Ancient Stark secrets and the end of Game of Thrones Season 8

  • Published on Feb 22, 2019
  • What are the ancient secrets of House Stark and Winterfell? What happened at the Nightfort, with the Night’s King? Do the Starks have the blood of white walkers? How will Game of Thrones Season 8 end? Will Jon Snow become a white walker?
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  • Alt Shift X
    Alt Shift X  2 months ago +1419

    How do you think Game of Thrones will end? Will Jon Snow become a white walker? Will Daenerys sit the Throne? Will Alt Shift X reach 1M subscribers???

    • Kenneth Reeves
      Kenneth Reeves 23 hours ago

      what if the white walkers awoke when the starks were taken from winter fell

    • amsterdam 242
      amsterdam 242 Day ago

      Alt Shift X Jon Snow the night King

    • Common Sense
      Common Sense Day ago

      Drogan will sit on the throne

    • Scott Bruckner
      Scott Bruckner Day ago

      The Night King within the context of the show is the Distant Cousin of the current stark house.

    • beorngare
      beorngare Day ago

      Will Arya or Sansa mary the Night King?

  • Dave Redacted
    Dave Redacted 33 minutes ago +1

    "Bran becomes a psychic tree god, Arya a faceless assassin, and Jon an undead prophetic warrior king." And Sansa the hottest redhead the north has ever seen. God bless her.

  • Oscar Rodriguez
    Oscar Rodriguez 34 minutes ago


  • Sarah S
    Sarah S Hour ago +1

    Daenaerys dies becomes the white walker queen the Jon marries her, there tou have your Night’s queen and king.

  • Michael Lampitt
    Michael Lampitt Hour ago

    Good theory, it would also make Jon Snow the link between (Fire & Ice) as he is born from Stark and Targaryen blood

  • Staks
    Staks 3 hours ago

    "Becoming a popsicle king to save the world". Pretty much the Lich King from Warcraft

  • Joseph Gaudio
    Joseph Gaudio 3 hours ago

    This is interesting because if true John snow is fire and ice

  • Yasmina Verplaetse
    Yasmina Verplaetse 7 hours ago

    so the white walkers can be defeated with valyrian steel. Why then is nobody thinking about the stonemen of valyria to help in the battle against the white walkers???

  • Aydin Biber
    Aydin Biber 8 hours ago +1

    The guy that Ned Stark executed would've been executed by literally any Lord in the 7 kingdoms. Leaving your duty as a man of the Night's Watch means you get executed. It's a rule.
    And the direwolves they adopted at the beginning isn't much of a bad sign either. They found orphaned little wolves and saved their lives. How does that make them not the brady bunch?

  • suliim
    suliim 8 hours ago

    We need so many answers yet we only have a handful of episodes and there’s noway we’re gonna get them. This would be an amazing ending

  • LiveforFun
    LiveforFun 8 hours ago

    jon snow the living "song of ice and fire" as he has both ice from his mother and fire from his father in his blood...not all targaryen are "dragons" same as not all starks are "white walker"....maybe ned didn have the blood of the white walker inside of him but his sister lyanna did....maybe he didn come back to life because of the "lord of light" but he came back cause of his white walker blood....truely the prince that was promised cause he was a "prince at birth"

  • Prajval P J
    Prajval P J 11 hours ago +1

    Bah.. no mention of Benjen Stark ?!?

  • Aaron Barlow
    Aaron Barlow 15 hours ago

    "This COULD be the end of GOT??!!" Of course it is! It's the last season!

  • Skeeter McTavish
    Skeeter McTavish 16 hours ago

    Game of Thrones will end as a clone of World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King. Look up the theory similarities and tell me I'm wrong.

  • YR
    YR 18 hours ago

    Jon Snow cannot die as he is dead already so he cannot become a White Walker IMO

  • Max Mark
    Max Mark 18 hours ago

    In all cases where Lovecraft is mentioned it should be noted that he was extremely racist even for the time, this is most likely what influenced his "fear of something terrible in your ancestry"

  • Moonyeen Policarpio
    Moonyeen Policarpio 19 hours ago

    Daenerys will be the Queen who will sit on the throne. Jon will fulfill his duty.

