayle King.

  • Phil Ad
    Phil Ad 11 days ago

    Fine, ladies, do not give your teenage girls to the arms of an older black musician. Fair. How come you never say that with a picture of a white rockstar in the background. Those white rockstars probably spend more time inside teenage girls than tampons. So why just point fingers at the black guys. That is not fair.

  • Phil Ad
    Phil Ad 11 days ago

    This is stupid. So, she had an interview but cannot talk about it other than acknowledge that it occurred. That is not the way talk shows work.

  • Katrina 1
    Katrina 1 11 days ago +2

    R kelly is setting her up with false info prolly.. she’s not trustworthy and neither is he..

  • Raven Wright
    Raven Wright 11 days ago

    Wendy Williams is shifting blame and guilt from an alleged rapist and alleged pedophile to the parents. I am a Black American Slave Descendant and woman and I am sick of so many Black misogynists defending R. Kelly by shifting blame to the parents, to the alleged victims, and/or to the white media. There is nothing normal about urinating on a child for sexual gratification. It is deviant and unhealthy behavior.

  • Luvuyo Teyise
    Luvuyo Teyise 11 days ago

    Me too I survive R Kelly...

  • Venus July
    Venus July 11 days ago

    Spell out the beans then

  • Jamie Harris
    Jamie Harris 11 days ago

    Okay first of all it was two women he was held hostage now don't came up too damn near 20 women that's why I never believe if it's true or not

  • Chino Black
    Chino Black 11 days ago

    I hate wendy she always running her stupid mouth she no things yea she no rkelly a monster fucking crocodile tears she full of shit

  • Big Mone
    Big Mone 11 days ago

    Who is better to everything to than a woman that likes to talk nation wide, week can that make her an accomplice very much ,to some stand point right or wrong I'm not gonna judge telly but for her to say that she is definitely not making him look good by all means

  • viviana zoida
    viviana zoida 11 days ago

    This is some b.s. she is full of it and please stop blaming the victims and their parents. Ridiculous

  • Rex Smith
    Rex Smith 11 days ago

    she wants to be apart of this,,,,,,she wants the cops to make her talk so she can look to some like she helped those girls,,,,,,,she is trying to be like Oprah,,,,,, your my friend today but I'll turn on you tomorrow,,,,,,,if she gave her word then she should keep it and shut her word hole,,,,,,,R Kelly is awful but those parents are just as bad,,,,,,2 years without seeing your daughter,,,,,, those parents should have already tested Kelly's security,,,,,, and if you get your ass kicked you drive your car right into his house,,,,,,, your gonna get in trouble but it's your kids and sometimes you have to just do whatever it takes,,,,,,,

  • Michele Ashley
    Michele Ashley 11 days ago

    How is he writing his own music if he can't write.

  • Doc Jones
    Doc Jones 11 days ago +3

    I can't read, write, or add either.

  • Shalin Chantal
    Shalin Chantal 11 days ago

    He have STD

  • murban media pro
    murban media pro 11 days ago

    You have a big mouth.

  • Steny Studios Tech
    Steny Studios Tech 11 days ago

    I'm very open to hear both sides speak and present their facts, truth and evidence. I have lived long enough to see people going down because they have been framed and falsely accused, But you!?! You don't believe that people can create fake evidence and plant false witnesses, you chose not to listen to what Robert has to say for himself, you chose not to give him a chance! and that's not fair, you want to judge him by public opinion on the internet, You seem to have chosen a side already, you don't seem to be open to any proof that might come forth from Robert on his defense.
    We have seen countless people spending over 30 years in jail for a crime they didn't do, and those are just a few of them whom we happen to know much latter when it's too late, there are those who have been sentenced to death for a crime they didn't do, and there are those who will die in jail as we speak now, for a crime they didn't do and no one will ever know that they were innocent, ever.
    How much do you think it costs to get in a visual effects studio to create a fake evidence to frame a man who is worthy half a billion dollar only to get a quarter of his fortune? I'm a videographer and believe me, I can make a fake video of you having sex with a child, all I need is a couple of stunt doubles, adobe after effects and any Hollywood 3D vfx software, and you will end up spending the rest of your life in jail.
    I'm not saying Robert is innocent, I just want people to listen to what he has to say, he is still innocent until proven guilty, and as long as he's still innocent, don't punish him by muting him, Don't Mute him yet, if you mute him, you have already punished him, and if those accusations turn out to be false, who are you going to ask for forgiveness? God? or Robert? I bet you wont even say sorry. Let the guy work and pay his bills until proven guilty.
    This is how things work, the media is very powerful, artists know that and they are afraid, If
    the media happens to not like one of these artists, the rest of the artists don't have a choice, they have to pretend to hate the artist too because if they don't, the media is gonna black list them too, and they are not going to sell any more records, they are going to have a bad public image and that will be the end of their career, none of them want's to risk their life and money for a stranger. Robert is alone against the world right now and the way I see it! He's gonna loose, he should just use this time make things right with his family and friends before the trial, and may be turn to his Creator too.

  • Rock Enroll
    Rock Enroll 11 days ago

    I wonder how this dumb bitch feels about Robert after his interview with Gayle? They both stupid as Hell

  • Infamous Power Music
    Infamous Power Music 11 days ago

    My belief is this is a money ploy! This is marketing for all involved. More views meaning more money without the true matter being handled. We are so caught up in social media we fail to see the truth!

  • Kieran Pugh
    Kieran Pugh 11 days ago +1

    America is so messed up it all comes down to money regardless of what has happened

  • Lisa JOHNSON
    Lisa JOHNSON 12 days ago

    Dam, Dam Dam