Creating Art Using All My GOLD Art Supplies

  • Published on Dec 31, 2018
  • Closeups/Final Look:
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Comments • 909

  • Baylee Jae
    Baylee Jae  20 days ago +104

    Here's the closeup/final look:

  • Claire Campos
    Claire Campos 9 hours ago

    Head inside a goldfish bowl....Panic at the Disco

  • Emily Crank
    Emily Crank Day ago

    I seriously enjoy the organization of your art supplies

  • Ashlynn’s Gymnastics

    Love ya hair

  • UnKnown Demise
    UnKnown Demise Day ago

    She looks absolutely adorable with the little pins and tape and extra stuff!! you should do more of these with different colors!

  • Brianna Blake
    Brianna Blake 2 days ago


  • ARaine Raining diys
    ARaine Raining diys 2 days ago

    Where do you get all your art supplies

  • Coco Wei
    Coco Wei 3 days ago

    Donald trump would like to know your location

    ROBLOX LIFE 3 days ago +1

    I like it idk what ur talking about

  • Marla Seng
    Marla Seng 3 days ago

    This is cute

  • Max_is_gay
    Max_is_gay 3 days ago

    Imagine having an earthquake with that marker shelf thingy...

  • petalk95
    petalk95 3 days ago

    I would love to see you redo this with all of the tweaks you wish you had done

  • cozy cute Crafts
    cozy cute Crafts 4 days ago


  • scare crow
    scare crow 4 days ago

    I would buy it just sayin

  • Sandy Pusineri
    Sandy Pusineri 4 days ago +1

    It looks so good 😘

  • Jephah Faith Bucsit
    Jephah Faith Bucsit 4 days ago

    I wish ichad all of that at mycroom

  • Sydney’s νlogs
    Sydney’s νlogs 4 days ago +1

    Anyone get a lil jelly because u want her art room 🤣🤣

  • loltalaboo
    loltalaboo 5 days ago

    i love how in this challenge how you actually show when you look for the gold stuff because i have not seen anyone else show them finding the stuff so you are the best at this

  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl 6 days ago

    Did anyone notice :”some tape to cut some washy tape” 😂😂

    BLOXBURG PLAYS 6 days ago

    Me- lets do this challenge go in my art box can the only gold I find is a gold marker and a colour pencils
    Her-lets do this art challenge get copics paint marker ect

    Edit-Tanks for soo many likes

  • Beauty Compilations
    Beauty Compilations 7 days ago +1

    Do a collaboration with kroma case I just loooce your drawings and I would love to have a phone case with your drawing on it.

  • Anand Nadikudi
    Anand Nadikudi 8 days ago +1

    Nice art👌👍

  • Muddy Wood Ducks
    Muddy Wood Ducks 8 days ago

    Hmm what color should i use next?

  • Thodo Merg
    Thodo Merg 8 days ago

    Draw a gold city

  • Ghala Alholi
    Ghala Alholi 8 days ago

    Wooow the drawing turned out amazing!!!

  • Fight me
    Fight me 8 days ago

    So are we just ignore the fact that she has an adorable laugh

  • niki gachalife
    niki gachalife 9 days ago

    8:48 she is creepy

  • Blatche North
    Blatche North 9 days ago

    Omg her stuffs, just omg. It's like u own a whole department store of art supplies

  • Potter Lover
    Potter Lover 10 days ago

    The art starts at 5:15

    One like for use plz 🙃❤️

  • PixiePrincess501
    PixiePrincess501 10 days ago

    I love how it came out! The little fish charms and the washi tape gave it cool little details!

