THE PREDATOR Trailer (2018)

  • Published on May 10, 2018
  • First Trailer for The Predator (2018)
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    Enjoy the first trailer for The Predator!

  • Chrys 2007
    Chrys 2007 13 days ago

    The best movie ever

  • Mohd Irshad
    Mohd Irshad 14 days ago

    This is a boaring movie

  • tysoon363636
    tysoon363636 2 months ago

    Worst predator movie ever!
    Worst sci-fi sequel of 2018 joint with pacific rim 2
    Worst movie maker (Fox) of 2018
    Worst sci-fi plot of 2018
    Worst sci-fi acting of 2018

  • sucessor de dojosai
    sucessor de dojosai 2 months ago

    Filme podre,atores horriveis.tinha tudo para ser um mega filme,más forçaram a barra cachorros aliens que buscam coisas?façam me o favor.ruim

  • Steve Wertz
    Steve Wertz 2 months ago +1

    Ohhh dears directors, why you change my taste of good and old Predator? :( Watched using boxxy software free app for my android... for free - recommend to all.

    MYNZU HWANG 2 months ago

    Esta pelicula no me gusto para nada maldito gringos quieren listo sus armas nucleares,carajo aprenden fabricar .
    Y xq no vino sus amigos de depredador a salvarlo a su amigos y se lleva quitandole sus cosas 😡😕😕😒?

  • moofymoo
    moofymoo 2 months ago

    as a _PARODY_ it is quite good.

  • Khaos969
    Khaos969 3 months ago

    after predator 1&2 they were all a load of shit

  • Tei
    Tei 3 months ago

    Terrible movie. Worse than B movies that are designed to be bad. Plot holes and preachy talk down to the audience crap throughout. Terrible acting. Terrible script. Most of the CGI was terrible. The lack of anything new (of merit) to add to the franchise combined with the big fuck you to fans by genre swapping to some kind of lame action/comedy which failed at both. Predator dog plays fetch with humans. Autistic kid reads predator language because autism. Mary Sue scientist is a superhuman, because why not the movie's been shit so far why not try to make it worse? I'd rather watch an adam sandler movie or birdemic than even consider rewatching this abortion of a franchise.

  • Maro Moore
    Maro Moore 3 months ago

    The worst predator movie ever

  • SD L
    SD L 3 months ago

    This movie is so bad,i want to beat the producers !

  • Daniel Rodrigues
    Daniel Rodrigues 3 months ago


  • Jeff Strohman
    Jeff Strohman 3 months ago

    This movie wasnt as bad as everyone said it was. It wasnt great but i liked it enough to watch it a second time. But im a huge sci-fi fan so ill watch almost anything. Except Dr.Who. which is fa gurls

  • Goh Goh
    Goh Goh 3 months ago

    Shit predator movie in his history !!! Humans kill each others ?? More funny !!!! What a stupid movie???

  • TPxTurn_Up
    TPxTurn_Up 4 months ago

    Dude im so sad that the other 3rd with the jeep exploding and other friendly predators didn't make the final cut

  • Jett Jett
    Jett Jett 4 months ago

    Experience it in Small TV

  • Branislav Jovanovic
    Branislav Jovanovic 4 months ago

    the worst movie ever!!

  • Young Índigo
    Young Índigo 4 months ago


  • ZiKo
    ZiKo 4 months ago

    the predator HD come guys with me

  • max
    max 4 months ago

    Nothing special.... Without the Governator...

  • Phantom Wind
    Phantom Wind 4 months ago

    Too bad is was made in the stupid age of "we fuck everything up" and what's that bullshit you gringos have with the numbering of the shits? why the fucks can't you number things properly!? are you afraid of something or are you just a bunch of morons, retrograde, retarded, faggots, idiots, or plain stupid-ass mother fuckers?

  • Santu Chakraborty
    Santu Chakraborty 4 months ago

    Predator good movie

  • Stalwart Shinobi
    Stalwart Shinobi 5 months ago

    Amazon mess up 90% of the time but ive never had a predator helmet sent by mistake! All i wana know is who is the sender and how did he send it to the wrong person...

  • Dario Castaneda
    Dario Castaneda 5 months ago

    olivia munn is cool.

  • vagner sansão
    vagner sansão 5 months ago


  • Liliana Alarcon Martinez
    Liliana Alarcon Martinez 5 months ago +1


  • masterlink 123
    masterlink 123 6 months ago

    shit -_-

  • Reza Alavi
    Reza Alavi 6 months ago

    Don't waste your time and money, very poorly made

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham 5 months ago

      Reza Alavi I went to see it, I thought it was really good, in my opinion.

  • Robert Aaron Mitchell
    Robert Aaron Mitchell 6 months ago

    The Predator premiere interviews.

