Old Gays Look Back At Their Younger Selves


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  • MV
    MV 33 minutes ago

    "Thats why i didnt make it" im done 😂

  • Shady gamer
    Shady gamer Hour ago

    The interviewer is the gayest shit about this video

  • django schultz
    django schultz Hour ago

    They all were sexually abused that’s why they became gay .

  • yo boi
    yo boi Hour ago

    I cannot belive it

  • Always be Smart
    Always be Smart Hour ago

    Thought the title was old GUYS lol

  • X
    X 2 hours ago

    They’re so adorable. I love them

  • Marilyn Angel
    Marilyn Angel 2 hours ago

    These men are adorable & so sweet!

  • ARCANGEL5210
    ARCANGEL5210 2 hours ago +1

    I'm not gay but this was pleasant to watch. Seem like great guys

  • aicy singson
    aicy singson 2 hours ago

    I feel so happy watching this

  • mr fantastic
    mr fantastic 2 hours ago

    3:06 why does that remind of the gay guy from Family Guy LMAO 😂 😂

  • joni Hudubugun
    joni Hudubugun 3 hours ago

    So positiv made my day thanks

  • JSinuYasha
    JSinuYasha 3 hours ago

    These guys were very entertaining!

  • roger Powell sr.
    roger Powell sr. 3 hours ago

    As an "old gay" I really loved this video and can relate, I used to be really attractive in my youth. My much younger Italian boyfriend tells me I still look good.

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes 3 hours ago

    That dude in the blue and bald acts like and looks like Herbert the pervert

  • Quavage Hi
    Quavage Hi 4 hours ago +1


  • Nicholas Mendoza
    Nicholas Mendoza 4 hours ago

    Thank you for this video, I love all these beautiful men.

  • Viviane Dorsey
    Viviane Dorsey 4 hours ago

    "When my head was bigger then the rest of me" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • rebekah mann
    rebekah mann 4 hours ago

    Hearing a 74 year old saying "you look beat for the gods" is the highlight of my day

  • Sloba Jovanovic
    Sloba Jovanovic 4 hours ago

    why do all gays talk like that

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 4 hours ago

    Mitch was a fucking stud haha i wish he said more during the video

  • Moises Magana
    Moises Magana 4 hours ago

    Why gay people talk so slow?

  • #Team Sprit
    #Team Sprit 5 hours ago

    I Like em!

  • Halaa Ismail
    Halaa Ismail 5 hours ago

    Mick sounds like Robert Downey, Jr.

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones 5 hours ago

    Ha!!! Gayyyy

  • PsychoKitty사랑
    PsychoKitty사랑 5 hours ago

    It's always gonna surprise me....gay people get old too! lol we need more old lesbians and gays seen in media and such.

  • PsychoKitty사랑
    PsychoKitty사랑 5 hours ago

    oh I read it as old guys whoop, lol

  • king2k353
    king2k353 6 hours ago

    Play at 125 speed

  • Tbg Gee
    Tbg Gee 6 hours ago

    Clear watched history*

  • Samuel Carrillo
    Samuel Carrillo 6 hours ago

    I smell orgy

  • slayin thots
    slayin thots 6 hours ago

    This is so gayy

  • Mailyn Gruezo
    Mailyn Gruezo 6 hours ago

    4:00 is my favorite part. Just because of his laugh

  • Ana Escalante
    Ana Escalante 6 hours ago

    Amazing .....oh so beautiful

  • BrooklynBitch79
    BrooklynBitch79 6 hours ago

    I don't care how old they are, they're absolutely adorable!

  • Superior Gaming
    Superior Gaming 6 hours ago


  • chowder125
    chowder125 6 hours ago +1

    Being black is not fair , he looks like he's in his late 40s lol.

  • Pussy Destroyer
    Pussy Destroyer 7 hours ago

    Look! they are the people who spread HIV/AIDS. so why do need to understand them?

    DOPE TIZZLE 7 hours ago

    They are all so adorable. This bought joy to my eyes!!!!! Made me smile!

    DOPE TIZZLE 7 hours ago

    Love It!

  • 128 rbx ditonton
    128 rbx ditonton 7 hours ago

    *why are you gay*

  • Vain Viper
    Vain Viper 8 hours ago

    Ha gaaaaaaaay

  • Supriya Tulachan
    Supriya Tulachan 8 hours ago

    They are so cute and joyful.

    edit: Omg and they are extremely beautiful ❤

  • N J
    N J 8 hours ago

    They’re all so sweet! I love! 💜

  • yourbrownhoe
    yourbrownhoe 8 hours ago

    Robert was so hot fuck me upppp

  • Angela C.
    Angela C. 8 hours ago

    Wow! They were good looking when they were younger. They look so happy. And there funny too lol😂 Its crazy how they can remember what year there pictures were taken. I can’t remember where I went or what I did yesterday😄

  • Daniella Roberts
    Daniella Roberts 8 hours ago

    I loved the video, wish the title was different though

  • Mieczyslaw Z. Magla
    Mieczyslaw Z. Magla 8 hours ago


  • xxxtentacion .s.
    xxxtentacion .s. 8 hours ago

    They are so freaking cute😭💎😍

  • Soham Mitra
    Soham Mitra 8 hours ago

    give em a wiff of old spice

  • Chuckie Peoples
    Chuckie Peoples 9 hours ago

    Super gay.

  • sayi
    sayi 9 hours ago

    Imagine if all black men were gay with all the odds that are stack against us ,this whu black men cant be gay we got so much work to be done and we need men to raise our boys not men acting like women.

    • sayi
      sayi 8 hours ago

      +Robert Raines
      You must be gay and white. We need straight black men not gay black men we still have unfinished work in the black community.