  • Bayan Saad
    Bayan Saad 10 days ago

    I loveeee your mooooom

  • trolls story greek
    trolls story greek 10 days ago

    I love gold

  • tumblr hala
    tumblr hala 11 days ago +1

    Me : wow that's amazing let me try it .
    2000 years later mom i need gold sup i only have glitter

  • Jasnoor Kaur
    Jasnoor Kaur 11 days ago

    That is so nice painting

    MOONLIGHT MUSICS 11 days ago +2

    My favourite color🌟🎗️💛🏅🏆🥇🔑💰

  • Poetry Bailey
    Poetry Bailey 11 days ago

    I'd buy that, if you're selling it

  • Yandere Hewa!
    Yandere Hewa! 11 days ago

    Me: WOAHH!
    Friend: Ikr! She's so good at art-

  • jesthony jhon Baquirel

    I feel broke😂

  • Emmy_DaLEMON Melon
    Emmy_DaLEMON Melon 11 days ago

    WHAT OMG IS THAT A BLACKWING PENCIL?? (My mum sells them and i ALWAYS use them)!!

  • Ann Sai
    Ann Sai 12 days ago

    Your mom is adorable

  • kitty cat's marshmallow

    I have the same phone as you

  • Anon the-third
    Anon the-third 13 days ago

    Should have made a mermaid with it and used the lace as scales

  • Jivika Dhara
    Jivika Dhara 13 days ago

    You have so much gold!!! You are rich.

  • Zimrian Zimrian
    Zimrian Zimrian 13 days ago


  • Daun Patton
    Daun Patton 13 days ago

    Star fish

  • ellielucy747
    ellielucy747 13 days ago +1

    “Creating Art Using All Of My Gold Art Supplies” *five minutes later* “I don’t know if I will be using all of this” b-but i though you were... umm... i’m confused.

  • daisy panssino
    daisy panssino 14 days ago

    Sad. I love good but the picture is a little too weird for me. Probably because I have a vomit phobia

  • Honey Studios 🍯
    Honey Studios 🍯 14 days ago

    3:43 bye pusheen

  • *FuN* to *DraW* with *SaM*

    What app u use to edit/record ur vids

  • Princess Jada’s World

    This is great your gold work was amazing

  • Ethan Finocchiaro
    Ethan Finocchiaro 15 days ago


  • Ethan Finocchiaro
    Ethan Finocchiaro 15 days ago

    your the best youtuber

  • Ethan Finocchiaro
    Ethan Finocchiaro 15 days ago


  • Ethan Finocchiaro
    Ethan Finocchiaro 15 days ago

    baylee jae

  • Ethan Finocchiaro
    Ethan Finocchiaro 15 days ago

    baylee jae please trust me i made all of those twitch accounts

  • Ethan Finocchiaro
    Ethan Finocchiaro 15 days ago

    its me Ethan

  • Gisele Martins Galdin
    Gisele Martins Galdin 15 days ago

    give me just one pls hahahahah

  • Rebecka Javehed
    Rebecka Javehed 15 days ago

    Can u do this with blue?💦💎🐬

  • Epic Emerald emojis
    Epic Emerald emojis 15 days ago

    You have soo much art supplies oh lucky

  • Taher Evers
    Taher Evers 16 days ago

    You might need the paint for cutting washi tape?

  • Nicole Doodles
    Nicole Doodles 16 days ago

    You should try Art-n-fly alcohol based brush makers. You can get them on amazon

  • Valentin Ionescu
    Valentin Ionescu 16 days ago


  • Aura meow
    Aura meow 16 days ago

    I have gelly roll too ;-;

  • Sara Crowe
    Sara Crowe 16 days ago

    Can l just say that your mom is AWESOME? She rocks!

  • Namyi1989
    Namyi1989 16 days ago

    Your mom is hilarious I bet you guys have the best time together XD
    Also loved seeing you experiment with all the different supplies

  • chloe dyne navarro
    chloe dyne navarro 16 days ago

    Love it

  • Marike Bakkenes
    Marike Bakkenes 16 days ago +1

    Love it

  • suck a nut
    suck a nut 16 days ago

    hi baylee or other artists reading this!!
    i have a 36 set of copic ciaos and i have a question of whether it’s worth it to buy more little packs of copics or save my money to go get a 72 sketch copic set A.... smaller sets would be gifted to me by relatives for birthday/christmas. any advice? does it matter?