  • Spence Remix
    Spence Remix 19 hours ago

    Brandon stark is mysterious! There is more to his character.

  • Natasha G
    Natasha G 20 hours ago

    But what about Jon and Danny's baby?!?!? Maybe that's what the night king is coming for?

  • Granola Bars
    Granola Bars 21 hour ago

    This is such an entertaining theory

  • peter sladden
    peter sladden 22 hours ago

    they can't just throw some whole legacy thing into the show when not having even addressed it in the first place if jon became a white walker cause he was promised from some pact we've never heard of is fucking stupid.

  • Filip Ferenčak
    Filip Ferenčak 22 hours ago +2

    I lost it at "Bran becomes a phychic tree god"

  • Kenneth Reeves
    Kenneth Reeves 23 hours ago +1

    don't you mean Bran is suppose to become the night king as he is the actual stark.

  • theshamlock
    theshamlock Day ago

    I'm glad to see someone else with this theory about Jon becoming the Night King. Whoever helped shape the lore for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King (Chris Metzen, Christie Golden, others?) must have been a Song of Ice & Fire fan because what happens in that story could very well happen in Game of Thrones, and the Lich King story was that particular writer's creative license inspired (a little bit) Martin's story. I believe that coincidentally, the two stories will be similar.
    tl;dr for below: Jon is indeed a king, but he may take the place of the Night King, rather than become King in the North again or Ruler of the 7 Kingdoms, in order to keep the army of the dead in check (the Others, anyway) and away from humanity for as long as his willpower holds out. The Night King may be killed, but perhaps there must always be a Night King, just like there must always be a Stark in Winterfell.
    The parallels between Wrath of the Lich King and A Song of Ice & Fire:
    A Storm of Swords was likely already released (2000) when the Warcraft stories about Tirion Fordring and Arthas a.k.a. the Lich King were first developed (please correct me if I'm wrong). There are parallels between the two tales: from the similarity of the name of a main character in the Lich King story, Tirion Fordring (which is produced the same as Tyrion), to the army of undead including undead horses and yes, even an undead ice dragon, and this undead army's main outpost being in the bitterly cold Northrend, the nothernmost climate of the world of Azeroth. The Lich King commands this massive army of the dead from his Frozen Throne and if he dies, the dead will be left to run amok and wreak havoc. So they cannot simply kill him and call it a day. There must always be a Lich King to maintain control of this dangerous army of the dead. Tirion was about to put on the helmet of the Lich King, and become the new undead commander himself (thereby losing most of his humanity), but he is stopped by Bolvar Fordragon, who was previously slain in battle, resurrected by the Lich King and tortured mercilessly. Bolvar volunteers to be the new jailer of the risen dead and keep them under control. Tirion places the helmet upon Bolvar's head and Bolvar takes his seat upon the Frozen Throne, becoming encased in ice, warning the living who witness the event to consider him dead and to leave and never return.

    • theshamlock
      theshamlock 23 hours ago

      Oh, and in a huge meta moment, the scene of the Lich King's army, complete with ice dragon flying above, from the trailer for Wrath of the Lich King looks very similar to the last scene from season 7 where the army of the dead is marching into Westeros after the wall comes down. Looks like there are some working on Game of Thrones inspired of World of Warcraft, as well!
      I find it interesting how both seem to pay fan service to the other. OR it could just be a huge coincidence!

  • Desmond Lawson
    Desmond Lawson Day ago

    The whitewalker king- "Wanna see my popsicle, triple doggy dare you?"

  • GOT Progressive SC

    Except in the books Gilly doesn't take her baby south, she takes Mance Raiders baby.

  • Black Butterfly
    Black Butterfly Day ago

    I think Jon will end up marrying Dany who will be a White Walker.

  • allaboutNDIRISH
    allaboutNDIRISH Day ago +12

    dany will be the villian in the end, mad like her father over finding out Jon has the claim to the throne above her.

    • Neveah Lorne
      Neveah Lorne 12 hours ago

      Dany is going to protect John Snow. Queen protects the King.

