Nursery Tour 2018 - Thrifted Gender Neutral Decor | HellaJam #nurserytour

  • Published on Oct 15, 2018
  • Here is our gender neutral Nursery Tour including a lot of pieces that we thrifted pieces to make it a peaceful and warm room for our little one. We decided to decorate our nursery on a budget by using pieces we either already had, thrifted or were gifted from our baby shower. As always, each piece in his room holds a sentimental meaning and we truly feel like his room is a true reflection of our love for him. Let me know your favorite corner or item in the comments below! XO
    *Don't forget to watch in HD for better quality, yo!*
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Comments • 97

  • honeymewn
    honeymewn 2 months ago +1

    OMG I HAVE THAT SAME STUFFED ANIMAL HE WAS MY FIRST BEANIE BABY TOO NAMED BONES 😊 i think mine might be a bit bigger than yours. but i still have him too. im never letting him go lmao. i feel very connected with u guys now ♡ 😭

  • ceballoskathy
    ceballoskathy 2 months ago +1

    Love that mirror😍 wish your cousin would sell some ❤️

  • rocco desantis
    rocco desantis 3 months ago

    as someone whos gender nonconforming this made me so happy props to you

  • La Shandra villalobos
    La Shandra villalobos 6 months ago

    Soooooo cute !!!!!!

  • eV20
    eV20 7 months ago +1

    Where is the pouf from?

    • eV20
      eV20 7 months ago

      Think I found it. Looks like it was from Target

  • ashlyn woodcock
    ashlyn woodcock 7 months ago

    love these videos... but coming from a botanist- learn your plants!!! Pothos is not an ivy :) dont mean to sound rude. the plants look very healthy

  • Rosa R.
    Rosa R. 7 months ago

    That sol mirror is insanely cute!!!!!!

  • RemarkableLankyBean
    RemarkableLankyBean 8 months ago

    Love the intro and this meaningful nursery!

  • Lavie Eibel
    Lavie Eibel 9 months ago

    This is the best nursery room I’ve seen so far and it almost makes me want to make a baby right now... hm that’s weird. Ahah

  • florence cavallaro
    florence cavallaro 9 months ago

    the sun burst is so beautiful

  • florence cavallaro
    florence cavallaro 9 months ago

    i love this room so very much

  • florence cavallaro
    florence cavallaro 9 months ago

    i love your babys room

  • Pink Mole
    Pink Mole 9 months ago

    soooo cute!

  • thalia teresa
    thalia teresa 10 months ago +4

    im watching this video on headphones and i swear i heard a baby cry at 2:24 o.o

  • chance blanton
    chance blanton 10 months ago

    awww this was the best nursery tour I have watched. I love yalls personality and just all the love that went in to it. stay blessed with positive love filled vibes!

  • Johannadamour
    Johannadamour 10 months ago

    I love the nursery its so warm feeling and pleasant! well done

  • Alondra Hernandez
    Alondra Hernandez 10 months ago

    Gender Neutram? Why are people playing fads with their kids gender and sex?

  • Georgia Smerdon
    Georgia Smerdon 10 months ago

    Holy crap I have the same dog teddy! Since I was born

  • lillian gross
    lillian gross 10 months ago

    Clean your fucking camera

  • Linda Holm
    Linda Holm 10 months ago

    Such a relaxing serene space, beautiful decor, best wishes from a new Australian subscriber 😍🇦🇺🌿✨

  • Hannah Nichols
    Hannah Nichols 10 months ago


  • Malena Cosmos
    Malena Cosmos 10 months ago

    your Ivys are golden pothos otherwise known as money plant :) hugs

  • Iza M
    Iza M 10 months ago


  • SavvyUnLtd
    SavvyUnLtd 10 months ago

    You've got a new member of the HellaJam fam!! I just LOVE you guys!!! :) :) :) Totally my style of peeps! Much love from Halifax Nova Scotia Canada from the Mi'kmaq tribe

  • tyeece hensley
    tyeece hensley 10 months ago

    I can't be the only person that wanted her to have a rose quartz with the amethyst and smoky quartz...just saying the baby could love steven universe too

  • Laura Craft
    Laura Craft 10 months ago

    That is a really adorable nursery. I like that room so much even for an adult. lol Congrats on the new baby. As a mother of 3 kids who are now teens, time flies, I can say having my children was the most amazing thing in my life and grew me as a person. It has been a pleasure watching them grow up and they have changed me in so many ways. I am excited for you. Blessings, Laura

  • Tess Roxas
    Tess Roxas 11 months ago

    That mirror is insanely beautiful and so is your family !

  • becomingellis
    becomingellis 11 months ago

    Liking the sunburst smiley face mirror

  • Tammie Freeman
    Tammie Freeman 11 months ago

    Love the nursery...I love it all and my favorite part is that it’s mostly thrifted!

  • Chrystene Newman
    Chrystene Newman 11 months ago

    Such a lovely space! I really love your approach to decorating, where you can use the pieces you got in the rest of the house or in your son's room when he grows up. And I just LOVE that sunburst mirror! I might have to try my hand at making my own :)

  • Leslie Davis
    Leslie Davis 11 months ago

    A Beautiful happy environment. The baby is so blessed.

