Arrival: A Response To Bad Movies

  • Published on Feb 15, 2017
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  • Konstantin Polyakov
    Konstantin Polyakov 23 minutes ago

    Saw this in theatres on a head of acid and WOW I have never been more utterly captivated. Watched the film many times since and it still amazes me.

  • Mónica R.
    Mónica R. 14 hours ago

    I agree, this film is a response to all bad movies, bad series. :D What would happen if you make a list of more films like this to help us save time when wanting to chose what to see on a week end and end up wasting time with another dumb thing to watch.

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson 18 hours ago

    I remember how excited I was watching this film because it was one of those rare films where you the watcher have sufficient information and insight to work out what is going on JUST before the film tells you. (Talk about meta.) The effect was that you have this OMG moment and that actually multiplies the tension 10-fold because you think to yourself "No way, am I right? Is this what is happening?". Then you spend the rest of the film in extreme excitement waiting to have your insight confirmed or denied by the film." A VERY powerful effect.

  • ASAP_Hookgrip _
    ASAP_Hookgrip _ Day ago

    Villeneuve is a legend. Blade Runner 2049 and The Arrival?! 🤤🤤🤤

  • G. Confa
    G. Confa Day ago

    Arrival is a shitty movie. Too pretencious with the language BS and the circular time idea. And they come to Earth cause in the "future" they'll need a hand from humans. Come on... I love Kubrick, Wong Kar Wai, Terry Gillian, and so on... don't tell me this boring as hell intent of scientifical alien contact with the most unlikely protocols and professionals is any value.

  • Maureen Dullas
    Maureen Dullas Day ago

    After watching Arrival, I remember this novel I read two years ago, titled Slaughter House Five (or the Chldren’s Crusade) by Kurt Vonnegut. In the book, “Billy Pilgrim becomes unstuck in time” and in one of his time travels, he met an alien specie called Tralfalmadores who do not see time as linear like we do. For these species, the past, future and present happens all at once, like a panoramic view. Billy Pilgrim wondered why they won’t help humanity since they know what would happen in the future, but they countered him and said “what difference would it make?”
    When Renner asked Adams “do you dream about their language?” I sort of thought that she became unstuck in time too, and did not think that she’s able to “see” the future. I think she “experiences” the future and then wakes up in the moment where she is, like Billy Pilgrim.

  • MOJIN 69
    MOJIN 69 2 days ago

    A truly wonderful movie, fantastic!!

  • Austin Byrd
    Austin Byrd 3 days ago

    This is riddled with some pretty significant spoilers but still a good video

  • gunther giesl
    gunther giesl 3 days ago

    Thank you Denis Villeneuve for this wonderful Movie, and Thank You Ted Chiang for writing "Story of Your Life" which the movie was based from!

  • ẄL WL
    ẄL WL 4 days ago

    hey i've seen this movie

  • Darling i'm blind
    Darling i'm blind 5 days ago

    It's art after 2016.

  • Laura Perez Diez
    Laura Perez Diez 5 days ago

    I click the video, listen to Max Richter, and my eyes get watery

  • Lirian Olendil
    Lirian Olendil 5 days ago

    Amazing analysis 💜

  • Gilang Dika Pratama
    Gilang Dika Pratama 5 days ago +2

    Max Richter music

  • ipsurvivor
    ipsurvivor 6 days ago

    The reveal of 👽 Aliens is usually the worst part of Alien movies... Excepting The Day The Earth Stood Still (Original Version)

  • ipsurvivor
    ipsurvivor 6 days ago

    I haven’t seen Arrival but I’ll put it on the Library holding system like I do for most of what I watch now. I’m picky about films... 25th Hour... Missed the cut... got through about 45 minutes... Same thing with Legends Of The Fall... Okay I can see enough of where it was going... The brothers are going to compete over the only woman in the wilderness and the guy who cut off the bear claw is going to be in the triangle/quadrangle... Whatever...
    Some Movies that made the cut:
    On The Waterfront
    African Queen
    The Searchers
    Some Like It Hot
    Lawrence Of Arabia
    The Apartment
    The Godfather I & II
    Rear Window
    And lots of other ones
    Also I count “Better Call Saul” as Cinema... Some pure cinema has been made on Television... Even some shows from the 1950s are excellent in many respects.