  • Liu Devi
    Liu Devi 6 months ago +1

    Good 👍

  • Juvi To
    Juvi To 6 months ago

    W Free THE PREDATOR ,2018 Watch1080p Yvonne Strahovski

  • elezabzth Chandran
    elezabzth Chandran 6 months ago

    that kid ruined the entire Movie.. they copied the original soundtrack. But movie was s#it..
    Predator should have been in the jungle..not in the city

  • pauline lam
    pauline lam 6 months ago

    I just watched it with boyfriend last night. It sucks. There's absolutely no tension in the movie. The ending is ridiculous.
    Any male who thinks this is a great movie must be a beta effeminate boi raised on superhero movies and Justin Bieber. Even a girl like me thinks they have bastardized the creature and turned him into a superhero. He is dressed like a superhero, makes (indirect) jokes like a superhero, and fight like a superhero. This movie is essentially a typical Marvel/DC superhero movie you get these days. Dime a dozen.
    Compare it to the original Predator movie (that was released way before I was born). Unbelievable tension and dread. You get the feeling that even the big muscled guy Arnold 阿诺德施瓦辛格 can't best the creature and his life is in REAL danger.
    The director of this movie should feel shame for churning out such trash.

  • fanny legends
    fanny legends 6 months ago

    Nice film predator

  • Caspian Celt
    Caspian Celt 6 months ago

    Patetic! Secuense ,megapredator killed very easy by a kid & a soldier not soo good !

  • Zildjian Flordelis
    Zildjian Flordelis 6 months ago

    It’s wayy too comedic. We used to be thrilled watching predator movies and scared for the characters, but now it’s like a joke. Predators look like jokes and easy enemies now.

  • tony mathew
    tony mathew 6 months ago

    the only PREDATOR movie that everyone loved was the one Arnold in it
    you want a successful THE PREDATOR movie ? cast Arnold back !!

  • Jay Eisenhardt
    Jay Eisenhardt 6 months ago

    Wasn't the scrip leaked like years ago? I saw it and feel like deja vu.

  • angel cat
    angel cat 6 months ago

    I honestly would just rather see another Aliens vs Predators. That would be epic I bet.

  • Boban Ilic
    Boban Ilic 6 months ago

    Came to give a dislike. One of the worst movies I ever watched. Don't waste your time people.

  • ZoidBerG
    ZoidBerG 6 months ago

    There is movie online called by same name. Came in yts today. Its shit. Wasted data on that crap.

  • Uaine Diabhal
    Uaine Diabhal 6 months ago +1


  • Albert Mag
    Albert Mag 6 months ago

    I wonder how many times do they reuse the same costumes.

  • Albert Mag
    Albert Mag 6 months ago

    This just showed up on Bitlord torrents today search its there...

    MANU SANZ 6 months ago

    PREDATOR , John McTiernan, 1987.

  • kiddarknight
    kiddarknight 6 months ago

    Bro.....This movie is trash, saw it last night, don't waste your money 2/10....2 thumbs wayyyyy down

  • cyang02
    cyang02 6 months ago

    Without Arnold it doesn't feel like Predator. Just like the Terminator without Arnold it felts weird. The city location is just not the same feeling as the jungle.

  • Ninjutsu Arts
    Ninjutsu Arts 6 months ago

    Trash, not a movie, cant compare to other older movies.

  • MyRegardsToTheDodo
    MyRegardsToTheDodo 6 months ago

    Who else noticed that they changed the "We are assassins" line to "We are Rangers" in the other trailers? 1:21 onwards.

  • rackle leon
    rackle leon 6 months ago


  • Musti Revenge
    Musti Revenge 6 months ago

    i dont like the blood its like some pizza sauce

  • Gašper Vidovič
    Gašper Vidovič 6 months ago +1


  • Ra Mighty The 1
    Ra Mighty The 1 6 months ago

    This will be The Best Predator movie ever made.

  • Ifti Hossain
    Ifti Hossain 6 months ago +1


  • roblex63
    roblex63 6 months ago

    They totally eliminated the kid from the final trailer.... good....

  • Lachesis Atropos
    Lachesis Atropos 6 months ago

    Arnold Schwarzenegger "Dutch" will be making a cameo appearance, where the 12 foot tall predator tracks down "Dutch,"...the rapes Dutch repeatedly. Perhaps Dutch was his father?

  • Gulyás Gellért
    Gulyás Gellért 6 months ago

    0:27 don't starve eggs dee

  • glaivedacier
    glaivedacier 6 months ago

    Seems to be a movie for douchebags. It seems they learnt about the failures of the profeminist movies, but that stupid ubermensch and his super-manly attitude is detestable: GIVE US RELATABLE HEROES PLEASE.

  • Oliver Eales
    Oliver Eales 6 months ago

    wont be watching this shit.

  • InfestedDev -Roblox & More

    I love it I am a Xenomorph and Yautja Fanatic, Also during one of the scenes of The Predator Screaming the subtitles that you can add near on the bottom bar said (Ear rape) which is used when people make Bass Boosted songs or take a regular song and bass boost it I wanted to get that clear just incase someone who doesn't now what it is doesn't mistake it for literally Ear Rape you know?