    • Robert Raines
      Robert Raines 8 hours ago

      yeah, sure, but not all black men are gay

  • Abdul Hamid
    Abdul Hamid 9 hours ago


    CZIONER CZIONER 9 hours ago

    Some old gays in a norml day..
    What a beautiful fucking day!!

  • KK
    KK 9 hours ago +1

    Why is veryone gay all of a sudden?

  • Unichris Tinacorn
    Unichris Tinacorn 9 hours ago

    Imagine if some drag queens gave them a drag make over. I like that😂

  • Oscar Pina11
    Oscar Pina11 9 hours ago

    This is soo gay

  • craig mk3
    craig mk3 9 hours ago

    Why the hell is this in my recommendations?? I swear I'm not into this shit

  • Queen Over Many
    Queen Over Many 10 hours ago

    3 out of 4 had youthful pictures instead of Mitch. He seems hurt, something is bothering my spirit about him.

  • Keaseng Lim
    Keaseng Lim 10 hours ago

    I read the title as "Old guys" the fact that them being gay in the video caught me off guard.

  • Mohammed Al Akache
    Mohammed Al Akache 10 hours ago

    Man muss die schwulen Leute früher sehen und die heute

  • Miguel Gomez
    Miguel Gomez 10 hours ago

    Wtf 😭👋🏻

  • Khwandaw C
    Khwandaw C 10 hours ago

    I really enjoy with this :)

  • Dapper Dan
    Dapper Dan 10 hours ago

    I didn't know there was COCKSUCKERS way back then

  • Ayana Davis
    Ayana Davis 11 hours ago

    They have amazing chemistry. I would love to see more videos of them together!!

    APEX HONEY_BADGER 11 hours ago

    The camera man is gayer

  • Sheryl Taborada
    Sheryl Taborada 11 hours ago

    wow..this is an awesome video

  • Rob Shane
    Rob Shane 11 hours ago

    Bunch of old queens

  • B. Ellen Lininger
    B. Ellen Lininger 11 hours ago

    These guys are such sweet people. It's very interesting to listen to their memories

  • Daniel Valentine
    Daniel Valentine 12 hours ago +1

    Then they all popped viagra and played hide the salami

  • Bodgie1960
    Bodgie1960 12 hours ago

    Sick bastards 😡😡😡😡

  • billy julio
    billy julio 13 hours ago

    WTF gays WTF i am watching .. then i watch the title.. oh.. okay fuck me then

  • Meadow Gailer
    Meadow Gailer 13 hours ago

    It's sad that they thought they would have shorten life spans.

  • Liana
    Liana 13 hours ago +2

    When the guy behind the camera said “younger selves” at 0:13 it sounded so much like Joey Graceffa.

  • Punthara Wijewickrama
    Punthara Wijewickrama 14 hours ago

    Im a straight brown girl who enjoyed every bit of this video and valued all the advice you gave❤❤❤❤

  • 江嘉儀
    江嘉儀 14 hours ago

    I don’t know. It makes me want to cry. 😢

  • Melody Lee James
    Melody Lee James 14 hours ago

    Ahaha. They're funny!😆

  • Rae Beam
    Rae Beam 14 hours ago

    Old Gays. That that title makes me laugh😂

  • Zain A
    Zain A 14 hours ago

    Old gays lol

  • Prince James Joe Jackson

    King of queers tune in

  • Kiki Lee
    Kiki Lee 15 hours ago


  • Phøenix_kalø
    Phøenix_kalø 15 hours ago

    So all of them are gay?

  • Ayshree Basak
    Ayshree Basak 16 hours ago

    ohhhh la la la 😍

  • Chris Withall
    Chris Withall 16 hours ago

    So happy! I have a completely different outlook on growing older now. Refreshing, informative and comforting. Thank you to all who are involved in this! These guys are the greatest!

  • deberjeet usham
    deberjeet usham 16 hours ago

    The announcer sounds more gay.

  • The Joker
    The Joker 16 hours ago

    * holds a puke *

  • Krasimir Neichev
    Krasimir Neichev 16 hours ago

    why does it matter they are gays?

  • Suzanna Roumie
    Suzanna Roumie 17 hours ago

    how can ppl be homophobic bruh thess people are everything😭😭😭😭

  • Elliott T
    Elliott T 17 hours ago

    Gosh their so gay

  • Jasmyn Pseudonymous
    Jasmyn Pseudonymous 17 hours ago

    "You had to ask" HAHAHA

  • Tr0ll MiX
    Tr0ll MiX 17 hours ago

    Lemon party

  • Addison Joffrion
    Addison Joffrion 18 hours ago

    Old gays....is that a typo

  • Renae _*_
    Renae _*_ 18 hours ago

    Nice video but why does the tittle say gays )?

  • Enari yama
    Enari yama 18 hours ago

    Lemon party

  • Evie Jynx
    Evie Jynx 19 hours ago

    Love these gays

  • Triss marie
    Triss marie 19 hours ago

    At first I thought there was a typo in the title but I must say, I’m definitely not disappointed.

  • Nicholas B
    Nicholas B 19 hours ago

    This changed the way i think about gays... Slightly.

  • 1000 subscribers with no videos

    2:12 damn he’s fucking hot ass hell

  • John
    John 19 hours ago

    Mick: “At that time they were going for the blonde hair blue eyed”
    Jessay: *whispers* “thAATS why I didn’t make it”

  • flo
    flo 19 hours ago +1

    5:34 Jessay walked so Rupaul could run lmao

  • Jenny Betancourt
    Jenny Betancourt 19 hours ago

    This is so pure 😭❤

  • Mack Mack
    Mack Mack 19 hours ago

    Meh it could be gayer 🏳️‍🌈