  • Dollar
    Dollar 9 days ago +1

    That movie was trash to me.

  • vlad
    vlad 9 days ago

    Abbot :

  • Pindang Ikan Pari
    Pindang Ikan Pari 12 days ago +3

    Why isn't anyone giving credit to sci-fi author Ted Chiang for the stupendous masterpiece.

  • Hablemos de
    Hablemos de 15 days ago

    This and Interestellar, Best Sci Fi movies than Ive seen....oh my what sad but beatuiful end.

  • Daniel
    Daniel 17 days ago +1

    im too dumb for movies like this and yet i enjoy watching these movie analysis to make myself feel like a movie expert even though im usually not sure what youre talking about

  • jhwheuer
    jhwheuer 17 days ago

    Any video starting with Max Richter’s On the Nature of Daylight cannot, on a basic level, be anything but awesome.

  • HardWarUK
    HardWarUK 17 days ago +1

    Excellent video and script. Well done!

  • Spear Bee
    Spear Bee 18 days ago

    arrival was incredible. one of the most unforgetable movie i watched

  • Jairo Murillo
    Jairo Murillo 19 days ago

    2:58 OMG, you really need to check out Netflix's DARK, it's their own motto. And it really is a good writing!

  • Felix Morrison
    Felix Morrison 19 days ago +1

    movie was actual dogshit. I understand the story, I just thought it was so forgettable.Also You take small words and try to make yourself sound smart and its really cringe

  • nicole valentine
    nicole valentine 19 days ago

    So I waited to watch this movie until i had a couple of hours to fully dedicated it to it - I took your recommendation without watching the video, and I had the highest highest hopes for it. And it did not disappoint. Here I am after finally watching this film to watch your analysis- and I am shaken by how intelligent and beautiful this film is. I cannot put it into words.

  • Super Nova92
    Super Nova92 19 days ago +2

    This movie is a masterpiece. In my top 3 ❤️

  • ItIsIP
    ItIsIP 19 days ago

    I haven’t watched this movie in a while and I honestly forgot how it ends and all that stuff. And people are saying they wished they could watch it for the first time over and over again sooooo, imma go Do that now and watch this video later.

  • Ilya Palenyy
    Ilya Palenyy 21 day ago

    What's the name of the song playing in the beginning?

  • Cubelarooso
    Cubelarooso 22 days ago

    I don't get the big deal with this movie, it just did nothing for me. The story is nothing special, and any meaning you get out of it is just you confirming your own beliefs. That usually wouldn't bother me, people can like different things, but I take exception when the main character is a rapist that tortures and murders a child.

  • Sena Sahini
    Sena Sahini 22 days ago

    By the way, please remember to appreciate the source material of the movie, Ted Chiang's short story "Story of Your Life". Such a wonderful work, complicated and charming. The movie does a great job for sure, but the original text is something else.

  • SciFiPainter
    SciFiPainter 23 days ago

    Well...couldn’t get past the opening because Fry’s statement is ludicrous. And if that is the premise of the video...

  • Space Defender
    Space Defender 23 days ago

    Of course, if you could perceive time, you would probably also stop throwing trash and polluting the planet...

  • Miko Na
    Miko Na 25 days ago +1

    Throughout the whole movie i was like "That's our girl, Lois Lane"

  • Sterling Benevolent
    Sterling Benevolent 27 days ago +2

    I feel like Arrival is what a positive lovecraftian story is

  • HEJ6569
    HEJ6569 29 days ago

    That movie sucked ass.

  • Ivan Smithers
    Ivan Smithers Month ago


  • elo pelo
    elo pelo Month ago

    If we get deeply to theory about seeing future, it starting doesn't make sense. Our time is linear, so in the universe, every started action would be come to an end. Entropy wouldn't permit this. Realization about trueness of this means that we haven't free will at all. Scary true as from the big bang everything is predetermined, even in the small scale from our perspective.