  • Marcin Skrobański
    Marcin Skrobański 6 months ago

    this is going to be shit as expected

  • Smith S
    Smith S 6 months ago

    thats so sad

  • Movies
    Movies 6 months ago

    0:26 Dont Starve? In Pc?????

  • Cooper Scooper-KOB
    Cooper Scooper-KOB 6 months ago

    1:09 yo,wtf Keegan-Michael Key doin in here!?

  • Villainous foreigner
    Villainous foreigner 7 months ago


  • Snuff Dipper
    Snuff Dipper 7 months ago

    Danny DeVito is supposed to play Predator in this version since he turned down the role in the original.

  • tonytvn calderon ,
    tonytvn calderon , 7 months ago

    i have seen all peetetdor movies and i cant wait for this one!!

  • James
    James 7 months ago

    Didn't even know about this movie until my gf sent me a pic of herself near some Cinema Predator model today. So I thought, hmmz another attempt on making a decent Predator movie? Will this one fail miserably like all others have, (particularly the AVP movies gawd, such garbage)
    So quickly looked up the trailer, found this one and watched it. I was then thinking... ehh? what? It wasn't really... I mean, what exactly happened? It felt like... I don't know,

  • Devlin Le
    Devlin Le 7 months ago

    I prefer alien

  • What the f*ck did you just say?

    looks shitty

  • Duy Nguyễn
    Duy Nguyễn 7 months ago


  • Pepe The Platypus
    Pepe The Platypus 7 months ago

    0:27 wait, a young child is playing a high-quality game and not fort night?

    I seriously hope Don't Starve is incorporated into the plot lol

  • Generalu Stelaru
    Generalu Stelaru 7 months ago

    Exposition overload. Typical of modern Hollywood. Pass

    TEIET - SAMA 7 months ago

    From the director of Iron Man 3??? I have just three words for this movie then "GAME OVER MEN"

  • Aron dracosis
    Aron dracosis 7 months ago

    this looked amazing to me, just one thing

    who in the right mind would give gear of a APEX PREDATOR to a CHILD

  • super mega ultra jagi
    super mega ultra jagi 7 months ago

    I wish that predator kill every human in the earth

  • Mike Sliff
    Mike Sliff 7 months ago

    Aaaaaaaand Olivia Munn shows up to ruin yet another movie. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • LordTheCyril
    LordTheCyril 7 months ago

    isn't this from that script that got released. That shitty ass script that was so bad arnold said nope.

  • Webber The Indigestible


  • T0xic
    T0xic 7 months ago

    Fuck yeah.

  • Tarmaine Crane
    Tarmaine Crane 7 months ago

    Why is everyone already dogging this for being different than the original? But then when a reboot is made that is just like the original those same people are upset because its a rehash. Nothing is ever gonna be just like the original because its the original therefore it carved in our minds what the predator is supposed to be. Thats understandable. What isn't is the fact that no one is open minded enough to accept a new idea. Annnddd now that we got that out of the way


  • Zachary Foster
    Zachary Foster 7 months ago

    This movie looks shit

  • J. Chonev
    J. Chonev 7 months ago


  • Rogelio Del Toro
    Rogelio Del Toro 7 months ago

    Really poor quality !!! Looks like a movie from 2000

  • Derpy Springtrap
    Derpy Springtrap 7 months ago


  • CrossFire :Quốc Tế
    CrossFire :Quốc Tế 7 months ago

    Hay bao h za mat

  • Fishertheboss21 YT McCombs

    That was scary

  • uyumsuz tr
    uyumsuz tr 7 months ago

    hemennn çıksınnnnnnnn

  • Gifffy The 44th
    Gifffy The 44th 7 months ago

    This is gonna be shit

  • Top Snek
    Top Snek 7 months ago

    Little did that kid know he was basically playing with a small nuke

  • Mahnoor Najaf
    Mahnoor Najaf 7 months ago

    Damn waiting for this movie.. more exciting after reading gossips and Overview check here

  • Deborah Stoykova
    Deborah Stoykova 7 months ago

    THE music at the beginning is the same as the one from Alpha's trailer tc tc tc

  • Pennywise The Dancing Clown


  • Phillip Trebor Udar
    Phillip Trebor Udar 7 months ago

    Predator is now a nasty gay . That green sauce will stick right up your ass if you go to see this movie.

  • otowise
    otowise 7 months ago

    I know this film had Shane black co write and Direct it and as he was in the original it should be good but the 1st movie will take some matching, I say matching because I don’t believe it can be beaten

    LBNMKRS 7 months ago

    So this is what Hillary was talking about. Super BBC Predator.

  • 24blazeIT Candelario
    24blazeIT Candelario 7 months ago

    It all happened...because of that kid

  • Will B
    Will B 7 months ago

    One great film (the original John McTiernan one) and about 101 shitty sequels. But hey that's Hollywood for you!
    Edit: Actually Predator 2 was pretty good. All the other sequels and spin-offs are crap.