  • Fear and Loathing in brazil

    So that's why they chose the crypts because they don't have to worry about the dead because of ancient magic that keeps their bones within their crypts smart very smart

  • Nayara Coca
    Nayara Coca Day ago

    well, if Jon is Azor Ahai, than Dany is Nissa Nissa

    he sacificed his honor, life, love, happiness and now, Dany - love and family.
    I just know that everybody is now on the damn cripts and the living dead are at the gates. how can this be a good idea??

  • ThePhilmoreslim 1

    i did read something that ariya is running from a dead rickon in that trailer of her running thru the tombs and it makes sense now

  • doramason
    doramason Day ago +2

    all of this sounds very nice but the tv show has diverged too much from the books, the endings will definetely be different.

    and I hope the tv show won't have a shitty ending. but it is hard to trust hollywood...

  • Saskia B
    Saskia B Day ago +1

    It's a good theory but the Prince that was Promised also is the one to end the Long Night/kill the Night King, so joining him wouldn't quite fit that prophecy.

  • Drogon
    Drogon Day ago

    Guys I upload most clips from all episodes of GOT here Please support me !

  • Geoff Rea
    Geoff Rea Day ago

    The dead are already in the crypt The Starks

  • Erin Johnson
    Erin Johnson Day ago

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  • wayne hermin
    wayne hermin Day ago +3

    Would explain the uncle beyond the wall

  • Abhishek Sathe
    Abhishek Sathe Day ago

    Why don’t they take bran to iron island ? Iron island in covered with water from all sides so night king basically cant do shit

  • Olivia Van Sky
    Olivia Van Sky Day ago

    Deciding between banging his aunt and becoming a popsicle king. That’s apex comedy right there.

  • Kazu
    Kazu Day ago +16

    If the Starks are ice blooded and Targaryen are fire blooded that would make Jon a true "Son(g) of fire and ice" xD

  • Paddy O'Yakkin
    Paddy O'Yakkin Day ago +2

    Is the 3 eyed raven offspring of the nights king and the whitewalker?

  • Johnson Shougaijam

    Son of daenerys and jon will sit in the iron throne

  • The1stSnap
    The1stSnap Day ago +10

    Yo hold up... If the starks are descendents of white walkers and they are all buried in the crypt, why is it decided that everyone should hide in the crypt in the war against the dead? Coincidence? I don't think so... Bran had a dream of his father returning to the crypt, so what if it is not meant as a resting place... What if it's meant as a defence, that if the "magic" protecting winterfell is meant as a warning system to the souls in the crypt to awaken when blood magic crossesits path!

  • musique1o1
    musique1o1 Day ago +1

    Interesting theory. I always thought the child of Jon and Daenery would be fire and ice. And eventually rule the 7 kingdoms. But time has run out for that 😅

  • Ana Del
    Ana Del Day ago +46

    So Theon and the Ironborn will protect Bran from the Night King....

  • Noel De Leon
    Noel De Leon Day ago


  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly Day ago

    bran builds it brandon breaks it

  • Ryan Kelly
    Ryan Kelly Day ago +4

    bran the builder sounds like bob the builder and i don't have a good joke for it

  • shen zai
    shen zai Day ago

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  • DLeCo
    DLeCo Day ago

    Stark zombie white walkers coming from that Crypt!?!

  • A T90
    A T90 Day ago

    Bang his aunt I choked bai

  • Holidayy mann
    Holidayy mann Day ago

    bad ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shabnam Azimi
    Shabnam Azimi 2 days ago +81

    Show runners should have consulted you for the last two seasons.

  • Kaello Kaello
    Kaello Kaello 2 days ago

    Wait so next episode when all the women, elderly, and children are hiding in the crypts, are the Stark ancestors going to get resurrected by the night king and kill them?!?

  • Paulette Thomas
    Paulette Thomas 2 days ago

    there must always be a lich king to keep the undead in check

  • Emmanuel Awen
    Emmanuel Awen 2 days ago

    Song of n

  • EvanSol919
    EvanSol919 2 days ago +73

    Remember when Ygritte said that "Jon Snow" was an evil name when they first met? What if the Night's King's name was Jon Snow?

  • Lyn Catindig
    Lyn Catindig 2 days ago

    what do the white walkers do with the sacrificed babies? Just turn them?

  • jim bob
    jim bob 2 days ago

    your videos on GoT are fucking amazing, thank you!

