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  • Published on Mar 22, 2014
  • It's not just opera singers who can shatter glass with the power of their voices. | For more Outrageous Acts of Science, visit
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Comments • 62

  • Eliza!
    Eliza! 24 days ago

    me when i walk into my parents

  • SavageChewBaka
    SavageChewBaka 29 days ago +1

    Why doesn't she yell in a british accent?

  • Young Bwead
    Young Bwead 2 months ago

    Representing WA!!!! Nourth West I'll be feeling right!!!

  • vinny Durham
    vinny Durham 3 months ago

    So why the straw ?

  • Lad u ladovini
    Lad u ladovini 5 months ago

    Royal Raymond Rife- everything has freq. like bacterias, viruses... and bombarding them with right freq. it could kill them - meaning that every disease is curable witch Rife proved, cured lots of people then American propaganda destroyed him and his reseasrch.

  • rayon johnson
    rayon johnson 6 months ago

    I want to break a glass too

  • muruganantham kaliyamoorthy

    I no the trick . I will tell you that when your putting straw in it may be 😁😀

  • Rhonda Maza
    Rhonda Maza Year ago shatters c ancer cells using the same tech!

  • Steve Chisnall
    Steve Chisnall Year ago

    Now show someone breaking the glass by *whistling* instead of singing

  • Rachel Hartjes
    Rachel Hartjes Year ago

    Now how many people are getting their butts out of bed after watching this video and going to find a wine glass? Lol

  • josh womble
    josh womble Year ago +4

    You should have said it's not for any singers at all because I did it 😂😇😊 (plz check it out!) And I am no singer or trained vocalist for sure!


    You stole a song from Skylanders trap team

  • Izzy Belle
    Izzy Belle Year ago


  • Chelsea Gremor
    Chelsea Gremor Year ago

    Dafaq who would use a shades on science lab

  • Black Phantom
    Black Phantom Year ago

    Who's the girl with the red shirt

  • Shelly Lichtenstein

    Sounds only music majors and dogs can hear

  • Libra
    Libra Year ago

    1:40 Safety is number one priority.

  • stevanus marcello
    stevanus marcello 2 years ago

    i won try

  • Wyatt Graff
    Wyatt Graff 2 years ago +2

    The glass is too thick

  • Player _056
    Player _056 2 years ago

    I just came from a vid where this random kid, broke a glass with his voice

  • gυяυвυlυ •
    gυяυвυlυ • 2 years ago +3

    THE glass still must not be thick

  • sion8
    sion8 2 years ago

    Mythbusters did it 1st, baby!

  • Jhelen Tyler
    Jhelen Tyler 2 years ago +5

    just watched flash

  • NoRegretsNinja
    NoRegretsNinja 2 years ago

    How the pyramids were made......

  • KenN Folkz209
    KenN Folkz209 2 years ago

    You break glass. Glass break lip. Lol. Cool but sketchy!!

  • Jahlil’s There
    Jahlil’s There 2 years ago +66

    Can we break security glass with this?

    • Gyro Pollo
      Gyro Pollo 4 months ago

      What if it's made of fiber glass windows will it break?

    • Sayesha Shrivastava
      Sayesha Shrivastava 6 months ago

      Why do u wanna steal something😂😂😂

    • C M
      C M Year ago +8

      Yeah let me just fuckin scream at glass because bashing it would be too loud

    • jayblade2000
      jayblade2000 2 years ago +3

      It worked in James Bond and Tin Tin

    • Why
      Why 2 years ago +2

      good point ;)

  • Jahlil’s There
    Jahlil’s There 2 years ago +4

    I can do so much higher than the glass but if I break my moms glass then she'll kill me.

  • rivethead19
    rivethead19 2 years ago

    that's pretty decent thickness

  • Taking Ls
    Taking Ls 2 years ago +12

    Lmao the flash episode brought me here

  • ghsty
    ghsty 2 years ago +79

    tonight's flash episode brought me here loo

  • R. Walsh
    R. Walsh 4 years ago +2

    Rrrife with possibilities! ;-)

  • Nizar Otti
    Nizar Otti 4 years ago +23

    can i use this video in my science project ?

    • Mac
      Mac Year ago +1


  • Derrick Rike
    Derrick Rike 5 years ago +127

    Isn't just for opera singers... trained vocalists can also do it.

  • The Wandering Musicphile
    The Wandering Musicphile 5 years ago +3

    Not a big fan of this kind of TV show format. I wasn't fond of it when comedians were making terrible jokes on youtube videos when I happened to stumble on that awful show which I don't remember the name to. The content in this show isn't bad, but this same format is terrible.

  • İsa Cıvak
    İsa Cıvak 5 years ago

    You definetly need to watch some mythbusters :-D

  • leandr0garcia
    leandr0garcia 5 years ago

    It was not the glass which broke bcz of the vibration, it broke most bcz it was hit by the green stick. This is a failed experiment if it wanted to prove that voice sound alone can break glass.

    • Othéra Flores
      Othéra Flores 4 years ago +6

      +leandr0garcia you think Mythbusters is a reliable source for facts about physics? Neither Adam nor Jamie are learned in the field of physics, Adam himself has admitted himself to not be a reliable source of scientific fact. It's a basic principle that resonance vibrates material and that can cause microscopic flaws in the glass to increase in size and fracture.
      Hey Leandro, it's been a few months and I'm still laughing at how you thought the 0.4 gram straw could shatter glass.

    • Nicholas Madison
      Nicholas Madison 4 years ago +1

      +leandr0garcia Still you got it wrong by thinking it's the "green stick" that's actually broke the glass . It's a straw and the glass did broke by vibration . So conclusion you're still wrong and trying to cover up your mistake son .

    • leandr0garcia
      leandr0garcia 5 years ago

      +Ausencio Flores it seems that everybody who answered negatively should watch mythbusters, and you will see the set of experiments; then come again and watch the video to get new conclusions. BTW, before replying I knew about the experiments to reproduce this in a laboratory environment... Hey Ausencio, the idea is to share comments, not to troll.

    • Othéra Flores
      Othéra Flores 5 years ago +5

      Are you kidding me? It was a tiny plastic straw. Use your brain before saying something failed and making an ass out of yourself.

    • Benjamin Gutman
      Benjamin Gutman 5 years ago +2

      the "green stick" was a straw...