  • CineBlogs
    CineBlogs Month ago

    This was a great video, i think you missed on opportunity to talk about how the characters assign meaning to the language in the film and how we as viewers assign meaning to film. P.S. Thank you for this channel. A new rabbit hole for me to get lost in.

  • Damonistique
    Damonistique Month ago

    I love how this movie plays with our perception. First, the perception of time, and also the perceprion of space, when the scientists first get to see aliens and the up turns out to be the front.
    Makes you...believe?

  • Þorsteinn Jakob Klemenzson

    And that beutiful score by Jóhann Jóhannsson.......

  • Kalas Atwater
    Kalas Atwater Month ago

    Loved it

  • Jeff Alexander
    Jeff Alexander Month ago

    One of the best TVclip videos I've watched

  • yanira quinones
    yanira quinones Month ago

    Arrival and Interstellar are by far my favorite movies right now

  • Tank NDG
    Tank NDG Month ago

    Aliens that can’t speak English?? They spent years in space come no here but forgot to watch a Netflix show?? Google translater too good for them???? This movie was overrated!

  • EntoSanto
    EntoSanto Month ago

    It was a good movie. The perspective over the Alien language was mind blowing. I liked their idea that was used as a concrete for this movie. After watching it, I said myself that if we have encountered with extraterrestial life somehow, their language would've been like this. Of course we cannot be sure of any of it. But the whole thing of this movie left me a great taste.

  • Kevin Stoffel
    Kevin Stoffel Month ago +13

    I absolutely agree. Many may disagree with me, but I truly feel this is one of the greatest films ever created. It impacted me personally, in a way that very few other media has.

  • Can we hit 10,000 XXXTentaPatricks with no videos?

    So, is he saying that’s a bad movie or not

  • A Name You Can't Remember

    Except that.. Arrival doesn't fare too well on a second view. Actually, it totally crumbles. And it has the biggest plot hole in the history of cinema because nobody has stopped to think what happened after any number of random people learns (because of the book she writes) the alien language that allows you to understand, think and act upon non-linear time.

  • doodo478
    doodo478 Month ago

    What music is used at the start

    • doodo478
      doodo478 Month ago

      on the nature of daylight

  • Youtube Freak
    Youtube Freak Month ago +2

    I’d say that a true thing poorly expressed is simply a partial failure to express, or communicate, that truth.. The truth is still there... However, Arrival is the best Sci-Fi film I’ve seen in a looooong, looooong time.

  • drovid008
    drovid008 Month ago

    Someone help me find the exact version of the beginning song. Not the original "on the nature of daylight", but this exact one. With bass violin at the beginning right away. It's beautiful and I rly want to find it...

  • Just think
    Just think Month ago

    god what a boring movie. and what's up with Whittaker's ever changing accent? and the sound is overbearing.

  • maax musterus
    maax musterus Month ago +1

    Arrival is the best sci-fi movie 21st century (excluding Bladerunner ofc :D)

  • Cooper Nickerson
    Cooper Nickerson Month ago

    I have watched Arrival couple of time, brilliant ideas about alien language and their thoughts about time psychic. We think we can communicate linear with other aliens but it would be far more complicated.

  • Mazahir Haroon
    Mazahir Haroon Month ago

    This movie was Gold.

  • youhou2000youhou
    youhou2000youhou Month ago

    IMO this movie comprised the usual incredibly stupid """scientists""" team so it cannot be a good movie (or approaching this category)

    DEATHSTROKE621 Month ago

    It's the greatest film I've ever seen

  • mienzillaz
    mienzillaz Month ago

    You missed the fact that there was no timeline, that was the whole story of the movie. Thanks to alien language she wasn't limited to any particular moment, she could experience everything at once, her daughter birth, death, all conversations with her and so on. So she was in fact grieving in second scene.. just go and watch it again. Past happened because of the future and vice versa.