  • David Cloud
    David Cloud 2 days ago

    doood white walker pussy is coooold.... id slap that shit silly

  • sanjay live
    sanjay live 2 days ago +7

    These are all good theories but I doubt showmakers have that kind of sense as there are only 4 episodes remaining and I didn't saw them coming

  • jortheo
    jortheo 2 days ago

    Dany in S08E03 trailer - "The dead are already here"

  • yearoftherat
    yearoftherat 2 days ago +13

    this is the best theory i've heard yet

  • FC
    FC 2 days ago

    Game of Thrones Full movies

  • Herbert Anzel Belen
    Herbert Anzel Belen 2 days ago

    oooooof s8ep2..

  • ashley xavier
    ashley xavier 2 days ago +3

    nooo nooo what iiiiiff the prince that was promiset is promiset to the night king, to take over as night king, and thats what the agreed ment was ( in the long night). And the prince that was promised is deny, and jons child???

  • Crafty Marmara
    Crafty Marmara 2 days ago +4

    Since there always needs to be a Stark in Winterfell... Maybe that's why the white walkers is crossing the wall, because the Starks lost Winterfell for a while...

  • Grace D’Eden
    Grace D’Eden 2 days ago +10

    I can always count on you for theories and fun stuff on GoT

  • K Winter
    K Winter 2 days ago

  • Rexterecordz
    Rexterecordz 2 days ago

    Arya Stark and Gendry sex scene on Game of Thrones Season 8 EP2

  • Coach Michael Brown
    Coach Michael Brown 2 days ago

  • Javier Campos
    Javier Campos 2 days ago

    “Banging his aunt” best summary of the new season

  • Gani Gun
    Gani Gun 2 days ago

    The night king jst wants to erase everything..its said in s8 ep2

  • inesg.
    inesg. 3 days ago

    That would be a great ending. I can't wait to see how it ends but I don't want this show to end

  • Michael Johnson
    Michael Johnson 3 days ago

    How does one have children with a white walker, meaning, can a white walker birth a child? If so, why do they need children sacrificed from the living? Doesn't make sense to me.

  • ToniosPlaylist
    ToniosPlaylist 3 days ago

    I don't think so, but still a pretty good video. :D
    What I like most is you always make sure mentioning it's just theory and speculation.

  • Olivia C.
    Olivia C. 3 days ago

    Some persons said that Sansa will become the Night Queen, if she does then that would be a Stark given to the white walkers as promised.

  • Veder Georgiev
    Veder Georgiev 3 days ago

    This could be the end in the AMASSING BOOK. The Big Brother Propaganda machine catch the show. When GoT got out of the tight niche,and become world wide phenomenon.Not because the amassing Story,Character or World, but for OUR,People NEED OF SHADES OF GRAY. Even in Westeros with dragons.People act more realistic then in ALL (99.7%) of Hollywood movies. Ironically the same was the dead of the show.
    P.S. If they repeat any LIE enough time people take it.Manly the GOOD-we VS EVIL-they.If Americans understand or just start to think. It is too dangerous for the "Kakistocracy". One good think:we have the books,they are save.Its impossible reading to be mainstream(in US)

  • nikos themelis
    nikos themelis 3 days ago +17

    Probably the iron at the tombs is there to prevent the rising of the dead kings and fight against the living.

  • Truelove
    Truelove 3 days ago

    Starks keep their babies.....

  • Travelogues by G
    Travelogues by G 3 days ago

    Oh shit.

  • jimon8998
    jimon8998 3 days ago +73

    What about benjin being dead but fighting for the living? Could it be because of white walker blood

    • Asiren18
      Asiren18 Day ago +9

      And why bury your dead when you know that the WW raise the dead? unless the Stark blood allows them to keep control when they're risen?

  • Walangord
    Walangord 3 days ago +8

    Hmm, Brandon the Breaker..
    Could it be because he broke ''the agreement''?
    The agreement between men and white walkers that required human sacrifices to the walkers?
    If there ever was an agreement, then the Night King was just following it, Brandon the Breaker broke the agreement by killing him.