  • Destiny Blissitt
    Destiny Blissitt 16 days ago

    I love this

  • Briana Ortiz
    Briana Ortiz 17 days ago

    I like that theme it's kinda like she is throwing up the ocean into a fish bowl

  • Kelly Schrock
    Kelly Schrock 17 days ago

    Your mom is winning the internet! 😂😍

  • Maddison Mitchell
    Maddison Mitchell 17 days ago

    U should do a all metallic drawing

  • A DOLLA??
    A DOLLA?? 17 days ago

    Poor fish , he’s getting barfed on :(

  • Kylee Konieczki
    Kylee Konieczki 17 days ago

    I should do a series of doing different color pictures only using that color

  • Vanessa Sanchez
    Vanessa Sanchez 17 days ago

    My is your you tube photo so wierd LMao

  • PCMC Videos
    PCMC Videos 17 days ago

    8:20 sorry that looks like it came out a Nightmare good work by the way

  • BeHiin a
    BeHiin a 17 days ago

    You should try to do your own Copic marker colors like in this video

  • Cupcake Crafts
    Cupcake Crafts 17 days ago

    It looks like she polluting the water by vomiting in it and because she polluted the water the fish died

  • Foxiepaws ACAnderson
    Foxiepaws ACAnderson 17 days ago

    I like these. I saw Akemeru Kawaai' s video she did in blue... I believe in response to this... excellent!

  • Zoe Radke
    Zoe Radke 17 days ago

    Do you know that your purple?

  • Maryann Balazs
    Maryann Balazs 17 days ago

    Omg I got a fish After I watch this video

  • honey
    honey 17 days ago

    it turned out great

  • Seha Ahdad Adab
    Seha Ahdad Adab 17 days ago

    Is it just me or is it that color ment to be in the water of the fish bowl

    NASUKI IS A POTATO 17 days ago

    The con about this is that she emotionless and puking.....

  • jennifer half
    jennifer half 17 days ago

    Thus came out awesome. Really cool drawling. But really really really really weird at the same time lol.

  • Sheanna Padernilla
    Sheanna Padernilla 17 days ago +1

    That art is treasure.

  • Bulbul & Munira
    Bulbul & Munira 17 days ago

    It is so pretty

  • Edgy Anime
    Edgy Anime 17 days ago

    This is just an idea for a video , you could do a video just using metallic or glittery art supplies

  • Shaila Mehra
    Shaila Mehra 18 days ago

    I loved this video can you do another video like this maybe silver or blue.

  • Chriesty Julanalela
    Chriesty Julanalela 18 days ago

    This is heaven SO MUCH GOLD YEESSS I LIKE

  • Allie Peralta
    Allie Peralta 18 days ago

    I have that good gel pen that she pulled out. It was about the third one

  • Life of a Mad Typer
    Life of a Mad Typer 18 days ago

    I like how it turned out

  • LaurenTiare
    LaurenTiare 18 days ago

    I like this honestly but I was kinda sad when you changed the mouth bc I really liked that grin! It just gave her face so much character tho! But I like it Baylee nice work

  • Why- Why you bully me
    Why- Why you bully me 18 days ago

    I will give u 100€ If u give me this drawing

  • Isabella Perkins
    Isabella Perkins 18 days ago

    Do a nother one of the video but with bleu

  • Makayla Higgins
    Makayla Higgins 18 days ago

    I have that same gold paint..... But I use it for slime 😂😂

  • Angelena_Zifka 64
    Angelena_Zifka 64 18 days ago

    That is so good girl I would put that in my room

  • YandereGirl Gacha
    YandereGirl Gacha 18 days ago

    Probably sell the painting and then get gold ✨

  • Amedeono
    Amedeono 18 days ago

    So cute! I've been wanting to make something with this gold paint pen I got for a while now, and now I REALLY want to find a use for it haha.

  • loser v e n u s
    loser v e n u s 18 days ago

    also: girl slurping some kind of little fish ramen out of a cool bowl