  • Sonia Dyne
    Sonia Dyne 11 months ago

    Hi just found your you tube and it’s really great

    IDA ANDERSSON 11 months ago

    You might know, but I'll tell you anyway, Sol in swedish actually means sun! ☀️ love y'all, keep shining

  • christina daffre
    christina daffre 11 months ago

    Why not use cloth diapers?

  • Genuinely Jenni
    Genuinely Jenni 11 months ago

    Lmaoo y’all are tooo cute!!! Love plant 🌱 and wood theme!!! I try to incorporate that as well.

  • Amorette Flowers
    Amorette Flowers 11 months ago

    simply perfect!! you all did an amazing job and I'm truly happy for you all!!

  • Edie Toledo
    Edie Toledo 11 months ago

    Wow the very first video I watched of you guys was the apartment tour then you announced you were pregnant 🤰 then bam 💥 three weeks till you’re due , doing your nursery tour and I couldn’t be more happy for the you both ❤️

  • r
    r 11 months ago

    I like the little bits of Filipino treatment this nursery has. The sun's rays is very reminiscent of the Philippine flag's sun.

  • Pandana
    Pandana 11 months ago

    LIEs. you'll want a rocking chair hah your arms will hurt. :)) cute room!

  • Moe Scott
    Moe Scott 11 months ago +8

    Would you still be able to link her store? Interested in why she offers. The sun mirror is so beautiful.

  • Dana 123
    Dana 123 11 months ago +1

    I really hope that orange plush thing isn’t gonna be in his crib with the stuffed animal. Babies (especially newborns) should sleep on a hard flat surface with nothing in their crib (blankets, animals, toys, etc) to prevent the risk of SIDS. I’m a licensed social worker who works with pregnant women and babies for a living. Please don’t have him sleep on that thing!

  • Shelby Leyna
    Shelby Leyna 11 months ago +1

    Love the room and all the personal touches
    You guys should clean your lens though there’s a a grey spot like in the middle of the screen in some shots.

  • monderigon
    monderigon 11 months ago

    Kristen Wig at the beginning much?

  • Liza Bright
    Liza Bright 11 months ago

    Favorite part... stuffed owl!

  • Marie C
    Marie C 11 months ago

    that mirror your cousin made is awesome! I really wish you could link her shop. Even though she won't be selling the same mirror, I'd love to see the other things she's made, she is very talented!

  • Marie C
    Marie C 11 months ago

    You look absolutely adorable and that nursery is amazing! I love your style, mine is very similar. I also did not want a "theme" for my daughter when she was born. Just meaningful decor surrounding her. I can't wait to meet your little guy, he is already Blessed with great parents, you guys are the cutest! XOXO

  • Alison Clark
    Alison Clark 11 months ago

    love love love this room, i almost want it for myself! 😂❣️ What is the small plant on the shelf with the crystals?

    KAT PHAM 11 months ago

    agh i’m so excited for baby sol to be born!!! ❤️

  • lisanne
    lisanne 11 months ago +9

    I love the nursery, You’re baby is gonna grow up with the best parents! Also could we get the link to you’re cousins shop? I’m curious ☺️

  • Ona Forss
    Ona Forss 11 months ago

    Oh my goodness so cute! Maybe you already know this but Sol means sun in Swedish! ☺️Feels perfect with the mirror as well! ☀️

  • only good vibes
    only good vibes 11 months ago +2

    Oh btw I know you got your baby a few months ago *buuutt* I wanted to mention that you can use your blowdryer to calm down your newborn/baby. You have to place it with a space of 30 centimeter between baby and blowdryer and just turn it on. The sound calms the baby down and the slightly breese of the blowdryer too.
    Maybe you wanna try it
    (sry im from germany and don't know if you get what I mean😂 not that good at learning vocabulary🙊)

  • Apple So
    Apple So 11 months ago +1

    ganda ng mirror!!! n everything in the room!!! not a typical baby room.. i love the the style, your style boho!!!!!

  • P. Carr
    P. Carr 11 months ago

    Did anyone tell you that your boobs will leak when you hear (any) baby crying? Instincts.

  • Veselka Hadzieva
    Veselka Hadzieva 11 months ago

    I love it! So cozy!

  • Z C
    Z C 11 months ago +9

    Just watch with ivy in a child's bedroom as this caused major breathing issues with my eldest x

  • Roxanne Sanchez
    Roxanne Sanchez 11 months ago

    Congrats HELLA JAM AND HUBBY.. 💖💖💖 can't wait to see baby.. D'Amico.. he's so blessed to have been born to you both..

  • MysCathy's Corner
    MysCathy's Corner 11 months ago

    Ur absolutely beautiful n he's such a blessed little boy to have u guys as parents n that room is adorable. 💙

  • Jeanika Caridad
    Jeanika Caridad 11 months ago

    Like everything else in your apt... the nursery is beautiful 💚

  • J
    J 11 months ago

    danggg - this makes me miss you guys so much :/

    • J
      J 11 months ago


    • J
      J 11 months ago


  • Bsexylee
    Bsexylee 11 months ago +18

    Does anyone else hear a baby in the background ?

    • BoriKarla
      BoriKarla Month ago +1

      Bsexylee i actually thought it was my own and went to check on her lol