  • Whyatt Lee
    Whyatt Lee 3 days ago

    Here's a theory that starts share wildling blood but they also share Children of the forest but that was supposed White Walker that the night sky more than likely was a child of the forest which would explain the type of powers that run through the Stark family bloodline and their connection to the old gods and weirwood trees

  • Danny Chau
    Danny Chau 3 days ago +2

    Who knows, all of this may well exist in an alternative universe.

  • Alif Kazeryu
    Alif Kazeryu 3 days ago +1

    choose: banging your aunt, or becoming a popsicle? I'll take becoming a popsicle, thank you.
    what? you never see my aunt? believe me, becoming a popsicle is waaaayy better than banging her. MY LIFE ISN'T A MILF HENTAI FANTASY DAMNIT!!!!
    that said, anyone know the gates to nearby Isekai? I'm having trouble finding truck-kun

  • Jono Mate
    Jono Mate 3 days ago

    wouldnt be an alt shift x video without reference to lovecraft, but then again, it wouldnt be GOT without a reference to love craft

  • YvieT81
    YvieT81 3 days ago

    Interesting theory but to me it feels like the fact that Jon is half Targaryen (so half 'fire' as well) seems to be swept under the carpet a bit too much. I think this fact will and should play a bigger role in him battling the Night King and the White Walkers.

  • WafflingMean44
    WafflingMean44 3 days ago

    I don't think any of this will happen in the show. The writers know all the casual fans want is for Jon to 1v1 the Night King. In the books though it would be very interesting to see Jon faced with such a choice. Maybe the White Walker blood of Starks allows them to be turned. You would think that if the White Walkers just needed any baby, they would steal children all the time. But they only take the ones willingly given to them because those are the only ones that can turn. Or perhaps the Wildlings that sacrifice to them also have the blood of White Walkers. Perhaps that is why Craster had sex with his daughters to produce children. To keep the bloodline as pure as possible to ensure his children could turn. In the books it is very clear that Craster's wives know their sons are White Walkers, when they say Gilly's sons "brothers" will come for him.
    So perhaps if Starks have the blood of White Walkers, they can be turned into White Walkers if the proper ritual is undertaken. Perhaps that is part of why the Night King wants Bran. Maybe he doesn't want him dead, but rather wants to turn him and his powers over to their side. And/or the Starks may have been promised to the White Walkers, and so that makes it possible as well. The Night King was described as something of a sorcerer. Perhaps he was turned into a White Walker.

  • J.L. L
    J.L. L 3 days ago

    If my aunt looked like that tho

  • Tianthee Warcraft
    Tianthee Warcraft 3 days ago +1

    Anyway.. isn't Gillys baby not her baby.
    Correct me if I'm wrong, its been a long time.
    Don't they swap her baby and that of a wildling that has Tormunds baby?

    • Camilo Morfa
      Camilo Morfa Day ago

      Tianthee Warcraft you are correct. They swapped it for Mance's baby boy bc that's the one Melisandre wanted to burn due to his king's blood

  • Drakan
    Drakan 4 days ago

    wow what a good video, never thought of this

  • Kev Dawg
    Kev Dawg 4 days ago

    Wow, these are some really good theories.

  • Abigail Zeravla
    Abigail Zeravla 4 days ago +2

    I'm binge watching all your videos, great content!!! ❤

  • Declan McCartney
    Declan McCartney 4 days ago

    We have to face the harsh fact that at least one of them will die

  • Mint Mindy
    Mint Mindy 4 days ago

    OMG This is intriguing!!!!! I REALLY hope Jon doesn't die... BUT with game of thrones, there's always gonna be a twist :O

  • JamesSaw89
    JamesSaw89 4 days ago

    Banging aunt ... Popsicle king ... Banging aunt ... Popsicle king ... hmmmmmmmmm

  • Aaron
    Aaron 4 days ago

    Sansa doesn't deserve to be a stark she is often found hiding or cowering. Her sitting on the iron throne is worse than Cersi or the night king sitting on it. Nobody is more undeserving through lack of activity than Sansa.

  • Bryan Hines
    Bryan Hines 4 days ago

    The White Walkers have tried to kill Jon multiple times. He battled and killed one so I don't think they're trying to take him away anywhere.

  • 21jd_
    21jd_ 4 days ago

    Popsicle king 😂