Elephant Chasing Lion To Save Baby And Protect Herd Lion Scared Climb Up Tree

  • Published on Mar 27, 2018
  • Three Cheetah Vs Ostrich Fight To Death | Ostrich Fail To Protect Her Eggs From Animal Hunting
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Comments • 62

  • Conquistador
    Conquistador Month ago +1

    Lions decide they don't want to become furry rugs.

  • Amarjit Karam
    Amarjit Karam 4 months ago +1

    Lion are like a cat running away after seeing human

    • Amarjit Karam
      Amarjit Karam 4 months ago +1

      Lions are like cats running away after seeing human

  • Kanaga Rasu
    Kanaga Rasu 7 months ago +1

    lion good hunting but elephant believe strong fight

  • Ramakanta Sahu
    Ramakanta Sahu 7 months ago +1


  • Маймыш Жукенова


  • Pradip Rajbanshi
    Pradip Rajbanshi 7 months ago +1


  • Ethan Thomas
    Ethan Thomas 7 months ago

    Run away or die !!

  • Richard Brown
    Richard Brown 7 months ago

    Yup ... It's a good fried! Lion should be punished!

  • prince david
    prince david 7 months ago

    Who is the king of the forest

  • Bela Lara
    Bela Lara 7 months ago

    I like elephant...They are really smart

    KASHIRAm KASHIRAM 7 months ago


  • Rakesh Roy
    Rakesh Roy 7 months ago +1

    Rakesh Roy

  • Kristina Pine
    Kristina Pine 8 months ago +2

    OMG! Protect a stray child!

    KUNA SSD 8 months ago +1


  • aptkp
    aptkp 8 months ago +1

    Assholes couldn't wait few more seconds to finish the video before blocking the entire screen with video ads.

  • Intiyaj Ansari
    Intiyaj Ansari 8 months ago +1


  • Akhilesh Kumar
    Akhilesh Kumar 8 months ago +1


  • Singer Tikaram Pariyar
    Singer Tikaram Pariyar 8 months ago +1


  • Raj Kumar gaur ji
    Raj Kumar gaur ji 9 months ago +1

    तू मुझे कुबूल

  • Dar Polloe
    Dar Polloe 9 months ago +6

    great job elephant, say bye bye to mr lion!!

  • Louis Smith
    Louis Smith 9 months ago +2

    Who is the King ??

  • Smith Hilda
    Smith Hilda 9 months ago +4

    Haha The first time I see King lion scared by other animal

    • ᴀᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ
      ᴀᴇsᴛʜᴇᴛɪᴄ 5 months ago

      Dumb people Yeah the lion is scared of The elephant because the elephant is bigger than the lion and it can smash it in a couple of seconds and elephant's seem to be really smart aswell as the lion but the elephant is PROBABLY smarter

    • Dar Polloe
      Dar Polloe 8 months ago


    • Robin Labert
      Robin Labert 8 months ago

      Haha This is the bad king

  • Alex HD
    Alex HD 9 months ago +3

    Aww Lions have failed completely before the battle with Elephants!

  • Nakamura Sona
    Nakamura Sona 9 months ago +2

    good mother elephant

  • Wheelboy58
    Wheelboy58 9 months ago +3

    Wow... The elephant mom was determined to hunt the lion mother who was accompanied by an incredible number of baby lion. We can'T see the sequence of events of the following days, but to the number of baby lion who were hungry, lion parents may have gone hunting again the following days, but probably with other animals than baby elephants. I like the mind of elephants. They are really bright and protector too.

  • Boss Verma
    Boss Verma 9 months ago +2

    Boss Verma

  • Naresh Kumar
    Naresh Kumar 9 months ago +3

    Elephant is a very powerful animal and nothing killed lion...

  • Jitendra Kumar
    Jitendra Kumar 9 months ago +2


  • Pavao Špigelski
    Pavao Špigelski 9 months ago +3

    U videozapisu nema scene koju reklamira minijatura. To je onda prevara.

  • Global
    Global 9 months ago +3

    It was so cute when those lion cubs where escaping like hell, at 1.00 minute. You could almost hear them saying : "holey shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit" .
    I am happy that they all escaped to safety.

  • רינה שלום
    רינה שלום 9 months ago +3

    Hate lions and bear-offs because they eat reindeer and pretty animals is annoying

  • shark channel
    shark channel 9 months ago +2

    Wow coooooooooool

  • Ryder Babe
    Ryder Babe 9 months ago +3

    great job elephant, say bye bye to mr lion!!

  • Victor Hudson
    Victor Hudson 9 months ago +3

    Aww Those are the poor lions!

  • Peter Edwards
    Peter Edwards 9 months ago +3

    Buffalo's and Lions have a notorious rivalry.

  • Robin Labert
    Robin Labert 9 months ago +4

    Haha Lion is the loser

    • Smith Hilda
      Smith Hilda 7 months ago

      It is not always the winner is stronger

  • Miena Mie
    Miena Mie 9 months ago +3

    End goed al goed niemand gewond God zij Dank Amen.

    GABRIEL FISHING 9 months ago +3

    foarte misto

  • Ivan Gabriel
    Ivan Gabriel 9 months ago +3

    foarte misto

  • Shaniafan1
    Shaniafan1 9 months ago +2

    Damn the person filming this is lucky the lion or elephants didn't charge at them. But way to go elephants

  • Giant Animals
    Giant Animals 9 months ago +7

    Noticed the male lion kneels before big daddy Elephant?

  • Leopard - Cheetah Channel Tv

    The elephant was very smart, the lioness just waited to jump down on it's head and that would be the end of story.....

    • Uttam Mondal
      Uttam Mondal 7 months ago

      Leopard - Cheetah Channel Tv i

    • Peter Edwards
      Peter Edwards 8 months ago

      How Lions can ever hurt such a magnificent creature?!

    • R P
      R P 9 months ago +6

      That would be the end of story of lioness you fool!