• Published on Sep 27, 2019
    Do you love funny compilations? We prepared a hilarious compilation about every day fails and situations that drive us crazy. Most of these situations happened nearly to everybody, Ask your friends! Here are examples of the most annoying situations ever! I hate the situation when I want to enjoy some dish and I don’t have only one simple ingredient. It’s a real fail when you want to enjoy a quick breakfast in the morning, for example, cereals but you don’t have milk at home. Fail! When I’m trying to sleep I have a common struggle like it’s too hot under warm bed cover and too cold without it. What should I do? Low battery is a real disaster especially when you need your phone so much. Another fail is mismatched socks. I always lose socks and have a whole collection of single socks. It’s a real challenge for me to change bed linens, I hate this process. But I know what to do! I ask my boyfriend to them :)
    Watch this video till the end and find a selection of awkward situations that could happen to your clumsy or unlucky friend! Sometimes it’s hard to understand whether a person is unlucky or clumsy. For example, when you spill coffee in a car and super cute guy looks at you, do you consider this situation as a bad luck? One more situation that could be a real disaster is when you place your eyeglasses on a couch and your friend accidentally sits on them. Panic!
    Share stories about your clumsy friends with us!
    00:09 Annoying situations and fails
    00:48 Low battery tragedy
    01:32 Do you usually lose your iPhone?
    03:06 If you are unlucky
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    Adam Joan 25 days ago

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  • Kitten on a Stair
    Kitten on a Stair 25 days ago

    I like how the monster can only get you when your foot is out

  • riya bala
    riya bala 28 days ago +1

    Actually Those who dislike this video they are all never face these kind of problems .. Because of that they gave dislikes
    lucky peoples 😂😂

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  • Alex The Gamer
    Alex The Gamer Month ago

    This video is uploaded before C.O.D mobile

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    Miftahul Nafsi Month ago

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    Aliyah Ladner Month ago

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    Kailyn foy Month ago

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  • CiAn VlOgS
    CiAn VlOgS Month ago

    Thats me too, when i out my foot out it feels like a monster is coming lol but when i was little

    MZA TECH Month ago +23

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    MZA TECH Month ago +1

    0:32 - 0:40 absolutely right.👌👌👌

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    Nunnu Farooqui Month ago

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    Purplezebra 149 Month ago

    The phone one happened to me when I was calling 😂😂😂

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    Miss Psychoity Month ago

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    Thoi Olsens Month ago

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    Диана * Month ago

    Вы живёте в России или в Англии

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    Lee Minho Month ago

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    Andy Wise Month ago

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    vinoni hilario Month ago

    She's beautiful 😍

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    Tisca Sharma Month ago

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  • Taranum Saikh
    Taranum Saikh Month ago

    It can also be called as carelessness and not unlucky ness

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    Creemy Pasta Month ago

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    V 2 Month ago

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  • Clock Ark
    Clock Ark Month ago

    7:09 isnt it so relatable when the demon garbs you under the bed i have had that happen so many times i found out my demons name is dmnensns

  • Deepti Shrivastava
    Deepti Shrivastava Month ago +1

    Very true💛💛

  • Innovative Ideas
    Innovative Ideas Month ago +1

    Real life struggles
    Who agrees???

  • Amma Bhagi
    Amma Bhagi Month ago

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    Kashmiri Tiger Month ago

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  • Hey It’s me
    Hey It’s me Month ago

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    Visnja Stajic Month ago

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    Саша Оша Month ago

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  • She's Stephanie
    She's Stephanie Month ago +2

    Oh My God all these things happen to me!😂😂😂

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